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Psychozyme Dimensions – the final secret

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Psychozyme Dimensions – the final secret (by Ivo Sasek)

08.11.2021 |


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Today I feel like a commissioner having to teach a bunch of unsuspecting children that their sweet home is history. And that’s because their parents seemingly are not what they believed them to be – and even worse, because their parents will no longer care for them because they have degenerated into being criminals. Now we are in need of real, world-democratic resolutions. To make you aware of the scope of what needs to be said, let’s first look back to 2001:

Only one day before the 9/11 catastrophe, then U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said at a press conference: The most serious threat to the USA does not come from the outside but from within – namely through the Pentagon bureaucracy. A prophetic statement, I think today. Rumsfeld 2001 verbatim:

“According to some estimates, we cannot track $ 2.3 trillion in transactions.”

Wow. The Pentagon’s total annual budget at the time was about $400 billion. So a third of it disappeared without a trace – and because this ominous-financial dwindling was not duly investigated, it happened not only once, but year after year again, up to a final sum of 2.3 trillion $ – insane! But this confession by Rumsfeld, in front of running cameras, did not herald the end of it, but rather the definitive breakthrough of an even far more inconceivably disastrous corruption. For only one day later, as is well known, the Twin Towers and WTC 7 sank into nuclear dust – and with it countless pieces of evidence. Of course, mankind, which is bitterly persecuted for every embezzled tax cent, has complete understanding for it, when in the most famous administration building of the world, with its Ministry of Defense in it, 2,300 x 1 billion $ disappear without a trace. Well, bureaucracy is not everyone’s thing. Or, what do you think when you hear this? At least you might think so since 9/11 – because even 20 years after the detonation of those towers which is still not cleared up, nobody seems to be pushing to get to the bottom of the theft of all those trillions that disappeared without a trace. You simply don’t hear about it anymore. You see, these are the kind of dimensions of fraud at the very highest level that we are talking about right now.

But back to the comparison with the children: The human family, like unsuspecting children, still cannot grasp the extent to which their parents, i.e. governments, have become entangled everywhere. For the US administration has long been acting as a role model and world police; in other words, they call themselves the best – and at the same time do such monstrous things. Dear ones, I say it is high time to wake up from every self-constructed wishful thinking or worldview. For also mankind as a whole has fallen under the spell and the total control of exactly such unscrupulous selfish cartels. We finally have to understand that! The before mentioned example is just meant to show the approximate level this huge worldwide fraud amounts up to – and really almost in all areas and on all levels.

But still the helpless human children want to cling to believing in the good of their parents, i.e. their governments (I use this picture) – also believing in the good of their whole kinship (you must understand this allegorically, too), that means the good in their highly praised science, in their pharma with their white gods, in their media-, finance- and educational systems and so on. Likewise they want to believe at any price in the correctness and sincerity of their constitutional state, their laws, their justice, education and so on. Otherwise the dream of her oh so perfect world and family would be destroyed, you know. But even with all the lies and deception of the mass media, which every day takes on even more outrageous and more obvious dimensions, surprisingly hardly anyone is really turning their back on this mafia. Instead, one inhales their dust anew every day and eats their dirt. Therefore I keep on sketching a bit further, on which level of the criminal deception we are actually at. You see, the fact that we simply do not wake up and set appropriate barriers to such aberrations, the octopus arms of this corruption have long since spread like an addiction to our countries as well. I can only touch the tip of this inconceivably gigantic iceberg here. So let’s first take a brief look at the energy crisis that has been staged worldwide:

For decades high-quality technologies that have been publicly demonstrated could have changed the world to the better long ago – yet they never made it to the market. And neither the media, nor political parties, nor governments explain to us why this is. So the only thing left is research on one’s own initiative and one’s own expense. In doing so, one encounters dimensions of corruption that are at least as blatant as those we saw at the beginning. Let’s take a practical example from our own closest latitudes:

While we, too, have had to invest vast sums of money for a commanded energy efficiency up to this day, and are slowly bleeding to death from this endlessly compulsory bloodletting, I would like to call it, the German mechanical engineer, Friedrich Lueling, presented a perfectly functioning magnetic motor already in the 1960s. In 1962 the technology was shown in the weekly of the public television, functioning! There it was documented in detail how this motor, at a speed of 290 rpm, with a single set of permanent magnets could run up to 20 years without interruption.

Now, of course, you will ask yourself why Friedrich Lueling’s invention never came to the market. The last lines of that report back then give you a clear answer. I quote: » The value of this invention is probably also demonstrated by the years of effort others took to freeze it in or sabotage it. «.

But WHO exactly these “others”, or these “saboteurs” are, who block such a precious invention, was not explained to us by that program nor any other public authority. Do you see the connection? If you examine therefore, why this ingenious invention never made it into everyday life, remains finally just one single explanation: It was simply quite obviously not desired by the state! This motor was obviously not suitable to be generated taxes from. That is my first, deepest assumption. They are too good technologies, which would simplify life too much.

You know, already in 1972, that was in my 1st year of apprenticeship as a car mechanic, this profit-addicted – let me call it profit-addicted – economic doctrine was drilled into me: There it was explained to us that the large part of all research funds flows into those departments which do research on how the products can break down in due time. An unbelievable thing! At that time, one spoke of “predetermined breaking points”, you still speak of them today, etc. By instilling fear and terror, we apprentices were shown the horror of worldwide unemployment if this were not the case. We were supposed to learn from the bottom up to accept that everything always has to break down some time. Even then, our vocational school teacher introduced us to running hydrogen engines, which were deliberately being kept away from the public. We were supposed to accept this as well, without resistance as early as 1972, because it was said it would have to be that way. But even today, 39 years after this training, hardly anyone knows why all the governments of the world are now making such a fuss about climate change, when they know perfectly well that the completely clean, i.e. emission-free hydrogen engine has been successfully in use for decades without any problems. The truth is the same again: With hydrogen engines, we would probably become too self-sufficient, i.e., too independent. And our governments would not be able to expand their position of power, nor would they be able to generate sufficient taxes from it. Behind it all, I believe, is the endless addiction to more; the power and greed addiction of the super-rich, combined with corrupt government interests. I’m not saying the whole government is corrupt every time, but there are corrupt parts in our government. That’s what this is about. Now, somebody might say: Yes, you know, hydrogen tanks are just too dangerous, they can explode, hence these blockades. But I ask you to have this eye-cover removed from your eyes as well and face the facts:

Already in 1989 the Audi developers presented a rather large and yet extremely efficient Audi, namely the Audi 100. The Second German Television made a comprehensive report about this Audi 100 in 1989. You can see it with your own eyes, the link can be found in the broadcast text below. The ZDF report at that time was supervised by the German technical supervision center TÜV at the request of Audi – listen carefully why – so that nobody would be able to claim afterwards that it was a fake or something unsuitable. In short: this Audi 100 in 1989 evidently needed only 1.76 liters of diesel per 100 km! And this was not measured on a fluctuation-free test bench, but after a real trip of over 4800 km across Europe with a single tank, i.e. across Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Italy, you see – and this at an average speed of 60.2 kilometers per hour. Now you could say, they were able to suppress the magnetic engine and the hydrogen engine, but yeah, now the world and its climate could be saved after all, because the most economical Audi 100 was born … Oops, actually – where is it? Who knows it – drives it – has ever heard of it? I say: No one, because this Audi 100 never saw the market as well. The entire oil lobby is too much entangled with our corrupt parent, i.e. the corrupt part of the government. They would rather let their sneakily instrumentalized sick girl, together with millions of children skipping school, spread panic over the whole earth, before they would admit that there have been hundreds of similar inventions, whose patents, however, are willfully blocked and kept back from the tortured world population. You see, these “competition addicts” – I call them – “competition addicts” are allowed to operate unhinderedly so far.

Everybody who sees just this little tip of that gigantic iceberg must inevitably realize that our parents, i.e. our governments are not what we always thought trustingly. Do you see that? In other words, not only since Corona have we been lied to so shamelessly and exploited worldwide! All those, who support the current climate policy, would honestly have to admit now that all “climate goals” could also be reached easily without all these conjured up panic campaigns of abused Gretas and children’s crowds.

By the way, since one part of the divided Deep State has moved their headquarters to China, now suddenly dictatorial-socialist China, you could say the Deep State model for the Great Reset – it suddenly starts wanting to save the climate with a seemingly completely “new” technology. Of course, one wing of the divided would-be world rulers is trying to take over the economic leadership of the world with this technology here – but what is this all about? Polluted China is in the process of building its first thorium reactor – what’s that again? But even this seemingly brand-new technology was evidently successfully tested in 1965-1969 under the name of MSRE reactor. This reactor ran for 15,000 hours without any problems at that time.

So, a reactor of this type is not bigger than a garden shed, but with its safe energy it replaces a whole nuclear power plant, and a huge one of that. At present, however, even the best-educated nuclear physicists and the like, with a doctorate in nuclear physics or reactor technology, marvel at them. Like all of us, they just learned in these very days that such a technology is possible or exists at all – but China has these mini-reactors, which, as said before, are supposed to deliver clean CO2-free electricity – it has them go into serial production already in 2030.

While climate hysterics are screaming louder and louder about the end of the world due to self-inflicted climate change, of course, one is gripped by sheer horror while doing some research when you realize which forces have been suppressing the construction of precisely these concealed thorium reactors since World War II. And above all, the even more important point: What is the main motive for that? Why is something like that being suppressed? Quite differently than with nuclear power plants as we know them, there are no usable residues with which one can produce nuclear weapons. You see? But since 1945 at least, this technology has been known with governments all over the world. Thousands of more examples of withheld patents exist, but these few mentioned ones should be enough for now. You see, these unfortunately are still far from being the darkest sides of our “parents”, i.e. parts of our governments. That which has the most serious consequences comes now.

Dear ones, I say, it is high time to simply wake up from every self-made world view.

What we have not even begun to realize concerns the systematic methodology used by those who dominate us to proceed against us. In this second part of the drama I want to convey to you what I understand by that as easily comprehensible and as systematically as possible: Our world family is being targeted and exploited according to the systematic principles of drug dealers. This is our problem. I will explain this principle first and then apply it afterwards. Because as drug addicts do not simply fall from the sky somewhere, you too did not get into so many dependencies and compulsive charges of all kinds only by chance. You became a victim of a compulsive strategy of seduction, just the way drug dealers have to use. Why do I say have to? Because every drug addict has to constantly increase his drug stint. Once addicted, he would have to commit a robbery every week after a very short time, if he wanted to finance the increasingly expensive drugs with money alone. The only way to get the necessary drugs without constant robberies is to become a drug dealer himself. This is how drug rings are formed. The drug manufacturer controls everyone firmly. His dealers get the relatively cheap substance, the manufactured goods, and can then take their daily ration as a wage from the substance to be sold. Needing more and stronger substances themselves, all the young dealers get their victims hooked on first. A cycle is created: they distribute their drugs generously in small quantities – initially only weak ones, then stronger and stronger ones. But as soon as the addiction has set in, that is, as soon as the bond has been created, the chargeable part begins – the merciless rip-off in other words. And what is even far worse: The hellish game with the natural drives takes its course here. It only begins here.

While the natural drive of pleasure satisfaction are more and more abusively maxed out, the drug addict is exhausted to the point of ruin, he just can’t get out of the act. At the beginning he was told that this was a great experience, true freedom, really cool … And you see, according to this baiting principle, the natural drives of the world community are abused on all levels, this is just how it happens:

• In the truest sense of the word, the baiting of the world community into e.g. pornography, with sex toys, and all stuff like that was cool in the beginning. The first pornographic products were deliberately distributed for free or at least very cheaply, and shortly after, it became a market worth billions of dollars every year, in fact in the multi-digit range. That’s how it worked.

• And hand in hand came the baiting with propaganda of free sex in every direction, partner swapping, group sex, all that stuff. Today, we even know prostitution as a recognized profession. Recognized, of course, because it finally pays taxes, you understand …

• Also the baiting into all kinds of non-binding-offers: For example, changing partners many times instead of getting married, same-sex relationships of all kinds. Everything grew addiction-like up to the protected status of numerous gender forms, as we know them today.

• This way, the nations had themselves increasingly baited, hooked and abused.

• And see, today billions of people of all species are hopelessly caught in pornography, in adultery, in infidelities, perversions – compulsions without number.

And yet these drug- and sex-obsessed masses dream of even more “freedom”, as if that were freedom, not realizing that all these illusory freedoms they have gained, have degraded them to such a wretched, truly pathetic state of slavery. For they have become slaves to their own lusts and addictions – slaves to all sorts of natural urges.

• But now to the current baiting politics: With the present Corona policy, much of the middle class has already been hooked by using so-called compensation payments from the treasury. I just call it that. You remember:

• First, countless middle-class businesses were forcibly closed,

• and then the Corona dealers, as I call them here, were standing in front of the door and promised a rescue to the middle class, which had been forcibly damaged.

• This felt pretty cool to them, despite their heads being foggy from the plandemic – first they were not allowed to work, and then they received, 80% of their salary for example – everything for free, as they felt. Many restaurant owners received more during this baiting phase than if they had worked. Alike the drug-dealer principle. But that was pure hush money, I say, in my eyes pure hush money, because thereby the recipients, say the financially hooked, became imperceptibly part of this plandemic ring.

• The fact that these predatory dealers, who came along in the sheep’s clothing of the state, distributed financial injections, for which no human being ever worked a single hour, is still not conscious to the deceived world community.

• But where does all this money come from? Quite simply: It is conjured up by ever higher or still higher national debts from the Fiat Money, that of highly criminal financial dealers. That’s how it works. The world community will never be able to pay back this additionally imposed debt, I say, even – I think – in 100 years of hard work, we must understand that. But exactly this is the trick:

• Therefore my prognosis: As soon as, and indeed because of the addiction after still more of these financial injections, the total impoverishment has begun, then suddenly the calls will become louder and louder after reduction of the national debts. Remember this sentence well. Colorful promises in advance or not, do not listen to them. All the previously imposed forced debts will sooner or later be mercilessly passed on to us, the entire world community, in dealer fashion. At least that’s what they will try to do, yes, if we do nothing about it now.

• And because we cannot pay these forced debts, as I said, I think even in 100 years, the – by the way – completely private dealers of the digital financial complex will soon set out to pinch off all our belongings–

• Including all kinds of luxury, jewelry, savings, if possible also another nice part of our retirement provision and thousands of other things – I say, Klaus Schwab sends his regards here: “You will own nothing anymore and still be happy.” You can still hear it, yes!

• So this mafia, summarized, intends, in short, to go over to plundering all of us and to fleece us, as it were, up to the last shirt, up to the potential slave state, up to the last breath..

At the same time, total ruin will also announce itself to the health care industry. Here too, mankind was previously baited with all kinds of liberating ideas. These were quite cheap at the beginning. The common pot of money was the cheap lure at the beginning, the “bait that promised salvation” one could also say,

• And the same happened in all areas of old-age provision, the insurance industries, property and other insurance matters. • After mankind was hooked and made dependent with this dazzling drug of security, these security dealers suddenly started to stuff their stomaches with us, the nations.

• And today, almost every one of us is charged so many premiums, that you could finance about one broken leg a year from it – if you had put the money in your own pockets from the beginning, I’d say.

• In a word: Also here, we nowadays find a humanity that is powerless and defenseless to all these compulsory payments after all.

• Nevertheless, all these compulsory insurance payments, precautionary payments and the like are rising unceasingly still more and more.

• Compulsory fees to the total impoverishment – and no redemption thereof is in sight.

• As little as for example an alcohol, drug or medicine addict could simply relief himself from where he’s stuck in.

Although there could be named a thousand more topics of addiction-baiting falling in the same category, I must illuminate the darkest point of this tragedy. Because the all-sided abuse of power is ruled by the natural laws of the addiction and baiting methodology, it must come to absolutely predictable final consequences. Because I have dealt with every kind of addiction problem in the front line for decades, I know quite well what I am talking about now: Every addict, whatever kind of addiction he may be afflicted with, must, by natural law, have more and more dope, stronger and stronger dope – every child knows that – in order to get the necessary kick all over again. But if he does not get this kick, it becomes quite dangerous, and not only for the addict. It is the same with alcohol, with nicotine, with drugs, starting with hemp, moving on to opium, coke, heroin, synthetic drugs of all kinds, of all types. It is the same with sex addicts, who – I say – if they are not conquered, mutate into compulsive perversions, go on, then produce all kinds of sex offenders, leading to violence, hatred and torment addiction, etc. But so it is with every kind of man who falls into injustice – which I’ll talk about further on. This is not only an “addiction problem”, but a problem of doing wrong. And now please don’t close your ears, that’s not where the tragedy ends. Because every addiction still screams for a stronger and stronger kick, even after the pleasure organs are completely overstrained and have died, it comes of necessity to the exaggerated things such as early sexualization, child abuse – and here, unfortunately, it is still not finished. It continues with all the adrenochrome stories. You’ve seen them on Kla.TV. This is where tens of thousands of children are stolen, kidnapped, just disappear without a trace every year around the world. Where are they all? They are there, where their blood is drained under extreme torture in order to extract the drug “adrenochrome” from it – for addicts in the terminal stage it is the ultimate kick. And now comes the real thing – hold out for this one more, then we’re through. And I say again: what I am saying now does not only apply to drug addicts, but to any kind of people who fall into injustice, lose the feeling of life because of it and then have nothing left – the same principle. Because also this ultimate kick must lose its attraction again by natural law, as with drugs. But what then? Now please fasten your seatbelts: After decades of experience in addiction rehabilitation work, I can tell you with certainty which source will be tapped after Adrenochrome. Now it’s our turn as a whole nation. Now it’s no longer the children alone, now it’s about us all.

Because we have not made the rampant addiction claims of our world leaders or the injustice claims of our world leaders our own problem at any time up to now – because we have always only looked the other way even up to the level of the adrenochrome trade, from the blood of helplessly abducted and abused children – yes, because we have never really eradicated rampant addictions, rampant injustices down to the stump, they have now gnawed their way, worked their way up to us, the entire world population. Now these merciless would-be world rulers are getting their last drug, like their last, ultimate kick on the psychozyme path.

I can really understand everyone of you, who are seriously wondering, what kind of new drug or new way of drug procurement this is?

I will explain it to you afterwards on the basis of thousandfold experienced examples, just now. For decades, we deliberately took addicts of all kinds into our own house, or people who were suffocating in injustice, in bad deeds – in order to getting to know and cope with the problem of addiction, the problem of injustice from the root.

And the most burnt-out among them, for whom no drug could do any good anymore, were able to get a new kind of kick out of resentment. And those who were smothered in wrongdoing, the same. They began, in other words, to addictively poison the atmosphere in the house. Why? Because they no longer allowed the others any form of wellbeing. They themselves didn’t have it, the others shouldn’t have it either. And then, for years, we had to experience what was probably the cruelest chapter on our own bodies.

The Greek original texts of the New Testament speak of an agonizing micro-zyme effect in this context, on the soulish or psychic level, which is rendered in German in each case with a malignant mental effect, kind of like a leaven, a yeast – if you like. So those who had run themselves down on the path of addictions or wrongdoing that they could no longer draw a positive feeling of life from anything, no longer had any joy, could no longer draw anything from natural things, they began to maneuver us into torment through all kinds of behaviors, patterns of behavior or manipulations. And now pay attention: The worse we felt – who had had a good life feeling before – the worse off we were, the bigger automatically was their kick. It is to be experienced, we experienced that for years. They found new relaxation for themselves by it – but only always exactly as long as it burdened us psychologically, as long as they could burden us. As often as we were able to fight our way up against these coercive influences, these people felt bad again right away. And this did not depend at all on the visible encounter. This kind of seesaw, as we called it over the years, worked just the same whether we were physically together or apart. There would really be hours to tell about that. I have written books about it.

In our technical language I now call the whole thing a psychozyme phenomenon. The word is composed of “psycho”, meaning soul, and “enzyme”, meaning effectiveness, meaning a directly influencing psychic effectiveness, a direct psychic exchange. As a result, we have to speak of a psychozymic addiction on the one hand and of a psychozymic drug on the other hand, from the point of the effect. So the psychozyme addict gets his drug directly – now pay attention – directly from the torment of his fellow human beings. He doesn’t need to smoke, he doesn’t need to drink, he doesn’t take any pills, he doesn’t need to inject himself, he doesn’t take adrenochrome – he sucks his energy, his kick directly from the misery of his fellow men, his environment. This has now become his last nutriment, as it were. So he doesn’t need to do anything else than to strain his fellow men in some way, to torture – I would like to say – to terrorize, to frighten or whatever, and then “it goes up with him.” As soon as his environment is not tormented, the dope subsides in him, so to speak. That is the crazy thing. That’s why he has to see to it all the time that his environment is tormented or depressed in some way. If the effect of this psychozyme drug wears off, he compulsively – really compulsively – strives for even more suffering people. This is completely insane. But we have seen it happen for years. The increasing mass of sufferers now forms his higher drug dose. He resembles an invisible vampire, a demon you could also say, who sucks the inner life of his victims directly through the mind, through the psyche, through the atmosphere. And here again, as I said, I am talking for two kinds of people: People who come directly from drug addiction and people who have lost their feeling and sense for life because they do wrong to others and have done wrong to others and did not turn back from it. Such people can also get the longed-for last kick by simply destroying anything: Plants, animals, environment in any form: You hear of the many forest fires, for example. That’s one form of it. They get a kick out of it, the absolute, total, ultimate one.

And you see, already 3,000 years ago one of the wisest initiates under this heaven formulated exactly this phenomenon with the following words. Let me quote him:

“For they cannot sleep unless they do evil. And they are robbed of sleep unless they make someone stumble.” Prov. 4:16

Incredible – isn’t it? If we just think about the current bringing down of the entire middle class, the consequent bringing down of the entire well-being of the entire world population, the bringing down of all our freedoms, human rights, etc. – do you understand? That’s how it works!

By the way, the same author said in another saying, I also quote this one:

“They can only relieve themselves under the suffering of others; or translated in another way: They only find pleasure in actions causing agony; or translated again in another way: They can only rejoice when facing confusion, disfigurement, distortion, crippling, dislocation.” (Proverbs)

One could continue the list here. Do you see the connection?

We all know the effect of revenge and satisfaction in the field of justice: for example, when a horrible assassin or terrorist is caught and finally gets his just punishment. Or when a thief is caught and has to bring back the stolen goods, etc.

You see, then it goes up with us. Before, we were down and the wrongdoer was up. If he is caught, we go up and he goes down. That’s how it is when you live in the realm of justice. But this dimension we are talking about here is located in a next higher dimension. It’s about the realm of injustice, which works even more unjust.

I repeat again the most essential: The psychozyme function shows up completely independently of what you visibly witness, that is, what you see or hear. It is completely independent. It goes from spirit to spirit, from soul to soul, from mind to mind. It works as reliable as with an invisible, but real seesaw: If the victim is badly off, the perpetrator is fine, if the victim is fine, the perpetrator is automatically badly off. So if his victim fights his way up, shakes himself free, so to say, from all the imposed constraints, from all the imposed injustice, the torments, etc., and shakes it off from himself, then the psychozyme addict immediately goes on withdrawal – and that quite intensely! And this is where I slowly come to a conclusion. These satanic secret societies that rule the world, that is, these would-be world rulers, have recently had to switch to the psychozyme way, that is, to the last link in the drug chain you could call it. I said, “they had to”, because the second last drug, called “adrenochrome”, which is very popular up there, is not enough for them anymore.

And now I’ll say what is essential for us. The most important weapon against this kind of human tormentors is consequently in our joy of life, in the love we have and keep for each other, in our unity, you see?! And in our steadfastness. And every form of our frustration, every form of our worry, divisions, quarrels, etc., is their psychozymic nutriment, meaning drug supply. Every form of our fear, little faith or cowardice delivers their psychozymic drugs directly to their house, so to speak. If, on the other hand, we remain strong, remain completely confident concerning our victory and our new world, all these tormentors of humankind run out of the dope right there and then. They live from our torment. They die from our joy, from our zest for life, our quality of life. They begin to suffer agony like a demon that is being exorcised from its victim after having tormented its victim incessantly from within before. So, if we rise up, according to the laws of nature their descent results all by itself – as with a seesaw.

This is connected spiritually-physically. So, as often as you allow negative thoughts, feelings, depressions or whatever in you, you have to know that you are feeding straight away those predators who live directly from your torment.

This is also true in interpersonal relationships, this principle works, where there is strife, etc. Whether they see you or not, plays absolutely no role on the psychozymic level as already said. Only what actually happens in and through us is what counts.

So – this is my conclusion – let us preserve unity at all costs, live collectively in truth, in peace, and steadfastly propagate the new world – because you and I, you and we, we are the new world! I say in conclusion: Do you want to get inwardly fit and really all the way up, please watch my conference “You are Gods” here directly on Kla.TV – if possible the entire one – and make my words there your life. Should you need help, just get in touch, we’ll help you with that. So that was it, dear ones.

I am Ivo Sasek who has been standing before God for 44 years

from is.


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Short film: Bundesarchiv «Magnetmotor im Auto?» Wochenschau 1962

Short film: ZDF 1989 Audi 100 Thorium-reactor



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