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By Alton Parrish (Reporter)
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Tiny Alien Body Confirmed With CT Scans And X-Rays Says Dr. Steven Greer, Presidential Briefing Documents

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Disclosureproject – Dr. Steven Greer: “After many weeks of travel, we are back to report that amazing results have been obtained from our study of the small possible ET body.  Steven M. Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American osteopath and ufologist who founded the Orion Project and The Disclosure Project.

Greer says, “Dr. Bravo, Emery Smith and I traveled to the country that is now home to this small possible ET body and were able to successfully obtain extensive X-Ray and CT Scans of the entire body. We were also able to obtain DNA samples under sterile, surgical conditions. These DNA samples are now being studied by one of the world’s top geneticists.”

The X-Ray and CT scan show an intact, actual biological humanoid organism, without question. Astonishing 3-D images were able to be constructed of the body from the detailed CT scan, and we were able to see internal organs such as lungs and what I am fairly sure is a heart structure.

Greer adds that “These images have just been examined by the world’s foremost authority on skeletal abnormalities, dysplasias and fetal skeletal syndromes and he has stated that this being is unlike any known skeletal structure found in humans. We also know that it is not an ancient hominid, and while humanoid, not apparently human.” 

X-Ray of Tiny Alien

Both this expert as well as the radiologist who is head of the imaging center where all X-rays and CTs were done have stated that the bone density precludes the body being that of a 20-22 week aborted human fetus. There is just too much calcium in the bone for this being to have been the result of a fetus of that age. Both doctors feel that the being was post-natal at the time of death (that is had lived for some time outside the womb, if indeed a womb is involved…).

The procedures for the DNA studies are complex and time-consuming. Literally the state-of-the-art technology available on earth will be brought to bear on this study, and the team of experts are without a doubt the most advanced and professional team that could possibly be assembled. The DNA studies will take around 2 months, and possibly longer.


Greer is still waiting on the results of DNA tests on the alien body as of  December 19

The being was found in Atacama desert in South America and how people near where the Being was found spoke about seeing these Beings and egg shaped ET craft.

Dr. Greer put that information together with the testimony of Jonathan Weygandt who as a Marine was in that area at the site of a downed egg shaped ET craft. Both the film interview with Weygandt and his transcribed testimony have been provided to the filmmakers. Weygandt’s testimony is fascinating because not only was he right next to this craft that he describes as “shaped something between an egg and a teardrop”, “dynamic” and “really organic”, but he felt the occupants of the craft were trying to communicate with him. Extraordinary! And from a Marine!

The Cosmos News

(You can read his testimony in “Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History”.)

Read more here  

Other tiny aliens have been reported and photographed.  

Tiny alien reportedly found in Russia after a UFO crash. 

Tiny alien Chile 2004

Blow up of tiny alien in the above photo.

Presidential briefing document provided to Barack Obama in 2009 by Steven Greer. 

The Disclosure Project is a research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems.  They have over 500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret

Since the mid-1950s, classified projects connected to extraterrestrial matters have operated outside of  constitutionally required oversight and control by the President and Congress. This constitutes a grave and ongoing threat to US national security and global security and peace.

The implications of this subject are such that no aspect of life on Earth will be unaffected by its Disclosure. We are acutely aware that this subject is highly controversial and suffers from great social opprobrium within certain elite circles and within the mainstream media. 

Indeed, secrecy on the subject has, in part, been maintained by a carefully orchestrated psychological nexus of ridicule, fear, intimidation and disinformation that makes it difficult for any public figure to openly address the matter.

Moreover, the ‘bubble’ of security and access restrictions that surround the Office of the President makes it very difficult for POTUS to receive accurate information and advice on the subject. The consequences of this secrecy, combined with the psychological aspects mentioned above, have ensured that none of your predecessors have been able to effectively manage this problem. This has led to an unacknowledged crisis that will be the greatest of your Presidency.

Because of this misguided secrecy, the wondrous new sciences related to advanced energy generation, propulsion and transportation have been withheld from the people. These advances include the generation of limitless clean energy from the so-called zero point energy field and quantum vacuum flux field from the space around us, and propulsion that has been termed (incorrectly) anti-gravity. The field of electromagnetic energy that is teeming all around us and which is embedded within the fabric of space/time can easily run all of the energy needs of the Earth – without pollution, oil, gas, coal, centralized utilities or nuclear power.

 The disclosure of these sciences and their wise application during your first term as President is the most pressing matter before you. These sciences will create a true new energy economy allowing mankind to solve our most pressing problems of global warming, poverty and resource depletion.

The constellation of problems that include global warming, biosphere degradation, air pollution, energy security, Mid-East policy, a collapsing geo-economic order, growing disparity between the poor and rich of the world, over-population and human sustainability on Earth, to name but a few, are all interconnected and directly affected by the secrecy surrounding this subject. The solutions lie not in old thinking and technologies but in a new consciousness applying new sciences. These sciences were born in the late 19th and 20th centuries but were abandoned and suppressed due to the lust for power, greed and out of fear of unsettling the status quo.

It is time for a new Emancipation Declaration – one that frees all of humanity from the shackles of economic slavery that results from secret centralized power, corruption and global economic hegemony. The world will not find justice and peace so long as half of the world’s population lives in poverty while the other half cannibalizes the Earth to maintain its standard of living. This dire situation can and must be transformed into a world of abundance, clean and plentiful energy and genuine sustainability. On this foundation, with these new sciences, technologies and a new consciousness, we can move forward as a people, united and in peace. Then and only then will we be welcome amongst the other civilizations of the cosmos.

That we are not alone in the universe is now a scientific given. That we have been visited already by advanced civilizations – whose interests here are likely ancient – is controversial. However, in my discussions with European, Vatican, Canadian and other leaders around the world, a growing consensus exists that we have been visited and the time for disclosing this information is long past due. More importantly, an appropriate diplomatic initiative is needed to communicate with these extraterrestrial visitors within a framework of universal peace, free from the past dominance of militarism and paranoia. 

Insofar as upwards of 80% of the American people think that ‘UFOs’ are real, and that some aspect of the government is lying to them about it, continued secrecy redounds only to the benefit of the precious few who profit from such secrecy. This secrecy undermines the credibility of the US and other governments, and allows the cancer of unchecked covert power – forewarned by President Eisenhower in his last address to the nation – to metastasize throughout the world. It now threatens the very life of Earth.

Moreover, there exists a secret, ‘unacknowledged’ operation that has used very advanced electromagnetic weapon systems to track, target, and on occasion, but with increasing accuracy, down extraterrestrial vehicles. This reckless behavior constitutes an existential threat to all of mankind and must be reined in immediately.

The so-called MJ-12 or Majestic group that controls this subject operates without the consent of the people, or the oversight of the President and Congress. It functions as a transnational government unto itself, answerable to no one. All checks and balances have been obliterated. While as a governing entity it stands outside of the rule of law, its influence reaches into many governments, corporations, agencies, media and financial interests. Its corrupting influence is profound and, indeed, it has operated as a very powerful and embedded global RICO whose power to date remains unchecked.

Upwards of $100 billion of USG funds go annually into this operation, also known as the ‘black budget’ of the United States – enough to provide universal health care to every man, woman and child in America.

When I first briefed Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey on this matter in December of 1993, only a third of this governing group was in favor of what we were recommending: Disclosure of the fact that we are not alone in the universe and the careful release of advanced energy generation systems that would replace oil, gas, coal and nuclear power. Sources now inform me that upwards of two-thirds of this group now support such an initiative.

Interests in Europe, the Vatican and Asia, especially France and China, are urging Disclosure. If the United States does not move forward, these other interests will, and America will be left behind and become increasingly irrelevant in the world. This cannot be allowed to happen.

The European and Asian arenas will move with or without US involvement at some point in the very near future, as well they should. Six decades of secrecy is enough.

We are also morally obliged to warn you of an existing highly secretive plan to use advanced technologies to hoax an ‘alien attack’ on Earth. There exists within the direct control of this Majestic group assets capable of launching such a false flag operation and virtually every person on Earth, as well as most leaders, would be deceived by it. Components of this operation have been tested on the public over the past 50 years and include, but are not limited to:

Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs) – these are advanced anti-gravity aircraft that have been fully operational since at least the late 1950s to early 1960s. Many so-called UFO reports by civilians and military personnel are of such ARVs. They constitute an unacknowledged or ‘black’ Air Force and these ARVs are capable of extraordinary speed, maneuverability and lift/hover. By 2009, these technologies had gone through many generations of refinement and, if deployed, could easily hoax or simulate an Extraterrestrial Vehicle (ETV). (Note that a UFO is a nonspecific term and could be either an ARV or an ETV.)

Programmed Life Forms (PLFs) – these are well-crafted alien-appearing creatures that, while completely manmade, often deceive unknowing people as ‘aliens’. The stagecraft, genetics and other sciences associated with these creatures are beyond the scope of this brief, but   are very well developed. I have personally been briefed by multiple independent corroborating sources regarding the development and deployment of PLFs. 

These creatures, used in conjunction with ARVs, have convincingly launched the pop culture fervor over ‘alien abductions’. Victims of such paramilitary human-controlled abductions genuinely believe that they have been abducted by ‘aliens’ and often have physical stigmata and ‘implants’ to prove it. These implants are also manmade and we have information about the laboratory and corporation making these items. (See attached documents) Chemical, optical and electromagnetic systems to assist with creating an alteration in awareness are components of the ‘stagecraft’ used to hoax an ‘alien’ event. 

The vast majority of information in the public domain on the UFO subject is, therefore, carefully

orchestrated disinformation designed to prepare the populace, as well as our leaders, for a non-existent ‘alien threat’. The psychological warfare implications of this were described in the 1950s in CIA documents and are further elucidated by other documents and testimony. No less a figure than Wernher Von Braun warned of this cosmic deception.

The objective of such a false flag operation is the creation of an enemy in space that would unite the world behind a global military power against such an ‘alien threat’. President Reagan and other leaders have been targeted with such disinformation, which is designed to secure their silence or cooperation with the agenda of secrecy and space weaponization. The President needs to be careful to avoid being similarly deceived.

After very careful review of all data and documents and after interviewing hundreds of top secret witnesses, we have concluded that the actual extraterrestrial presence is distinctly non-hostile. In light of the reckless and aggressive nature of many of our covert military actions and the extraordinarily advanced technologies that permit interstellar travel by these extraterrestrial civilizations, if they were hostile, human civilization would have been dealt with decisively at the dawn of the nuclear era.

These visitors, however, appear to be very concerned with unchecked human hostility, war-making and weapons of mass destruction, combined with our early potential for space travel. The tendency for people to engage in anthropocentric projection leads many to assume a threat where none exists. 

It is more likely that humanity may be seen as a threat to the cosmic order, insofar as we have failed to restrain the expansion of weapons of mass destruction while attempting to push farther and farther into space. Moreover, we have failed to initiate an enlightened and peaceful diplomatic mission to these extraterrestrial visitors. This needs to change immediately.

Disclosure of this subject must be very carefully planned and positioned as a hopeful and elevating moment in human history. A poorly positioned Disclosure that demonizes these visitors or frightens the public may prove more harmful than secrecy.

As you may know, my uncle was the senior project engineer who worked on the Lunar Module that took Neil Armstrong to the moon. The reason we were not welcome in space then is because the passport to traverse the universe is a stable peaceful world civilization that will go into space united and in peace. 

In this regard, world peace and universal peace are two sides of the same coin. Once we vow to live peacefully on Earth and go into space only in peace, we will be welcome with open arms. Until then, a type of cosmic quarantine exists – rightly – around the Earth.

Unfortunately, the media and movie industry are highly penetrated by interests loyal to the Majestic group, which has used the media to, in turns, ridicule the subject and present terrifying images of ‘alien invasion’. 

In short, the populace is almost thoroughly brainwashed on the matter, and this presents a further hurdle that must be carefully taken into account when planning Disclosure.

Nevertheless, the status quo can no longer hold and fundamental change is urgently needed. To this end, we urge the President to undertake a number of initiatives as soon as possible. We recommend that the President:

Appoint a Special Presidential Task Force to investigate this matter, identify covert facilities and assets (see attached summary) and reassert Executive control over these projects;

Identify and immediately stand-down operations that are covertly targeting Extraterrestrial Vehicles, weaponizing space and engaging in rogue disinformation projects;

Develop response plans to minimize the risks related to potential false flag operations that  intend to hoax a hostile ‘alien’ presence, including preparations with military, intelligence and international institutions;

Form The Council on Interplanetary Relations to coordinate a peaceful, forward looking and

non-militarized response to the extraterrestrial presence. The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (see has an 18 year ongoing project to establish such contact and can assist with this process. CSETI, working with other governments and world figures, will form such a Council if the US government decides not to do so within the next 12 months;

Immediately fund the study, development and careful release of those new energy technologies that can quickly replace fossil fuels and nuclear power. (See 

Note that these technologies, since they acquire energy from the zero point energy field of space/time, will allow for the retirement of the electric energy grid. We are in possession of documents and information regarding key facilities and assets connected to these technologies (see attached documents). We recommend that the propulsion and transportation aspects of these technologies (electro-magneto-gravitic systems) be released at a later time when the world security situation has improved;  

Establish high-ranking liaisons with Congress, the UN and other governments to coordinate these projects and the release of the new energy technologies;

The National Security Council needs to form a section specifically addressing the international, interplanetary and macroeconomic implications of this disclosure and urgently prepare for the release of these technologies;

The Orion Project ( has identified key scientists to assist with the development of these new energy technologies. They have agreed to work with us, but are being prevented from doing so, one by a compartmented operation (TS SCI) to which he is

assigned. We request an action by the Office of the President to specifically permit them to work with us with the full support and protection of the President. We cannot overemphasize how important it is that these people be assigned to this critical task:  In less than 1 year, we would have new energy generators developed to run America free from oil, gas, coal or nuclear power.

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    • bicycledays

      Fantastic story from reliable sources. Thank you for posting. Thank you Dr. Steven Greer for your thoughtful and careful study of the alien phenomena. God Bless You. – Kris Kemp

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully this is all true. Problem is if the information is made public power would be lost to the elite that make money from everybody and they will not let this happen, at any cost. Religions all around the world would collapse with mass suicides when people realised they had been lied to by those they trusted all of their lives, and much worse. But then again all this could be disinformation. The only way to prove it is all true is to release ALL the scientific information into the public domain which will never happen as the elite will not let it. Hopefully somebody will release it on the internet in a way in cannot be stopped with all the dangers this involves of the power being used wrongly but sooner or later the truth one way or the other will be known to the people. Then all hell will break loose if not governments of the world that had released it, with some manner of control.

      • Joerg Klaemt


        That is also my view!….. been that for a long time,as I know that there has been Free energy sources for decades.
        Well hidden away and bought by the Elite using the Taxpayers Money.
        Those that would not cooperate, by spilling the Beans just simply were eliminated, usually to look like an accidental death or suicide. For that the Elite employs the best of special forces called the :evil: Massad.
        Everything is based on OIL and so is the Stock Market.
        You introduce an alternative and the Elite looses Money, hence Power.
        Why those Aliens have not helped us,seeing that we are being manipulated, indicates to me on who’s side they are on.
        Mind you those Aliens might even be our own manipulation, ordered by the Elite,in which case we will never know.

        • Faraday

          Yup I agree & have nothing to add just my support of your post.

          Oil rules, & that’s it.

    • GiordanoBruno

      What bothers me about this jargon is that this guy clumps [all what is good for society for us ] with ET.. WTF! Why does ET and its supposed advanced technology ,that no one can proof its alien technology in the first place, manifests itself in our social decline by the NWO pundits? To be crystal clear ,,There is a handful that truly run all of our lives but to associate that with freakin little green men is moronic…. If people would bother to really understand the difficulties of “space travel” in hostile space , then No one and I mean NO ONE will ever believe in Aliens taxing around Earth. No one would ever associate UFO with Aliens. The fact that Hollywood is embracing Aliens and all its baggage is proof that we are all being brainwashed into believing aliens exist in our planet. Again the key part everyone must understand is space travel. Understand that, and you will never believe in Aliens again.

      • Anonymous

        If you would bother to do the research, you will see exactly how it fits in with their agenda. Your knowledge of “space travel in hostile space” comes from where? Don’t base it on the technology currently available to the general public.

        • GiordanoBruno

          I have done research,and objectively. Its called learning about freaking Space. try it some time.
          But,,If I have offended your pathetic alien bubble belief :then GOOD

          You say “Technology available to us”

          WTF are you talking about?

          It doesn’t matter if some or all technology is available or not available . There is no such technology that can deal with forces within “hostile space”.. NOTHING!
          And “hostile space is not circling around our freakin orbit! GET IT!

          Furthermore , it’s not only technology , its “life-support” which is the biggest issue within “hostile space”.

          You sheep-people assume space is peaceful and a lovely VOID that will lead us to BLA BLA PLANET JUST LIKE HOLLYWOOD does day in and day out.

          But don’t listen to me , continue to blindly believe in aliens taxing around earth with not ever applying logic or never having a single shred of proof.

          Carry on Sheep

        • whitebear

          Nice post. Good info, well done.

          Dear GiordanoBruno,

          I keep hoping that some day people such as your self will realize that you get your point across far more effectively by Not being entirely rude, offensive and obnoxious. Being so really only speaks of a level of ignorance that is to be for the most part, ignored.
          Ignored? Then why comment on it? Because I desire to everyone become better people. Being rude crude and socially unacceptable achieves only being recognized as less than others. How someone can be proud of being less than others is beyond me.

      • TheREbelIrishman

        What of worm holes then? Bending time space is the shortest distance between two points separated by thousands or light years thru turbulent space. Nothing is impossible. Our universe is 14 billion years old I would safe that a safe assumption is that there are other habitable planets somewhere out there with civilizations whom have had billions of years to evolve technologically to a level which would allow them the access to wormholes. :wink: :wink: (just a theory here on Earth)

        • GiordanoBruno

           Worm holes is a very good possibility . The problem is with Wormholes ,bending , folding or twisting space or any type of an event horizon is theoretically impossible :to capture one ,open it and maintain it open(and know where it leads. Meaning we or any other being would have to have the necessary physics to achieve this daunting task. So yes IT IS IMPOSSIBLE AND MANY THINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE. Saying “nothing is impossible” ,is the action of abandoning your god given gift of LOGIC. And like you and the rest of millions of “blind-alien” minions , you always assume since our universe is so old that there has to be others like us IN THIS UNIVERSE ;and if there is others like us then they must be light years ahead of us in technology ,,,, bla ,bla ,,bla ,,,bla . Do you actually read what you spit. Do you see why logic is so important . Understand ,,,having logic is not assuming because we exist then others must exist and be way smarter than us. I mean be way – way smarter. You are ,and the rest give way to much credit to some being you have no proof of existing . All you have is your pathetic hope that just maybe “just maybe”…… More like : Just maybe your are just as pathetic as all religious people (or a person that has a relationship with some dogma). Its all ,and you all are, based on blind faith… BLIND FAITH.

          Blind faith on aliens, main street science, the media , governments, TV ,Hollywood and ALL religions is just that Blind faith.

      • The Real Anonymous

        Bruno don’t be mad because you were thinking of dicks while learning about space. Google wormhole. Not the gay kind the kind for space travel stupid. Get your mind outta the gutter. LOL

      • thegeminicurse

        You obviously haven’t been following and researching this story. In the videos and particularly in the two hour interview dr. Greere did with joe rogan he briefly explains that these ETs do not travel through space like we have attempted (which as you have so eloquently put it is hostile and potentially impossible) but through interdimensional physics. Open your mind to new possibilties instead of scoffing and ridicule things you don’t understand. Let go of the god delusion and you kight just free up yourself to actually learning something.

      • Anonymous

        ever thought that they might have technology that is so much more advanced than us???

    • Anonymous

      Until something like this can be verified by multiple independent sources some which will have to be from official government and reputable university sources then as far as I’m concerned and I’m sure most of the people in the world will say it’s a hoax.

    • Arcturus

      Greer keeps coming up with more and more outlandish stuff. Has he ever really produced anything? And I hope is world-renowned geneticist is not Melba Ketchum or something.

    • Anonymous

      I see no reason for the rest of the world’s governments to wait on the US to ‘disclose’ anything. Why wait for the biggest liars with the biggest weapons to pretend to tell the truth? They’ve been lying for 70 years now.

      The other governments have the information, let them call a press conference and announce already, rather than threatening to do so for years.

      And Dr Greer, that ‘autopsy’ series of photos looks pretty lame to me; please stop undermining your credibility by using fake photos; there should be plenty of real ones available by now what with FOIA, etc.

    • whitebear

      There is too much money aimed at devaluing any such proof of the existence of such things. I am hopeful that in this lifetime the established deceit will become known.

    • paynoattentiontothatmanbehindthecurtain

      “Religion” doesn’t provide answers for this, but the bible certainly does. In Genesis 6, it states that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were fair, and took all of whom they chose as wives. They had children by them who were the nephilim, giants, mighty men of old. These were hybrid beings. For further study on this topic, check out genesis6giants website, or order the book by the same name, author steven quayle…..fascinating.
      The bible also says that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the coming of the Son of man.” What does that mean, and what does it have to do with this discussion? We are told that “Noah was a man perfect in his generations”, meaning his bloodline (generations) was not contaminated with nephilim blood (seed of the serpent spoken of in Genesis). That’s why God destroyed the earth and saved Noah and his family (for further research, check out Kent Hovind “The Age of the Earth”). In other words, the contamination of the human race was going on before Noah, and will be going on again just before the “coming of the Son of man.” Also check out the upcoming release by Thomas Horn entitled “Exo Vaticana”; apparently the vatican is getting ready to announce that aliens are real, and that the “savior” is coming back in the form of an alien! This is demonic deception, and will fool millions. Research, research, research…….the answers are out there. It’s like collecting puzzle pieces, and all the pieces fit together. Before you know it, you’ll see the picture.
      We’re headed for dark days. Those who don’t believe, keep your eyes and ears open, and remember these words when you see these things unfold —– Jesus is the only way. “At the name of Jesus, EVERY knee must bow, those above the earth, those in the earth, and those under the earth.” (“above” and “under”? The bible tells us these things; we can see it when our blindness is removed.

    • Crownworker

      You still have no idea what you’re saying! You need to read this… to have a much better understanding of our universe.

      I am not going to describe any details here as reading the transcript interview is the best thing you can do.

      • GiordanoBruno

        A fictional interview? Wow you are delusional!

    • Mellissa

      Where are the test results really? Have they been released for peer review in any way? The bronze one looks like just that a bronze cast then rubbed with black paint to age it, the little one in the hand looks like it could be a sculpture and the one being dissected looks like it could be also a sculpture with latex as the outer piece.

      I want to know , but I want to see proof.

    • AnomalyTruth

      Brilliant story. Keep it up….

    • Anonymous

      Let’s call him Gilligan. Oh, hello little buddy.

    • Don't be hating!

      yeah is real. I think Greer should stick with free energy and leave the alien agenda to someone who is better convincing than he is. Really do you think it is that easy to convince the public? Until one of them is shown walking in the White House and landing their ship on the white house lawn, then “maybe” it can be true. Put Greer to the true test?. He is a phony who works for the Elite and their puppet man made UFO’s.

    • Is-Be

      Greer states that “These images have just been examined by the :?: “world’s foremost authority” :?: on skeletal abnormalities, dysplasias and fetal skeletal syndromes.

      Well who are they? And they examined :?: “images” :?: If we are to assume that this true, then the whole world would be watching. Why did these world authorities not examine the actual skeleton?

    • sentrynox

      Oil isn’t a conspiracy in itself, but the blood of Human civilization evolution. Why? Simply because its the only energy that allows war and reconstruction. Without oil, no warplanes, no explosive, no tanks can wage war. And without it, plastics, composites and alloys wouldn’t exist.

      In other words, no other alternative energy sources can replace Oil energy. What we see in this site, are not energies that can replace Oil. So the conspiracy here hold no grounds.

      But we are on the verge of a revolution, not an Alien one, but the third energetic revolution.
      To replace the power of the sun (oil) we need to harness the energy of the Universe… Such energy will be able to create matter out of thin air. And its called Anti-matter… All the other “green” or “alternative” energies are jokes compare to that!

    • Don't be hating!

      Greer is another CIA goon! He is fooling the masses with that Alien crap. Really he taps into our own man made UFO’s and then forms groupd to contact them..Oh then there is the free energy..Yeap I am a believer! He should be President.

    • TheSiriusFilm

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. – “Planet earth has been and is being visited by highly evolved intelligent beings that are not from this world.” For updates on ‘Sirius’ and to learn more about extraterrestrial life and new energy systems, follow us on Twitter @TheSiriusFilm Thx

    • johann-j

      Dr. Greere seems to be under the impression that there are no bad ET,s when all the evidence shows him that the information about things that could and should help change this world for the better, a large part of which is from craft that have been downed by those lovely humans who they give all the information to, These beings are well in front of us and I am sure they could tell if the information they give Before giving it, is going to the wrong people who only what it to improve weapons systems and or their own bank balance, and who they can see for themselves are not only hiding the technology but them as well!!
      They must also be aware thet the same people are the ones who quickly tell us E.T.,s do not extist space craft other than earths do not exist!
      Some of these beings are said to have come from the outer reaches of space they are that smart,but not smart enough to be able to tell good from bad, even we stupid people of earth are not that stupid!!

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