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Illuminati Serpent Bloodlines-A Complete History Part 2. Anonymous ZeroSec: Doxing the Deep State. Exposing The Shadow Government

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lluminati Serpent Bloodlines-A Complete History Part 2.

Anonymous ZeroSec: Doxing the Deep State. Exposing The Shadow Government

When you pull back the cover to reveal what lies beneath, you often discover that many of those who you trusted and respected the most are themselves caught up in the Evil of the Deep State Swamp and the Globalist Agenda.

The Truth is Not for everyone.

The Truth Must Be Earned.

It takes time and effort to find and read articles, or to watch so many videos.

But that is the only way you will find the truth.

Alas, the Most Powerful Truth is the Most Censored. It is the hardest to find.

Often it lies hidden in obscurity. A Treasure Trove of seldom seen gems that few have seen.

Here you will find Such Treasure that I have dug up for you.









Luke 8:17

For nothing is hidden, that shall not be made manifest; nor anything secret, that shall not be known and come to light.

@OratorBlog. 9-27-2022

For Serious Scholars and Researchers

Here is the Source of the Bloodline Video.

This Monumental Work is now YOURS FREE


EL: The Bloodlines by Sai Anarchy

Direct pdf Download:

 EL: The Bloodlines



EL The Bloodlines Complete: Second  Half~


Published on Mar 31, 2018


The Complete video format for EL: The Bloodlines, also known as the All in the Family Series

The Complete video format for EL: The Bloodlines, also known as the All in the Family Series. The Complete First Half. Thank you all so much for your support and love through this adventure! Now that the book is finally finished, we can continue onward and upward! Get ready. It’s only just beginning.

EL The Bloodlines Complete: First Half~
Published on Mar 31, 2018

The Complete video format for EL: The Bloodlines, also known as the All in the Family Series. The Complete First Half. Thank you all so much for your support and love through this adventure! Now that the book is finally finished, we can continue onward and upward! Get ready. It’s only just beginning.


The Complete video format for EL: The Bloodlines, also known as the All in the Family Series




Complete History of the Illuminati-Cabal-Serpent Bloodlines. This Rabbit Hole Goes Very Deep. A 26 Part Series. This Awesome Work is a Wild Ride

Friday, April 15, 2022


Are You Ready for Dark and Very DEEP DIVE?




Doxing the Deep State Shadow Government

Many Computers Were Harmed in the Making of this Film Series-

Fried From Remote Attack by the Deep State

(This is a serious Archive of Evidence. For those who are able, please download these videos to preserve this evidence for future posterity)


Anonymous ZeroSec: Shadow Government Dox Part 1

Jul 27, 2017

Greetings Freedom Sleepers, We have thousands of pages from doxing the shadow government.

This video series will explain. We started by picking a random name off the Bilderberg Group, Thomas Dunlin, and it opened up a can of worms.

The Trilateral Commission started behind the scenes with the Bilderberg group and got Nixon to squash the Gold Standard tanking the economy.

They then formally started via David Rockefeller in 1973 and decided all the presidents since. Carter, Clinton and Bush were Trilateral members.

Then acting more discreetly through O’Melveny and Myers they made Palin look like a fool and inserted Obama.

Their boy Thomas Donolon was put in with his people to run the CIA, NSA and still Biden and Obama what they were going to say.

The operative O’Mevenly A.B. Culverhouse Jr. who scripted the takedown of Palin then did the same for Trump against his Republican opponents.

We were shocked.

Palin’s stupidity and Trump’s zingers seem organic but there is a mechanism of psychological programming behind this otherwise natural seeming occurrence.

O’Mevenly and Myer got the rape murder and slavery charges dropped from the builders of the Burmese pipeline. They stopped Exxon from having to pay for the Valdez spill. They made Congressional lobbying loopholes to keep puppeteers out of books. They got Nestle off of child slavery charges. They got Enron White Collar criminals and Fannie Mae- also run by Donolon off of penalties for the 08-economic crash.

The Bilderberg Group was started by a Nazi Prince running IG Farben Nazi chemical company. IG Farben is now our top three Big Pharma companies. He started The Bilderberg group with the CIA in 1954 and privatized Fannie Mae into Hedge Fund assholes right away, instead of government mortgage group FDR intended.

The previous year was Operation Paperclip to bring Nazi scientists to the US. This is just a sprinkling of what we discovered when we started.

A Paste-bin of records is below the vid for further doxing Dunlin, Fannie Mae, Nazi Prince Bernhard and O’Mevenly and Myers.

This is just the beginning.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Anonymous – ZeroSec Shadow Government Dox Part 2

Jul 29, 2017

Continuing on our shadow dox is the Trilateral Commission. They hike gas prices, cause economic crisis and break countries sovereignty putting the difference in their banks and then lending out in situations that will put countries in indentured servitude.

They are a cocky bunch of multinational and world bank CEOs hiding in plain sight. The Trilateral Commission has controlled all the presidencies to date for a multinational corporate agenda.

They make up three fourths of upper government. Their founder Zbrinski who co-opted Carter noting his Tokyo trade deals and also groomed Obama founded the Trilateral with David Rockefeller.

Bush and Clinton were trilateral. Since Carter Zbrinski has been enacting his four-step process of stripping national sovereignty with a velvet sledge hammer.

The first step is a sort of divisionism made by manipulating the world market over everyone’s head.

The next move is pushing a botched nationalism which we see in the Republican party.

Then a botched Marxism which we see with the Democrats.

The fourth stage which we are in, is the technocratic takeover where technology and the government race forward at a pace that kills civil liberty and supersedes general knowledge.



The Real Joe Biden

Currently Kissinger and Volcker carry out the Trilateral agenda and have become good friends with Trump. Trump had come to London the night of the Bilderberg conference.

There has been a psyop with controlled media since the inception of the trilateral commission. Like this episode of Barney Miller where every word this intentionally depicted crazy guy says is absolutely true.

The whole thing is, They Hide in Plain Sight. They never have well known members until they leave to take over government.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Michael Flynn who had introduced a Trilateral into Trump’s cabinet had been shortly thereafter canned for lying about Russian Intel with a globalist agenda. But Trilateralist Kenneth I Juster had been appointed to head the economy and in charge of national security. We were ready to tear into him but the Trump administration found him to be undercutting national sovereignty in pursuit of a globalist agenda and he got demoted and sent to be ambassador of India. Enjoy India Asshole.

But Reagan was speaking against the Trilterals initially until he got leveraged in the presidency to appoint 287 Trilaterals. We have already seen Trump come against NATO which strong arms third world countries for banks. But he has changed his tune. We have found in Trilateral documents interest also in population control.

We have a Trilateral dox in a pastebin under the video.



We will not forgive. We will not forget. Expect Us.

Music: Video: Rockefeller Jokes About Trilateral Commission and CFR as Sheeple Laugh CFR, Trilateral Commission & Atlantic Council Draft War | Brainwash Update THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION & THE TECHNOTRONIC ERA (MUST WATCH AND SHARE!) KISSINGER -Trump meets for instruction – Bildaberger Trilateral Comission CFR Bohemian Grove Jeffrey Tambor explains the N.W.O. and the Trilateral Commission on Barney Miller in 1981 Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – The Trilateral Commission Cave Johnson: You’re Fired!

DD3- Deepstate Dox III
Aug 3, 2017

Before we get to the dox let’s have a smile that Wasserman Shultz pressed for her corruption has made a deal and disregarded the bullshit Russian hack narrative.

The Council on Foreign Relations was created by the same Warburg, Rockefellers and Rothschild banking cartel that created the Federal Reserve.

They make up half of upper government. Considering the Trilateral Commission which came out of them and the Bilderburg Group they fed into make up 3/4ths of upper government there is obviously some overlapping.

They created the IMF, the World bank and little skirmishes like Vietnam. These are the banksters in control. Bush, Cheney, Volcker, Clinton- If you know an asshole they’re probably in the Council on Foreign Relations.

Which brings us to the asshole of the day: David Petraeus. A distinguished CFR and Bilderburg idiot whose war crimes and stupidity include such crimes as arming the Sunnis in Iraq, drone striking tons of civilians and the sort of idiocy in the management of Afghanistan which spurred the comedy drama War Machine on Netflix. He and his CFR lackey Matthew Pottinger. In fact, talking at colleges has been a bit of a downer for Petraeus; because there are educated people there.

Cheney is the CFR asshole who decided to surveil the American people but Petraeus is the one who got all excited about In-Q-Tel, a CIA tech arm and started surveilling us through smart appliances.

He is truly an idiot. For example, he got distracted by a hot writer and had an extra-marital affair which is against the law acting as the CIA director. He was using G mail. A CIA director using G mail.

He then stole 8 books of top secret military intel and gave it to the writer for her sex magic. What happened to this betrayer of American security? He paid a small fine and went to run a global investment firm.

Edward Snowden which gave us good intel which did not put the country at risk is exiled. And this asshole got promoted. Thank god, he did not become Secretary of State as Trump was considering- destroy the Earth Tillerson is an upgrade from this chump.

But that leaves Pottinger who got the CFR award for being a super-prick and is now in National Security. He has taken his knowledge of China to fulfill a Trilateral agenda of getting in conflict with China while we’re distracted by Iran and North Korea. But the Trump administration did get KT McFarland off of National Security who is a Casper Weinberger and Henry Kissinger prodigy. She got sent to another country like Trilateral Kenneth I Juster. Enjoy Singapore you waste. She was a pick from Michael T Flynn the Trilateral job provider. Mad man McMasters is an upgrade. Michael is gone but his fucked-up staff picks still make our National Security scary at best. McMaster also got rid of David Cattler another globalist, and told him to get a real job. It’s a glimmer of hope but still deep state is entrenched in upper government. You will find a dox for further information and research in the paste-bin under the video. We only put half of the CFR dox in because it’s so extensive. It gets allot worse.

Expect us.

DeepState Dox 4
Aug 12, 2017

DeepState Dox 5

Click Link in the paste link under the video covering all these issues. We encourage you to further dox corrupt government actors.

We will not forgive.

We will not forget.

Expect us.


DeepState Dox 6

Speech : PasteLink

DeepState Dox 7

# We have gone through computers like tissue paper sequentially being fried as we went after the alphabets.

Let’s take a look at shadow money this time. The Rockefeller Fund backs the Clinton Foundation and started the Council on Foreign Relations.

They also replaced homeopathic medicine for their Nazi Germany pharmaceutical agenda and backed Trilateral CFR member Kissinger in his run of what can only be expressed as war crimes.

Similarly, John D. Rockefeller Senior through the Rockefeller Fund invented the field of eugenics and funded Nazi Germany’s use thereof.

The Rockefeller Fund also backs the Brooking Institution. The Brooking Institution is the number one think tank in America made up of Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Banking and Military Industry. The Brooking Institute fights federal legalization of cannabis. They back Zionism, Push full-fledged war with Iran for oil rights. The Brookings Institute is the leading force behind convincing Americans of an endless war with Iraq and they back Hamas. They have put out expert opinions that workers cannot have a living wage or they’ll be replaced by robots. And the Brookings Institute’s prominent analysist is none other than Richard N. Haass: CFR president.

Brookings Institute fostered and surveilled the follow through of 110-billion-dollar weapons deal with Saudi Arabia. And are chief in the creation of pay to play politics So, of course many of their members constitute the Clinton Foundation And a CFR Vice President of the CFR who gave Iran the Tehran reactor as a premise to engage them militarily- Gary Samore- is also Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. Consultant to Brookings Institute, friend of George Soros and President of World Bank Jim Yong Kim Has given Ivanka Trump a fund of one billion dollars to bribe Donald to pass legislation giving another 150 billion in tax payer dollars to World Bank- the third world eating machine. So, Jimmy Kim and Christine Lagarde president of the IMF can sweep in privatizing resources and taking valuables leaving already broken countries with paper backed crap currency. Which they call private sector investment infrastructure, But because this Yong Kim asshole is calling his bribe the Ivanka Trump Fund and Ivanka has a crap Chinese clothing line; the fund increases her brand recognition. So, they are calling the Fund the Ivanka Trump Women’s Entrepreneurial Fund. As always check the paste link for the deets and surveil the deep state that dares to surveil you

Expect us. Paste Link : Video: COUNCIL on FOREIGN RELATIONS EVIL in my OPINION henry kissinger-true master of evil pt-6 John D Rockefeller And His Eugenics Agenda UANI President Gary Samore Discussing Iran Nuclear Negotiations on Fox News’ Happening Now Henry Kissinger’s Legacy of War Crimes Exposed by Secret Yale Visit | Brainwash Update Here’s what Saudi Arabia is buying in their weapons deal with the US Bill Maher: Council on Foreign Relations Secretly Controls the World Saudi arms deal ‘basically a bribe to the US’ – Fmr Pentagon Official

Shadow Government Dox 8

Deepstate Dox 9



10 Through 12 Missing

LA Intelligence War [06DD41]

Feb 15, 2019

Greetings Citizens , The so called drills in LA were not a training exercise. The training exercise has been an overused excuse since 9-11. The official story is bullshit MSM local LA Times was also complicit in covering up what we have evidence of being quite otherwise. Since you wont get a real story if at all for another 50 to 100 if at all we thought we’d fill you in. Let’s put Anon crowd sourcing power to work. We see Little Birds, Killer Eggs also known a MH6s in Standard Operating Procedure by the 160th SOAR which is basically the Army’s most elite Helicopter Special Ops. Black Hawks only needs 75 feet by 75 feet to land. Safe Landing Zone is 100 by 100 for normal operations. A Little Bird is smaller and incredibly maneuverable in spaces considered tight compared to other helicopter air-frames. They’re extremely fast and very maneuverable and also completely kitted the fuck out when fully armed with 2 mini-guns, 2 rocket pods, 2 hellfire anti-tank missiles, and 2 stinger anti-air missiles. when you need to land a team on the smallest possible piece of ground and fuck up anything in your way you use the killer eggs. And you need your best to fly with urban clearances of 11 inches. 160th pilots are the best in the world – full stop. There is also a modified UH60 similar to a Blackhawk. Rest of Speech , Links and videos :

We Are Not Jesus


Deep State Dox 13

Paste link Speech :

Deepstate Dox 14

Deepstate Dox 15

Dig into the dox for more details. Speech and Goodies Pastelink 06DD15: We will not forgive. We will not forget.

Deepstate Dox 17

Alphabet Agencies, Bribes, Fake-book and Spin Hell

Greetings Fluoride Ridden Citizen’s of a surveilled state, Let’s take a look at how you force national ignorance. Before becoming Bill Clinton’s bullshit man, Joe Lockhart protected fraudulent banking entities. Joe Lockhart runs Glover Park Group which creates the Clinton shit media. The 96 Clinton Telecommunication Act let 6 companies own media leaving Government with fewer people to control- and as Google, an elite few to please. The Hacker Quarterly published the growing list of what Google has been censoring to become less search engine and more propaganda menu. Full Speech: Get into the dox for a deeper look. : ZeroSec DeepState Dox: You are the resistance.

Deepstate Dox 18

 Club of Rome & The Committee of 300

The government effectively divides us into blue and red teams.

The Deep State figured out how to manipulate both into letting go of their rights and national sovereignty.

The Right gets hoodwinked by terrorism and the Left gets bamboozled by Earth Protection.

Master manipulator David Rockefeller got this trick down by the 60s and created the Club of Rome.

ZeroSec Deepstate Dox 18 Link: Speech / Video Links:

Deepstate Dox 19
Professional Liars Part 1


Greetings Monsanto laced cheerios eating citizens of a fallen state. welcome to ZeroSec Deepstate Dox 19 Part 1. We’ve looked at Microsoft’s corruption and the PR company they hide behind: Weber Shandwick which we will bring to you soon. Looking into Weber Shandwick we found their umbrella corporation Interpublic. Interpublic houses many corporate evils through varied agencies. Interpublic via McCann Worldwide has long been stealing jingles: like Rice-A-Roni’s from the 1923 Barney Google. Interrepublic McCann Worldwide trademarks words. Interpublic’s Weber Shandwick tentacle steers the spotlight away from Visa. MasterCard and Visa information both feed straight to the NSA. ZeroSec DeepState Dox 19 Link: Paste Link to Speech / video Links Dig into the Dox for a deeper understanding of Interpublic; their corrupt agencies like Earth 911; and the predatory agencies they cater to like HP. Keep your eyes out for Dox 19 Part soon.

You are the resistance

Professional Liars Part 2

Mar 15, 2018

Interrepublic, They cover up Pfizer genetically modified AIDS virus which leaked and spread. interrepublic also backs Bayer which knowingly infected consumers with the AIDS virus. Bayer as a derivation of the Nazi war machine IG Farben created As well as creating Heroin. But Bayer is considered common pain reliever thanks to Interpublic. DeepState Dox 19 Link: Speech and Links to Videos : You are the resistance.

Mass Brain Washing~

While we were getting a roll call of Bilederberg members we came across the network of fuckery by ruling Swede family and most recent Bilederberg hosts the Wallenbergs. They’ve added sinistry to the fuckery we have become use to: namely false flags ~ Who is Cesar ~ Speech / Video / Articles Watch full video !!!!… We Do Not Forgive

News Corp and Its Hellish Minions

Rupert Murdoch is at it again. After turning National Geographic into a marketing arm for weapons manufacturers he putting a crushing blow on internet freedom. He wants to surcharge media through ISPs in a way only the MSM can afford. And now with Fox joined to Disney the corporate hands wielding the MSM has shrunk even more. To get the News Corp corruption you must understand their PR firm Bell Pottinger and the type that run with Rupert Murdoch like Mark Hurd. Sinar Mas acquires palm oil exterminating endangered species in illegal logging; PR firm Bell Pottinger keeps them out of trouble. Bell Pottinger keeps heat off of the largest African weapons and oil trader: Paramount Group -19 ZeroSec DeepState Dox 20: Link to Speech and Video links :

If you are hearing this; you are the resistance.

The Hidden Fourth Reich

The European takeover Nazi Party was evident in a long range plan in 1941. Lord Peter Carrington was a Nazi who led the Panzer Grenadiers. Early member of the NSDAP (Nazi Party) and SS (Nazi Troopers) Prince Bernhard founded the Bilederbergs. Carrington and Berhard subverted the war employing other double agents within the Allies like Christian Linderman known as King Kong Rizzo. Speech Link / Video links :

How the Nazis won after WW2 with the High Priests of Globalization~

Nov 13, 2018

ZERO~TEMPORALWAKE How the Nazis won after WW2 with the High Priests of Globalization [06DD33] Greetings citizens. Bilderberg founder Prince Bernhard got the Enigma Machine’s decoded Nazi communications made possible by Alan Turning’s invention of the computer. He gave these communications back to the Nazis so they could lay traps for the Allies. 8:09-8:29 Netherland’s Prince Bernhard was given singed access via Naval Intelligence Officer Ian Flemming on orders of Churchill. Flemming and the Navy at large sensed Bernhard’s Nazi leanings and restricted all access to the Navy. But Bernhard by right of royalty and backing by England’s Wall Street, Downing Street, was untouchable. 10:04-10:28 Speech and Video Links : Music : Music: Anonymous Electronica – “You Make Me Wonder…LIVE”

Eye in the Sky 06DD38~
Jan 24, 2019

Palantir also regularly wipes info on the web but its a dangerous force that needs awareness Peter Thiel’s CIA-backed, data-mining firm Palantir honed its ‘crime predicting’ techniques against insurgents in Iraq. The same methods are now being sold to police departments. But whats most concerning is that pre-crime is now through the use of Quantum Computing Saturn Cube D-Wave for the elite which is then tied through the National Geo-spatial Agency. Using this nexus of powers was the main subject of the 2018 Bilderberg Meeting. Rest of Speech : Intro Credits to Anonymous Construct… American New Intelligence

Eternal Liars IV~ Bilederbergs Meet Your Owners

Oct. 22, 2019

Welcome to deepdox 30. We’re hitting nerves as Bilederberg deepdoxes are getting banned. And the dox continues unabated nonetheless we change up the pace today and give you a sample look at your lesser known owners. Of course Eric Schmidt is YouTube Bielderberg but you know him. The lizards in the shadows have extensive ranks so well just deal with A and some B names for easy watching. Bilederberg Joel Ackerman heads up the Davos men. Speech Link :

Elternal Liars Part lll ~Bilderbergs And The European Movement~

Oct 6, 2018

Welcome to DeepState Dox 29, part 3 in understanding the Bilderbergs. Western intelligence were central in three 1950 ‘insider groups’: the European Movement, the Bilderberg Group and Jean Monnet’s Action Committee for a United States of Europe. Bilderbergs have heavy cross-membership with the Council on Foreign Relations whom changed their name from The Society of the Elite to the Council on Foreign Relations when they realized that borders impede capital. Speech link : Dox / Video Links :

Industrialized Humanity


Greetings Truthers, Welcome to Zero Sec Deep state Dox 21. Kevin Murray with Good Relations Group formally known as Bell Pottinger of Chime corporation hid the AIDS spreading Heroin creating company Bayer descended from Nazi War Machine  IG Farben. By Good Relations Group’s Bayer was disguised as an Asprin company. Kevin Murray and Good Relations Group now work for McDonald’s. Ray Kroc started the conveyor belt food industry exploiting the inexperienced. Skill unneeded; workers rights were stripped. Shit jobs emerged from employers caring not for the employed. McDonald’s started industrialized junk food. Speech / Video Links :   ZeroSec Deepstate Dox 21 link: You are the resistance.

Sorry about the messy format. Too much data to set straight


Sorry We have not been able to upload as we were being censored. Thank you to the Family for sharing the videos. Speech: Paste Link: Video: Earth Changes- Florida: Massive Fish Kill Can Be Seen for Miles Trace of weed killer found in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream The Monsanto ride is the scariest ride at Disneyland! WikiLeaks Cables Reveal U.S. Sought to Retaliate Against Europe over Monsanto GM Crops gmo-Terminator Technology CDC Report on Environmental Chemical Exposure Witnesses say US-led coalition used white phosphorous in Raqqa strikes DDT Toxicity Research on Prisoners 1956 Atlanta Penitentiary CDC Who are Monsanto and are they really evil? – Truthloader Bovine Growth Hormone : Whistleblowers Shiv Chopra & Margaret Haydon – the fifth estate CNN Reports Hillary’s Monsanto Ties and Clinton Foundation Troubles Bhopal Gas Tragedy | World’s Worst Industrial Disaster Fipronil: What is it – and how did it get into our eggs? Hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) was just found in 75% of drinking water News Update: BASF, Monsanto Announced Expansion Of Joint Effort 3 of 7 – Nazi Labor Camps – Holocaust Survivor Alex Lebenstein’s Story Protests in Charlottesville take a violent turn John D. Rockefeller & Standard Oil What Bilderberg Really Wants In 2017 What Agent Orange Does To The Body IG Farben, The Rockefellers & The NWO BAYER AG CORP. (Aspirin) SPREADS HIV WORLDWIDE

Speech: Pastelink : Links Rick Perry – “Jacket” (“Strong” Parody) The RAND Corporation Calls For War With China NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Kabul Article 5, Cyberattack, NATO Secretary General Pre Ministerial Press Conference, 28 JUN 2017, NATO: What is it, why does it still exist, and how does it work? NATO vs RUSSIA – Nato Shows its Teeth to Russia with Huge Baltic Drills Russian FM slams US, EU, NATO for “double standards” Massive NATO military drills near Russian border underway

Buildup to war: Clinton, Iraq and WMDs Desert Fox – Bombs on Baghdad, Iraq – 1998 General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – The CFR US Fires More Than 50 Tomahawks Against Syria | MSNBC AIG Exposed CIA: Arming Rebels is a Failure, U.S. Will Do It Anyway Reason Why I Hate USA – American Bombing of Serbia YUGOSLAVIA: KOSOVO CRISIS: NATO AIRSTRIKES DAMAGE (6) Muammar Ghaddafi Dead Trophy Vid Up Close In Libya Successful campaign scandal / Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg Gavi vaccination animation Our Sun the hydrogen bomb. EISCAT 3D 4/20/2015 — EU building FIVE new “HAARP type” arrays — 50,000 antennas called EISCAT 3D EISCAT at Work – Norway 09.12.2009 HAARP JAPAN EARTHQUAKE PROOF NASA ‘Sees’ 2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami in Earth’s Atmosphere HAARP Magnetometer Data Shows What Caused Japan Earthquake Cloud Seeding – How it Works Bacterial Ice Nucleation Protein Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails Forget CO2 Warming, Plasma Heating in the Atmosphere is the Real Global Danger (209) Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2016 H.A.A.R.P.: (The beginning of the end)- Part 1 Top 5 Largest Waves Caught on Video Chavez: US weapon test caused Haiti earthquake HAARP Microwave missile defense- America Betrayed This video will blow your mind! HAARP: How it works and what it does. What Happens When Earth’s Magnetic Poles Reverse? What is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)? And how does it work? HOW TO: make an earthquake French Secret Service Agent Admits To Planting Bomb That Sank Greenpeace Ship! Haiti – Shock Doctrine Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2 Amazing Resonance Experiment! HAARP Microwave missile defense- America Betrayed Ionospheric Heaters – How HAARP really works HAARP Weapon Exposed By History Channel US Air Force Admits to Using HAARP For Weather Modification in Defense Hearing



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