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World Banker Makes Stunning Confession

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The economic crisis should make people realize that banksters have deliberately lent too much money, knowing it will lead to chaos. Some at the top want to sit in international financial commitées to monitor the world economy as some kind of legislative and regulatory officers. But first they need currency crashes, instability and a global downturn. Perhaps a third world war. Then people will call for a tightly regulated not competitive market. China is a test for how the world government might work.

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WORLD BANKER MAKES STUNNING CONFESSION THE FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BANK, JAMES WOLFENSOHN, MAKES STUNNING CONFESSIONS AS HE ADDRESS GRADUATE STUDENTS AT STANFORD UNIVERSITY. HE REVEALS THE INSIDE HAND OF WORLD DOMINATION FROM PAST, TO THE PRESENT AND INTO THE FUTURE. THE SPEECH WAS MADE JANUARY 11TH, 2010. THE NEXT 19 MINUTES MAY OPEN YOUR MIND TO A VERY DELIBERATE WORLD! HE TELLS THE GRAD STUDENTS WHAT’S COMING, “A TECTONIC SHIFT” IN WEALTH FROM THE WEST TO THE EAST. BUT HE DOESN’T TELL THE STUDENTS THAT IT IS HIS INSTITUTION, THE WORLD BANK, THAT’S DIRECTING AND CHANNELING THESE CHANGES. WOLFENSOHN’S OWN INVESTMENT FIRM IS IN CHINA, POISED TO PROFIT FROM THIS “IMMINENT SHIFT” IN GLOBAL WEALTH.I’m afraid that this man is helping an agenda to justify their diabolical agenda for depopulation , which will occur in many way’s and is already in full force , using overpopulation as an excuse , they are preparing and brainwashing the people , i do agree that the population issue is a serious one and should be discussed all around the world searching for sensable solutions , but they are not doing that are they.

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    • Banderman

      Money is not the root of all evil. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

    • yes2truth

      He talks about what we’re going to have to confront. What he doesn’t say is that it is what HE represents that needs confronting, i.e. his vile satanic usurious banking system. It’s what HE represents that needs wiping from the face of the earth. Confront HIM and everything he represents and the world’s problems will mostly be solved.

    • Jimstonefreelance

      He looks like a glistening ball of slime, on the inside.

    • Fake-it

      If overpopulation would be the problem, it could be solved over night.
      In China, one child per family WORKS!

      However, that’s not what the Globalists want.

      • OBAMAbinBIDEN

        population control working in China? 2 billion and counting.. uhmm.. they are definitely controlling the population of exotic and endangered species.

    • Anonymous

      yeah +hen manipula+e +he popula+ions +o only keep boys and +here ya ge+ major popula+ion reduc+ion cause i+ +akes males and females +o reproduce……like china did conincing +here popula+ion +ha+ boys where more impor+an+ +han girls…lol

    • londoner

      Arguably THE biggest issue is the mainstream media’s lies by omission in their complete avoidance of any of this ‘sub rosa’ material AND the fact that people do not seem to care.

      I remember watching this the first time around and what has changed ?

    • Anonymous

      “I do agree that the population issue is a serious one…”

      How easy “truths” seep into public consciousness. We’ve been fed overpopulation hooey ever since Thomas Malthus coined the distraction “dismal science”. He was a shill for the British East India Company, helping the sympathetic, fair skinned British understand that the natural condition of the colored races was overpopulation, starvation and constant tribal warfare. So don’t worry how we treat our colonial possessions, their natural resources can never do them any good anyway. The world is far better off putting those resources to useful ends.

      Today, if you look at population density, Africa has a population density roughly equivalent to the State of Texas. If you’ve never been to Texas, drive an hour or two out of a population center and see how overpopulated that looks. In fact, some of the highest population densities in the world are in urban western European countries.

      The big drivers behind this are economic and geopolitical maneuvering. These elites, whom Wolfensohn represent, couch their fear of the inevitable growth of the the Third World as “Overpopulation”. It’s a tide that can’t be easily stopped and it represents the greatest threat to their current “World Order”. Among their favorite weapons are: economic, epidemiological, political, and military. They will pull out all the stops to preserve their system and enforce a “World Order” that furthers their goals. Hang on for a wild ride.

    • LotsaLuck

      After viewing this video I can’t honestly say I saw an evil world dominating banker plotting depopulation…. I saw a guy stating that countries who previously figured less on the world business stage (Asia, Africa, India) would grow to greater dominance in the coming years because of the new breed of better educated (thanks perhaps to attending western universities) business leaders building more wealth for developing countries, raising the living standard of the growing middle class. The projected increase in world population is frightening, but who are we to say who may live and who may not?

      I just hope the improvement in living standards for the middle class in these emerging countries carries across to the poor and uneducated also. Who knows, in a decade or two maybe families in Africa and China will be sponsoring children in western nations to provide them with ‘education and clean water’. Food for thought indeed.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Banderman, the root of all evil are idiots,trying to convince everyone on overpopulation!
      And they have a name, eugenisiits!
      They can go £_€} themselves.

    • Pix

      America already had legistlation that prevented exactly what is happening. You can thank Clinton for removing it. It is very much a deliberate act of sabotage. The cause of the collapse was created by the American Federal reserve bank, privately owned by the Rothchild family, in partnership with the Rockerfeller owned big oil and arms manufacturing corporation. Rockerfeller buys the oil from under-developed produces, using freshly printed dollars. They devalued the USA dollar, the worlds reserve currency, to the point it is worth less than loo paper. Talk about shoot yourself in the foot. But the big question is, will America take the rest of the world down with it. I doubt it because nobody in their right mind want’s anything to do with back stabbing, two faced, warmongering, genocidal America out of free will. I mean honestly, who in their right minds want’s to buy into toxic and fake.

      • Joerg Klaemt

        You are right on,except its not the American Population as a whole, but the Zionists and their brainwashed Followers of many. They, the Zionists came in in droves after WWII populated America while American Society swallowed their Lies becoming compassionate ,while simultaneously being manipulated by the Propaganda from Hollywood, News Medias,you were shafted by the medical establishment and the Federal Reserve Bank all under the Control of your embraced friends,that made America their new homeland, in return they exploited you like Parasites.
        This is how it happened a century ago in Germany, but before they could cause the collapse of the German Economy by takeover,they had the Guts gave them an ultimatum and ordered them out of the country except for those that refused to leave the Country.
        Biggest Mistake was to accept their residency in the first Place.
        You Americans inherited the Devils Seed;I say devil because their their holy Scripture the
        T A L M U D is satanic throughout, it does not compare to the Christian Bible.
        However don’t just take my Word for it, go read it yourself before it mysteriously disappears from the Net.
        Its not the Nazis you need to worry about, if there are any left, the Mossad will exterminate them as they have done so since WWII besides the average age is about 70 years.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Pix wake up it’s a system not just the USA but all it’s components coming together creating their havoc.

      And make it seem it’s the Americans, when we are just a tool.
      I mean come on is it religion killing or the eugenisists or luciferians, or all the above?

      Maybe you should throw your fits at the UN?

      Even though Americans have become complaisant and stupid doesn’t make it just our faults!


        there, castle. – igor

        great video link posted here by anonymous

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Amber is a real journalist!

    • Anonymous

      And someone tell me again why are these banker guys still alive?

      • Anonymous

        Simple answer to your question:

        Because there are still not enough blinded people asking the same question you just did.

        It’s an anti-jewish propaganda, the creation of the scapegoat, or to put it differently they are showing you right now which shopwindow you should smash in. After smashing it in ,you dear cattle return to your home with the firm belief that you just defeated evil, so the next one in power must be a good person.

        Your rage serves but the people you claim to oppose!
        -lil worm

        • Anonymous

          Yes. The media is owned by rich guys “making problems” to solve and to show on TV to get ratings. And yes – they show the examples on TV of whose fault it is and “what you are supposed to do if you are angry”. How dumb can people be?

          They pay mercenaries to keep killing innocents and destabilizing governments all over the planet. They kill and steal and it’s legal. They are the problem.

          Why the hell do people think holding up signs and throwing little gasoline bombs on public buildings made out of granite is going to change anything? Their power needs to be taken from them by force and they totally spritually deserve it. This whole christian forgiveness thing – how far does it go? How long do we sit here like dumb rocks and watch them kill our children?

          Those people need to get back what they dished out.

    • 120Hounds

      Jim Rogers has been saying for a long time to have your kids learn chinese to be competitive in the near future. Of course most people speak English right now, because it is the language of money – what country is the worlds reserve currency from? Everything is made in China because it can be bought cheaply and made with near slave labor. Apple is the most profitable company in the world and is made mostly in China, and every young person in the USA needs a new iThis 7 or iThat 9 every single year, and your car is probably made in asia. Gerald Celente has been saying for a while to buy American as much as possible.
      I don’t get the whole depopulation aspect The west is getting poorer to compete with all the manufacturing in the second world, 80/20 to 35/65, and the population is expected to increase from 6 bil to 9 bil. The money flow from west to east is excellerating, so won’t those previosly poor countries have more money? If the west is getting broker, the east is getting richer, and thats a good thing for them, right? And no, I don’t beleive stories that there is a conspiracy to depopulate the west.

    • Anonymous

      Everything you possibly come across is controlled.
      “Wolfensohn” means the wolves son, son of the wolf.

      And yeah you guessed it right he is an evil banker, an evil jewish banker what else?

      It so damn seethrough guys that the whole anti-bankster scheme pushed with long-unseen force in the whole of the mainstream media is nothing but a not so covert anti-jewish propaganda.

      Holocaust(meaning burnt offering) was only a foreplay to what’s coming now.

      Israel absolutely must start WW3 in order to morally justify the slaughtering of all the jewish people by other nations.

      -lil worm

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, there is no population problem and never has been from the point of view that there isn’t enough land on earth to accommodate the number of people there are today on this planet.

      The problem is that the bulk of the earth’s visible surface is in the hands of only a few; governments and wealthy individuals who’s greed and desire to control will never allow them to cut the reigns of such control and allow the natural distribution of land to the populace. At the present if that land was to be broken up equally among the existing billions (a little more than 7 billion), each would have a little more than 2.5 acreas to live on. This shows how badly land is being managed by the few.

      These few acres don’t seem like a lot but consider if a family (extended family included to a limit) had say had 10 members on average, this group would have 25 acres to live on. the point is clear that there is plenty of land and more being made, naturally, all the time.

      So, whenever you hear about the land problem and that there isn’t enough to go around in a reasonable fashion, know that you are being lied to. True, under the current set of conditions on this planet, there isn’t enough land but, very shortly, this is going to change quite abruptly.

    • Anonymous

      One additional point to the fact that there IS enough land to go around. The land that is referred to here is “habitable” land. It’s obvious that there are places on earth where people couldn’t live as on the top of Mt. Everest or any of the mountain ranges above 14,000 feet where oxygen is in short supply. This also applies to the bottoms of our oceans as far as habitability is concerned.

      For any who choose to verify this, just look up what the total habitable land mass of the earth is and divide that by the number of people living on earth at this time. Intuitive managers and organizing sorts will easily see what the results are and why, with intelligent use of the land, there is plenty to go around.

      Intelligent use doesn’t include mega-cities or concrete and tar pavements over the landscape as there is at this moment. If the earth was turned into a garden-like park that everyone can enjoy, peacefully, with each other, population problems would end.

      Oh, sure, there are those who think this is just and idea. No, it’s not an idea, it will take place at some point in the future and men will do it with help. Unfortunately for those who keep mankind in servitude, they will not be around to muck up the works, nor will those who agree with them.

    • Anonymous

      First! Let us kill all the BANKERS!
      With apology to William Shakespeare

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