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CTC am - George Noory, David Icke, Jon Rapporport & Jordan Maxwell.

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Dear readers: 


How sad, only a few days ago 20 children and 6 adults died in Newtown CT, on Christmas day families are enduring the Scorpius Dragon deadly impact!  When I wrote THIS DRAGON IS AIMING FOR THE CHILDREN WILL YOU BELIEVE ME NOW? Video of China’s school knife attack    11 school kids die in van wreck 

Meantime, I wonder if Jon born in April, ever spoke to George about the  Rancho Santa Fe Mass suicide prediction or tell him the story?  The fact is ARIES  - .i.e. David Icke and Jon Rappaport are much too competitive to endorse anyone but themselves! 

I have decided to let the entire world know about a prediction I made on Jon Rappaport radio show back in 1997 when I was living in San Diego, California. During these days, the well-established Truth Seeker Company employed people such as David Icke, Jon Rappaport, Jordan Maxwell and myself to name a few. All of us somehow made our name and expertise known to the entire world and everyone of us were guests to famous Coast-To-Coast radio hosts such as George Noory and Art Bell and numerous television networks. The luckiest of all was David and the hundreds of thousands of dollars he got from the company, propelling him to the fame he enjoys today!  In fact “Truth Seeker”  spend only a few hundreds bucks on a single Moon Power book but still sell all my titles without any rewards to me…Young and stupid, you sign a contract and get screwed for ever…
Note the fund were specifically dedicated for anyone battling the evil of religion or offer cosmic truth, while David Icke is totally into conspiracy propaganda and ridiculous “Lizards.”  The money has been lost and invested in the wrong purposes against the dead will of the departed soul, talk about karma… 

My relationship with those high profile gifted speakers is now dead and while only a few days ago I authorized a radio interview promoting David Icke he never did anything for me but steal my intellectual property and re-invent himself with my books and wisdom. While Jordan Maxwell was the closest of all for years but seems to; as with Jon Rappaport fade away with time.

Back in March 1997 John had a very successful radio show and he asked me to do a segment with him and I gladly accepted his offer. I found Jon to be very logical, even cynical to the point where I was wondering how to get this down to earth guy to remotely grasp my world…I could strongly feel, when we were all together in a meeting that he had a *problem to recognize my spiritual expertise. Nothing surprising when people hastily assume anything without any solid investigations and Jon wanted to make a point for himself and everyone else to see I guess.

I felt the mental challenge would come sooner or later but my wisdom is real and I am now as I was then, very confident in my abilities to always perform right and, with time turn the most skeptical person into a believer. I felt that Jon wanted confirmation and this is why he invited me on his show that day. Incidentally Jon did not know that he was to be a very powerful *channel I would use later on in my career to prove my claim to the rest of the world with my UNARGUABLE, printed and on the air (as I did with George Noory so many times) prediction of the biggest mass suicides in the nation’s history.

But surprisingly enough, John is also a very spiritual man and his questions were simple, to the point helping his audience understand the complexity of my work. I really think to this day Jon wanted a solid proof of my ability and his serious wake up was to happen a few days later… Jon and I became friends and we planned a night out with his wife and Brigitte in Delmar. But what is REALLY EXTRAORDINARY is that Brigitte; *my ex wife and I, were driving back from North County that fateful evening of March 27th and we were just about to cross through what was then; the very small community of Rancho Santa Fe.

 We were to join Jon and his wife waiting for us in Delmar in a restaurant when I saw right above us two police helicopters flying in circle and very low. Brigitte asked me to drive slow fearing a roadblock ahead of us and wondering what the fuss was all about. I told her Hun we are right into a Deadly Plutonic Window and I bet you anything that a murder or some sort of drama or a killing took place right around here. Little did I know that I was watching FIRST SEAT my own prediction unfolding of the worse mass suicide in the US history.

Do not join a cult! Read more here -  We arrived a bit late to the restaurant where Jon and his wife were impatiently waiting for us and as we enjoyed cool drinks we all were watching the drama unfolding on television. That very same night Jon really realized *when I reminded him of my prediction, that I was real but as always in this case he needed more proof of my predictive gift and gave me the benefit of the doubt probably thinking I was either very lucky or it was only an unfortunate coincidence. Not that George needs any confirmation of my ability but back then George did not know me that well and I wanted to RE-connect with Jon and asked him (see dated emails exchanged) for a favor and privately mention this particular prediction to George.

Jon has always been keen to help anyone he feels has intelligence and deserving and I fit the case. But sad enough  Jon never mentioned a word and George did not say a word because it is very hard to double task when you are on the air with George dealing 20 million listeners. The main reason why to bring this story, is because it involves a Deadly Plutonic Window and I am trying to make a very important point to the Police and ALL the Elites of Law Enforcement Agency who keep ignoring me.  On to one of my prediction that came to pass today…



Home prices post biggest annual jump in two years

The recovery in the housing market continues to pick up steam, as home prices posted the biggest percentage gain in more than two years in the latest reading of the closely followed S&P/Case-Shiller index.

I first mentioned my prediction of a full re-structure of the United States back in December 2007 to George Noory on his national Coast to Coast radio show and millions of listeners heard it.  I must have been the first human being preparing the world for this very painful  ” US economy economy” but then no one really paid attention to my warnings…I also mentioned to George that the first signs of recovery were to happen in December 2012 and to expect the end of this nasty Dragon’s Tail plaguing the 2nd house of America and a full rebirth of the US upon the completion of the “Freedom Tower.” Well to those who have been with me for years and the millions of CTC listeners can only confirm my “vision” the values and unarguable accuracy pertaining to my gift in predictive astrology. 


But as you know the skeptics need solid facts and won’t accept my prophetic words on  a radio show they never heard of…thus as my work is also well documented, printed and published all I can do is to offer them all the option to investigate my claims knowing it is a total waste of my time. 

Memo from Prediction page 2: 


This page includes 2009/2010/ UNIVERSAL PREDICTIONS

“Remember 2 years ago when I predicted the Dragon was aiming for famous people and their children? Time has proven me right with this prediction too as we lost a record of famous people and children last 2 years. (see 2009 Universal Predictions long list. I see the real estate booming again, as the country infrastructure is changing . The old road / signal / bridges systems will be replaced by “round points”, the stock market will experience a slow but sure recovery especially in July / June and January / December 2011/2012.

The numbers mentioned above (and my unarguable predictions) do not lie and this will enrage even more the envious born morons who have nothing to offer humanity’s spirit but skepticism. Obama and its cosmic unconscious administration may be rewarded from the good news while they are and did for NOTHING at all  to better the lives of all American and the world at large.  The stars above are in charge but like a stubborn blind  science they are all ill fitted to connect, appreciate or even use the Comic Code.  To them all it is only pseudo -science and they would rather die than to give credit where credit is due.  Still the fact is PLAIN to see/read if they could make a good use of their latent, incurious “educated” minds. 

With such a valuable tangible work offered on national radio I wish George Noory would realize how beneficial my work truly is for society but he’d rather give a steady spot to so many “Talking Heads” reporting regularly  cattle’s mutilation or speaking their nonsense on The Mayan Calendar. But I trust over the many years working on the air, George is fully aware of my gift and  still a good friend but the conspiracy against Dr. Turi is also very real… 

The Current Scorpius dragon offered a few million cosmic unconscious souls speakers with their own wake up call when nothing of their own fruitful uncontrolled imagination came to pass but the sad reality is;  the Joe Six Packs and Sally Sues morons makes the 99.09% of our society and are set by their natal UCI or Unique Celestial Identity to keep coming back for more mental dirt! 



Rare are the ones making up the 1% of human being able to apply their critical thinking  while enjoying a natural dose of curiosity and intuition… May be those who heard the show and my faithful followers aware of my real gift and the “conspiracy” against Dr. Turi will refresh George’s memory of my 2007 economy prediction? Having me on the air is too much to hope for as the controlling media  is suffocating the voice of reality.  [email protected] - [email protected]

But it seem only fiction, entertainment  and imagination attract the “norm” where only fictional stories are accepted! Non fictional material and the truth is incompatible, rejected by a mass of uninterested human beings. Living with entertainments  religious prayers and false hopes does not demand any serious form of mental work I guess. It is so hard to be born smart nowadays readers because we are such a minority… Asking anyone to recall what they did or what happened last couple of days seems an impossible task and refreshing memories with the facts of the predictions I made back in 2007 is perceived as an ego trip! OMG! in what a young world did I land on? 

Trust me readers, the current Scorpius Dragon has some serious surprises for all those young souls, especially those in a position of influence to help me further God’s cosmic will… I am now referring to the “experts’  and souls making up my ” Black List.”.  Little do they know of the sure karma ahead of them all but my Draconus warnings are not yet perceived as facts or laughable but this is where the promised “WAKE UP CALL” will be coming from! The forces of ignorance, darkness and skepticism can not and never will override the truth, not with this Scorpius Dragon they know nothing about! I still wonder how many people read or acknowledge the dramatic celestial energy posted to the world last August 2012 - Warning Scorpius Dragon Has Arrived!

In this day and age, more than ever society needs the truth and the facts they can rely on! rest assured they are thousands of wise souls who do not need any more proofs involving my gift and my mission, others need more time and were lead to me by the force/God/the stars and are in the process of digesting new critical spiritual material.

I only have my little radio show but even as insignificant I am compared to CTC, George Noory and so many other organizations it seems, to them I am becoming a serious competition!  And this is why they do not want to “advertise” me anymore! The good news is the stars and the Dragon are on my side  and with the Internet I can only bring an endless growing number of curious people. Little do the broadcasting industry know of their upcoming demise and signify why George Noory (like the Pope) is moving to the Internet to reach the ratings Clear Channel needs to survive. Did they all forgot I was there, before them all  in 1991? before Art Bell and George and now own millions of readers and followers world wide? 

All those “Talking Heads” like me, once upon a time were exploited with their nonsense or, in my case real talents but if you are too real you become a serious danger to others cosmic unconscious guests! 

George is trying to protect them all or worse a puppet of the controlling Illuminati, but the fact is there the conspiracy against me is very real! But is it a good idea to mute my voice? Years ago, I proposed CTC management to offer their audience REAL forecasts and not Mrs.Cleo horoscopes bull. I made them aware that, then  33% of American were into modern astrology  but this number is largely false and scare to death out of the Vatican executives as the Age of Pisces (deception/religion)  is being replaced by the Age of Aquarius (New Age/Astrology.) 

I do not practice modern astrology but Nostradamus’ 16th century  Divine Astrology (Astropsychology) and the modified software my students and I use is, like my teachings and results, unique.  While Dr. Turi’s Internet Enemies have been harassing me since 1991 there is too much well documented television and radio programs with unarguable proofs of my previous predictions on the Internet and like the reborn skeptics I did convert a few…

My expertise is, as a human detector to expose it all, Friends and Foes alike, including George Noory, David Icke, Davic Wilcock, John Hogue,  Laura Eisenhower etc.  Just Google the name of the cosmic unconscious soul mentioned here and add Dr. Turi to read the facts about those young souls. Doing so is creating a wave of disdain and unpopularity in the “Talking Heads” circle but do I care? NO I am well established world wide with millions of supporters who appreciate the truth and my gift and I do not need anyone.  But I have the nuts, the courage and the dedication to fulfill my mission and expose the truth regardless because this is what the Scorpius Dragon and Dr. Turi’s essence and wisdom  is all about! Those who do not vibrate at my level have to exit and be replaced by a the purest, smartest element of our society! 

Yes George has and will always remain a friend while some insecure souls will accuse me of committing a popularity/business suicide without him or CTC! Nothing can be more false but its me to know because  my own ratings and Internet presence/following do not lie.

If you say you are my friend I will confront you and make demands only a real friend will honor and if you do not perform and ignore me what is the point to be my “friend?” Then you force me to expose you and you become the enemy of the light I own and share with the world!

“When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him”


 Lacking perception or being less than honorable always bring consequences to anyone,  and if dealing with the mob, your life! I can add as much as I can take in anyone’s life on both worlds…and ”when you deal with a gifted writing machine like Dr. Turi that burns ink faster than the gas you put in your car”  and own real talents you better be my friend… Blame the Sicilian blood running deep into my veins because God and the Devil will become my friend to bring you with time, the karma you deserve.

Honor is a big word to me as much as the truth is what motivate my words and actions and who can blame me when all my wisdom and drive is dedicated to the truth and for the children? Anyone trying to stop my voice  reaching the children of the future better be well armed both physically and psychically because my burning passion is very real and will be felt by the perpetrators. 

As mentioned so many times before, you can only be my friend or my enemy, no sugar coated deceptive Joel Osteen sermons with Dr. Turi  as I can only attract those who like me, feel, breathe and teach nothing else but the truth. The question now remain, can you handle the truth? This is such a rare commodity nowadays that I personally believe you should hold on to it! 

Human are like a double edged razor blade, endlessly exposing their gifts and shortcomings, responding to the Yin and Yang, the positive, negative, God and evil living simultaneously inside the soul  but, upon the right circumstances, express only the ugly face of resentfulness or true respect and love. Who’s to blame me to be born that way, a human being like you is committed to the children spiritual welfare? At least I can auto-analyze myself correctly and find an intelligent way to pass it on to you while controlling my natal, competitive, aggressive Aries Dragon’s Head.  God thanks I can write English but my French  compatriots could make a good use of my work too,  but many are much to lazy to learn a foreign language! Gee what about teaching the celestial Divinity of God speaking his will through the signs and the cosmic code? 

Lastly, this dreadful Scorpius Dragon has a lot in store for or against the world (and you personally) and “predictions” is what I do best, so when you are ready for me, I’ll be there to offer you real pearls of wisdom. Don’t miss my radio show tonight and let me do what I do best, expose the truth! Channeling the 12 Apostles

Note the first “January 2013 Personal Guidance and Forecast” including  ”January 2013 Moon Transits” will be posted on the Cosmic Code  before 2012 expires…

Be safe remember the Full Moon will bring havoc to human… Deadly Tornadoes Fully Predicted 12 months Ago

These free newsletters will stop as 01/01/2013 join us NOW save $50. 


Dr. Turi

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