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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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Juan O' Savin: 4th of July Surprise and Trump's Big Moves, This is Incredible! (Video)

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by N.Morgan

(Turn off VPN, as it can block certain videos, like Rumble)


Juan is back in this interview from the 3rd of July and he is shedding light on events to come soon! It’s going to be a doozy! 



Check out what he had to share! 



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  • Adi Da Samraj

    Damn the righteous talking-thinkers and popular prophets of mediocrity. They broadcast their petty words around the human world, in order to reduce every man, woman, and child to their own likeness. And, when the people hear their tiny awful leaders speak, they imitate their ignorance and harm in all the streets of daily cause. And, by imitation thus, the people everywhere become more benighted and dangerous than the shouting leadership that causes them. [Matthew 23:15]

    • Adi Da Samraj

      🔸 A Prayer To The Heart of Reality, Proposed By The Divine World-Teacher, Adi Da Samraj, For Non-Sectarian Use By Humankind🔸
      👐🏻 Beloved, Inmost Heart of every heart,
      do not Let our human hearts be broken
      by our merely mortal suffering here—
      but Make our mortal human hearts break-Free
      to an unconditional love of You,
      that we may, Thus, love all living beings
      with Love’s own True, and Truly broken, Heart. 👐🏻
      🌹All of them are Blessed who practice constant love of the Indivisible Divine Spirit with their totality of heart, and mind, and bodily strength of will [Mark 12:30]—and who, by thus surrendering to the Divine Spirit as Indivisibly One, do also love every other living being as if every other were not other, but only the same as one’s own self. [Mark 12:31]🌹 — Jesus of Galilee

    • DangerWillRoberson

      call Gill. :idea:

  • Adi Da Samraj

    👐🏻 HAVEN’T WE HAD ENOUGH of the brute, stupid, childish, and exploitative representation of our existence that is played out daily (in our name and on our lives) by governments, politicians, militarists, scientists, technocrats, social planners, educators, exoteric and fundamentalist religionists (who aggressively propagate the provincial and pharisaical religions of ego-salvation rather than practice the universal and ego-transcending religion of love), and media hypers (who thrive on the invention and exaggeration of conflict and dramatize our worst instincts in the eternal “gotcha” game that denudes and exposes and trivializes both the highs and the inevitable lows in the dynamic efforts of humankind)? Isn’t it evident in your deepest feeling psyche that this Wisdom-renouncing world is being controlled by our worst and most superficial conceptions of existence? It is time for us to understand ourselves and reclaim the world from the dictatorship of the ego, and from all of those who play at politics (and life in general) as if it were a sporting event that is supposed to excite and entertain us all on television. 👐🏻

  • Adi Da Samraj

    👐🏻 Conflict and destruction take all kinds of forms in the human world and in human history. There has already been a long chain of terrible tyrants in the human sphere—but people everywhere seem to be unaware of the fact that the latest tyrant is everybody—or “Everyman”. The latest—and the last—tyrant is “Everyman”. The last tyrant is “the people”. In this “late-time”, “the people” have, as a collective, become merely another ego-driven, manipulatable, chaotic, and entirely mad entity—a kind of lunatic “herd”, a chaos of gross collectivity. That tyrannical “herd” is subject to the same whims and absurdities as any individual tyrant ever was or is. That terrible “herd” knows no limits—and even all and everything it merely thinks it knows is not Reality and Truth. The “herd” that “the people” have become is simply another tyrant—and the last to rise and fall in human-time. 👐🏻

    • Anonymous

      Get a fucking life already.

  • bolt

    Everyone is lying, Everyone. You will not get any legitimate info on anything through the internet. We are being played to our demise. These puppets are doing the will of their superiors. Intuition and respect for yourself will lead you to the same conclusion. I’ve never seen any truther tell both sides of any issue. Just like people rooting for their football team, they look with blinders and don’t see the entire game. We were given access to the internet to control us and move populations in the direction the sick powerful ones need us to go. God is to blame for the state we are in. God created everything and could correct this in a second but requires you to pray and pray and pray and prey and ignores all of your prayers and allows the BS to continue year after year century after century Millennium after millennium. People like Juan might appear like a genius but they all just regurgitate information (lies) They are just better at regurgitating lies and remembering worthless information so that we sheep feel informed. No one is coming to save us, famous line by Mel Gibson in the movie “Signs” how true it is. We are like cattle enjoying a nice day in the field grazing but one day it will all end and we will be processed, That’s the plan for humanity

    • Adi Da Samraj

      👐🏻 Leave God alone. Let God be. Allow God, the Reality and Power and Being in which the world and all beings arise and change and pass away, to be whatever God is. It is impossible to know what God is or to gain power over what is All-Power. Simply surrender to God. Yield the body-mind into the Radiant Transcendental Being. Then there is only God-Realization, whereas, while you seek God (rather than surrender to God), there is only the experiencing, partial knowing, and mortal reluctance of a being trapped in the dilemma of its own limitations. Simply to surrender is to enter into Freedom and Fullness.
      👐🏻 Therefore, leave God alone. Allow God to be what God is. Transcend the dilemma of the independent and limited psycho-physical self. What you experience is simply more limits of body-mind. Therefore, do not appeal to God to become known or to appear in any manner whatsoever. Simply surrender the body-mind-self into That in which it is arising. Do this always and you will constantly be liberated and saved by Grace. 👐🏻
      🌹The God in Every Body Book🌹

      • bolt

        My mom was shot to death by a cop back in August 9 2016 at a citizens academy she was there with my dad with 35 other people having a nice time. At the end of the classroom session the Punta Gorda police had 4 role play scenarios planned and she was picked for the first one called shoot don’t shoot where she played the role of the cop and the idiot cop played the role of the bad guy. She walked over to him and he ran to the other side of the squad car and unloaded his revolver on her which was supposed to have blanks, they weren’t blanks they were real bulletts. She was hit in the sternum and a main artery there along with being hit in the shoulder. supposed to be a fun informative get together while she lay there face down bleeding profusely and my dad watching all this 10 feet away. It killed our entire family. I prayed like never before but the idiot paramedics in their infinite wisdom instead of taking her to a hospital close by decided to drive her 35 miles to Fort Myers and she lived for 40 minutes then her heart went out half way there. I prayed for some kind of peace for months after her death but only silence and grief as I watched my brother and dad drinking themselves to death. God was no where in that horrible event and has never given me peace in any obstacles I encounter in life. I am a Christian but do me a favor listen to the song by U2 “Wake up dead man” because that is exactly how I feel towards God. He failed our Christian family and…

    • Enoch

      Spot on. His real name is Wayne Willot by the way. The guy cites scripture constantly yet he fails to even mention the book of Enoch which accurately describes the fallen angel event on Mt. Hermon where they bred with the daughters of men and the offspring were giants. Then the church of satan decided at the council of nicea that information wasn’t pertinent yet Enoch is still mentioned in but very briefly. Dave Chapelle did a better job in his ” space jews” skit. Unfortunately most people just laughed instead of reading between the lines and realizing he was literally telling a very very short version of the book of enoch events whether he realized he was or not

  • Adi Da Samraj

    👐🏻Only rightness makes justice true.
    👐🏻 Murder and revenge are inherently morally wrong and never justified. Therefore, capital punishment is morally wrong and is never justified.
    👐🏻 The negative exploitation and killing of human beings by human beings violates the heart of one and all. Therefore, all should always actively participate in the positive moral rightening and cooperative pacification of “self” and of the relations between all human beings, in order to maximally avoid and prevent the negative exploitation and (outside the strict boundaries of unavoidable exercises of self-defense) the killing of human beings by human beings.
    👐🏻 The negative exploitation and killing of non-human beings by human beings violates the heart of one and all. Therefore, all should take care to positively morally righten and pacify the relations between “self” (or even all human beings) and all non-human beings, in order to maximally avoid and prevent the negative exploitation and non-necessary (or otherwise inhumane) killing of non-human beings by human beings.
    👐🏻 The negative exploitation, and progressive degradation, and potential destruction of the fundamental order of the natural environment on which all Earth-life depends violates the heart and directly threatens the life of one and all. Therefore, all should always take care (and always exercise “self”-discipline) to always actively participate in positive service and global cooperation that respects and perpetuates the fundamental order of the natural environment of Earth-world.👐🏻

  • Adi Da Samraj

    🌹Guru Is The Function of God🌹
    👐🏻 Guru Is a specific Function of the Divine. The Guru is not other than the Divine. Guru Is a Process, not a thing, not specifically a human individual—although the Guru makes use of the human dimension of his or her appearance. The Guru Is the Process indicated by the term “Grace”. Guru Is the Function of God. Guru Is the Function of God That Makes Realization possible. 👐🏻

  • Anonymous

    Ask yourself a question. Who is paying Juan Of Bullshit? Why does he hide his face and true identity? Can you truly trust and believe a person who operates in this manner?

  • Adi Da Samraj

    🌹No Enemies🌹
    👐🏻 The pattern of world politics that has been dramatized with increasing intensity over time—and with the most devastating effects in the twentieth century, with the two devastating world wars and all the other wars right up to the present day—is based on the idea and the pattern of polar opposition. Therefore, the common political method is to have opposites either confront one another or (otherwise) try to work out some kind of a deal with one another.
    👐🏻 As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” If the world-system is based on opposites, it will inevitably self-destruct—by creating chaos along the lines of division (or mutual opposition).
    👐🏻 There have been (and, no doubt, will continue to be) many efforts to create some kind of global resolution (or world peace) by bringing opposites together. But any such effort is inevitably bound to fail. Such an effort cannot succeed. It is simply not possible, in the “physics” of human affairs, for such an approach to succeed.
    👐🏻 Unity cannot be achieved by combining opposites. Unity is the prior condition, the condition that is always already the case. Prior unity makes all opposites obsolete. Therefore, it is prior unity that must be enacted, rather than any continuation of the pattern of oppositions.
    👐🏻 The world-situation has now developed to the point that there is nothing further to expect but the global collapse that opposition will inevitably produce. Therefore, this is the critical moment to stop the play of opposites in the domain of world politics. The play of opposites must be replaced by the politics of prior unity—through everybody-all-at-once. Such is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, the play of polar opposites is going to become absolute destruction. 👐🏻

  • jeremyfeit

    Look! It’s JFK Jr!

    • DangerWillRoberson

      107 has banked millions off the hopium addicts! grifting as a patriot christian like trump makes big bucks the real reason won on conobi is posting his speeches ! call Gill! :idea:

      • jeremyfeit

        When’s Juan gonna reunite with his Dad marboro man pascal?

  • rocket7000

    Blow the lid off already confirmed NWO influenced govt. by a Known NWO (WEF etc.) associate! name Trump? !! Sounds Absurd!! TICKLE those Ears!!

  • Anonymous

    Before I even read this, I know there won’t be ANY 4th of July surprise, NO big moves by Trump, and NOTHING incredible. BIN is such a loser when it comes to posting accurate information.

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