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Jim Stone:- The Communist Revolution is Well Underway. (And too soon)

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The Communist Revolution is well under way (and too soon)

The communists must be in a pinch, because they are playing their cards too soon, though the power they do have is frightening.

It is interesting to watch history while it happens, but a communist revolution is something no one wants to watch. The communists have everything except the will of the people on their side now, including even the police. They will either back off in fear of gun owners, or they will get very bloody, perhaps the bloodiest revolution in history with by far the highest percentage kill off ever done.  It is somewhat evident they will use Chinese troops to purge the American gun owner, that’s the only way they will get the numbers they need and due to China’s one child policy which mostly aborted girls, there are hundreds of millions of displaced Chinese men with no woman available to throw away for this.

It is clear we are in deep trouble. If China cooperates with America’s left, it will be very bad.

First of all, the obvious:

The statue toppling is a hallmark of a communist takeover, and went on far too long for it to be interpreted as anything but a communist takeover underway. Also, the allowance of the CHAZ zone proves without question the American system is possibly compromised beyond recovery.  It is important to note, and should be obvious, that if there was no public backlash against Chaz that at least 17 states would have had them established and that the police, who “finally cracked down” would not have if this was the case. We learned from all of this that the police really are not there for us, and serve their masters, not the people. The police are SO bad they will sit there and let murders happen if they are ordered to, and will instead kill and arrest those who step in to stop it. Additionally, Minneapolis disbanded it’s police force and the city council members then hired their own private security (with taxpayer money) leaving no security for the rest of the population.

Now we know the plan: Import third world hoodlums from the worst corners of the globe, and use THEM to cause Americans to beg for the destruction of the previous american system. The refugee visa was one of the most filthy false flags ever perpetrated on the American people, we all wondered what was going on with that, and now we know. As far as I can tell, the plan is not working.  And the back up will be China if it does not work.

Trump MSM fakery

We have all heard the numbers: Biden leads Trump, and there will be no recovery for Trump, and people hate Trump for inaction, and well, just fill the page with this – and it is ALL A LIE.

I have seen NUMEROUS polls that were not controlled by the communists, and the ones that are at Trump hot spots land him at about 87 percent of the vote, with Biden getting about 3 percent.  The polls that are NOT at conservative hot spots have Trump getting 75 percent of the vote, and Biden 11 percent. Yet all we hear in the media is how Trump is losing, losing, losing and how much the people hate Trump. That’s easy to have happen when the communists own everything from OAN to FOX to CNN, with all of them just being different steps in information control. You can’t tell me OAN can’t observe the obvious and they’ll probably even be chastised “just for show” but the bottom line is you can’t trust ANY media source other than the independents who are saying what you see in your day to day life. NO ONE WANTS BIDEN.

The goal: To place enough doubt in people’s minds about Trump having a chance for the communists to get away with stealing the election. All they want is to get enough doubt in people’s minds to have Bubba sit there wondering how that happened, rather than shoot.  Problem: People are waking up to this, and five months before the election is WAY TOO SOON.

They need the corona scam to justify wiping out private business in preparation for a communist lock down (where everything comes from single sources). They also need a virus scare to allow unfettered vote rigging, and I have concluded the “virus” has been 100 percent fake from top to bottom.

Yesterday Alex posted a frightening report about how coronaviruses spew appendages from cell to cell to speed up their killing. And it’s all bullshit to scare the people into mail in voting.  I have proof the Coronavirus is likely a scam from top to bottom, that NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL. After all, if Biden is leading Trump, who the hell can trust anything the MSM spews? But there’s more than that, I HAVE PROOF this is likely the case. China did a communist culling that they figured was overdue. All the stories, from chloroquine to Indian scientists discovering it was biologically engineered are likely fake.  EVERY LAST LINE IS PROBABLY FAKE, AND HERE IS HOW I KNOW:


The above recieved a 7 year old boy with a scorpion sting, they refused to treat him for a scorpion sting and immediately said he had corona, the parents begged for the scorpion shot, THIS HOSPITAL refused, and instead let the kid die. The kid died quickly, and it was written down as a coronavirus death.

This same hospital received a five year old boy who was perfectly healthy but had a broken arm, and the parents left the kid there overnight. The next day the kid was returned in an ash urn, “dead from corona” and already cremated, and the parents were never notified before cremation, they simply arrived to an urn the next morning. Claudia thinks they simply stole the kid. 

Next hospital:

This hospital received a baby that had just been born and was in bad condition, expected to die. The baby did die, and this hospital offered the mother a payoff to record it as a coronavirus death. At least they did not kill it. There might not be killings going on at this hosptial.


THIS hospital is where the two doctors who probably murder people that I have mentioned on this site are based. If the parents identify them from photos I have, then it will be proven and I’ll post the photos. These doctors will go to the first hospital I mentioned here, when needed. They may have been the ones that murdered the two kids, but there are obviously more than two murdering doctors in this system.

I have posted about these doctors before, but not in the context of Corona. The reports at that time were a warning that there are doctors that are professional assassins that kill inconvenient people when needed. Perfectly qualified doctors, in a perfect position to get away with murder. I have pictures of both doctors but will not post them until I get solid confirmation they were the ones who killed the kids at the first hospital mentioned here. The parents have to say it, and I did not have the pictures of those doctors with me at that time.


This excellent but small hospital is where I overheard doctors talking about what happened in one of the other hospitals in the same city, (probably one of the three I listed) – where a kid was brought in with a broken jaw, “died during surgery” and was listed as a coronavirus death. This is the only private hospital in this list, and nothing bad is going on there. This hospital has doctors from everywhere in it as requested.

Claudia, via her elite contacts, has many many other cases of such incidents but since those could be called rumor, I am only posting what I have directly confirmed with those involved. What I have is enough anyway. All I don’t have is a direct ID pegging the two doctors I already investigated to these murders.

Now, obviously, after all that, I don’t believe “Corona” is real at all.

Something is screwy with all of this, and I’ll lay it out perfectly in a paragraph:

There are probably people who believe they had corona. However, the symptoms are so similar to other things that all a doctor has to say is “it is corona” and gee, look on your ex-ray, your lungs are “glass” and the doctor could be totally lying and people would be too stupid to ever know what they were being told, I am not stupid and even I have a hard time interpreting what x-rays are really showing. Remember that video where the Chinese guy was fighting to the death, kicking the door frame to avoid being taken away? You know, THAT. It’s a communist takeover, NOT A VIRUS.

The takeover is well underway, and destroying people is part and parcel with any communist takeover. Here’s a prime example:

Visa targeted and financially destroyed the owner of GAB. Here it is, laid out perfect:

“Social Credit Score Is In America: Visa Blacklisted My Business and My Family for Building Gab

As many of you already know we learned last week that Visa blacklisted Gab and we are now unable to process credit and debit card transactions. We learned more information this week and I think it’s important that I share it as a warning for others.

It’s not just Gab that is blacklisted. It’s also my family.

In China there is something called the Social Credit System, which was developed by the Communist Chinese Party as a “national reputation system.” This system tracks the “trustworthiness” of individuals, businesses, and organizations. “Trustworthiness” here means total and complete submission to the Chinese Communist Party. If the Communist Party deems you to be untrustworthy, you are denied access to plane tickets, train tickets, opening and operating businesses, and more.

As of June 2019, according to the National Development and Reform Commission of China, 26.82 million air tickets as well as 5.96 million high-speed rail tickets have been denied to people who were deemed “untrustworthy (紊延拭)” (on a blacklist), and 4.37 million “untrustworthy’ people have chosen to fulfill their duties required by the law.

To most Americans this sounds horrifying, and it is. I now know from first-hand experience because this social credit system exists in the United States. While it may not be sanctioned by the United States government, it most certainly has been deployed by US corporations who today have in many ways more power, data, and control over our lives than our government does. Many of these corporations also happen to be endorsing and raising money for communist organizations, revolutionaries, and the domestic terrorists burning down our cities.

We were told this week that not only is Gab blacklisted by Visa as a business, but my personal name, phone number, address, and more are all also blacklisted by Visa. If I wanted to leave Gab tomorrow (something that isn’t going to happen) and start a lemonade stand I wouldn’t be able to obtain merchant processing for it. 

Simply because my name is Andrew Torba. 

If my wife wants to start a business she won’t be able to obtain merchant processing because she lives at the same address as me and would be flagged by Visa.

This is obviously very concerning. We have done nothing wrong. Gab is and always has been a legally operated business. We sell hats, shirts, and a software subscription service that unlocks new features on Gab. My personal credit score is in the 800′s. I pay my bills. I have a wife and daughter to provide for, yet we are all being punished and defamed because someone at Visa has it out for me.

We were told that Visa has someone camping on our website watching our payment processing. As soon as we get a new processor up they find out who it is on their end and contact them. They tell the processor that Gab is flagged for “illegal activity” and if they do not stop processing payments for us they will be heavily fined.

When the processor inquires about this alleged “illegal activity,” Visa tells them that Gab has been flagged for “hate speech.” “Hate speech,” is of course not illegal in the United States of America and is protected by the First Amendment. As I have written, it’s not real and I refuse to acknowledge it as term. Visa doesn’t agree with me.

The reason I share all of this is that I hope it serves as a wakeup call and as a warning. If they can do this to me, they can do it to you and they likely will.

Christians need to be especially concerned and aware of this. The Communist revolutionaries taking over the United States are coming for us all. It’s only a matter of time before the Bible is labeled as “hate speech” and churches start to experience what I am going through right now.

Andrew Torba

My comment: This is EXACTLY what we were told in the “old school” about how communists operate, and stands as solid proof that we are, indeed, smack dab in the middle of a communist takeover. They don’t just target one, they wipe out entire families. That way no one is left to help anyone in that family through a disaster.

Additionally, we are now seeing back-dated guilt, where people are being called to account for crap they posted even decades ago, when no one ever heard or cared about the “racist” crap that is being used to destroy them now. That is also how communists operate – they pick a target, go through the entire history of that target, and then find ONE thing in the past that they can apply to their established “status quo” now, and then peg that person to 100 percent accountability, using it as an excuse to delete their life. It is a total dishonest ambush, but honesty and communism do not go in the same bin.

And now, ONE SLIP UP, intentionally or not, and anyone the communists want ditched is GONE all the while anyone they support will be allowed to murder and be the worst racist on the planet, and get away with it scot free. If you ever wanted a lesson into how communists operate, just look at the world now, and how they are holding people to lethal accountability over nothing.

Another social media post I came across absolutely nails it:

This is a coup – AMERICA IS TOAST. WAKE UP.

I rarely post but I gotta say this because nobody really wants to believe it. But look at the facts.

It is obvious to me that America has just been through a takeover by hostile forces. A coup. First we were crushed economically, and now pretty much literally. Ask yourself why the cops were told to stand down in many major democratic cities while wild animals run around with guns, bricks, and molotov cocktails. The rule of law has been usurped and only used on certain races now. Justice isn’t blind, she’s turned into a BLM twat with tilted scales.

Ask yourself why a seditious clusterfuck like CHOP is allowed to stand, where they literally stole land, terrorized the residents, and were allowed to make their own laws. Now they’re doing it in DC and the only threat is, we have to leave the statue of Andrew Jackson alone. The front of the White House looks like it does in Idiocracy.

Ask yourself why Trump is doing nothing. NOTHING. I believe he’s been hamstrung by asshats he thought were good people, but they are traitors for the enemy. For whatever reason (my guess is to keep the white majority from going out and killing every single antifag they see)he presents as he’s still in charge, but c’mon. C’MON. He cannot do a single frigging thing. It shows in his face and in his body language. I also believe there was a military coup, not all that dissimilar to “Seven Days in May”.

Ask yourself why this is being allowed, and now, why only white people have to wear masks. Ask yourselves why we can stand like cattle in a crappy Walmart, but we can’t vote in person.

Ask yourself why the first thing the Floyd family did, after collecting a shit-ton of money due to their thug son, wrote to the UN and begged them to come to the US and take charge.

Ask yourself why it was impossible to have a southern border, when we know damned well borders work.

A pandemic that was man-made and spread on purpose. A ridiculous lock down and destruction of every state’s economy. A second lock down to put the final nail in the coffin. Paid rioters fomenting a civil war. Murder victims who will never see justice. A president who should have squashed the shit out of this before it ever got this big.

Think back to Waco. How were THEY dealt with, and they didn’t even do anything. Now look at us. There is no other conclusion I can come to. The whites will do the job the elite want done but want blamed on regular Americans. While we are down, we have several countries fixing to step in and take advantage of our weak position. The LEOs will walk, and the UN will waltz in as the new “peacekeepers”. There are many treasures in this land, including clean water and lots of farmland.

Don’t bitch at me to go out and fight. I’m old, I’m female, and there’s not much I can do but cry bitter tears that the very people in politics we trust turned out to be a massive fifth column which destroyed this great republic.

Wake up and smell the bullshit. As the Roman Empire was crushed, many of the citizens still thought they were rulers of the known world. Sometimes it takes people a while to realize they’ve been f*cked.

I think Americans need to face the reality of what just happened, and stop being led around by the nose by stupid stories of ‘overflowing ERs’ and COVID. That is the LEAST of our worries now.

Uncle Sugar is giving us suckers money to shut us up. The longer they can keep us hoping with “stimulus” money, the longer we sit idle while the destruction continues. I’ve been around long enough to know that when a government prints a bunch of funny money and gives it to everybody (even dead people, so I’ve heard), it’s to buy our complicity and silence.


The communist purge of all dissenting views is progressing as expected

So many have bit the dust it is hard to describe, but today The Donald disappeared from Reddit, Steven Moleneaux is gone, and Twitch even banned Trump “temporarily, for “hateful conduct” which is aptly described as anything that won’t give a communist pleasure. This will keep going until everything is extinguished and anyone who has anything at all to say in the form of an opinion is banished. Before the communists in China backed off a little, it was illegal to pick up a rock (let alone throw one) or even jump there, (this was talked about by teachers when I was in grade school) and America has a ways to go to get there. If they start calling people “conspiracy theorists” for mentioning this, they intend to take it that far but whether or not they do remains to be seen IF people don’t take a stand now and say hell no to all the censorship. Even Ron Paul is now saying Corona is there for stealing the election, and shutting everyone up is necessary for it to all work as far as the commies see it.


Corporations have started pulling ads from Facebook because it is “too conservative” and “allows too much hate”. All the while it is well known that if you are conservative, you get vaporized. I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish with this, other than a killing off of Facebook which has already had a substantial portion of it’s majority base (which is conservative) leave. The demographic has shifted to the third world as a result already, with people getting bombarded by repeat requests for donations to third world causes such as schools and orphanages simply because so many conservatives have been banned or discouraged into leaving that it has already had a significant impact on what people receive there.

Make no mistake, it is all about stealing the election AND economy.

They HAVE TO purge all the conservatives, who are going to report election fraud, and how they voted. Additionally there’s little question about the reason why major corporations are doing this – they need the conservatives erased (as far as they see it) to eliminate competition and run true monopolies. Their decision to label conservatives as “hateful” is not about hate, it is about economics and making sure anyone who is now taking a chunk of their business is banished and destroyed.  This is what the coronavirus lock downs are all about, and they want these lock downs enforced with NO dissent on Facebook. Even leftists are starting to complain about the lock downs and they want Facebook, which now stands as a menace to their total dominantion whipped into simply banning everyone who challenges corporate superiority in any way whatsoever.

The only ones who are going to have a voice at all now are sites like this one, which managed to get situated in locations of the globe that are more slow to be taken over. If you are on Facebook, Reddit, WordPress or any of the other locations, and you are not already gone, you were second rate at best, or a leftist. All the premium stuff got purged from these platforms early on and I warned people time and time and time again that they were going to do this and look – they did.

All those who lacked the skills needed to run an actual site are now on the chopping block (or those who were too lazy, platforms like Reddit and Faceplant make it VERY easy to reach an audience with minimal work) and many people either did not want to do that work, could not afford to have others do it, or lacked the skills and could not do it without a crutch making it easy. That’s not to say they were bad or not valuable, MANY of them were beyond valuable – they were critically valuable, and they are now gone. Even I, on a private platform that takes considerable skill to run (and keep alive) am waiting for the day I can’t log in. It will happen. Definitely. I already have had several takedown attempts that “they” gave up on, with the first being in 2017 when they took the site out of the DNS servers. The skill with which this site was configured saved it, this site does not need a fully working internet to work at all. It actually takes a fair amount of expense in the site to have it’s survival arranged in such a way, and eventually I’ll be gone anyway. But I’ll be one of the last to go.

What is the end game? From the way the large coroporations are going, that’s fairly easy to guess.

The goal is to get America configured into a hybrid communist/fascist society, where private corporations owned by a handful of elite make up the entire economy, while a despicable overbearing government keeps the peons in line with a harsh communist system. If you think the people running CHAZ are going to be tolerated in such a system you are dead wrong, that entire charade is running only for as long as it is useful in destroying the United States. Once their usefulness has played out, – if at that time full blown communists are in charge, they’ll all be lined up in front of a trench and shot. The powers that be KNOW the people running that are dirt. They KNOW the whites that are painting black lives matter crap on everything, burning cop cars, businesses, and whatever else are DIRT. They know the people they imported are not the types they want working in their upcoming slave system and ALL will be done away with. They don’t care if they kill off 90 percent to get the handful they want left over to be their subjects, they want the population wiped out anyway. Just look at the guide stones.

Make no mistake. They think they are right. They think it is perfectly moral and ethical to wipe out the world’s population, as long as the ones wiped out are not them.

Our only hope is that they jumped the gun with this smack down before they should have – out of desperation. People know what is going on long before everything is destroyed and they know exactly who to call to account long before other successful communist revolutions had to deal with it. DO NOT COMPLY, DO NOT LET THEM TAKE THIS.

We HAVE TO enforce an accurate vote and prevent the steal or we will be TOAST, they absolutely will steal it, as far as they see it they have a right to and if they are allowed to we will see a period of history that absolutely defies anything that has ever happened before, IT WILL BE BRUTAL. 

If cops who stand down and watch hoodlums burn businesses just because they are ordered to are now the norm, the nazis are already here. The Bolsheviks are already here, and THEY ARE US. That type of police force will commit massacres on order. That type of police force absolutely will fly a helicopter over a suburb and burn it to the ground with incindiary rounds. All the horrible people that do the horrific genocides for the communists come from the societies they destroy. The American people are going to have to accept that and handle it properly or we will all be TOAST, yes, you really might have to shoot your own kid.

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  • Dave Stephens

    Mostly correct, but there’s no preventing the worst. We’re way past the point of no return. Want proof? Go read A Temporary Gathering In Texas, on

  • Slimey

    I have longed asked where is the 2nd Amendment Militia? I believe the most powerFOOL weapon in our arsenal but completely overlooked.

    I believe the NRA (Nobody Reads Amendments) is a gaddamn front organization up there working for the Demoncrap/Retardican divide to keep US DIVIDED!

    Where is the well-regulated Militia America?? And it’s not just you and grandma across the street with a Glock.

    Do you not see a well-regulated Militia will also preventa COMMIE AND HIS MOMMIE from running for office? They FEAR the people and would never want to be in charge of well-armed patriots who they won’t dare make well-regulated.

    This automatically fumigates his office from a vermin running to be your leader ensuring we have constitutional patriots in office. :lol:

  • AJ

    Just reading your first paragraph and you are wrong…there is no longer a one cild rule in China…..changed about eight or more years ago and I do not see them coming to our land at all. Never make it unless you let the Demoncraps/rinos win….

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