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Man up Ape-Man! No One With Any Small Amount of Reason or Minimal Level of Intelligence Can Defend Believing in the Theory of Evolution

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Be free to thimk clearly and freely!!! No one of sound mind can                                    argue differently…so then you will know.

                                                          MAN UP!…..APE MAN

                  Many people argue over ‘Creationism’ (if that is a real word) and Evolution.

     Let’s start with the concept of scientific theory. The theory of evolution is just that, a theory. Is there evidence to back up the claims of evolution? Absolutely. Does that mean God didn’t do it? Absolutely NOT! WE NEED TO THINK…AND THINK CLEARLY.

    Let’s start with the emotional state of stupidity. People from all walks of life that are NOT in the Scientific field, mistakenly take theory to mean fact. No, not at all. Science is one big argument. We argue with what we know to be true today in order to research and discover new information for tomorrow.

        A scientific fact today is undone by a new fact tomorrow.

    The journey is fascinating and this burning curiosity is what keeps scientists going. Question everything and present outrageous ideas. If it were true that everything that we know today is fact, there would be little need for research. A perfect example is cancer research. The fact is today that we don’t have a cure. ( across the board type of cure). If we accepted this as fact then we would believe that there is no cure and wouldn’t bother to look anymore, but we know that is not true.

     The ‘Big Bang Theory’ is just a theory. Is some or all of it correct? Probably, maybe very much so. FOCUS people! Did we expect God to pull the universe out of a magic hat? However He did it, it is brilliant beyond compare and is taking humans a very long time to figure out tiny, minute bits and pieces of the truth. The BIG thing that people forget is that the knowledge we discover in any subject whether its cancer or the universe/ multiverse,as some are now calling it, is that the truth is the truth and has always been the truth long before we knew it, long before we existed or the earth or the universe were around either. We just discover (which means un cover) new information that we add to the rest like a big puzzle.  

    Sometimes the pieces don’t seem to fit based on what we already believe to be true and sometimes we throw out the old pieces because they just don’t make sense any more. Theoretical Physicists are exploring far out notions like time travel and branes ( energy type waves that act as a membrane on the outside of dimensions that collide and cause new universes,)  That very open mindedness is what keeps us discovering new things. There are physicists seriously trying to disprove Einstein. Einstein was a patent clerk with a well- educated hobby of science. Read about him. Very many people of his day thought he was a lunatic. His work was more well respected as time went on. Now we are at the point that physicists are challenging his ideas. Check it out, there is amazing stuff going on.

    As outsiders to this whole scientific battle of the minds, we seem to get caught in the loop of one presentation or another and believe that we now know it to be fact and true because of the way that it was presented to us. The truth is scientists argue more between themselves and actually spit venom at each other and one way that they win is proving something is fact, at least for today.

   Another way to win is to present a theory to the scientific community and get everybody’s feathers ruffled and explode them into action to prove it, disprove it or add onto it. Then the third way is present the theory as fact to the non-scientific public and have a general consensus that it must be true because they saw it on a documentary on t.v. When anybody watches t.v. shows about information in their own field, most people cringe and many can’t even watch it. But, if doing an end run around the scientific community for public support wins, why not? Then it becomes no longer venom spitting contest but now the ‘science geek’ weapons come out.

    We need to give scientists a break. They imagine, research, experiment, explore and they do this because they DON’T KNOW THE RESULTS GOING INTO IT! Scientists need to be open minded to look where no one has looked before. We, the public needs to be that open minded to about what they discover and if it will be true tomorrow.

    When it comes to evolution, there is a lot of scientific evidence that something so very, very major happened that we are still unraveling the mystery. There are scientists that think everything that we discover proves that there isn’t a God, but the truth be told, everything that they discover proves that there IS a God. The more and more details that emerge reveal not only an intelligent plan but a brilliant plan of unimaginable phenomenon. To say something as intelligent as the universe/multiverse, all of this life is an accident without intelligence is insane. It is the emotional state of stupidity. If everything were truly accidental there would no need to study it because nothing would hold true. If anything that already happened was an accident and there was no plan, no universal truths, no laws, no forces no nothing, then nothing would hold true one minute after it had happened and would no longer have any bearing on what we know now.

    Every second would be a crap shoot with no predictability or knowledge to count on. We know that is not true or scientists would not even bother in their quest for knowledge because as soon as they had an idea to research everything would change in any type of chaotic direction and their questions would no longer matter. So do we put our egos aside and except the fact that we are children as we are told and that God knows infinitely more knowledge than we can ever imagine being available? Or do we keep acting like self-destructive fools of the universe/multiverse that we really are choosing to be?

    Back to evolution. We know God did it and the twenty-four hour earth day had nothing to do with the 7 days of Creation as we just discussed in the prior article. I know God did it perfectly no matter how He did it and that is perfectly fine with me. It is amazing to get glimpses here and there of His brilliance, but truly, any one of our opinions doesn’t have any bearing on the truth, God designed a Utopian experience for us in Eden, but we rejected it. We are told that in Eden our choice was knowledge. We wanted it for ourselves. We are told that along with that, came the exposure, knowledge and accepting or rejecting of good and evil. We are also told because of this we will have to experience death. Death is the anchor of reality that helps us keep life real. Look around we haven’t done a very good job with that. We are a pretty godless group of humans. We also needed death to be able to sort us out. Who is going to move-on or not. This was our first choice. God’s second wish for us. God still hopes we choose Him and His Son and the Holy Spirit and that is hope for each and every one of us from the Beginning til the End.

   So, we need to celebrate science as discoveries of God’s brilliance instead of, “See,I did it! I am special. I figured something out that was already done, already being done, brilliantly but because I figured it out I am more important than whoever designed it to begin with.” FOCUS ! That is so ridiculous that it is a good reason alone to keep us confined to planet earth and not let us travel far into space.

We need to think.

     Listen to this story; Linda sat in her living room reading the paper. As she sat there a huge rock like a landscaping boulder flew through her window crashing glass everywhere and damaging the wood floor. She saw it, shrugged, and just kept reading the paper.

   Soon her husband Duane came home and asked, ” What the hell happened !?”

  She replied, ” Well, isn’t it obvious that a boulder accidentally flew through the window?”

   Duane said, ” Boulders don’t accidentally fly anywhere. Someone or something had to do it! Hey, look! There is even a message written on paper tied around it with a string!”

   Linda responded, “ Yes, I saw that, but it doesn’t mean that, that was a plan or that someone did it. It is pretty simple for a boulder to fall through a window.”

   Duane was beside himself with the insanity of this conversation and shouted, “How can you think this was an accident? It is clearly evident that this was a plan? This is insane!”

   Linda calmly said, ” Relax, of course it is an accident. According to you the whole brilliance of the universe and life itself is one big accident despite the tremendous magnitude of amazing intelligence we see as evidence. So everything that happens and every thought that occurs are just results of the original accident and none of it can possibly count as anything other than that.” She saw the look of anger in his eyes and said, “Any reasonable person would tell you the same. You can’t have it both ways.”

   Linda is right. There is either intelligent thought in our lives and Creation or not for either….for both. Face it…be reasonable. The universe, Earth, people, animals, plants, on and on….are not results of an accident. The one true test in science when reaching the conclusion that something is scientific truth and not an accident is that it can repeated over and over again with the same results.

    How many babies are born each minute? We can’t dump scientific principle just because we want to be the most important and want no one anywhere that knows more than us. The fear of injured egos and accountability holds a lot of people back from admitting that we really don’t know ‘Jack’.

    Back to evolution; we were told to conquer and control all of the animals and grow spiritually first over knowledge. That there is a vast difference of purpose between humans and the animals. It doesn’t mean that we are more important than the animals. But it does mean that we are held accountable for pursuing that spiritual education and will be held accountable for our choices.

    We as humans do that to other humans. In school we offer everybody the information, but it is up to them what they do with it. If a teenager blows off all that is offered to them in school, they don’t graduate. This is an anticipated result of not doing the work. Expect no less when we leave here, because there is a reason that humans are so different than any other animal including fellow mammals even the bi-pedal ones, ( walking on two legs), as in Apes.

    As we open our minds to what really happened in our Creation whether God used evolution or not as a means to get the desired results, we need to know this. There are huge, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, GIANORMUS. ( not really a word) questions that the theory of evolution does not answer and that we don’t have the answers to. Ready?

1. Why just some Apes? One could say that it was natural selection but that theory is demolished by asking the next questions.

2. Why are there still Apes?

3. Why are not Apes still evolving?

4. Why don’t we have living here on Earth the continued states of living beings as in Neanderthals, Cro-magnum, and so on?( Did you know that now they think that Neanderthals didn’t die off but were bred out? D.N.A. of the Neanderthals has been found in modern day man in Human Leukocyte Antigens that defend us against Epstein Barr, Mononucleosis and blood cancer? This D.N.A. Is found in concentrations of modern humans in societies that were the home of Neanderthals. These HLA s show up in our current day D.N.A.  as expected in the areas of the planet that we have migrated to . Look it up….ooops  we were wrong again!

   They also weren’t stooped over. The one we modeled after, (our big find!) we now know had arthritis. There is evidence that they had tools, language, art and other facets of civilized man. So what do we think now?) 

 5. Why haven’t the other animals especially mammals, especially chimpanzees, monkeys, orangutans, gorillas and so forth,  profoundly amazing changed into an intelligent creature with self- awareness as we have as humans? (Almost all animals change and adapt over generations, but nothing even close in comparison to the Ape to man transition, why?)

5. What started this change from Ape to man? Why?

6. What stopped this change from Ape to man? Why?

7. Even without the full miraculous change of Ape to man why did others animals change a lot? Why aren’t we asking our dog to do research on-line while we are at work? Why aren’t we asking the cat to clean the bathroom ? Why didn’t they change at least that much?

8 Why if it is viewed as a scientific certainty? Why, when it can’t be repeated?

9. Why did it happen at all?

10. In no other field of science would scientists accept something as fact without answers to these pertinent questions. So why do they do it when concerning evolution? No..wait..It is just a theory.

    Any way we look at it, we as humans are responsible for our spiritual journey. Along with the God given gifts of life and complete freedom comes the responsibility and accountability of what we choose. We, compared to the other animals, have the privilege, the right, the responsibility, and the accountability to choose and own our choices. Do animals? No. We can ask why, but it is true whether we understand it or not. That, my friend, is true in science and all knowledge. The truth is the truth whether we understand it or agree with it or not. None of it is an accident….it’s a plan….a brilliant plan. Thank God.

     Here’s another little story, you will be reminded of this later.

    Jason is a well know brilliant physicist. He arrives home from work one day and sees a 2 yr. old child that he dearly loves playing near an electrical outlet and about to put something in it. Now what does he do?

    Does he make all about himself and his knowledge and use the opportunity to show off, talk miles above the child’s head and then launch into a long highly technical lecture about electricity and what it can do to the human body starting at the cellular level and working up?

    Does he then say after the child gets electrocuted that it was the child’s own fault because he had given him the information and the child chose to ignore it?

    Or… out of love and putting the benefit of the child first does he grab the child away from danger maybe even tapping the child’s fingers in not so nice of a way and say, “NO! NEVER!” and mean it. Does he then cover up the outlet so the child won’t get hurt just in case he makes the wrong decision again?    

    Even though he knew that someday the child would grow old enough to use the outlet correctly, now wasn’t even close to being the time. Never as a 2 yr. old. Never as a 3yr. old and so forth, but yet, he knew full well that someday the child would be able to handle the information without doing harm to himself or others.

Now what would you do?

    What would you expect an all loving, all knowing God the Father to do with billions and trillions of miles of infinite knowledge and wisdom? Give us enough to qualify? Give to us on a need to know basis? Think of the people that you love. Would you want their eternity based on their ‘book smarts’ acquired knowledge of the universe or on the qualities of love, excellence in character and faith that is available to everyone everywhere throughout all of time? What do you think a real loving God would do? We can see what He did in the Bible…it is for everyone. We can see what He did by giving His Only Son Christ to love, to teach , to love, to perform miracles, to love, to suffer excruciating torture and death, to love, to forgive, to be resurrected and give us the evidence that we need to ‘get it’?

   Remember the word Apocalypse means an ‘unveiling’ ,a ‘revelation’,  an uncovering of truths. This will happen when we as humans are ready. Either we are ready to handle this information without doing any harm or it because it is now time for us to sit down and shut up because we are in so much trouble that God must intervene before we blow the whole frickin’ planet up and destroy everything.

Seriously, what would you expect out of an all knowing, all loving God? What would you choose?

                                                                         Genesis 1;26-28

Then God said, “Let us make man-someone like ourselves, to be master of all life upon the earth and in the skies and in the seas.”

So God made man like his Maker.

Like God did God make man;

Man and maid did He make them.

And God blessed them and told them , ” Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it; you are the masters of the fish and the birds and all of the animals.

                                                                       Genesis 2;15-17

The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden as its gardener, to tend it and care for it. But the Lord God gave man this warning: “You may any eat fruit from in the garden except fruit from the tree of Conscience- for its fruit will open your eyes to make you aware of right and wrong, good and bad. If you eat this fruit you will doomed to die.”

                                                                      Genesis 2;18

   And the Lord God said, “It isn’t good for man to be alone; I will make a companion for him, a helper suited to his needs.

So the Lord God formed from the soil every kind of animal and bird and brought them to the man to see what he would call them; and whatever he called them, that was their name. But still there was no proper helper for the man. Then the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep and took one of his ribs and closed up the place from which He had removed it, and made the rib into a woman and brought her to the man.

 ” This is it!” Adam exclaimed . ” she is part of my own bone and flesh! Her name is ‘woman’ because she taken out of man.” this explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife in such a way that two become one person.”


   Even if that was a simple  description of anesthesia- ‘deep sleep’ and bone marrow harvest for D.N.A./stem cells and a simple explanation of genetic engineering as women have both X and Y chromosomes and men only have Y chromosomes…how would you  say it??? How would you describe it to people throughout the ages that you love as much as the next  and that aren’t ready to know this stuff? How would you? Are you expecting God to be the pompous jerk scientist giving explanations that a vast majority would never understand in their lifetime just to be full of Himself and show off His brilliance.

    Or do you expect God to give all of us the ‘need to know’ information because He wants us all to succeed spiritually, everybody for all of the times?

                                                            Revelation 21;5-6

And the one sitting on the throne said, ” See, I am making all things new!” and then he said to me, ” Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true: It is finished I am the A and the Z- the Beginning and the End. I will give to the thirsty the springs of the Water of Life- as a gift! Everyone who conquers shall inherit these blessings and I will be his God and he will be my son.++++++++++

See? Do you see now?

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      The theory of evolution is all crap made up by man to control our past and our future.

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      oh you believe in a bronze age fairy tale but can’t understand evolution.. hilarious!

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