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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Juan O' Savin & David Nino Rodriguez: “The Baptism of American Blood” (Video)

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by N.Morgan

Juan and David are back for this special report and Intel update about where America stands now.. Folks, we are at the cusp of what can only be described as biblical! 

Hear the Intel the guys have to share!

Share far and wide help keep Alt Media alive!!


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    • HawkBowler

      Nino: ‘I’ve heard from a lot of my listeners and they’re asking, if this all occurred on Trump’s watch, wont history judge him negatively?’

      107: ‘No I don’t think that’s fair.’

      Haha… this part really is funny around the 27 minute mark.

      Consider some recent intel drops from Jaco and friends. Which totally exposes Trump’s inner-patriot band circle. The people we all thought were at the tip of the spear when it came to election integrity. Like Sydney Powell “Release the Kraken”… or Rudy G, making the state by state tour circuit.

      Both Sydney and Rudy have evidence of election theft galore. It’s all over the place in the news at this time, some two years ago. But Sydney and Rudy have even more. They have irrefutable evidence. The real Kraken.

      I’ll admit that I was fooled. Sydney seemed genuine and viable. And the way press snake vehemently snapped at her, what’s the alternative? So yeah we were all on Sydney’s side without knowing that she had no intention of releasing the Kraken. She was just part of the charade to keep the mystery alive while no real progress can be made when it comes to the stolen election.

      History will judge Trump harshly for the hiring decisions he made. Mike Pence, Dr. Fauci and the scarf Lady. Michael Flynn. His close work with Gates to father the vax. The story of Trump the savior is one where he’s totally surrounded by Judas goats. No apostle good guys at all. With the exception of Ivanka and Jared and maybe the My Pillow Guy.

      • HawkBowler

        Where’s the Kraken?

        The purpose of the Kraken has changed but the absence of the Kraken has not.

        It’s the like the ‘Where’s The Beef’ slogan from the 1980s. Give us the goods.

        We’ve been promissed the Kraken for over two years now. Sydney Powell had all of the power points. Dominion flipped votes from Biden to Trump. Digital proof in real time. And given the money ties to Dominion – foreign enemies, the information Sydney claimed she had was tantamount to the highest national security.

        Sydney was telling the truth back then and yet she didn’t release the information, the Kraken.

        *No doubt, meetings were held behind close doors in which the discussion was the plan not to release the information, for the greater good, of course, in that releasing such information would lead to civil war… by degrees… over time.

        • Dystopian Delight

          What about Powell’s defense in regards to the defamation lawsuit brought against her by Dominion? Have you seen it? She said that no reasonable person would believe the claims she made.


      • TXAZ17

        You call Jared Kushner a good guy? mr lucent technologies @ 666 some street in New York.. the black chabad? Fuck off retard..

        • HawkBowler

          Lol… alright, it was just a guess.

      • HawkBowler

        To be fair to 107 he has said that we are in a revolution, which is similar but different from a civil war.

        Like the civil war, there is a fierce inter-society struggle, which is sometimes even family vs family. The difference is the revolution against the empirical order instead of fellow countrymen at war. Again inter-society struggle, where one group is against the crown while another sect is secretly loyal to the crown.

        107 has changed his Kraken over the last two years. The Kraken to start was biblical. Elite rulers of the earth were all tied to a child traficking ring, cuz that’s what they all do. “We Caught Them All”

        The Kraken has changed. Shapeshifted

        Just like Trump who started out the revolution with a speech about American carnage, draining the swamp, all that. And then shapeshifted into a chubby fur kitty by the milk bowl, meeeow… Exactly when we expect Trump to make a stand, based on previous behavior, instead he changes character arc completely and starts working with the evil ones to complete their Plandemic takeover.

        One can accept the lone shapeshifting Trump theory, or the multiple Trump theory. Ben Fulford likes the idea of two Trumps. And this is appeasing cuz the lone Trump theory is only one conclusion – shapeshifter. But two Trumps? Now that’s a different story.

      • feral pa paw

        Made some good honest points there HB . Here’s my take for what its worth. I have been an avid Conservative all my life. And voted 2 times for Trump thinking he would help us turn this thing around. Then on J6 and the days that followed ,he did something that made me question everything. Here he was CIC , and had the Military and the power of POTUS in his hands . Yet failed to use the tools he had to stop this shit once and for all. WHY? I’m afraid we all know the answer? He is most likely the controlled opposition who will lead an apathetic public to the Marxist slaughter. The Founders gave us the tools to stop this ourselves but most don’t have the stomach for it? So they come to places like this stupid ass site for hopium. They believe every word these CIA Stooges tell them to believe while they wait for the FEMA Trains to come haul their silly asses off to the Camps. And I can guarantee you while they are on those trains , they will be screaming “the pain is coming”, “the storm is here”, “nothing can stop what’s coming” and the ever popular ‘TRUST THE PLAN”. As they are lining up at the Soilent Green Plants.. We’re done Bud . The Republic has been overthrown. And the only way out now is the enforcement of the Second Amendment. With EXTREME PREDJUDICE.

    • Univhill

      It seems to me that Nino’s audience seems to be concerned only for themselves. I hope I’m wrong. It gets Juan fired up after trying and trying to be patient and being met with comments that seem child like over and over.


      • Nobodys Fool

        Juan starts yelling like a bully when someone starts asking legit questions. I used to think Nino was kind of a dummy and just following Juan like a puppy but I like seeing him ask some of those questions and I like that it makes Juan lose his cool for being questioned – it shows him up a little bit as being a bit childish himself. He’s on a mission to spread a message, I get it, I respect what he’s doing, etc, I’m grateful, but we’re getting fed up. He actually said at one point Biden wasn’t even going to be inaugurated now look how long it’s been that the can has been kicked down the road. People are DYING. We are supposed to be critical of our leaders – that’s what being a patriotic steward of the republic is all about – we are not supposed to blindly trust anybody and that includes the white hats. We deserve to ask questions and not just sit there listening to his monologues and saying “ok.” At this point the white hats appear to have already accepted a lot of us dying as “acceptable losses” without even telling people were in a war. Yes I get that we’re in a war and Soldiers die in wars WHO HAVE CONSENTED TO BEING SOLDIERS – but last time I checked, none of us consented to any of this. The least somebody could do is publicly validate that we’re in a war. After that if it takes another 10 yrs fine. But the cloak and dagger stuff has got to go. We have been lied to for long enough.

    • decleateed

      Weird sounding audio . . . sounds like it is being played at a faster speed or BOOTs is on a caffeine high.

    • ~~~Just Wanted To Chime In On The Comments
      Made About How The Devil…….
      (The One Who Was Cast Out)———->>>
      ~ReMinds Me Of The Movie:
      —-“The Devils AdvoCate”…….
      ~(Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, Charlize Theron,
      Jeffery Jones, and Craig T. Nelson…)
      ~~Milton (Lucifer), Says “I Didn’t Write The Rules,
      I Just Set The Stage”…….
      ~~He Can Put A Gun On The Table,
      It’s What [YOU] Do With It…….
      ~~~Free Will———-<<<
      ~~[INFluencing] Can Be A Good Thing…….
      Or No…….
      (Make It A Good Thing)…….
      ~MasterIng Illusions Is Just Part Of Life…….
      ~~~Learn To Master Reality…….
      ~And Reality Can BeCome What You Want…….
      ~~(the BEST things IN life are free)…….

      • ~~~”If You Can DREAM It,
        ~~YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT”…….
        ~(just a ReMinder)…….
        ~we’ll wait…….

      • ~~~FREE…….

    • BruceWinshipWright

      Juan O’Savin, like General Michael Flynn, in my opinion, are working “for” the Satanists as GATEKEEPERS.

      Their “primary” job is to steer the conversation “away” from the OMNIPRESENCE OF GOD. What?

      That’s right, the OMNIPRESENCE of GOD is the most heavily guarded SECRET being kept from us by The Satanists.

      Why? Because THE TRUTH about The Nature of God would “EXPOSE” the entire Satanic Infrastructure ruling Earth.

      Read GOD-MAN: THE WORD MADE FLESH by Dr. George W. Carey to see just how “horribly Satanic” Juan is, spiritually speaking.

      Check out Dr. John Hagelin, The Harvard educated Quantum Physicist, who found that “everything” consists of the same “stuff”.

      What this “stuff” actually is, our top scientists still don’t have a fucking clue “WHAT” this “stuff” actually is.

      The greatest minds throughout history have all called this “STUFF” GOD.

      Atheists, like YUVAL NOAH HARARI, simply deny that this “stuff” actually exists.

      The Atheist simply says that this “stuff” is simply Nature and was produced by THE BIG BANG EXPLOSION, without “any” form of Intelligent

      Direction? Of course, when ATHEISTS learn the actual truth, they will then realize that Atheism is literally an impossibility. Why?

      Because EVERYTHING, including every Atheist, consists of 100% God. How about that?

      Juan O’Savin is clearly a “shill” because he’s still “selling” The Heliocentric Theory LIE.

      Juan even claimed, as if he was…

      • Meeee

        All wannnnnnnn has are excuses – stalling & putting off any action to correct what is going on on the border.

        He is a BS artist story teller.

    • mcelgun

      I trust in God and his Will, will be done! Give in to fear and you surrender to evil! God wins!

    • Twinflame1111





    • g77enn

      There is a baptism of American Blood happening for the past two years. It’s called the Jab and the White Hats, not only have failed to stop it, they have kept it going. See you guys in Nuremburg 2.

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