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Dallas with the anticipated JFK Jr. reveal and a Q connection that absolutely confirms these people are time travellers! Do not miss the Jesus Strand one and two

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Are you enjoying the show? OMG, let’s get into it. It’s easy to see we live on a farm planet once the veil is lifted. Let’s review what happened in Dallas with the anticipated JFK Jr. reveal and a Q connection that absolutely confirms these people are time travellers! Do not miss the Jesus Strand one and two. These videos are mind blowing and will change you. Is General Michael Flynn JFK Jr’s cousin? Find out!

If society collapses, you can bet that the foods the pioneers ate will become dietary staples

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So pay chose attention because this video will change your life forever for the good!

Looks like shit is about to hit the fan, and yes Biden did nap and crap between the G20 and the Vatican. Dr. Zelenko talks about the global bioweapon attack and how people have the cure to fight it. Will vaccines ELIMINATE the “obedience class” of humans who can’t think for themselves? Is META a virtual reality soul trap? All the law is on our side and there will be a second Nuremberg Trial. Operation London Bridge and a few more connections! Check it out.

Also Read: WHY WAR? (Do our “Defense Departments” really defend us? Absolutely not! Their very title is a lie.)


It’s pretty easy to realize we are not free and we reside on a farm planet. Do you pay taxes? Do you depend on your hydro company for energy? Do you depend on the supply chain for your food from grocery stores? Do you depend on a job for your income and do you have a boss that can take it all away in a nano second if you “misbehave”, send an inappropriate email or refuse to inject yourself with a gene therapy experiment for a common cold? Do you really have control over your life? Do you ever wonder why the food in grocery stores are 95% GMO and garbage? Why is there an organic section? Shouldn’t it all be organic? What if they pulled the plug on your power? We could easily survive for a few days, maybe even weeks, but by week 3 we would be in civil war. This is how little humanity is prepared for anything and heads up your fiat currency would be worthless and you will definitely want to have a gun.

Keep in mind it’s a lot easier to “survive” without requiring “meat” in your diet. No one cares what YOU eat, do what you want but if you still purchase your “meat” from the grocery store, you have no idea what you are consuming. FACT! The point is we need to start thinking for ourselves again.

Also Read: 1 in 10 people stays calm and makes snap decisions during a disaster…..while the other 9 PANIC….even at the cost of their lives!


4 year delta November 2, 2021. I would suggest President Trump’s twitter account may need to be reinstated for this to occur.


USA 🇺🇸 Washington.

“They put the fences back up around the Capitol. They’ve deployed the Marines in Washington DC. They’ve deployed the National Guard in every state in the United States. Then Pennsylvania announced yesterday that they’re going to take another look at the results of the 2020 presidential election.


And then our hero Donald Trump says publicly that an unnamed source is about to decertify the 2020 presidential election. This is more than coincidence, ladies and gentlemen. Now it’s getting serious, prepare for it, because when it happens, you know the shit is going to hit the fan.



So Biden took a nap and a crap! Oh dear.

Remember, remember…

Il Donaldo Trumpo = Romano Didulo? Hot tip by Negative48. I believe we have a few “provocateurs” in the great awakening to help start the conversations.


What Happened In Dallas?


In case you missed it, many patriots joined in Dallas in hopes of catching JFK Jr. He was there as Negative48 and so were the clones of the Rolling Stones another comm. You can find out all the details in the latest Charlie Freak Show, but first let’s see what Q had to say about this event in 2019. OMG! Kushy News great catch below!


Q never ceases to amaze me. The news unlocks the past. Post 3206 explained what was going to happen yesterday. I need to get better at using the board “nothing to see here”. Yesterday, people went to Dallas in an effort to get a glimpse of JFK Jr. Many people were disappointed, and the media made sure to capitalize on the situation. Yesterday was NOV 2 2021. Post 3206 was written in 2019. Now explain that one folks. This is why NO ONE can dispute Q. The proof is in front of our faces.

Q POST 3206 = 11 = JJ LINKS US TO:



3206 = 11 – Mar 26 = 11 – 2:34:02 = 11



For the full story of what happened in Dallas watch Charlie & Colleen Freak Show

If you have not watched the Jesus Strand videos, prepare to have your mind blown. They will change you. The research is extraordinary. Thank you.


Jesus Strand One


Jesus Strand Two

Surprise Rolling Clones Concert in Dallas! I mean Stones.


Check out that Kennedy blue & JFK Library and Museum background!


The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is the presidential library and museum of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. It is located on Columbia Point in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, next to the University of Massachusetts at Boston, the Edward M.


It’s also located on Savin Hill and you can get off at SAVIN Subway Station in Boston. As in Juan O Savin. Remember his reveal 10/23/21 in Las Vegas? #ICYMI


Juan O Savin Reveal in Las Vegas (Intro)

Fake News Got Their 4am Talking Points on Dallas & JFK JR Return!

QAnon Believers Claim JFK Jr. Will ‘Reappear’ in Dallas, Declare Donald Trump President


Point is why is MSM even talking about Q Anon, Dallas or JFK Jr. Why not just “ignore” it like they do any other important issue. More evidence white hats are in control. Any press is good press or so they say.

This is called social conditioning. It has been happening for a very long time preparing the public. As Juan O Savin has said repeatedly, “we are a special audience” ahead of the others so to speak. ;)

It’s all for a reason isn’t it? If you’re reading this blog or anything to do with The Great Awakening, you are one of the chosen ones that is a teacher in this journey. Or did your soul sign up for this a long time ago? We are all souls experiencing a human body. How lucky are we? Energy does not die – we are energy, so no need to waste precious energy on the fear of death.

“You have nothing to fear except fear itself.” FDR

One of the highlights of the afternoon was HRC (code name EVERGREEN) child trafficking comms being shown In Dallas at Dealey plaza at JFK return event





Do not miss this interview, less than 1 hour with Dave from X22Report and Dr. Zelenko a conspiracy realist.


Dr. Zelenko About The Global Bioweapon Attack! People Have The Cure To Fight Against It!

Vaccines will ELIMINATE the “obedience class” of humans who can’t think for themselves


Let’s Go Brandon = 489

489 = Trump Ahead

489 = Consider It Done

489 = Romana Didulo

489 = Place Letters

489 = Make America Honorable Again

489 = Almost There


Donaldo Trump

In Canada it’s an offence punishable by death to say, “Let’s Go Brandon!” ;)

Remember when President Trump referred to LGBTQ as LGBT only. Left out the Q, funny that. Ask about the Q!


Orange Man Bad is racist.

Fauci is an INHUMANE MONSTER who ran horrifying medical experiments on black children – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with Mike Adams

If you still buy into Climate Change Crisis at this point, eject yourself from the planet you’re dragging the rest of us down.

Spot the difference




Anna De Buisseret: All The Law Is On Our Side… There Will Be A Second Nuremburg Trial (full & uncensored) – Resistance GB – GREAT DECODE by StormyPatriotJoe21!

“Queen Protects The King” – Q

Creepy message from the Queen last Christmas, mentions Operation London Bridge. There is a link to the article which includes 27 things that will happen in London when the Queen dies. The 17th thing to happen is Charles becomes King. BOOM

#17 Prince Charles becomes King.

Q showed us the roadmap exactly 4 years ago. What was Q dropping about on 11/5/17?

Q 88

10 Days Darkness

Q 97

10 days Darnkess (Evil knows it’s time for Dark to Light)

Q 100

Who is the Queen of England?


NWO = Nazi World Order

Nazism, officially National Socialism, is the ideology and practices associated with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Nazi Germany.

So what do we have now? Queen creepy Christmas announcement talks about Operation London Bridge. And now we have Queen in her “Final Days”.


US Weekly Headlines: Queen in her “Final Days” Issue Number 45 = POTUS – Date: November 8, 2021 = 118


One Hundred and Eighteen = 66 = 99 = 18 = R = JFK Jr.

66 = Pfizer

66 = The Storm Is Here

66 = Urgent Message

66 = Queen Of Hearts

66 = Presley

66 = Maximus

66 = The Eye Of Ra

66 = Communism in America




We will have a “Secret Funeral” that lasts “10 Days” that names Prince Charles the “King”.


Q 4281

Objective = Checkmate the King. When do you take the Queen? Queen Protects the King.


Operation London Bridge – the secret plan which means 27 things will happen in London when the Queen dies

27 = JFK – 27 = 9 = The Highest Power

Queen is already dead.


Guess who else is on the brink of death? Bill & Hill.





Speaking of fairytales…

What happened at the YMCA Boris?


Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Marina Abramović & William Defoe





Diana The Musical on Netflix and Michael Jackson – The Musical on Broadway



Then we have the release of movie Spencer with Kristin Stewart playing Diana on November 5, 2021



President Trump said in his speech on his final day in office that he wished them luck mentions luck is a very important word.


LUCK = 233 = Skull and Bones

233 = Gematria

233 = Behold Light

233 = Do It Q

233 = Seal of God

233 = Frogs


Everyone Must Know This Before it is Deleted (2021)



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    • SnakeEyes40

      Calling Trump “king of kings” is BLASPHEMY. No wonder people think you’re all nuts. It’s looking like that’s the intention…

    • ETW7

      Jesus Christ is King of Kings!

      “4 year delta November 2, 2021. I would suggest President Trump’s twitter account may need to be reinstated for this to occur.”

      Already happened!
      17×7 = 119 (warning)
      X17 = 2023
      X17= 34,391
      X17= 584,647
      17. 17.
      Born June (6) He says he’s going to be 47 pres.
      Put in gematria calc with the wrapped head icon.
      ‘January Nineteen Twenty Twenty Three’ as numbers above indicate…
      NO rude words
      Scroll down to the second half of results and Bingo!
      Not done yet!
      Go to breightbart
      578 July 31 2018 Charlie Spiering article. President Donald Trump vowed to continue as in drop “55” (hint; continue= upon us…….”)
      Look at article number
      578 – gematria values added one at time
      2892- 2676-446= BOOM! 578,633 (578)
      Your delta date ref 11/2/2017 has no significance to the warning date, otherwise it wouldn’t be a mystery, it was not a delta!
      Your Welcome 🙏
      God bless you and Jesus Christ is our savior. He is our King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

      • ETW7

        When you see gematria result half way down page, its the first result
        “My fellow”……. exactly!
        Subtract the 3 gematria values one by one from the story problem (17×7 x17 etc total) 584,647 it equals article # on Breitbart and theres more but I did all this last week in my video but apparently you didnt see the “Trump parable decoded” article I posted in here (BIN)
        This goes far beyond that message, there are other messages too, but you have to go to the Strongs concordance with all these numbers and it has everything to do with everything! I suggest watching the video. Trump gave a bigger warning! Expand your thinking. God Bless you.

    • ETW7

      Req to ci16h4R drop [55] …….”
      Req “20”
      ——> ——->
      Earth>> RMBLE
      •story problem x[s]x,x,x,…….”
      See? Box by the full big ______
      BOOM 🤯 (billions)
      [?] 2 con12)5ct
      De30de 45/47 par [able] L7^
      God Bless you!

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