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ZetaTalk Newsletter as of August 20, 2023

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Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday August 20, 2023. Newsletters can be found in the Archives by Friday, also. (

Measuring Plate Movement

Surveillance planes have been observed making a tight grid of SW Chicago, and now they are doing the same for New York City and Toronto. This is to determine if the land is being destabilized. The hope is to have an early warning that the hard rock Bridge connecting the Ozarks and the Appalachian Mountains is about to fracture and release its grip. Per recent ZetaTalk, the surveillance grid is recording GPS coordinates and a change in elevation, indicating movement and direction of movement.  
ZetaTalk Insight 8/1/2023: A change in the tilt of tall buildings or a change in GPS location would indicate that this land is being destabilized. We have stated that when the Bridge holding the hard rock of the Ozarks to the hard rock of the Appalachian Mountains snaps, that almost “instantaneously” the Azores will rip open, allowing the European tsunami to proceed.  How does one get an early warning that this is occurring? 

An enterprising ZetaTalk team member discovered a way to use Google Earth Pro to read rising or dropping land elevations and GPS shifts. He started collecting data on August 5. These readings have been correlating with expectations given by the Zetas! Google Earth PRO provides outdated images for a location search in most cases but the elevation and GPS location is current. Starting on August 5, here are the results. Per Buoy 32402 on August 2, which showed a sudden drop of 6,000 feet off the coast of Chile, a S America waggle was in process at that time.

On August 5:
The Vista Tower in Chicago – on the river, has sunk 1 foot (1 foot). And the Lafayette Museum in Lafayette, La, on the west side of the Mississippi, has sank 7 feet?! (7 feet) The Yucatan has moved one degree N since yesterday.
On August 6:
The Yucatan is really moving’ big time – a total of 17ft, 5.5″ S (17 feet) and 29″ E (2 foot) since yesterday!  I target a Landmark with a smallish footprint for more accuracy. Yucatan has actually gained 67′ (67 feet) of elevation, since yesterday! It’s pulling to the S/ SE.
On August 8:
The Yucatan moved a whopping 44.92″ S (4 feet) and 5.91″ E.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/6/2023: The hot spots in N America are reflecting what parts are being pulled and stretched as the dynamics of the New Madrid Adjustment proceed. The Africa Roll is pulling the SE Portion to the East and down, while at the same time the S American waggle is allowing the SE Portion to slide eastward across the Caribbean Plate. On August 2 there was a major Africa Roll, so the SE Portion was painfully stretched and the methane release in the rock to the east of the New Madrid Fault Line was apparent.

Then on August 3 a strong S America waggle occurred, as documented by Buoy 32402 when a sudden void was created in the waters along the Chile coastline. This waggle allowed the SE Portion to relieve the pressure it was imposing on the Caribbean Plate by shifting the Yucatan and other underwater parts about. It is notable that Florida has begun to complain about quake tremors. As the New Madrid Fault Line prepares to rupture, there will be other rapid shifts in the dynamics. Expect the Gulf and lower Mississippi River region to rupture next. Then the Bridge and EU tsunami.

But by August 9 something changed. A big quake on the Toe on August 9 was accompanied by extreme heat in New Orleans where the Fault Line makes land fall as it rises out of the Gulf. Hot water in the Gulf was also reported on Florida beaches. This was accompanied by a surprise reading at the Yucatan, which registered a slight shift North and West with a big drop in elevation. This is the reverse of what had been measured earlier. The Zetas explain.

On August 10:
It moved 1degree, 36.76″ W (3 foot) and 17’48.79″ N (17 feet). Also, 42 ft lower in elevation (42 foot), as of 1:30 am

City of New Orleans issues Emergency Declaration due to Extreme Heat
August 8, 2023
Record heat continues with triple digit highs.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/10/2023: As can be seen, the Caribbean Plate has a hump, rising along its northern border and then dropping at the eastern border. The Toe of the SE Portion must slide over this hump, thus causing gyrations at the Yucatan. When S America is in a waggle into the Atlantic, it pulls the Caribbean hump to the East, allowing the Toe room to maneuver. But when the waggle returns, allowing the top part of S America to lean West, this pushes the Yucatan up again and to the West, riding with the Caribbean. In this iterative process, the Toe and Yucatan ultimately are shifted to the East and even into the Atlantic somewhat during the New Madrid Rupture finale.

Google Earth Pro measurements of the Bridge were also done. The New Madrid Fault Line comes up the Mississippi River but branches to follow the Ohio where they meet at Cairo. It follows the Ohio River through the Bridge of hard rock to the Wabash zone in lower Illinois and Indiana, thence up the state of Indiana along its western edge toward the Great Lakes, thence taking the curve to the East just shy of the Great Lakes to follow along the Seaway to its exit. Here’s the report, and it fits what would be expected, The SE Portion is being pulled East and South, and the Mainland is holding.

On August 9:
Movement in Evansville, Indiana- 1’5″ S (1 foot) and maybe 9″ E!  Elevation change, too- 36′ higher (36 feet). Evansville is above the Bridge, and on the portion there that will move E with the SE Portion. Thebes, Illinois on the mainland and nearby, showed no change. Thebes is on the Mainland portion just above the NM fault line route where it goes along the Ohio. Thus solid Mainland.

On August 11 there was unzipping up the Mississippi River, the next sign to look for per the Zetas. Lafayette, LA on the mainland side move 43 feet to the West and rose 29 feet in elevation due to the release of any attachment to the SE Portion. Then right across the Mississippi River in New Orleans, an unexplained power outage along the river front.

On August 11:
We got a waggle for sure; movement in Venezuela (the bulge of SA) to the East. Lafayette, LA on the mainland side moved a whopping 2 ft, 70.54″ N (8 foot) and 1 degree, 43′ 79.59″ W! (51 feet). And also rise in elevation 29′ (29 feet) today

Almost 4,000 out of Power in Uptown New Orleans
August 8, 2023
The failures stretched from Monticello Avenue, at the Jefferson Parish line, to Walnut Street near the Mississippi River.

Pacific Compression

With Plate Movement, there is compression (where plates butt into each other) and slip-slide (where the plates borders slide in different directions) or stretch (where they pull apart). Heat from ripping rock can be present for any of these moves, as the recent hot Earth reports show. China is in a massive stretch as it is being pulled into the Pacific during the Eurasian Plate stretch, and has had melting roads from the heat. The New Madrid Fault Line from NOLA to the Bridge is hot on either side, due to the separation rip. And it seems the entire Northern Hemisphere has overheated oceans from all the Plate Movement.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1996: Those situated where rapid subduction occurs on areas above sea level may find themselves on hot earth during the moments following a Pole Shift when the crust stops moving and the plates in essence slam into each other like a train whose engine suddenly comes to a stop. Here height helps, as the greater the distance from where friction between the crusts is creating heat, the better. The heat can be great enough to melt rock, as witnesses who have survived such terrifying sights attest.

The Kolbrin relays that the ground from subduction and ripping rock was heated to the point where the ground was like wax – melted rock. Velikovsky relays this well in his book Worlds in Collision. Looking at the devastation in Maui it appeals to be more than just fire. The tires on cars parked along the ocean front are burned away, cars just gray hulks. If plate subduction can melt rock so it is like wax, then it can do this to cars.

Excerpts from Worlds in Collision, Boiling Earth and Sea
The traditions of the Indians (also) retain the memory of this boiling of the water in river and sea. The tribes of British Columbia tell: “Great clouds appeared .. and such a great heat came, that finally the water boiled. People jumped into the streams and lakes to cool themselves, and died”. On the North Pacific coast of America the tribes insist that the ocean boiled: “It grew very hot .. many animals jumped into the water to save themselves, but the water began to boil”. The Indians of the Southern Ute tribe in Colorado record in their legends that the rivers boiled. Jewish tradition, as preserved in the rabbinical sources, declares that the mire at the bottom of the Sea of Passage was heated. Hesiod in his Theogony, relating the upheaval caused by a celestial collision, says: “The huge earth groaned .. A great part of the huge earth was scorched by the terrible vapor and melted as tin melts when heated by man’s art .. or as iron, which is hardest of all things, is softened by glowing fire in mountain glens”.

Hawaii is clearly under compression, as it lies at the juncture of several of the Pacific subplates – North, East, and West. China is regularly lurching into the Pacific, and the Mainland is pushing westward as it drops too. The crunch finally hit Hawaii.

At Least 6 Dead as Wildfire Razes Hawaiian Town on Island of Maui
August 9, 2023
Desperate residents jumped into the ocean in a bid to escape the fast-moving flames. Emergency services were overwhelmed by a disaster that appeared to have erupted almost without warning. The hospital system on the island of Maui “was overburdened with burn patients, people suffering from inhalation. 911 is down. Cell service is down. Phone service is down.”

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/10/2023: In 2010 we described the 4 plate sections that form the Pacific Plate, and in 1996 when the ZetaTalk saga began we predicted hot earth where rapid plate subduction might occur. 2023 is a time of rapid Plate Movement with the Eurasian Plate stretching into the Pacific while the Pacific compresses. Hawaii is at the juncture of 3 of the 4 Pacific Plate sections – the North, East, and West sections. That a sudden compression in the Pacific would cause spontaneous fires in Hawaii should therefore not be a surprise.   

ZetaTalk Description 2010: The Pacific Plate is assumed to be a single plate, but it is not. Hawaii, which rides higher after every major adjustment in the area, is rising, and this can only be the case if there is subduction of a plate somewhere, pushing the plate that Hawaii rides on up. The Society Island are on a chain that forms a line with the Hawaii Islands, and such a rise is not a coincidence. This is also a fault line, where a plate that is subducting under the Americas is rising commensurately along these island chains. There is a fault line running from Kamchatka to the Society Islands, and both will rise during the pole shift. There is likewise a fault line running from just west of the Hawaiian Island chain down to West Samoa.

Alien Invasion

The threat of an alien invasion comes up on occasion when it is advantageous to those in power. If they want the common man to sit tight in his house, afraid to go outside, an alien invasion can be used to reduce rioting. The excuse? Give the troops room to counter an alien invasion. If they need more funds for the Space Force, what better excuse to use. Now we have an incident in Peru where the Colombian drug lords wanted to chase away the natives so they could set up a drug processing and distribution site. The boggy to be used for this scar tactic? An alien invasion.

Terrified Peruvian Villagers Claim they are Under Attack from 7ft-Tall ‘Aliens’ Dubbed ‘Face Peelers’ as they Plead with Authorities to Send Backup
August 8, 2023
Terrified villagers in a rural Peruvian district have claimed they have come under attack by 7ft-tall aliens they have dubbed Los Pelacaras, or The Face Peelers. Members of the Ikitu tribe from the San Antonio native community have reported mysterious figures in dark-coloured hoods attacking the villagers, who live in the rural district of Alto Nanay, north east of Lima, Peru. ‘We have met almost face to face. His face is hardly visible. I have seen his whole body floating at a height of one meter,’ he said, suggesting the being was hovering. He added: ‘Their shoes are round-shaped, which they use to float… Their heads are long, they wear a mask and their eyes are yellowish. They are experts at escaping.’

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/8/2023:
Using drone platforms and changing the color of their eyes with colored lens, these attackers are not aliens but in the employ of drug lords who want to chase the villagers out of the area. Colombia is under surveillance and they want a new drug assembly and distribution site nearby. Relying on a local legend from the past where cannibals attacked, they are trying to simulate an alien attack. Iquitos is accessible from water as well as from the air.

In the past a false alien invasion was broadcast by the CIA to test how the public would react. The Orson Wells story War of the Worlds was the basis for this False Flag event.

ZetaTalk Orson Wells 5/15/1997: The presentation of the radio drama War of the Worlds some decades ago in the United States was, as many have expected, a test. Given that the alien presence had up until that time been consistently presented as an alien threat, the public reaction was hardly surprising. Radio dramas are often confused with reality by those tuning in, as there are few clues that a fiction, rather than a factual scene, is being portrayed. On TV, the fact that one is watching a movie is quickly apparent. There are clues in the settings, the time gaps and leaps, and the frequent intimate moments which newscasters are not generally privy to. Thus, had War of the Worlds been presented on TV at that time, rather than as a radio drama, the reaction would not have been the same.

This test, which the establishment knew would be taken for a real broadcast by many, was to determine not how the public would react to a threat but rather to determine if they believed in the alien presence. They did, and thus they reacted, and the strength of the reaction told an establishment which had been congratulating themselves on having suppressed belief in aliens that they had not succeeded as they thought.

Subsequently suppression continued but got meaner, with mistreatment of contactees becoming more abusive and physical. Since the establishment at that time was in the main under the impression that aliens were only interested in a takeover, having made contact with Service-to-Self aliens first, and being unaware of the separation of orientations that takes place after 3rd Density, they felt that the panic that ensued after the Orson Wells radio drama was inevitable. They thought of themselves as holding back a flood, putting their fingers in holes in the dike, and looking out for mankind’s welfare. The few suicides that the broadcast caused, and the potential heart attacks, were not a concern to the establishment at that time, as they considered themselves to be essentially at war and the nation in essence under martial law. All rules of human conduct go out the window when the leadership themselves are a panic.

These tests of public reaction and the desire to use a False Flag event toward a political end have not ceased since. In 2022 Greer warned of a pending invasion. Greer became a CIA spokesperson after he and his assistant were injected with an aggressive cancer, and only he survived. Thus intimidated, Greer can be counted on to make claims and even stage a scene. His little alien proved to be a mummy of an aborted human fetus.

ZetaTalk Staged Invasion June 22, 2022: This rumor, spread by Greer, of a pending alien invasion, staged by the government, is unlikely to occur but as it is in the hands of man, anything could happen. The problems facing such an attempt to get the public well behind an all out Star Wars funding and effort would be to declare an invasion from space. The thought, also, would be to bring many countries behind the US in this. Russia, of course, would not buy into that, being privy to the alien presence all along. The primary problem with this plan is threefold.

1. they would have to stage an invasion that would equal in technological skill what much of the world has already come to understand, or has personally seen, in alien technology – sudden disappearances, right angle turns at high speeds, gravity control, etc. Thus, a poorly staged “invasion” would actually come back on the perpetrators, a horror they contemplate continuously.

2. to announce an alien invasion would be to admit to the alien presence. Leaks around the edges of this story would surely occur. Those reporting would forget what they were supposed to just have learned and start talking about what they already know. The public would see past this, realize they had been lied to all along, and once again, the perpetrators have shot themselves in the foot.

3. we, and our brethren, realizing we are to be used in this manner, could foil the staged invasion by a real display of our technology, highlighting the difference in a manner no one could miss, and by our presence creating blunders in the execution of the staged invasion so the truth would be out without question.

Thus, we predict, albeit with the caveat that this is in the hands of man and could change as their free will rules in this matter, that no such invasion will be staged.


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