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Remotely Detonated Graphene Bubbles Triggered by Frequency Explode Like Bombs, Causing Marburg/Hemorrhagic Fever Like Symptoms (Internal Bleeding)

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Thanks to John Rolls for Sharing this EXPLOSIVE Information

shocking Latest Vax-Bio-Weapon Revelation-                                                                           

Remotely Detonated Graphene Bubbles Triggered by Frequency Explode Like Bombs, Causing Hemorrhagic Fever Like Symptoms                                

GRAPHENE IS STRONGER THAN STEAL? YES.                                          
GRAPHENE CLUMPS TOGETHER? YES                                                                                               

Why am I thinking of Shrapnel and Claymore Land Mines????                                    
What would that look like in the Real World?                                                                   
Hemorrhagic Fever, Marburg Virus, Ebola…                                                                               

They are planning on Exploding Graphene Bubbles INSIDE of the Masses and BLAMING it on the Marburg Virus.                                                                                                                                         

Patriot Provides Evidence The Jab’s Graphene Oxide Nano Bubbles Are A Remotely Detonated Kill-Shot! – Must Videos JOHN ROLLS-




“The Dr. Hotze Report” With Dr Jane Ruby. Tune in to “The Dr. Hotze Report” with Dr. Steven Hotze

(Graphene Bubble Burst from 5G Create Nano-Razor Shrapnel Inside The Body)


Patriot Provides Evidence The Jab’s Graphene Oxide Nano Bubbles Are A Remotely Detonated Kill-Shot




Liberty TV Channel –


They have Been Preparing the World for a Sudden Deadly Outbreak. But it is Just a Cover for the Vaxine/Graphene 5G Binary Weapons


(Viruses Do Not Jump Species, Gain of Function Weaponization Does)

About Marburg Virus Disease From the CDC

CDC – Marburg virus disease (MVD) –
The reservoir host of Marburg virus is the African fruit bat, Rousettus aegyptiacus. Fruit bats infected with Marburg virus do not show obvious signs of illness. Primates (including people) can become infected with Marburg virus, and may develop serious disease with high mortality. Further study is needed to determine if other species may also host the virus.
This Rousettus bat is a sighted, cave-dwelling bat widely distributed across Africa. Given the fruit bat’s wide distribution, more areas are potentially at risk for outbreaks of MVD than previously suspected. The virus is not known to be native to other continents, such as North America.

MVD typically appears in sporadic outbreaks throughout Africa. Laboratory confirmed cases in people have been reported in Uganda, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Angola, and South Africa. Many of the outbreaks started with male mine workers in bat-infested mines. The virus then spreads within their communities through cultural practices, under-protected family care settings, and under-protected health care staff. It is possible that sporadic, isolated cases occur as well, but go unrecognized.

Human cases of MVD have occurred outside Africa, such as during the 1967 outbreak, but are infrequent.

Various Pub Med studies:
Effects of focused ultrasound and microbubbles –
Effects of focused ultrasound and microbubbles on the vascular permeability of nanoparticles delivered into mouse tumors
PMID: 20800173 DOI: 10.1016/j.ultrasmedbio.2010.06.003

Ultrasound sonication with microbubbles (MBs) was evaluated for enhancement of the release of nanoparticles from vasculature to tumor tissues. In this study, tumor-bearing Balb/c mice were insonicated with focused ultrasound (FUS) in the tumors after the injection of MBs (SonoVue) and then lipid-coated quantum dot (LQD) nanoparticles (130 +/- 25 nm) were injected through the tail vein. We studied the effects of the injected MB dose (0-300 microL/kg), sonication duration (0-300 s) and treatment-procedure sequence on the accumulation of nanoparticles in the tumors 24 h after the treatment and the time response of the accumulation (0.5-24 h). After the treatment, the mice were sacrificed and perfused and then the tumor tissues were harvested for quantifying the amount of nanoparticles using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GF-AAS). The results showed that pulsed-FUS sonication with MBs can effectively enhance the vascular permeability for LQD nanoparticle delivery into the sonicated tumors. It indicates that this technique is promising for a better nanodrug delivery for tumor chemotherapy.

Targeted delivery of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets using multifunctional ultrasound nanobubbles –
Targeted delivery of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets using multifunctional ultrasound nanobubbles for visualization and enhanced photothermal therapy

Ultrasound molecular imaging as a promising strategy, which involved the use of molecularly targeted contrast agents, combined the advantages of contrast-enhanced ultrasound with the photothermal effect of reduced graphene oxide (rGO).

Methods and results: The heparin sulfate proteoglycan glypican-3 (GPC3) is a potential molecular target for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In this study, we covalently linked biotinylated GPC3 antibody to PEGylated nano-rGO to obtain GPC3-modified rGO-PEG (rGO-GPC3), and then combined rGO-GPC3 with avidinylated nanobubbles (NBs) using biotin-avidin system to prepare NBs-GPC3-rGO with photothermal effect and dispersibility, solubility in physiological environment. The average size of NBs-GPC3-rGO complex was 700.4±52.9 nm due to the polymerization of biotin-avidin system. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) showed NBs-GPC3-rGO attached to human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cell. The ultrasound-targeted nanobubble destruction (UTND) technology make use of the physical energy of ultrasound exposure for the improvement of rGO delivery. Compared with other control groups, the highest nanobubble destruction efficiency of NBs-GPC3-rGO was attributed to the dissection effect of rGO on UTND. This is a positive feedback effect that leads to an increase in the concentration of rGO around the HepG2 cell. So NBs-GPC3-rGO using UTND and near-infrared (NIR) irradiation resulted in cell viability within 24 h, 48 h, 72 h lower than other treatment groups.
Conclusion: This work established NBs-GPC3-rGO as an ultrasonic photothermal agent due to its suitable size, imaging capability, photothermal efficiency for visual photothermal therapy in vitro.
Keywords: HepG2 cell; glypican-3; photothermal therapy; reduced graphene oxide; ultrasound-targeted nanobubble destruction.

Science Direct – Graphene oxide (GO)-coated microbubbles in imidazolium-based ionic liquid -

This study presents the feasibility of coating microbubbles with graphene oxide (GO), a transpiring material that has since attracted intensive research in both fundamental science and technology developments. In this study, an imidazolium chloride ionic liquid (IL), namely 1-dodecyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ([C12mim]Cl) at various concentrations from 100 ppm to 8000 ppm was used as the binder surfactant to bridge microbubbles and GO. The mechanism of microbubble-GO attachment studied in this research included microbubble-GO electrostatic interactions, microbubble-GO hydrophobic attraction, microbubble-GO contact angle and Gibb’s free energy of a microbubble-GO system. Results showed that the optimum microbubble-GO attachment (highest contact angle and most negative Gibb’s free energy) occurred at 350 ppm [C12mim]Cl in which GO achieved isoelectric point (IEP – zeta potential (ZP) of GO is at 0 mV). Since GO gained maximum hydrophobicity at IEP, it was inferred that microbubble-GO attachment was dominated by hydrophobic attraction with insignificant electrostatic interactions. Qualitative analysis further confirmed the successful attachment and production of the GO-coated microbubble in 350 ppm[C12mim]Cl. Besides that, a single microbubble in 100 ppm[C12mim]Cl at which maximum attractive electrostatic forces are anticipated between microbubbles and GO was also analysed qualitatively. Here, GO attachment onto the microbubble was not significantly observable, thus further proving the dominance of hydrophobic attraction. On a different note, the amount of GO attached onto a microbubble in 350 ppm[C12mim]Cl was also successfully quantified using UV–Vis method at which GO possessed an absorption peak centered at 233 nm. The outcomes of this study demonstrated the significance of hydrophobic attraction for microbubble-particle attachments particularly for microbubble-GO attachment and successful synthesis of GO-coated microbubbles for various applications.


Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in COVID-19 Vaccines
Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Reveal the Ingredients in the CoV-19 Vaccines!

What A Cluster Bomb of Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) Looks Like in the Live Unstained Human Blood after an CoV-19 Inoculation and Causing Pathological Blood Coagulation![1][2]

Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines
Updated: Dec 15, 2021
2021, February 5th, Updated October 1st, 2021
Author: Robert O Young CPC, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner


Toxic Graphene Oxide Everywhere? [Videos]
La Quinta Columna: Almost All Foods are Magnetic. Are Medicines Magnetic, Too?

In addition to saline bag solutions, the Covid vaccines and the 2018 flu shot, graphene has also been found in meat, teas, cereals, chamomile, lactose-free milk, cookies and cocoa. Some of these products, such as bags of saline solution, have patents on file with graphene oxide listed. Graphene is also being used in water purification. These uses are found in patents and scientific papers.
It’s also been found in rainwater in the Canary Islands, most likely due to chemtrailing. Also in hydrogels and all cosmetics, creams and moisturizers, sunscreen, tobacco and electronic cigarettes, PCR tests manufactured by NanoGrafi, in masks and in antigen tests.
This means graphene oxide is being inhaled, digested and absorbed through the skin, as well as being directly injected through the Covid ‘vaccines’.



Ramola D Reports


Multiple Links Under Video-

In breaking news, Dr. Young addresses the call for information from a Dutch pathologist witnessing blood coagulation (and micro-bleed skin discoloration called peticchiae) in high numbers of deceased, post-vaccine, and explains this is the immense harm being caused by the Nano Graphene and Iron Oxide poisoning (now found to be contained in all 4 major vaccines—Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson) which is coagulating red blood cells extremely and causing a crystallizing of the blood cells. Nano Graphene inside the cells is also making people extremely electrically conductive and paramagnetic, while opening them up to remote-access manipulation from wireless/5G radiation by linking them up to Cell Towers and supercomputing AI.


Published 2 November 2021 by REDACTED

Once the cellular DNA is decoded the Graphene will react in a pre-programmed manner or by remote activation using microwaves congruent to 5G frequencies between 3.4 GHz and 29.8 GHz, but not only.  
The nano-Graphene itself reacts to the stimulus of a specific signal in the 5G range by bouncing a signal back to the sender and containing the complete database not only of the entire genome of each inoculated individual but also of the progress of the mutation. 

This nano technology forms and establishes an internal reaction to auditory stimuli or sounds, which means it has the ability to transmit and receive audio as a microphone within the inoculated subject itself, as well as the ability to transmit vibrations that the individual would interpret as voices in his head, also stimulating specific groups of neurons, taking synthetic telepathy to a broader and more efficient level with a view to mass manipulation.  

Taking this a step further, as Graphene nanotechnology passes with great ease through the blood barrier of the human brain, due to its small size, it then lodges between neurons and between their dendrites, effectively controlling the Axiomatic depolarizations and the timing and quality of neurotransmitters, as well as the exact bio-electrical frequency of each individual depolarization. This creates the ability to not only read the depolarizations and interactions between brain neural networks and transmit it to the 5G network, but also has the ability to implant thoughts and ideas by controlling the dynamics of bio-electrical and chemical-neurotransmitter frequencies in the brain. This kind of neuronal control by electromagnetic frequencies, Artificial Neuro Modulation, or ANM, and also by altering the DNA of nerve cells, will generate an effect of apoptosis or cell death, severe loss of neurons. 

The mRNA is extracted by the same nano-Graphene with the above procedure from the cell base-traces of organisms present in the vaccine. These include Stem Cells  from human fetuses, apes fetuses, bovines and other vertebrates and invertebrates  that we have not yet been able to fully identify at this point, including cells and DNA  from Hydra vulgaris that Graphene has been able to isolate and with which Nano Graphene, either in a fully pre-programmed manner or remotely controlled by 5G  signals and the like, will take its genetic sequences as a basis or resource to form  mRNA strands with which to proceed to replace the original DNA strands of the  human cells of the inoculated subject. 

(Pre-Programmed or Remote Commands Wireless Activated through 5G)

The Nano-Graphene particle is attracted to a cell and groups of cells that form specific tissues by means of corresponding electromagnetic micro-frequencies and contained as properties of the Nano-Graphene structures themselves. These particles in the manner of artificial viruses with their mRNA content will perform any genetic change within the cellular DNA using the reverse transcription procedure but guided by these artificial particles. 

Is this why Graphene Oxide was put into the Covid vaccines for connecting to 5G Grid Magnetofection?


Graphene Hydroxide, The Vaxx and EMF’s
Dr. Andreas Noack, in a video he created on November 23, 2021, explains in detail how graphene hydroxide (not oxide) is one of the nefarious ingredients in the vaccine being distributed worldwide. Within hours of its release 3 days later, he lost his life.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger: On the Bio-Hacking of Humanity via Graphene Oxide in Vaccines & 5G/WiFi
La Quinta Columna

And when you go and see into some of the documents of Bill Gates, you see in the back the… I have put this in the report. I can give it to you so you can translate it into Spanish. They have put the number of the patent of the synthetic modélisation of many diseases. Marburg, also.

So what they’re doing is: they have modelized a synthetic message to send through Wi-Fi, through 5G. Because the band is so potent, it’s going up to terahertz. Because of the ionization that increases 1000 times. That’s what La Quinta Columna says. It goes up to terahertz, so it can get the information very quickly.

OK, so this is what I’m saying. We’re in a world where they have kept us ignorant in medicine and science. And they have gone very far into what we’re doing now. We’re electric beings, and we can get the imprint of a virus. that’s why we have to protect ourselves from 5G. From our phone. Even the phone. You hold it like this, and the graphene comes up. So, we have to stop using the phone like this. We have to use it like that. Not having it in our pockets, not sleeping with WiFi, etc.

Graphene bubbles mimic explosive magnetic field

Electronics engineers would love to play with super-powerful magnetic fields – if only they weren’t so likely to cause explosions. Now it turns out that graphene can mimic the useful effects of such a magnetic field, offering a new way to control the super-material’s remarkable electronic properties.


So Called “Conspiracy Theorist” Asks 4 doctors “What’s in the Shot?” and their Answers are Surprising


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    • bluesky

      Viruses don’t make people sick 🤧

    • Storm

      The good doctor needs to learn to interview his guest and not to dominate the discussion.

      • Tedx

        The good doctor is the guest.

        • Busta Myth

          You only have too watch Movies like THE FLY, SPLICED, X-MEN, MIMIC, RESIDENT EVIL, PATIENT ZERO, THE FIFTH WAVE, VIRAL, WORLD WAR Z, CONTAGION, CONTAINMENT, LOCKEDDOWN, CARGO, SONGBIRD (made about COVID 19 during COVID lockdown), I AM A LEGEND, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, OUTBREAK, The Walking Dead, The Andromeda Strain, THE FLU, THE HAPPENING, ZOMBIELAND, VAXXED, VENOM …and on and on and on and on and on and on to see how infatuated these demented lunatics are with Pandemics, messing about with DNA and Mutating humans in to some sort of freakish Friedrich Nietzsche Übermensch Gay Homo Super Man that waers his undies over his trousers

    • ProudUSAGirl01

      ⁣Hospitals in USA and in first world countries are refusing life-saving Ivermectin treatment even with court orders. Big Pharma doing everything they can to jab us no matter what, while alternative COVID cures EXIST! There happens to be heavy censorship who are looking for these treatments. The Research Is Clear: Ivermectin Is a Safe, Effective Treatment for COVID. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!

    • Johnny B Good

      International Criminal Court filings for Crimes Against Humanity

    • truck driver

      Heavy metal detox might detox the graphine oxide out of your body maybe . I’ve been using some infowars z force

      • Odysseus

        While graphene oxide can have ‘metallic particles’ conjoined with it (possibly iron, from the body itself), it is not inherently magnetic itself. In fact, ‘magnetic graphene oxide HAS been looked at (and reported on in the mainstream press) as ‘biomedically promising’, it would have to be disclosed as to what metals were ‘conjoining with it’, to know whether chelation therapy would work…and what chelators would possibly be required.
        You basically wouldn’t have time if it really does act as a ‘bomb’ on your blood, if you tried to chelate it out of your system after it was ‘activated’…not when the fuse is a ‘near-instantaneous’ effect.

    • Sarika

      Best explanation of everything that I have ever seen and from two conservative informed medically knowledgeable people.

    • Ginger

      I don’t know how someone with this kind of blood actually lives a few minutes, not to mention months

    • sillyhuman

      I wish they would publish some videos of this stuff self-assembling and the living organisms moving around.
      That should scare people.

      • Justin Case

        They have. I saw some footage of a creepy octopus looking thing actually moving around. And it was like it knew it was being watched. Very creepy…

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