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The Strange "There Is No Such Thing As a Coincidence" Guy AND More Clones- Crimes Against Humanity Arrest And Execution List

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Clones & Deep Staters in GITMO – JS He’s cloned, she’s cloned, that politician is a clone, this celebrity is already arrested so surely what we’re seeing on stage is a clone. All of these politicians are already arrested and awaiting trial in GITMO!! You’ll find these articles commonly posted on websites like “RealRawNews” and shared around the social media sphere claiming a prominent Deep Stater was arrested, and the clone theories will inevitably follow on social media. Of course, these claims are made with no evidence and then within the next week you’ll see said celebrity or politicians who was supposedly arrested on TV. While it would be nice to get some of these Cabal folks arrested, we need to stick to reality.


UM, they have already admitted to cloning and they promote cloning your cat or dog or convert your dead pet or aunt into a “diamond”. Agreed that not all of the celebs or politicians are “clones” but they sure don’t look or act the same, so could it be actors in masks or robots? You decide.


Clones Doubles Trannies & Who Is Your Daddy?

What is up with the Robot videos on line all of a sudden? I saw one an HRC as well.

The Strange “There Is No Such Thing As a Coincidence” Guy AND More Clones

Crimes Against Humanity Arrest And Execution List

I agree with Jordan on his “inside sources & secret whistleblowers” points. Personally, I have no “inside sources”, I share information I’ve learned, share my experiences and the work of patriots on social media while trying to connect a few dots with Q, Gematria and President Trump. None of us have all the answers, but our entire purpose is to learn. Don’t trust me trust yourself.

”Inside Sources” JS This might be one of the griftiest tactics that influencers will use to artificially inflate their reputation to their audiences. To suggest that the military or government white hats would be leaking classified intelligence and information about current operations to a person making YouTube videos from their living room is devoid of reason and common sense. When the claims don’t pan out and the influencer get exposed for promoting fake intel and fake sources, most of them will incredibly double down! Or a common excuse peddled by the influencers is that, “I just report what I’m told, some of it might be disinformation meant to throw the bad guys off”. No, they don’t have any inside sources leaking you intel. That doesn’t stop them from trying, though. Alien Contactees and “Secret Space Program Whistleblowers” JS The last on this list, and very similar to the claim of having “inside sources” is the claim made by individuals that they get messages sent to them, whether telepathically channeled or otherwise, from aliens races and so-called galactic federations. Then you have the claim made by some that they have memories of working on secret space programs for the U.S. government. These claims, like those who say they have secret “insiders” feeding them intel, are typically made with absolutely no support evidence or reason given to believe them. While I do believe that extraterrestrial life exists in the cosmos, and could very well be monitoring the situation on Planet Earth at this very moment, I’m going to need some good reason to believe that John or Jane Doe is getting channeled messages sent to them! Likewise, I’ll need some good evidence to believe the latest super soldier who claims he’s worked for a secret government space program. I find it off that these people are releasing supposedly such sensitive information, yet you can find them on the Big Tech platforms talking about it without getting censored. Seems odd! That is my by-no-means comprehensive list, but I feel that it’s a decent summarizing of the common rhetoric peddled through the “patriot”, “awakening”, “disclosure”, and “truth” movement subgenres. It is very important in the act of truth seeking to maintain discernment and keep emotions in check when trying to evaluate information. An ungrounded, emotional individual who is lead by wishful thinking will be easier to manipulate than one who does not let wishful thinking lead their thought processes. It’s good to be open minded, but not so open that our brains fall out. And with the nature of the social media truth movement having zero oversight, influencers jump into it, grab an audience, and essentially say whatever they want with no accountability. Some are most definitely in this for money and fame over creating valuable content, and some may even be doing what they’re doing for darker agendas. It is not NEGATIVE to call out disinformation online. Don’t let these narcissistic tactics prevent you from questioning those “within our movement” and “on our team”, because some may not actually be on our team, they might be on their own self-serving team. And no doubt certain three letter Agencies have disinformation assets planted within the truth movement to further the division by promoting lies. Waking up and honing discernment is a never ending process. No false idols!



EXCEPT JFK JR, Trump, Diana, Michael & Elvis ;)


We Have All The Players – Video By Crazy Cat Productions

The POWER button represents child rape. Turn it on it’s side and it’s a Q! Taking back our numbers, letters and symbols.



The Crazy One In The Family By Jeff Brown

It has been my experience that the one that families call the ‘crazy one’ is often the sane one. This is particularly true in very dysfunctional families where ideas of healthy functioning are turned upside down. In these families, members often repress their authentic feelings and turn against anyone who reminds them of their unresolved issues and patterns.


As a result, the Truth-speakers, the ones who refuse to contain their feelings, those who challenge and humanize the toxic status quo, are often scapegoated and vilified, made to feel crazy by those who lack the courage and insight to see beyond the family’s madness. If you have been labeled the ‘crazy one’, take heart. You are truly not alone. Most great creators and paradigm shifters were met with fiery resistance by those afraid to grow. Whatever you do, do not allow your voice to fade away in the face of their messaging. Your Voice, your vision, your ways of being, live at the heart of your unique Soul’s Journey and are the key to collective transformation. No one has the right to bury them under a bushel of shame. No one! And remember- what is crazy to an unconscious person is often brilliantly sane to one who is Awakened. Without you, we are lost. Blessed be the ‘crazy’ ones!

This original blog was jam packed with information and getting out of control. I have split it up into 3 blogs, this one and I did podcasts on two older blogs that are relevant. This will be a longer podcast than usual due to the videos and all the topics I will be sharing and is probably still out of control with too much information. Pause and take your time.

Let’s review Jordan Sather’s click bait topics as a template and we will get into birth certificate fraud, flat earth, med beds, NESARA/GESARA, JFK Jr. is alive, meet a few of Jr’s voice characters, Todd Bergun and Mad Dog who confirms there are barges at Gitmo and GESARA law. I’ve included my latest podcast and review of an older blog on Were Trumps “failed” businesses a hint to humanity that all these industries are evil? I believe so. The blog also reviews Med Beds, GESARA and Tesla Tech.

Now to get a basic understanding of where we are going with this you should review my podcast regarding the lies about our financial and taxation system and review the #1776 Constitution. This ties in with our birth certificate fraud which I will review in this blog. It also covers Charlie Freak’s work on A – Z Trump taking down the Cabal and how they have all submitted and capitulated to Trump.

Re-Birth of Republic – Trump Still POTUS

My blogs are meant to be the starting point to introduce some topics and for you to do your own research. I do not pretend to have all the answers, we are all relearning together so it’s important you do your own research so you can own the information.


Jordan Sather Top 8 Click Bait Topics

I’m going to breakdown Jordan’s article on the top 8 click bait issues from my perspective. This is one women’s opinion, I’ll present some information to get YOU to do MORE research. I do not have all the answers, only a perspective. I’ve mentioned before I believe Jordan’s role is not only to help teach the people but to be a provocateur, call out disinformation agents and grifters, get everyone to question more, use discernment but most importantly get the conversation going. Jordan is a solid reporter in the truth community and was part of my awakening.

I’ll admit I’ve shared click bait and disinformation throughout this process while we continue learning. I demonstrated this in my last podcast on Trump failed businesses, med beds and Tesla energy and crimes against humanity execution list. It is very important to own your mistakes this helps with your growth and learning lessons. This is called shit posting and we’ve all done it. ;)

The Top 8 Clickbaitiest Topics That “Truthers” Promote – JS Just say it for the views, who cares if it’s true?! Jordan Sather – Dec 5

With so many people turning away from the mainstream media knowing that most of the information they release is hot garbage, the social media “Truth Movement”, for lack of a better name, is thriving. Even with the censorship that the Big Tech platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are conducting on a seemingly exponential growth rate, more and more people are looking for more truthful information in their preferred social apps. The censorship-free platforms like Gab, Telegram, and GETTR are growing even faster. With people turning to these mainstream media platforms to find information, that means they need to find influencers and brands to get this information from on social media. This has lead to opportunistic influencers (and possibly even intelligence agency assets looking to spread disinformation) with a wide open space to push out content and draw in a fan base. Some of these influencers may be new to the realm of truth seeking and might not realize what they’re sharing is wrong, others may not care and will say anything to simply advance their careers. I think we are dealing with quite a bit of both of those scenarios on social media. Because of the amount of disinformation making it’s way across the “truth movement” on social media, I will now offer you a list of what I perceive to be the top 10 clickbait topics that influencers use to rope followers in and get their views. This is something that needs to be discussed, even if it’s a hard truth, because the crazy claims are used by the mainstream media to make the whole movement looks stupid and discredit real truth. Not just that, but audiences are led along emotional roller coasters and manipulated with fake conspiracy news. My efforts to warn you about the clickbait is to make you into a more cautious, more discerning human. Here we go – Flat Earth – JS This one is fairly self explanatory. The “flat Earth” theories are used heavily by the mainstream media to make all truth seekers look incredibly stupid, and Big Tech has no problem leaving flat Earth videos on their platforms because of how convenient of a discreditor they are. Flat Earthers themselves will make up a variety of reasons why their theories are legitimate, and every time they fail the logic test. They will take Bible passages out of context, scream “NASA Lies, Space is Fake!”, and concoct all kinds of silly memes to prove their ideas. Meanwhile, there are a variety of basic questions one can ask themselves to see what we are indeed on some sort of spheroid, rotating celestial body. Ask any pilot, ocean navigator, or long range sniper and they’ll tell you they have to take a round planet into account for their work.

The Lost History of Flat Earth part FULL (1-7)

Don’t let the title fool you.


PART TWO of EWARANON’s Lost History of Earth is here:

“I fly a lot, and I mean a lot. No one flies more than me. Listen, I own a jet. I own a 757, beautiful plane, it’s the best plane! If the world were round, believe me, I would know!” Donald J. Trump

Snopes Said That Was FALSE! ;)

EWARANON = 1117 = Perspective = 1117


 Beware! The Elites’ Diabolical Plan Unveiled – Watch the Video Below!


Ewaranon = 91 = God wins = 91

Flat Earth = 91

Potus = 91

Judge Karma = 91

Who is Q = 91

Darkness = 91

Darnkess = 91

Future = 91

Spirit = 91

Mirror = 91

Buckle Up = 91

Cancer Cure = 91

Dream Chart = 91

End of Time = 91


Time is an illusion and is man made. It’s also what ages you, every single time you “celebrate” your birthday. And there is that number 13! #13Bloodlines – so if time is an illusion…

What is Natural Law?

Natural law is a philosophical theory that states that humans have certain rights, moral values, and responsibilities that are inherent in human nature. Natural law theory is based on the idea that natural laws are universal concepts and are not based on any culture or customs. Still, it is a way society acts naturally and inherently as human beings.


Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law Documentary

Natural Law – The REAL Law Of Attraction & How To Apply It In Your Life

We must understand natural law. Nature – is a word derived from Nectar which means Spirit, therefore Natural Law is Spiritual Law, Universal Law and the Law of EVERYTHING. The KEY which “unlocks all the locks, on all the doors to all the cages.” NESARA/QFS/RV – JS With how easy fake news can spread on social media, the “NESARA/GESARA”, “Quantum Financial System”, and “Currency Revaluation” claims have found a resurgence in the last couple years. The basic idea behind this is that a sort of secret “NESARA Act”, or “Quantum System” is being developed in secret by the military or by white hats, and it’s going to be unveiled to humanity to rid us of the Central Bank debt-slave system. While it sounds nice, it’s quite a fantastical fiction story. While the “QFS” aspect of it is only a few years old, scammers have been using the NESARA/RV subject for a couple decades. I first heard of NESARA in 2011, and back then I truly believed the supposed Act was going to get rolled out to humanity and magically dump $100,000 into all of our bank accounts. I kept hearing, “It’s coming tomorrow! It’s coming next week!”. Over time I finally realized the NESARA theories were bunk. Funny enough, I still hear influencers peddle the NESARA/QFS ideas, insisting to their followers “It’s coming next week!”. Their followers will learn eventually.


Jordan Maxwell – You and your birth certificate are traded at Wall Street

Jordan Maxwell – Church Description

Meet Your Strawman




We are all slaves learn how to reclaim your sovereignty.



As a sovereign man or woman YOU are NOT required to have a licence or insurance to move your property from point A to point B?




The American State Assembly

Every Canadian Must See – Canada a Country Without a Constitution – Video




Learn about OZ = Ounces – Gold Bricks – Learn about your strawman


TIN (tax ID) – Tin man = No heart – Lion = no courage and a bully

11/08/2021- NESARA!!! 10 Days ended! Big Things did happen! It’s time to Praise God Again!


Santas Surfing has been endorsed by Mike Flynn and refers to GESARA as Trumpsara.


Titanic Switch – Created the Federal Reserve



Med Beds – JS ”Hopium” as defined by Urban Dictionary (a very credible source, I’ve been told) is “the metaphorical substance that causes people to believe in a false hope.”. While Hopium can be caused by a few topics on this list, none might be more hopium-inducing than the claim of “Med Beds”. Now, I do believe that there are advanced technologies held back from humanity by the Deep State, some of which are likely frequency based medicine, but the “Med Bed” buzzword is often parroted by clickbait peddling influencers with little to no explanation of what it actually means, and it’s claimed that, again, the military or white hats are going to unveil these secret Med Beds to public and save the day. Influencers claim these Med Beds will be able to cure cancers, diseases, and some even claim they are going to regrow limbs. It’s pretty pathetic, seeing as some of their followers buy these claims and then stop taking their medicines, supplements, and trying to make themselves better thinking these “Med Beds” are going to be released and heal all their problems. Some content creators will literally say anything on social media to get some clicks, I suppose.

What do they really mean when they say we are going to show you a whole new world and the best is yet to come? Isn’t it our responsibility to unlearn everything we think we know and detox from our toxic lifestyles and learn to feed our heads? Even if med beds exist, which I believe they do or some variation of technology that will help humanity heal via UV Light, sound and frequency, the way we are supposed to heal. You can learn all about that in the Erwanon series. I think we should be living like the Jetsons and Star Trek, but if you’re toxic from consuming too much garbage and low vibrational food, booze, pills, porn, crap entertainment – you’re out of center and not aligned with being the best you. You’re basically a mess, not to mention holding in some emotional childhood trauma like all of us. How can you expect to “wait” for med beds and jump into one and think you’ll be “fixed”. The work begins with YOU. Stop with the self sabotage behaviours. Fix and feed your head first the rest will follow. Don’t get overwhelmed, take one piece at a time you can do whatever you set your mind to, you are the creator and the star of your own show, why not make the best of it?


Rat Experiment About Hope

In a nutshell a scientist did a study with rats, pretty gruesome but he placed them in individual buckets of water to see how long they would swim. They all gave up very quickly and drowned. He tried it again but saved the rat just before they were giving up, let them rest then put them back in the water. What do you think happened?


There are 7 Q posts with the word CURES in them? What does Q mean by this?

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is A Lie

Medical industrial complex is built on lies, lies and more lies. These people are SICK! The vaccinations, GMO foods, chemtrails and fluoride cause all of our disease, then these psychopaths provide the “cure”, classic Hegelian Dialect techniques. (problem, reaction, solution) The puppet masters will create “disorder” so the people will demand “order”. The price of “order” includes the sheep handing over control and loss of freedom. Out of “chaos” comes “order” – THEIR order – their NEW WORLD order = NAZI World Order. And the SHEEP that follow this ungodly behaviour are sick too, they’ve succumbed to mass formation and menticide as previously mentioned in my Message from Our Real VP – JFK Jr right here!


The Masses Have Succumbed to Mass Formation and Menticide


Trump Failed Businesses A Warning To Humanity

Do Not Miss! Med Beds, GESARA, 5G, TESLA Tech – Now there could be some click baity issues in here. I left them in to help demonstrate. You decide.


This photo seems “laughable” or is it?



Nikola Tesla’s vibrational healing technology.


There are currently over 3,000 hidden & suppressed patents & technologies that would change our modern society into something most people can not even imagine.

Free energy, along with thousands of life-changing & human benefiting technologies, will be coming into the new 5D Earth.



Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was an extremely intelligent inventor and a pioneer in curing cancer. During the 1930s, he designed several optical microscopes that could observe the virus. With the help of those microscopes, he invented the theory of the Rife machine and successfully cured cancer on human bodies in 1934. In 1971, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife died of a heart attack in California. How did such a scientific giant die of a heart attack?

What If We Are Not Going To Need Med Beds?


About Dr. Gabe Roberts:


Functional Medicine and Energy, or Frequency based therapy is Dr. Gabe Roberts truest passion. He uses Quantum Integration techniques to identify the root causes that prevent healing, combined with subconscious reprogramming and has transformed the lives of his patients from all over the world. He has also served as a speaker and health educator on many topics such as, How Emotion Impacts Health, Autoimmune Diseases, GI problems, Environmental Toxins, Cardiovascular Health, Microbiome and Nutrition. Dr. Roberts is highly recognized by both large corporations and within his own community as a “rare breed”. He has the ability to do virtual chiropractic therapy over long distances, instantly removing “mystery” pains while clearing destructive emotions and/or self-limiting/sabotaging beliefs from the subconscious mind. A gift many consider rare, and truly one of a kind.


Provided Services:

  • Nutrition

  • Subconscious Hypnotherapy

  • Virtual Chiropractic

  • Functional Medicine

  • Emotional Clearing

  • Vibrational Therapy

  • Homeopathic Remedies

  • Energy Healing

  • Detoxification

  • Stealth infection

Gematria – JS Gematria is a form of numerology in which the letters of the alphabet are substituted with corresponding numbers and added up. For instance, C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet, A is the 1st, T is the 20th, so the numerical value of “cat” would be 1+3+20, or 24. Influencers will take one phrase, find the numerical value, and then try to prove that a theory is true based upon it having the same value. Example of this: “TRUTH REVEALED = 159”, “Q NESARA GESARA TM = 159”, so they’ll claim NESARA is real because the phrase has the same number as “Truth is Revealed”. I wish I was making this up, but some social media personalities will literally peddle these ideas to their followers. And as you can see, it’s purely subjective. Many people have gotten lost down these arbitrary rabbit holes and confuse themselves with it, believing false ideas because of the numbers phrases will add up to.


Jackson Five – ABC 123

Michael Jackson Let us know with his song ABC, easy as 1,2,3.



What is up with the number 17 = Q? Let’s start there.


Hebrew uses numerology, the occult uses symbols and numerology of course God has a language and what did Q drop mean by 4,10,20 = A,b,c,d.e….. on 11/11 at 2:18:35

What are you kidding me?

1111 = JFK’s EO Abolishing the Federal Reserve

2:18 = 11 = JJ

18 = R = JFK Jr.

35 = JFK


Hebrew Numerology – Numbers Have Power

I believe the purpose of the Michael Protzman character is to teach us about Gematria but also to get our brains working in a different way and yes we use interpretation. Go plug your name into Gematria and see what comes up. We are all connected!


Marlene Love = 122 – Warn Mankind = 122


Why has Q signed this post 4,10,20? DJT = Donald J. Trump. Why are the first “35″ Q posts not signed by Q or DJT? Who’s writing them?

533 = 11 = JJ

Introduction to Life According to Marz – My first Podcast Includes Gematria Review

JFK Jr. – JS The good ol’ “John F. Kennedy Jr. is actually alive and is going to come back!” theories. This topic is another great way to discredit the truth movement, much like flat Earth theories are weaponized by the Mainstream Media for the same reason. The JFK Jr. ideas are weaponized more specifically to attack and undermine the Q movement, and I suppose you could say these theories offer their believers a good amount of hopium as well. It gets fairly comical when influencers will try to prove JFK Jr. is coming back with Gematria. You can imagine what that would look like to people just starting to wake up and figure the truth out, they might just turn around and run away. Maybe that’s the point of some of this clickbait? That’s why I mentioned earlier that we may even have CIA assets undercover as “patriots” and “truthers” on social media spreading ridiculous, baseless theories.


Now Jordan is one of the top journalists and researchers in the Q community. You don’t think he could figure out JFK Jr. is alive? Hello. – INSERT EYE ROLL – He briefly reported on it basically ignoring and dismissing as nonsense and dropped the topic like a hot potato. Same as Praying Medic, Julians Rum, IET, IPOT but Martin Geedes reports on Jr. being alive. This is to get the conversation started folks. They all KNOW he’s alive, ASIF.

Deep down, my gut instinct is the only way Jr. comes out and HRC double is hung in public is if the people demand it. Same as the Ghislaine Maxwell trial not being public. We have to work for it folks! I’m talking share the information, talk to your people, the time for silence is over. We need to take to the streets with pitchforks but peacefully, lol. Unless you see Clinton robot or double. Q said these people will not be able to walk the streets.


3815 = 17 (double Q) the timestamp though…

1082 = 11 = JJ

Well, who the FOOK is the 3rd guy in center with the grey tie in this big fat Military Q? Hello. Who else is in this photo? Can you find Michael Jackson? He is dressed up as a white guy – non military clothing on the left. How about Elvis? What is Q’s obsession with JFK and the morning prayer said every day in the White House? Who else is in this Q I wonder… I think there are some very special souls here to help humanity wake up from their slumber.






Pretty sure I snagged this “Tired of Q Being Right Yet?” meme from Jordan Sather.




JFK Jr Is Alive And A Master Of Disguise


John Durham aka JFK Jr the Punisher


JFK JR Review – Todd Bergun – Flight Details – Mad Dog – Mentions GESARA ~20 minutes

Great series Pervywood ~.55 minute mark – 1:16:19 portion reviews Diana and JFK Jr meeting, JFK Jr crash – Meet Todd Bergun and Mad Dog two of JFK Jr’s voice characters tied into THE VOICE of Q Plan To Save The World video series by Joe M @TheStormIsUponUS. Mad Dog meets with Field McConnell mentions prison barges at GITMO and GESARA, check out all the numbers linked to the Great Awakening. BOOM. Please take the time to watch the entire video series – of pervywood and Q videos.

Mad Dog, aka JFK Jr talks about GESARA law with Field McConnell at 1:15:07 – 15 = 555 = From Dark To Light 17 = Q

September 8 = 17 = Q


Q – Plan To Save The World – Voice JFK Jr.


JFK JR = Anonymous



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