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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Charlie Ward: Insider's Big Intel Meeting (Video)

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by N.Morgan

This is a huge Ite meeting everyone needs ot hear! Things are speeding up and are about to go down.. August promises to be a month of HUGE changes and not just the calender page! 

Trump is waiting like a coiled up snake, waiting for the perfect time to strike! 

Ths is a must see! 



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    • decleateed

      The KEY is to remain CALM . . . don’t worry just eat your assorted insects/bugs and let your senses acquire a new TASTE.

      The Key is to remain CALM . . . don’t worry about your DNA being altered, some say your penis might get 1-2 inches longer!!

      The Key is to remain CALM . . . don’t worry about not owning anything, you will LOVE IT!! Remember, DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY is more than just a song.

      The Key is to remain CALM . . . don’t worry, follow the plan even if you haven’t seen a copy of the plan or know who wrote the plan or enforcing it.

      The Key is to remain CALM . . . don’t worry, soon your NESARA/GESARA checks will be in the mail . . .

      The Key is to remain CALM . . . TRUST THE PLAN and KEEP THE FAITH and always be POPCORN PREPARED.

      • Anonymous

        I cant believe anyone gives this British intelligence agent the time of day. Why isnt he over in UK cleaning up his own trash? Like the FREEMASONs who run everything. The Jimmy Savile pals who are still around. Go take out the Rothschilds and the Crown Charlie, and leave America along.
        what a croc of barf


          …. you calling child trafficking… DIK FOR BRAINS — Charles Ward – BRITISH INTELLIGENCE
          …. Is kind of ” TANTAMOUNT ” [ the same as ] PRAISING THE CABAL…

          ……….. Guess we’ll see you at the next ” SACRIFICING OF THE LAMB CEREMONY ”

          ….. That would have been a result of his week spent trying to install security cams
          ….. At the local CONSTABLRY… [ POLICE DESK ] short lived since his ability to move around and
          ….. climb a 20 foot tall exetntion ladder to mount a camera.. [ oh yeah ] the hard part being
          ….. Where the story of his ” LOT ” selling land that yearly gets flooded like swamp land
          ….. Always to idiots who have no idea what the scam is.. cause they are not from the region

          …. CHARLEY WARD lives in the south of Spain I believe… NOW…

          • DangerWillRoberson

            the name says it all troll……………………………………………………………loser :!:

        • Anonymous

          If we get bombed, blacked out, or the capitol “gets burned to the ground” ? Remember who made it happen !
          ISRAEL is setting Pelosi’s agenda and travel dates. Told you over a MONTH ago, to watch for a BIG EVENT to “randomly” pop up during the Pharisee’s THREE WEEKS High Holidays which are from Tammuz July 16-to TISHA BAV AUG 7.
          Look at this traitorous slut declare her loyalty to a FOREIGN country over her own @2:30
          RIGHT on cue: Drunk dingbat PELOSI spontaneously opts to start WW3 by landing in TAIWAN on 8/2. its all just a coincidence right? then why did Traitor Gen Milley order US support warships to deploy a WEEK AGO to support her trip???
          While China shoots down a decoy? Pelosi will slip off to her bugout bunker giving China excuse to invade and take Taiwan and God knows what other escalation into planned WW3.
          Dont think the latest DEPOPULATION tool wasnt all prearranged folks. the 1% Elite all working together offstage to put on this show!

          • DangerWillRoberson

            china radar tech, hit the drunk let the drone live another day! no one i mean no one likes the drunk pedophil!

          • HawkBowler

            Interesting theory… it would be a good opportunity for Pelosi to bug out. However, she is the most likely replacement for the house plant, so we should expect her return.

            It doesn’t matter what China and Israel are doing. We don’t have a world of independent nation states competing against each other… we never did. All of the wars we’ve been through since the American civil war have been orchestrated by the cabal on both sides.

            And they’re trying to do it again… wars don’t happen by accident. Meticulous planning is involved. This is why we shouldn’t believe 107 when he says that Trump avoided a civil war by giving the enemy the White House.

            The cabal pretends to be good while making the dumbest arguments known to mankind… like when 107 was arguing that America should accept a nuke strike without retaleation… you know… in case we over react… instead, what 107 and the cabal want to do is set off a nuclear false flag so they can once again control the narrative, but they can’t do that if the false flag results in worldwide nuclear war.

          • 2QIK4U


        • DangerWillRoberson

          ward is on the list!

          The individuals below were searched and their accounts found by whistle blowers in the CSRQ-SM software over the past eight months, from December, 2021 through July, 2022.


          Donald J. Trump – (Sovereign)*
          Joe Biden – (Sovereign)
          Hillary Clinton – (Sovereign)
          Ron DeSantis – (Sovereign)*
          Gavin Newsom – (Sovereign)
          J. B. Pritzker – (Sovereign)
          Greg Abbot – (Sovereign)
          Nikki Haley – (Sovereign)
          Sen. Ted Cruz – (Sovereign)

          Alternative media:

          Russell Brand – (Sovereign)
          David Wilcock – (Sovereign)
          Phil Godlewski – (Sovereign)
          Alex Jones – (Sovereign)*
          Joe Rogan – (Sovereign)
          Benjamin Fulford – (Sovereign)

          Dave of X22Report – Likelihood 99%
          Mel K – Likelihood 95%
          Juan O’Savin – Likelihood 95%
          Simon Parkes – Likelihood 95%
          Charlie Ward – Likelihood 95%
          Stew Peters – Likelihood 90%
          SGT Report – Likelihood 90%
          Michael Jaco – Likelihood 80%
          Mike Adams – Likelihood 70%

          It was previously reported by us that the accounts of Trump, DeSantis and Alex Jones had no in-flows. Each account had previously been viewed at some point during the past eight months (we will not disclose the exact dates they were retrieved). Upon more recent account reviews, the first in-flows have been detected. Trump received $1 million U.S Dollars from a shell company, DeSantis deposited $100,000 U.S. Dollars from what appears to be a personal bank account, and Jones deposited $50,000 U.S….

          • CUB4DK

            It’s about time all of the above become sovereign instead of perpetual slaves of a treacherous system created by deplorable fiends! . :shock: :eek:

      • DangerWillRoberson

        chary-lie is obviously mi6 cointelpro stooge that he has this high a following is do to his commitment :!: to satan and satan’s kingdom of deception, 95% of alt news is controlled news! its what satan and satan’s army want the retarded folks to think and there by fail to act to remove satan’s men like obama soros trump others from power!

      • 2QIK4U

        Why is TRUMP hanging out with KLAUSS SCHWABB AT DAVOS ? 😲💯 He’s going to Feed you all to the Wolves for the 2nd and Final time :idea:

    • justme36330

      Much better and more believable!

    • Slimey

      Talk, talk, talk. That’s all I hear from this guy. We need ACTION, not talk. Well? Don’t just DO SOMETHING. stand THERE! :lol:


        ….. HEY SLIMEY…… 2 AM… actually 2:27 am
        ….. SUNDAY NIGHT turned into Monday morning…..
        ….. Spent the night out in HUNGINGTON BEACH…

        …. Massive crowd from 2 weeks ago.. been ragging the shit out of me
        …. Got an awesome spot off the HB pier…
        …. Costs 39 dollars to pre pay the days parking at 4 am till midnight that night…
        …. Use to be… nobody knew who or what I was up to…. Now they are hangin
        …. Out in the parking lot when I get there…
        …. About an hour and 20 min drive one way… to H/B

        …. But with the bed of the truck facing the water… no noise issues or complaints about noise
        …. Lots of cops though … sometimes 8 cruzers blocking the public parking lot isles…
        …. Got absoloutely no idea how many people out there on the sand…..
        …. At the athletic field at the lake in my town… I get 300 easy…. small compared to H/B ….
        …. High at the beach today and the next 10 days is 81 every day… 70 all night tonight ….
        …. 74 at my place at 3am.. Las Vegas is 82 right now 3am 92 at my place for the next week – days

        …. Ya made me laugh…. talk talk talk.. what the fukk are you doin ???
        …. Working on the pan tilt units for the cam system.. wanna post videos on my site of the crazies
        …. Havin fun in the crowd… 2 cams on top corners of each monitor makes 6 cam shoot…
        …. Kind of ahead of myself… though… Starlink Sat dish came… remote…


        …. Kind of ahead of myself… though… Starlink Sat dish came… remote broadcasting … but need to see
        …. What areas get coverage … Can always just bring the cam files home and upload em to my channels
        …. Wanna get some live real time imaging going though… could play with zoom… just another expence

        …… Listen.. you keep busy now…..

        • Slimey

          :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • decleateed

        C’mon Slimey! Charley Horse and Boots have now teamed up and sharing information!! They got this thang lassoed!

        Deep State ain’t gonna know what hit their asses when Boots & Horse team up and turn their secret weapon (Simon Parkes) loose on them.

        You always talkin bout Dough knots and such but you never clarify if you favor the glazed or sprinkle kind?

        Strange partnership since Boots always bashing Charley Horse’s M-boys . . . just sayin.

        • Slimey

          :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • janet

      I believe this whole thing since Jan 6, has been a show. when they put that fence around the capital it tells me they had them arrested one by one secretly and replaced with actors. There is a feeling that things are being done behind the scene and they are after the people below them like the senators and such. Now the people state by state needs to be taken care of.

      • ~~👍🏻🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

    • HawkBowler

      Old news is new news…

      Biden is dead

      Charlie has been saying that the real Biden is dead for years now. This isn’t new. Charlie doesn’t have anything else to talk about right now.

      Instead Charlie… why don’t U explain why the cabal has not removed the already dead dead Joe Biden?

      He’s a place holder… the house plant was meant to be replaced.

      The cabal controls both Biden and Trump. ‘They’ could have reinstated Trump a long time ago but it wouldn’t have done them any good to replace one puppet leader with another. They need control of the military… commander and chief… and the military wont give it to Trump cuz they know he’s Cheetoh Jesus.

    • grayeagle40

      ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️If Trump runs in 2024 it legitimizes the 2020 election. He must retake the white house before 2024,
      and the sooner the better.
      Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23 Pls like & link (esp Breitbart) this video thank you. Over 15,400 views.

    • Jen the pen

      Europe is EDOM, the white race homeland is the Caucus mountain aka Ukraine and Russia area, furthermore the white race and the fake jews are the same race. The Ukraine is the capital of the satanic order, their progenitor father is Cain via Lilith and satan. The negro race is the bloodline of Seth via shem Noah son in Amerikkka. collectively the white race has murdered billions. Currently we have the white race colluding to depopulate the planet and unfortunately the white race will murder its own people just to get what it wants. Individually white people are cool asf. However, as we currently see Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soro, Dr Fauci, The WHO, The WEF, The IMF, The CDC, The NIH are colluding to depopulate humanity mainly black and brown people.

    • Truth Liberty Justice

      Dr of what? bullshit you are NOT a bonified medical Doctor! using DR. before your name implies you have received a bonified medical degree– FRAUD! — if you have a Ph.D. doctorate you place it after your name…

    • bluesky

      Does anyone listen to this clown 🤡 anymore or do they post his videos so they can read the comments about him

    • GP

      Your a crock of shit!! Haven’t listened for a long time. Wanted a laugh. you ramble on about nothing! No intel your a kook reading from the same Judy Byington bullshit!! You, Parks, Jaco and friends are all part of a big shit show!! Your a liar!!

    • Andy R

      I can’t believe people are still listening to this grifter. The harm that Ward and his chum Simon Parkes have done to folk’s psyches is as bad as the damage done by the v-shots. I’ll say it again just to ensure everyone has received the message loud and clear – Charlie Ward is a Brit Intelligence owned CON MAN.

    • Truth Liberty Justice



      If we wonder who we can trust then you can’t trust them. Trump Flynn Durham Barr and all these influencers they like to call themselves from Jaco too Nino too 107 too Mary and the buyington report that is so fake if your still watching or hoping what Mary reads will happen your part of the problem

    • Anonymous

      A hologram scam, he is no real Doctor (not indoctrinated) but is claiming he is. RIP Charlie Ward.

      • Anonymous

        Killed by white HATS.

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