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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Judy Byington: White Hats, Trump, RFK Jr, Twitter to Unleash Global Broadcast, it's On! Special Report for Wed, 12 July 2023 (Video)

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by N.Morgan

Compiled Wed. 12 July 2023 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

White Hats, Trump, RFK Jr, Twitter To Unleash Global Broadcast

The Deep State’s Grip on Power is Crumbling

The Hidden Agenda of Military Industrial Complex, CIA, Wall Street, Big Tech, Rockefellers, Rothschilds Corrupt Banking System’s Pedophile Rings Were Being Exposed

White Hats, Trump, RFK Jr. and Twitter to unleash a global broadcast that will shatter illusions, redefine our reality, reshape our world and usher in an era of unprecedented transformation of Truth and Justice!

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, cash, water and essential items on hand.

“Let Us All Press On in the Work of the Lord”

March 19, 2023 – #4879 Music & the Spoken Word (

“Let us all press on in the work of the Lord,
That when life is o’er we may gain a reward
In the fight for Right let us wield a Sword
The Mighty Sword of Truth
Fear not, though the Enemy Deride
Courage, for the Lord is on our Side
We will head not what the wicked may say
For the Lord, alone we will obey.”

Judy Note: The US Constitution was hanging by a thread, though was bound to be saved as the final stages of White Hat Military Operations took place.

The vile secrets of pedophilia rings were being laid bare for the world to see. Millions of children were being saved, while thousands of Perpetrators who gave homage to Satan through Child Torture and Sacrifice were being arrested, tried and eliminated.

The hidden agenda of the Military-Industrial Complex was being thrust into an unforgiving light. Their Deep State plot for worldwide financial enslavement was unraveling as the very foundation of a corrupt banking system crumbled under the weight of irrefutable evidence.

Difficult years of this tumultuous journey still lay ahead, though brave Patriots had already laid a firm foundation for victory in this Fight for Right using the mighty Sword of Truth.

WARNING: There were reports of some asking for you to hand over your foreign currencies and/or Zim Bonds to them saying they will exchange or redeem them for you. DO NOT give in to this scam. Only the purchaser of the currency or bond can legally exchange or redeem that currency or bond at a Redemption Center for the higher rates. Exceptions were that if you have given someone currency or bonds, along with a notarized gift letter saying you have done so, or if you have given someone Power of Attorney over your affairs. The bottom line: If someone tries to turn in your currency or bonds without your authorization, they could be arrested.

Judy Note: If you were reading this Update as posted on Operation Disclosure Official, be aware that some information has been redacted. For the complete un-redacted version, see the PDF copy at the end of this Update on Operation Disclosure Official.

Quantum Financial System’s Global Currency Revaluation

  • Judy Note: On Sun. 9 July the Gold Standard for World currencies was announced at the BRICS Summit. According the Head of the Global Redemption Committee, Dr. Charlie Ward, we were waiting for Reno and Iraq to complete the Global Currency Reset, while the Iraqi Parliament said they would announce the new Iraqi Dinar Rate on Wed. 12 July – which was the same back date given for release of the Iraqi Dinar Rate using NEER (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate).
  • Tues. 11 July Bruce: The new Iraqi Dinar Rate should be announced and printed in Gazette on Wed. 12 July. Those new rates should be announced 11 am EST Wed. 12 July. Tier4b notifications should come out Wed. 12 July afternoon or Thurs. 13 July morning. A political change would be announced at the same time Tier4b notifications came out Wed. 12 July afternoon or Thurs. 13 July morning.
  • On Fri. 30 June US Inc. Federal Reserve, unable to pay back to the Global Repository the quadrillions owed, handed over all their assets. The next day on Sat. 1 July the new Quantum Financial System began interfacing in computers around the World for the purpose of coordinating currency transactions through the International Payment System ISO 20022. Also on Sat. 1 July the fiat US Dollar transferred into a gold/asset-backed US Note. On Sun. 2 July about 5 pm EST the Dinar Rate went live on the Forex, with live Foreign Currency Converters showing it was fluctuating in value:1,000,000 IQD to USD – Iraqi Dinars to US Dollars Exchange Rate ( By Mon. 3 July SOFR, Libor and many nations dumped their US Treasuries, while the Quantum Financial System was fully integrated worldwide by Tues. 4 July.
  • Iraq and Iran were no longer accepting the US Dollar as their currency.
  • Economic Illusion Unraveling, Yellen:
  • Gold Standard Returns in Aug:
  • Goldilocks Update:
  • Situation Update: /prophecy/2023/07/new-situation-update-07-09-23-q-trump-u-s-military-white-hat-intel-sganon-intel-2543160.html

Tues. 11 July 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866pin123456#

  • On Sat. 8 July at 9 am Redemption Center Staff were inputing codes for currencies going up in value, including the US Note.
  • They had a problem with Iraq Refidian Bank where 830 bankers were still making deals with fiat currencies, so they were arrested.
  • The code input started again this morning and was wrapped up late this afternoon Tues. 11 July.
  • Yesterday Mon. 10 July Iraq had a meeting, continued today and will go through tomorrow.
  • The new Iraqi Dinar Rate should be announced and printed in Gazette Wed. 12 July.
  • New rates should be announced 11 am EST Wed. 12 July.
  • Tier4b notifications should come out Wed. 12 July afternoon or Thurs. 13 July morning.
  • Wed. 12 July or Thurs. 13 July a political change should be announced – Tier4b notifications would be out.
  • Three hours after notification, Tier4b exchange/ redemption appointments will start.
  • On day one you would have 1% access to your exchange funds that would last you for the first 90 days. After that you would have access to all of your exchange funds.

Help Save Our Constitution, It’s Hanging By A Thread:

Barbie & Ken vs. Goliath IRS Update:

Predicted Timeline

  • The First Week of July the Military began Mass Arrests according to Fulford.
  • Sun. 9 July 2023 BRICS Summit Announces a Gold Standard for currencies of the World.
  • Wed. 12 July was a back date given for release of the new Dinar Rate using NEER Calculation.
  • Sun. 23 July possibly could be the Inauguration Date of Pres. Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr. that included a celebration where those in the World Protection Program would come out.
  • Tues. 25 July was Queen Diana’s Coronation date according to JFK Jr.
  • Fall 2023 Massive protests and riots are forecasted to shake Canada’s core, ushering in a winter of discontent in the latter part of 2023 and early 2024.
  • 2026: U.S. (public) Tribunals slated for 2026 will coincide with Canadian Tribunals and World Tribunals that will connect everything from Deep State Human Trafficking, to World Plandemic Deep State Operations, to creation of the Virus. 

Sound of Freedom: Sound of Freedom Tickets & Showtimes | Angel Studios

The Real News for Tues. 11 July 2023:

  • Never use your phones or tablets when they are plugged in when Electro magnetic radiation is off the charts!
  • Lab-made Franken Chicken is being concealed in stores among genuine chicken products, without any indication on the labels that it is not real chicken.
  • Former FEMA Director Brock Long Executed:

White Hat Intel:

  • This communication came directly from the Pentagon, which was ordered directly by the European Alliance Military Operations in cooperation with US White Hat Military.
  • Sources say that the Alliance has all evidence and video on the Nord Stream Bombing.
  • It seems like CIA/MI6 is being blackmailed by White Hats from going too far into a real Nuclear fallout in any form. There is reverse technology that dismantles Nuclear Bombs from exploding.
  • The Prime Minister of Netherlands has resigned. The government is collapsing.
  • For the past four years Neatherlands Underground Tunnels have been under heavy investigation.
  • The Netherlands was going into government collapse that will lead to exposure of all.
  • This Event will happen in several countries as The Storm continues and countries collapse with Adrenochrome Wars, Podesta and 11.3.
  • 11.3 has several significant meanings. …Q

Benjamin Fulford Report:

  • Looking back to Fall 2021, I mentioned keeping an eye on RFK Jr. It is worth noting that his uncle, JFK, established the Special Forces Green Berets for two purposes: combating guerrillas and serving as a safeguard against potential authoritarian actions by the government. This historical context sheds light on why JFK Jr.’s security team was referred to as “Q” and his alleged connection to Special Forces intelligence. The circumstances surrounding JFK Jr.’s plane crash remain mysterious, with a speedy autopsy and burial, leading to speculation.
  • “The Storm” refers to the Q operation, which is claimed to be a military intelligence initiative involving a team of high-ranking individuals with “Q” level security clearance. The objectives of this operation include exposing corruption, encouraging people to conduct further research, eradicating fraud and human rights violations worldwide, and restoring constitutional rule of law. Proponents view it as a significant event in the fight against treason and sedition.
  • Trump was indeed elected as the President of the United States. However, discussions may exist regarding external influences or political strategies. Additionally, RFKJR has supposedly gathered intelligence on vaccines for decades and has been placed in a strategic role for a specific purpose.
  • Finally, there are claims of actors being strategically placed in various key departments, agencies, and corporations, suggesting infiltration for undisclosed motives.

The Final Showdown: Deep State’s Demise Sets the World Ablaze! Brace for Impact!, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy on Telegram

  • In a breathtaking twist of fate, the Deep State’s grip on power is crumbling, sending shockwaves across the globe! Get ready for an earth-shattering exposé that will leave the world gasping for breath! As the United States takes center stage, it becomes the battleground for the most epic showdown in history, unraveling the intricate web of deceit that has ensnared nations worldwide.
  • Prepare for the unimaginable as the veil is lifted, revealing the true face of corruption. The sinister machinations of the CIA, the iron grip of Wall Street, the insidious dominance of Big Tech, and the puppetry of the global banking elite all stand exposed! No stone will be left unturned as the nefarious Rockefellers and Rothschilds face their reckoning. This is the ultimate battle against the dark forces that have manipulated humanity for far too long!
  • But that’s just the beginning of this explosive saga. Brace yourself for the dark underbelly of unimaginable horrors—the vile secrets of pedophilia rings, epitomized by the infamous Epstein scandal, laid bare for the world to see. The very foundations of the corrupt banking system will crumble under the weight of irrefutable evidence, while the hidden agendas of the military-industrial complex are thrust into the unforgiving light.
  • Yet, amidst this chaos, two enigmatic figures emerge from the shadows. The indomitable Trump, a strategic mastermind, holds the key to unlocking the most astonishing revelations yet. And by his side stands RFK Jr., armed with a vault of knowledge, poised to unveil secrets that will rock the foundations of our existence.
  • But that’s not all. A slumbering giant stirs—Twitter, the mighty platform, stands ready to unleash a global broadcast that will shake the very core of society. As we count down to this historic moment in 2024, the world will be forever altered. Prepare yourself for the cataclysmic shift that will redefine our reality and mark the triumph of truth and justice!
  • In the face of adversity, the White Hats emerge as the fearless guardians of integrity, armed with the ultimate arsenal of truth. They hold the power to reshape our world, shatter illusions, and usher in an era of unprecedented transformation. The grand finale is upon us, and the world will bear witness to the unveiling of a new dawn!
  • Stay vigilant, for the storm is brewing, and the final act is about to unfold. Get ready to witness the birth of a new era, where the forces of light conquer darkness, and the truth reigns supreme! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for—the grand finale that will change the course of history forever.

Are You Still Watching the Water? Gold? Silver? Oil?, Goldilocks

  • An unstable market has a profound effect on an economy. It sends the value of countries’ goods, services, and currencies into a great deal of volatility. This is why we are not seeing any prices set for gold, silver, and oil on the debt clock just yet.
  • Let’s take a deep dive into these three assets that govern the global economies’ currency values. There is a correlation between gold and oil, but the price of silver has a life of its own when it comes to affecting the currency market. In the future, this is about to change. These three assets will be intertwined with one another.
  • We have a lot of electric vehicles coming into our new market that require a lot of silver for its production, along with copper. Look for the price of copper to raise with the price of silver. Keep saving those pennies.
  • There is no doubt that the need for silver and copper in the future will play an important role in our global economies by way of jobs and the effect of a country’s GDP.
  • Gold and oil play a much different role, but they have an equal or greater effect on our global economy than most people realize.
  • In today’s world, many of our Eastern countries are pegging their local currencies to gold as we speak. The activation of Basel 3 compliance mechanisms inside a Basel 4 implementation will change the world. This will increase the value of Eastern countries’ currencies purchasing power as the dollar is decreasing its purchasing power.
  • To give you an idea how much OPEC controls the oil supply. It is estimated that 80% of its proven oil supply runs through OPEC and 67% of that supply comes from the Middle East.
  • For this reason, OPEC is reducing the use of the Dollar in oil settlements and including the Yuan that is backed by gold in payments. When the BRICS Nations implement their own gold backed currency, the need for the dollar will significantly decline.
  • If this were not enough, OPEC is calling on other countries besides Saudi Arabia and Russia to lower their oil production. This collective move changes the role and money velocity of the dollar while increasing money velocity in Eastern countries resetting their business models.
  • Again, we are in a currency war that will determine the way we live and how. It’s all about situating ourselves inside choices that will determine our future.
  • For these reasons, we have not seen a repricing event in oil, gold, and silver. There is a positioning taking place in these three markets that will level the playing field going forward on our currencies causing them to have a re-pricing event that will reset our Global Economy.

Ron Paul on the Military Industrial Complex

  • For decades we have seen in countless wars feeing the machine known as the Military Industrial Complex giving billions every year in military Defense Contracts that are unanimously approved by both parties.
  • Eisenhower warned of this and how it’s politically motivated interest supersedes the duty of Government.
  • It’s quite simply Death for Profit and Control and in the past 60 years there has only been one person in office who never Declared or continued a war, and his name is Donald Trump.
  • War benefits the Establishment, not The People, to have a country of prosperity we need someone who represents US.

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):



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