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What You Need to Know About the 2030 (Disaster Survival & Coping With Climate-Change Is Highly Correlated With Home Multi-Tasked Self-Sufficiency Level!)

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Disaster Survival & coping with Climate-Change is highly correlated with home multi-tasked self-sufficiency level! SO: Become as permanently & highly Frugal & Self-Reliant S-R as possible all your life as we have over 40 years for virtually FREE. Then one wouldn’t mind if, as predicted imminently by great panels of US experts, that suddenly you needed replacements for: jobs, banks (at the bottom of garden), markets & FOOD, medicals & health, utilities, car, transport, fuel, energy (California is reportedly verging thus + massive bush fires), water & sewage, partner, security or happiness, insurance, pension, legal + solicitors, dole or cheques cashed + reduced entertainment, education, news & library … Well, this has already started to happen with long collapse of the US Government + Already in Australia not long ago Centerlink, ATO, Medicare & Army went on strike; Airport was considering. Plus the universal Virus Pandemic.

If you drive or bus to Melbourne from Brisbane, as we have over years, you would only see about 10 front-gardens with food trees! So what’s with ‘world hunger’ & ‘over-population’?

Optimum low cost family is when one partner works, the other helps family become highly self-reliant. Swap jobs every 6 months or lessPlease circulate this – other folk may need tomorrow!

Such action is actually not new because when Britain, unable to support itself, was desperately running out of food when all the Nazi U-boat submarines were creating disaster havoc sinking so many 100s of American & British food supply ships. A British hero lady – name anyone? – created the Women’s Land Army to rapidly make UK entirely Self-Sufficient in food by converting every spare sq-ft of land into food-growing whether private gardens, allotments, nationsl parks, road verges, disused farm sections, city parks & forests + wild areas like near beaches – just as we have here on our 1/4 acre, 35-year-old Edible Jungle. Everyone of sound body automatically became an efficient Farmer – & Britain could well feed itself at last..“

I highly recommend this book! Here’s just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in The Lost SuperFoods:

The US Army’s Forgotten Food Miracle And 126 Superfoods That You Can Store Without Refrigeration for Years

The video below will shock you because you will be among the first to watching this secret!

To Survive, the future will have to be highly off-grid self-sufficient & per person, per family, per village, per town, per city, per region & per country with very little need of big trucks, ships or planes. Everyone will thus be far more interesting & interested than now.

We welcome visitors to our ¼ acre, 35 year Edible Jungle + Solar home (inferring enough work to do at home), reputedly the most S-R here. Can’t figure why most everybody doesn’t want simply & cheaply to be highly self-sufficient & thus live for virtually FREE like we do on 5% of, & get rich on remaining age pension or dole (70 & 87 years) or being very frugal, as anyone can without mortgage. That is what we set out to prove & write about decades ago.

With suburban homes far too close to be self-reliant, folk may massively separate. Or like family, they can have food plants + dwarf food trees in 100 veranda + driveway pots & along roadways + roof solar. TV + Media will become stuffed with such Survival + related Clubs all over. You need to have hobbies, a home business – like farmers – researching something, learn music or a language, write a big book etc.

Future of Farming must include: Insects, worms, Plant Meat, Seaweed, Hydroponics, Fish Farms, Feral or Wildlife instead of destructive cows, Vertical Gardens, Algae, Bush Tucker, Factory Farms & Robotics. + Fertilizer = occasional water sprinkle, dig in Seaweed, compost, worms, grass, paper, volcanic rock-dust, wood ashes, some minerals, urine & humanure, manure, kitchen cut-up scraps without meat or oils; surface mulch of garden scraps, cuttings & grass + stones + previous items in this list except seaweed.

Also watch- COVID-19 returns in 2024! The video below will shock you because you will be among the first to find out the truth!

DESALINATION: Make all the ocean deserts Food-Productive using basic Nuclear Desalination efficiently + pumping.

Hope you been stockpiling loo rolls + masses of tinned, jarred or packet food etc (needing no fridge) for months as we have with good foresight, because several times the Bible mentions that we must always PLAN; at least until your Self-Reliance is established.

Everyone who dies from Virus etc should have a cheap cardboard coffin & buried vertically to save space, if not cremated…

Buy nothing Chinese or from unknown origin.

This forces me to suggest everybody not buy anything for 6 months apart from local food. Your common sense should dictate that if you buy surgical gloves for instance as a necessity, put your hands in plastic bags to open the box, destroy the box + then thoroughly wash each glove including the 2 plastic hand bags, in hot water; dry in the sun.

But what is Self-Sufficiency? We title much that follows: Sustainable Home Engineering S.H.E. ABOUT AUSTRALIA’S MOST RECOGNISED EMISSIONLESS HEALTHY BUDGET SOLAR HOME Climate Change Sustainable Future Museum – My Current l/3-Century Progress Example to Millions.

The mentality of those who caused the problem (Climate Change) cannot fix it – Einstein. Poor of rich countries feed rich of poor counties – Korean diplomat.

We are not rich because we have the most – but because we need the least…

The best way to predict the future is to create it – Pete Drucker

You can never solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that caused the problem … A.Einstein,

Society must Sustainably Live Conserved Renewables, contrary to visionless nuke-powered ‘experts’ floundering in empty-dams on exhausted-land under contaminated-skies, gorging polluted-muck…

Start LIVE PRE-FREE GROUPS to help accelerate safety! Benefit from our Home Tiny-Tours, Chats, Workshops, Sustainable Future Museum that we are vastly expanding + Apt-Data-Centre Library.

Optimum low cost family is when one partner works, the other helps family become highly self-sufficient. Swap jobs every 6 months or lessPlease circulate this – other folk may need tomorrow!

Politicians & Councillors seldom if ever have the necessary Uni Degrees or training to deal successfully with such as Climate Change !!

Become Self-Reliant, Address Climate Change & Disaster-Proof rapid & cheap off-grid as we did over 40 years ago, for virtually FREE. HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE FUTURE:

WOT 2 DO: Be Frugal all your life to Save over $100,000 cash for your bank at the bottom of the garden to avoid Banks.

An ancient Chinese sage proverb correctly states that everyone should live as if they were poor because one day they could well be.

I can’t stand: hotels, taxis, fuel. Cars & car sales, petrol or diesel, planes as unsafe, trash, lack of Self-reliance, dumb unscientific politicians, single-use plastics, chain saws instead of circular portable saws, barbers, fast foods, restaurants, sugar, soft drinks, newspapers & mags unless containing vital data, drugs, restaurants, pubs, smoke or drug, or gamble, never visit prostitutes, never rent, never insure & never mortgage…

Always buy second-hand or cheap Home Brands – Avoid all single-use items like plastic + such bags + newspapers + Magazines unless they contain vital data + avoid all PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE items – We should all be treating our own trash, or not making or acquiring any: RECYCLERESTORE, REUSE, REACTIVATE, REMODEL, REDESIGN, REHABILITATE, RECONDITION, RENEW, or Burn, Bury, Compost or Mulch all other “waste”.

Before buying a place where weapons are forbidden, I have a home-published scoring system for acceptability on a dead-end street: water & rain water on the block, near transport, shops & doctors etc, not down-wind from factories, mines, dumps, heavy traffic, Nukes, nor near potential nuclear targets, or pollution, flooding, or disaster areas (earth quakes, trash, hurricanes, military, crime…), etc. “We are virtually surrounded by thick jungle & down a hollow to avoid cyclone damage; yet enjoy ocean breezes filtering through the purifying Paradise jungle.

Conversely to American DELTEC circular hurricane-proof homes, there are millions of fire-prone wooden American homes & yet our same or cheaper kit home wont burn & I have photos to prove it when 3 wild fires were attacking. You would think the ridiculous banks would support a home that won’t burn or blow down!

Our home has 3 huge long bolts that attach roof to concrete basement. I lived through Fijian Hurricane Heine in intentionally in a prestressed concrete hostel & noticed a thatched cottage – of many – next door survive because 3 long barbed wires over the roof were tied to huge car axels hammered into the ground at an angle; which should function to protect a caravan.

Check local Council rules. Underground on the side of a hill would be ideal to be flood-proof. For FARMLETTS n the bush, cut down all trees & mow if not goat-eat the grass in a 100m circle around the home. First live in a caravan or van in a warm climate like Islands near Brisbane or Hawaii with freshwater access – our ¼ acre & small house Farmlett is plenty – after selling the main house & virtually everything else not needed on future FARMLETT so you will have plenty of spare cash & converting is then FREE.

Before making a house, Plant an Edible Jungle on 1/4 acre using poo, piss, buried seaweed & compost, wood ashes & volcanic rock dust = fertilizer etc. Virtually all dwarf food trees, including leaf greens + sweet potato + fruits & veggies. Water tanks should be concrete or same as fire-proof galvo roof + reject first half hour of rain to clean air & roof (commercial plumbing for that). Possibly dig a 15m x 2m x 4m deep dam. Long range Chinese Freego electric folding K scooter charged by solar panel via an inverter + mains adaptor; or bike pulled by a vegetarian Dachshund dog.

I always had a tiny folding hub-gear kid’s bike I converted with tall seat post + bag + big front sprocket, OK on buses.

All solar power super-cheap 12-volt system should cost about $400 for a 46 watt solar panel to power a blender from a starter motor, bilge tank pump, TV, windup radio & torches etc, bed warmer is a rheostat variable power resistor, LED lights, fans, coffee heater, even a big homemade fridge etc.

Fridge alternative is a commercial FRESHIELD vacuum food preservers + hand pump + many sized containers; ours now for 1/4 century (sausages fresh for months; check weekly & pump again if the pressure rises slightly).

We hand-spray our T-shirt with water, then have a small fan or breeze playing on the moist T-shirt in real heat waves, that usually gets too cold & we have to slow or redirect the fan. With 2 or 4 watt car fan or portable battery fan playing on bare legs is much cooler than if fan playing on face, arms etc; fans can often save more than ½ air conditioning power that we find unnecessary even in Queensland. Ceiling cooling fans set on 1 or 2 are perfect. Our sea breezes via open windows & doors are generally sufficient. For low-humidity areas we have a tiny 12volt water evaporator; big home units are very economical & take little power to supply cool air ducted around to each room. They avoid costly A/C. Or for cooking, get a small motor generator only to run the microwave oven for minutes if you have no 12 volt microwave, which are available.

Suggest a highset 1 big room fire-flood-proof kit home like ours for 35 years eg steel frame, Hardyplank cladding & galvo roof + thick insulated ceiling. Also have a rain-proof attic air-vent allowing the air to blow right through the house attic length = vastly cooler even in tropics.

3 layers of box cardboard insulates floors under carpets. Also on walls behind Book cases & cupboards against walls facing outside + in ceilings. 28cm thick loft insulation. Our home has huge long bolts that attach roof to concrete basement. Fire-proof Steel frames are reportedly cheaper than wooden. I have photos of fires safely engulfing the home when I didn’t even call the fire brigade during 3 fires – figuring they would be too busy elsewhere on ridiculous wooden-house safety.

Mentioning all this to governments, councils, PM & fire brigades has zero effect = their collective too-hard baskets.

“SHTF Toilets: FLUSH? We don’t because we have a deep failsafe simple 1-2m hole or trench in the ground dug manually in a few minutes or by a powered borer. A metal cylinder is on top, or place a commercial square folding toilet from Camping goods stores safely over the hole + on top with a comfortable toilet seat which can be 1/2 a tyre that had been cut in two around its tread circumference + lid topping that, which can be a bit of fibreboard.. Never failed us for 35 years, like the Incas, Mayans & Aztecs who dug muck out after a while for their gardens. You can do likewise by waiting some months using another hole, then with a hinged shovel hole-digger, extract the rich muck out for fertilizer – hence reuse same first hole. Or when full, plant a food tree in the old hole & dig another hole after about 2 to 4 years for a couple. Be careful no fresh water is used nearby!

Such simple convenience is open to the elements (umbrella handy) but surrounded with sugar-cane privacy. Hole was only used for defecating – urination especially from females – was near all the food trees with miraculous results. It would be decades before even a trace of resultant compacted compost would leak into nearby rivers – if at all. All FREE & utterly Reliable, didn’t smell, didn’t get clogged, no bugs frogs or snakes as often found in sheds, hygienic & sterilized by sun & rain, safe & hygienic with the best view in the house! We have a bucket + seat loo on veranda instead of going midnight bush.

Solar for 8 cookers (no axe)such as coiled matt-black pipe on a circular foam insulator for solar hot water. Prunings etc provide sticks for our small smokeless air-preheating, after-burning 1-stick at a time HELIXTOVE: like gas stoves, it won’t trigger lecture theatre smoke detectors. Fan-free if no smaller than critical size shown at end, especially if mud-insulated & a cyclone-style hubcap.

Try overall geometry with thin cardAsk for more data re 12 volt system etc if keen!You can easily make a non-electric solar water heater, or they are cheap.

STAMP ON LAUNDRY IN A BOWL WHILST SHOWERING. “LIVE WITH EXTREME COLD WITHOUT MODERN HEATING?:Acclimatise – Geothermal hot springs – massive clothes & bed clothes + beanie cap & gloves – animals or dog in bed – my 2 girls either side of me in bed. Note rare glassed Cornish veranda above. Norwegian, unlike Swedish, animals are barned below the 2-story farm household all winter & they keep home above & the adjacent hayloft warm – they have it made. During summer a tractor drives up a ramp to deliver stock feed to top floor hayloft, which is dropped in pieces to stock below during winter. Winter manure is later tractored over the fields as fertilizer in summer. If you only have enough grass for a brief fire, heat up several hot water bottles.

Libraries are nice & warm in winter, as are churches with their copious tea, pies & cakes. In South Brisbane, St.Vinnies DePaul have free board & lodging; or at least certain exact times, free meals out the back for anyone. I have used their kindness next to a big church for years. If you have hot water laid on, or a radiator o fireplace to heat water, fill 2-3 hot water bottles & store them hot for a day in the bed one on top of the other until you get into bed. I put one beside my back or stomach when sleeping on my side – or on my lap & feet if sitting at a desk; then no radiator or fireplace is needed.

We immigrated to warmer places.

8 SOLAR COOKERS & HEATERS own inventions:

1. Eske solar oven with glass sheet on open box, black inside, outside mirror on hinged lid helps.

2.My Universal Conical stainless steel solar mirror stove has a line-focus along its pot axis. If from a circular stainless sheet, a pie angle = 105 0 is removed, solar reflector becomes an ideal right-angle cone. Much easier to fold than a parabola & free of hotspots. Smaller pot diameter = greater solar concentration. Move it to roughly sun-follow.

3. Black matt canister full of water with wardrobe mirror winter enhancer as solar water-heater. Prefer to insulate unheated tank sides.

4. Cheap black matt 1” hosepipe full of water from kitchen tap out of window ,coiled on to circular foam insulation facing the sun for hour or so. Turn tap on slow = effective solar shower in or outside, even in Cornish Winter, the mildest in UK: or return hose outlet to kitchen sink for hot water.

5. Repeating from elsewhere: Coffee warmer usually not boiled only taken to very warm, is a reduced-jug element run from main 12-colt solar battery or directly to a solar panel – handy if in a thermos with 2 wires running in + thermometer via a cork.

6. Searchlight parabolic mirrors – possibly cut in half for greater accessibility – give much more than 400watts needed for high energy cooking.

7. Fresnel TV flat Lens = favouriteas it ingeniously cooks opaque food like stews, coffee, soups gravy etc. Sun shining via the lens focuses into a black-painted dry-interior tin largely submerged in the stew, without a mirror.

8. $50 Inventor’s Award Solar “Funnel” water heater combines heating & storage. Sealed at one end, Irrigation Pipe length 15 ft but any length OK, by 5 inches diameter, holds 15 gallons.

Prop this up usually against the house so as to be perpendicular to the winter sola radiation – or near horizontally EAST-WEST at any level from ground, often the higher is better as on flat roof to enable sola-heated water to emerge from the pipe mouth into the home reticulation system by gravity. The sun-facing pipe-side is painted matt black, whilst the other side is foam-insulated. To get hot water from it, a garden hose reaches from some cold-water tap, into the pipe mouth right down through the water to the bottom. Thus, cold water entering the hose simply displaces an equal rate of hot water to overflow at the SOLA FUNNEL hot top end into the shower or home system.

OPTIONS: Several. Unless pipe is covered all round nightly, it won’t remain hot.


Obviously not all very low power items are ever on simultaneous to the 12 volt old car battery that is charged merely by small 1x 45 watt solar panel for 27 years should cost about $300 – FOR FREE thereafter – or charged by mains adaptor, HYDRO, BIO fire, OR WIND… Fans are 2-4 watts + mosquito-bug zapper, brilliant LED lights are about 1–2 watts, yacht pump + tiny check valve

is for tank fresh rainwater & not much wider than a garden hose that fed it only. Blender from a small starter motor. Coffee warmer usually not boiled only taken to very warm, is a reduced jug element – handy if in a thermos with 2 wires running via a cork + thermometer. TV is a small B&W 12 volt set, 12 volt power tools, Bed warmer is a rheostat variable power resistor in a MILO can Had no

Microwave then but 12 volt units are low power for seconds only. Many items were windup or separate solar like radios (even FM-SW) & lamps-.-.-. Items less than 12 volt like: 6 volt pocket computer printer, 3 volt shaver, mixer etc ran off a string of forward-biased 3amp diodes from the main 12 volt battery. A garden pump without battery far away on the 1/4 acre Edible Jungle had its own relatively unused 46 watt solar panel – which can also be used to charge the TRiCAR, battery. Superformance!! Plus there is a big solar water heater & cookers. Clothes

Not wrung out avoids ironing, or under mattress – hang clothes on line even on veranda or in open garage in cold climate. Methane digesters from sewage only if animals because 1 human digested shit not enough to cook 1 meal – wasteful giant lithium batteries + gravity type battery like grand-pa clock – 2 different metals in salt water = batteries, computer & printer, commercial thermo electric generator we don’t have but works on stove when no wind, sun or hydro energy available – 3rd world battery welding using 2x 12 volt batteries – many 12volt appliances including gravity light & our

Blackout Kit consisting of a 12-volt battery occasionally charged by mains or by solar panel & used to power small TV, radio, tiny fans, LED lights & mobile – Hindi oil lamp = 3 or more cones of cotton wool in oil + mirror behind, etc. Our big homemade efficient 12 volt fridge is described under

KEEP COOL section. Don’t buy a solid state cooler that draws loads of useless current. But simply get a 12 volt Esky camping fridge with compressor on the lid. These are not very efficient so insulate well all around with about 12 cm polyurethane foam, except on the compressor of course.

Off-Grid without a big battery is easy: Simply have a good inverter to produce 12-volt or 120 or 240-volt etc when it is sunny, so then you can cook, charge the e-scooter or dual 12 volt TRiCAR, do laundry, heat coffee, warm bed hot water bottles, use blender, even small printer + sewing machine + charge small battery devices like mobiles + charge “

BLACKOUT KIT Battery”. This small car battery provides many nightly HOURS of power to several brilliant LED lamps on cables, radio, 2 or 4 watt 12-volt fans + small 12-volt color TV, mobile charging, laptop etc. Ideal plan-view cool-climate house shape is my

“SUNNY HOME” with glassed sun-facing veranda & big windows on sloping ends that house-heat most of the day if sunny; like our Cornwall UK home that over-heated entire winter to summer temps; door to house from veranda had wide slit above & below ,covered at night. Note corridor connecting rooms below. A lake facing the house sun-side heats house even more by reflection. Let us know if you want finer details!

MICRO FOOD GARDEN: Of masses of farms visited & worked on over decades, I have yet to find one farmer anywhere practising even a little self-sufficiency . They all sell cheap whole-sale & buy expensive retail Fill the space with dwarf fruit trees including along foot paths; don’t forget many vegetable leaves are nutritious, etc) + vine crops like passion-fruit + 2 perennial bean types along walls + but don’t forget pine trees are quite edible + several plants that are our medicine like SamBung + bush tucker. Up to most any 3 trees can be planted in one hole with usual size fruit though trees will be smaller. Plant potatoes in a tire laying flat on plastic bug-proof mesh & full of soil; as plants grow taller, stack on more earth-filled tires. Piss on the lot, especially female piss. Can grow virtually all food in 100 pots as my sister-in-law proved on verandas & walkways, driveways & fruit trees beside road pavements + on flattish roof.,. Seaweeds + insects are future nutritious foods.

Outback in Australian- desert, farmers have disobeyed the Bible by over-stocking, over-populating & over-cropping their farms into horrible deserts. Yet the wide strip of land often between their fence & the roads I once detected 15 weeds & grasses, 8 of which I found very tasty. Miracle. In our 35 years here + 7 in UK’s warmest Cornwall having planted nothing that isn’t edible, including ground cover (= sweet potatoes etc), on ¼ acre minimum effort

Edible Jungle of extraordinary plants including sturdy native & medicinal like SAMBUNG & Bele. “ With largely tree food, greater efficiency than ground crops & so little work to do, apart from occasional pruning & edible clover grass-cutting, that I got mild diabetes-2. Tropical fruits are generally more nutritious than cool climate items. “Preserving Fruit via water, cool, vacuum, jam, juice, wine, sola dry, preserves, pickles, vinegar & cordials. There are nutritious dirt-cheap tree alternatives to: bread, pudding (black sapote), butter (avocado), milk (white sapote, custard apple, Peruvian Cow Tree = Brosimum Alicastrum or better still B.Utile…), sugarless jams are tops, ice-cream (custard apple), drinks, many medicines, many native foods & bush-tucker… more Cuttings to share from all our food trees you could ever want. When tomato plants have given a good crop, rejuvenate them by covering the plants with rich soil to start again. Land & home prices here are vastly less than on mainland. Could be worth taking metal chelating agent medicine to rid your body of metals. Try not to frequent crowded places or transport. Healthy greens come from many sources: hibiscus, sweet potato leaf, peanut leaf, clover, tops of many vegies like carrots, & onions, Bele = tree lettuce has 70 times more Vitamin A than cabbage & lettuce, mulberry especially white + fennel etc.

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