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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Judy Byington: Nuclear Standoff Near Death Civilization Event in Progress! Protect the Children! Special Intel Report for Friday 20 Oct 2023 (Video)

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by N.Morgan

(Turn off VPN, as it can block certain videos, like Rumble)

Compiled Fri. 20 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

Nuclear Standoff Near Death Civilization Event In Progress

Protect the Children.

It’s only wise to be prepared for disasters and store at least a month’s worth of cash, water, food and essential items for yourself and to help others.

A Child’s Prayer (2013) | The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

Heavenly Father, are you really there?
And do you hear and answer ev’ry child’s prayer?
Some say that Heaven is far away,
But I feel it close around me as I pray.
Heavenly Father, I remember now
Something that Jesus told disciples long ago:
“Suffer the children to come to me.”
Father, in prayer I’m coming now to thee.
Speak, He is list’ning.
You are His child;
His love now surrounds you.
He hears your prayer;
He loves the children.
Of such is the Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heav’n.

Judy Note: The gold/asset-backed Global Currency Reset was on the verge of completion. The Iraqi Dinar had revalued and the majority of the world’s population resided in nations that had joined the BRICS Alliance, which refused to accept the fiat US Dollar for trade.

The Israel-Hamas War was playing out as a movie script increasing tensions and threats of Nuclear Strikes around the Globe while trying to promote a World War III. No one really knew what was going on – except for the Cabal, which was manipulating US Inc. to fund both sides of the war.

With over 430 criminal indictments about to be filed against him, President Biden was expected to resign at any time, and especially by Tues. 24 Oct. when the Supreme Court decision on the Brunson case verifying 2020 Voter Fraud was set to be made public.

  • WARNING: U.S. citizens traveling abroad are urged to “exercise increased caution” in light of the heightened global tensions spurred by Hamas’ terror attack on Israel and the unfolding Israel-Hamas war, the State Department said in a new advisory on Thursday. “Due to increased tensions in various locations around the world, the potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations or violent actions against U.S. citizens and interests, the Department of State advises U.S. citizens overseas to exercise increased caution,” officials said in the “worldwide caution” alert.
  • “The Mystery of Israel Solved” Documentary Film
  • Whatever is happening behind the scenes is all part of a masterful plan, and everyone should keep their heads up and faith strong. Trump is protected and insulated. You are watching a movie. Everything has meaning. It had to be this way. SOMETIMES you must walk through the darkness before you see the light. …Q, Into The Storm on Telegram
  • “Biden is going down tonight.” …Mel Gibson Thurs. 19 Oct.
  • Social media censors are using “disinformation” claims to silence Free Speech, 136 academics, historians, and journalists have warned. Social networks, government officials, universities and NGOs are attempting to label legitimate opinions as fake news, according to the group of influential thinkers.
  • JFK warned US. President John F. Kennedy spoke out against corruption in intelligence agencies, secret societies and the Military Industrial Complex. He refused to sign “Operation Northwoods”, the CIA False Flag Plan to start military conflict with Cuba (look it up). President Kennedy stood up against the machine, and paid the ultimate price for it. We need more leaders willing to fight corruption if we are to survive as a free nation.

Judy Note: If you were reading this Update on, or from Operation Disclosure Official, be aware that the information has been redacted. For a complete un-redacted version, see a PDF copy at the end of the Update on Operation Disclosure Official, or read an un-redacted version on the Rumor Mill Website.

Rumored Global Currency Reset Timeline:

  • The Iraqi Dinar has revalued and for the past week has been trading on the back screens of the Forex, putting itself in a position for the new exchange rate that was soon to be made public. Iraqi Banks have been telling Iraqi citizens that the Iraqi Dinar Rate has been changing up in value on the back screens of the Forex and the new rate was about to be announced by the Central Bank of Iraq Board of Directors.
  • The Central Bank of Iraq suspended Western Union service for international money transfer:
  • Iraq joined BRICS and banned cash withdrawals of US Dollars in Iraq:
  • Overnight Sun. 15 Oct. the Banks completed the remaining layers of payments and that same Sunday the IMF and World Bank held their last meeting.
  • By Mon. 16 Oct. the Dinar was fluctuating in value on the back screens of the Forex, though was mainly at $1.47 to the USD in-country. Also, the RV launch algorithms were said to be ready to go; Dubai 1 had been released and Dubai 2 had almost finished it’s launch.
  • On Tues. 17 Oct. Iraq passed a law giving 5% interest rates on all bank deposits. They encouraged Iraqi citizens to move their Dinars from under the mattress and deposit them in the bank for profit. “Our new automated Banking Systems are waiting to make it happen for you.”
  • On Wed. 18 Oct. Iraq raised their interest rates because they were going to raise the value of the Iraqi Dinar.
  • The 20 or so days of Disclosure was believed to have begun around Sun. 1 Oct. If so, that would take the RV Timeline to this Fri. 20 Oct. when all buy-sell Bond Operations will be closed, meaning you can’t buy any more bonds. You have to ask Why? Perhaps the RV?
  • EBS Activation on Sun. 22 Oct? Q says that “After Argentina’s election on Sun. 22 Oct. everything would change and the World would soon have no Internet for a whileWe are approaching that TimelineGet Ready for it.” …Q
  • EBS Activation on Tues. 24 Oct? when the Supreme Court was expected to announce their decision on the Brunson 2020 Election Fraud Case, which could take down the Biden Administration and all of Congress. Could this cause riots and be the EBS Activation date?
  • EBS Activation on Tues. 31 Oct? Trump said he was “turning off the friggin lights at Halloween.” Did he mean EBS Activation on Tues. 31 Oct?
  • Starting the fourth week of October Repatriation and Reclamation Allowances would be paid out. The amount of monies paid back will be based on federal taxes paid since the 1940s, interest on mortgages, bank loans, car loans and credit card interest – along with interest earned on those monies over the years. Those 60 and older will be paid in three equal monthly payments for Oct, Nov & Dec. Those 50-60 will get payments over the next 12 months and those younger will be paid out over 15 years, though they have to be employed in order to qualify.
  • Starting sometime in October and continuing for three months Social Security benefits will be significantly higher, topping out at $5,200.
  • Repatriation Allowances for 60 and older will begin the 18th or 25th of Oct. as the beginning of three equal payments over the next three months.
  • Wed. 1 Nov. was the goal to have Currency Exchanges and Zim Bond Redemptions completed, although that date could vary.
  • On Sun. 19 Nov. XRP gold/asset-backed digital currency would be official.
  • Starting 1 Jan. 2024 the fiat US Dollar will be worthless, all currencies across the Globe will be on par 1:1 with each other, Social Security benefits will be much higher and the SS R&R payments start on a monthly basis.
  • In the next three to six months the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer “universal basic income” for citizens of all GESARA-compliant countries. The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family and will work to encourage people to work if they can.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Thurs. 19 Oct. Bruce: Currency Sellers have been advised they were no longer able to sell currencies after 11:59 pm Fri. night 20 Oct. Central Daylight time. Once the Currency Sellers stopped being able to sell, Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) would go.

The optimal time we could be notified was Sat. morning 21 Oct.

  • Wed. 18 Oct. MarkZ: “On the Bond side there are some with appointments this Friday (20 Oct.) and they are expecting full funding. There are also a couple appointments for over the weekend. There are still expectations of things paying out overnight tonight. Starting in Asia and Europe and moving our way” …“The petro dollar is done. If anyone is to buy any BRICS nations oil you will have to pay in their currency. They are not accepting the US dollar.”
  • Wed. 18 Wolverine: All operations will be closing by the 20th of October which means you can’t buy any more bonds. They will be shutting down. We are that close, guys. The launch algorithms were ready to go on Mon. 16 Oct. Dubai 1 has been released and Dubai 2 could be finished by now. Banks completed the remaining layers of payments overnight Sun. 15 Oct.
  • Wed. 18 Oct. TNT: The window for the rate change is still open. The word is Thursday going into Friday 19-20 Oct, but it can still be at any minute. It’s the perfect time to change the rate, while the international transactions are shut down to stop the smuggling of US dollars out of the country.
  • Wed. 18 Oct. GESARA, QFS, GCR/RV, ISO 20022, BASEL III, Protocol QFS 20, and DINAR are components of the New Financial System. Everything Is Related! – American Media Group (
  • The Quantum Financial System (QFS) relies on XRPL, or the XRP Ledger, to be a digital highway upon which financial transactions are conducted securely and at warp speed. The Quantum Trinity: XRPL, XRP, and NESARA – The Financial Game Changer – American Media Group (

Thurs. 19 Oct. 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866pin123456#, 667-770-1865

  • Currency Sellers have been advised they were no longer able to sell currencies after 11:59 pm Fri. night 20 Oct. Central Daylight time.
  • Once the Currency Sellers stopped being able to sell, Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) would go.
  • The optimal time we could be notified was Sat. morning 21 Oct.
  • There was a conference call between the US Treasury, Wells Fargo, HSBC locations worldwide and Redemption Centers around the Globe scheduled for 1-3 pm EST Fri. 20 Oct.
  • They will discuss whether or not Redemption Centers could be staffed on Sun. 22 Oct.
  • The Supreme Court decision on the Brunson Case (that would take down the Biden Administration and all of Congress) would come out around Tues. 24 Oct.
  • Mass Arrests have been intensively going on for the past few days.

Global Financial Crisis:

Restored Republic:

Israel is Last

  • Democratic Texas Rep. Colin Allred threatened to call the Capitol Police on a citizen journalist rather than answer a question about reports he had backed the release of millions of dollars that potentially funded the terrorist organization Hamas, according to a video obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller. “Congressman Allred, do you regret calling for the release of millions of dollars to Hamas?” the citizen journalist asked multiple times. “I’ll get the Capitol Police for you,” Allred responded while a female walking with the congressman told the journalist he could not record in the building. “You’re on federal property, stop doing this,” Allred added.
  • Wed. 18 Oct. Turkish Police Recover Stolen Jewish Torah Scrolls Decorated With Satanic Illuminati Symbolism (video) – American Media Group (
  • Venezuela sends 30 tons of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

“The Mystery of Israel Solved,” a documentary about the entities behind the current war in Israel and how they have used it as an excuse to start World War III.

Dear friends all over the world,

  • Today I come to you with an extremely disturbing film, that I produced in the recent days – with tears in my eyes and a broken heart.
  • The film exposes something so nefarious, so evil, so mind-blowing, that many will find it hard to believe. Yet it is true. This film can deliver a fatal blow to the satanic elites, who want to establish a world government to enslave all of humanity.
  • The Rothschilds promised the Israelis a land of their own if they would bring the United States into World War I. They got it after World War II. The shocking secrets unveiled by this incredible documentary will shine a blazing light on those who have always been hiding behind the state of Israel.
  • I made this film, during the dark hours of the night, while I had to sleep for my health, but I got no rest until this film was finished.
  • Humanity is bound on all sides by lies, that are too enormous to comprehend, but it is our task to break these chains of deception, so mankind can enter a world without terror, destruction, and war.
  • The intention of the entities who are behind the current war in Israel is to use it as an excuse to start world war III. According to their plan this must then result in the establishing of a tyrannical one world government, to bring “peace.”
  • This plot needs to be exposed! Please watch the film and share:

Israel Conflict:

  • One month ago, Mohammed bin Salman announced that Saudi Arabia was moving “closer” to a historic normalization agreement with Israel, with this progress linked to Palestinian negotiations and an arms deal with the United States.
  • At the same time, Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled the India-Middle East-Europe-Economic Corridor (IMEC), a trade route connecting India and the European Union through the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.
  • Fast forward one month, Hamas carried out a terrorist attack on Israel.
  • In response, Israel declared war on Hamas, initiating airstrikes on Gaza and cutting off food, water, and electricity to 2 million Palestinians.
  • The United States deployed two carrier strike groups to the Mediterranean, the State Department issued a “worldwide caution” for American citizens, and the Middle East stands at the precipice of war.
  • What is the goal behind the terrorist attack on Israel?
  • Is it possible for Israel to eradicate Hamas without killing tens of thousands of Palestinians?
  • Does China, Russia, and Iran want India, Saudi Arabia, and Israel to build an alternative trade route to the Belt & Road initiative?

Join in the Fight for Our Freedoms and Save the Children:

The Canadian Vancouver Club has scheduled itself to celebrate Satan’s Birthday on Halloween by holding a Satanic Child Sex and Torture Rite starting in the evening to midnight on Sat. 28 Oct.

  • You are encouraged to help Save the Children from this “Horror of Venice Carnival Halloween Event” that evening of Sat. 28 Oct by protesting at the Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, Canada; by writing to the Court at:  [email protected] and by listening this Sunday October 22 to Here We Stand at 3 pm pacific:

Donate to Operation Underground Railroad – They’re Saving The Children End Child Trafficking | Operation Underground Railroad (

The capitol of the Sovereign Nation of Hawaii in Lahaina Maui has been destroyed. /beyond-science/2023/10/white-hats-exposed-via-the-maui-space-force-debacle-videos-2455541.html Hundreds of men, women and children were presumed dead. Over two thousand children were still missing. At least 4,500 displaced. Any aid you could give to help those suffering tremendous losses would be greatly appreciated. Be Careful Where You Donate: The Kingdom of Akua Foundation’s Malama Lahaina Website was the only official and authorized site solely dedicated to and run by the Hawaiian Native PeoplesMalama Lahaina – Pūpūkahi i Holomua  Donations (

Donations were needed to help Save Our Constitution and battle the IRS – butyou get COOL Liberty stuff! Donations go to the printing, postage, travel, mailings and service of legal documents to the criminals and courts. See what cool stuff a Miracles donation can get you. Shopping page:

Support the Fight for our Freedom from the Goliath IRS: Ken Cromar is sitting in jail after having his fully paid for home and all his possessions taken away by the IRS even though he won his case in a Federal Tax Court that he owed no money to the IRS. His mailing address (he can only receive white postcards): Paul Kenneth Cromar #655950 Weber County Jail P.O. Box 14000 Ogden, UT 84412 DONATIONS may be mailed to Ken’s son: Talmage Comar 130 W 5300 S Washington Terrace, Utah 84405 OR Venmo: @Talmage-Cromar THREE LETTERS OF SUPPORT FOR KEN CROMAR REVEL HARASSMENT AND CORRUPTION (

Send an email or letter of protest to help save a four year old child held hostage by Stanford U Children’s Hospital, which appeared actively trying to kill her. The Court has ruled against the parent’s right to save her.

  • The healthy child went in for prolonged diarrhea and was given the drugs Fentanyl, Dexamethasone, Precedex, Ativan, Amlodipine, Kepra, Nicardipine Ceftriaxone, and intubated on a ventilator, actions of which have caused renal and kidney failure.
  • The family asked for a 2nd opinion and instead Child Protective Services was called. A Court hearing was held without properly notifying the family. Judge Erika Ziegenhorn ruled that the parents have to consent to whatever the hospital deems necessary to prescribe or medical procedure.
  • CPS responsible: Oregon Department of Human Services : Child Protective Services (CPS) : Child Safety : State of Oregon
  • The doctor responsible: Lindsey K Rasmussen, MD Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford University 650-498-6313. [email protected]

The Real News for Thurs. 19 Oct. 2023:

White Hat Intel on Information Warfare:

  • Ukraine, China, Iraq and Iran opens the door far beyond the BIDEN family.
  • You protect your interests, shelter from prosecution and make the public aware by infiltrating and thus controlling the DOJ, FBI State, Intel and News.
  • How many fired FBI [Russia Midyear] received a book deal? Book deals can be lucrative. Follow the family.
  • US Taxpayers paid for it all.

Thurs. 19 Oct. Fulford Report: The Deep State’s G20 Power Unraveling

  • Hold onto your seats as the once-mighty Deep State’s grip on G20 power begins to crumble, sending shockwaves through the international stage.
  • The Cabal Unmasked: The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, CIA, and their ilk, who have long orchestrated the G20’s agenda, are now in a frenzy. Over 70% of African nations have turned their backs on their summit, and even more astonishingly, the President of China and CCP executives were glaringly absent.
  • Panic Engulfs the Global Elite: Deep State powerhouses, such as NATO, UN, CIA, MI6, and the G20, are in the throes of panic. Their intricate web of money laundering, woven through G20 nations, is fraying at the edges. Africa, a once-exploited resource haven, is slipping from their grasp as it aligns with Russia, China, and eagerly considers BRICS’ invitation.
  • Together We Stand, WWG1WGA: Now is the time for unity. People from all corners of the globe are rising, united in their pursuit of truth, justice, and freedom. Together, we shall overcome.

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):



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    • feral pa paw

      But wait Judy…. I thought the White Hats are in full control of EVERYTHING? Are you advocating they are now starting a Nuclear War to wipe out Humanity? A rational person wouldn’t call that something a White Hat would inflict on their fellow man. But since you aren’t known to be rational or living in the same reality as the rest of us. This isn’t much of a stretch.

    • The Watcher

      Received NOTHING on the 18th :!: :mad:

    • HypothesisFree

      If you fell for the LIE that Israel did NOT bomb the Hospital, and that there were NOT serious casualties, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! New information has emerged which puts egg on YOUR face:

      New Video Evidence Points to Israeli Air Burst Bomb Striking al-Ahli Hospital Grounds! – Mike Adams
      - /war-and-conflict/2023/10/situation-update-oct-19-2023-new-video-evidence-points-to-israeli-air-burst-bomb-striking-al-ahli-hospital-grounds-mike-adams-2480101.html

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