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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Kimberly Ann Goguen: Universal Council: Trump, Black Sun, ETs, and Who Controls the World (Must See Video)

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by N.Morgan

This video is one that will certainly awaken you to another side of what our reality may be. Kerry interviews Kimberly Ann Goguen about Trump and team, Black Sun, the Anunnaki, the QFS and who runs the world, the state of the planet and various interest groups involved as well as ET races and Intelligences.

This is a must see!

Who is Kimberly Ann Goguen? Global Clearance Level 74, Ground Command, Guardian, founder of United Network News, Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States, Administrator of the Hall of Records, Ambassador to the Universal Council.

As Author of the Restoration Plan approved by the Universal Council in September 2019, I have worked with many people and others to restore this planet to its former glory. Implementation of a new eco-system which encompasses ALL who live and visit our planet. This was created out of the need for all organic life on this planet to live in harmony with one another

Who is Kerry Lynn Cassidy? Kerry is the CEO and Founder of Project Camelot and Project Camelot TV Network LLC. She is a broadcaster, documentary filmmaker and investigative reporter. In November 2005 she began filming documentary interviews and in April 2006 she teamed up with Bill Ryan and founded Project Camelot.

For over 16 years, Kerry has been traveling the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the secret space program, black projects, ETs, free energy and more. As an intuitive, and remote viewer, Kerry has spent years researching the occult and studying Eastern philosophy. While spending dedicated time in meditation, she linked her chakras in her 20s and has had multiple samadhi experiences since then.

Kerry pioneered the now-infamous Camelot guerilla interview style that captures the drama of the interpersonal dynamic between interviewer and interviewee as well as an approach that enables the viewer to determine whether the truth is being told, some facsimile thereof, or a lie.

Kerry speaks at conferences around the world. She has produced several highly regarded conferences with the trademark name Awake and Aware featuring key witnesses and researchers that are part of the Camelot history of interviews. KERRY’S BLOG has gone viral and become a must-see news commentary space picked up by alternative news organizations around the world.

Kerry’s weekly shows are broadcast live.

Kerry started out hosting a weekly radio show called Whistleblower Radio years ago and since then her radio and live video broadcasts have generated millions of viewers around the world. The Project Camelot Youtube Channel had over 312,000 subscribers with over 70 million viewers worldwide. At this time, the Project Camelot library contains over 1000 videos + hours of audio as well as hundreds of written articles available free online.

Kerry has a BA in English from Sonoma State University and is a graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management Executive MBA Program as well as a specially selected author-writer-director of the UCLA Short Fiction Film Program. She worked for 19 years in Hollywood for top studios, talent agencies and in independent film production and development, prior to founding Project Camelot.

See Kerry’s book “Rebel Gene: Secret Space and the Future of Humanity”.


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    • Mintmoondog

      Completely delusional what a waste of time :shock:

      • Anonymous

        Even if some of it bear a seed of truth, it is so beyond too us right now, that it is not workable. Sure it is a waste of time right now but put some into memory as Jim Marrs said it.

      • Trueblue2k2

        Not buying this view of world power agents divided into neatly named camps with different agendas. This could just be another attempt at deception to confuse and stagnate those who follow Trump and The Patriots military solution. If they ever existed, those camps were compromised long ago by Globalist powers centered in Rome, London and elsewhere. There is no real control over what is now a voluntary US Military occupation of the world under very subtle Allied Military alliances in the face of threatened Globalist World “Great Reset” financial (and other) tyranny. They are the White Hats bent on returning Nations back to solvency and power with a new and fair QFS gold-backed currency system. Kim must be riding with the Black Hats.

    • Flipper 118

      Ive read Kerry Cassidy for years. She is a straight shooter. Kim look like she has a grudge against Trump and no one can prove or disprove her claims of ambassadorship etc etc. But she does have a point about President Trump changing his stance on vaccines when he met with Bill Gates.
      Gates who has patents on tracking Ids, and commerce from the body to cryptocurency through the internet. There is some patent that you aren’t sovereign human if your DNA has been modified and Dr Mikvits and Dr Montagnier have suggested the coronavirus is incorporated into the native DNA. So would the synthetic mRNA and both cross the blood brain barrier into brain and spinal canal. Dr montagnier has been right on everything he has said about the covid bioweapon manufactured in the lab. Why do conspiracy theorists and Karen Kingston state that UNCarolina have been funded by the US military and gates foundation for their research into bioweapons. Nobel prize winner Montagnier says this coronavirus isn’t natural but created in the lab. Kerry and kim both state there is nanotechnology in the vaccine. Goguen claims Trump and the military are displacing the cabal to set themselves up as the new cabal. kerry seems to think the President and Juan O Savin have been blackmailed or their lives or families lives threatened. Since Trump and the Military are cleaning out the swamp and going after these criminals. Goguen claims Trump works for Gates but the conspiracy sites say Gates is arrested and…

    • HawkBowler


      Why are the letters I AM and the numbers 123 so important?


      I AM [123 = 321] I AM
      THAT [49]
      I AM [THAT] I AM 95, 14


      I AM [GEORGE WASHINGTON] I AM 233, 66 or 15?

      [23 x 2]
      WHO 46
      BEST 46
      WHO BEST 92 [WHO BEST] 29?
      *use as a comparison tool

      WHO BEST JESUS…166, 40, 158, 68
      WHO BEST LUCIFER 166, 67, 212, 77

      Can U tell WHO BEST?

      74 [WHO IS] 61
      WHO IS JESUS.. 148, 40, 122, 59
      WHO IS LUCIFER 148, 67, 176, 68

      The names Jesus and Lucifer have similar numbers.
      The [I AM] tools help us draw more information from the names and phrases.

      FEAST OF TRUMPETS 204, 60, 201, 84
      FEAST OF TRUMP… 160, 52, 164, 84

      What do U see?

      Feast of Trumpets 204, great, reversed 201 (uh oh) EVENT 201

      BLACK SWAN 86

      What’s going on with that 60 above for the trumpet festival?
      Somebody ask Negative 48.


      It is not enough to just match numbers and rhyme words… and
      play a game of six degrees to Donald Trump… while wearing an
      orange 33 scarf around your neck like a little puppy dog… nope,
      that’s not enough…

      Does the number match the direct ordinal, the face, or does the
      number match the BACK 17? FACE 15 to FACE 15 is an ally.
      FACE 15 to BACK 17 is conflict.

      FACE 15 = FACE 15
      FACE 15 = ECAF 93
      BACK 17 = BACK 17
      BACK 17 = KCAB 91

      Why are FACE and…

      • HawkBowler

        Why are FACE and BACK unique, both in word and number?

        THINK MIRROR 153

      • ~~Babble-Babble-Babble—😆😂🤣
        ~Empties in lost wages!!!

    • Gordon

      As a Christian I see the struggle in a different light. All these systems of hierarchy all fall short of the glory of God (Yahwey). They are all systems of control that have a good side or a bad side; yet there is no duality in Christ. For this reason I look to Jesus (Yeshua) to be my source of life and faith and respond to His authority over all creation as well as eternity.
      Kim says that her roots are in Catholicism; she should return to her first love (Jesus) for a true and unlimited source of authority to accomplish her goals.

    • Slimey

      Investigative Reporter, who are these NO NAMES??

      Please investigate and report back. :lol:

      • ~~😁😁😁~~

        • ~~reporting for duty.~~

    • Dan Hammer

      Kimberly Ann Goguen puts herself at the top of the food chain for EVERYTHING!!! Nothing is as it seems? Deep state working with the white hats? She was Putin’s handler and Putin is now a clone? Trump is a bad guy and a member of the BLACK sun???She is also Trumps handler? Come on Kim, you sound like an operative WHO IS ONLY HERE TO CONFUSE THINGS!

      • ~~🧐🧐🧐 nice. >>😉<<

    • Inge

      I hope everyone’s prepared for 9- 11, i think this one is going to be bad
      [have stated my reasons before, and warned that 2012 would be also used for another traumatic horror staged sacrifice or a huge draconian movement toward the new age of Sat Ur ( n) ( black sun), and we witnessed it in their diabolical torture of the 4 American men in Libya's consulate.... ]

      Also it to me seems 9- 10 afternoon/ evening is a likely time for use of trauma attacks by the raghead contingents, but mainly the message is watch out this Saturday 9 11… which begins tradtionally, anciently rhe evening before… the dark night is already 9 -11…

      tomorrow, since it’s 9-9 2021 is conducive for use by us … trauma

      9 being sacred number 3 threes, theirGod’s divine identifying number
      and two 9′s double his destructive power
      If you add the last three ( 2,1 of 21) it is 7 threes, so that is saying a lot to them
      Add the 2 of 20, and it is 23… 5 = death, murder number, Isis

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        5 = death, murder number, Isis

        How are you getting that?

        • Jonagelo

          23 Yes he is correct. Gemetria 23=death

          • Inge

            Thank you Jonagelo, the same thing (not being able to post reply to you last night, again i put some time into it as well as the repky tge night before to the anti-false news prophet) and it wouldnt post for hours, … i finally went to bed and when i got a chance the morning was so hectic, i picked up tablet it was a black screen, and acvid3ntally. pressed on/ off, which erased my copied reply to you. Ah i think that i am cursed, actually, …

            I can reply to you again, later when i get a chance to breathe… : ) your info it is very interesting, isnt it, that numeral they use so weirdly and nefariously in murders. IAUE HELP US ALL the thing is you know, and i see there are some great repkies also i will read right now about this, thankyou bith for the replies

            This is pure cold blatant out and out black magick they been doing to us and… through us all, against us all to destroy us and we didnt even suspect it, did we as a whole… some still dont

        • Inge

          Hi you know what hapoened last night late in wee hours 8 saw your question posted and replied to you in detail, a 4 paragraph answering and augmenting with historical notes which i thought you might be interested in
          And. I copied it, tried wnd tried to post it, it kept spinning, do then i was going to lay it aside and get some sleep, post it this morning, but i accidentally hit copy again – which WIPED IT all OUT. !!!! : ( WtH

          I will be back jyst been really tied up and exhausted is not the word

          Quick answer though, 5 point stardesignates anciently INanna, Istar, is Isis, … Sumer, Egypt, etc. Later, 8-pointed stars started to be used frequently to specifically designate her as well.

          Later on i learned that no matter how manynpoints the star, it is sll representing the God / Goddess pair as a duo, an entity in different aspects

          But the earlier was the 5 point star for her.

          Yes like Todesrune it means death, specifically murder deaths, criminal

          • Fake News = The False Prophet

            I see isis as an 11. To me there are 2 very different aspects to the feminine which causes confusion. Poles apart. Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mary, White Queen, Red Queen (Bloody Mary) – I wonder about Satan being the fallen female, but might be fallen both.

            The 5 pointed star as a dual symbolism of death/life depending on which way up it is which is where the ‘re-pent’ part comes from. Satan/Sun sort of idea. Is Baphomet just symbolism of the human condition?

            I see different stars as different geometry/dimensional references. Chakra related for example. Some are certainly energy related as Marco Rodin’s work demon-strated (interesting word that).

            I have seen various – 23 is the number of the illuminati – type articles that resonate with me.

            I am not a traditionalist when it comes to these topics. I have found so much confusion around some of these subjects I have learnt to trust my instincts and intuition above supposed established facts.

            All very interesting though. As more information comes forth I adjust accordingly. But I’m a bit tapped out with study. It’s been a long road and the end cannot come quick enough for me. I’m sick of all of it.

            • Fake News = The False Prophet

              They are always trying to make bad stuff Numero Uno which also leads to confusion. Mixing up symbolism and reversing meanings is like one of their main pursuits.

              The White Queen ate the tarts which is why the crumbs were under her bed. So the original fall was her doing is the story I guess.

            • Fake News = The False Prophet

              Then there’s 69 which could be 2 aspects again. Kundalini, The twins 11… it’s all very arbitrary depending on what you want to convey. Lucifer/Jesus, ladder, spine, staff. Star of David over the heart reflecting union of heaven and earth, ISIS RA EL – Star Wars.

              It’s the never ending story and it just varies words and symbols through the ages.

            • Inge

              When you say ” I see ISIS as an 11″ absolutely right, have you seen the photos of the ancient Temple of On, in Egypt, if you look at the entranceway those TWO PILLARS are looking like two entities which if you look at the photos. Of the same area of the HOOVER Dam, itlooks almost exactly THE SAME! Like twins, as also you have said

              Imo the importance 11 is held by the cabal against freedom and life is originalky sourced at the lineage of the cainites, combined with that of the true human twin, of uncorrupted DNA

              They do want, they actually DESIRE, NEED our DNA to even have a chance at their plans to create the uber race: part human which came from the perfection of IAUE’S MIND,

              To mix with the evil one’s nature

              They all want snd need the original pure bloodline creation, because the evil one cant do this alone, he can not create without using the skready- existent creation to make his own versions, out of his own image

              He hates the humans and all animals created by IAUE and his son because they were all perfect, good, and very loved

              ( that’s why he mad about it)

    • Inge

      You can see this code!

      11 11 9
      We are in trouble deep, this 9- 11

    • Debamboozler

      Kerry ROCKS and Kimberly RESONATES.

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      So I assume that people think they know what the black sun is. Lets hear it. I could do with a laugh.

    • Archie Bunker


      • ~~”G”—-music to my ears…….

    • Archie Bunker

      How can I, as a mere earthling, speak with all or some of these intergalactic powers, for the purpose that may say that I choose light over darkness? Further, to say that I am fascinated with that which is spoken of in this report and want not to offend anyone, neither seem presumptouos in any way.
      Having established this, if I may, I would request that we not be treated as peons, though I recognize we have some dimwits among us. They, as I see it, are the, or are known to me as, the globalists, the leftists, and the libtards. BE that accurate or not, how can we Just be rid of the “bad guys”, forget the dumb stuff and get on with life? Or, a bit less humbly, defeat and prosecute them through proper channels. I do not wish to under estimate the situation/overstate the matter or make an unflattering impression of myself by speaking out of turn, though I have a great deal of disdain and dislike for those causing the problems.
      I hear the name Source being bandied about. I am not fully understanding who that is, nor recognize such as having a being, neither any standing or position on earth or off. Certainly not as a diety, sounding more like some sort of a cosmic Costco! I know that the Father in Heaven, His only begotten Son, and the Holy Spirit is the Almighty Creator and author of all things.
      What can I DO to stop political folly, stop all the jostling of families, blood lines , principalities’ lust for power? WHY am I hearing stories about members of ancient and…

      • decleateed

        First thing you need to do is get some really good LSD or magic mushrooms, or other mind altering drugs . . .

        • ~~😳😜🤪🥴 nice. <>

      • Archie Bunker

        Archie Bunker here, why are comments cut off mid-sentence? There is no indication of limit of characters, as Twitter has. If such limitations exist they should be made known from the start. I say there should be none, and I dare say that the First Amendment agrees with me! Where can our comments be seen intact and complete as we wrote them? I am disgusted with this site evidently now adopting censoeship. That is a major disappointment.

        • Fake News = The False Prophet

          You can post multiple comments to make a cohesive whole. The problem was that some people decided to post HUGE walls of text often with no punctuation. When people become overly ridiculous it unfortunately means something has to be done. The old adage of one rotten apple spoils it for everyone else. Some people seem to think posting the same comment iover and over on every article is a useful approach. I just report it as spam now.

          Just shows how far we have to go before it dawns on people that freedom comes with responsibilities.

          That’s my take anyway.

        • Fake News = The False Prophet

          13OldOak is a classic example. His content is directly contradicted by his/her/it behaviour. So what value does it have when he/she/it cannot follow their own advice? These people hold us all back.

        • Debbie

          There was one idiot who insisted on plastering a wall of religious crap under each and every article…no one read them of course, but they were geez, this guy has nothing better to do….I am glad they put limits…

        • Inge

          Yes, If they dont post the rest, that is a shame, they should let people know beforehand, this is disrespect

    • Zinja

      Well done Ms N. Morgan. Finally a post I found interesting and entertaining! I took this with a grain of salt and maybe I’m so sick of the Charlie Ward etc narrative that this was a breath of fresh air.
      Maybe I should become one of these talking heads so I could ask her the first question that popped into my mind when she put Enki in a coma with her Aether powers: “Can you demonstrate this by knocking that whiteboard over?” also in 2015 everyone had a mobile with a decent camera so why no pictures of the boxes or the galactic crew? TBH Kim Possible has never been on my radar and neither has Kerry although I am aware of Project Camelot. Kerry really didn’t like it when Kim said Trump was a baddie though – maybe thats what I found entertaining – the cold atmosphere of two people with lots of followers and different stories.

      I would legitimately be interested to see what Reflectomatic thinks about this.

      Thanks for posting

      • ReflectoMatic

        Kimberly Ann Goguen said she lives in Durango Colorado, which is near the Dulce DUMBS and Ayn Rand’s Galts Gultch (who is John Galt of Atlas Shrugged), all located along the western edge of the “Ring Around The Baca”, the Baca Grande Ranch where the World Forum gang put together the plans which were presented at the World Forum in Vail along the northern edge of the ring starting in 1982.

        The Baca Grande Ranch, in the center of the ring, was also to become the Vatican of the One World Religion and all world class religious institutions have set up places of worship there.

        Hanne Strong, wife of Maurice Strong who along with Klaus Schwab created the World Forum to organize setting up the One World Government. Hanne was/is the person tasked with setting up/organizing the One World Religion and has her “Global Forum” to go along with Maurice’s “World Forum”.

        Hanne sits in the center of the ring, I see Kerry Cassidy is circling around the ring, closing in for the kill like a cheetah stalking it’s prey.

        Reflecto does not play the “Clearance Level” game and has a Clearance Level of 0 (Zero).

        • Zinja

          Hey, thanks for the reply. I must admit reading your comments set me on a whole adventure trying to uncover Maurice Strong. The fact that Klaus is apparently leading this charge and his relationship to Strong is very interesting indeed. I admit this is a whole new part of the puzzle that I’d never even contemplated. Thanks again

    • 13OldOak

      “We the People Have Spoken” Those who have eyes to see need to see and those that have ears to hear need to listen. Our voices are growing louder. The men and women on the land and soil, the true Americans are here for all of you. Our numbers are steadily growing. We are beckoning for Americans and Patriots to come home to the land and soil.

      Believe it or not on Aug 1, 2021 – the Civil war was formally ended. You have no idea how important this is. We are no longer at war and all EO’s by the Federal government’s president of the phony US corporation, fraudulently “acting” as the US government are null and void.

      Your intentions are good, but your standing is likely not correct. As long as you consent to be in the US Federal Government corporation, you are owned by it. US Citizens are owned by the corporation posing as the “Federal Government”. The Federation (which the federal government is named after) is made up of American Nationals and American Citizens (living men and women). The Federation is the real unincorporated Republic form of Government operated by self-governing Americans. And we don’t need a new Declaration of Independence – the original is all we need.

      Correct your status, come home to the land and soil. All value is derived from the land and soil. This is what our forefathers died for, this is what they are trying to steal from us. Come learn to self-govern. Help us properly…

    • patann

      Prophecy Links Fulfilling Nuclear September 9, apocalyptic 2021

      -And I heard, campaigns of going on like normal don’t last, Britain, America, separate them, into itty-bitty pieces! Canadian Prepper, along with forewarnings May 27/28, 2021, about a Tokyo Drift, to Asia, China, even at one time I’m teaching how the Chinese language work. There was something equally odd about Quebec and two messages, possibly your two within hours messages here; urgent, more bad news this is bad news,

      -HOLY Lords, Star Warring to Deliverer Angels have shown us the last decade or more our part in great Tribulation hitting our area map to northern hemisphere. It is Instead, that we set heart treasures in heaven, mobile all our stores and run, see more here, Rev 6, 6th seal/Jan 2018, Rev 10, Mighty Angel 6th Matrix ten day countdown; Jesus saying most of all pray against travel bans, but yeah He, well THEY ALL, even June 17 2002/2020, SUNLIGHT of God, again THEY want us Running, you know three assigned revisited June 26-28, 2021, territories, where, HBOW/Apb The RAM

      Phone Comments Nuclear Sept 9, Apocalyptic 2021, Beware On A Daily Bases We’re Forewarn Of Disastrous CME’S, Predicted, Revisited Horse and Buggy Days Reemerging Mayan Dec 21, 2020, Planetary Conjunction…a sudden subtraction of 190 years of tech…Apb

      -Both Marfoogle, months, Nuclear June And July, apocalyptic 2021 to be out of such heart stabbing to…

    • 13OldOak

      All value is derived from the land and soil. This is what our forefathers died for; it is what the globalists are trying to steal. On August 1st, 2021 the American Civil war officially ENDED! All EO’s written by the phony corporation, (aka the Federal Government) presidents are null and void. “We the People” have spoken! Those who have eyes to see need to see, and ears to hear need to listen and get engaged.

      Living men and women on the land and soil, are holding the land and soil for every American, who was mis-identified, on purpose, at birth, via massive birth certificate fraud when you were 2-3 weeks old.

      For many, your intentions are good, but your standing is incorrect. As long as you consent to being part of the foreign-owned “US corporation”, you are owned as a ‘US Citizen’ by the Pope and Queen! US Citizens corporate entities as in PERSONS, not living people.

      The Federation (which the federal government is named after) is made up of self-governing Americans (living men and women). It is the real unincorporated Republic form of Government. We don’t need a new Declaration of Independence; our original is all we need. Get the hell out of their corporation!

      God Bless!

    • Jonagelo

      Good interview. We all are trying to peel back the layers. Goquen seems like a wild card. Connections because she was used. If she is not still being used I pray God for her safety. She says she is against the DS. Let’s continue to expose and pray to our Savior Jesus Christ for discernment.

    • EyeC

      It’s a little late in the game to be indulging nut jobs- no?

    • MissTex32

      This Kim chick sprinkles in just enough truth to string people along, THAT is exactly how a SHILL operates!!!
      DjT has come through on EVERY last promise no matter how long it took- the WhtHts are doing God’s work & we need to put our TRUST IN GOD! Kim said that DjT is power hungry & no better than the rest- BS! He has to maintain power (or another WhtHat leader with balls of steel) to overtake the kball- SOMEONE has to do it. She practically suggests that we put our faith in ETs… Kim clearly believes everything she says. :cry:
      I’ve always liked Kerry even though her stuff is pretty out there. I’m not sure how much I trust her info now if she’s so willing to give air time to an OBVIOUS SHILL.

    • Inge

      Yes, both the star of 5 points historically has been used for representing Isis, Inanna, the Dawn and Death, Underworld, life and death,

      Ishtar, Istur ( iset, east, asit, West? = Death St Louis Arch, Gateway to the West = to DEATH, LAND OF THE UNDERWORLD
      & the number 5 definitely signifies death)

      Isnt it so intresting that the leaders in society, in world religions, world militaries, all the agencies in rhe world that i can think of in government use the star, stars for their symbol of authority

      Nazi germany, Europe, USA, ANCIENTLY, pentacle or pentagram means war, offense, organised ability to create and win wars, killing

      They pose as peaceful agents for freedom however, if one really looks at the facts in history it is anything but respect for freedomm it is she, this Goddess, her son and husband, all about smoke and mirrors and deceptive words to midlead us to go willingly to our own, accepted destruction. She is known to. “Drlight in the frenzy of batyle” … bloodthirsty

      And always, always in times of dire energency, raises her demands for sacrifices
      Ind ividual and NATIONAL, .. it is time now for huge sacrifices, it is as anti-false news prophet says, about the mother of the twins, those symbo,ised by 11
      Twin towers, twin pillars, the two natural helux strands of DNA, and adfing this bloodline or DNAinto our beings to create chaos disruption, tertific suffering, warfare mentally, emotionally exploiting us, hurting us physically and…

    • Inge

      Wow , your posts have a lot of great info to reply to , thank you very much
      .. i’ll try to reply a little now, but will try later again, to answer your most interesting posts

      And yes i am totally with you on the things you say, notice & feel

      I am so ready for it all to be brought to the finish line by our True Father sending his true Only son son to DESTROY these desttoyers of the earth: vicious, hateful LIARS AND MYRDERERS. Only ALMIGHTY IAUE will send Yahushua back to stop all this horror soon in the twinkling of an eye, i pray this happens soon… too much innocence is made to suffer so much, i can not bear it any more much longer

      11 and Isis are used it seem, interchangeably

      also Columbia, Colomba, dove, doves as idea of peace and maternsl / paternal loving pair, Venus, Uni, light-bearer, ( carrying a torch up high), nourisher ( nursing her child)

      All stars( 5, 8, 7, 11, 16, 32, 64…) are used in her ( his & hers, but really his) global religion of domination and lies

      Gerald Gardner said about 11 “the whole point of black magic is to COMBINE 5 & 6″ or to combine five with six.

      5 is death
      6 is man alone without his Creators – within him, leading him, living within him, lost man

      They are and aLways have been, from the start of history, out FOR UTTER DESTRUCTION

      6 = without true Creators’ blessings or true worship, unfinished, ever lacking, empty, filled with an unfilled void, 6 = strife, undone, wrong, not right, chaos,…

    • Inge

      Wow , your posts have a lot of great info to reply to , thank you very much
      .. i’ll try to reply a little now, but will try later again, to answer your most interesting posts

      And yes i am totally with you on the things you say, notice & feel

      I am so ready for it all to be brought to the finish line by our True Father sending his true Only son son to DESTROY these desttoyers of the earth: vicious, hateful LIARS AND MYRDERERS. Only ALMIGHTY IAUE will send Yahushua back to stop all this horror soon in the twinkling of an eye, i pray this happens soon… too much innocence is made to suffer so much, i can not bear it any more much longer

      Yes! 11 and Isis are used it seem, interchangeably; they font countbon you to know how it is used against you, who serve them

      also Columbia, Colomba, dove, doves as idea of peace and maternsl / paternal loving pair, Venus, Uni, light-bearer, ( carrying a torch up high), nourisher ( nursing her child)

      All stars( 5, 8, 7, 11, 16, 32, 64…) are used in her ( his & hers, but really his) global religion of domination and lies

      Gerald Gardner said about 11 “the whole point of black magic is to COMBINE 5 & 6″ or to combine five with six.

      5 is death
      6 is man alone without his Creators – within him, leading him, living within him, lost man

      They are and aLways have been, from the start of history, out FOR UTTER DESTRUCTION

      6 = without true Creators’ blessings or true worship, unfinished, ever lacking,…

    • Inge

      FAKE NEWS = the FALSE PROPHET, about 11 meaning many things, yes it does, it is not ALL An inherently bad character or piwer, of course, it is used as symb9luc of over snd qbove more than enough, as in when IAUE said sbout bringing the sins of the fathers upon the children unto the 3rd snd 4th generation, of those eho did as 5he Egyptians do, ( eating vile things, sexual practices, murder, etc. )

      “Yet I shall have mercy on the 10th and 11th generations of those that love Me…”

      So that is the way it is, over the perfect 10, more than that, even

      So, this has been taken & used in the same way –> except arrogantly — > by the enemy of all in his plan of his complete annihilation of IAUE and Yahushua’s creation.
      Like you mention, 11 twins, Isis, Hecate, the patroness of witchcraft, psychopomp leading the dead to… the netherworld, WESTland of the setting sun, KUR
      Land of the dead

      ” and another, little horn rose up, …”

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        I have reason to think that the ‘son’ or ‘christ’ is within and the ‘return’ is within each one of us. Here is a copy of a post I made to the recent IPOT video he made. I am suggesting ‘the church’ is the exact opposite of what people believe. However the character Jesus had many teachings which I do agree with, so I am not throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

        When investigating the 6 pointed star have you attempted to link in the swastika? Is the six pointed star ALSO a stylised cross? The cross that Jesus was crucified on is an unfolded hypercube. Also symbolised on the Pole of Saturn imagery. Do tefillin symbolise a cubic prison? How about the kaaba? InterStellar Film. Does everyone think the word ‘christ’ is a surname, a nickname for Jesus, what exactly? Nor did Jesus want to be king of anything. Is not ‘The Parable of the Ten Virgins’ straight out of kabbalistic teachings? Some would prefer to rule in hell than serve in heaven and these people have done their level best to mix, usurp, turn upside down… EVERYTHING. We know not all jews are jews.

        Let’s have a look at a, so called, christian church. Tell me, do they play with their organ in your church? Do they have queer boys? How about an alter, which is usually for some sort of sacrifice? Maybe (Blood) stained glass windows? Pews (Pukes, spew) as seats? Is there a guy ‘in vestments’ taking in collections? Why are they wearing dresses? Under a spire (expire, Xpyre?). ‘Eating’ the body of…

        • Fake News = The False Prophet

          ‘Eating’ the body of christ. Drinking wine (blood?). Communion with what? The knave is called the Jack in a set of playing cards. What is this jack? Jack and the beanstalk. Jack and Jill? Jacking into The Matrix? Ringing the bell which is usually up some phallic type structure. German helmets. Star Wars Clone Army? The new testament was written in Greek. The greek language also used numbers. Lucifer is the latin translation of the greek word phosphorous. Why does this matter. How can Lucifer AND Jesus be linked with the morning star (Venus)? You have 4 eyes. Which one is the eye of Sauron? Which is more likely “fallen Angels” or fallen Angles. An apple when cut in half shows a pentagram. One way up its the devil. The other way up its a symbol used for the Sun (Son?). Re-PENT. Star Wars? Why is everyone and their dog believing that ‘The Anti-christ’ and ‘The False Prophet’ are actually people? WHY did the people choose barabbas? Was the truth so unpalatable to the common man?

          Despite Hollywood being what it is, how do films such as The Matrix, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, How to train your Dragon, Lifeforce, or TV shows like. The Prisoner, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Dad’s Army, many many more get made? WHY are these celebrity’s showing you this symbolism? What is there to learn?

          In case anyone wonders, I was brought up as a Catholic. I am not a mason or a member of any group and I have no axe to grind. But I can question EVERYTHING because believing (be lie, be leaf blowing in the wind) is NOT good enough. Whilst we have been ‘believing’ THEY have been harvesting Adrenochrome!

          • Fake News = The False Prophet

            I will add one more thing about ‘a church’. Sometimes incense is swung across the ‘faithful’. I suggest in the days of Yore (Gore) that was drugs of some sort.

            All roads lead to Rome.

        • Inge

          Yes, just see that you made a reply now, dont have chance to read it all now but i see you mentionip the swastika, …(only sad that the half of a few comnents arent seen, how can you see them after the 3 dots… ? If they dont post the rest, that is a shame, they should let peoole know beforehand, )

          The swastika is a variant of the cross, or vice versa…
          And ancient egyptian practice was to eat the body of the GOD/ DESS WHO WAS MANIFEST IN RHE SACRIFICIAL SWINE, once a year, most sacred, holy otherwuse the pig was untouchable
          They became one with ACHAD
          ONe ONly God of the religion of Egypt and Babylon this ritual is still used by the priesthood today as you know

          One thing i dont ever use the term ypu use above, though, ‘queer’ for abused children are not queer they are ABUSED and there is nothing in them that is bad in rgemselves — they were coerced, torced, torn asunder body and spirit, m7nds, emotions, tgeir souls snd dpirits ravaged

          Tgere is no ‘queer’ness in them, ONLY VILE EVIL INIQUITY on the PRIESTS WHO DO IT

          and their MARK IS THAT OF TAMMUZ

          • Fake News = The False Prophet

            Queer, its a play on the word choir. Unfortunately the church’s are obviously using Luciferian and satanic symbolism. It is all over them. Especially in the vatican. I defy anyone who, once it is pointed out, cannot see it clearly. The God of the Church IS NOT the God people think it is. That is the point. Abused kids is the main reason I am so committed to ending this farce.

            • Inge

              that is good. You are a warrior for those who can not speak or fight, that is very noble and good. Now, all people dhould do that, snd then, this would not exist. They n3ed to be destroyed.

    • Inge

      It is 5: 30 pm eastern time, east coast USA. And there have been no traumatic huge attack events on us, as i was certain they would try to use today for bringi g in the Age of Horus. While i am surprised and relieved, that thwre is a reprieve from horror of that nature, no innocent ones murdered, i do not u derstand this still cannot help feeli g that it is still in the works and soon.

      • Inge

        It is ready and ripe frim here on through tomorrow evening

        And we have Yom Kippur on the evening of the 17th, through the 18th, right? Since yesterday, the 9th, was Feast of Trumpets

        Yet looking at the 22nd in the EVENING too, September 22, which starts Succoth Feast of Tabernacles on the 23rd, this starts the first day of the 7 days festival/ commemoration memorial to being brought out of slavery and the last Great Day, the eighth, on the 30th September, … 23rd through the 30th in other words, 5he first day and the last day are set apart for complete uninterrupted appreciative communion no work, just communion outside with the fellow sojourners in booths made of trees
        But – do you see the starting date?

        22 September !
        –> Sept 23! Well i csnt get over these things
        That’s like September 11 on STEROIDS

        SEP 10, 2021, 6:13 PM

        • Fake News = The False Prophet

          Interesting replies Inge. My post was a little incoherent as I, like you, was having a reasonably intense energy thing going on that night. I’m sure we will cross comments again with more interesting stuff.

          Re: The 11, it reflects Boaz and Jachin, the first degree tracing board of the masons, the left and right paths of Kabbalah, the twin towers, which has now been replaced with a single ‘freedom tower… the middle way.

          I have a working conclusion that something like this is going on with these codes:

          It is said the subconscious cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth, reality, unreality. So is the conscious mind the ‘decider’? Is that ‘the trick’? Bypassing the conscious? Misleading the conscious? Does that make the subconscious the projector, or at least part of it? Does the subconscious work in numbers, geometry? Is this HOW they get us to create a reality they prefer? We use words with powers we do not understand. Which is why the georgia Guidestones suggest we invent a ‘living language’ ie. the one we use now is of the dead, which fits.

          Regarding old Gods. They appear to be anthropomorphised archetypes of us.

          Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. It is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology.

          Personification is the related attribution of human form and characteristics to abstract concepts such as nations, emotions, and natural forces, such as seasons and weather.

          Both have ancient roots as storytelling and artistic devices, and most cultures have traditional fables with anthropomorphized animals as characters. People have also routinely attributed human emotions and behavioral traits to wild as well as domesticated animals.

          • Fake News = The False Prophet

            HELLo, good moUrning, b Wreath (breath), – this stuff is everywhere.

            • Fake News = The False Prophet

              I have heard the sub conscious sees/reads left, right, up, down, diagonally, symbolically so that would explain how and why letters like b and p, i and y, N and Z and all the rest are used to fool us, but not the subconscious which sees ALL these manipulations/potentials and reacts accordingly. But we have no conscious idea. Even some colours are processed before others.

              I magi nation – God does it all, but he made us in his image, a mini me and jesus tells us ‘ye are Gods’ – if we can pull our fingers out of our ass.

          • Inge

            That is very interesting about the subconcious mind not knowing … i hope this is not true… !

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        A number of people are seeing September 18th as a risk date, so a variety of number combinations going off again.

    • Anonymous

      It’s too easy to come up with a STORY when you don’t have to show any evidence.

    • Gary A DePietro

      IMPORTANT INFORMATION: First off, l like Kerry of Camelot and what I say is not meant to reflect badly on her. She’s brought forward information on Jim Humble/MMS and I commend her for that. Here are 2 simple Google searches ANYONE can do. The results should give you a pretty good idea who or what we are dealing with. As I see it… “Aliens”… or Fallen Angels. I leave it up to YOU to decide which. Billy Meier is one of the earliest UFO/Alien contactees and most of you probably never heard of him. Are his encounters with Semjase, the beautiful female “alien” real… or something more sinister… you decide. Google:
      Semjase+Billy Meier+Alien+UFO
      Semjase+Book of Enoch+Fallen Angel

      Most of you probably don’t know, the Book of Enoch was REMOVED from your Christian Bible. You might ask WHY.

    • Gary A DePietro

      Listen to what she says starting at 14 minutes in. Then CAREFULLY research the RH Negative blood line. People who are RH Negative can GIVE blood to ALL other groups but only receive from other RH NEGATIVES. If an RH NEGATIVE woman becomes pregnant with an RH POSITIVE baby, her body sees it as an INVADER. Then special precautions are taken. Think of RH NEGATIVE as the ANGELIC bloodline and keep in mind Angels come in TWO varieties… FALLEN… and NOT. What you are hearing fits in to everything you are seeing.

    • Inge

      I wish i think, to say a thing about a thing that has been happening over some months, about 8 months
      Exactly, since Jan 13 this year

      It is Sept 13, 2021. I’m working on a property cleaning the land up, it is hard labour, but i am driven to do it for the safetybof the animals who run on it, there is trash from over 30 years ago, dumps of it, smashed shattered doors with glass, windows crushed glass, civil war ? Leather belts pieces of stirrups, cinches, buckles, all over this place and rusted metal fencing, tin cans all sorts of detritus .., piles and moubds of it. You get the picture if you imagine an old campground which went to be used as a personsl garbage dump… landfill of for some reason i say it’s for cleansing this piece of beautiful yet ravaged labd, abused land, …
      I am actually doing it for free, yes, it is not fair. And now for 8 months dawn to after dark, hardly any sleep for other reasons… eating grits when i can, pretty much bananas and coffee are my whole susyenance, no vitamins either i am skeletal yet strong… : )

      So i am doing it to get it done and make the animals, deer, cats, dogs, racoons, possums, coyotes, foxes, never habe to get all cut up again, if i can do that i will have done a thing then i done

      Well there is this thing that i was experiencing in this land all the time, that i felt, but had nothing to explain, it was a n overwhelming, overpowering sense of something — sadnes, desolation, aloneness

      At the same…

    • Gary A DePietro

      Want to know how PRESIDENT TRUMP fits in…. listen starting at the 55 minute mark. If you doubt what she says, research the ADDRESS of Trumps New York skyscraper address, the NUMBER in particular. Would YOU want that number? Then look back in time and see how Mr Trump decorated the New York residence. I think you’ll be surprised. And don’t feel bad at the things you’ll find… I voted for President Trump BOTH times. Jewish Gematria sees him as a kind of Cyrus figure from the Bible. If you don’t know what that means, find out.

    • Inge

      There is this feeling in these woods — although very beautiful, (peaceful, compared to the suburbs -) can only best describe as a terrible, strong despair, utterly sad and something lost, forgotten, and bereft
      Bereft of safety and joy. So i tried every day, and night, to love its beauty, it takes all i can muster to block out the saddness of this place, to will to be positive, overpower the feeling of desolation. Try hard to appreciate the wonderful mystery of creation, see the love that it is made of, every minute strive to clean, heal it from its past, help it recover from abuse, poison & being utterly disregarded & trashed…

      This is where it gets strange.

      I always walked deep into these woods and felt it was unnaturally TOO SILENT. there are no mice, no rabbits, only a few squirrels in all these wood of nut and oak.. OR birds like you would expect, – (some few crows sometimes, some cute tiny finches in the early spring were eating pine nuts on one pine tree, sometimes hawks high up in sky. )

      You would just wonder, where is the life? Where are the squirrels, birds? Not one mouse. (Sometimes deer in morning and dusk, possum at night that is all. COYOTES in distance. )

      One day sitting in back small yard in late afternoon hot oppressvely humid and quiet, still, not one breeze surrounded by woods, i watered and fed and petted the animals, out there for from 15- 20 minutes, not a sound – then out of nowhere a tree broke in half and crashed…

    • Inge

      - then out of nowhere a tree broke in half and crashed down on an area quite near where i was sitting petting them. It was so loud, like a thunder bolt, and i was scared as i saw the leaves and branches flailing, bumping the trunk into other trees coming down top towards us… scared might hit the dog run It was close, but we were alright, It was healthy tree, a pine, way up it just broke in half and came down.
      I think to myself alright, that was close but could be it was weak inside for any disease or bugs etc. But it looks healthy, green, nothing i could detect.

      I am starting to calm down from the sound of it, mostly, and resume the chores, walking in the middle of the clearing washing out dishes of water, etc hanging clothes on trees and bushes, etc. I am the only human on the land all the night before, all that day, until middle of the night this night. ( i am a woman).

      It is quiet ~ 10, 20,or maybe 30 minutes , it was May 22nd. I was settled down from my shock and at peace again tending the animals.

      Then – i heard out of the complete thick still heavy breezeless silence, in deep woods on brittle dry leaves, LARGE FOOTSTEPS ~~ ! STRIDING ! IN A DIRECT LINE like a large man is going sonewhere directly – where he was still, silent in the woods, before, do i am freaking in deliberate strong steps,

      i looked up and over to that direction, and saw silhouette –backlit by afternoon sun of the adjacent field in background — i saw what…

    • Inge

      loud steps on cracking leaves, – heavy-landing, sort of quick, deliberately- travelling sure steps – clear deliberately directional steps – i saw the dark silhouette –backlit by afternoon sun of the adjacent field in background — what could be a very big man, that is why i was afraid, shocked, because i knew it had to have been someone watching me for the entire time so he knew i was there alone … : (

      it was a totally dark figure, tall, strong, not a bear, not a regular man, because of the way it 2as going in those thick woods, eithoyt deterence of trees and brudh, it walked strsight – not being 8mpeded at ALL – going in a direction looking like it was headed straight towards the brook way in back of the property, it was tilting its torso and head forward, i noticed no arms swinging, all was black- dark brown or almost black/dark grey, there was no neck definition ;the head i saw in profile too, it looked straight ahead, had no snout, it was very large, large to be a dark burly man

      When at the beginning i heard 2 steps, i panicked – so afraid, because was fearful a man was in the woods skulking, when i looked up in that direction on the side of the property when saw it, it was going smoothly – tilting forward though not like a man – and though it only i am sure stepped 3 – or 4 steps/strides at the most, – it was THERE, THEN, it simply wasnt there – it in an instant disappeared, — there was NO more sound, no more sight of it. This was…

    • Inge

      So i go inside, a bit shaken, i took the situation as i experienced it, i was no longer afraid, because it was NOT A MAN and not a bear, so the animals and i were safe, i knew after searching the woods there, that no man was there – and knew then that it HAD disappeared like i saw it dissppear – so this was the time 8 concluded the strange thing i saw and heard was a sasquatch. I never expected to see one in my life, i consider these sightings as elusive and only for others, i have lived in woods and rural settings a lot, sm not afraid of animals, since this is east coast, central virginia, no grizzleys – and i respect, love and admire animals, animals feel this, so the only thing i am afraid of is mean cruel wicked peoole. I am not afraid of sasquatch, because slthough i cobcluded long ago from other peopke’s experiences with them, i feel certain that sasquatch is some type of supernatural creature, and i am not afraid of demonic entities. i came in and tried to explain what happened on a site i had been on earlier it was hard to type, still getting over my panic of first thinking immediately when i heard those strong steps, out of nowhere, that it was a man…

      Like i said, i can be afraid of People, those who are evil are the thing that do scare me!

    • Inge

      When i went out a bit later, at down at the sa me place as earlier, contemplating why this just happened, and have no answer, thinking how close the tree was all fallen just a little in back of the dog run, another tree ! ? – this being a 2nd one that afternoon, — out of nowhere — for no reason – broke! – an ear- splitting, high-pitched , loud thunder-crack again, spliit and broke, in the upper part and came crasing down. This was close too, to me, and the animals, but not AS close as the earlier tree. It was a very tall pine, and agaun i went carefully where it was and tried to indpect, and it looked healthy, nothing for any obvious reasons for coming down like that, in no wind, and there had been jo rain for some time, so, there is no explanation to me, i can think of for these three things to have occurred in probably the space of 2 hours, maybe 2 and a half three hours, at maximum.
      The trees just Cracked and broke. In a day so still – stultifying- not even a little occasional zephyr, all day, at all. It was later and getting to the time that it is not as hot, but still, no breeze. There is no reason, and i was scared out of my wits AGAIN – for the third time that afternoon.

      I wondered about this for a while thru the days and weeks and months following. Until last night i had no possible explanation. I spoke with a friend i recently met who has ALSO seen, heard and has a photo of bigfoot, about little more than a week ago, here all their life, a…

    • Inge

      … thru the days and weeks and months following. i had no possible explanation. I spoke with a friend recently met a bit over a week ago now, and without talking about this, he brought up in the conversation he has seen and heard Bigfoot back here (and has a photo of it, too) who has l8ved here all his life, a hunter, knows all the woods, animals, and is without a doubt the smartest, most natural, kindest man i have ever met –> he told me, before i mentioned anything of this, that -” bigfoot is back there”.

      That was a little over a week ago. So there are at least two of us right around here who have seen this. But why? i kept wondering…

      So i learned last night, when we talked again, Sept 12, a bit of what happened here on this property, long ago. It is tragic, it is heartbreaking since then i couldnt sleep except a short nap exhausted yesterday afternoon it is unbearable since he told me since that beautiful night. i think i am in shock still, definitely mourning… i hate this world

      Notice: Your comment has been accepted. I sent shis comnent in with the others, yesterday night, the 13th of September but it never takes it all … sigh
      Please allow a few moments before it is visible to others

    • Inge

      … thru the days and weeks and months following. i had no possible explanation. I spoke with a friend recently met a bit over a week ago now, and without talking about this, he brought up in the conversation he has seen and heard Bigfoot back here (and has a photo of it, too) who has l8ved here all his life, a hunter, knows all the woods, animals, and is without a doubt the smartest, most natural, kindest man i have ever met –> he told me, before i mentioned anything of this, that -” bigfoot is back there”.

      That was a little over a week ago. So there are two of us right here who have seen this. But why? i kept wondering…

      So i learned last night, when we talked again, Sept 12, a bit of what happened here on this property, long ago. It is tragic, it is heartbreaking

      since then i couldnt sleep except a short nap exhausted yesterday afternoon it is unbearable since he told me since that beautiful night. i think i am in shock still, definitely mourning… iF this earth is not hell, i dont care about hell this world is horrible

      Notice: Your comment has been accepted. I sent this comnent in with the others, yesterday night, the 13th of September but it never takes it all … sigh
      Please allow a few moments before it is visible to others

    • Inge

      So it seems to be related, imo, the feeling of this land, even though it is BEAUTIFUL, as nature is, that i couldnt shake the awful feeling of this land, the extreme silence, not in a good way, the lack of birds, and total dearth of any m8ce, only a l8teral few squirels,
      Lots of food source so that’s weird –
      And then the trees breaking on the same aftwrnoon as i heard and then sW the thing, the dark thing that i know to be not a man or an animal, which to me, is supernaturally able to appear or manifezt, at some will ? And also to instantaneously DISAPPEAR.
      The land is somehow cayyring a urse of sadness, violence, heartache, heartbreaking tragic cruelty, and this is manifesting in the sasquatch and lack of any mouse, not onemouse,
      Silence when there should be birds all around, squirels, chatter, is not normal for woods that are free of a bad, bad spiritual oppression.

      I know when my broth er, ( he is half brother though, son of a very bad, evil Dad) murdered for spite all the squirrels in the yard they were hung by their poor murdered tails, in a long long line, slaughtered – hung all up on the clothesline in front of me to show his handiwork and hatred of them, — the land was no longer fit for the lives of any squirrels thereafter… the place was never home even to one or two or any family of squirrels up to the time tgey s9ld that place, cursed as it. Was, almost 20 years later…

      The animals can feel it, they avoid ,iving in those accursed…

    • Inge

      Usually they astutely avoid accursed places, … yet a few deer sometimes come here to graze a bit, which i am worried about now since the place is hamful…
      The immense intense energy of anger, rage and hatred is here, the suffering of the one i heard of, is here, she lived here i think, all her life, it seems, until shesuccumbed, alone, having been horrifically abused over a long long time, decades, .. the intensity of this does not just go away — it stays, in the ground, rocks, trees there are large quartz stones all over this place

      It used to be a slave place, tobacco barns were just recently torn down & the house was too, from the 17th Century, an 1800′s house made of wood, a richly crafted house, with huge mantels i saw out there .. the lady was beaten by her husband for so long, who knows how many years, horrible to imagine her desperation, this is a very isolated place even now, back then, this road thru the properties was HER ROAD, like the movie gone with the wind, that road leading to TARA except it is straight, and it is looong…

      The friend remembers her when he was a child, the beaten wife shot her abuser i think with a rifle one time then went to prison for 10 years for defending herself in terror against that brute. Then after that, she returned to this home where she had lived through her hell with his beatings… she he said, had dogs. There is a very old lovely skull of a dog, not buried, bleached from the sun, so sad, i looked at it and…

    • rmstock

      Looks like Juan O Savin (107) visited Kerry Cassidy to pay her off
      with a suitcase of money to somehow convince her to get intuitions
      (psychological profile) and have psychic dreams that Juan O Savin is
      actually JFK jr. Cassidy goes on to say, when referring to the White
      Hays, that “Trump is their leader” … Why does Cassidy not say Trump
      is our true elected President and our leader ? Next she claims “Trump
      is born under the black sun”. I don’t know how much dollars Juan O
      Savin has paid for this smear job, but its not good.

      Maybe true patriots could interview Donald Trump and have Trump expose,
      denounce and finish this Juan O Savin character once and for all.
      Honestly, i think it’s nearly impossible to do more damage and harm to
      Trump and the White Hats, within a single hour video, than Kerry
      Cassidy just did on Sept 10.

      [1] KERRY’S UPDATE: 09.09.2021: WAR BY ANY OTHER NAME…
      By Kerry Cassidy, September 9, 2021

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