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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Juan O' Savin & David Nino Rodriguez: Their House of Cards is Falling Down!! Big Shock Event Incoming! (Video)

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by N.Morgan

(Turn off VPN, as it can block certain videos, like Rumble)


Juan and Nino are together again and they are sharing major info about how the enemy’s house of cards is falling down and what that means for the rest of us..



They also share info about the latest shock event that incoming.. Check out everything they have to share! 



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    • DangerWillRoberson

      its coming in a few weeks you will see with your own eyes i know cuz i am the king of grifters so buy my trump flag and jacket call my bitch she hook up righteously! only 2 more weeks and the end will kill us all you will see eat my hopium pie for lunch and you will see with your own eyes, 107 nino call mike gill do a forbidden show it will be bigger then 9/11 and the plandemic you will see with your own eyes Call Mike Gill askj him about pandora’s box? why did mike say general flynn set trump up on jan 6th? and was a long time operator in child trafficking? :roll:

      • Adi Da Samraj

        🌹All of them are Blessed who bring others into a state of non-violence, cooperation, tolerance, and peaceful co-existence. Such people are, truly, born from the Divine domain. Like sons and daughters of the Spiritual Divine, they are the true inheritors of the Divine wealth of Spirit in this world.🌹
        [Matthew 5:9]

    • Adi Da Samraj

      Damn the righteous talking-thinkers and popular prophets of mediocrity. They broadcast their petty words around the human world, in order to reduce every man, woman, and child to their own likeness. And, when the people hear their tiny awful leaders speak, they imitate their ignorance and harm in all the streets of daily cause. And, by imitation thus, the people everywhere become more benighted and dangerous than the shouting leadership that causes them. [Matthew 23:15]

      • Adi Da Samraj

        👐🏻 True believers merely believe in believing.
        👐🏻 True “knowers” only “know” what they find out.
        👐🏻 If I am devotionally recognized, The Divine is Perfectly Found.
        👐🏻 My Revelation here Is The Perfect Divine Self-Revelation.
        👐🏻 My Revelation here is not only The Perfect Revelation of The Way to Realize The Divine.
        👐🏻 My Revelation here Is The Perfect Revelation of The Divine Itself.
        👐🏻 My Revelation here Is The Divine Self-Revelation That Is The Divine Itself.
        👐🏻 My Intervention here Is Avataric because I Reveal The Perfect Way to Realize The Divine.
        👐🏻 My Intervention here Is Divine because I Perfectly Self-Reveal The Divine Itself.
        👐🏻 The Universal Self-Nature—The egoless Indivisible Self-Condition and Self-State of Reality Itself—is Made Perfectly Self-Evident by My Intervention here.
        👐🏻 I Am The Self-Evidence of Reality Itself.
        👐🏻 I Am The Self-Evidence That Reality Itself Is Divine.
        👐🏻 I Am The Self-Evidence That The Divine Is Reality Itself.
        👐🏻 Reality Itself Is What makes My Intervention here both An Avataric and A Divine Intervention.
        👐🏻 The Divine Person and Self-Condition is Avatarically Self-Revealed by Me and As Me—not merely as (or with reference to) My conditionally here-Appearing bodily (human) Form, but As The Very Condition with Which even My conditionally here-Appearing bodily (human) Form is Non-“differently” Coincident. 👐🏻

    • g77enn

      1. Failing to discuss the fact this nation is meant to be a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy as he claims.
      2. Approving the Vax and spending $10B on it (Catherine Fitts)
      3. Claiming not one person died from the Vax (Candace Owens Youtube video)
      4. Not fighting for his 2020 landslide victory.
      5. Dating under age girls, which allowed the Pentagon to control him via blackmail. Fulford:/alternative/2024/04/benjamin-fulford-shocking-news-041624-wwiii-is-heating-up-trump-drops-the-next-truth-bomb-video-3812433.html
      6. Allowing millions of immigrants and Red Chinese young men into the country due to his not assuming officeand preventing it.
      7. Cavorting with the Chabad sex cult:
      8. This same cult intends to destroy the world.
      9. Trump’s family (Kushners) belongs to Chabad, a racist, criminal Jewish supremacist doomsday cult.
      10. Trump treats Ivanka, his daughter, like a sex object publicly to such a degree she complains about it? Isn’t that a clue folks?
      11. Trump failed to drip-drip apprise the public of WHs doings as promised after not taking office in 2020.
      12. By failing to take office in 2020 Trump allowed the economy to dive leading to poverty among millions of Americans.
      13. Allegedly Trump controls the Biden administration via the Secret Space Program, yet he’s done nothing to put the Biden administration on the right track.
      14. Trump and the WHs say, “Follow the plan” but have they told us the plan? If so, please elaborate?
      The WHs and BHs behind the scenes are working together for the Bolshevik takeover of America virtually exactly like what happened to Russia. Moreover, Russians have been warning us for years about this takeover. Fulford: /beyond-science/2024/04/benjamin-fulford-we-now-confirm-that-psychological-warfare-is-being-used-on-the-american-people-2-2455889.html
      This is a We the Peoples’ List. Feel free to add or correct according to where Spirit guides you.

      • Bankroller

        Thanks for your nonsense, Karen. :roll:

      • jeremyfeit

        1. Protecting democracy, meaning method of voting. Mr T is talking to normies.
        2. Vax by def means when he took ivermectin, Hcq and some other stuff
        3. See point 2
        4. Are you a clown? Exed orders he put out bfore the vote is fighting… also he said peacefully protest which is what j6 and the 2 mil who showed up did. More than “mostly peaceful” if you don’t count Epps and the CIA scumbags
        sorry i’m not addressing all points now but JFK’s dad was with mob and bootlegger but guess what, Trump and JFK did the right thing, Epstein was kicked out the golf course.

    • bolt

      we are all being played with the dangling carrots I’ve made a complete fool of myself warning my friends and family by truthers advice when in all reality they are controlled opposition most likely created by the CIA. This happens in countries all the time and we’ve been lied to for 70 years in recent times but it is evident that since our inception we’ve had traitors lying to us when in all actuality we belong to the Crown. Our history is fabricated and realize it’s difficult to trust anyone these days that’s why God said in the end times much discernment will be required. It’s not Trump nor the military but Jesus is our only hope that he destroys evil and all is made awesome. Until then man will continue to lie and snare us until we lose hope and strength To all the deceivers out there you know what awaits you when you have to explain to God your deception. Imagine you fools gain the world temporarily then spend eternity in hell forever gnashing teeth in excruciating horror and pain. Your reward is temporary as you keep aging each day your fate awaits you. You are the ones that have been deceived the most to do satans bidding, I hope you wake up and turn from your wickedness and repent

    • trumster 79

      So you believe everything Gill say? Why doesnt he say he lost That Deframanation Lawsuit of 274 Million plus Interest, They said itr was because not Enough Evidence. AARON DAY was involved in that one to He had to Pay 1 Million. Aaron said he has all the Evidence on that ans alo That 50 Million thing, Gill was suppose to pay them Watch his video on That.
      Gill Was friends with all of these till a fall out on his Divorce case. 2006. Not seeing the children was one of the things on his Divorce They dont want to see him .
      The Creditors Auctioned his house because he was not Paying his Bill s on time. Read all the court records/ Thats not the only one He ad lawsuits for having then signs up. also he has a big suit from the bank about audit on his Business He was suppose to bring all his records in from The business and would not attend 2 of the hearing Fines for that Judge asked his son to Bring them in
      Fired employess when they would not do illegal things. One was going to sue him
      His wife made the Staement She was Tired of all the Illegal Things Destroying Business Records Forging Signatures, All from the Court Record. All Public Records. Guess you dont research everything.
      The guy that was walking down the side of room Pulled out a Phone not a Gun.Was not going to kill him With a Phone/
      Cop even told him he need to have police reports. not emails.
      Look up about the Racing He had Lawsuit all oner Went Through 89 Lawyers noone wants to take him on.

    • Anonymous

      No one is coming to save you. Form hunting parties, identify, locate, exterminate. Oh yeah I forgot most Americans are soft, brainwashed cowards who will never fight to save their own lives, friends and families. They are murdering you. Kiss your asses goodbye.

      • DangerWillRoberson

        well the city pukes some of the burbs country folks will skin that chicken and cook it well done! :grin:

    • g77enn

      Trump claims that quote, “A PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES MUST HAVE FULL IMMUNITY” from prosecution for any crime committed while in office.
      (Jan 6 arrests are just a distraction. Indict Trump for alleging push the vax and spending $10 on it.)/economics-and-politics/2024/04/are-presidents-above-the-law-donald-trump-thinks-presidents-2532007.html

      • DangerWillRoberson

        g77 trump is very much on the table to play the antichrist I hope he does not get a bad head wound then recover? we know his kids have excepted Satan as there Lord and saviour! shabod, :mrgreen:

    • SVS

      Juan, Respectfully you have the emphasis oif theatr scriopture inb the wrong place. According to Jack W. Hayford, Foursquare Bible Scholar it’s as follows, “When the enemy comes in, LIKE A FLOOD the Lord will raise a standard against him.” It is a vast difference in emphasis.

    • SVS

      Juan, Respectfully you have the emphasis of that scriopture in the wrong place. According to Jack W. Hayford, Foursquare Bible Scholar it’s as follows, “When the enemy comes in, LIKE A FLOOD the Lord will raise a standard against him.” It is a vast difference in emphasis.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Juan………..shut the hell up, go away and NVEVR return.

    • jeremyfeit

      somejuan asked juan what do single moms do he said go to church
      i say get a piece, no piece, no peace

      and 107 plz shut up already about the 80% need to wake up theory when more than that voted trump in 2020

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