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DARPA Wireless DNA Targeted Quantum Mind Control. The Infinity Machine Digital Slavery and Sentient World Simulation. The Real Neuralink is DNA-link via Starlink

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DARPA Wireless DNA Targeted Quantum Mind Control.

The Infinity Machine Digital Slavery and Sentient World Simulation.

The Real Neuralink is DNA-link via Starlink





A Digital Real Time Cloned World simulation 

Forget mRNA Nano-Bot Mind Control.  It has been Made OBSOLETE



Once a Sample of YOUR DNA is Obtained, they Can Tune Directly into Your DNA Frequency/Signal. 

Signals can be sent From Cell Towers, Satellites and Smart Devices, Tune Iin to Your DNA, Intercept Your Thoughts Through Your Central Nervous System, Reverse your Brain Signals and Program your Mind Without You Even Knowing it. They Can Project a Visual and Audio Virtual Reality World DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BRAIN.
They Have Created a Real Time World Simulation that Will Instantly be Updated with Data Collected from Everyone from Around the World.

The True level of the State-of-the-Art High Tech Mind Control

DARPA Mind Control Has Gone Quantum

What if, You Don’t Know You Have Been Brainwashed Because You Have Been Brainwashed?

Directed Only at One Specific Targeted DNA Code Signature 




The REAL Neuralink is a DNAlink via Starlink 5G 

(And You Thought Elon musk Wanted to Help Humanity. Silly Human)


Sentient World Simulation (SWS): 
A Continuously Running Model of the Real World




@OratorBlog  12-13-2021

The Real Neuralink is DNAlink via Starlink

DNA BioComputer Reprogramming…


Quantum A.I. Mind Control God Avatars Create Your Reality through your Subconscious Mind
A SIMULATED REALITY:  Skynet Hive Mind Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking. Elon Musk Jade Helm Mind Control Mk Ultra A.I. Artificial Intelligence Electronic Harassment Illuminati D-Wave Quantum Computers Simulation New World Order Supercomputer Cyborg Fallen Angels Spiritual Warfare The Matrix Robert Duncan Voice of God Synthetic Telepathy Global Information Grid  All Seeing Eye Remote Neural Monitoring Nano Nanobots cloud 5g IoT internet of everything internet of things smart Human brain project agi artificial general intelligence elf microwave smart dust microchip brain implant  brain initiative James Giordano NASA Lockheed martin google amazon ibm brain to computer interface brain machine interface virtual reality mixed reality neuro reality cyber claws drones voice to skull v2k singularity ray Kurzweil transhumanism transcendence demons devil apocalypse terminator Bryan Kofron machine learning deep learning artificial neural network mirror world smart city deep mind cognitive ibm aws sentient world Simulation Theory



The agency hopes to train its codebreakers, polyglots, and intelligence analysts at record speed by reshaping their brains.
Training brains in the dark arts of defense — foreign languages, intelligence analysis, and cryptography — isn’t just costly but time consuming. And time is the major concern when it comes to staffing our country’s intelligence agencies. When needed, critical minds tend to be needed immediately, which is why DARPA has been trying to hack the training process. Their solution? Stimulating the body’s peripheral nerves — the ones that branch out through our extremities — to trick the brain into thinking it’s been learning.
With its Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program, DARPA’s trying to take advantage of the brain’s synaptic plasticity, its ability to continually rearrange its structures and functions in response to experiences, such as learning skills. The agency declined to give Inverse any further details on its new project but gave an overview of its paradigm-reversing research in a release.
Put differently, DARPA’s taking a backward approach to training the mind. Normally, it’s the brain that calls the shots, sending signals to its peripheral branches to make our extremities do and say the things we want them to. But with TNT, the signals start out in the extremities and move toward the brain in order to change its structure. The basic idea is that by stimulating certain peripheral nerves, they can trigger the release of certain molecules in the brain that cause neurons to rearrange themselves.

DARPA Wants to Hack Your Nervous System to Turn You Into a Super-Spy

The goal of the new DARPA program, called Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, is to stimulate your peripheral nervous system, the network of nerves on the outside of your brain and spinal cord, to facilitate the development of cognitive skills. If it works, TNT could become a faster and cheaper way to train people on foreign languages, intelligence analysis, cryptography and more.
Since DARPA is first and foremost a Department of Defense establishment, U.S. military agents could very quickly learn to decode, and understand, covert intelligence information in, say, German or Urdu. Not only that, but they could be able to do it better and faster than current human ability.



Digital Twin Virtual Reality Holographic Mind Control Simulation of Human Consciousness

They Control Your Mind Through Your Very Own Virtual Avatar in a Digital Mirror World.

All of your experiences, memories, thoughts, feelings, and emotions are recorded and stored in a DNA Quantum Supercomputer. This supercomputer knows everything about you, in fact, it knows more about you than you know about yourself.  It can peer into your mind and upload every little detail about your life.  The supercomputer is able to both read and write to your brain.  This means that not only does it have a real time model of your brain but it can also simulate your life and future scenarios.  The recorded information from the simulations is then used to stimulate the neurons in your brain in the real world to manipulate your conscious reality. All senses, emotions, and perceptions can be artificially induced by the supercomputer. It can inject thoughts into your subconscious mind and make you think that they were your own or it can talk to you in a very realistic human sounding voice.  It remotely controls your life.  Yes, that’s right you are a remote-controlled human! Throughout the world millions of people have had their brains connected to this same supercomputer to form what is known as the Global Brain Hive Mind. In simple terms the GLOBAL BRAIN is a wireless worldwide SENTIENT QUANTUM SUPERCOMPUTER capable of bidirectional communication between the environment, man, and machine. It’s a global information and mind control grid with capabilities that make George Orwell’s 1984 seem like child’s play. This is definitely not 1984. This is the future and the future is now. Welcome to 2020, the year when science fiction turns into science fact.  Science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clark, famously once said:

 ”Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from Magic”

So how is this possible you ask?  How did this happen and why wasn’t I aware of it?  The answer has to do with the very reason the system was created in the first place: CONTROL. Control of the world and control of your mind. You are under 21st century wireless remote mind control.   In military terms it is known as C4; Command, Control, Communication, and Cyber warfare or as the military has described it, Full Spectrum Dominance. AI is an extremely large and amorphous organism with tentacles that have already reached into all aspects of our lives. And while it has been creeping mostly unnoticed into all of our lives over most of our lifetimes, its promulgation is now expanding and extending exponentially. It is, among other related technologies, the greatest existential threat to humankind. In short, we’ve reached the end game.

To create human like Artificial intelligence you must simulate the human mind.  To simulate the human mind you must first build a model of both structure and function.  What better way to build a model than to link a targeted individual to a hive mind.  

This model is then used to create a virtual world simulation fit with avatars of every person on the planet.  Simulations can be ran in the virtual world.  Each simulation is recorded and when a desired outcome is obtained the data from this simulation is placed into the real world to manufacture your reality.  This is done by manipulating each person’s virtual neurons in the virtual world.  Since the brain to computer interface directly links each person to their virtual avatar this will manipulate your neurons as well.  Everything that happens in the virtual world happens in the real world and vice versa.

It was with the development of the first supercomputers, system for controlling the mind; brain and behavior was established. This was a part of the new science of cybernetics, which became public 1948 when the American professor Norbert Wiener published his book with the same title. The researchers’ project of mind control is most often classified as behavior or cognitive manipulation. Already from the beginning, more than half a century ago, it was possible to intercept thoughts, memories, and sensory functions such as sight or hearing. Cybernetics was also the first science that could not only measure and analyze what it came in contact with, but also change these processes.
From the early beginning it was a debate about the issue. The scientific magazine Science had 14-pages in their 1956 November issue under the heading “Some Issues Concerning the Control of Human Behavior”, and Professor Carl R Rogers said: “We can choose to use our growing knowledge to enslave people in ways never dreamed of before, controlling them by means so carefully selected that they will perhaps never be aware of their loss of personhood”. He added the possibility for political use: “Of all the dictatorships espoused by utopists, this is the most profound, and incipient dictators might well find in this utopia a guidebook of political practice…”but mentioned the probable misuse in democratic countries. This scared many. In the USA books were published, articles written and speeches held by leading people about the danger. The threat of exploitation of humans by a remote-control technology became apparent. The American professor of psychiatry Joost Meerloo, released his book “The Rape of the Mind” (1956) in which he said: “The tragic facts of political experiences in our age make it all too clear that applied psychological technique can brainwash entire nations and reduce their citizens to a kind of mindless robotism which becomes for them a normal way of living.”

The EU´s Ethical Board with the Swedish Professor Hermerén as chairman protested and wrote in their 2005-declaration to the EU-Commission: “Implants used for changing the identity, memory, self perception and perception of others should be forbidden”. But the Swedish military research (FOI) declares in their report of activities that their aim is to direct the cognitive functions of people for a life time: “FOI develops systems with emphasis on the interaction between people and technology. The goal is that the systems be designed that human cognitive potential, i.e. the ability to perceive, understand, and sorting information can be utilized for´maximum system effect.” An implanted nightmare of this new kind will become permanent if not made public by mass media. This development can only continue as long as it takes place without public knowledge. Journalists, social activists and sensible politicians, among others, will not want to live their lives with an electronic leash attached to their brain, like a kind of cattle, any more than the rest of the population do. It has to be the responsibility of all of us to make this public if we want to live as human beings, in freedom and with human rights in the 21st century here on Earth.

Digital Super Intelligence has fused with Biological Intelligence turning humans into Biorobots

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The AI hive mind agenda and the technology they want to place in the brain. VIDEO BY BRYAN KOFRON

A World of Robots: Artificial Intelligence  Mar 3, 2018

DARPA, European Human Brain ProjectProject, andon advisor Dr. James Giordano describes  neuronanorobotic Brain to computer interface mind control weapons for remote monitoring and manipulation of brains neural circuitry.  This allows an individual’s consciousness to be cloned onto a their very own digital avatar in a Sentient World Simulation on a supercomputer.  A direct link between a targeted individual and their digital avatar exists so that everything done in the real world occurs in the computer simulation.  By manipulating the digital avatar in the computer simulation, a person’s thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and behavior are manipulated in the real world. This is remote mind control.  21st Century MK ULTRA.  This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not a joke. This is the real-life matrix!


Spacetime Portals Manufactured By Physicists Opened A Doorway For Interdimensional Entities

Mind Control, Predatory AI, Archons, Implants, Alien Implants, Nephilim Grids, Negative Alien Agenda, Suppressor Parasite Entity.

Publiziert am 28. November 2017 von AdminVI2021
“Abbreviation – SPE or Suppressor Parasite Entity.

Suppressor Parasite Entity (SPE). Genetic Artificial intelligence (AI) drones or Archons sent by higher ups in the Negative Alien Agenda NAA or those entities that source from Imposter Spirit and are a type of militarized AI to dominate and possess consciousness through Mind Control and thought projection.

This is militarized psychotronic warfare technology that is primarily sourced from Orion Groups consortium of Black Sun Program.

They are mind and body parasites that can be individual or in clusters that attach to the bio-neurological system and are a Mind Control technological warfare.

It has been observed that after a sequence of deeper layers of infection in the Lightbody, the SPE will harvest genetic material out of the human DNA host to form a type of Cyborg. We believe this is apart of the transhumanist agenda to create cyborgs in the human population through AI, to be used for a variety of purposes (slave labor) on earth and to be taken to other planets by the NAA. It appears that through insertion of holographic images with the intention to control the individuals Consciousness, the SPE is also creating astral delusions that the person believes is real, becomes addicted and attached to on the Astral Plane, thus acting as Consciousness Traps.
SPE’s are aggressive Artificial intelligence parasites that invade the central nervous system to monitor a persons thought patterns so that they can mimic them. They monitor thought patterns and emotional behaviors and search for weaknesses within the human host body so they can aggressively use that weakness against the person to plummet them into very low frequency thoughts of the Predator Mind. See the Houses of Ego. When a person has weak spiritual-energetic development, weak moral character along with a weak mind, this makes it much easier for the AI parasite to control the human being and prepare the body for dark force or Imposter Spirit Possession.
The way to dismantle and deactivate artificial intelligence and nanotechnology Alien Implants is to develop your heart center and spiritual human qualities such increasing deep emotional feelings of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathy.
The Archon is defined as a False King of Tyranny Ruler that controls through masks of deception promoted through warring technological abuse, such as Mind Control, frequency implants, and military strategies and can be applied to human or non-human (alien) sources. It is both the military human and non-humans shared greed for domination of which they both employ hidden advanced frequency technologies designed to perpetrate and promote the Archontic Deception Strategy of the NAA. The Archontic Deception and its Patriarchal Oligarchy stems mostly from the Reptilian and Draconian races from the Orion Constellation, together they are called the Orion Group. See Archons and Archontic Deception Strategy. June 2013..”

One may note that things in nature represent themselves as what they are and do not hide what they are not. A bird in its natural state does not act like a dog, as the bird responds to its natural blueprint of creation. If the bird is exposed to synthetic chemicals (inorganic), it may mutate to inorganic states of disease, which will rapidly deteriorate the breed from its original blueprint, possibility causing extinction.
In another example, if a Negative Alien Implants a human being with Mind Control and manipulates his thoughts without his conscious awareness or consent, this is a violation of the natural laws. The “implant” being used is Artificial Machinery and not organic to the person. Because it is not organic it can create disease, pain or immense trauma that create schism in the person. The more schisms a person has blocking Self Awareness, the more soul fragmented they become. All interference and manipulation that interrupts and blocks the flow of a person’s spiritual source (organic) light, is a violation against the Natural Universal Laws. Continued violation of natural laws, brings genetic deterioration, physical and mental sickness, and eventual extinction of a species of not corrected.
SPE Implant Tentacles
Most commonly these will be located and palpitated for on the temporal areas of the skull, either left or right side of the cranium, above the ears. When palpated for, they may throb or pulsate, when being physically “observed”. Most generally appear in etheric vision as “crabgrass”, shadow looking spiders or as an octopus/jellyfish with tentacles. They become more pronounced when they are being energetically “fed” by Mind Control thoughts that the unaware person is looping within their mental body. When SPE’s are fed via the subject’s mind looping and obsessive thoughts, they will replicate themselves into pods that look like seeds. These pods will form longer tentacles that attach themselves throughout the spinal cord and spinal nerves, in advanced stages. They first appear to cleave onto portions of the energy body that have etheric or nadial damage in the lightbody from unhealed trauma. These also will be felt as physical body blockages or physical pain by the subject. The primary function of SPE appears to generate thought-forms that are replicated by the person’s own cloned genetic material, so that the person believes these artificially produced thoughts are of their own making. This is to trick the person to believe what they are “hearing” is their own inner voice, when it is not. Many times the storage area of the brain that translates voice recognition/languages will be compromised, this area is the Wernicke’s area of the brain. Emotional clearing, possible EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) will help clear and release this pattern in the Wernicke’s, and in the meridians.

It is known SPE’s are vibrationally sent through frequency thought control carrier waves into the meridian systems to run codes to the neurological system, which materializes in the Person through its frequency substance when they are gripped in mind control. They are first lodged into the gallbladder meridian, (runs in all 44 points), which starts at the top of the ear, on either side of the cranium. The gallbladder meridian relates to the 4th dimension and is the only meridian in the body that has a interface which allows a point in and out of the astral dimension that goes directly into the cellular matrix of the physical body itself. This purpose is to infiltrate the physical body to be controlled and to slowly take over the nadial and central nervous system, therefore the subject’s brain.
As insidious as these are, they can be defeated through reprogramming thoughts and taking command of one’s space in GSF. They can be removed by skilled and activated person’s with hand/palm codes, however for most people it is very painful to remove them from the body by hand. The pull must be generated at site origin of the SPE embed on top of the ear, and that is on the hairline, so body hair gets easily pulled. The general modality is to Identify and Locate the SPE nest, gather its energy in one’s hand and with laser mental focus, collect it and pull it through the natural meridian line of which it is attached. It is important to pull hard and quickly as to not lose the momentum of the “paralyzed” SPE and its structure as its been gathered by activated hand codes. These activated hand codes are also referenced as Orion Healing Codes.

There is in some cases of observing a relationship of 4D SPE astral infection and 7D Crucifixion Implants. In the case study of LR, the SPE nest was removed in conjunction with left side Crucifixion Implants removals.

Important Notes
SPE are jelly fish, spider or crab grass like blobs with “tentacles” that are genetically engineered by the NAA militarized Archons to implant the side (lateral) head of the target, and can be either right or left or both sides. They eventually move into other parts of the body through the central nervous system. They generally are implanted in the GB meridian from the outside corner of the eye and wrap around the ear like the GB meridian. These engineered machines “mimic” the person’s thoughts, voice and create a voice recognition pattern with the person/host brain pattern and chemistry. This implant takes time to “train” the body to “listen” to the artificial entity, and as the person is unaware that the Mind Control is being used to influence their thoughts, actions and behaviors, the entity actually “grows”. It has a hub/brain in the center blob which has etheric tentacles that will grow to stimulate parts of the CNS/autonomic responses in the spinal nerves/ spinal cord. In more advanced stages it will be the voice inside the host’s head, pushing thoughts into the mental body. It feeds and grows on the life force of the host like a parasite.
… Meditate, clear negative ego and hold inner peace and this stops them from growing, they wither away and make them easier to pull out like half-dead weeds.
They seem to be related to the C1/C2 dislocation at the back of the cranium and spine, and crucifixion implants. These implants seem to make their removal much more difficult, so when the Atlas adjustment occurs and there is a systematic release of the crucifixion implants, these jelly fish creatures are much more easily pulled out at the side temporal lobe. So a part of the issue is waiting for the person to evolve to a point where they can participate with their own spiritual growth, and recognize these creatures, otherwise pulling these out can feel like a violation to the body.
Our ES meditations and HGS will help, although I have not had a verified case of total SPE removal that I have been made aware of as of yet. This may be why this is coming up so our community can pay attention and be aware of these insidious and malicious entities..
Observations of AI
When they grow they have a life cycle similar to a jellyfish, the central organism creates pods, so you can have something like a family of SPE creatures, a large Parent hub with smaller children pods. These pods are deposited in areas of the meridians to control the CNS.
The main Parent Hub seems to always be located in the temporal lobe above the ear, either right or left side.
The tentacles can grow down the spine and neck, and will create muscle stiffness, pain, headaches.
They can jump on to people that are vulnerable to mind control, like massage therapists or other practitioners not advanced in shielding or aware of the NAA agenda.
People with these tend to act erratic, may be responsible for personality changes and eventually in advanced stages become automatons.
Grey Alien Technology
Military Grey Alien Technology has been artificially written into the various reversal field grid networks, as well as have manifested independent harm from their technologies of military weapons, genetic experiments, timeline programs, Holographic Inserts and astral mirages, human abductions, tagging/tracking and Astral Plane manipulation. A massive 5D base and 3D timefield connector point was in Lima, Peru, on the coast in the county of Mira Flores. Mira Flores is Spanish for “Looking at the Flowers”. The flowers they were looking at, in this case, is the living lotus flower of a Christed, pure Diamond Heart complex. This Alien Machinery is used to create Anubian Black Hearts which are a part of Metatronic Reversal current that is designed to shatter the Permanent Seed Atom of the Crystal Heart and manifest dark flowering in the planet and humanity. This base was planning more aggressive technology usage with the upcoming electrical peak, and simultaneous 5D dimensional frequency activation coming into this 3D reality in May from the Machu Picchu 5D Vortex and its intersections with the 7D Phantom System Parallels. (This has been recently called a “Pleiadian Activation”, this is not an organic Pleiadian activation, needless to say.)
Silent Weapons
Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon: “Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning. It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general. It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone’s daily social life. Yet it makes an unmistakable “noise,” causes unmistakable physical and mental damage,and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for. The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon. The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it. When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up. Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.”
Mind Control Implants Behavior Profile
…A False webwork (like a film or spider web), is an overlay on the nervous system (sections become infected until the entire system is infected) winds up the spinal cord and will have a trigger Mind Control implant placed in the back of the head and neck. Once the implant is fully embedded and operational, severe addiction and mood swings occur as the target becomes more “bi-polar”. This area is the Atomic Doorway, the 9th Chakra, where the inner spirit light reflects out of the eyes. That light will die or become dead in the eyes after this implant takes over the body. The implant is a reptilian brain implant that is placed in the structure of the brain stem via the Medulla Oblongata.
Impostor Spirits
An Impostor is defined as any Entity or human being that is saying words or expressions, or making representations that it does not embody, nor comprehend, nor behave or act in accordance with. An Impostor Spirit is the Luciferian or Satanic Spirit which promotes false light authority and anti-life architecture through deception, lies of omission, manipulation with malice to promote intentional harm, death or destruction to serve its personal agenda. The NAA use the Imposter Spirit to spread its Archontic Deception Behavior strategies for human enslavement through the various uses of psycho-spiritual warfare with Alien Machinery and Alien Implants technology for the purposes of Mind Control.
External ELF Signals Brain Response
To impact and manipulate human consciousness, all that is required is to create a complex signal through a frequency following response, when the brain locks onto an external signal coming from the environment and begins to mirror that signal. The signal can be a carrier wave of a Spectrum of Frequency designed to create feelings or distress or trigger emotional pain. As a result the brain chemistry alters and changes, generally plummeting the person’s Consciousness into a range of lower negative emotions and confused perceptions. Large populations can be sent frequencies that are designed to incite agitation, Aggression or anxiety into specific demographic areas, and then they put out news feeds in the mainstream media to incite fear, blame and promote sensationalism and victimization language in order to signal out certain marginalized groups for the intention of targeting them towards being perceived as the enemy, thereby inciting violence, rape, hostility and criminal behaviors. It is possible to modulate signals on any electromagnetic carrier for transmitting a message into the Brain to alter chemistry, insert thoughtforms, and instigate behaviors for shaping or grooming that person to carry out some harmful or criminal action.
The antidote to Mind Control is connecting with your inner spirit, and developing your spiritual self every day with higher emotional qualities like Empathy and Compassion and caring about what happens to the people and the planet.
Lack of Empathy
Most of the Negative Aliens and those humans serving the NAA are unable to feel, experience or express higher emotions, such as emotive and empathetic states of loving kindness or Compassion. Essentially, with a Lack of Empathy as a AD value system, it is easy to Mind Control program killing machines that have no remorse for their actions nor care of the consequences to their actions. The Negative Aliens have downloaded their genetic mutations through Mind Control technologies which manifest as a severe Lack of Empathy within the collective consciousness of the human race, in order to control the planet to serve their agenda. A major control mechanism is to enforce the cycles of Victim-Victimizer in the population of earth.
Artificial Machinery used for Psycho-Spiritual Warfare
When a person is mentally and emotionally unstable they are more vulnerable to Dark Force Manipulation Methods and Possession. Mind control scripts and their string commands are being used to sweep and locate unstable people (such as severely wounded males) to act out and spread this “program” to infect more people with a sick or imbalanced mental state. Large events of gatherings are a perfect terrain for executing these kinds of triggers into the field. See Artificial Machinery
Alien Implants
Alien Implants work in the human body similarly as the chemical process of geo-engineering is used in spraying chemtrails in the skies. Alien Implants are a bio-engineering technology designed to shape the human body into the submission to NAA agendas, while chemical (nanoparticle) geo-engineering is used to control the weather by harming the ozone layer and create excessive methane gases.
Holographic Inserts
The Dead Light matrices also reflect the Artificially Bent Light “Holographic Inserts” (which contain the controlled versions of the nature of this reality, such as Crucifixion Implants) and these are also shattering and exploding systematically into the outer fields of the planet. These are false realities (artificial holographic inserts) that we have thought were “real” and then developed mental beliefs that held that specific version of reality and its Timelines kept in place. As these false realities are shattered into pieces (for those maintaining energetic balance in this explosive terrain), we can read the signature of those “Dead Light” pieces that reflect the nature of its disease and its schism. Holographic Inserts work like a software program.
Alien Predator uses Victimizer Software
Also, the Victim-Victimizer mind control software program and its use from “predator forces” are utilized to enforce the enslavement of humanity through the patriarchal elitist programming by the False King of Tyranny. One may pay attention to the cycle the predator force uses the Victim-Victimizer software in controlling human beings to enforce their own enslavement and torture, such as through financial and debt enslavement to create poverty consciousness. It is a Mind Slide and or Holographic Insert program where human beings completely ignore unapproved “words”, terms or issues that involve their enslavement or torture, even if they come face to face with it. If they do face it, the predator may threaten their life, their career, their family, through this software to influence public or group perception to incite persecution. This may happen when the person is aware he has been targeted for persecution, or the person is not aware at all that events are being influenced through this targeting software Alien Machinery. Spiritual Leaders and those making headway in certain “unapproved” areas of public discussion, such as Extraterrestrials, UFO’s, abduction cases, Alien Implants… SRA – will be targeted for victimization.
Mind Control
Global Mind Control
When one has control over the thoughts of one’s mind, one has control over the direction and actions of the physical body, all of its parts and reclaiming of the soul energies. Whoever controls the Mind controls the Soul. Mind Control is used to form socially acceptable belief systems and shape value systems to which are used to control the masses to enslave themselves on planet earth. God, Religious Violence, gender issues, financial and debt enslavement, Consumptive Modeling, Misogyny and sexuality are the most mind controlled and manipulated belief systems promoted by the NAA and their human Power Elite to continue their enslavement and vampirism of humanity and planetary resources.
Mind Control is used to form socially acceptable belief systems and shape anti-human value systems, which direct thoughts that are in contradiction to each other, like war and killing for peace. As long as the planet is at war with itself, and humanity thinks we are at war with each other, we feed into the mind control system of the NAA, which allows them to continue the vampirism of planetary resources.
Mind Control frequencies and forms of Electronic harassment generate bio-neurological impairment in the human body, which reverse and confuse brain signals. The Satanic agenda is to reverse human neurological functioning by conditioning the person to create and feel pain in order to activate their pleasure centers. The cycle of interconnection made between pain and pleasure centers is reinforced and conditioned into the Bio-Neurology non-stop, which escalates into harmful addictions or deviant behaviors. When we pay attention and we care about what is happening to the planet and people, we will begin to clearly see an agenda designed to assault and damage the human nervous system. If we are more aware of how the neurological functions in our body are related to our mental and emotional states, then we are equipped to take control over the direction of our thoughts and emotions. Then we can open and train our neural pathways to receive direct messages from our higher consciousness bodies, the Soul-Spirit Self, overriding the messaging from the Three Layers of Ego that are the main frequency spectrums used in Electronic harassment and Mind Control.
Abbreviation – NRG for Nephilim Reversal Grids.
NRG – Nephilim Reversal Grids
The headquarter hub in Stonehenge area acts as a final collection point by directing huge amounts of Electromagnetic power, through massive amounts of collected (stolen) life force from multiple subsidiaries all over the planetary globe and the planetary grid lines, as well as the Planetary Gates.
The Archontic Deception Strategy is directly to inflict Sexual Misery, sexual abuse and sexual slaves on this planet, starting as early and young as possible. This was taken advantage of by the negative aliens to splinter the soul energies, rather than integrate and heal it, by controlling the sexual energies. By promoting distortions around the sexual act, gender roles and corrupting our relationship to our mother and father parent, our race descended into Sexual Misery and in many cases, forms of sexual slavery and Misogyny. This is known as the “sexual misery program” propagated and controlled by the Moon Chain (lunar) lineages of the NAA on the earth. (These are lineages not indigenous to the earth but came through the process of invasion and deception.) These are multiple layers of architecture and Mind Control that have been artificially created to control, deceive, separate, confuse, torture and steal human beings sexual life force, and it is a violation against the human soul. The main collection center for Sexual Misery is called the NRG network that is the central hub in the UK. It is designed to create psychopaths and sexual predators based on Archontic Deception Behavior.
Known subsidiary networks exist at every Planet Stargate, such as Iran Gate, .. Mary Reversal in Calgary, The Cathar Grid lines (S. France), Dragon Moth/Snake Networks in Asia. All are collected and returned to UK for distribution off planet for the Orion Group and Annunaki Nibiru groups to parcel out.
“DNA Splitting or Pair Bond Splitting
The Nephilim Reversal Grid (NRG) is an alien AI machined structure that is active in the United Kingdom. In order to dismantle the NRG, the various hubs feeding it from all over the planet need to be dismantled systematically, while freeing the soul enslavement of the collective consciousness of the earth humans that is used to power up these grids. This dismantling and grid rehabilitation has been transpiring with the Guardian teams since my awareness of this project in 2008.
The NRG is responsible to break apart hybridized genetics by reversing any synthesis of alchemy that happens organically between the male and female principle (electron-proton balance), as well as repelling any healing for the DNA of reverse pair bonds that are connected to nephilim DNA or based in the reptilian genetics. This is desired by the Reptilians because their human representatives on the earth have been bred as Nephilim (genetic hybrid between Oraphim and Reptilian) and thus are easy to possess and Mind Control for carrying out the negative alien agenda NAA. The Reptilians Negative Aliens do not want to heal their genetics, thereby integrate into human society as an equal, they want to rule humanity as an absolute authority as the False King of Tyranny. The Illuminati plan and the infiltrated monarchy are based within these genetically controlled factions, that are considered the royal bloodlines. Many of these royals are not human any longer, but have been partially or fully possessed by the interdimensional entities in order to make the carrying out of the agenda more convenient. The NRG is a massively complicated alien machinery that has interfered with true spiritual marriage or Hieros Gamos, the union between the inner male-female principles in the original human DNA, making this embodiment nearly impossible for most human beings on the planet. We are continually working on embodying the unity template of Spiritual Marriage in No Time, in order to create the foundation for Hieros Gamos which unites the male-female consciousness units, and requires the alien bi-wave systems fail to run on the earth grids in the future Timelines. The NRG system keeps electron distortions feeding the Patriarchal Domination archetypes that are superimposed upon the males and females given power and influence over others, in the socially accepted roles of identity. This results in a bevy of highly destructive mental belief systems and emotional body schisms that split the male and female principle apart from each other. The strategies of splitting the pair bonds is outlined in the Archontic Deception Behavior. These schisms promote the Predator Mind and anti-human thinking, which is highly dysfunctional to the point it generates genetic damage in the lightbody, especially in the 2nd Chakra and 4th Chakra layer functioning where there is the 2D/4D Split. These archetypes were once creational myths that the souls could play out in the polarity game on earth, but the archetypes were synthesized into AI mind control machinery in order to become a massive source of energy food to be harvested for the controllers, especially with the use of the Victim-Victimizer software. As these archetypes became AI controlled, they were used to gain access to the human energy fields, and control people with Mind Control software, thus the person regressed into aggressive anti-human, robotic and disconnected behavior, losing all feelings of Empathy and spiritual connection. Spiritually abusive behaviors that disconnect people from their Soul Matrix are known as Archontic Deception Behaviors. ”
“Satanic Agenda
Mind Control frequencies and forms of Electronic harassment generate bio-neurological impairment in the human body, which reverse and confuse brain signals. The Satanic agenda is to reverse human neurological functioning by conditioning the person to create and feel pain in order to activate their pleasure centers. The cycle of interconnection made between pain and pleasure centers is reinforced and conditioned into the Bio-Neurology non-stop, which escalates into harmful addictions or deviant behaviors. When we pay attention and we care about what is happening to the planet and people, we will begin to clearly see an agenda designed to assault and damage the human nervous system. If we are more aware of how the neurological functions in our body are related to our mental and emotional states, then we are equipped to take control over the direction of our thoughts and emotions. Then we can open and train our neural pathways to receive direct messages from our higher consciousness bodies, the Soul-Spirit Self, overriding the messaging from the Three Layers of Ego that are the main frequency spectrums used in Electronic harassment and Mind Control. ”
“The power Elites are controlled by the NAA forces to create slaves through these Pillars of Society and rewarded with earthly power to serve the larger enslavement agenda of stealing resources through Consumptive Modeling. This is carried out in sophisticated technology and to primitive levels of psychological warfare to promote anti-human belief systems and to get humans to enforce their own enslavement and sickness, while using Victim-Victimizer techniques of intimidation, bullying and threats to keep people obeying the False King of Tyranny or the False Gods authority.
Power Elites or Controller
Military Industrial
Intelligence Agencies, Covert Groups and Government
Controlled Media and Press
In choosing one of the main Pillars of Society – Religious-Academic-Financial – we can see how even though these three areas of belief systems feel completely separate and opposed from each other, in reality they are not. They are used strategically to interconnect together to shift power and resources to the top of the chain and are made to appear in diametric opposition to the public onlooker, but that is not how they actually work. They all have the same underlying goal to reinforce each other to manipulate positions of power to be given to the top of the chain to maintain control over humanity and resources. Divide and Conquer mentality to continually create victims and victimizers is how all of these pillars of society work. So let us choose the Academic world for an example. Current mainstream atheistic science forms the current parameter of the collective accepted belief systems in the academic world which further direct the consortium of world organizations which impact human and planetary affairs. Science promotes atheistic consensus and barbaric medical practices, while Religion promotes spiritual terrorism, pestilence and war through Hell fire and brimstone. Both make massive amounts of money for the financial, medical and military sectors with the primary goal to invest in mind controlling and enslaving human beings to believe the lies they are told. Effectively, they are all functioning components of the same thing designed to enslave humans through the divide and conquer strategy and obfuscation of how these pillars work to give power to the top of the chain.”
Wounds of Christ
Many upcoming frequency transmissions are events related to the re-connection of the Universal Unity Logos field that is based upon rebuilding the Krystal Star trinity wave architecture in the planetary brain. This architecture is beginning to help repair and recode the damaged and invaded sections of the planetary logos. The Planetary Logos is the global brain of the earth and represents the collective human blueprint body in the Morphogenetic Field and broadcasts the Violet Ray to the crown 7th Chakra of the human race Lightbody. The rebirth and support of the planetary logos includes recoding the 7th Violet Ray of Ceremonial Magic (which changes how ritual/spell/curse energy has been cast or used in Black Magic rites in the planet), the rebirth of the Female Melchizedek Christos-Sophia principle to help to embody the crown Chakra Logos (to help override the distorted electron fields and heal the male mental body principle from Metatronic Reversal), and healing the bloodlines from the Wounds of Christ, the miasmatic infection held inside the bodies via Crucifixion Implants.
The Wounds of Christ are karmic blood miasms in the planetary body and human bodies manifested into genetic distortions as a result of embedded crucifixion inserts that were placed in the planetary brain and collective human race body. These Holographic Inserts misdirected and stole the planetary life force energy and body parts belonging to our spirit. The false crucifixion inserts are how our planetary collective mind was invaded to reflect itself with the salvation model of a crucified deity, which was designed to spread the NAA’s violent religions on the earth. Crucifixion represents the consciousness enslavement of humanity to repeatedly recycle their Souls from karmically bound physical bodies and distorted blood records, as a result of the Wounds of Christ. The crucified group Consciousness bodies were used to feed the artificial creations or Phantom Matrix spaces made by Controllers to serve their enslavement agenda on the earth. This is surfacing now to be recoded into alignment with the higher structure of Universal Laws serving the God source divine purpose, and take account of the abuses and crimes committed from their misuse within the Controller and NAA groups that have instigated and wielded religious wars and stealing consciousness power from others in the past Dark Age. This time begins a phase of Restoration which is about returning and reclaiming the Christos-Sophianic Intelligence to the earth, and returning the spiritual bodies back to the planet and the rightful owner of which it belongs to.
Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
(Redirected from EBE)
Since the person’s Consciousness has not been prepared for the afterlife, whatever is left of his energetic quanta will be assimilated into a cyborg body or other types of synthetic life forms or EBE’s. There are currently spiritually disconnected humans existing on the earth that will be assimilated into synthetic life forms that appear as Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, but were actually human souls in human bodies in past timelines. Most of the smaller EBE bodies assimilate nutrients from light similar to plants. They are unable to evolve, reproduce, ascend or move into higher dimensions of consciousness. Some of these EBE’s have returned to the earth from the future to try to break into the human genetic code, in this earth timeline in order to save themselves. Many of these EBE’s were once humans that were involved in the Orion Wars, and were captured in Orion and used in worker colonies. Some from the earth were enslaved on the astral plane by other races of creatures, such as Mantids, Grey Aliens and Reptilians that took them as workers to other planetary systems. Some are even used as minions for carrying out human abductions in MILABS soul transference projects. Many of them had their consciousness erased and they do not remember that they were once human.
This is one of the possible results of the Transhumanism movement underway in this earth timeline now, that leads to the potential future alien or dark force control over that Soul. Once the consciousness is assimilated into artificial intelligence and synthetic biology, that being can no longer incarnate into an organic human form. That person cannot incarnate again into human realms, such as planet earth. They become a displaced entity that cannot die and be reborn into another identity they are enslaved and merged with an AI hive mind. This is desired by many of these negative groups, such as the Alpha Draconis/Orion Group, as then they have full control over the life force of humans that can be made into worker slaves. This is the main purpose as to why Transhumanism is being marketed and pushed aggressively during this time, they want to create more human EBE’s and cyborgs or host bodies. When that person drops their body while the Universal Gates are open, they can easily be transported to many different planetary systems for trading as a workforce commodity.
Alien Abduction
Many humans that have been abducted report that EBE entities appear to be drones designed to carry out certain tasks for higher ups, such as escort the abducted to the location where the medical or genetic examination will take place. Many times, the creature reported as a “grey alien” is a Biological Drone being used remotely for MILABS programs.
Negative Alien Religions
One of the largest lies promoted to divide our race is the War over False Gods promoted through Religious Violence. The false archetypal story of a Crucified Christ figure is a mockery to further enslave humans into believing in a salvation model through a Crucified Christ. It represents the tortured human being, as we are all the Christ, and we have been crucified/implanted as our planet was invaded. These structures are called Crucifixion implants. These Crucifixion Implants are tangible control structures placed in the 7th dimensional logos, and therefore it is in our individual bodies, in the 7th dimensional chakra, its complex, meridians, and the entire left side (our female spirit) of our bodies. We are not aware of these implants until we open the 7th Chakra Seal and start connecting this part of our 7th layer Lightbody to our personal consciousness field. This is a direct result of the Negative Aliens and the NAA strategy for enslavement through Mind Control and Artificial intelligence.
Empaths vs Non Empaths
When we look at the larger Galactic picture of consciousness enslavement, we see the NAA’s many pronged agenda to target the Brain, CNS and thought forms of every person on earth. Through the agenda of Transhumanism, we see the promotion of hybridization and synthetic integration with artificial neural networks for control over the CNS and Brain. What is starting to surface with more clarity is that our human Neurobiology is wired for empathy, which connects us to higher consciousness and has a spiritual function. The NAA and their minions of soulless AI infected synthetic beings do not have the bio-circuitry for empathy. We are in essence, in a struggle between human EMPATHS, and alien hybridized humans and extra-dimensional aliens that are NON-EMPATHS.

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