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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Judy Byington: We Are Q We Have Them All! Prepare for the Storm! Intel and Situation Update for Wed. 7 June 2023 (Video)

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by N.Morgan

Compiled Wed. 7 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

We Have Them All!
Prepare For The Storm!

Fake Alien Invasion Pending
World Food Supply Crisis in Motion
Global Financial Crisis: Central Banks Bankrupted
Fiat US Dollar Abandoned For The Great Gold Rush
Canada Under Martial Law

On Thurs. 22 June the Supreme Court Has Docketed the Brunson Petition That Could Take Down the Biden Administration and All of Congress
After USPS Admitted Disappearing Thousands of 2020 Completed Ballots
Please Mail to the Supreme Court Your Support Letter to Hear the Petition, See #E Below

Military & Trump Thwarted Deep State Memorial Day Blackout

Do You Test Positive for Sovereignty?
Symptoms Include:
Critical Thinking
Bodily Autonomy
Speaking Your Truth
The Gift of Discernment
Standing Up Against Tyranny
Advocating for Innocent Children
Social Distancing from the System

My Country, ‘Tis of Thee | The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube


Judy Note: The Deep State has planned a fake Alien Invasion – that the World Alliance will buffer. Trump and the Military have already thwarted a Deep State Memorial Day Blackout.

The Canadian Alliance Military has taken over the Canadian Government and will cleanse Canada from corrupt officials, while on Mon. 5 June [redacted] took out the Khazarian Deep State Satanists in [redacted], along with their US funded bio-weapon cloning labs that tortured thousands of children to extract their Adrenochrome.

The Chinese Communist Party was found to be behind 2020 Election Fraud – which fake election put a puppet Biden in power – though was part ofa global secret Military Sting Operation that has been used to replace politicians, high-ranking officials, generals and admirals.

US Inc, which includes the Federal Reserve and IRS, was a privately owned for-profit Corporation and did not represent the American People. Legally, any monies given to the IRS would be considered done on a voluntary basis. However, the power and psychological hold the IRS has on the American people is very real. Patriots like “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS” who have proven in a federal tax court that they did not owe the IRS monies, have been bombarded with SWAT Teams, harassed, jailed and had all their possessions including their fully owned home, taken away.

The Supreme Court has finally agreed to conference the Brunson Case on Thurs. 22 June 2023. If they heard the case and agreed that Congress failed to investigate 50 formally presented to Congress allegations of 2020 Election Fraud, the Biden Administration and all of Congress could be dissolved.

Claim your right to free and fair elections and support the Brunson Petition by writing the Supreme Court Justices. See #E below.

Judy Note: If you were reading this Update on here, be aware that some information has been redacted. For the complete un-redacted version, see the PDF copy at the end of the report.


Global Currency Revaluation:

  • On Thurs. 1 June all banks around the world which had passed the Global Quantum Financial System’s Fed ISO 20022, came online to the new financial system, meaning all electronic payments for 209 countries’ financial network were now able to communicate with each other at lightning speed. Those thousands of banks that didn’t qualify because their monies weren’t gold/asset-backed would now be closed.
  • For 42 hours beginning Tues. night 30 May Bond Holders received their packages by FedEx, with deliveries starting up again on Sunday 4 June – continuing on for another 3-4 days. “Some Bond People have been paid” …Bruce, MarkZ and Free Inhabitant
  • Sun night 4 June the new Iraqi Dinar Rate, the Kingpin of the Global Currency Revaluation, was settled on bank screens and ready to go international.
  • Mon. 5 June Wolverine: Iraq is done guys. Buckle your seats and get ready to go warp speed. God bless you all.
  • Tues. 6 June Bruce: The real back wall (for Tier 3) redemption activation was Wed. 7 June. The new rate for the Iraqi Dinar will be posted on our Wed. midnight 7 June. The most likely date for Tier4b to start exchanges was on Thurs. 8 June.
  • “Activation of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) will trigger Martial Law and the Global Currency Revaluation.” … Free Inhabitant
  • Some say that that Tier4b notification would happen prior to a Emergency Broadcast System announcement of a 2-4 week communication shutdown, while Head of the Global Redemption Committee, Dr. Charlie Ward, indicated on his show that Tier4b notification would come after the EBS – which was expected to begin at any moment.
  • At the end of this week and after Tier4b was in progress, there was promised to be a massive “clean up” in many Redemption Areas around the world.
  • The Great Gold Rush: Brace Yourselves for a Dramatic Shift in the Global Financial Ecosystem: Global Central Banks Abandon US Dollar for Glittering Gold – The Great Gold Rush – American Media Group (
  • Coinbase Crashes:
  • The Deep State’s Fiat Digital Currency CBDC: Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, recently let slip her plan to launch a CBDC version of the Euro, which will give central bankers absolute control over how citizens can spend their money. Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson discussed the impact CBDCs will have on personal freedom.
  • Dr. Scott Young: QFS, NESARA, and Sovereignty | Dinar Chronicles

Tues. 6 June 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866pin123456#

  • On Sun. 4 June and Mon. 5 June the full staff of the Redemption Center went in for a two hour Zoom call and were able to see the new rates on the bank screen.
  • The real back wall (for Tier 3) redemption activation was Wed. 7 June.
  • The new rate for the Iraqi Dinar will be posted on our Wed. midnight 7 June.
  • The most likely date for Tier4b to start exchanges was on Thurs. 8 June.

Restored Republic:

Timeline: JFK Jr. Alert: 4 Important Dates Announced – Steve Jobs & Lady Diana Is Alive? (Videos) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

  • The EAS and Martial Law was set to activate worldwide at any time.
  • In June 2023 the General Public would have access to Med Beds.
  • On Thurs. 1 June at 8:00 EST the Quantum Financial System’s Fed ISO 20022 activated  a universal language for global financial networks to communicate with each other. The 209 major countries now had their new gold/asset-backed currencies live on the Quantum Financial System.
  • On Sun. 4 June the new Iraqi Dinar Rate (the Kingpin of the GCR) settled on Bank Screens.
  • On Mon. 5 June the NY Stock Market began a Death Spiral as it reacted to the announcement of a new US $36 Trillion Debt Ceiling with no way to borrow the money – causing the US Treasury to drop bonds.
  • Tues. 13 June Q’s Timeline: (30 days from Mother’s Day) MOAB attack on the King and Queen. …Q
  • Thurs. 15 June collapse of IRS and all tax orgs; Marilyn Monroe to come out of hiding.
  • Sun. 18 June GESARA/NESARA announced during EBS Disclosure implementation.
  • Wed. 21 June Special Counsel John Durham to testify on his report to House Judiciary Committee (1788 became law on June 21).
  • Thurs. 22 June Supreme Court to consider Brunson Case – that could take down the Biden Administration and all of Congress for not investigating allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 Election.
  • July: Judgment in July, White Hat Intel: EBS White Hat Senior Intel Revealed! When & Trump Special Report! June 2023 | Prophecy | Before It’s News (
  • Sun. 23 July Inauguration of Pres. Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr, a celebration where those in the World Protection Program would come out.
  • Tues. 25 July Queen Diana’s Coronation.

Brunson Supreme Court Case: Takedown of the Biden Administration, Congress.

Live with Loy Brunson:

Rumble: 5DGramma Telegram:

5DGramma Truth Social

Deep State Money Laundering System Preys on the poor, helpless and their children:

  • June 2023 Haiti floods: Residents shelter on rooftops after at least three people were killed in an earthquake in the Haitian city of Jérémie, just days after floods left at least 42 dead. 
  • The 4.9-magnitude quake struck in the early hours of the morning, the US Geological Survey said. It came in the wake of torrential rains that have displaced more than 13,000.
  • The real problem Haitians now face is Money Laundering, and kidnapping of their children for the Cabal’s Child Sex Trafficking Ring. It makes you wonder if the earthquake and/or floods were actually caused by the Deep State so they could benefit from the crises.
  • If you Google Haiti Floods, or Haiti Earthquake you will get a number of requests for donations supposedly for the victims.

The Real News for Tues. 6 June 2023:


US Inc, which includes the Federal Reserve and IRS, is a privately owned for-profit Corporation and does not represent the American People.

  • If your local government, church, club, association is Incorporated you can be sure that — knowingly or unknowingly — they have taken on the cloak of death — CORPORATION or corpus baited there by the promise “limited liability” and “protection”. This is contrary (antithetical) to the Spirit of the Constitution which is focused on protecting the individual’s God-given rights BUT ALSO holding him personally accountable for his actions.
  • REMEMBER: Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson etc. who gave us “the poke” are all corporations, and no individual is responsible.  In fact, our federal government went one step further and GUARANTEED their immunity from ANY lawsuit.
  • For a shocking LIST of proof of the incorporation of our government at every level:

White Hat Intel:

  • Unveiling the Hidden Truth of 2020 Elections! Prepare to have your mind blown as we expose a shocking plan by the CCP to steal the 2020 elections and capture control of the United States government. Discover the intricate web of deceit involving mainstream media, intelligence agencies, and tech giants that facilitated this foreign operation. The truth will leave you speechless!
  • DEVOLUTION PLAN The Secret Military Strategy: Enter the covert world of the Devolution Plan, a classified operation by the U.S. military to protect and preserve President Donald Trump’s administration. Explore the power dynamics within this plan, with key figures like Ezra Cohen Watnick wielding unprecedented authority. Brace yourself as declassified information is revealed!
  • THE GREAT REPLACEMENT Changing the Course of History: Uncover the astounding truth behind the secret operation to replace politicians, high-ranking officials, and even generals and admirals. Dive deep into the covert maneuvers executed to ensure Joe Biden’s victory as part of a grand global military sting operation. The fate of the nation hangs in the balance!
  • IN THE THICK OF BATTLE The Reconstitution Phase: Hold on tight as we enter the final phase of the Devolution Plan: the reconstitution of America. Experience the intensity of this moment, where the military takes the reins and dismantles the forces that conspired against the nation. Stand strong, patriots, as the grand finale of this gripping movie unfolds before your eyes.
  • MILITARY MIGHT The Last Line of Defense: Discover the unwavering commitment of the military to safeguard the Constitution and defend the United States. Witness their crucial role in monitoring foreign and domestic entities involved in the CCP’s foreign operation. Brace yourself for the climactic ending that will determine the future of the nation.
  • THE FINAL ACT Stay Tuned for the Unveiling: Prepare for the ultimate revelation as the truth behind the 2020 elections and the Devolution Plan comes to light. Nothing is as it seems, and every action has meaning. Stay strong, patriots, as the final pieces of this extraordinary puzzle fall into place. The conclusion is within reach!

Military Game Theory: “Storm Is Upon Us”

  • Q is a United States Military Intelligence Operation, working hand-in-hand with the President of the United States. Some could easily argue that Donald J. Trump was hand chosen years ago by the United States Military to aid them in this critical and historic operation.
  • Q is not a single person, but a team of high-ranking persons with “Q” level security clearance, executing operations that have been planned for many years (the plan).
  • Some of the objectives are:

A) A massive information dissemination program meant to 1) expose massive global corruption and conspiracy to the people. 2) Cause the people to research further to aid further in their “great awakening”.

B) Root out corruption, fraud and human rights violations worldwide.

C) Return the Republic of the United States to the Constitutional rule of law and also return “the People” worldwide to their own rule. In short, the Q operation is the greatest criminal sting and anti-treason/sedition event in world history. It certainly does appear that we as a country are lawfully living out The Declaration of Independence once again.

  • Due to the classified nature of much of the information/evidence Q team holds, they cannot just come right out with it, however, they can drop breadcrumbs that the people, often the 8chan “Anons”, can dig into and help us all discover the truth.
  • Enemies in this war are monitoring Q as well. Therefore, some of the information Q drops is strategically misinformation and disinformation. Think Military game theory and “THE ART OF WAR” by Sun Tzu.
  • Sure, none of us want to filter through and try to discern truth from falsehood, however these warfare tactics really cause “We The People” no harm when they must be used, however they are devastating to the enemy and a necessary part of warfare. Military planning at its finest!

Global Economic Crisis Looming!, David Wilcock

  • Prepare for an unprecedented upheaval as the world faces a looming crisis of inflation, with the United States at the center stage. Get ready for an impending collision that will have catastrophic consequences, as the complex interplay between Covid-19, Fauci, CDC, NIH, NIAIH, WHO (under the influence of Gates), gain-of-function experiments, and the shadowy forces of Rothschilds and Rockefellers are about to be fully revealed.
  • Brace yourself for mind-boggling revelations as the plot of a stolen election unravels right before your eyes. Unveil the covert operations of the elusive C_a, the manipulative tactics of Facebook, Google, and other tech giants, and the sinister agenda that has ensnared the world in its grip.
  • It is time to embrace the truth, my fellow seekers of truth, and spread vital information far and wide. The destiny of our nation, our freedoms, and our future lies in our hands. Patriots, come together in this battle for truth and justice!
  • Raise the alarm! Let your voice resound! The time for awakening is NOW!

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):



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    • Anonymous

      JUDAS LYINGton never quits her bs.
      Supreme Court just passed a law allowing IRS unlimited access to our bank records and $$$.
      Not a word of it on BIN.
      WHO-EU just declared they got thru step 1 of mandating universal vax passport- 80+ lands now signed on.
      Where is that on BIN? NOWHERE
      just endless spyops like these fake pos frittering away your time. Why not start DOING something?
      organize, speak to neighbors, call / network, call your Congressman- eps McCarthy, Margery Greene, Boehbert, Jordan….
      instead citizen eunuchs whine they’re overworked, mired in their own apathy. “down” cause they expect others to do the work for them, and whimper when others dont.

    • Anonymous

      I wish this news was ALL factual. I have heard this narrative for the past 2 years and it NEVER happens. Lies mixed with truth. I have been in this game way longer that this author. This is a money making game. Please use this broadcast for entertainment purposes only.

    • feral pa paw

      A little too Baghdad Bobish for me.

    • thatdogwillbite

      Yup it’s tabloid here with small pieces of reality. Here’s something to throw on the fire. Keep and open mind. Interesting 4 hour audio book with astounding implications. With great power comes great responsible I give this to you my fellow humans.

    • Bullsh*tDetect0r

      Whatever Judy, keep taking those Deep State paychecks to spread this hopium crap. Same with “Nicole,” keep up the great job posting these ridiculous articles.

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