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ZetaTalk Newsletter as of July 16, 2023

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Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday July 16, 2023. Newsletters are available in the Archives by Friday, also. (http://www.zetatalk.newsletr/index.htm)

Wagner Agenda

On June 23 the world was stunned to see an imminent coup in Russia. The Wagner Group, run by a close friend and associate of Putin, was on the road to Moscow. The Wagner Group had been working for Russia in the Ukraine and their leader Prigozhin claimed they had been attacked by Russia. Putin promptly declared Martial Law and denied the charges. What role does the failing Rothschild banking empire have in this attack on Russia, a founding member of the rising BRICS consortium? Was Prigozhin bribed? Never trust a mercenary, as they are in it for the money!

Who is Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Mercenary Leader Russia accused of Mounting a Coup?
June 23, 2023
Mr. Prigozhin has risen from a businessmen known as President Vladimir V. Putin’s ‘chef’ to a symbol of wartime Russia, controlling a private army operating from Ukraine to Central African Republic. Yevgeny V. Prigozhin became rich through his personal ties to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, winning lucrative catering and construction contracts with the Russian government while building a mercenary force known as Wagner.

Russia will Defend Itself from Internal Treachery, says Putin
June 24, 2023
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a televised address that the unfolding events were a betrayal of the country and its people and Russia would defend itself from internal treachery. “We will defend both our people and our statehood from any threats, including internal treachery. What we have been confronted with can be precisely called treachery. The unbounded ambitions and personal interests have led to a treason and a betrayal of the country and its people,” the head of state stressed. The Telegram channel of Wagner private military company founder Yevgeny Prigozhin earlier posted several audio records with accusations against the country’s military leaders. In the wake of this, the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia has opened a criminal case into a call for an armed mutiny. The FSB urged Wagner fighters not to obey Prigozhin’s orders and take measures for his detention.

The Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov rushed to defend Russia. Then as quickly as it started, it ended. The Belarus Prime Minister intervened and negotiated a resolution. Charges against Prigozhin would be dropped and the Wagner Group would sign contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense. All was to be forgiven.  Putin gave another speech on June 26 thanking Russians for their “patriotism” during the Wagner revolt. What on Earth just happened? The Zetas, as usual, explain.

Chechen Leader Offers to Help put down Wagner Mutiny
June 24, 2023
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said his forces were ready to help put down a mutiny by Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin and to use harsh methods if necessary.
Russia is Under Martial Law
June 24, 2023
Russian media has reported that the Kremlin has declared martial law. This a result of the Wagner mercenary group threats as they started to march towards Moscow with thousands of soldiers. Putin has deterred armed mercenary groups from storming administrative buildings in Moscow.

Kremlin says Deal Reached to End Wagner Insurrection
June 25, 2023
The Wagner boss has agreed to leave Russia for Belarus as part of an apparent deal that will see charges against him dropped and his fighters sign contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense.
Russian Mercenary Leader’s Exile Ends Revolt but leaves Questions about Putin’s Power
June 25, 2023
Charges against him of mounting an armed rebellion will be dropped. The rebellious mercenary commander who ordered his troops to march on Moscow abruptly reached a deal with the Kremlin to go into exile and sounded the retreat. Prigozhin will go to neighboring Belarus, which has supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The government also said it would not prosecute Wagner fighters who took part, while those who did not join in were to be offered contracts by the Defense Ministry. Prigozhin ordered his troops back to their field camps in Ukraine, where they have been fighting alongside Russian regular soldiers.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/23/2023: Putin is an ex-KGB agent and not someone who would be surprised by the actions of an associate. He knew there was a potential coup attempt coming, but because Prigozhin was in charge of the mercenary Wagner Group did not arrest Prigozhin prematurely. The Plate Movements that will shake up the world from China to N America and especially Europe are about to be triggered. Those who want Kiev to continue in Ukraine, with all the money laundering and criminal activity it supports, have money at their disposal and have bribed Prigozhin.

This is a Hail Mary, as the maneuver is called in football, a last-chance maneuver with scant chance of success. Of course Prigozhin will be arrested and executed for treason. The Rothschild banking empire, sinking fast and going bankrupt, was part of the plot and the source of the huge bribe Prigozhin was given. BRICS will be the winner in these banking wars, and Russia is a founder and king-pin in the BRICS network. NATO is another loser in the Ukraine battles, but this latest maneuver to invite the US to join their struggles will fail too.

If this was a bribe, Prigozhin taking big money to send his mercenaries to Moscow and invite the Russian Military to join him, where did the big money come from? Is there a relationship between the 6.2 billion the Pentagon “discovered” in their Ukraine weaponry account, available but overlooked? Per Ben Fulford, this was the source of the money the CIA used to bribe Prigozhin.

Pentagon Error Provides Extra $6.2 Billion for Ukraine Military Aid
June 20, 2023
The Pentagon said Tuesday that it overestimated the value of the weapons it has sent to Ukraine by $6.2 billion over the past two years — about double early estimates — resulting in a surplus that will be used for future security packages.
Benjamin Fulford — June 25th 2023: Black Sun Group calls for Emergency World Military Summit after Failure of the First Act of Wagner Opera
June 25, 2023
Basically, the CIA tried to pay off the Wagner Group $6.2 billion to turn against Russia. That is what is behind this headline: “$6.2 Billion accounting error discovered by the Pentagon last week.” Mossad sources warn this is part of an attempt by the KM to start a nuclear war with NATO. However, Russian FSB sources say the nuclear weapons in Belarus are under Russian control and will not be used.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/27/2023: The public is highly confused by the sudden Wagner coup attempt and the even more rapid resolution where all is forgiven. What just happened? As Fulford pointed out, there is a relationship between the 6.1 billion the Pentagon found in its account for Ukraine weaponry and the bribe the CIA needed to incite a Wagner coup.  The Earth is on the verge of Plate Movements that will result in a tsunami toward Europe, and NATO and the EU elite fear being pushed back into the Dark Ages unless they can take over the Russian oil and gas fields.

But Prigozhin became a double agent, working for the CIA and his close friend Putin at the same time. He confessed all to Putin, and they plotted to get Prigozhin the money while at the same time flushing out any traitors in the Russian Military.  When the 6.1 billion was in hand, Prigozhin called off the march toward Moscow. Prigozhin was to be scheduled for execution as a show of strength for Putin who opted instead for forgiveness all around, adding to the confusion the public now has. This is all still in play as NATO and the EU elite are desperate.

Blinken Agenda

If the attempted Wager Group coup was to secure the oil and gas fields of Russia for NATO and the EU, then what was the agenda for the Blinken visit to China, a face-to-face with Xi? Though the truth is kept from the public, Heads of State and the wealthy elite know that Nibiru is a real and present danger and approaching for a passage. The Zetas have predicted that every country will look inward, having their hands full with rioters and migrants, and not looking to start wars elsewhere. Did Blinken strike a deal with Xi re bases in Cuba and Taiwan? Per the Zetas, yes.

Blinken Ruffles Feathers by Stating US ‘does not Support Taiwan Independence’ after Meeting China’s Xi
June 19, 2023
Secretary of State Antony Blinken raised eyebrows Monday, telling reporters the US “does not support Taiwan independence” after meeting in Beijing with officials including Chinese President Xi Jinping.
China in High-Level talks for Military Training Facility in Cuba
June 20, 2023
China and Cuba are reportedly engaged in high-level discussions to establish a new joint military training facility on the island, raising the prospect of Beijing stationing troops less than 100 miles off U.S. shores.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/20/2023: Given the expectation that China will have large quakes when the Sunda Plate snaps off, no longer holding China back from a lurch into the Pacific, what moves might China make? This disaster would likely be more than mere earthquakes in Beijing – the Capitol of China – as it would likely rupture the 3 Gorges Dam too, creating an emergency food shortage. The Chinese CCP were invading the US, coming over the border from Canada just after the 2020 election fraud positioned Biden to claim the White House.  

With the news that China was setting up a training facility in Cuba, it seems an invasion into the US homeland is again being planned by China. The Junta would be overwhelmed while attending to refugees from the New Madrid Rupture in the US. Blinken did not go to China as a Biden Administration representative but under direction from the Junta. Stay out of Cuba and we will stay out of Taiwan, was the offer. China could gobble up Taiwan’s resources after the big China quake devastates the China mainland, and the US would not have to allot resources to Cuba. This frank deal is likely to be accepted.

How close are the big disasters that will force both China and the US to look inward to attend to their citizenry? The predicted China blowout, the lurch into the Pacific when the Sunda Plate snaps off, is likely to destabilize the 3 Gorges Dam as well as devastate Beijing, the China headquarters. Food shortages will increase for China, but will they attempt another invasion of the US and Canada farmlands? This was blocked in 2020. And the US has indicated no interest in helping Ukraine win its tussle with Russia. The Crop Circle makers indicate a big Severe Wobble is at hand, as the Zetas had been predicting for months.
ZetaTalk Analysis 6/26/2023: This pointed Crop Circle design is giving a timeline for a major Severe Wobble episode, which has been predicted by ourselves months ago. This would involve a Polar Push such that the Magnetic N Pole of Earth would be pushed away and not allowed to Bounce Back on a daily basis – represented by the lopsided circle central to the design. The 5 spikes represent days, a time period between the Sunda Plate snap and China lunge into the Pacific until the SE Portion of N America ruptures along the New Madrid Fault Line. The clock or calendar, a timeline, is included to indicate this design is a timeline.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/20/2023: In trying to give Obama time to announce the presence of Nibiru, the Council of Worlds had installed humming boxes and monoliths to delay Plate Movements. These delays impacted schedules and timelines elsewhere in the Universe and consequently the Council of Worlds is now under great pressure to catch up and has instituted a Severe Wobble to do so. 

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/30/2021: We have mentioned that the Council of Worlds plans to allow a Severe Wobble on Earth to force the establishment to admit the reality of Nibiru. In that such a temporary Severe Wobble would have to merge in with the Daily Earth Wobble, it is a tricky affair for the benign aliens arranging to fulfill the Council’s edict.

Herbal Meds

Before modern day Pharma dominated the doctor’s office and the ads running on TV, mankind relied on Herbal Meds. There was no profit for the Pharma industry, so this information was suppressed. Yet those who use them attest to their worth, including myself. I Nancy saw scar tissue setting up on my son’s back where he had surgery and chopped up fresh Comfrey leaves. Within 2 days the scar region turned bright pink and then turned to skin. I was stunned. Comfrey is also known as bone-knit for its ability to heal fractures. Caution: Comfrey should not be consumed as a vegetable and should be used in moderation.  
As a result of Troubled Times discussions a list of suggested Books on Herbs was compiled, and tips from users were provided.

Ancient Healing Secrets
By Dian Dincin Buchman, Ph.D. Easy A-Z guide of ancient home remedies. The renowned medicine expert and author writes to us from a long lineage of herbalists, starting with her Rumanian grandfather, who gathered information from the Gypsies.
Complete Medicinal Herbal
By Penelope Ody. A comprehensive guide to the healing properties of herbs, with more than 250 remedies for common ailments. Profusely illustrated with super crisp photos.
Eyewitness Handbook of Herbs
By Lesley Bremness. A guide to more than 700 herb species from around the world. Reinforced softback. 304 pages. Gorgeous crisp photographs throughout. Published by Buchman, Dian Dincin.
From the Shepherd’s Purse
By Max G. Barlow. Covers the identification, preparation, and use of medicinal plants, using the plant taxonomy approach. Profuse color illustrations and line drawings. An excellent general reference for anyone interested in herbal medicine. Includes details on 108 plants commonly found in North America. Hardback.
Herb Book
By John B. Lust, John B. 1974. ISBN 0-87904-007-6 Extensive compilation of hundreds of herbs, with line drawings, descriptions, growth ranges, parts used and uses. Techniques of herbal medicine, appendices of cross references of common to Latin botanical names, and an extensive index.
Herbal Medicine: The Natural Way to Get Well and Stay Well
Published by Buchman, Dian Dincin in Gramercy, New York. 1980. Hard cover with DJ, 310 pages, index, drawings, list of resources.
Herbally Yours
By Penny C. Royal. Herbally Yours is the first comprehensive herbal handbook. A complete list of herbs and herbal combinations and how to use them.
The Herbal Medicine Cabinet
By Debra St. Claire Descriptions with actual pictures of the plants mentioned.
Indian Herbalogy of North America
By Alma R. Hutchens. An illustrated encyclopedic guide to more than two hundred medicinal plants found in North America, with descriptions of each plant’s appearance and uses, and directions for methods of use and dosage. Native American traditions are compared with traditional uses of the same plants among other cultures where the science of herbs has flourished, particularly in Russia and China.
Medical Botany
By W. H. Lewis and M. P. F. Elvin-Lewis, published by John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1977. 515 pages. Hardback ISBN: 0-471- 53320-3 Paperback ISBN: 0-471-86134-0. This book contains a careful examination of the pharmacological basis for medicinal properties attributed to many plants. In combination with a field guide to the plants in the area in which you are operating, this book would be invaluable in determining whether to use plants as a supplement to your pharmaceutical supplies, which plants to use, and how to use them.
Native American Ethnobotany
By Daniel Moerman, is 927 pages of North American plants and their medicinal uses by Native Americans. It’s first publication was August 1998 through Timber Press of Portland, Oregon. He spent the last 30 years compiling it.

During the Covid-19 scare, HCQ was proven to be more effective than Pharma meds, and was so threatening to the Pharma industry it was taken off the shelves in many countries. Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol was renowned for success, and was immediately recommended by then President Trump. HCQ is a natural substance, in trees. Many other Herbal Meds were also found effective against the Covid-19 virus. The Pole Shift Ning also has info on Herbal Meds and those specific for Covid-19

HCQ for instance, the big threat. Ivermectin another. A total of 39 herbal medicines were identified as very likely to appeal to the COVID-19 patient. According to our method, the benefits/risks assessment of the herbal medicines was found to be positive in 5 cases (Althaea officinalis, Commiphora molmol, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Hedera helix, and Sambucus nigra), promising in 12 cases (Allium sativum, Andrographis paniculata, Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea purpurea, Eucalyptus globulus essential oil, Justicia pectoralis, Magnolia officinalis, Mikania glomerata, Pelargonium sidoides, Pimpinella anisum, Salix sp, Zingiber officinale), and unknown for the rest.
Willow (Salix) and poplar (Populus) each contain salicylic acid (the active ingredient in aspirin) and were used for pain relief. Rose hips were popular in Europe to treat colds and influenza and Indigenous peoples relied on the wild version, along with teas made with spruce (Picea) or cedar (Thuja) needles, to keep scurvy at bay. Other parts of the rose (leaves, petals and roots) were used to treat a variety of stomach disorders and to make an eyewash to treat snow blindness or eyes irritated by campfire smoke. Effective eyewashes were also made from bachelor’s buttons (Centaurea cyanus) or raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeaus). Bachelor’s Buttons (Centaurea cyanus) were used to make eyewash.  Nettle (Urtica dioica), a perennial plant found throughout the world, has been used to treat respiratory problems, digestive disorders, urinary tract problems and gout. A tea made from the fresh or dried leaves was a spring tonic for early settlers and the fresh juice was reported to promote the flow of milk in nursing mothers.  Yarrow (Achillea millefolium, also known as millefoil, nosebleed and warrior plant) is one of the world’s most popular herbs, with a wide diversity of uses. A poultice made from the flowers and young leaves was well-known for its abilities to stop bleeding and heal wounds. It was used as a bitter tonic to stimulate digestion, the leaves were chewed to relieve toothache, and it was also effective at treating coughs, colds and fever. For dental hygiene, sage (Salvia officinalis) and a variety of mint leaves, or even pine needles, were chewed to freshen the breath. Chewsticks with frayed ends were fashioned from twigs of oak, maple and dogwood to serve as toothbrushes. Some culinary herbs from the garden did double duty in the “medicine cabinet.” Summer savory (Satureja hartensis) could bring down a fever and winter savory (Satureja mantana) was popular as a remedy for colic.


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