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Masters Of Realities: Satanic Sex Magick; Politicians; Hollywood; Pulp Fiction; Music and the twisted Dragons tails of Demons and Angels.

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37th President Richard Nixon’s “War on Drugs” and his “D.E.A.” among his . . . many other LIES!!!

What you are about to read is something people have been programed to refuse to read.

This station is only briefly showing you what is at the tip of the iceberg.  This is just a preface to the bigger picture and the whole TRUTH.

Study the lyrics from the music in the youtube videos.  Black Sabbeth’s “Master of Reality” was released amist the era of this story.

Whilst, “Masters of Puppets” is another generations outlook on drugs and other obsessions.

Listen and enjoy the included music, while you read, perhaps?  Justin Case

King of Clubs.  Elemental to Water & Medician.  Western Snake.

The anthropologist Carlos Castaneda studying psychotropic plants used in Shamanic rituals wrote the non-fiction book:  “A Separate Reality:  Further Conversations with Don Juan”.

Don Juan Matus is a self-proclaimed Yaqui Indian Toltec Sorcerer who apprenticed the author whose books authenticities have been continuously debated since they were published.

Things are rarely as they seem to be.  We are all packs of wolves in sheep clothing hiding in our shadowed sides, showing all the skeletons in our closets living with our monsters from time to time.  Mirror images double minded.  Sleepers awake!  Awake in your sleep, consciously!  Unconsciously awake, is the mass majority.

Shepherds pull the strings of sheep behind the scenes; of all us puppets acting like we are really living.  What is the Modus Operandi . . . the method of operation?  If you torture people like Nazi scientists did in mind control experiments you can own them!  Property of:

From the above link:  “. . . at a party in California in 1973, [John] Lennon went berserk, hurling a chair out the window, smashing mirrors, heaving a TV against the wall, and screaming nonsense about Roman Polanski being to blame.  And to give a sinister end to the story filled with synchronicities (allegedly Lennon and Ono had their own interest in the occult), John Lennon was shot in 1980 in front of the Dakota Building in New York – which was used when filming Rosemary’s Baby.”

Check out: “Who Killed John Lennon” and all of the information, money trails and associations provided at the link below:

In Witchcraft we call this a Freudian-Slip, oh, I meant in psychology!

That’s right, “logic that is not, doesn’t necessarily play out by the law  in my opinion.  There are extenuating circumstances . . . legal improprieties that’s much bigger to me then the original events.” said Tate’s sister.  Very interesting!!!  Child molesting Polanski’s TRUTH. 


The link above explaines “Mind Kontrols” origins and ties to Satanic torture from Germany to America.


The psychology of mass manipulation, influence and inspiration is utilized on the collective consciousness and collective unconsciousness of any society’s particular indoctrinations and archetypes.

These are physical, psychological and spiritual theories that denote the unseen but apparent connective associations of our awareness and perceptions as a whole; while awake or while sleeping.  The ancients had visionaries, orcals and oral poets.

We had television and now the World Wide Web; witch is becoming the comparable mechanical analogy of these ideals.

What moves us all to act?  What will we choose?

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.  And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.”1 Timothy 6:10

King of Diamonds.  Elemental to Earth & Money.  Northern Bear.

Politicians, Hollywood, prosecutors, writers, musicians and the media have made billions of dollars by producing a living and breathing boogie-man monster and then taking all of the human rights of their product named, “Charles Manson”!

The poster child, that the American Criminal Justice system, and the other above mentioned organizations made their Frankenstein’s monster becomes their unintended icon while he has also been the most violated, ripped-off, tortured and crucified human being of the 20th and 21st centuries who is still this day, All The Way Alive!

The New York Times Bestseller “Helter Skelter” written by Manson’s prosecutor, made over 77 million dollars!  Vincent Bugliosi says at the link below, “You can prove anything wrong.” when asked about the existence of God.

King of Hearts.  Elemental to Air & Beliefs.  Eastern Eagle.

“So let it be written, so let it be done!” said, Yul Brynner play acting the arrogant Historical Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II

In pop culture: Oliver Stone and Quentin Tarantino’s movie, “Natural Born Killers” grossed over 50 million dollars in 1994, cashing in on Manson Mythologies.

Trent Reznor’s album, “The Downward Spiral” was recorded at the home where sex, drugs, rocking roll and the most famous Hollywood murders ever took place!  The album grossed over 50 million dollars and went quadruple platinum!

While Brian Warner, Trent Reznor’s creation called, Marilyn Manson’s net worth is reported conservatively as grossing over 40 million at the link below:  Although Forbes Magazine at the next link shows much higher numbers.

The above monies denote the smallest fraction of the exploitation of the product called, Charles Manson.  Manson has been institutionalized since he was a child in the 1940’s!  Whatever the misunderstood TRUTH is about the murders does not negate Charles Manson’s human rights nor justify taking ALL of his legal rights!

But the brainwashed masses believing all the hype, or who are just indifferent and apathetic to the torturing of a 77 year old man who has served over 60 years of his life in American institutions BECAUSE a programed (automatically triggered) chill goes down their spines when they hear his name, or see his images.

The link below is filled with extremely relevant information that is leading to the cryptic TRUTH but there are still many classified and missing pieces of this colossal puzzle of the crimes against all humanity carried out by mind control “Handlers” or “Controllers”.

The infamous Charles Manson was denied parole again on April 11th, 2012, for the 12th time at the age of 77 while he sat in solitary confinement.  He chose not attend the hearing and never met with his court appointed attorney, as is usual because he can not afford a real attorney.

The link below leads to a web page where the pre-trial transcripts from 1969 and 1970 deny the defendant any rights to speak in his own defense to the media or in the Court room can be read in full below!

President Nixon declared the defendant guilty to the world BEFORE the trial!

“Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.” – President Harry S. Truman

The only disgraced U.S. President to ever resign said, “When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.” and“I was not lying.  I said things that later on seemed to be untrue.” –Richard Nixon

Manson has had the will power to give America the silent treatment for 20 years.  DeJon R. Lewis is “called” Manson’s attorney yet Manson has never spoken to him!

Lewis wants Manson to be moved to a mental hospital shows the link below.  Is he serious?  40 years later some attorney thinks Charles is insane?  Does that make sense?

Manson supposedly spoke to John Peck the psychologist who at the recent mock parole denial hearing used Manson’s supposed words against him, “I’m special.  I’m not like the average inmate.”

Peck said (2nd person), that Manson said (1st person), according to the Associated Press (3rd person), “I have spent my life in prison.  I have put five people in the grave.  I am a very dangerous man.”

I challenge anyone in America to try to exercise the immense ‘will-power’ it takes to be capable of being absolutely silent . . . for just one day!

I am listening to Charles Manson’s “Trees” CD from Magic Bullet Records as I write this article and thinking about how the Beach Boys (the American music industries copy of the British music businesses Beatles) stole his music, that he made with them in the recordings now called, “LIES”.

Psychologists are considered to be part of the medical fields and held under some sort of oath to not discuss their client’s information!  And why did Manson’s supposed attorney not twist and turn Peck’s second hand Manson words into this scenario:

“Of course he is a very dangerous man!  He has spent most of his entire life in prison.  Prisons don’t make or break all people into cream-puffs and it is a fact that all men can be dangerous, with or without ever spending a day in prison!  Look at our world!  Look at our History!”

The Parole Board saw, “No signs of rehabilitation.”  A real attorney could have marked this momentous event for being the first time Charles Manson has ever admitted to doing anything wrong, ”I have put five people in the grave.” and the sign of the rehabilitation of a 77 year old man who has been in prison for over 40 years of straight-time now!

Charles Manson, America’s world-wide freak-sign had, has and will always have, undiscovered talents to the degrees of John Lennon’s much more welcomed weirdness.  That’s the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose?

John Lennon on one-side of the coincidences (or coin) and Charles Manson on the other, at the ending of 1960’s ideals in America, continues to break our hearts.

Most of the world would agree with Lennon, “Make Love Not War” but Manson, trying to be more realistic then John Lennon’s unrealistic dreams loves to embrace WAR!  Just like the world historically has.  Manson declared war against the pollution of our Air, Trees, Water & Animals formally around 40 years ago!



King of Spades.  Elemntal to Fire & Weapons.  Southern Coyote.

His other war, with the American Criminal Justice Systemis, “If you admit your guilt for institutionalizing me into the poster child of your disgraced and impeached President Nixon’s war against drugs, crime; and of Hollywood’s fascination and promotion of it; I will admit my guilt for being a reflection of it!” to paraphrase Manson, respectively.

As ugly as his orders to, “Do something witchy.” can be imagined and circumstantially implied to have some kind of motivational meanings that we can measure with our justice; the WILL of any man or woman might be influenced but those same wills can not be controlled!

Even under hypnosis, the will, will not do anything it stands against!  The power of suggestion or manipulation can not over-ride the power of the God given rights of every individual to choose their own choice between the, “to do or to don’t!”

The women’s rights movement in the 60′s got tricked by the same establishment too.  Political opportunist cashed in on influencing Jane Fonda’s and Gloria Steinem’s follower’s wishes to wear the pants; and it was decided, ‘If we let them in, we can make the economy of the nation demand that two adults per household have to work . . . eventually to afford inflations, while appearing to give the women the independence that they think that they need and want.’ 

Killing two birds with one . . . Oliver Stone.

We all got tricked and now fewer American’s have a fathers’ influence for long and our children have been growing up without either parent in the households.  That is the REAL crime!

Manson had no father, but his biological father was a U.S. Veteran!  Charlie calls the prison system his, “Mother”!  Or the “Hallways of the Always”.  Will Americans never accept our responsibility for the creations of our Charles Manson’s?  Don’t we get it?  He is one of our American sons!

He was raised without that biological man yes, but now he has been made by the systems deviant men into the “mass marketed product” of the American fatherless masses, abandoned bastard sons, nonetheless!

It is boggling to contemplate exactly what happened in 1969.  The thing that killed the “Flower Power” generation inside but it will educate us, if we would only examine it under higher powered microscopes.

I believe it was Jesus who said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” 

Charles Manson is a monster?  Get over it Hollywood!  Roman Polanski is a monster and a child molester!  Whatever really happened and ended the 60’s movement was designed to do so by those who manipulate the masses.

What happened to the movers and shakers of Hollywood people and political people who played sex magick games with the High Priest of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey (author of the Satanic Bible); and those who blasphemed the Holy Bible, was what John Lennon called, “Instant Karma”.

If the readers are wondering what point am I trying to make?  Just click on the links in this article.  If that helps but not enough, research deeper and see if the picture fine tuned becomes clear.

These are modern urgent issues that are blindsided and avoided at all cost!  The plot is too thick for the density of the long lost California Dreamers!

I have a dream.  Maybe President Obama will pardon Charles Manson?  The American Criminal Justice System and its institutions made Manson “not like the average inmate” and made it blatantly obvious that he is special . . . to them!  But who are they?  The C.I.A.?  The I.C.U.?

If we all admit that everyone IS special maybe President Obama will order Manson some music and arts and craft privileges?  Or maybe the President could publically offer to incarcerate this “mental case” on an Island and be allowed to walk on the beach like the promise and lie that the Senator made to Hannibal Lector for his help?

We can not say that Charles Manson is “A child that only a mother could love.” because he was designed by the administrations to be the child that no mother is supposed to love according to the manipulated, controlled and apathetic mass majorities.,_Inhuman_or_Degrading_Treatment_or_Punishment

Charles Manson will be to cultural anthropology in the future what John F. Kennedy is today:  Assassinated revolutionary leaders who the elite “Masters” eliminated and used as the tools to completely control the assumptions and false realities of our ignorant society with.

Products of war propaganda, paranoia and fear!

If Manson is guitly of the story that Vincent Bugliosi wrote and made millions of dollars from, a revolutionary trying to start a race war, then that makes Charles Manson into a political prisoner!  If the disgraced and only ever self-resigned President of the U.S., declaired Manson guilty in the media before his trial, then that makes Charles Manson a political prisoner!

A pirate worthy an International trial!

But if your all to scared and programed out of your paranoid minds . . . then don’t click on the link below:


Post Statement:  If you want to create genetic chimeras, schizophrenics, multiple minded personalities then fragment and compartmentalize for control or manipulation, just plain torture people!  Its that simple.

Charles Milles Manson appears in the films:  Charles Manson Superstar, Manson Family Movies, The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter, Murders of Hollywood, (not counting or making any money off all of the Interviews over the decades nor youtube and internet materials galore)!

His albums:  LIE: The Love and Terror Cult, The Family Jams, All the Way Alive, One Mind, Air, Trees and more.

His Children:  Charles Luther Manson, Valentine Michael Manson, Charles Manson Jr.; reports the wikipedia below:

But what about these two other generations of children?

Who are publically both talented but probable “Chimara’s” just as likely as Charles Manson is; see links below:

Soldier Surprises Child Coming Home!

For anyone who wants to offer a real contract for the real true story:

Contact:  Justin Case @ or @!/justincase333


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