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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Charlie Ward With David Nino Rodreguiz: Major Intel Drop and Updates (Video)

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by N.Morgan

In this latest video, Charlie is joined by David Nino Rodreguiz and they disclose very important information and drop some massive Intel.

Time is ticking away and the time is quickly approaching. 

All wrongs are about to be righted and justice will be served. This is a must see video!


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      Holy shit, Charlie Ward is an idiot! Nino why no real unscripted questions for Ward? Like Charlie I had cliff high on my show he said you and Simon parks are full of shit with the NASARA Gasara quantum financial system! Cliff said it’s a complete shamm! Nino I bet you don’t have cliff on again and or Jaco! All you self described influencers are just using the great awakening as a gold rush opportunity! And you are walking a fine line from miss informational and treasonous activities!

      • sammy67

        For you to say such a thing is unimaginable, if you consider yourself a patriot. It is obvious you are something else.

      • Debbie

        Nino destroys his credibility by having Charlie Ward on his show….Ward is dis information agent spreading his horse shit for the British Crown& Rothschilds….just exactly the same as Simon Parkes…..they are part of an operation to destroy America…they work for the same people who ran the coup against Trump and stole the election to install the drooling imbecile Biden…

        Anyone who doesn’t tell the world the truth…that our oppressors are the British Crown and Rothschilds….even Klaus Anal Schwab is a Rothschilds…these are the humanity hating basturds who through Pilgrims Society, UN,WEF that have a number 1 goal of destroying America

        Shame on you Nino for allowing this…it means you are not a PATRIOT at all…sad, or you are ignorant of what os going on…


        … There is no such thing as a PRETTY WHORE.. it to, is a contradiction of terms
        … Let the world not be concerned about WHO your little friends hold accountable
        … Nor what they hold them accountaboe for…
        … You and your friends DELUSION is in your confusion…
        … Your inability to make sense of the world we all live in…
        … Nesara/Gesara is nothing more than the name identifier for a “GLOBAL BANK ACCOUNT ”
        … QFS is nothing more than the process that processes all ” GLOBAL TRANSACTIONS ”
        … She – is a vengeful bitch… I like that about her… she holds accountable those who we can not.
        … I like listening to both sides of things… “I” get to determine for myself what to believe or not
        … In your blind ALEGIANCE you seemed to have missed the pivotal events kept from your “PARTIOTS”
        … Against [fuck the patriots ] the AMERICAN POPULACE… THAT IS WHO ” WE ” ARE
        … It is not possible for you not to have heard/been told DJT was not going to be re-appointed as pres.
        … They were going to make him ” WORLD LEADER” [that means of all nations- genius ] let that sink in
        … He did what they asked, threw AMERICA under the bus [ as it were - worse than YOUR treason charges ]
        … After he complied… ” THEY ” [ wake up “patriot” – notice I did not…


        … After he complied… ” THEY ” [ wake up "patriot" - notice I did not call you bitch ] ” THEY” gathered
        … Had a meeting.. and came to the conclusion… informing him [ DJT ] he was not
        … ……………………………………..QUALIFIED AS WORLD LEADER
        … ………….. And now you hear him ask ” WILL YOU VOTE FOR ME ” [you have all heard those new words ]

        … I expect all you ” Q ” – ” ANAON ” intel geniuses to know everything I have just said…..
        … I also expect all you geniuses to know as much about the QFS as I do as well… what is the quote ?
        … Better to be silent and thought a fool… than to speak AND BE KNOWN AS A FOOL…..
        … [ tom cruise said it best in " JACK REACHER -NEVER GO BACK "]
        … ……………….. ” FORREST — FOR THE TREES ”

        … BECAUSE THE QUESTION IS….. FOR THE ” PATRIOT WARRIROS ” so blind as those who can not see

        *************** ” WHO ” are the ” THEY ” who presume to be so powerful they can appoint DJt

        ———————————– ” GLOBAL WORLD LEADER ”

        … I’m not keeping you AWAKE….. am I ??? Is it getting too loud in here… ARE YOU LISTENING ???
        … So.. you got one of 2 choices… 3 actually…
        … One… ” Q ” ain’t YOU… AIN’T ME… AIN’T INTEL [ maybe---- " Q " DON'T KNOW ]
        … Maybe ” Q ” DOES KNOW… maybe YOU DO KNOW….
        … Maybe you ” patriots” [small letters because maybe you aren't as all fired important as WE THE PEOPLE ]


        … BACK TO THE BOARD…
        ………… I’d say you boys got a whole lot of homework to catch up on… MAYBE NOT…
        … I’m gonna like that about you… and this ain’t shit yet… but at least the AMERICANS on the board
        … Are going to get half a chance to hear what I have heard… you being yet to deny…

        … And TRUMP…. you decide … but not yet… cause you are in the midst of figuring out why
        … NO QFS and no NESARA\GESARA… and no CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT……. 1/2 [ bitches- oops ]
        … Charley Ward… come on… quit being stupid… Simon Parkes… ??? how stupid are you ???
        … How is it that you get so preoccupied with TRUMPS ” PATRIOT WARRIOR ” marketing campaign’s lies..
        … ” FOREST for the TREES ” and Wards theme song is… ” Nothin from Nothin leaves nothin ”

        … And the ” THEY ” …when you simple minds get on board.. are MASTER PLANNERS
        … They got TRUMP to play AMERICAN’S – wait -wait-wait-wait game – you ” PATRIOTS ” being
        … Pivotal players in the game… [ ain't it grand ] You got any idea how PISSED OFF the populace will be
        … Got some way to spin this, that you were fools – duped– not by TRUMP…. but by the ” A-U-R ”

        … Meanwhile .. you Patriots got some ” SPLAININ TO DU ” or not .. could move to CANADA

      • bluesky

        If they had Jaco on there they would be better than the Three Stooges

    • Anonymous

      Charlie Ward is full of shit. Stop scamming people with a pyramid scheme. Charlie Ward can shove his gritty smile up his ass!

      • JoeXiden

        Prove it.

    • grayeagle40

      ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Not an exact quote Joe Biden: If you want to attack America you will have F15′s & nukes after you.
      Quote Xi Jinping: Heads bashed bloody against a Great Wall of steel.
      Quote Declaration of Independence: That whenever any Form of Government becomes
      destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,
      Americans have the absolute right to abolish our government whenever it decides to deploy F15′s & nukes
      against We the People. And the government has zero right to deploy F15′s & nukes against us US.
      Never underestimate the enemy
      Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23 Pls like & link (esp on Breitbart) this video thank you. Over 13,600 views.

    • anthony

      Fuck ward

    • Truth Liberty Justice

      Enough of the chessboard/chess game narrative…

      How Many Possible Moves are there in Chess? There are over 9 million variations after just 3 moves each, 288 billion different possible positions after 4 moves each, and 318,000,000,000 ways to play just the first 4 moves. In a whole Chess game, There are more possible iterations of chess games than there are atoms in the observable universe. The Shannon Number invented by American mathematician Claude Shannon represents this value of all the possible variations of moves. The number is based on an average of about 10^3 possibilities for a pair of moves in an average game which consists of 40 moves. This means the number of possible moves, variations, and positions in Chess is not infinite like many will just default to that conclusion in casual conversation, but it’s pretty close to being infinite.

      What are the standard time settings in chess? Most tournaments will have 1-3 hours per side. A popular setup is 1-2 hours per side for the first 40 moves, plus an additional ½-1 hours each after the 40th move. They may also allow Bronstein/Fischer time if the clock supports it.

      The official FIDE time settings are 90 minutes for the first 40 moves + 30 minutes after move 40 + 30 seconds for every move.

      The 2010 world championship was “120 minutes, with 60 minutes added after move 40, 15 minutes added after move 60, and 30 additional seconds per move starting from move 61.”
      I’ve heard of World Championships…

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        WOW, good job it’s not a 12 x 12 board. It would exceed the size of God on 1 ft square.

        I suspect a lot of things exceed the number of atoms in the observable universe which is likely Zero.

    • RussZilla

      You know you’re a liberal if you make a point without using facts. Facts first. I tell my best friends I only believe half of what they say. I try not to wear my feelings or opinions on my shirt, and just think about it. I just listen and think and make my mind up.


        … THAT’S NOT RIGHT…….

        ************************** IT’S SPOT ON ***********************************************

    • Countrywriter7

      LOL. Wow, how insane do we appear. Seriously?

      If you are not ‘enjoying’ the benefits of the great financial reset then it is because you are in the wrong dimension. Great way to explain when nothing happens as it has been blasted the past 2 years. How ridiculous.

      I would rather to trust in the Bible and what it says, than any ‘white hats/black hats.’

      The Bible says that there will be certain events (including population reduction). However, there is not any ‘alternative dimension.’ This is life. It is reality. I’m as awake as anyone can be because I see how the current events fulfill Bible prophecy. You can take that to the bank.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        Ohh, I guarantee that there is.




        … HEY… THANKS for taking a second to respond…
        … ” FUCKERY – DICKLIPS ” you really are use to being incharge of a bunch of
        … KNOW NOTHING adloescent GRUNTS…

        … Lets hope the truth and facts of what I said… doesn’t offend your sensabilities…
        … For sure it is going to FUCK UP YOUR IDEAL OF A WORLD…
        … Would have thought you’d know leaders are always confident, high self esteem a requirement
        … Lets be patient though… In a world of AMERICANS… Your family and children if you have any
        … May yet live to have children of their own… and futures… unless they are allowed to get the JAB
        … Where the Ace2 inhibitor in the mRNA renders the vaccinated sterile – generation after generation
        … With the exclusion of specifically designated nationalities… IT IS A BIO WEAPON… NOT A VACCINE
        … And you will be finding me pushing for vaccinated masking requirements due to SPREADING
        … That is what YOUR FEMA camp will be used for… Vacinnated deaths within 3 years… we shall see

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      That Adam bloke has one of the most slappable faces I’ve ever seen.

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      It’s from the 4th February. Not latest at all. The way information is changing now it’s irrelevant, not that it wasn’t anyway.

    • Sarika

      NONE of us knows exactly what the truth is. I listen. I make no decisions either way.

      • bluesky

        I know what the truth is

    • Jimmy

      Anyone using “Upper Case” lettering,… whether using them on titles, captions, but specially w/ their own names,… is demonstrating that they support “fiction”,… “the straw-man”,… & thus “slavery”,… whether they realize it or not,… they are supporting “slavery”,…

    • GrandeGirl

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