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To Piers Morghan who responds to Big Ben vegan protester by eating Big Mac

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By Ashwin Bunsee


Sep 8, 2022 Sky News Australia host Piers Morghan has responded to the “hypocrisy” of Animal Rebellion protesters who eat “almonds and avocados” by eating a Big Mac. Animal Rebellion protest groups sprayed the gates of Big Ben with “paint symbolizing milk” yesterday. “I meet so many vegans who devour avocados and almonds, and don’t seem to realize it involves the slaughter of billions of bees,” Mr. Morghan said. “My response to you destroying all these things is to have a Big Mac – because, you know what, it’s a free country, it’s a democracy and I’m allowed to eat meat.”I’m certainly allowed to eat meat when someone who kills bees to feed their avocado habit minds.”

Open Letter

Dear mister Piers Morghan you say that the vegan protesters are annoying the hell out of all of us,

In the absense of you putting up proof of this statement I beg to differ because to me the annoyance seems to emanate in your fringe.


If there is anyone who is doing the annoying in the minds of sober free thinking people it is none other than you mister Piers Morghan with your childish ill constructed  line of questioning of a vegan protester  Cochlin who is well within her rights and the collective actions of her group and for reasons outlined below.


You say Top of Form

“While angry vegans targeted Big Ben ” in stating this you position yourself as a guru of self righteousness but yet you hide the fact that the Big Ben clock itself may actually have been stolen from the roof of the Jaffa Gate in Palestine in 1907.


Further as you must be surely aware of this theft by the British Empire and if you claim that you are ignorant of this theft that has been spun into a bone of contention then mister Morghan you should fact check before polluting the airwaves with drivel that you are masquerading as news content?


Mister Morghan as the self proclaimed purveyor of truth and rightness why is it that you fail to disclose to your viewers that the ancient and mystical obelisk that lined the entrance to the sun temple in ancient Egypt that is also known as Cleopatra’s Needle which is an ancient Egyptian obelisk dating from c1500 BC. This temple like so many other things was vandalized by agents of the British.


The sun temple was not only vandalized but these obelisks were stolen and transported in a specially constructed barge from Egypt to London in 1878 and erected on the Thames Embankment London.


Mister Morghan do you not think that your viewers should know the truth to some of the very objects that you claim are being vandalized by vegan protestors when in fact they exist in the city of London as a result of vandalizing by the empire that you claim is now being vandalized?

Mister Morghan for your information it was the British establishment who has written the book on how to vandalize other countries with murder at its core. And more to the point it is the British empire that has its roots on vandilization and theft. This empire has been founded on colonization, war, death destruction and the systematic slaughter of animals to this very day! Let us not forget that humans are animals too!

 The question that comes to my mind is,  are you just plain ignorant and stupid for you not to address this relevant issues that pales into insignificance when compared to the mild and creative vegan protests that you somehow attempt to escalate shamefully in a play of words as a military styled terror attack on the city? Yes mister Morghan these protestors threw point to make a point and not bombs like your lovely empire has a habit of throwing indiscriminately all over the world. It would have been nice if the British military threw paint all over Iraq instead of lethal bombs! I doubt that over 500 000 Iraqi would have died if you threw paint.


I am of the opinion that only a stupid person will attack such a noble cause as a vegan protest based on half truths and lies as you do.

The sinister undertones of this attack must not be underestimated by an agent of disinformation as the future of meat should never be allowed to be vegan. In other words the future of meat will be made to be soylent green!

Mister Morghan I find it strange that you place such symbology on prime ministers Liz Truss’s first parliamentary meeting but it is evident from your stance that this reeks of double standards! These double standards is created by you because you have a hard time accepting and understanding the symbology of the white paint that the protesters have so creatively used in an abstract manner to highlight and draw attention to their just and noble cause whose symbology you claim not to understand!


To state the obvious, the protestors have made it clear that white paint symbolizes milk and was is intended to represent the destruction of the so called thieves that masquerade operating under the guise of the so called dairy industry that you so fully support.


Mister Morghan let it be known to you that I have come across total morons who on their own accord have acknowledged that the ”dairy theft” is not an industry at all and yet you mister Morghan the supposedly “wise” amongst men dare to call this  organized crime syndicate “an industry?”


I want to be clear on this point that the theft of milk from a cow that is produced by nature for her calf and for her calf only! And not for thieving human beings!

The dairy syndicate does not and cannot constitute a legitimate industry unless you want to reassign yourself as a calf which is fine by me then you can drink as much milk as you like.


I will tell you Mister Morghan what the theft of cow’s milk constitutes…it constitutes a natural disharmony. And the theft of cow’s milk from a mother that is intended for her young suckling and not for milk thieves. This is the sole purpose of cow’s milk!  


Mister Morghan would you not say that only the father of all fools would not only fail to recognize this important fact of the sole use of cow’s milk.


Mister Morghan against all odds you attempt to legitimize this as you so vainly attempt to do! I  CAN TELL YOU HERE AND NOW MISTER MORGHAN THAT YOU WILL NEVER JUSTIFY THIS LIE, THIS, THEFT ,THIS DISGRACEFUL ACT NOT ONLY IN THE MINDS OF VEGANS BUT ALSO IN THE MINDS OF ALL SANE RATIONAL THINKERS this planet over. Not now and not ever!


Mister Morghan you state in the “’fourth day of action from the group they’ve also cleared from the shelves and supermarkets in four different cities” surely this has to be a good thing mister Morghan?


Mister Morghan it is clear in what I find to be your delusional line of thinking that these so called protesters have done these super markets a great free service and a favor so to speak.

A great free service in that these protestors have unlike you mister Morghan who sits in his proverbial ivory tower letting off annoying steam over a meaningful protest. These protestors have done something useful for humanity!

This unlike your verbiage rants which is totally and utterly useless to anyone in this regard.


To be clear mister Morghan these protestors have cleared the shelves of stolen cadavers that no one and not even your beloved supermarkets should be selling these bodily parts that many spin doctors like yourself have managed to convince many over centuries that these bodily remains of murder is food!


You see mister Morghan the remains of these animals that are now being passed off as food post murder are mere remnants of what used to be very loving able bodied and powerful animal’s mister Morghan. This is obviously a fact that you choose to sweep under the carpet because if you were really and truly objective in your views then you would not produce this biased television segment not even in your wildest of dreams.


It is these protestors through their actions who have fearlessly demonstrated to the world at great costs to themselves that animal cadavers should not and cannot be disguised and sold off as food hence the emptying of the shelves across four cities.


There are those in the scientific community and the very science that you speak of Mister Morghan that clearly state that the consumption of meat is not only unhealthy in many instances but it is the cause of many diseases too.


So you see mister Morghan maybe no one has told you this because maybe there are many out there who do not take your vegan rant seriously but kindly allow me to be the one to whisper this out loud to you “it is in fact you Piers Morghan who is annoying the hell out of us who are not just vegans but also we are free thinking and rational souls.


It is clear from your actions that you intend to crush and remove the spirit of these human protestor’s souls in a Leninist fashion. I have news for you mister margin …it aint going to work!


It is evident by your stance mister Morghan that you are anti vegan and anti free thinking or why else would you produce a hit piece like this? It is further clear that you from your line of question of Cochlin that you are anti nature and pro bull dust!


I surmise that there are many within various communities who watch your interview who may even go as far as calling you a sock puppet for the meat and dairy industry! Mister Morghan are you a sock puppet for these industries?

Should you chose to remain silent on this point mister Morghan then inquiring minds will have no choice but to draw their own conclusions!


I must however warn you mister Morghan that in the baseless stance that you have elected to take you may not realize it just yet but you have painted yourself into a corner. Hint mister Morghan if you answer either way you will be damned, tut tut!


Maybe its best under these circumstances that you quietly crawl under a rock and seek refuge amongst the noble cretins of this world!


And blessings to my friends the cretins who may have it in their hearts to forgive those like yourself mister Morghan who think nothing of violating nature whilst attempting so shamelessly as you do in ridiculing those who take noble action to stand by and protect nature because it is nature and not science that is life!


Mister Morghan as you state to Cochlin“why would chucking paint all over Big Ben persuade someone like me to give up meat” Now don’t go fooling yourself mister Morghan because in the grand scheme of things you are really not important. You are a non entity Piers Morghan in comparison to the vast vegan initiative that is literally sweeping the planet clean of murder and filth. Stand in its way at your own peril as the force of the vegan momentum will surely sweep you away to a special place in hell that is reserved for people just like you!

Furthermore no one wants you to give up anything including your chemical laden Big Mac!


A big Mac that so many have labeled as the Big King of junk food! Typical of your toxic stance here you have chosen to use this sugar; salt and fat saturated Big Mac that many have defined as a product and not real food.


I find the brandishing of this product an abomination because its very existence is born out of theft of life, extreme suffering pain and torture.


In sync with your stance it’s no wonder that you choose to use this Big Mac as a prop in your response to these important protests. To be clear does this Big Mac define you mister Morghan?

Do this symbolic stance of you and a Big Mac tell the planet of who your real paymasters are?


Mister Morghan goes on reinforces his point by stating “chucking milk around Harrods destroying supermarket shelves how that persuades me

Who already likes eating meat?”

Mister Morghan I could be wrong but by looking at an image of you, you do not look like some one who is in a position to attack veganism which brings me to the point that in a just world mister Morghan you may not survive.


It has been said that that a powerful mind can cure any disease but a mind that has become diseased is best put down.


Mister Morghan if you can state on air that that you like eating meat then I don’t believe that any one is trying to persuade you from not indulging in your carnivore’s blood lust.


I think that you give yourself too much credit in thinking that there are those amongst vegans who are trying to change your consuming preferences mister Morghan. I for one say go on in you merry ways for the hand of real retribution is merciless and unforgiving…

Remember this piece always mister Morghan especially in the moment of your projection from this earthly realm.


Mister Morghan as you state “you you’re a

Vegan right I’m a meat eater why can’t

We just both live happily in each

Other’s orbit why can’t you let me just

Get on with eating meat and you eat your

Gruel and we’re all go home happy”

I understand mister Morghan that sometimes many simple minds may need simple answers…there is something very important that you fail to understand! This orbit that you speak of also belongs to all animals!


And they too like you want to go home happy!


It is you and your kind that stands in their way and will not allow for them to go home happy!


This is the reason why vegan protestors have come forth with gruel in hand and mouth to stand in your way and deprave you of your ill gotten sick pervasive happiness!


And animals have the right to choose not to end up in a meat eater’s filthy cadaver laden festering gut.


I speak for myself mister Morghan …this abomination will never be allowed as you and your type will be challenged every step of the way.  

Mister Morghan I must tell you that meat eaters are a parasite in this divine world.


Mister Morghan allows me to explain a few fundamentals of what it means to reside with dignity and respect on this great planet.


It is with all your obfuscation and semantics that you are or anyone like you do not have the right in any way shape or form to murder and eat animals in order to satiate their bug infested gut!


Mister Morghan it is evident that there are those who will say that your ignorance may know no bounds when you state that “great do you know how

Avocados and almonds get made absolutely you do you realize that in California every year for six weeks they fly in billions of bees to create your almonds

And avocados and in that process several billion bees get murdered”


Mister Morghan here again you fail to inform your viewers the difference between naturally grown foods compared to hybridized avocados and almonds which are largely manmade products.


You also fail to inform your viewers about the sinister role of the corporations of Monsanto including Bayer in the rearing of these almond and avocado plantations. You fail to inform your viewers about the adverse health effects of those who consume these products disguised as food in supermarkets. Why is this so mister Morghan? What stops you from being candid with your viewers about these very important facts mister Morghan?


Do you not state these important facts because you are nothing but a shill for the mear, dairy and agricultural industry? Or are you just plain stupid mister Morghan which is it inquiring minds will like to know?


Then Mister Morghan you go on about the slaughtering of billions of bees as if you care about murdering the living. This line of questioning again reinforces your double standards because it is clear that you state that you like eating meat and by extension one can infer that you don’t give a damn about slaughtering animals!


Furthermore mister Morghan you fail to put up evidence that there are in fact billions and not millions of bees that are slaughtered for this purpose! I find this not only to be unprofessional on your account of reporting but it is also extremely devious mister Morghan.


As you sit there mister Morghan bloviating drivel that you attempt to pass off as a factual anti vegan show. The sad fact is mister Morghan you aint fooling anyone, no sir!


It is clear mister Morghan that your penchant to suppress the truth may hold no bounds as you insist on stating that in “pontificating in between smashing up our buildings so that you can have your almonds and your avocado”…mister Morghan please do not put words in ms Cochlins mouth by attempting to take control of the narrative as you know full well that this is not about your manmade hybridized milk and avocados!  


If I  must spell it out to you again that this about the murder of animals that as stated you enjoy eating and the theft of milk whose extract may very well be incorporated into your lovely Big Mac that you so enjoy stuffing your face with!

Mister Morghan it is you who evidently do not care about your viewers because as itemized above you are misleading them by not informing them about the true origins of Big Ben the true origin of Cleopatra’s Needles and other esoteric artifacts that have been stolen from so called third words countries that today comprise the British urban landscape that you take so much time in venerating.


Why do you hid the dark pasts of these massive objects mister Morghan? Is it because it does not suit your high and mighty stance or are you just ashamed of its true and unglamorous origins?


It is you mister Morghan who is hypocritical by saying that you support the murder of animals but yet you bring up the killing of bees as a bone of contention because you state that you like eating meat. It is you mister Morghan who is being Hippocratic because you complain bitterly about the supermarket shelves being emptied of meat products by protestors but on the other hand you disingenuously attack ms Cochlin with the dubious slaughtering of bees. I must add mister Morghan that this is a disgusting and shameful pretense on your part. This is the brush of shameful hypocrisy that you attempt to use to paint Cochlin.

I find it disturbing that you actually make a point of laughing whilst the slaughter of billions of bees that you claim is so important is surely still fresh in your mind! Mister Morghan this is sick! This is the behavior many may suspect of a psychopathic sick and demented mind.


Now mister Morghan you seem obsessed about your precious buildings that you say are being destroyed. How many buildings and entire cities has your beloved British Empire destroyed in India, the Middle East, and Asia and in countless other countries?

Does this destruction concern you mister Morghan? Obviously not mister Morghan you don’t give a damn or else you would have mentioned it because you say that you stand against vandalism!


Mister Morghan what about the millions of precious lives that are destroyed daily by the so called meat and dairy industries that you support? You and your kind think nothing about vandalizing the home, the natural environment, the eco system of the animals that you so proudly state on air that you love to eat; in the pure eyes of animals you are the real vandal complicit in murder! This is further proof that your double standards know no bounds!


Mister Morghan I am proudly a vegan and I can tell you that I am neither a hypocrite nor a buffoon! Only a buffoon will attempt to paint veganism as having to rely on almonds and avocados from California for their dietary requirements!


Let it be known to the ignoramuses of the world that veganism is more than almond and avocados!  Let me be the first to tell you that the vegan diet is, unlike your Big Mac, a vegan diet is dynamic, it is exciting, it is healthy, it is pain free, vandalism free and it is free from suffering.


And get this further… veganism is the ongoing quest for the over 50 000 super vegetables and plants that have been removed over a thousand years ago from our so called civilization.


I want to be clear that it is you who is hypocrite and you ought to cease with your nonsense of your calling vegans hypocrites.


Mister Morghan I think that you have made it abundtaly clear of who you are and what you stand for. I also suspect that someone like you will never understand what veganism is because apart from other things they have sold their souls to the meat and other industries. I also believe that “soft minds” are a curse in a dynamic world!

You speak of vegans being hypocrites and by extension you speak of my vegan ancestors who occupied/occupy the great centers that some call Shambala, Shangri La and other esoteric hidden parts of this world as hypocrites. My, my how low can one stoop?

I would strongly recommend that you mister Morghan educate yourself in all areas before making such blasphemous statements.


It is clear mister Morghan that corporate farming in all its forms are leading to serious ecological issues because it is not a natural method of farming as you ought to know that it is a synthetic one where petroleum is the core product!


 Then mister Morghan you ridiculously state that “vast amounts of your avocados and your almonds from California and fly them thousands of miles to your table here in your vegan cafes” mister Morghan for your information there are almonds and avocados that originate from many other countries in the world like Africa besides California!


Mister Moghan it is people like you who are destroying the planet. You are burning up tons of natural resources that are used to provide energy to formulate and then broadcast crap like this.


You advocate for the killing off of the beautiful species of the world that each and everyone are so unique just so that you can eat its cadavers.

You mister Morghan or your kind do not have the right or authority to kill a single animal. If you say that you have the right to murder animals then you must inform us where this right originates! This right must originate from somewhere divine apart from the recesses of the defective chambers of diseased ridden minds.  

I am prepared to wager you that you will not be able to adequately answer the issues of rights because you or your kind do not have a natural God given right to commit murder!

As you and your kind do with total disregard for the inalienable divine rights of animals!


Mister Morghan you do not even have the right to question Cochlin in your interview as you do because your line of questioning is based on double standards and hypocrisy.


In conclusion to be clear mister Morghan that neither you nor your kind has the right to take another life. Mister Morghan does not impress your false sick perceptions on vegans. Whilst you criminally act unilaterally to murder the friends of this great planet

Without their permission.


If you call vegans and as stated my ancestor’s hypocrites then surely my ancestors including vegans will in return call you a cancer that straddles this planet!

And now that I have pointed out to you the true natures of your synthetic environment would you then with the same enthusiasm go on air and ask for Cleopatra’s needles to be returned to its rightful owners who are the Egyptians whilst stuffing your face with a Big Mac?






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