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ZetaTalk Newsletter as of November 20, 2022

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Collateral Damage

Plate Movement can inflict collateral damage that is not always obvious as to cause. For instance, the suspension bridge collapse in Gujarat, India. Standing for over 140 years, it suddenly snapped. Per the Zetas, this was caused by a torque, a twist of the Indo-Australian Plate. This was not expected!

Suspension Bridge Collapse Kills at least 132 in India
October 30, 2022
The state’s civic body officials told local news media that the bridge — built by the British in late 1880 during the Victorian era and touted by the Gujarat government as an “engineering marvel” — might have been opened by the private company that runs it without a “fitness certificate.
5 Dead after Building Collapses in Maharashtra’s Amravati
October 30, 2022
At least five people died and two others were injured after a dilapidated building collapsed in the Prabhat Cinema area of Amravati, Maharashtra.

ZetaTalk Analysis 11/2/2022: As has long been obvious from geological history, India is being driven down and under the Himalayans. From Bangladesh on the East to Pakistan on the West, the lowlands running along the top of India are caused by this downward push. But as can be seen from the shape of the Indo-Australian Plate, this push is not even. A torque is involved. As the eastern edge is lifted, driven up over the Pacific Plate, the western side of the Indo-Australia Plate is pushed down. This twist puts any of man’s structures into a torque, which is not sustainable. Thus the cable bridge snapped.

Syria suddenly finds itself in the midst of a Cholera outbreak. The entire region of the Middle East has not had a Cholera outbreak, though many have occurred elsewhere in the world. Per the Zetas, once again it is collateral damage from ground movement, heaving under pressure from Africa trying to roll so that rivers cannot flow and drain as before. Thus blocked, pollution from sewage lingers and causes Cholera.

Syria: Cholera Outbreak – Sep 2022
September 10, 2022
On 10 September, the Syrian Ministry of Health (MoH) declared an outbreak of cholera in Aleppo Governorate following 15 confirmed laboratory cases, including one death. Based on a rapid assessment conducted by health authorities and partners, the source of infection is believed to be linked to people drinking unsafe water from the Euphrates River and using contaminated water to irrigate crops, resulting in food contamination.
Syria – Cholera Outbreak in Syria, Lebanon Alarming
October 25, 2022
The fast pace of the cholera outbreak in Syria and Lebanon is alarming. The acute epidemic in Syria has left over 20,000 suspected cases with acute watery diarrhoea and 75 cholera-associated deaths since its start. In Lebanon, confirmed cholera cases reached 448 in just two weeks, with 10 associated deaths.  Latitude 35.012808 Longitude 38.505273

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/31/2022: Cholera outbreaks usually occur after earthquakes when the drinking water becomes contaminated by sewage. It has not previously been known in Syria, so why this outbreak? The cholera outbreak in Aleppo has been traced to the Euphrates River, which flows from the highlands of Turkey where there have been numerous quakes recently. The pressure from the Africa Roll and drop is causing the rock hook under Turkey to press down upon Syria’s highlands, rumpling the land there so that the normal aquifers used by the people are blocked and polluted groundwater is taken from the wells.

The Africa Roll is in process, as can be seen from the flooding across Central Africa where the rivers cannot empty freely, but it is the Middle East that will be clobbered when the Africa Plate can finally drop down past the Sinai. Per the Zetas the Sequence of Events for the New Madrid finale will be initiated by the snapping of a rock hook that extends from the Africa Plate out along the southern coastline of Turkey. This hook is blocking the Africa Plate from dropping. When this occurs, there will be much trauma in the region – collateral damage again. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Analysis 11/4/2022: The New Madrid Sequence of Events will be triggered by a snap in the rock hook running under Turkey.  This hook is currently considered part of the Africa Plate, but as a result of this rock hook snap the coastline of Turkey and Cyprus will leave the Africa Plate and be considered part of the Eurasian Plate. We have stated that Sinai will become an island with 50 additional miles separating the Sinai from land, that the Red Sea will widen, that lands with dual loyalties along the Saudi Plate border will be subject to scraping, that a void will appear in the Mediterranean above Egypt, and that the slide of the Africa Plate through the Middle East will scrape down along the Dead Sea plate border.

The shifting of geological regions that have been fractured into platelets are hard to predict because they operate like flotsam on water. But the following scenario can be surmised. When the rock hook under Turkey snaps, the Africa Plate will be immediately freed to drop, creating a void in the Mediterranean above Egypt. Due to the constant press eastward that the Africa Plate has endured, it will immediately shove against the Red Sea and the Sinai. The Suez Canal will close, and as the Africa Plate continues to drop the bottom of the Sinai will be pressed so the Sinai shifts up into the new void in the Mediterranean.

The Sinai is considered a platelet – the Sinai Subplate. When the Sinai is pressed eastward at its southern tip, the entire Sinai Subplate will swing counterclockwise into the Mediterranean void.  The Sinai will have a new orientation to lands on either side. Israel also resides on the subplate, so the separation at the Dead Sea Fault Lines will increase, and Israel may also become an island. Eventually, the Red Sea will open allowing shipping in the Suez Canal. All these matters are in God’s hands.

Zechariah 14:4
On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south.

Election Season

Election season is in full swing. Bolsonaro appears to have lost in Brazil, with only a percentage or two between he and Lula da Silva. But the voting seems to have run according to the polls, though the race did tighten toward the end. In Israel Bibi returned to power but there is a twist. Bibi is a Double, the original executed in 2021 for his many crimes by the White Hats, who are now officially in charge of Israeli politics.

Brazilians Lack Confidence in Elections as Vote Nears
September 26, 2022
Da Silva is a left-wing social reformer who earned high marks for his job performance during his two terms in office.  Bolsonaro is a right-wing politician who has largely run and governed on a populist law-and-order platform. He has been a controversial figure in Brazilian politics, ignoring deforestation in the Amazon and downplaying the significance of and danger posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Brazil’s Bolsonaro Silent on Lula Victory, Transition Talks Begin
October 31, 2022
It was not clear if Bolsonaro would concede defeat, as his allies were encouraging him to do. Brazil is on edge, with pro-Bolsonaro truckers setting up roadblocks throughout the country to protest Lula’s return to power. Some truckers posted videos calling for a military coup.
Brazil’s Bolsonaro Declines to Concede, but OKs Transition
November 1, 2022
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has not conceded the election he lost to leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Bolsonaro lost Sunday’s race by a thin margin, garnering 49.1% of the vote to da Silva’s 50.9%, according to the nation’s electoral authority. It was the tightest presidential race since Brazil’s return to democracy in 1985, and marks the first time Bolsonaro has lost an election in his 34-year political career.

Israel’s Netanyahu appears to Edge toward Victory after Vote
November 2, 2022
Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared headed toward victory Wednesday, with some 85% of the ballots from national elections counted and showing that voters gave him and his far-right allies what looks like a majority in the country’s parliament.
Israel Election: Preliminary Results Show Netanyahu Poised to Return to Power
November 2, 2022
Final results could be dramatic with official counts showing the highest voter turnout since 1999

ZetaTalk Comment 11/2/2022: Bolsonaro has a history of being a consistent winner with a 34-year winning streak. But as the pre-election polls showed this year he consistently lagged behind da Silva who was far more popular when he was Brazil’s President. For Israel there is a different story. The return of Bibi is not what it seems as Bibi is a Double under the control of the White Hat Alliance who removed and executed him. Just as in the US where Biden was removed and executed, while being a figurehead under the control of the Junta, these maneuvers are done to allow Martial Law to be in force on the sly. The public presumes this movie is real.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2021: Has the White Hat Alliance finally effectively prosecuted Bibi Netanyahu and his Khazarian machine operating out of Israel, executing the lot? Yes, Ben Fulford’s sources are correct. Bibi’s lock on Israel included election fraud and the ability to use the Mossad as he chose. He has evaded being removed from office throughout several elections, and attempts to remove him from office for misconduct have repeatedly failed. The Double is now campaigning in Israel, but the eyebrows reveal his identity. If the Double wins the current election in Israel, he will operate as a White Hat Double under the control of the Alliance, just as the Biden administration is controlled by the US Junta.

In the US the outcome of the 2020 election is still in dispute. There were many options to promptly resolving the election fraud, including using the Kraken documentation which the Junta possessed. But the Junta was overwhelmed by a 5 front war – the CCP invasion of the US, the Antifa and Defund the Police campaign, Satanism with child sacrifice for Moloch worship, Deep State treason, and the 2020 election fraud. Thus the Junta delayed while running the Biden Administration as a sting operation.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/30/2021: Internet forums are alive with claims that President Trump will soon be returning. Where not in the Main Stream Media controlled by the Satanists who fear a return of President Trump, there are many insiders who know what is in the works. The US Military has the Kraken evidence, which as we detailed a year ago showed how the Dominion machines had been programmed to strip votes from President Trump to Biden. As we have detailed, the US Military has been faced with multiple fronts, including a CCP invasion of the homeland.

Thus the Junta – which had been in charge of the US homeland since the Fall of 2015 when Obama failed to announce the approach of Nibiru – delayed countering the civil process. They opted to run a sting operation, collecting evidence of treason for the Tribunals being run at Gitmo. Thus the illegal Biden was installed by the Satanist controlled Congress and swing states and by the SCOTUS refusal to act. When will this sting operation end and the rightfully elected President be installed?

The US Military has not accepted Biden as their President, and is aware that 80% of the American public voted for President Trump. To avoid the burden of dealing with a civil war, they wanted this 80% to be vocal, to counter the expected objections from the usurpers in the Biden Administration. The insider Juan o’Savin reports that they are looking for this 80% mark, which is rapidly approaching. How is this determined? Public polls are often selective to give a desired appearance, but private polls show the truth. The number of Governors who are rejecting the Biden vaccine mandates is another measure.

Thus there will likely be a trigger event that allows the Junta to make the announcement. We have predicted that this trigger will be when the anticipated New Madrid Fault Line unzips. The devastation to many American cities will result in Martial Law being officially called, with the Military being given the mic during updates. They would state that President Trump is and has been the President, and no one will be surprised. This is the most convenient trigger event, though this matter is as we often say in the hands of man.

Prior to leaving office President Trump initiated the Tribunals at Gitmo. Thus the Junta proceeded in a Secret War, using Doubles and sealed Tribunals at Gitmo. In July, 2022 SCOTUS ruled on the validity of the 2020 elections and found that President Trump had won, but the Junta deemed that the public was not yet ready for this news. Allowing SCOTUS to reverse the Roe vs Wade case in July was certainly a test of readiness, and having Q return in July was a signal.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/27/2022: Many lawsuits were mustered after the 2020 election fraud, and many reached SCOTUS but officially none were argued before the court. Was there a secret debate, with a secret decision, unknown to the public? The Junta does not want civil war, but as the return of Q and the Roe vs Wade decision shows, the Junta feels it is now strong enough to address the 2020 election theft. The evidence before the court would have included what 2000 Mules detailed and what the Kraken evidence documented. The evidence from many lawsuits that rose to the SCOTUS level but were dismissed for lack of standing would also have been available to SCOTUS. The many rumors that President Trump is coming back and that the Junta does not consider Biden to be the Commander in Chief are due to insider leaks.

In anticipation of a big win during the November Mid-Terms, is the Junta getting ready to discard the burdensome Pelosi Double?

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Pelosi Attacked by Suspect David DePape, who Shouted, ‘Where is Nancy?’
October 28, 2022
The husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Paul, was assaulted with a hammer inside his San Francisco home by an attacker identified by police as David DePape, who a law enforcement source tells Fox News was shouting “Where is Nancy, where is Nancy?” The motive for the attack remains under investigation.  Authorities found a manifesto belonging to DePape, which contains anti-government beliefs regarding COVID-19 and other conspiracy theories. Paul Pelosi is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery to repair a skull fracture as well as other injuries.
Favorability Nancy Pelosi U.S. 2022 – Statista
October 10, 2022
In a survey of U.S. adults conducted in September 2022, 43 percent of respondents held a very unfavorable opinion of Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/2/2022: Doubles are disappearing in droves lately, as they require a team to manage them thus are expensive and worrisome. As we and others have stated, the public is watching a movie, because those in charge fear panic and riot if the truth were known. The 2020 election fraud was massive, and will be set right at some point in the near future, but meanwhile the cleanup and prosecution is done at Gitmo while the perpetrators are replaced by Doubles in the dozens.

The Democrats are not expected to prevail during the forthcoming Mid-Terms, and thus Speaker of the House Pelosi will be replaced and no longer necessary for the movie to continue. The real Pelosi is long dead, executed at Gitmo, so her husband Paul is indifferent to a change in status. He is willingly wearing bandages for a few weeks to be free of the cumbersome Double gambit. Depape, the claimed attacker, has recently died leaving an identity behind to be claimed by the Pelosi management team.

BRICS Rising

As the western banking systems steadily collapse into bankruptcy, the BRICS consortium is ascendant. Originally formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and S Africa, there are dozens of new countries clamoring to join. The BRICS philosophy is to help the poor with lower interest rates, where western banks seem intent upon establishing debt slavery. Now with the economy suffering globally and bankruptcies rising, Heads of State are turning to BRICS. What will western banks do when they too go bankrupt?

Blackrock International, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy
January 11, 2022
U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Western District of Louisiana (Lafayette)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 22-50015
Restored Republic via a GCR as of October 12, 2022
There were 120 countries (over 50% of the world currencies) on the verge of bankruptcy joining the BRICS Alliance nation states. Their peg to China provided the necessary guarantee to gold/asset-backed currencies. This amount of countries with their currencies joining BRICS Alliance was considered the death of the Central Bank and fiat US dollar.
South Africa Confirms Saudi Arabia Will Join BRICS Alliance with China and Russia and Move Away from US with Explosive Consequences
October 17, 2022
Saudi Arabia, the largest U.S. export market in the Middle East, invited Chinese President Xi to visit Riyadh in March as relations with the U.S. have faltered since Joe Biden was elected. Saudi Arabia announced in March it was considering accepting the Chinese yuan instead of the US dollar in future transactions. In July Saudi Arabia was invited to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS. And this weekend, the South African leader confirmed the likelihood that Saudi Arabia would be joining the BRICS Alliance.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/23/2014: The grasp of capitalism and colonialism have emerged from Europe and the US.  Where it did reach out beyond its border to create satellite countries, Russia was not a colonial country, imposing imperial will on other countries. This was a European endeavor, over the centuries, primarily a power and land grab from Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal. Britain today still has influence via the Commonwealth in Canada and Australia.

The World Monetary Fund is an obvious extension of this Eurocentric ego. The IMF has an agenda of enslaving poor countries with debt, less interested in development than ownership, a form of financial colonialism.  As many European countries border on bankruptcy and the US is certainly bankrupt with China as its largest creditor, the dominance of the West in world financial markets is due to crash. Enter the BRICS.


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