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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Judy Byington: We Are Experiencing the Greatest Military OP of All Time- It's All Coming to a Head! Special Intel Report Wed. 15 Nov. 2023 (Video)

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by N.Morgan

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Compiled Wed. 15 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”


Where The Global Military Alliance Has Been Rescuing Millions of Children Out Of The Global Elite and Israel’s Zionist Khazarian Mafia’s International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ, And Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Underground Tunnels

While Taking Down Their Central Banking System’s Money Supply

By Implementation of the Global Currency Reset,

Which Triggers The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in Human History

A Dark Winter was predicted during 2024. It’s only wise to be prepared and store several months worth of cash, water, food and essential items for yourself and to help others.


Glenn Beck – America, A Covenant Nation – YouTube

Slow Down – Sissel (2019 Pioneer Concert with The Tabernacle Choir) – YouTube

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about”.

…Wayne Dyer


· The Ukraine government lost track of 20,000 children who they claimed were deported or forcibly deported by Russian soldiers, but that number could be as high as 300,000. However, what he didn’t say was that Ukraine housed an international Child Sex Trafficking, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting Ring in it’s Underground Tunnels – where Russian soldiers rescued children. There were documented videos of an organ harvesting facility where children were killed for their organs.

· There was still no accounting for the 2,000 missing children of the Maui DEW massacre. Where Were Maui’s Over 2,000 Missing Children? | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

· “The end of the US Dollar will bring an end to Child and Drug Trafficking”. Dr. Charlie Ward.

· The only way to win a war against the powerful Global Elite was to take away their money supply and eliminate the Mind Control of the General Public by the Cabal’s Mainstream Media – both of which goals were being met according to The Plan of the Global Military Alliance.

· On Wed. 15 Nov. Canada will be testing it’s new Emergency Alert System across the country. The World will soon experience activation of a military controlled Emergency Broadcast System that will be carried to each country in its own language. People will be advised to stay in their places of residence for several days while being shown documentaries based on disclosure. This Great Awakening will save humanity from economic enslavement and factions that have taken away freedoms.

· Tues. 14 Nov. Expect Power Outages This Winter: It’s Over (Shocking! This Winter‼): Power Outages, Social ID, and the QR Code Revolution – American Media Group (

· Tues. 14 Nov. Medical Beds and Tesla Chambers Capable of Healing and Repairing DNA – Everything You Need To Know About Tesla Med Beds – American Media Group (

· Tues. 14 Nov. Med Beds, Dr. Elizabeth Ead, I’ve Seen What The Med Beds Look Like, I Know People Who Have Been In Them…Diabetes, Cancer, Parasite Cleanse Protocols & More! Doc Betsy & Doc4Truth on The Michelle Moore… | Health | Before It’s News (

· Tues. 14 Nov. Apocalyptic End Times: It says in the scriptures that in the End Times rivers will turn red: Reports: Nile River Begins Turning Blood Red (video) – American Media Group (
/awakening-start here/2023/11/apocalyptic-signs-happening-nile-river

If you were reading this Update on, or from Operation Disclosure Official’s Website, be aware that the information has been redacted. For a complete UN-REDACTED VERSION, see a PDF copy at the end of the Update on Operation Disclosure Official’s Website, you can download it OR you can read an UN-REDACTED VERSION on the Rumor Mill News Website. Go to You will be in the Reading Room, then scroll down looking for Agent-Seawitch’s posting titles, the UN-REDACTED VERSION for “RESTORED REPUBLIC” should be there.


· The Storm was scheduled for Wed. 8 Nov. to Sun. 19 Nov.

· Fri. 17 Nov. was the Green Light to launch Space X Starship, break Earth’s Firmament.

· On Sun. 19 Nov. all banks must be compliant with Basel 3 and ISO20022, the global standard for financial information over the new Global Financial System on the new Star Link Satellite System. If not, they cannot function as a bank. ISO2002 was set to revolutionize the way financial transactions were communicated, enhancing efficiency and reducing risk. Also on Sun. 19 Nov. was the Global Currency Reset implementation date for HSBC, JP Morgan, Citi Bank, Credit Swisse, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and other major financial institutions around the World.

· On January 20, 2024 the Fiat US Dollar would be replaced by the gold/asset-backed US Note; all such gold/asset-backed currencies across the Globe would be on par 1:1 with each other, Social Security benefits will be much higher and the SS R&R payments would start on a monthly basis.

· In three to six months the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer “Universal Basic Income” for citizens of all GESARA-compliant countries. The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family and will work to encourage people to work if they can.


· Tues. 14 Nov. Wolverine: “I have word that this may happen tonight at midnight Reno time. Today my contact, who is a very high up Bond Holder, was adamant that this will happen this week. Yesterday (Mon. 13 Nov.) he was told it would happen before midnight Reno time last night. Of course, that didn’t happen, but it needs to happen soon because the World is in a complete financial chaos”.

· Tues. 14 Nov. Bruce: On Tues. 14 Nov. a Military source said this could happen at any min., or by this weekend. The US Treasury wants the ZIM redemption done by Wed. 22 Nov. before Thanksgiving. Redemption Center heads want the exchanges done and 90% of the Centers closed by that same Wed. 22 Nov.

· Tues. 14 Nov. TNT: “They’re supposed to announce sometime this week that Iraq is an active member of the World Trade Organization, and they have to have an international currency to do that. Their guy in Iraq said that the new rate was supposed to show up on Forex today, but it didn’t. The banks had meetings today at the branch level and were told that the RV is happening right now. It could be at any moment”.

· Tues. 14 Nov. MarkZ: “I have gotten from three different banking sources that they are expecting instructions for foreign currency exchanges very soon. Nobody knows the exact date. Banking people from mid-level up know it’s coming. It could go any day. They want things completed, fully active and everything done by Jan. For that to happen it could go any day. I heard one banking story from a local bank. After telling a person that investing in currencies was not a good thing….yesterday the teller asked if he still had those currencies as he just heard they will be exchanging them soon”.

· Tues. 14 Nov. Trump Takes Bold Action: Enacts NESARA Sections via Executive Orders for Economic Relief – American Media Group (

· On Sun. 19 Nov. all banks must be compliant with Basel 3 and ISO20022, the global standard for financial information over the new Global Financial System on the new Star Link Satellite System. If not, they cannot function as a bank. ISO2002 was set to revolutionize the way financial transactions were communicated, enhancing efficiency and reducing risk. JP Morgan and the Banking Giants: Racing Against Time to Meet Basel 3 & ISO-20022 Compliance Deadline – American Media Group (

· Tues. 14 Nov. BRICS Power Play: Russia Gears Up for the Grandest Summit Yet – The BRICS Currency Note – A Game-Changer in the Global Financial Arena! – American Media Group (

The Big Call Universe ( 667-770-1866, pin123456#,

· The Iraqi Dinar has a new rate in-country and their ATM machines have put out the lower denominations of the new Dinar.

· Iraq needs to publish their new international rate in order to become fully compliant and a member of the World Trade Organization and to be part of ISO20022. ISO20022 allows for all currencies to exchange for international trade is connected to Star Link Satellite System.

· A Military Source said this could happen at any min., or by this weekend.

· The US Treasury wants the ZIM redemption done by Thanksgiving.

· Redemption Center heads want the exchanges done and 90% of the Centers closed by Wed. 22 Nov.


· The debt crisis was literally a ticking time bomb. The majority of the people with high balances on their credit cards will never be able to pay it off. Collapse imminent!

· Bitcoin Whales unload Bitcoin. Wonder if they traded and bought gold instead:

· Tues. 14 Nov. People were not paying their auto loans:


· On 15 Nov. 1777 the Articles of Confederation, the 1st Constitution of the United States, was approved by Continental Congress.

· NESARA and GESARA have been activated. NESARA was about 68% implemented, while GESARA was about 46% implemented.

· Overnight Sun. 15 Oct. the Banks completed the remaining layers of payments, plus the IMF and World Bank held their last meeting.

· By Mon. 16 Oct. the Iraqi Dinar had revalued and began trading on the back screens of the Forex.

· On Fri. 27 Oct. the Dinar went international according to Alex Collier and the US began pulling 3,600 US troops out of Iraq so Iraq could declare Iraq a Sovereign Nation.

· Around Mon. 30 Oct. the country of Columbia revalued their currency – so now we have at least two countries – Iraq and Columbia – which have revalued their currencies, perhaps more.

· Oct. 31 All Hallows Eve Israel lost Corporate status (meaning Israel Inc. was bankrupt, along with other corporations of the Cabal) and no longer considered a nation, all of which, along with Middle Eastern nations no longer accepting the fiat Petro US Dollar for oil trade, was expected to soon cause a devastating Stock Market Crash – bringing in the need for a Global Currency Reset.

· November, 2023: The Emergency Broadcast System, or Emergency Alert System, or Emergency World System will activate in November.

· On Thurs. 2 Nov. Donald Trump posted “It’s Time” and stated that the biggest event we will have in this country will happen this month of November 2023.

· Fri. 3 Nov. 10:42 am: Dubai International Financial Center gave Greenlight for XRP and the House Financial Services Committee passed a bill to prevent the Federal Reserve from creating a Central Bank digital currency.

· Sat. 4 Nov. NESARA/GESARA was activated; the US was no longer privately owned by foreign entities and under the Restored Republic (designed after the Republic of 1873); the gold/asset-backed BRICS countries were paying with their own currency for international trade (the demise of the fiat US Dollar) and the new gold/asset-backed US Note went live according to Dr. Charlie Ward, Head of the Redemption Committee for the Global Currency Reset.

· Bruce: On Wed. 8 Nov. the Military gave the GCR a go ahead, the Green Light from Treasury was turned on and Activation Codes were entered into the Redemption Centers that allowed the new currency rates to go from the back screens to the front screens.

· Wed. 8 Nov. the Military gave the GCR a go ahead; the Green Light from the US Treasury was turned on; Activation Codes were sent to the US Treasury; the Iraqi Government released to the US Treasury the new International Rate for their Dinar and Codes were entered at the Redemption Centers that allowed the new currency rates to go from the back screens to the front screens.

· On Thurs. 9 Nov. RV exchanges started in the UK and France, with the country of Columbia beginning within days.

· Sat. 11 Nov. (11/11) was the 1111th day since Q’s first post. The Q Clock Ran Out. The Clown Show Ended. Checkmate.

· Sun. 12 Nov. was big. Armistice. Generational Wrongs. Reversal. “You have seen the truth. Time to show the world”. …Q, WWG1WGA!



Judy Note: Ken Cromar was sitting in jail facing a ten year sentence even after Militarized IRS SWAT Teams took away his fully paid for home and destroyed all his possessions including expensive camera equipment he used to make a living – even though he won his case in a Federal Tax Court that he owed no money to the IRS.

The privately owned by bankers IRS was obviously trying to make an example of the “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS” Case and wield their power, even though our taxes were collected and used by foreign entities and our courts were designed against our ability to gain Justice and Freedom to protest against those Constitutional rights being taken away.

From: Ken Cromar

Good morning Americans!

It’s day 76 for me in the IRS/FBI Gulag. I was kidnapped by them on August 30th in a small Wyoming town bordering Idaho. I have now been held hostage these many days as a political prisoner of the IRS and FBI terrorism task force. They say I am a danger to society. All I’ve done is stand up for the truth and the law. The law is our friend.

A secret grand jury convened on our case on April 19th this year (an ominous day…WACO, Hitler’s birthday, etc.) I and my legal team don’t believe a lawful grand jury was convened. We requested immediately, but not received yet, recordings, transcripts, and other evidence. Barbie and Ken vs Goliath IRS trial by jury is about to play out December 11th. They want to put me away for ten (10) years and at 64 that’s essentially the rest of my life.

Getting info from my own legal team has been blocked numerous times and our 6” thick worth of research and court documents, we assume, have been stolen and made available to the prosecution to learn our defense strategy.

The prosecutors have defied the court order to provide all Discovery by September 19th. Didn’t happen. The DOJ/Washington D.C. laptop was to contain 697 files of evidence, but when I received it finally, November 6th at 1:18 p.m., it had an additional 575 files, making a total of 1,272 files for me to review and find out what their claims against me are. Upon just a quick review, I’ve discovered a number of items that prove our innocence and their guilt. Which items we intend to use in court.

Despite all their best efforts to deny my rights to access my legal team and their work in my behalf, we have miraculously created amazing documents that have been filed on the court that the team believes should get me released. The prosecutors are determined to win and destroy the Cromars at all costs.

Today my team and I will be filing a number of additional important documents on the court record.

May I please request your prayers for wisdom, light, knowledge, and justice upon me, upon the federal magistrate, Dustin Pead, and prosecutor, Mark Woolf, as well as Utah State Judge Christine Johnson, who had intended to sentence me this Friday, November 17th, but we filed a motion for continuance (delay until after the federal trial). The criminal IRS cabal is doing everything possible to win, but this is the Lord’s battle to destroy that corrupt and deceitful financial empire.

Thankfully, Barbara has not been kidnapped. Please pray for her safety, too. Our Cromar family favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6 5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

Thank you for being our friend, loving the Constitution and supporting us in our battle to protect it. May liberty and justice prevail in this epic David and Goliath battle. We believe in miracles.

With love and respect, Ken

Ken has so appreciated the postcards he’s received and would love more. Plain postcards, pre-stamped, handwritten, complete return address (no address labels or stick-on stamps) Please mail to: Paul K. Cromar # 567164 Davis County Jail P.O. Box 130 Farmington, UT 84025-0130

Donations for Ken’s commissary and communications needs can be sent Venmo to: @Talmage-Cromar OR mailed to: Talmage Cromar 130 W 5300 S Washington Terrace, UT 84405


· The Globalists were perpetrating a War on Farmers all over the World.

· The unelected Globalists were pushing to eat bugs, creating artificial meats and buying farm land that they won’t utilize in order to create a Food Crisis all over the world.

· Globalists at the World Economic Forum and UN were fabricating every kind of pretext imaginable to seize millions of acres of land from Independent Farmers, under the banner of UN Agenda 2030, but so that they could control the World’s Food Supply.

· The objective was always the same: remove people off of the land so that you can remove their freedom, so you can bring them under control.

· They want to crush small business because being independent of them was how you’re going to fight back.


· Tues. 14 Nov. Representative Jim Jordan: In the past week, we’ve sent subpoenas and transcribed interview requests to over 20 people related to the Biden impeachment inquiry. Topics include his family’s influence peddling schemes and his classified documents scandal.

· Tues. 14 Nov. Fake Biden and Obama Executed! | Alternative | Before It’s News (

· Tues. 14 Nov. Worldwide Blackout, Supply Shortage, Train Attack:

· Tues. 14 Nov. Sinkhole in Britain Links to 22 Underground Tunnels:

· Tues. 14 Nov. Biden Out, Trump Payback:

· The Deep State Cabal has been using body doubles for years.

· Israeli TV News just exposed the truth about the C19 vaccines, claiming they are producing extremely high fatality levels relative to unvaccinated, through complex “Immune System Erosion”.

· iPhones were taking secret infrared photos of you every 5 seconds. If they are monitoring your actions then they are also recording every sound that enters your microphone. You should really contemplate the intentions behind this data collection and what is it going to affect.

· The Deep State Cabal was creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Nation stations in the sea. They are going to use these new nations to run the AI that could enslave the world.

· Trump creates team to conduct massive deportation operation:

· European Parliament: Polish member of European Parliament, Ryszard Legutko dropped Truth Bombs about the blatant corruption in the Eu. “Two minutes of bitter Truth and that TRUTH is: The European Parliament has done a lot of damage in Europe – It has been sending a false message that it represents the European demos, but there isn’t and there won’t be any Democracy. The parliament infected Europe with shameless partisanship! The infection became so contagious that they infected other institutions, like the European Commission. The parliament has abandoned the basic function of representing its people. Instead it has become a machine that implements the so-called European Agenda, thus alienating millions of voters. The parliament has become a vehicle of the left, to impose their monopoly with their fierce intolerance towards dissenting views. Call it what you will, but DEMOCRACY it is NOT”.

· July 3 2020 How Russia Twice Saved the US:

· God is about to do something that we have prayed to happen for a very long time. Juan O’ Savin: The Time is NOW! The Urgent Warning Everyone Needs to Heed! (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

· CIA Heart Attack Weapon shown to Congress. How many Whistleblowers have died of mysterious circumstances that could have been killed and made to look like a heart attack? Judy Note: I believe the subject of my book “Twenty Two Faces” Jenny Hill, who suddenly died a couple of years ago, was a victim of this CIA Heart Attack Weapon.


· CYM was affiliated with the manufacturing of Adrenochrome – produced by torturing a child and then drinking their blood. A lot of the Adrenochrome was affiliated with abandoned or closed military bases. Here in the Bay Area we see Fort Ord, Fort Point, Fort Baker, the Presidio, etc. Tunnels? as Fort Ord

· Disney has been found to be programming children with subliminal messages that suggest accepting the Satanic New World Agenda of Gender Confusion and Pedophilia.

· Part Three: CIA Torturing, Killing Children in Mind Control Experiments, Part Three | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

· Part Two: CIA Torture of Thousands of Children in Mind Control Experiments, Part Two | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

· Part One: CIA Torturing, Sexually Abusing, Killing Children in Mind-Control Programs? | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (


· Movie on COVID Deaths: Shot Dead! The Movie They Don’t Want You To See! | Movies | Before It’s News (

· Biological Weaponry: Soon after the opening of its pharmaceutical subsidiary, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, Umbrella began developing biological weaponry for militaries across the world as part of a worldwide conspiracy to accumulate deadly viruses directly prohibited by the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention!!


· Mon. 13 Nov. Biden-Funded Ukrainian Military Tortures, Kills, and EATS Innocent Russian Civilians | Real Raw News

· Ukraine was a center for International Child Sex Trafficking beneath property owned by Biden. Biden/Obama Tied to Child Sex Trafficking; Children, Bodies Rescued from US Bio-Weapon Labs Under Biden Ukraine Property | Politics | Before It’s News (

· Ukraine Special Forces Commander Played a Pivotal Role in Sabotaging the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline. Tucker Carlson was right again. It was never Russia, as US officials claimed. It was all a LIE. After everyone bought the lie, now, a joint investigation by The Washington Post and German outlet Der Spiegel has concluded that a Ukrainian Special Forces Commander, Roman Chervinsky, played a pivotal role in sabotaging the Nord Stream Gas Pipelines in September of the previous year. Chervinsky, a 48-year-old with a background in Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces, reportedly served as the Coordinator for a Six-Person Team.

· Ukraine contains the Rothschild Central Banking Ledger for the world.

· Ukraine was the Black-Market Junction in Europe for Adrenochrome, Organ Harvesting, and Bio-waste Trade.

· Since 2008 America’s corrupt families have been paying themselves with money washed through Ukraine.

· Putin destroyed at least ten US Bio-Weapon Labs in Ukraine Underground Tunnels funded by Soros, Department of Defense, DARPA (US Taxes), with DATA and help from Fauci’s National Institute of Health. Other of Ukraine’s bio-weapon labs were moved to …

· Ukraine housed the Crowd Strike Server that was taken to Ukraine to hide Democratic National Committee/Clinton crimes.

· There was a REASON every single warmonger in the US Gov needs Ukraine to win. When Ukraine loses, so do they and their entire worldwide network.


· Tues. 14 Nov. Netanyahu faces International Criminal Court, Charged with War Crimes and Genocide:

· The Hamas attack on Israel was planned and funded for both sides by US Inc. and the Deep State in cooperation with Netanyahu for a purpose of starting World War III.

· On Mon. 13 Nov. Deep State Zionist Netanyahu threatened, “If Israel looses this war, then Europe is next and America after that.”

· With Russia now winning the war in Ukraine US Taxpayers were no longer interested in funding that war. The Military Alliance has pretty much taken down the Deep State Cabal’s lucrative international Child Sex Trafficking, organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring, while the bankruptcy of the Cabal’s fiat US Dollar and a Global Currency Reset was taking away US Taxpayer monies from the Deep State Cabal, leaving them with a zero money supply. By getting US Taxpayers involved in funding both sides of another World War (just as they did in World War II), it would allow the Deep State Cabal to funnel monies from that war effort, back into their own pockets.

· Four thousand Israelis employed by companies housed in the World Trade Center stayed home from work on 9/11. They were warned in advance of the impending attack on the World Trade Center.

· Gaza’s Gas is worth $500 billion and everyone wants it.

· The Star of David has nothing to do with Prophet David, Rather it’s the star of Baal. Freemasonry is the study of the Kabbalah. The 33 degrees come from the Kabbalah

· Tues. 14 Nov. SG Anon Sits Down With Charlie Ward At “The Insider’s Club” Show! – Must Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News ( Netanyahu has been arrested by the Israeli State for Crimes Against Humanity and instigating a war on the homeland.


· Recent Situational Reports exchanged between the U.S. and Israel, obtained by our team, have provided unprecedented insights into the tunnel system beneath Gaza. The IDF estimates there are 1,300 tunnels spanning 500 km beneath Gaza. The tunnel system has multiple levels.

· Level One: Entry and launch locations inside buildings for personnel and rocket launches.

Level Two: Reinforced passageways for rocket transport and maneuvering

Level Three: Houses the Oxygen Generation and Air Movement system generator.

Level Four: Meeting and sleeping rooms for Hamas fighters

Level Five: Main Gaza Metro connecting city blocks/sections

Level Six: Storage for weapons, ammunition, and fuel, with doors always closed for safety

Level Seven: Additional storage and sleeping rooms

Level Eight: Command and Control Center for Hamas, connected via a hard landline, with a quick escape tunnel to the Gaza Metro for senior leaders’ evacuation

This tunnel system allows for quick movements, such as hiding after launching a rocket. The size of the network indicates many years of building at an extremely high cost.


· The Trump Team was vetting around 54K new people for a government change after draining the Swamp. The 2025 Presidential Transition Project is the conservative movement’s unified effort to be ready for the next conservative Administration to govern at 12:00 noon, January 20, 2025.

· Biden Out, SGAnon: /alternative/2023/11/sg-anon-1114-bidens-out-its-trumps-big-payback-video-3802628.html

· Biden was expected to drop his reelection bid before the Democrat Convention.

· Trump’s VP Tucker Carlson? /alternative/2023/11/it-looks-

O. MON. 13 NOV. CHARLIE WARD QUESTION AND ANSWER: Charlie Ward: Urgent!! Nov.13 – The Time is NOW, Treasonous Traitors Must Be Punished!! (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

· “Banks are going bankrupt. Your money is not safe in the bank. If the banks don’t have money they can legally use yours. Invest in gold.

· Most of the British Parliament has already been arrested.

· Hamas was created by the CIA and funded by Benjamin Netanyahu. They created the problem and then make money off it.

· Ukraine: Putin has won the war and exposed the bio-weapon labs in Ukraine.

· Trump didn’t take the US to war. He created prosperity. He built up the family.

· BRICS is a huge success. They are paying for goods in their gold/asset-backed digital currency. It’s a collapse of the fiat US Dollar.

· In 2024 we will see a lot of exposure. We won’t see an election in 2024. We will see a collapse of Israel.

· The person in charge of the US is the Commander in Chief. Trump is the War Time president.

· As we move forward in GESARA/NESARA there will be no more war.

· The World Economic Forum wants to reduce the population. The governments of the UK, US and others who are part of the WEF are doing it through war.

P. MAJOR PYSOP ALERT: Turns Out Kenneth Darlington is A WEF/Deep State Operative and The People He Shot Were Not Actually Climate Protesters. LOCAL MEDIA IS REPORTING HE MAY FACE NO JAIL TIME AT ALL DESPITE KILLING TWO PEOPLE! (According to The Daily Mail). Why is that? It’s indubitably not because he is 77 like they are claiming…. it’s because he did exactly what they wanted him to do! “They’ve manipulated the narrative to have people believe that it’s just a couple climate protesters blocking the road. In reality, it’s basically almost the whole country protesting against corrupt legislation. Legislation that was pushed through by the WEF!!! This legislation allows a foreign mining company to mine copper anywhere they please if even a little is found there. Doesn’t matter if there’s a home on it or if it’s owned by a private citizen. The Panama government has a history of doing this dating back even before the Panama Canal, where they killed citizens who stood up against the canal. Again, another foreign government/company coming in and pillaging land from regular citizens while government officials get rich off of it! So none of this is a protest because of what the copper mine will do, or how it may impact the climate. They’re protesting against foreign companies coming in for a land grab, backed by government force, while officials open up their pockets!” Credit to @ddnpandfrens for his extensive research on this! He put in so much time/work despite not having a large audience (yet). Everyone has been misled by design! Kenneth Darlington is not only a dual citizen between Panama and America… he’s also a corporate/commercial lawyer, who is defending the legislation put forth by the WEF. He is not the character from falling down. He’s in bed with the Panama government and the Canadian mining company. His involvement goes way back to 2005 when he started to work as a lawyer for Marc Harris.


· See the movie about Child Sex Trafficking “Sound of Freedom”: /crime-all-stars/2023/10/sound-of-freedom-and-the-faces-of-evil-2495274.html

· Donate to Operation Underground Railroad – They’re Saving The Children End Child Trafficking | Operation Underground Railroad (

· Donate to help the devastated people of Lahaina Maui whose homes were destroyed, over 200 of their children remain missing and at least 4,500 were displaced because of DEW Attacks by the Cabal who want to make their land into a SMART city. Be Careful Where You Donate: The Kingdom of Akua Foundation’s Malama Lahaina Website was the only official and authorized site solely dedicated to and run by the Hawaiian Native Peoples: Malama Lahaina – Pūpūkahi i Holomua Donations (

· Donations were needed to help the Brunson Brothers Save Our Constitution and the Cromars fight the IRS – but you get COOL Liberty stuff! Donations go to the printing, postage, travel, mailings and service of legal documents to the criminals and courts. See what cool stuff a Miracles donation can get you. Shopping page:

· Send an email or letter of protest to help save a four year old child held hostage by Organ Harvesting Stanford U Children’s Hospital, which appeared actively trying to kill her. The healthy child went in for prolonged diarrhea and was given certain drugs and incubated on a ventilator, actions of which have caused renal and kidney failure. Judge Erika Ziegenhorn ruled against the parent’s right to save her. Others responsible: Oregon Department of Human Services : Child Protective Services (CPS) : Child Safety : State of Oregon Doctor Lindsey K Rasmussen, MD Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford University 650-498-6313. [email protected]


· Tues. 14 Nov. Situation Update: Judy Byington: 17Q17@17Q17 1105 17h, Tick Tock, The Shift is Here.* Like it, Don’t Like it* It Is Done* Enjoy. Special Intel Report Tues. 14 Nov.2023 (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

· Tues. 14 Nov. Kill Switch Warning! Military on Stand By! Max Alert! Last Chance Ultimate Fail Safe Plan Now Initiated! Massive Tinder Keg Will Detonate | Prophecy | Before It’s News (

· Tues. 14 Nov. SG Anon: 11/14 Biden’s OUT! It’s Trump’s BIG Payback! (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (


Since 1990 I have been doing investigations on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children at the request of brave SRA Survivor-victims who were witnesses to and victims of pedophile, torture and murder crimes of Satanic leaders and their covens. During this time I have found Satanists implanted in law offices, local police, county sheriff’s offices and all the way up to the Attorney General Offices in my state and others and then the carnage went on to the internationally organized Ninth Circle Satanic Cult that runs out of the Vatican.

There’s certainly no help from US or other nation’s government agencies, including the FBI or CIA perpetrators. These legal entities successfully negate even the opening of cases of the ritual abuse and murder of children, let alone do valid investigations.

To be honest and to my knowledge there was no safe place on either a local, national or international level that has been set up to report Satanic Crime – likely the main reason why local, national and international Satanic Covens so easily and on a regular basis, get away with the torture and murder of thousands of children – many times bred for the purpose without birth certificates, or identification.

T. “TWENTY TWO FACES: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities” by Judy Byington, Foreword by Dr. Colin A. Ross, M.D. RAW: Dr. Colin Ross – Robert David Steele


Woman Sees Human Sacrifice – YouTube

WARNING: Jenny gave a graphic description about how she at the tender age of five, was raped, tortured, forced to view a Child Sacrifice and save for Divine intervention, was almost killed herself – not unlike the sordid experiences of thousands of other child victims of Satanic Worshippers. Perpetrators giving homage to Satan were organized from the US Inc’s CIA, Queen Elizabeth’s, Illuminati Banking families’ and Vatican’s Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult on down to the Clintons, Hollywood, Pizza-gate and local teenage covens. They were funded by this same Cabal that ran our global monetary system – the very organization that was in the process of being brought down by activation of the Global Currency Reset and Restored Republics of the world. It’s no wonder that President Trump has stated, “These people are sick”.


It’s not about the money. It’s about the children – the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who, in honor of Satan, were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world.

The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.

Let us fast and pray for these millions of little ones who right now, were being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe, and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door. Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them. The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark:

W. JUDY NOTE: I do not now, nor have I ever, received monies for writing my Updates and articles. The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.

The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.

I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is, plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites and continue the Updates until they are no longer needed. I expect to be working with many of you in the near future. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you. You will remain in my heart forever.

A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown; to our Angel Martha who worked 24/7 to expose what’s really going on; to humble Wildfire Lady who is adept at exposing the truth; to Brad who does great research; to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited Intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together, we will make life better for all.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. And, we will!!! . . . Judy







Stories Contributed by N. Morgan

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  • kilroy

    No! You’re paying for your own enslavement and death. Like it has always been. Slaves arguing over who holds the whip and what part of the world they die needlessly while killing other slaves. Wake the fuck up! Central bankers have been calling the shots all along. The have placed their minions into every position of power in the 160 countries where they control and manipulate the currency. No such thing as a federal reserve bank it is an illusion. Privately owned bank that also owns the media and the Military Industrial Complex and the pharmaceutical industries. They are in the process of buying up agricultural land so the can more effectively poison the entire population. There is no money in your bank accounts. Only debt notes. Big difference. Look it up for yourselves you might just learn something.

    • Icfourfour4

      Those minions that has been placed into power days or numbered baby believe that!!! All bad things are ending and love is taking over!! Wake Wtf up!! Wake up !! Waaaaake uuuuuup!!

  • Anonymous

    pay attention!!! big giant huge fat ass Judy blatherington says she will give you head for 5 bucks a blow job!! what a deal but you will have to go to the pedo prison in Utah to get your blow job,wait your turn

  • thatdogwillbite

    I’ve been reading Judy’s predictions about six years now. Still waiting for at least one of them to happen. Let’s all give her another six years and see.

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