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Special Forces J6 Prisoner: "Federal Government Is Staging A "Color Revolution" In US"

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The War We Are In - America's Unfolding Color Revolution ...

Worldwide media use the term colour revolution (sometimes coloured revolution)[1] to describe various protest movements and accompanying attempted or successful change of governments that took place in several countries of the former Soviet Union, the former Yugoslavia and People’s Republic of China during the early 21st century. The term has also been more widely applied to several other revolutions elsewhere, including in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region and South America, dating from the late 1980s to the 2020s. Some observers (such as Justin Raimondo and Michael Lind) have called the events a revolutionary wave, the origins of which can be traced back to the 1986 People Power Revolution (also known as the “Yellow Revolution”) in the Philippines.

Some of these movements have had a measure of success, for example, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia‘s Bulldozer Revolution (2000), Georgia‘s Rose Revolution (2003), and Ukraine‘s Orange Revolution (2004). In most but not all cases, massive street-protests followed disputed elections or requests for fair elections. They led to the resignation or overthrow of leaders regarded by their opponents as authoritarian.[2] Some events have been called “colour revolutions” but differ from the above cases in certain basic characteristics. Examples include Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution (2005) and Kuwait‘s Blue Revolution (2005).

Russia, China and Vietnam[3] share the view that colour revolutions are the “product of machinations by the United States and other Western powers” and pose a vital threat to their public and national security.[4]


Bobby Powell - Special Forces J6 Prisoner: “Federal Government Is Staging A “Color Revolution” In US”

Conservative Warrior: You can learn something new every day. The phrase “Color Revolution” has nothing to do with race or creed. In fact, the term comes from the use of colors to describe revolutions that have taken place.


America’s Unfolding Color Revolution – Part 1

The phrase “Color Revolution” derives its name from the use of colors to describe the differing “revolutions” around the world that toppled (or attempted to topple) existing regimes, particularly in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. There was the “Red” Guard movement in 1970s Europe, the “Green Revolution” in Iran and the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine. They are also called “Velvet” revolutions.

These “revolutions” were in many places aided, abetted, and carried out by the US and/or foreign intelligence agencies over the years. Such “Revolutions” date back to the Solidarity Movement, which brought down that reactionary Polish communist regime.

However, over the years, these “revolutions’ have taken an ominous turn.  Where they were once utilized almost solely against totalitarian regimes, communist in nature, their targets and political direction have changed dramatically.  Readers will note such revolutionary movements in the most reactionary States, e.g., Tiananmen Square Student Revolt or the most recent Hong Kong Democracy Movement, are completely ignored.  In these reactionary, socialist, and totalitarian states, e.g., China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, such “revolutions” are not included by the policy analysts and practitioners.  For example, intelligence agencies have said little about China’s brutal takeover of Hong Kong and that totalitarian State’s suppression of democratic elements.

Art of the Color Revolution

Why you ask? Most practitioners and advocates of this “art” are moral narcissists, Statists, and revolutionary socialists, e.g., Barack Obama, John Brennan, Thomas Friedman in the United States.  The political or philosophical direction of the most recent “Color Revolutions” have NOT been in the direction of bringing about an American Revolutionary Model based on liberty or liberty-based systems but has instead favored installing the Chinese Reactionary Model based in Statism and State-based systems.  In most cases, these “revolutions” and those planning and implementing them can be characterized as Establishmentarians, Globalists, Mercantilists, Socialists (of differing varieties) and Statists, more to the point, we may group them under the heading of the Party of Davos.  That is, the super-wealthy and those possessing total power, e.g., fascists/communists, would prefer a totalitarian – authoritarian system so they can dictate policy without being encumbered by legislatures or interest groups.

Additionally, many of these “color revolutions” have been planned, financed, and implemented by reactionaries worldwide, like Tom Steyer, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and others.  These “practitioners” have co-opted the CIA’s concept, employing their operatives, to carry out their operations, including here in the United States.

Defining the Target

To understand America’s unfolding color revolution, we need to look no further than the Obama Klan and the establishmentarian ruling class to see who is behind it and the apparatus implementing it. This reactionary Klan was the point of the spear for the establishmentarian ruling class, and they had been operational since Donald J. Trump and his family walked down the escalator at Trump Tower.  The Obama Klan’s operation began while still in the White House spying on the campaign to deny DJT the nomination (Crossfire Hurricane).  Their effort got support from the Bushes and other RINO republicans, including McCain.

Failing in that effort, these extremists continued their “counter-intelligence operation (CIO),” seeking to assist Clinton to win the 2016 election.  Again, failing to defeat DJT, they formalized their operations utilizing the United States government as cover only days after DJT’s election by (1) continuing the same CIO but (2) expanding their reach by starting a new CIO (Crossfire Razor to target General Flynn).  Under this official government investigation, these extremists unmasked potential administration officials, spied on their activities using unlawful FISA warrants, and attempted to set them up through interviews using deep state operatives (CIA and FBI agents).

Let’s Frame an Incoming President

They sought to frame the United States’ incoming President as an agent of Russia and Vladimir Putin.  They accused him, his administration officials, and his supporters of being traitors, colluding with Russia.  That is, the Obama Klan created a narrative to make it appear, based on a fraudulent dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton, written in large part by the intelligence community, distributed by John McCain and in collusion with a compliant, complicit media, that Donald J. Trump betrayed his nation to acquire the Presidency.  They accused him and his team of doing anything to acquire power.

Thus, the Obama Klan and the extremist media set out to brand President Donald J. Trump as a traitor, an autocrat, and a fascist.  They called him Hitler before he even took office.  This was all a ruse to make the incoming president their target; he had upset their plans of fundamentally transforming the nation. He opposed their reactionary statism (socialism). He was an unabashed capitalist who would approach America’s problems from a vastly different point of view.

To carry out their color revolution in America, these extremist (radical) forces used this narrative to brand President Trump as a semi-autocratic ruler before he even took office and that based on their pontifications, he should and could be overthrown or defeated at the polls.

Propaganda Mechanism of a Color Revolution

A color revolution is a guide, a long-term plan, to topple a government without arms or violence.  However, readers will note that while this is the intent, both arms and violence always enter the equation once the process begins.  It is a myth to say color revolutions are peaceful, non-violent affairs.  Every “color” revolution in Eastern Europe and elsewhere included the use of arms (after the population was disarmed) and violence was commonplace.

We need only look back on the past seven months in the United States to understand this is a lie – the “media,” such as it is, perpetrated.  They told us repeatedly, the attacks, which we had seen with our own eyes, upon property and people in our cities were really “peaceful” and “non-violent.” They went so far as to edit their video footage, excluding the violence, looting, and killings.  They suppressed alternatives to their narrative, even muzzling guests who brought up the riots.  They denied the riots were anything but “peaceful” and “non-violent” affairs, which only proved to be purposeful disinformation or misinformation to influence the minds of every American citizen.  What we call the media and its various platforms have degenerated into forces of extremism in the pursuit of tyranny, mythmakers rather than truth-tellers.

Color revolutions are about regime change through direct action.  The purpose is to defeat or bring down what the practitioners deem a “hostile” government. That is, they employ Alinsky’s rules for defining the target (enemy), e.g., in America’s unfolding color revolution, the target has been President Trump, his administration, its policies, and his movement.

Color Revolution Directs its Attacks

But their attacks have been pointed directly upon the President; the extremist’s intent has been to make the target as unpopular as possible.  To accomplish that, they have sought to freeze the target, meaning they have tried their best to separate him from his supporters and resources.  To drive a wedge between the President and his supporters, they have sought to personalize their attacks to the point of being disrespectful to him in every forum from press conferences to op-eds defaming him, his sanity, his trustworthiness, his loyalty to the nation, his temperament, his countenance, his policies, his choices, the people he surrounds himself with, and his personal life.  All these attacks are meant to polarize the population, to isolate one herd of viewers, listeners, and readers from another, to divide the nation, so they can destroy the target’s popularity and support.  In some ways, the Reich Ministry’s efforts have been pointed toward “quarantining” or corralling one herd of believers to their narrative, bordering on brainwashing.

Without a doubt, the most effective direct-action means to accomplish this are useful idiots, and what better set of useful idiots than compliant media platforms, e.g., print, television (cable), radio, and internet?  If they are willing to support the practitioner’s ends, then enlist them.

Mainstream and Social Media Join the Attack

Early on, mainstream media and social media used their power and position to attack President Trump and his movement.  They characterized the movement as racist, xenophobic, reactionary, uneducated, uninformed, backward thinking, misogynist, failures, etc.  When combined with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and Twitter, there was a force multiplier effect in destroying the president’s popularity among one herd versus another.  To do this, 85+ percent of the “media” produced lies (propaganda) 94 percent of the time about the president and his movement.  Among this Reich Ministry, the Trump presidency’s accomplishments were suppressed, as were his triumphs in defeating media platforms, la resistance [DS], impeachment, China, and the bureaucracy.

Their incessant, negative portrayal was carried out through an information collective clothing itself in “self-righteousness” purposely filtering everything through a dark prism of lies and propaganda – fake news – and muzzling and suppression to overthrow this President and banish his movement.

Direct-Action: A United, Organized Opposition

The key to a successful “color revolution’ begins with planning.  Those planning, resourcing (staffing), and implementing these actions include a wide coalition of mostly government and near government organizations (non-profits) and operatives.

International/Federal assets and personnel: At the federal level, the organization includes treasonous US/foreign Intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, MI6, Chinese Intelligence, etc.), including US/foreign intelligence assets (personnel and equipment).  All of this has been demonstrated through Crossfire Hurricane, Crossfire Razor, FISA abuses, leaking of classified information, the unmasking of Trump officials, the Ukrainian impeachment, and FEC data showing the overwhelming amount of donations from federal bureaucrats going to socialists.

Such personnel has been employed by “color revolutionaries” to plan, organize, resource, finance, and implement the overthrow of President Donald J. Trump, his administration, his movement and defeat his 2020 campaign for re-election.

Within this cabal, numerous bureaucrats carried out operations during the last five years to undermine, subvert, and degrade the Trump Administration by leaking information, from classified memos to the president’s tax returns.  In other words, the bureaucracy, paid for by the taxpayers, engaged in criminal activities (leaking) to undermine a duly elected president and vice president.  Beyond leaking, the bureaucracy engaged in slow-walking orders, investigations, and other actions as a means to subvert the policies of the Trump Administration.  In toto, these bureaucrats wasted valuable time, money, and resources of the federal, state, and local governments in investigating and pursuing these direct actions by bureaucrats.  This was a means of bureaucratic subterfuge to undermine this president.

Involvement of Ex-Intelligence/Military Personnel

There was notable ex-intelligence/military personnel involved in carrying out intelligence operations against the Trump Administration and Campaign to “counter” what they classified as Trump disinformation using equipment, software, and expertise developed by the United States’ taxpayers. This use of computers, software, and expertise (human capital) developed for and by these intelligence agencies and branches of the military to surveil the Trump Presidency and Campaign came straight out of our government [DS].

The writer should note for the record, federal personnel are not limited to the intelligence agencies or branches of the military but includes bureaucrats from every bureaucracy and discipline.  In many ways, President Trump, his administration, and his political movement have been fighting against operatives of a corrupt, criminal socialist government, the permanent State over the past four years of his administration.  At the federal level, we saw bureaucracies and high-level bureaucrats stymie themselves in supporting the President’s call for law and order across the United States, including consideration of the Insurrection Act. This included elements of the military and law enforcement.

This created a further division in the coercive forces the administration could have employed to deal with the rioting, looting and murder happening in America’s cities.

Institutional Assets and Personnel

Federal personnel and assets have and are aiding, abetting, and facilitating the National Socialist Party (NSP), NSP operatives (many deep staters have become NSP operatives), state NSP affiliates, auxiliaries of the NSP, militia groups (Antifa, BLM, Communist Party-USA, Open Roads Liberation/ Socialist Organization, RefuseFascism, John Brown Militia, etc.), NSP financiers (Steyer, Soros, Zuckerberg, Clinton, Obama, Dorsey, NGOs, etc.), the Reich Ministry (information collective), NSP legal teams (legal collective), and both elected and bureaucratic officials at all levels of government (see more below).

It is the political operatives working for the NSP, NSP campaigns, NSP think tanks, NSP legal teams, and NSP affiliated NGOs that have spent their time and efforts organizing and implementing this color revolution.

These operatives are the epicenter for planning America’s unfolding color revolution coordinating federal, non-profit, and state/municipal resources bringing them to bear in their attacks upon Donald J. Trump, i.e., the United States.

The Soros-funded Open Societies Foundation uses its energy and finances to undermine the Republic and our Constitutional system through a myriad of subversive “non-profits.”  Obama’s Organizing for America Foundation functions as little more than a shadow government planning, recruiting, and training forces for the color revolution.  Hillary Clinton’s Onward Together financed “election” training and, along with Zuckerberg, the recruiting and targeting of voters to infiltrate the voting infrastructure (as paid election volunteers and ballot harvesters). Black Lives Matters (BLM) is used as a funnel to raise funds surreptitiously through other NSP type organizations to fund rioters, looters, and those dedicated to committing violence.  There are many more NSP NGOs dedicated to seizing power and overthrowing our Republic.

Non-Profits and the Color Revolution

It is through these various “non-profits” that militia groups like Antifa, BLM, RefuseFascism, Open Roads Liberation/Socialists Organization, and other receive funding, training, equipment, weapons, and “leaders” on the ground to carry out attacks against property, people, and the Republic.  It is how bricks, rocks, blocks, backpacks, frozen water bottles, umbrellas, radios, collapsible batons, and lasers are forward-deployed before conducting an attack (rioting).

This epicenter of planning allows our opponents to mobilize hundreds of “demonstrators” to protest, loot, burn, destroy, intimidate, and kill in the name of their latest protest (fill in the blank).

Such operations are facilitated by social media platforms in real-time, giving the attackers open-access communications amongst themselves and their “central command” to carry out these attacks.  These militia units are the terrorist arm of the NSP and are there to create chaos, confusion, turmoil, and intimidation.

State/County/Municipal Assets and Personnel

Direct-action includes the means for systemically undermining the target’s ability to fight or respond.  This means trying to identify and separate the target from the necessary assets and personnel to protect and defend his/her regime.  Direct-action includes infiltrating (taking over) strategic institutions with your forces, namely, elected officials, bureaucrats, and operatives (managers).  Infiltration was easy since over the years, most municipal and county governments across the United States have come under the command of municipal socialism, ruled by members of the National Socialist Party (democrats). This infiltration aims to utilize these operatives to deny support and cooperation to the targeted regime and bring about a socialist America (Fabianism).  The NSP’s radicalization coincides with their attempt to radicalize from the bottom up, i.e., “…gaining power city by city, county by county, and state by state, in a relentless, political ground game.”[iii]

The writer notes for the record, this type of overt animosity and hostility between local and federal governments has not always characterized the relationship. Historically, cooperation and mutual support underlined the relationship, but all that has changed with the heightened extremism of the NSP.  Speculation is, the NSP Obama shadow government operatives contacted petite totalitarians across the nation to devise a strategy of ordering police forces to stand down and not cooperate with federal law enforcement, i.e., a hybrid of their sanctuary cities policy toward federal law enforcement (I.C.E.).

Federalism, Petite Totalitarians and the Color Revolution

Under our system of federalism, petite totalitarians[iv] were effectively authorized, under the President’s March 2020 state of emergency, control over the economy (shutdowns), response to the pandemic (lockdowns and other forms of pacification), and how to handle civil unrest (order police forces to stand down and not cooperate).  This action opened avenues for direct-action by the NSP shadow government operatives to mobilize support among petite totalitarians at the state, county, and municipal levels of government.  Combine this with “judicial reforms” at the municipal and county level; that is, the decision by district attorneys to not prosecute certain crimes and put no-bail release policies in place compounded the problems for law enforcement and further undermined the safety and security of communities.

These different elements have been utilized over the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and over the past year to intensify the color revolution.  State, county, and municipal governments have purposely allowed the division of their law-enforcement (forces) by ordering them to stand down in the face of attack and not cooperate with federal law enforcement.  This division (order to stand down and not cooperate) destroyed the ability of those in charge of these forces to counter the attacks on our cities and nation.

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      The word oligarch is an Eastern European term referring to the 1% in the communist system of control. These individuals are so far beyond the law they may as well be gods. That is why they are trying to destroy our constitutional republic. This has been for all intensive purposes a two party dictatorship in disused since they killed Kennedy. Know that the American public is starting to wake up to the lies they are doing everything in 5heir power to regain and remain in control. Voting will solve nothing and hey if they want a Revolution I say let us take our Cue from France. These monsters have been bleeding us dry for over 70 years now. Time to regain control and ride ourselves of the Parasites that contributed nothing to the collective.

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