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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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The Military Is in Charge Joe (Video)

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by N.Morgan

As the high strangeness continues in our nation’s capital, researcher and radio host Brent Johnson returns to SGT Report to deliver what he believes to be the absolute 100% truth: The US Military is in charge and the house cleaning has begun.


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    • mike d

      Yeah the arrests are definitely coming for Trump supporters, this crazy Qtard BS just never stops. The desperation looks to be setting in , and I’m waiting for the goalposts to be moved once again in this psyop of all psyops. Give it a break guys, it’s over.

    • No time

      COPIED & PASTED from A “front line” NURSE PRACTITIONER.. Speaking out on Facebook
      … Basically you would have to be brain dead already to submit – but judging from the number of people willingly restricting their oxygen intake, I’d say there are already MANY who will and are offering themselves up for this invasive PROCEDURE – because it’s NOT a test for Covid.

      IT doesn’t exist! We are “testing” for 2 things, – your submission to willingly have your body violated and for the pretence of finding fragments of previous cold remnants. NOT for Covid 19. This assault is dangerous! This information comes from my colleague doctors.

      Brain access, is through the nose. The test has another purpose than what the drug pushers say! Inserting a test bar deeply into the nose, causes haematoencephal barrier damage and can also damage endocrine glands (e.g. hypophysis).

      That’s why testing hurts so much! The purpose of this deep violation, is to break the barrier and create an entry into the brain for every infection. When wearing a mouth and nose mask, bacteria and CO2 mask are collected and transported to the brain through the nose channel.

      Barrier’s task is to protect from brain neurotoxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other toxins. If endocrine glands are damaged, symptoms such as muscle weakness, blood circulation, visual disturbances etc. may develop.

      There is no legal basis for this physical intervention and it is a mass violation of physical immunity! Wake up to the assault. YOU are being violated along with your rights, No wonder so many “covid survivors” have long term issues.

      Anyone would after being subjected to this most sensitive body violation! Anyone who would submit to this needs to wake UP!

    • Sister

      Why is these people listing their jobs.? All the people on pipe long lost their job. Can you expain that to me? :?: l

    • Concerned64

      Who sits around dreaming this up I’m a Trump supporter but come this is bs.

    • bluesky

      The white hats are in charge they put China Joe in power and stole the election from Trump

    • Tedx

      Local news teams are documenting how construction companies have stopped building the border wall after President Biden ordered them to stop in an executive order.

      But the propaganda agents are reporting Biden’s executive orders are impotent.

      • Albatross

        We all know the rightful President is Trump. 90,000,000 voted for him, (even though 15mil. was erased overseas and in trashcans). So we all know who was popular, and we all know who won. The rest of the world knows even better than we, because their countries were counting on Trump winning, and already are familiar with the same foreign fraud. So please please, it is nauseating to call that Byedone, “President.” How about Fraudulent Byedone, or Usurper Byedone, or Puppet Byedone, but not President. Why the respect? He is a Chinese agent. He sold his soul, and he sold his country. He and his son are pid o files. He is selling us off, as fast as he can speak, to China and the rest of the world. And in turn, China tells the dims how to censor, how to get their militant youth to burn down American cities, Loot, and Murder. China tells them how to arrest people for free speech, which they are doing right now. Accuse of “disinformation”, “misinformation.” As you know, only the “authorities” are allowed to give correct information. This is the Communist Manifesto. Do not call that bastard President.

        • 2QIK4U

          Dictator Biden and Kommandant Camel

        • Tedx

          I am well aware Trump won by a landslide, which included my vote. Nevertheless, until the patriot community and military challenge it, the US government and governments of the world recognize Biden as US president. The military better do something fast, or they will be fighting Iran and Russia in the Middle East, as Biden serves his Zionist masters by invading Syria from Iraq, challenging Russian patrols in Syria and buzzing Iran with B-52 bombers.

          • Anonymous

            I voted twice for Biden so I more than cancelled your vote out. It was only by a lucky break that I was able to vote twice but it was easy. So I know for a fact there was fraud in this election. And yes, sad to say that Biden did win by a landslide. To tell you the truth I would have voted for Dump if he would have made any effort at all even a tiny one, to mitigate Covid. Instead of doing that he called it a “hoax” and now we dan near have 500,000 dead. So no, Dump never had a chance in this election. With his stupidity regarding Covid people were clearly able to tell just how fuckin’ stupid Dump really is. Like his professor at Wharton said, “Trump is the dumbest son of a bitch I ever taught.” :cool:


      Yall need to swallow some of your BS and choke on it.

    • Slimey

      But who is in charge of the military? :lol:

      • DK

        3 star generals, but that only works until the funding runs low, then its Joe. If all this was real, everyone would have deserted with their kit. Or done something. As it is waiting around just plays into a communist type takeover as they solidify regime change.

        • 2QIK4U

          Yup… While this stupid Biitch Posts nothing but Bullshiit the Enemy are at work destroying everything good that was happening with America.. And again the Blacks are used as a tool for Communism to take over and as always now being completely ignored. The idiots bring it onto themselves and now all of you. America is filled with Traitors and Fake Patriot’s that need Purging long ago.. Patriot’s would not lie to one another 😐💯

          • Anonymous

            That would be Biden I believe. It’s why they call him Commander and Chief.

          • Anonymous

            I’m sure that you consider Trump a Patriot and he literally lied to everyone, 24/7. So, Patriots DO lie to one another. Think before you post this tripe.

      • bluesky

        Serco. Don’t know who Serco is? It’s British owned just like Lockheed

        • DK

          Thats where it goes wrong, globalised hedge funds, tax havens, shell companies. The only thing which was British owned for sure was the nationalised industry which was sold off by Margret Thatcher. If its here, its because its not paying tax.

      • Energene


    • Live2Fight

      220,000+ sealed arrest warrants. so. since they are still out there, it stands to reason they could also be for a variety of pro-America bloggers, pod casters, news folks, gun owners, militia members and the many people who post Q follower comments in places like 4chan, 8chan, etc. keep your vpn’s active…

    • Survivalist

      As soon as this guest starts talking about clones he has immediately lost all credibility. Not only that, but i am sick to death of “I-know-a-guy” ism. Either man up, cite your sources, own your predictions or STFU.

      • Anonymous


    • feral pa paw

      Here is some news for the Super Hero Men of BS on BIN. These Marxist, including your former Military White Hats are going to have a field day rounding your silly a$$es up. They love to torture them some useful Idiots. Once you Morons have served their purpose by misleading the public with your QBall BS. They know exactly who you are and where you are. I’m sure you all have inside intel guys though that will keep you under their radars? ENJOY THE SHOW!

    • Weihan

      My sources inside my dishwasher have confirmed this.

    • lusignan

      Doesn’t Hillary carry around a doppleganger when she is unavailable? Remember the 9/11 ceremony in NYC when she collapsed before entering her car and was taken to her daughter’s condo? They claim she had a heat stroke though the temps were around 80 degrees. She looked like she was in bad shape only to appear a little while later emerging from her daughter’s condo fit as a fiddle! Most accounts say that was not the real Hillary but her body double.

      • 2QIK4U

        Yes there is also a Bill body double to but they are not clones lol, They are normal Humans who look similar

    • Debbie

      Check out this video I found on FB. Surprised it was still showing.

    • jdpent01

      Aren’t we glad someone other than Joe is in control!!

    • tonygreen


    • Otis

      Thanks Sweetie! :wink:

    • kinganu

      Executing these traitors in secrecy?…..are you kidding me?……..I’ll bet they are making deals and all the “executed” ones are probably being whisked off to some place where they can live out their lives in pleasure.

      If they don’t show us proof of their executions then as far as I am concerned they are not dead at all.

      I agree that this is all just more BS probably instigated by the CCP and the TPTB to keep the Trumpers calm until they finish up their electronic surveillance state.

      Besides…..any government that does executions in secrecy is just as bad as those who they claim to be executing.

    • Tedx

      The US military is in control, and Biden is their commander and chief. Of the 200 military generals who allegedly began plotting to defeat the Deep State following the assignation of JFK, all are dead or retired. The generals who have gone public in support of Trump are not active-duty officers. Even the former US Special Forces soldier who Trump appointed Secretary of Defense is no longer Secretary of Defense. He has stepped down.
      During his 8-year command, Obama placed officers loyal to his agenda in command positions. They may or may not be willing to challenge the Biden regime.
      Trump never invoked the Insurrection Act, although he could even without a state’s request, if the state was violating its citizens’ constitutional rights. He would have to publicly announce he was invoking the Act, which he did not. The courts could challenge him, which would at least delay action, if not outlaw it. Knowing the US Judiciary is completely corrupt, Trump knew better than to waste his time.

      Organize locally. Let the local sheriff and deputies understand the citizens are prepared to use deadly force to defend themselves from tyranny and retain their US Constitutional rights. Tell them “Lead, follow or stay out of the F-ing way!.

      • Zinja

        Perfect information. Well said Sir.

    • Web Design Company

      What a fantastic website! This is so chock full of useful information I can’t wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources you have given me. I recently joined a web design company and i work there as a content writer. As always, thank you for your wisdom and great guidance. You’re the best!” I love reading your contents and the clarity with which you think.

      • Anonymous

        Get some sleep.

    • Jen the pen

      I dont know what God would allow slavery to exist! What kind of God is this

    • JohnnyB

      A story on Gateway Pundit today seems to discredit this article. That GP story is: “Unity: Biden White House Fired Trump Officials in Pentagon Who Were Out on Maternity and Paternity Leave (VIDEO)”

    • Barry

      So, how that “military in charge” thing workin’ out? Been a couple weeks and I ain’t heard shit about it. Guess you lied N. Morgan? Well, that’s not news, is it?

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