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Deepak Chopra Versus Dr. Turi Secrets to a Cosmic Conscious Brain

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For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Deepak Chopra: Secrets to a better brain


Dear VIP Readers:

Because of the importance of those information benefiting humanity at large, I have decided to share yet, another valuable and educational Cosmic Code newsletter with the public.  This may stimulate you to realize how important it is to become a Cosmic Coder, especially if you are into  the human mind secrets. However, remember my work is not for the feeble minded but dedicated to those born curious and smart only!     Join now become a cosmic coder!!  – Note my website is still down thus you are lucky and can still join for $50 still and save another $50. If you are a Deepak Chopra follower please read  my work withy an open mind. I sincerely hope for you to reward my good heart but posting this article all over and help him and  humanity at large regain its lost spiritual values…Do not assume anything just yet, pleaseb ecurious and  keep reading…

Knowing the fact that I have bombarded Deepak Chopra for months now on his Tweeter  and Facebook accounts with the same educational material including this video shared/watched by the mental experts making up my “Dark Internet List” it seem, while I will never know, the message is out.  

It is obvious that Deepak Chopra UCI or Unique Celestial Identity , while educated traditionally, is also quite spiritual/curious by nature and I can guarantee you that when, any intelligent soul would read an article titled “DNA versus UCI - Dr. Louis Turi“  posted 15 years ago on the Internet. 

Thus the chances of my work being read by any celebrities  is quite high since I was online in 1991 well before many celebrities, especially when millions more read my work everyday! In fact the Chopra Foundation was created in 2009  now knowing the majority of my hits are from the US and India is second to visit my website daily,  do you think hitting him regularly and personally did not work? I don’t think there would be much doubt after reading Forbes Financial Astrology from India

Memo from my webmaster!

Interesting email from my Webmaster sent in 2010: You know Dr. Turi I realized something super interesting looking at your Alexa stats. A third of all your traffic comes from India. What’s that about? Maybe you need to make a trip to India? I tell you why I think that’s super interesting as well — India (as OF COURSE you know) invented Vedic Astrology so the fact that they are heavily interested in your European style is a huge testament to your work. It’s like they’re saying that YOUR astrology is better than their own. It’s like if I had a new Cuisine/US Chef site that was visited mostly by France and Italy. That’s a huge compliment my friend. Unless of course they’re stealing your work and retrofitting it into their Vedic style! You never know!
Thus if you simply use common sense, mathematics  and add my direct endless harassment on his tweeter account I let you come up to your own conclusion…  So let now use my famous “Dr. Turi Rebuttals” to clarify a few things in this article… 
Deepak Chopra I was born in October
Since childhood all I wanted is to find myself, learn and master the laws of both the physical and spiritual world, I am a Libra.  My lucky Dragon’s Head is in Gemini, the “Messenger of the God” the curious talking soul, the writer forced into duality by the stars - (Deepak Chopra Indian-born American physician) like Dr. Turi born in France now living in America. 
Deepak Chopra Dragon’s Tail is in Sagittarius in his 3rd house (the mind/critical thinking) knocking out much of the flux needed to reach full Cosmic Consciousness. Instead it is being replaced by the codification of thoughts or colleges and University accepted accredited materials and disciplines leading him to study medicine.  The good news is, with age the curious Gemini Dragons’ Head took over balancing/mixing the accumulated information into a religious/metaphysical/natural healing intonation. 
Chopra has written more than 65 books, including 19 New York Times bestsellers. His books have been translated into 35 languages and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.
Knowing that I write everyday endlessly, I probably wrote many more books than he did and my work is read worldwide but I did not have the accumulated needed PhD’s from accredited schools to be taken seriously by those who own the media, gee thank you for the Internet allowing my own unique wisdom reaching you readers.  

Editor’s note: Deepak Chopra is a mind-body expert, founder of the Chopra Foundation and a best-selling author. Hear more from him on “Sanjay Gupta MD” at 4:30 p.m. ET Saturday and 7:30 a.m. ET Sunday.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal; First let’s mention more facts! Yes Deepak Chopra is indeed, up to his neck into Astrology and like my webmaster wrote he is also very much digging into a new form of the ancient art, especially when Dr. Turi’s 16th century divine astrology methodology is from La Provence” where Nostradamus was born. Do you really think the people of India never heard of Nostradamus? And with my name directly associated with him and with my predictions blasted to millions on Coast To Coast for years it is not surprising for me to have performed countless readings and sent many home courses to India.  

Yes another fact Men are from Mars, Women from Venus famous author John Gray got all my books, got a reading and purchased my course 15 years ago after a lecture presentation I gave in San Francisco. But will he ever endorse my name and my work  like thousands of other did over the years? You dream reader, better yet even David Icke I served as a close friends for years with endless readings offering him my Moon Power books! Did he ever endorse my work and I? Again you dream people, instead he used all my intellectual property to RE_invent himself with it!  But hey this is the age of technology where the information can not be stopped and I am glad to be doing my HUGE part for this big world since 1991…

Again I do not expect any form of acknowledgement from any of those soul because Karma is a sure thing for all of us…

Continued: (CNN) – There are many books on the market that focus on treating the brain like any other organ of the body. To improve the brain, they advise eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and avoiding toxins like alcohol and nicotine.These are sound bits of advice, but in my own book, “Super Brain,” written with professor Rudolph Tanzi of Harvard Medical School, the emphasis is on the brain’s uniqueness. The secret to improving your brain is to understand that uniqueness.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal;  And this is wonderful because we are, (or become) at the end what we eat but how is a cosmic conscious Deepak Chopra approach the subject I created or UCI or Unique Celestial Identity depicting the cosmic uniqueness each and every human human being is endowed by birth?  How more correct and proper can I be when he used the word Uniqueness or a wisdom that will serve the world properly in the future? Remember he is  MD, traditionally educated born with an advanced UCI and because he was born in India, he was “allowed” to reach for the stars…But he has to be very careful not to “upset” the norm or the sensitive educated egos of the scientific community. 

Continued: The brain is the only organ that changes instantly according to how the mind relates to it. You can relate to your brain in positive or negative ways, and depending on which one you choose, your brain cells, neural pathways and areas of high and low activity will be altered.

In short, thinking your brain into better functioning is the most efficient way to improve it. (Other organs of the body also respond to positive and negative thinking, but their response must come through the brain first; it functions as command central for the rest of the body.) The best way to relate to your brain is to inspire it; the worst way is to ignore it. Since the brain embraces every thought, word and deed, the list of things under each heading is long but very much worth attending to. See which of the following applies to you.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal; The fact is Sanjay Gupta MD is logically explaining what I have exposed, and he saw on a  video I posted on You Tube. This video is finally getting the attention it deserves but I do not have the celebrity status he owns to make it viral… Imagine a second, if Sanjay Gupta produced such an advanced work on the human mind and the supra-conscious forces at work it in India? How come not being “educated” I was able to offer such a realistic challenging perception of the connection between the human mind and the Supra-conscious? I guess I  the Sanjay Gupta fore the 1% of humanity with the only difference that I can talk about the cosmic code openly and suffer the “educated” morons ignorance bashing my work and I! 

Continued:  How to inspire your brain

Take care of stress. Avoid dulling routine. Do something creative every day. Read poetry, spiritual material or anything else that makes you feel uplifted. Take time to be in nature. Bond with another person who is heartwarming. Pay attention to being happy. Make sure you take time every day by yourself to relax, meditate and self-reflect. Deal with negative emotions like anger and anxiety. Focus on activity that makes you feel fulfilled. Give of yourself. Follow a personal vision. Attach yourself to a cause that is bigger than you are. Take the risk to love and be loved.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal; The very fact is now Sanjay Gupta is finally offering the answers to the depleting minds of our children and the reasons why they are turning into monsters, or the Sally Hook results for depraving the children of  this crucial “spiritual food.”  But Sanjay Gupta did not elaborate enough on what type of spiritual food they need and probably meant RELIGIONS! He can not mention the stars he consult everyday or “or anything else that makes you feel uplifted!“ By this he meant, in his adult life, being able to regenerate his spirit with astrology he loves and use in his daily life because this is an inappropriate suggestion that does not fit his traditional leaning and teachings and his “educated” peers… 

  • Take time to be in nature. Nature is a must but he forget to mention human are “disconnected” from Mother Earth since industrialism became a way of life!  Human spend their lives walking in leather shoes, on concrete, on wood floors, tiles, parking lots made of  tar where they drive around on tires everyday. It is from their bare feet and connecting with nature than human regenerate physically –  Dogs cats don’t wear shoes and petting them or handling plants is also a way to regenerate Dr. Sanjay Gupta you may use this tip next time you lecture and you could mention where you heard it first? Sure…
  • Bond with another person who is heartwarming: Yes this is why French is  a hugging nation ruled by Leo (love) but a child needs particularly mom or dad and not a stranger to fill up the heart with regenerating love. Ask a Capricorn cold career consumed dad to hug his over emotional sensitive cancer born child! This will never happen unless they both become Cosmic Conscious and “adapt” to each others applying the will..  Who Was Nancy Lanza and Why Adam Killed Her First!  should help the reader and so is the video posted on You tube In Memory of The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Victims
  • Make sure you take time every day by yourself to relax, meditate and self-reflect.  That is wonderful suggestion and we do this often… but some people will take it to the extreme and join a guru in Peru  and spend years on top of a mountain alone  ”meditating.” This is not how you gain cosmic consciousness because its is only through pain and suffering that I learned Astropsychology and know all that I know today! If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”
  • Deal with negative emotions like anger and anxiety. In the eternal battle between logic and emotions , emotions will always win especially if stimulated by fear, anger or anxiety Dr. Sanjay Gupta. This is why we in the US,  own an over populated jail system with million of criminals who were never taught as children about their UCI, their destructive emotional nature and how to control them. This suggestion does not offer any plausible explanations or teaches how to handle one’s spiritual shortcoming. Instead those lost souls are over medicated, tuned into zombies because this is all this spiritually depraved society has left!     
  • Focus on activity that makes you feel fulfilled. Dr. Sanjay Gupta a “Death Wish Generation” born child will regenerate with sex, drama and power this is why you will never stop gang activity or the breeding of monsters until you realize how crucial it is for them to gain cosmic consciousness and learn to apply their will while they are children… The brain can adapt and control Sad enough the parents, the teachers, the educational and political system is not yet set to heed my warnings and teachings…I really think it is a serious loss of opportunity for humanity to reach all the answers of what it means to be human, especially when the scientific community  experts such as yourself are so unwilling to reach or fully build their own cosmic consciousness.  In fact “The secret to improving your brain is to understand that uniqueness”  and control your fate, or become a productive element of society I may add will never be reached with your elementary approach to the human brain and limited counselings . 
  • Follow a personal vision. Attach yourself to a cause that is bigger than you are. But how can they know God’s given celestial gifts or follow the blessings of their natal karmic stars and own the Dragons rewards if no one teach them the way?  Those who need it most are either religiously poisoned or gave up on God a long time ago!  Its wonderful to follow a vision this is all I did since for ever but I KNOW what my mission is because I can auto analyze myself accurately using the science of Astropsychology… something the sceintific community and yourself may be able to do Dr. Sanjay Gupta if you dig deeper into my work! Now what are the chances of this to happen? 
  • Take the risk to love and be loved. To me this is amazing, I have been a walking magnet for love since I can remember – There is no risk to take if like me you were born with the Dragon’s Head (from my Sagittarius rising) in the firth house of love and romance…In fact the 5th house is also the seat of attraction between human beings and I often recall why, all I had to do was to strike a gaze or engage in a conversation to be loved… It is through the science of Astropsychology, years later I was able to acknowledge the facts of me being a lucky born “Casanova.”  But there are so many people out there who inherited the tail of the dragon instead and are “repellent” to others Dr. Sanjay Gupta…What do you have to educate them of this celestial karmic mess for your readers?  Why not taking the risk to jump out of an airplane without a parachute because this is what you are doing to the million of cosmic unconscious readers who trust your “wisdom.” OMG in what a young world did I land on Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  

Where ever your Venus (love) is located in your chart as a man this is the type of love God has in store for you and how “your soul mate” will express her true love for you…Where ever Mars ( masculinity) is located in your chart Dr. Sanjay Gupta, you will exert and show your masculinity while the woman you love Mars location depict the type of love she expect from a man… So do you really think “Take the risk to love and be loved” is  enough for your followers to find their soul mates and feel better about themselves when they are ALL, including yourself NON cosmic conscious?  But who to blame you for not knowing when the real teacher has never been there for you and them? Knowing how God designed you Universally  cosmically is the key to establish emotional, financial and spiritual stability Dr. Dr. Gupta…But what do I know? 

Continued: How to ignore your brain

Get set in your ways. Don’t look beyond your opinions, likes and dislikes. Isolate yourself from others. Take relationships for granted. Reconcile yourself to going downhill as you age. Look upon the past as the best time of your life. Forget about having ideals. Act on selfish impulses. Don’t examine what makes you tick. Give in to anger and anxiety. Let life take care of itself. Go along to get along. Assume that you are automatically right. Avoid anything new or challenging. Put up with stress. Take no emotional risks. Distract yourself with mindless diversions like watching sports for hours on end.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal:  Let me clarify the above mentioned list for you readers because I do agree with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. This is EXACTLY how my Internet “Dark List” largely made of educated experts behave…Because they all ASSUME they are right and my work is ridicule and only “pseudo-science” Their ego is so HUGE and blind them to who and what they really are and what stop them seeing what I could  bring them all…The topics they can easily assimilate are religions, sports and politics because so many of them are “influential talking Media Heads” on radio. 

Continued: The difference between these two lists is pretty stark. In one case, you are approaching the brain as if it had great untapped potential. In the other, you assume that the brain runs on automatic pilot.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal:  Unless cosmic conscious you are running on automatic pilot, in fact 99.09% of human are doing just that, acting out neurotically, unconsciously their UCI programmed emotions. The fact is plain to see with the endless pieces of dramatic news plaguing CNN and the endless troubles you experience everyday dealing with  another human being born with a different UCI! 

Continued: It is undeniable that the brain is endlessly adaptable. It turns into whatever you expect it to be. So how you relate to your brain is never passive; you are always instructing it to function in a certain way. Thus the whole package of beliefs, expectations, likes and dislikes that you hold inside are creating change — or blocking it — at the level of brain circuitry.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal:  The brain is endlessly and differently ”computerized” from the outside “Universal Brain” to a particular /karmic ” Circuitry unknown to science and unique to each and every human beings.  

Continued: Needless to say, it’s better to inspire your brain than to ignore it. Potential is a terrible thing to waste. The first step in forming a better relationship with your brain is to realize that you have a relationship. Once you realize this, you can choose to pay attention to the relationship and nurture it. You are in on a secret that escapes countless people. Take advantage of it.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: Best for last readers…  How can you aspire / inspire a computer if you do not have a human dictating /typing on the keyboard?   The human brain is the computer reacting to the outside stimuli produced by God’s Universal Mind if I make can make sense.  How can you take advantage of your computer if you do not know how to handle the program or its too old and crash often?  You can clean it and still use it and this is what science is doing with such limited information on the human mind. But when a computer finally becomes absolute we replace it with a more sophisticated hardware/software, and by being curious what a human being is doing is “UPGRADING” his five limited human senses by acquiring more spiritual wisdom.  Knowing science has lost the spirit and created this huge ignorance mess,  by infringing God’s Universal rules there is the heavy penalty to pay.. Yes 20 kids being assassinated because traditionally educated scientists like  Deepak Chopra, while very spiritual, are spiritually incomplete/incompetent and with  a current education system  that failed us all…  But it seems the majority of scientists are inclined to engage in reminiscence only on what has been accepted on the mind studies as being only scientific facts! Do they have something new to learn with Dr. Turi, you bet they do but I have a feeling it will benefit only all your children…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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      I got my awakening from here…..

      I just happened to come across these comments by anonymous here…..

      Maybe you are troubling someone out there….. I happened to talk to them…..

      If people are stars…. then who is the sun ?….

      Okay I am Mr.anonymous….. Errr…. what do you see of me ?….. when you call my name……. “AJAI”…… looks so familiar to some, yeah it does….. looks somewhat similar to the name of “Tetra*^*^……

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      So read those comments thoroughly….. thanks….

      AND on 21-12-12….. I decided it was enough…… I had been trying to make contact since 2008-2009….. but you folks ain’t listening….. and troubling yourself…..

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      And I returned back to sanity (????)….. on 21-12-12……. whether, you are chasing stars, or reading about them in history…. or following space talks, or watching TV….. YOU ARE AN ASTRONAUT…… and those near you, those little beings too……

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