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By Dr. Bob Uda, Ph.D., CM, CHSP, ILO (Reporter)
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Dealing with Isfasts (ISIS) – Part 1 of 3

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Dealing with Isfasts (ISIS) – Part 1 of 3

By Dr. Bob Uda




Before we go any further, we must define what we mean by “Islamo-fascists.”  I call them Isfasts for short.  Isfasts are comprised of a smaller percentage of all Arabs, Muslims, and Islamites (AMIs) in the world.  The Isfasts attacked the United States on September 11, 2001, destroyed the World Trade Center Twin Towers, and killed nearly 3,000 innocent non-combatant civilians in the process.  The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is also an Isfast organization.



ISIS Executions in Iraq


Hijacking of the Islamic religion.  The Isfasts want to wipe Israel off the face of the map.  They desire to kill all infidels (i.e., Americans, Westerners, and the non-believers of the Islamic religion).  They hijacked the Islamic religion and twisted the passages of the Quran (In the literature, this is also spelled Qur’an, Quraan, Koran, Koraan, Qoraan, or Qoran) to support their own ends.  They celebrated and danced in the streets when the Twin Towers came down.  They include the nations and people that finance and support the terrorists.  They want to dominate the world.


Who comprise the Isfasts?  The Isfasts comprise about 10 percent of the AMI population of the world.  Since there are approximately 1 billion of these people, the Isfasts is comprised of about 100 million people.  This is a conservative estimate.  Some have this figure up to 150 million people.  That is half the population of the United States.  The Isfasts include the members of al-Qaida, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, and the anti-American peoples of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern, East Asian, and Pacific Rim countries that believe in and expound the goal of “Death to America.”  That is a formidable group with which to contend.


Who the Isfasts are not.  The Isfasts do not include the approximately 90 percent of all AMIs in the world who are peace loving and tolerant of other religions and peoples of the world.  Former President George W. Bush said, “Islam is peace, and the United States is not against the religion of Islam, but those who pervert the religion to support terrorism and mass murder.” [1]


What Motivates the Isfasts?


The Isfasts want power, control, dominance, and money, not to mention 72 virgins when they depart this life.  They desire to kill all Americans, British, Israelis, Christians (infidels), and unbelievers of Islam.  Hence, we must terminate all Isfast terrorists.  They are insane, fanatical, committed, and vicious.  They do not fear death or dying.  Indeed, they will gladly go on insane human suicide missions just to kill the infidels and earn their 72 virgins in their twisted version of the life hereafter.  Their motto is simple: Either you convert to Islam or you die.  That is some religion; is it not?


Food for Thought


Duty to kill all infidels.  I once heard a supposed expert on Muslims and the Quran (also Koran), which is the Muslims’ book of scripture of the Prophet Muhammad’s instructions received from Allah.  This expert was a guest on the Michael Savage talk radio show.  This guest had said some things that, if true, are quite disturbing and unnerving.  He read translated verses from the Quran to the effect that Muslims have a duty to kill all infidels (defined as all Christians) until the last one is gone from the entire world.  Then, their faith will have peace and be peaceful because there will be nobody alive who would be against their religion.


Kill, burn, mutilate, and hang.  Another scary set of verses that he read said that it was okay for Muslims to kill infidels, chop off their body parts, burn them, and hang them.  The Isfasts did these four things to the American civilian contractors that they killed in Iraq, i.e., the Isfasts killed, burned, mutilated, and hanged these contractors on a bridge in Baghdad.


Beheading of a South Korean hostage.  Additionally, the Muslim extremists had kidnapped and held a South Korean, Kim Sun-Il, as a hostage who they had threatened on national television to kill and burn if South Korea deployed their troops to Iraq.  They beheaded that South Korean hostage and dumping his body alongside a road.  Animals!  In spite of that disgusting slaughter, South Korea still deployed their troops to Iraq.  These extremist, radical Isfasts claim to be carrying out instructions from the Quran.


AMI hypocrites killed.  According to the extremist, radical Muslims, the mainstream AMIs who disobey the instructions in the Quran are considered hypocrites and are subject to being killed by them (Isfasts) that obey the Quran.  Obviously, this accounts for the thousands upon thousands of good AMIs who have been murdered and buried in mass graves in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.  Additionally, honor killings by relatives, which authorities often ignore or only lightly punish, are also commonplace in the Middle East.


Enemy in our midst.  It was surmised that that could be the reason why those hundreds of thousands of AMIs living in the United States do not speak out against the terrible acts of the extremist, radical Muslim terrorists.  Many AMIs are afraid of retribution.  However, many in our midst also support the Isfast terrorists.  The enemy is in our midst, folks, and the extremist, radical, left-wing secular progressives (SPs) in this country and abroad support them.  Over 100 American citizens are fighting with ISIS in the Middle East.  Go figure!


Muhammad.  He pointed out verses in the Quran that stated that Muhammad had a Christian wife.  Muhammad wrote about himself being what we define in today’s language as a pedophile, a killer, and a philanderer.  There were several other things discussed (up to 10 items), but I cannot remember all of them.  Please note that I am only reporting what I believe I had heard on that radio show.  I make no judgments of these allegations at this time without further study and analysis.  In other words, I report; you decide.


Armageddon and world domination.  However, what I heard gave me pause for contemplation.  What if the above information is true?  Then what do we do?  The enemy is in our midst.  I hope these things are not true.  However, if they are true, when the Isfast terrorists go into full action, I believe that it will be the beginning of Armageddon.  If any of these fellow-traveling, extremist, radical Muslims do not like it in the United States, they should move to Iraq or some other Middle Eastern country.  However, they do not need to if their ultimate goal is world domination.


The lame-stream media.  I was reporting what I had heard on the Michael Savage radio talk show on what this guy (I cannot remember his name.) had said, a supposed expert on the Quran and Muslims.  I make no judgments.  I just report what I had heard; you decide.  What he said really grabbed my attention and caused me to pause and think a bit as compared to the evidences of what is happening in the world.  These reports never air in the mainstream media, which is mostly SP and thus supports and promotes the SP agenda.  This is why Michael Savage calls the mainstream media the lame-stream media.  That is why I never watch, listen to, or read the mainstream SP media anymore.


Study of Quran required.  If you go to and in the “Ask Jeeves” box type in the following, “Verses in the Quran that talks about killing all infidels,” you will find many documents that cover this subject.  I cannot verify/validate the veracity of these writings, so I reserve judgment on all of them.  They may be true or false.  A concerned, knowledgeable person must make a thorough study before making any rational judgments on that material.


Cleric speaks up.  It was uplifting to see/hear on Fox News the big cleric leader in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.  He told the troublemaker lower-level Shiite Muslim cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr (who was trying to make a name for himself), in Fallujah to tone it down.  Moqtada al-Sadr’s followers had slaughtered, dismembered, burned, and hanged four American contractors and have killed some of our Marines.


More clerics need to speak up.  We need more of the clerics in the Middle East and in the United States to speak up and not just to keep quiet against these Sunni and Shiite insurgents, terrorists, and al-Qaida.  If the clerics would speak up instead of keeping quiet, then people would not wonder if they and their followers support the terrorists.  I hope more of them start speaking up to help the situation instead of just sitting back and letting things escalate.


Sidebar Comment


I once worked for The Titan Corporation in the area of counterterrorism and antiterrorism.  A Middle Eastern man living in San Diego phoned me as he was looking for employment.  We had communicated several times before by email, and he was eager to come to work at Titan.  However, after that phone call, I wrote in my last email to him that we were working in counterterrorism and antiterrorism.  Strangely, he abruptly stopped communicating with me.  At that time, I had wondered if the person was a terrorist, but I just let it slide.  However, I kept thinking about that interaction even until today…over a decade later.  It is just something to think about.


Understanding the Islamo-fascist Terrorist Strategy


Isfast strategy.  Listed below is how the Isfasts operate:


  • Element of surprise – The Islamo-fascist terrorists do what is least expected.  They strike quickly (blitzkrieg like).
  • Big impact – The Islamo-fascist terrorists perform acts that make a huge impact on the population, the economy, and the psyche of the citizenry…such as 9/11.
  • Shocking – The Islamo-fascist terrorists do things that shock us.  They do the unbelievable such as beheadings on television.
  • Wide publicity – The Islamo-fascist terrorists perform acts that garner the widest worldwide publicity as aided by al-Jazeera and the American mainstream media/press.
  • Kill large numbers of people – The Islamo-fascist terrorists perform acts that indiscriminately kill very large numbers of people in one incident (e.g., nuclear blast).  They do not discriminate among who they kill…killing men, women, children, young people, old folks, the sick and afflicted, crippled people, civilians, military personnel…it does not matter to them who they kill.  A kill is a kill to them.
  • Suicide missions – The Islamo-fascist terrorists conduct asymmetric human suicide missions (kamikaze-like missions such as human suicide bombers).


Mirror their strategy.  Our strategy to combat or counter their strategy is to mirror their strategy but multiply our kill rate by an order of magnitude (i.e., 10 times more)…preferably even more, say, by 20 times more or two orders of magnitude.  General George S. Patton said, “You shouldn’t underestimate an enemy, but it is just as fatal to overestimate him.”  So, let us neither underestimate nor overestimate the Isfasts, but let us, instead, eliminate ALL of them.


Queries of a Young Japanese Boy


A young boy from Japan named Hitoshi something-or-other posed the following questions on the Internet.  I answered those questions.  Here are his questions and my answers:


  • Do you support taking reprisals on the terrorists?


Yes, I do support taking reprisals on the terrorists.  Terrorism is like a cancer to the body.  If you do not cut it out, burn it out, poison it, or kill it, it will eventually consume the entire body.  This is not only an American problem.  It is a problem for every peaceful, freedom-loving nation in the world.


  • Do you think that the terrorists would take any other actions if the 9/11 WTC attack wasn’t done?


Yes, even if the attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) did not occur, terrorists would continue their evil work as they had done previously on the WTC in 1993, Pan Am flight 103, the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the military barracks in Saudi Arabia, the American warship USS Cole, our embassies in Africa, and on and on it goes.  Terrorists want to rule the world.  They want to rid the world of the freedoms we currently enjoy.  They consider everyone not of their ilk as infidels.


Their world domination is the same kind of thinking of Adolf Hitler of Germany, Joseph Stalin of Russia, Benito Mussolini of Italy, Hideki Tojo of Japan, and Mao Tse-Tung of Red China.  It is the same thinking today of the late Osama bin Laden (OBL), Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mullah Omar, the captured and executed butcher of Baghdad Saddam Hussein, Hitler of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (now deposed), Kim Jong Il (passed on) of North Korea, his heir son Kim Jong Un, the eradicated decapitating butcher Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and others of their ilk.


  • Do you believe that Osama bin Laden will be found and arrested?


Yes, if OBL is not already dead, he will be found and disposed of efficiently and effectively.  [Osama bin Laden was assassinated by SEAL Team 6 on orders from President Barack Obama on May 2, 2011.]  He was an evil man who received an evil man’s just reward.  Having been born and raised in America, I am an American man of Japanese ancestry.  I am glad to have had this opportunity to explain to you the feelings of about 90 percent of the people of the United States.  I am proud to be an American and work in anti- and counterterrorism.


Difference between Terrorists and Freedom Fighters


To clarify the distorted thinking of those who portray “terrorists” as “freedom fighters,” I present the American definitions of both terms.


What is a terrorist?  A “terrorist”:


  • Fights to kill innocent civilians (men, women, children, old, young, infirm, everyone) for worldwide shock impact, to make a political statement, and to put fear/terror in the hearts and minds of the general populace.  The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both the young man and the virgin [young people and both men and women], the suckling [infants] also with the man of gray hairs [old people].  (Deut. 32:25)
  • Commits murder, killings, slaughter, and mass killings.
  • Is a butcher and war criminal who commits crimes to achieve evil ends.
  • Uses fear motivation through terror.
  • Forces their fundamentalist Muslim religion on everyone (their practice is you either convert or die by decapitation).
  • Believes that their God (Allah) sanctions indiscriminate killing of people they call infidels (i.e., Westerners, Americans, Israelis, and all non-believers of Islam).
  • Strives to take away our basic freedoms (particularly women’s rights).
  • Hates everyone (infidels) not of his/her ilk.
  • Despises the free enterprise system, yet uses it to promote and achieve their evil ends.
  • Seeks world domination.


What is a freedom fighter?  On the other hand, a “freedom fighter”:


  • Fights to free those illegally held in bondage.
  • Fights for people’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Fights to protect the freedoms such as those listed in the American Bill of Rights.
  • Fights for free speech.
  • Tolerates the free exercise of all religions.
  • Refrains from indiscriminately killing people.
  • Strives for peace and prosperity.


Difference is between evil and righteous intents.  How some people (particularly extremist, left wing, radical secular progressives) cannot distinguish the difference between the definitions of these two terms is way beyond objective, logical thinking.  It is very simple – one is evil and the other is righteous.  People who do not or cannot see the difference are evil, mentally incapacitated, extreme radical leftists, or Islamo-fascist sympathizers.  These people present a clear and present danger to the well-being of the people of the United States.


Illustration of a radical SP mind.  To illustrate the distorted, extremist, left wing, radical, secular progressive mind, look at how one of them defines “terrorists”:


  • Terrorists – Those who are trying to destabilize legitimate governments such as al-Qaeda[2]



This implies that al-Qaeda is a stable, legitimate government.  How absurd!  Therefore, this person concludes the United States, Great Britain, and Israel are terrorist nations.  Furthermore, this is how this same mind defines “freedom fighters”:


  • Freedom fighters – Those, like the Palestinians and the Iraqis, who are trying to liberate their lands from foreign occupiers.[3]  This person considers the terrorists or insurgents as freedom fighters and the Israelis in Israel and the American-led coalition forces currently in Iraq as foreign occupiers.


Distorted SP conclusion.  These definitions imply that al-Qaeda, radical Shiites, radical Sunnis, Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban, and terrorists/insurgents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Palestine are all “freedom fighters.”  Hence, the Americans, British, and Israelis are all foreign occupiers and terrorist nations.


Liberalism is a mental disorder.  It is no wonder that Dr. Michael Savage calls liberalism a mental disorder!  This is the reason why normal people cannot communicate effectively with the extremist, left wing, radical secular progressives.  We have two vastly different languages, and as Rudyard Kipling said, “East is East and West is West and neither the twain shall meet”![4]  To paraphrase that saying to our current situation, “Middle East is Mid-East and West is West and neither the twain shall meet.”




[1] Garamone, J. (2001, October 4). Islam growing in America, U.S. Military. American Forces Information Service News Articles. Retrieved from DefenseLINK News website:

[2] WorldPeace, J. The Worldpeace Journal: A personal perspective of current events. Retrieved from The WorldPeace Peace Page website:

[3] Ibid.

[4] Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936), British writer, poet. “The Ballad of East and West,” Barrack-Room Ballads (1892).

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