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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: White Hat Military Devolution Plan in Place. Arrest Wars Have Begun. Biden Goes to Camp David. NCSWIC- Special Intel Report 6/15/24 (Video)

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by N.Morgan

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Compiled Sat. 15 June 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities”


…President Donald J. Trump Fri. 14 June 2024








The Spirit of God | The Tabernacle Choir (

JUDY NOTE: Well before Trump left office in 2021 he gave full Executive Power to the Military, installed a Continuity of Government and put a Devolution Plan in place. Now these Military Operations were controlling Whites Hats inside the FBI and Pentagon at the highest levels.

· Why did Jewish Groups get 94% of Homeland Security Grants, while Jews were only 2% of the population?

· Why did the Cabal Backed NASA own all of the technology found within the Great Pyramid, plus also owned a large section of the Grand Canyon where Egyptian-type artifacts have been found, but this great mystery has been withheld from the public?

· Why Have Abortion Rights? Maybe it’s because a baby’s organs were worth over $45,000, but only if harvested without pain medication and while the child was still alive – the bloody dirty monies going straight to the Cabal.

· Why was Fauci, Pfizer, the University of North Carolina and US Center For Disease Control given over $10 billion dollars of US Taxpayer monies over 46 years to develop and patent the officially titled bio weapon Corona Virus that they designed to take out humanity? The Best Video Going Around! They’re All Going to Jail!! (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

· Why was the privately owned by the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Crown, US Inc, Vatican Central Banker’s Federal Reserve at the center of a multi-decade Ponzi scheme? The Federal Reserve was not actually a federal agency, nor did it hold reserves. Since 1913 through their privately owned IRS, the Federal Reserve has been unlawfully collecting and stealing US taxpayer monies by illegally enforcing their own rules on the population through use of un-Constitutional Maritime Law, plus manipulating the Global economy and contributing to the financial instability of the US and World.

· Why was Biden still sending money to Ukraine when Putin has won the war there and taken back his country from the Nazi pedophiles who took it over? President Putin, who rescued hundreds of children from illegal Ukraine underground tunnel bio-weapon labs, says the presidential term of the head of Ukraine has run out and Zelensky is no longer a legitimate President. Biden/Obama Tied to Child Sex Trafficking; Children, Bodies Rescued from US Bio-weapon Labs Under Biden Ukraine Property | Politics | Before It’s News (

· On the Brighter Side: Med-beds were said to be able to remove any implants or microchips and completely naturally cleanse the body of any foreign matter.

· Fri. 14 June 2024 Apparently Biden will lock himself up at Camp David and we will not hear from him for the next ten days, (Ten Days of Darkness Yeah!!!)

· The income tax lie is the greatest lie ever told in American history. Hidden footage showed an IRS Agent with a Prosecutor not able to confirm there is a law to pay income tax. This case of tax fraud was dismissed because there is, in fact, no law requiring taxes.

· Yet Ken Cromar presently sits in jail having been found guilty of living in his own fully owned home and after proving in a Federal Tax Court that he owed no monies to the IRS. Despite the ruling in Cromar’s favor, the IRS sold his home at auction and threw away all his possessions including expensive camera equipment he used to make a living.



· Ken really appreciates receiving encouraging messages in postcards. White, pre-stamped postcards with your name and complete return address hand-written is the only thing accepted at the jail. Paul Cromar #567164 Davis County Jail P.O. Box 130 Farmington, UT 84025-0130 Donations for commissary and other needs can be made at:
Venmo to: @Talmage-Cromar OR mail to: The Cromar’s PO Box 942 Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (you will receive a gift for your contribution)

· All Tom Fairbanks did was to spend much of his life gathering evidence on the Ritual Abuse of children in Utah. In early March 2024 he was arrested and placed in the Utah Weber County Jail. For what? The real reason for attacks on Tom appeared to be that the Powers That Be couldn’t afford to have someone with Tom’s very valid evidence of SRA cases to be running around unchecked. Fairbanks’ problems began when he decided to take his evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse of children to share with Utah governmental powers. No sooner had he done so when a tsunami of problems began to plague his life including being poisoned and suffering years of court battles on made up cases.

· If you wish to help Tom with funds so he can have phone access, go to and register. A box will show up where can put in Tom Fairbank’s name (Weber County Jail ID # 671274) Then hit “send money now” and follow the instructions. Tom would greatly appreciate your show of support. Postcards can be sent to: Community Support Foundation P.O. Box 939 Logan, Utah 84323

JUDY NOTE: Jenny Hill and I spent 18 years writing her biography “22 Faces” to expose our own CIA’s horrendous Mind Control Programming based in torture, rape and child sacrifice that was so rampant in our Global Society.

“22 Faces” explains how childhood torture separates a young developing brain’s thinking patterns into multiple personalities that then allowed perpetrators to control their victims throughout their lives.

When the first edition of “22 Faces” was released the biography was immediately brutally attacked by the very pedophiles who, in their worship of Satan, regularly raped, tortured and killed children in exchange for their own sick definition of power and glory.

Through these Satanist’s negative comments and one star reviews of “22 Faces” on Amazon, the pedophiles were effective in plunging book ratings to four.

“22 Faces” was soon to be re-published and it wouldn’t be a surprise to find those same perpetrators organizing another attack on the book – all designed to cover up their own crimes and make people believe that the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children does not exist among us – in our own neighborhoods – right next door.

Upon the soon to be re-publication of “22 Faces,” it would be most appreciated if you could go into Amazon and give the biography a review and rating, plus ask your friends and family to do likewise.

The more we can expose those Satan worshipping perpetrators who perform Satanic Ritual Abuse on our children, the more innocents can be saved from what Jenny and so many others had to endure.

If you would like notification of the “22 Faces” re-publication release, please email me at: [email protected]

JUDY NOTE: IF YOU WERE READING THIS UPDATE ON, OR FROM OPERATION DISCLOSURE OFFICIAL’S WEBSITE, BE AWARE that the information has been redacted. For a complete UN-REDACTED VERSION, see a PDF copy at the end of the Update on Operation Disclosure Official’s Website, you can download it OR you can read an UN-REDACTED VERSION on the Rumor Mill News Website. Go to You will be in the Reading Room, then scroll down looking for Agent Seawitch’s posting titles, the UN-REDACTED VERSION for “RESTORED REPUBLIC” should be there.

A. JUDY NOTE: TRB Trump Products SCAM Update: FBI Investigation Opened

· In this past week I have received 269 emails from TRB victims who purchased Trump products with a promise of a sizeable payoff. Not one has received their promised payout. All appear to have been scammed out of thousands of dollars – some their life savings.

· On Sat. 14 June I received an email from a person who claimed she was reimbursed for her TRB claim, but could not provide details. Thus, I am highly suspect of her claim.

· The so-called Trump Coins, Badges and Stickers were NOT, as the advertising claimed, endorsed by Trump, Tucker Carlson, Trump family members, the Trump Organization, or its affiliates.

· Alan Garten, General Counsel to the Trump Organization, stated: “The Trump Organization has no affiliation or association whatsoever with TRB products. …They illegally use pictures of Trump and others associated with Trump to sell their products. …They are engaged in a scheme to deceive and scam the public. …We have launched our own investigation and have shared information with federal law enforcement agencies. …They have gone so far as to send emails falsely representing to be from our employees.” …letter signed by Alan Garten March 2024

· Apparently for those years Chairman of the now-bankrupt US Federal Reserve Jerome H. Powell has been running this Scam that sells so-called “Trump Gold Products,” promising huge returns. Fed Chair Powell Heading Trump Gold Products Scam? | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

· Sites on Telegram that advertise the TRB products appear to be run by Zionist Deep State Globalists using fake IDs of well known persons connected to Trump, or even use Trump’s name. If I find a site advertising TRB products I erase it from my inbox. It’s easy to use someone else’s name for your Telegram site. There are two sites that use my name of Judy Byington, yet I do not have an active Telegram site, have nothing to do with sites in my name and have no control over the situation.

· Patriots, TAKE ACTION: If you feel you have been a victim to a scam it is recommended that you report such to your local law enforcement and Business Bureau.

· Victims of the TRB Scam are urged to type up their TRB experience including products bought and monies paid out, plus your contact information. Sign two notarize copies, keep one and send the second notarized copy of the TRB write up to: Alan Garten, General Counsel to the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization 725 Fifth Avenue, 26th Fl. New York NY 10022-2519 United States.

· Garten’s Office will record your statement and send the notarized copy on to the FBI investigation of TRB Products.

· I would appreciate an email about your TRB experience. This would not be in lieu of the notarized statement you send to Mr. Garten, but I will document it for the ongoing investigation: [email protected]


· On Sun. 9 June 2024 the White House was lit up in gold. Saudia Arabia dropped the USD and ended the Petrodollar. With a Market Crash imminent, it was the Beginning of the End for collapse of the Global Financial System. RV funds for Bond Holders and Tier4b moved into position for payout.

· On Wed. 12 June 2024 around 12 Noon EST a Worldwide Economic Collapse continued when Putin withdrew the US Dollar and the Euro from the Russian Stock Market.

· “It’s official. Brazil has already started. On Wed. 12 June Reno should be releasing the funds, with notifications to set redemption/exchange appointments for Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) to shortly follow”. …Wolverine

· On Sat. 15 June 2024 any bank not Basel 3 compliant would be closed. The new Iraqi Dinar Rate was to be published in their Gazette. Notification to set appointments for Tier4b and Bond Holders were expected by Sat. 15 June evening.

· On Sun. 16 June 2024 Global Elite Executions will be Televised Worldwide: Worldwide Televised Executions June 16th [Father's Day] Booms Incoming! | Alternative | Before It’s News (

· “Wed. 17 July was the end of the New World Order, with Q Tuesday start of the Golden Age”. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

· Tues. 6 Aug. “Worldwide Web Takeover Declass.” …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

· Sun. 1 Sept. 2024: “The greatest comeback in World History will unfold. Everything you’ve known and seen will become perplexing. You won’t believe your eyes. America will erupt. PATRIOTS WILL PREVAIL. AMERICA WILL TRIUMPH. The house of cards will collapse”. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram


· Fri. 14 June 2024 MarkZ: “They are looking at Saturday night 15 June 2024”.

· Fri. 14 June 2024 Mike Bara: “A certain “Bondholder” has not been paid. He is, however, seeing test deposits made to his account, and fully expects to be paid tomorrow Sat. 15 June 2024. Fingers crossed”.

· Thurs. 13 June 2024 Bruce: Military Sources say that Notifications for Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) and Bond Holders were to come out and the new Iraqi Dinar Rate be published in the Iraqi Gazette by Sat. 15 June 2024.

· Thurs. 13 June 2024 Texas Snake: “After three days with absolutely nothing, my thoughts are that everyone in high level banking has had to execute an NDA and that we are that close to the announcement”.

· Thurs. 13 June 2024 Wolverine: “I’ve been told by some very, very high sources to be patient – that this is happening. We just have to wait our turn. It will happen in a matter of days. It has been confirmed that the release of funds for currency swaps and historical asset swaps began after 12:00 a.m. on Tues. 11 June. These released funds will become liquid once the 800 holder numbers and emails are released.

· Wed. 12 June 2024 TNT Tony: “They want this done by Sat. 15 June 2024. Banks are expecting to work this weekend. Iraq has country wide celebration planned for Sun. 30 June”.


· Fri. 14 June 2024: “There will be control.” European Central Bank president, Christine Lagarde, admits the EU’s new CBDC—the digital euro—will be used to exert control. EU citizens already face imprisonment or fines for participating in cash transactions above €1000, but the introduction of the digital euro will enable financial totalitarianism on a scale that would make even George Orwell wince.

· The Rothschild family has been manipulating the global economy for centuries. All while hiding behind their immense wealth and power. Their actions are not only unethical but downright evil. It’s time for us to take a stand and expose their corruption.

· Fri. 14 June 2024 Rothschild Makes Major Entry Into Saudi Arabia: With news of Saudi Arabia abandoning the petrodollar and rumored to be interested in joining BRICS, Edmond de Rothschild Bank is partnering with SNB Capital, Saudi Arabia’s largest asset manager, which manages over $66 billion. 66 you say? The Rothschild will provide funding for projects related to the Vision 2030 (Agenda 2030) initiative of the country. The plan is spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Edmond de Rothschild last year also expanded its presence in Dubai.“I am extremely pleased to establish a presence for Edmond de Rothschild in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through this partnership”.


· Fri. 14 June 2024: America Is Building These Secret Facilities in All 50 States Why! Redacted With Clayton Morris 2024 | Prophecy | Before It’s News (


· Benjamin Fulford writes and mentions the Philippines has 90% of the world’s gold as HRM QR told us long ago.

· For this reason, US banks affiliated with the Federal Reserve Board closed 79 branches in just six weeks, bringing the total number to over 400 in 2024.

· The fall of the Federal Reserve Board and its U.S. corporation is why the secret war over what should replace it has intensified.

· One faction is the GESARA group, whose plans, as David Wilcock reports on his Telegram channel, are as follows:

· GESARA (Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act) was enacted to be implemented by all 209 sovereign nations of the world in accordance with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change signed in 2015, starting with the restored Republic of the United States, known as NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act).

· NESARA cancels all credit card, mortgage and other bank debts incurred through illegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a “jubilee year” or complete debt cancellation. Abolishes the federal income tax in the United States. Establishes a flat 17% tax rate on non-essential new items that represent only sales tax revenue for the government…Abolishes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), with IRS employees being transferred to the U.S. Department of the Treasury….Introduces restores constitutional law to all courts and legal matters in the Republic of the United States of America. Retrain all judges and lawyers in constitutional law. Remove all dark cabal agents, administration officials, and all members of the U.S. Congress from their positions due to their consistent unconstitutional actions.

· However, Pentagon sources report a “rainbow U.S. note ready to be floated for the U.S. economy to weather the storm of the end of the U.S. dollar. It will be backed by gold and confiscated assets from Child traffickers such as the Vatican and European and British royals whose assets were confiscated. It is also backed by the gold of Taiwan and the gold borrowed from the Chinese elders of the Philippines, who own 90% of the world’s gold, to celebrate an anniversary and to pay off debts worldwide.”

· Meanwhile, BIS controllers of the current financial system say: “Around 135 countries and monetary unions, representing 98% of global GDP, are exploring central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)”.


Since Joe Biden became Vice President, his family and their shell companies have hauled in $18 million from foreign sources.

▪️ $7.3 million from China

▪️ $4 million from Ukraine

▪️ $3.5 million from Russia

▪️ $1 million from Romania

▪️ $1 million from Panama

▪️ $142,300 from Kazakhstan (for a Porsche!)

▪️ $1 million in other foreign payments

Joe Biden met with nearly every foreign national funneling his family millions of dollars.

▪️ Chairman of CEFC Ye Jianming

▪️ Chinese Fund Executive Jonathan Li

▪️ Burisma Corporate Secretary Vadym Pozharsky

▪️ Russian Oligarch Yelena Baturina

▪️ Kazakhstani Oligarch Kenes Rakishev

Joe Biden’s son and brother have lied to Congress about his role in his family’s corrupt influence peddling schemes.

· Lie: Hunter Biden had no affiliation with the slush fund account that received foreign payments after foreign business associates met with then-Vice President Biden.

· Lie: Hunter Biden sent the threatening text to the wrong Chinese business partner invoking Joe Biden’s presence and expectations about payment.

· Lie: James Biden said Joe Biden did not meet with Tony Bobulinski while they were pursuing a deal with a Chinese Communist Party affiliated entity.

· We’ve referred Hunter and James Biden to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution for making false statements to Congress.

· We will continue to hold Joe Biden and his family accountable for their corruption.


· Fri. 14 June 2024: NATO has rejected Vladimir Putin’s peace deal.

· Fri. 14 June 2024: Ukraine is literally the headquarters of George Soros. George Soros openly discussed his investments in Ukraine and about Joe Biden’s involvement there. “I also want to mention that there is one person who has been very deeply involved in Ukraine, and that is Biden.” George Soros’s foundation was set up in Ukraine in 1990, and is his financial base to conduct his activities all over the world. Modern Ukraine was set up by the Cabal. “I set up a foundation in Ukraine, before Ukraine became independent of Russia.” – George Soros Soros today is pursuing a new plan. Playing his fake anti-Israel/Zionist role as a “puppeteer” while tugging at America’s strings. Psyops have changed. ….The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram


· Heart-rending footage shows child services in the Netherlands forcibly taking two children from their parents based on falsified evidence. The family had to fight for 32 months before the courts admitted that the evidence was fake and returned the children. Many social-democratic European states (especially Nordic countries) operate on a neo-Marxist ideology that is extremely anti-family and against parental authority, instead believing that the state is better suited to raise children. For this reason, they often kidnap children from their parents on the flimsiest of pretexts. I personally know one family whose child was taken by the Danish state because he once ate Nutella in the evening!

· Thurs. 13 June 2024 Putin Vows To Release ‘Sickening’ Hunter Biden Child Sex Tapes That Will End ‘New World Order’ 2024 | Prophecy | Before It’s News (

· Thurs. 8 Oct 2020 /politics/2020/10/global

· Thurs. 24 Sept. 2020: /politics/2020/09/vatican

· Tues. 8 Sept. 2020 /politics/2020/09/military

· Fri. 28 Aug. 2020 /politics/2020/08/trump-heads

· Sun. 28 June 2020 Clinton-Rothschild Child Sex Trafficking Camp Refused Investigation, Destroyed | Politics | Before It’s News (

· Sun. 28 June 2020

· Wed. 6 May 2020 Thousands of Tortured Children Rescued and Found Dead by US Military | Politics | Before It’s News (

· Tues. 21 April 2020 Over 50,000 Traumatized Children Rescued by Military Out of Tunnels Beneath US Cities | Politics | Before It’s News (

· Sat. 19 Oct. 2019 /politics/2019/10/marines-navy


· Fri. 14 June 2024 World Leader Confesses They “Tried to Poison Billions”: /alternative/2024/06/world

· Fri. 14 June 2024 Democrat Party Agenda with Covid-19 Gene Therapy and Abortion:


· The Biden administration has reportedly considered climate lockdowns in response to severe weather events across the United States. Such measures aim to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the impact of extreme climate conditions exacerbated by global warming. These lockdowns could include restrictions on certain industrial activities, limitations on travel, and incentives for remote work. By temporarily curbing activities that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, the administration hopes to address the immediate threats posed by severe weather while promoting long-term sustainability.


· Connected to Human Trafficking: CEMEX, Thorn, McCain Institute, Scientology, The Bronfman Family, Sara Bronfman, Ring, Sean John Clothing, NXIVM, Bad Boy Records, Belinda Stronach, Death Rooms in DC, Dragon Den, Black & Veach.

· It doesn’t help that Mila Kunis is from Ukraine either. It doesn’t help that Mark Cuban partnered with Ashton Kutcher. It doesn’t help that he is a Freemason.

· People have no idea how far reaching this case will be with P. Diddy, Ron Burkle & Peter Theil.

· Jeffrey Epstein wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Edgar Bronfman. Edgar Bronfman, Jr is one of the 7 Jewish men who controls these companies below.

· Seven Jewish men collectively control: ABC, NBC, CBS, The Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, Interscope Records.

· People, you have to understand how gargantuan this entire case will be. It will connect back to everyone and most media companies.

· The Bronfman Family is a bloodline of Canada. I told you all before we are in a bloodline war. Crown Royal is manufactured by Seagram & Sons, the world’s largest distillery. Seagram is owned by the Bronfman bloodline dynasty of Canada, the family of ardent ADL Jewish Zionists. Its senior is currently Edgar Bronfman, who also just happens to be chairman of the World Jewish Congress.

· To my Canadian followers who are always asking me by Justin Trudeau. Listen to me the Bronfman family has heavily influenced Canadian politics for many decades. Your government is Canada is nothing but a cabinet and administration full of puppets who control your country based on who they decide gets to rule it by putting money behind those who sell you out to the globalist. You need to understand this goes much deeper then just getting liberals out of government.


· Russia declare US an enemy due to US-made weapons fired onto Russian soil

· The FBI admit Hunter’s laptop was real, and was submitted as evidence in the Hunter Biden trial

· The WHO declare H5N2 Bird Flu as “significant public health risk” after first human death reported in Mexico.

· Things are about to start heating up. The closer we get to Election Day, the more desperate the enemy will become.


· 11.3 Arrest Wars are coming closer and it’s no longer a conspiracy that Trump is going to arrest the Deep State operators and bring down the operations and real puppet masters of the world Swamp. From the director of the FBI McCabe, to U.S. military Deep State General Milley, to leading MSM host Maddow and hundreds more of Elites in the Senate, U.S. government and High Profile Elites all confirm that Trump is coming after them for Treason.

· All are connected to a Deep State Coup: The Deep State Democrats, RINOS and ELITES are no longer laughing at Q nor THE STORM arrest wars COMING [NCSWIC].

· Multiple Military Operations have been set by Trump. Ezra Patel White Hat Military Devolution Plan is evolving into open operations.

· One of the known operations is now hitting the 2024 circa in social media, books, TV and huge discussions inside the DNC and DC ring. The Military Operation with the Pentagon Department of Defense.

· White Hats in Three Letter Agencies are going after Hillary Clinton and the connection to money laundering/ bribes/ blackmail and a military coup to set up Trump. They are planning the arrest and prosecution of Clinton, Obama, Bush, CIA, Rockefellers, Carnegie Endowment, Gates, Fauci and more.

· The powerful combination of The Storm is connected to the Deep State dark, deep and unconstitutional operations in the United States connected to underground bases and the real facilitators who control Washington DC and Deep State actors and operations.

· Trump and the Military Alliance is going after MAJIC (the secret Majority Intelligence Committee) that is run by the Rockefellers + Rothchilds +13 Elite families who control most of the world intelligence and banks and government corruption systems.

· The Deep State MAJIC is connected to DARPA and the siphoning of hundreds of trillions of dollars annually from world governments to maintain underground bases that house the most advanced technology in the world, connected to infinite energy Tesla Energy Zero Point Energy.

· This important hidden technology is connected to a golden future that WILL change everything, and create wealth across the world to every country and people, including advanced health regeneration technology, ending cancer, heart problems and much much much more.

· THE WORLD STORM OPERATIONS: It was vital and important that Russia broke apart the underground biolabs in Ukraine, broke apart the CIA run military regime of West Ukraine and the dismantling of the world money laundering operations that went to Ukraine.

· For over 50 years Blackrock, Vanguard, NATO, UN, Obama, CIA, MI6, MOSSAD World Bank fake philanthropy operations were all funneling money to Ukraine.

· It was important for Trump to step back in 2021_2024 as Deep State dismantling operations in Ukraine took place. If Trump would have fully initiated the dismantle of the CIA Ukraine operations, the Deep State European powers, Elites propaganda television would have crucified Trump. Even in the U S. people would have been confused and the Mockingbird CIA TV MSM would have annihilated him!

· It was vital to World Military Operations that Putin move forward and bring down the Nazi Globalist Regimen in Ukraine and stop the Deep State elite operations.

· A powerful plan is formulating in real time to bring down the NATO UN Globalist Agenda. This is all connected to the coming World Nuclear standoff already silently happening.

· The End Game Military Occupation 11.3: The End Game is Military World Courts, Tribunals, who funded Ukraine war, Soldier and Coup of 2014who funded biolabs in Ukraine.

· General Code, Nürnberg Code Tribunal: These arrest and investigation start directly from the top and trickle down, unlike U.S. RICO investigations. Nürnberg Code Tribunals who funded the virus? CIA+ Deep State EU actors + intelligence MAJIC.


· Putin has brought down Ukraine Deep State Enterprise CIA/MAJIC Operations, money laundering operation biolabs and securing nuclear weapons NATO/CIA has stored in Ukraine.

· At the same time in the U.S. Trump has exposed the corrupt Judicial system and a Military Coup connected to ex Presidents/current president Biden (the same presidents who fund and funnel money to Ukraine).

· The Military Operations through Ezra, Cheyenne and White Hats in Three Letter Agencies that have initiated operations against Hillary Clinton through Patrick Byrne.

· Several covert operations connected to general Flynn and other important operations connected to United States Cyber Command operation s Admiral Rogers and USSF Cheyenne mountain operations are all combining together into the unveiling of the exposure of a captured US Operation by foreign adversaries and domestic enemies (MAJIC CIA Deep State Three Letter Agencies).

· Russia has helped bring down the Deep State Ukraine CIA money Laundering Operations.

· Muhammad Bin Salam (great friend of Trump) ended the CIA Deep State fiat US Dollar that was controlling World governments by dropping the US Petrodollar.

· The White Hats in Israel will bring down the fake Zion Israeli regimen (a massive revolt and revolution will begin. Military occupation arresting the Deep State Israeli forces and leaders is slated.

· A European Revolution begins as over 70% of Europe rejects the Globalist CIA placed leaders in the current elections.

· Mass anger and revolt will hit the streets of Europe as the financial system collapses and there is massive exposure of the Plandemic Vaccine deaths and the virus.

· There will be Blackouts, Cyber Attacks and False Flag Events, but everything will be exposed.

· Trump is vital to Operations exposing the CIA, Five Eyes Agencies and a Military Coup.

· These World Storm Operations are all happening in unison and lead to a fake Nuclear standoff – with Russia now at the US shores with Nuclear ships and submarines.

· This Event is vital as DC, CIA, DOD will make huge mistakes that will lead to exposure of Deep State Operations and so the sleeping sheep will wake up.

· This Event will lead to Military intervention and 2025 exposure of NATO, CIA provocation initiating Russia into war.

· The coming Tribunals and World Courts were already in the midst of indictments across the Globe.

· The Russia Nuclear Event was designed to lead to an overhaul of the US Military procedures (cleaning Deep State Military commands) by Trump.

· When Trump comes back into office he WILL REUNITE THE WORLD.

· Biden to drop out soon. Gavin Newsom being pushed to replace Biden. Hillary to run with Michael Obama.

· Trump Assassination: This important Event will lead to exposure of the CIA operations.

· MAJIC Majority Intelligence Committee Deep State Operations and Arrest Wars (Just like JFK).

· The Deep State is already planning the operations, but counter measures are in place. The White Hats will stage their own Event before the Deep State Operation. You WILL know after the assassination attempt happens that White Hats staged the EVENT… You will know this because TRUMP WILL survive.

· California Coast Major Earthquake planned to hit Oregon, California, Nevada West region.

· The Event and test trials are happening. DARPA with deep dark operations and technology is already doing tests this past week as mysterious Sonic Booms are hitting California. The Mainstream Media is also reporting mystery. The Deep State Military is trying to find an excuse to cover up the massive sonic booms. Several test earthquakes are being placed through Nevada, California and Oregon this past month.

· It’s well known that several weapons and tectonic weapons exist with thousands of patents to create Earthquakes. The Globalist have always wanted to kill millions in an earthquake and blame climate change and bring in laws and censorship.

· The Exposure of advanced Military weapons and technology was connected to UAP UFOS.

· This month Congress/Senate is passing important laws that protect whistleblowers from inside the Deep State Military dark deep operations. These NEW laws are highly important to by-passing national security laws that protect the Deep State operations. These NEW laws allow the Senate and Congress to see high level classified files and videos that whistleblowers are exposing. To this day the DARPA deep dark operations were protected under corrupt national security laws.

· Now with the new whistleblower laws coming, full exposure of MAJIC DARPA deep dark operations would be exposed including Pedophile, Human Trafficking, Sex Extortion Rings.

· Epstein and P Diddy were arrested during the Trump Administration and secret indictments were placed. Both Epstein and P Diddy were triple agents. Both were forced by White Hats to continue to play their parts as military investigations played forward.

· Before Trump left office he gave full Executive Power to the Military, a Continuity of Government was installed and a Devolution plan was placed. These Military Operations were controlling Whites Hats inside the FBI and Pentagon at the highest levels.

· NOW P Diddy was going on trial and would sing like a bird exposing Elite corruption inside the music and film industries and Sex Trafficking operations around the Globe.

· At the same time Epstein videos will be released by the Military and White Hat Media.

· This was why Robert De Niro and his fellow Elites were trying to stop Trump.

· Robert De Niro’s involvement in the World Sex Ring was connected to the 80s, the Getty Museum, a massive underground pedophile base and satanic rituals. All was connected to founder J Paul Getty and his Bohemian Grove Satanic Moloch rituals. This was why the Getty Museum hosted Satanic human meat cooker Marina Abramović as it’s spiritual guide. De Niro’s connection to a pedophilia ring and pedophile Roman Polanski, who made the cult film Rosemarys Baby, a baby of Satan. It all connects to Christopher Walken, Epstein, P Diddy, California Banks, Cartels, Drugs, Human Trafficking and Sex Rings.

· The EXPOSURE of Weather, Tectonic and Earthquake weapons is ALL CONNECTED TO EXPOSING UAPs man made UFOs.

· Turkey, who has the biggest army in Europe, just changed the entire future of NATO by joining BRICS.

· The destruction of the CIA/ Rockefeller/Rothchilds Globalist MAJIC Five Eyes agencies control over Western and European countries is happening, while the Deep State is going broke. (Wall Street financial numbers were rigged).

· The US Deep State Elites were in panic as Trump would regain power and shut off funding to the Deep State Ukraine money laundering operations.

O. WHY WERE PATRIOTS KEN CROMAR AND TOM FAIRBANKS sitting in jail without having committed a crime? Were Patriots Cromar and Fairbanks being set up as an example of what the Satanic New World Order Zionist Deep State Cabal would do to you if you tried to confront their illegal acts?

· The Satanic New World Order Zionist Deep State Cabal worshipped Satan through pedophilia, torture and Child Sacrifice in their attempts to rule the World.

· Since 1913 this Satan worshipping group has owned the US Federal Reserve and IRS which collected and spent US Taxpayer dollars.

· In 1871 the Cabal took over the US legal system, including law schools to promote their lies, propaganda and disinformation in line with their agenda of total dominance of The People.

· The Cabal’s control of the US legal system began with treacherous legislation called the District of Columbia Act of 1871.

· Even after the Revolutionary War (of which both sides were financed by the King of England), the ‘United States’ had never declared Independence from Great Britain, or the King.

· America was a British Colony, while the United States was an independent business Corporation that existed before the Revolutionary War.

· American Courts were ruled by Great Britain under International Maritime Admiralty Law.

· American Courts were overseen by Administrators who enforced Statutes and Codes.

· If you retained legal counsel in your defense, you were automatically assumed by the court to be a mentally incompetent ward of the court. You could not use the U.S. Constitution (1873) to defend yourself because you were not a party to it. “The People” did not include you and me because America was a British Colony.


The Deep State Cabal wanted to make the Native Hawaiian Capitol of Lahaina into a SMART city, so on August 8, 2023 at 6:37 a.m. Chinese Communist Party NORAD 555836 Direct Energy Weapon Lazers burned Lahaina Maui to the ground.

The resulting fires were the most devastating mass casualty events in the Hawaii State history: 2,700+ Structures destroyed; 97 confirmed dead; 1,000+ still missing/ unconfirmed deceased; 4,000+ people originally dislocated.

Every day since Kingdom of AKUA Foundation Native Hawaiian Volunteers have been supplying three meals a day to their now 2,369 still-displaced fellow victims. However, the Deep State Cabal Red Cross has recently cut funding down to one meal a day for those victims.

Any amount you could give would be greatly appreciated. There was $500K needed right away to continue the three meals a day. The Deep State not only took the Native Hawaiian homes and livelihood away, now they were going to starve them out of the land of their inheritance.

Please send your donation to the Akua Foundation’s Malama Lahaina Website – the only site dedicated to and run by the Hawaiian Native Peoples: Malama Lahaina – Pūpūkahi i Holomua Donations (


· Fri. 14 June 2024: Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: Military Green Light Activated – US Navy Deployed in Miami Due To Russian Warship, Nuclear Power Submarine Threats. . . – American Media Group (

· Fri. 14 June 2024 (video): Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 14, 2024 – The US Military News

· Fri. 14 June 2024 (video) Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 14, 2024 – The US Military News

· Fri. 13 June 2024: Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: Military Green Light Activated. Rothschild Banking Empire Has Fallen. Media Blackout Pending. Special Intel Report 6/14/24 (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

· We The People News for Thurs. 13 June 2024 Situation Update (video): WTPN SITUATION UPDATE 6/13/24 (


Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: Military Green Light Activated. Rothschild Banking Empire Has Fallen. Media Blackout Pending. Special Intel Report 6/14/24 (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News ( (video)

Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: Military Green Light Activated – US Navy Deployed in Miami Due To Russian Warship, Nuclear Power Submarine Threats. . . – American Media Group (

(NEED TO KNOW) RESTORED REPUBLIC VIA A GCR: UPDATE AS OF FRIDAY 14 JUNE 2024 (THE UN-REDACTED VERSION) Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 14, 2024 | Operation Disclosure Official

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 14, 2024 – The US Military News (video)

We The People News for Thurs. 13 June 2024: WTPN SITUATION UPDATE 6/13/24 ( (video)

Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: Q Storm 1776! Protect the Children! CHECKMATE! Game Over! EBS Pending! Special Intel Report 6/13/24 (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News ( (video) Bombshell Report!

Judy Byington: Be Brave – Fight For Humanity – Protect The Innocent Children – Defend Freedom And Life – Expose The Lies And Corruption. . . – American Media Group (

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 13, 2024 – The US Military News (video)

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 13, 2024 | Operation Disclosure Official

Situation Update Wed. 12 June 2024 (video):


Special Restored Republic via a GCR Update on Wed. 12 June 2024.

Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: Trust Me: Deep State Has Fallen. Main Players Gone. Puppets Will Be Done With. PRAISE THE LORD… – American Media Group (

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 12, 2024 – The US Military News

The US Military News

BOOOM!!! Judy Byington Bombshell Report! Start the Clock. A Week to [Remember]. Think Logically. First private [CLAS-5(6)] Second public. Blackwater on GUARD. . . – American Media Group (

Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: Scare Events Incoming. Prepare for Martial Law. We Are Close. Blackwater on Guard. Special Intel Report 6/11/24 (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 11, 2024 | Operation Disclosure Official

Judy Byington Bombshell Report: Martial Law and Blackout Necessary – Rumor: Texas is Leaving the Union to Become it’s Own Sovereign State. . . – American Media Group (

Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: The Black Swan Has Landed! Martial Law and Blackout Necessary ~Q. Special Intel Report 6/10/24 (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 10, 2024 | Operation Disclosure Official

Judy Byington Bombshell Report: Scare Event Incoming! Prepare For Martial Law! We are close – Q! Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sun. 9 June 2024 – American Media Group (

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 9, 2024 | Operation Disclosure Official

Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: BQQQQQQQM! We The People Stand With President Trump! Trust The Man! Trust The Plan! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. . . – American Media Group (

Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: Trump Emergency Broadcast System. Final Phase Started. The End Has Come. The End of Biden! Blackout Confirmed! Special Intel Report 6/8/24 (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 8, 2024 | Operation Disclosure Official


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