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KGB Map of Alien Bases on Earth

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There are many reports of underground bases reported around the world.  A comprehensive list can be found here compiled by Bibliotecapleyades  and another list can be found here compiled by UFO-Aliens

New York City 
There is an entrance to the tunnels in New York City “in the vicinity of Midtown Manhattan that can be reached through an abandoned elevator shaft that only very few know about

The Nahanni Valley (Canada) Entrance 
This covers 250 square miles in the southern end of the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada. It lies almost 550 miles due west of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie River of northwest Canada. Hot springs and sulfur geysers keep the valley warmer than the surrounding areas by about 30 degrees year -round (the valley is above 60 degrees latitude), making it perpetually mist-covered. This valley is inhabited only by animals as people entering the valley are usually found headless and quite dead. The Indian tribes of the area avoid this valley. (These tribes include the Ojibways, the Slave, the Dogribs, the Stoney, the Beavers and the Chipweyans.) This valley is often referred to as “the Valley of the Headless Men.

The Liyobaa Cave Entrance 
This was sealed off by Catholic Priests who believed it to be an entrance to “Hell.” “The village of ‘Liyobaa’ or to translate, ‘The Cavern of Death,’ was located in the province of Zapoteca, somewhere near the ancient village of ‘Mictlan’ or the village of the ‘Underworld.

“The Cavern of Death was actually located in the last chamber of an eight chamber building or temple. This temple had four rooms above the ground and four more important chambers built below the surface of the Earth. This building was located in “Theozapotlan,” and the tunnel entrance led one beneath a mountain.

Alleged KGB Map of Alien Bases On Earth

United States Underground Cities, Bases and Tunnels Systems


For the complete list see:

These areas were found off a government map showing just some of the underground bases in the United States.

EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE :From Edwards a tunnel goes to Vandenberg Air Force Base From Vandenberg you back up to Edwards and go Southeast to subterranean base at a place that the map designates as Cat., which probably means Catalina Island, showing a flying saucer there so alien space crafts are probably seen there.

The map shows an underground base and a tunnel going into it at a place called 29 palms.

The next place on the map where an underground base is, is the Chocolate Mts.

There appears to be a site in Nevada at Tonopah, Area 51 at Groom Lake, and a place designated as COG AFB.

In Arizona we have sites at Wickiup and Page.

Utah there is one at Salt Lake City (R&D AFB).

There is one in Riverton “M”, Denver, Colorado, Colorado Springs, COG Creedo and Delta.

In New Mexico they are at Dulce, Taos, Los Alanos, ALB, AFB, Datil and Carlsbad.

In Texas there is one at Lubbock. Denton “908″ (C.O.G) seems to have an isolated one, Ft. Stockton and in Old Mexico there is one at Chihuahua.

Tulsa Oklahoma has one and just NE of there we appear to have one with a saucer coming out of it.

Hutchison AFB Kansas has one.

Google Earth UFO Alien Human Secret Base

Arizona Tunnels and Caves

GRAND CANYON – Cave[s] near the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers. Hopi legends say that their ancestors once lived underground with a friendly race of “ant people” [not to be confused with the sinister "mantis" people described by several abductees], but some of their kind turned to sorcery and made an alliance with lizard or serpent men known as the “two hearts”, which dwelt in still deeper caverns below. The “flood” of evil and violence forced the peaceful Hopi’s to the surface world. An explorer named G. E. Kincaid claimed to have found “one of” the ancient caves, in which were reportedly discovered Oriental, Egyptian & Central American type artifacts.

Smithsonian archaeologists S. A. Jordan and associates also explored the man-made cavern with hundreds of rooms, enough to hold over 50 thousand people. The underground city is about 42 miles up river from El Tovar Crystal Canyon and Crystal Creek, and about 2000 feet above the river bed on the east wall. John Rhodes after 3 years of field research reportedly discovered the Grand Canyon city, which is now being used as a museum for elitist groups and has lower levels that are being used by “super secret black book operatives”, which can only be entered via a stainless steel door at the bottom of a stairwell deep within the “city” that is “guarded by a very lonely soldier staring into the darkness… dressed in a white jumpsuit and armed only with an M16 assault rifle to ward off his imagination.”

Source: ARIZONA GAZETTE, March 12, 1909 & April 5, 1909; Robert Morning Sky; John Rhodes

Top Extra Secret Underground Alien Bases, Part 1.



South America

Karl Brugger, in his book The Chronicle of Akakor (Delacorte Press., N.Y., 230 pp), gives the history – as given to the author by one of their chiefs – of the Ugha Mongulala tribesman, whose ancestors were allegedly part of a vast empire which covered South America in ancient times. Some of these ancient people, the chief claimed, left the planet in aerial vessels to explore other parts of the solar system and beyond, leaving behind vast subterranean cities beneath the Andes mountains and western Brazil.

In 1971, due to the constant encroachment of white settlers or invaders into their territory, 30,000 survivors of the Ugha Mongulala allegedly escaped to this ancient system of underground cities, consisting of 13 separate subterranean complexes all connected by tunnels, one of which is said to extend to Lima, and others of which are located throughout the Andes Mountain range of Peru.

Saga Magazine’s UFO Annual [980, p4], under the heading ‘Cave Martians’, described a bizarre encounter with subterranean creatures which seemed to have consisted of some type of automaton-like forms, perhaps on a reconnaissance mission from an underground civilization. The story involved a tunnel near Xucurus, Argentina(?), some 90 miles from Buenos Aires. The tunnel was discovered by agriculturalist Gerardo Cordeire, and found to contain nine connecting passages and strange inscriptions on the walls.

From it’s entrance “men nine feet tall, green, with antennas on their heads, and square legs” were seen to emerge, and which, according to hundreds of witnesses from the town and nearby locals, resembled enormous “portable radios.”

Camouflaged “Alien Bases” on our World

“There is an ancient legend among the Hindus of India that tells of a civilization of immense beauty beneath central Asia. Several underground cities are said to be located north of the Himalayan mountains, possibly in Afghanistan, or under the Hindu Kush. This subterranean Shangri-la is inhabited by a race of golden people who seldom communicate with the surface world. From time to time, they travel into our land through tunnels that stretch in many directions. Entrances to the tunnels are believed to be hidden in several of the ancient cities of the Orient. Tunnel entrances are said to be in Ellora and the Ajanta caverns in the Chandore Mountain range of India.”

Eric Norman

Click here for more information


One tunnel in Brazil is near Ponte Grosse in the state of Parana. (Fruit orchards were seen here.) Another entrance in Brazil is near Rincon, state of Parana. Also, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, near the city of Joinville there is a mountain containing an entrance to the tunnels. (Santa Catarina is an area alive with subterranean activity, including strange ‘singing’ from underground.) Another entrance in Brazil is in the state of Sao Paulo near Concepiao. Still another entrance in Santa Catarina near Gaspar has subterranean fruit orchards.

“The states of Santa Catarina and Parana, Brazil are honeycombed by a network of Atlantean tunnels that lead to subterranean cities.”

Alien Base in Scotland

The Maltese Cave Entrance 
This entrance is located on the island of Malta, near the small village of “Casal Paula.” (This village is built on the “Corradino” plateau, and overlooks the capitol town of Malta, “Valletta,” as well as Grand Harbour.) In 1902, workmen digging a well in Casal Paula fell into a subterranean cavern. The well was being dug for a house on “Hal Saflienti,” the main street in Casal Paula. The cavern the workers had fallen into connected with an entire complex of caves and tunnels. This entrance is known as the “Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti.” (In Latin, “Hypogeum” is the name for an underground structure.) “The tunnels under the Hypogeum have been sealed off even since a school took 30 students into the caves and disappeared, guide and all. Search parties were never able to locate any trace of the people and children.

The Staffordshire, England Entrance 
Somewhere in Staffordshire, England, a lonely field exists in which a laborer discovered a large iron plate beneath the dirt. The “hatch” was large and oval, with an iron ring mounted on it. This entrance led into the tunnels. The field is in a valley surrounded on almost all sides by woods. The laborer was digging a trench for some purpose. The incident was reported in “A History of Staffordshire” by Dr. Plot, who wrote the book in the late 1700s. It may be possible to find the entrance if it can be ascertained exactly which valley the laborer was digging in.

The Dulce, New Mexico Base 
An underground Military Base/Laboratory in Dulce, New Mexico connects with the underground network of tunnels which honeycombs our planet, and the lower levels of this base are allegedly under the control of Inner Earth beings or Aliens. This base is connected to Los Alamos research facilities via an underground “tube-shuttle.” (It can be assumed that such a shuttle way would be a straight-line construction. It should then be possible, by using maps and some deduction, to determine the most likely location of this base, especially since the general location is already known.)

Beginning in 1947, a road was built near the Dulce Base, under the cover of a lumber company. No lumber was ever hauled, and the road was later destroyed. Navajo Dam is the Dulce Base’s main source of power, though a second source is in El Vado (which is also another entrance). (Note: The above facts should also help to locate the base.) Most of the lakes near Dulce were made via government grants “for” the Indians. (Note: The September, 1983 issue of Omni (Pg. 80) has a color drawing of ‘The Subterrene,’ the Los Alamos nuclear-powered tunnel machine that burrows through the rock, deep underground, by heating whatever stone it encounters into molten rock, which cools after the Subterrene has moved on. The result is a tunnel with a smooth, glazing lining.)” (Note: Where would the molten rock go? And what has been done with this concept since 1983?)

Bechtel (BECK-tul) is a super secret international corporate octopus, founded in 1898. Some say the firm is really a ‘Shadow Government’s working arm of the CIA. It is the largest Construction and Engineering outfit in the U.S.A and the World (and some say, beyond).” “The most important posts in U.S.A. Government are held by former Bechtel Officers. There are over 100 Secret Exits near and around Dulce. Many around Archuleta Mesa, others to the source around Dulce Lake and even as far east as Lindrich. Deep sections of the Complex connect into natural Cavern Systems. (Note: The elevators, lights, and doors at Dulce Base are all magnetically controlled.)

The area around Dulce has had a high number of reported Animal Mutilations.” The researchers at Dulce Base have also abducted several people from Dulce’s civilian population and implanted devices of various types in their heads and bodies. (Note: Livermore Berkeley Labs (where?) began producing blood for the Dulce Base in the mid 1980s, and Human and Animal abductions slowed considerably. It may be worthwhile to check-out Livermore Berkeley Labs.) DELTA group (from the National Recon Group) is responsible for security of all Alien-connected projects. The DELTA symbol is a Black Triangle on a Red Background. Dulce Base’s symbol is a Delta (triangle) with the Greek Letter “Tau” (t) within it, and then the entire symbol is inverted, so the triangle points down, and the “Tau” is also inverted. Christa Tilton (was abducted and taken to Dulce Base) She is the editor of “Crux” magazine, which deals with UFOs, abductions, etc. P.O. Box 906237 Tulsa, Oklahoma (zip ?????)

Bases in the United States Mt. Ranier, Washington State Mt. Lassen, Tehama County, California Death Valley, California Superstition Mountains, Arizona Mt. Shasta, California Brown Mountain, North Carolina Mt. Ranier Entrance.

A very active UFO base exists beneath Mt. Ranier. There are also said to be underground “vaults” containing records of the ancient Lemurians. (Note: F.L. Boschke wrote the book “The Unexplained” about the mysteries surrounding Mt. Ranier.) The ice cap of Mt. Ranier contains a maze of corridors and caves. In August of 1970, scientists climbed to the top of Mt. Ranier, and entered these caverns and tunnels. Evidence was found indicating that a small lake exists deep beneath the ice cap. It is possible that one could find a way to get beneath Mt. Ranier through these tunnels. 

The Mt. Lassen Entrance Mt. Lassen in Tehama County, California is an entrance to a large underground city. Near the foot of Mt. Lassen is a town called Manten. A man named “Ralph B. Fields” lived (lives?) there, and found the entrance to the underground city. His friend “Joe” was with him. The cave entrance is in the side of the mountain, at a little over 7,000 feet above sea level, and is near a rock outcropping suitable for camping under.

Death Valley, CA. Entrance. 
Local Indian legends speak of a tunnel that runs beneath the desert. (Note: The book “Death Valley Men,” tells the story of 3 people who are supposed to have found an underground city connected with this tunnel, and who actually took treasures from it.

The entrance to the Death Valley Tunnel is in the Panamint Mountains down on the lower edge of the range near Wingate Pass, in the bottom of an old abandoned shaft. The bottom of the shaft is collapsed, opening an entrance into a large tunnel system containing much treasure. These tunnels connect with the surface also through arches (like large windows) in the side of the mountain and they look down on Death Valley. They’re high above the valley now, but they were once on the edge of the water, and were accessed by boats. The “windows” in the Death Valley side of the Panamint Mountains are about 4,500-5,000 feet above the bottom of Death Valley, and are across from Furnace Creek Ranch.

From these openings you can see the green of the ranch below you and Furnace Creek Wash across the valley. (So, with high-powered binoculars or a telescope, you should be able to see the openings from the Furnace Creek Ranch, or Wash.) You can drive down Emigrant Canyon towards Death Valley. You can then park beside the road between Furnace Creek Ranch and the Salt Bed. (From here, the windows should be visible through binoculars.) Indian legends of the Paiutes Indians speak of the people who used to live in the Panamint’s caverns.

The Mt. Shasta, CA Entrance 
There are tunnels beneath Mt. Shasta that lead to a UFO base there, as well as tunnels that connect with the vast world-wide tunnel network. The Lemurian city “Telos” is said to exist beneath Mt. Shasta. William Hamilton has done much research on Mt. Shasta and the tunnels. He has privately published a book entitled “Alien Magic” 249 North Brand Boulevard, Suite 651 Glendale, CA 91203

The Brown Mountain Entrance 
Brown Mountain is in North Carolina near Morganton. Morganton is “about 15 miles north of an actual highway marker which has been posted by the state providing any visitor the best view” of Brown Mountain. Brown Mountain is an area in which many strange lights have been seen. There are entrances that lead inside the mountain to an isolated (?) Alien base.


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      • Who dat

        Thanks for that link, the metro is now on my bucket list, incredible place, cheers.

        • Gil Carlson

          Are there really aliens in secret tunnels underneath the Dulce Base in New Mexico? All I know is I found a lot of very credible Dulce information and drawings at:

          • Canderson

            You ever met one?

        • Who dat

          Do you want I just give you my credit card details on here, I might as well have everyone rob me.

        • srsly1

          Gil, your attempts at selling your blue planet book nonsense are getting out of control. You’re not fooling anyone.

        • David Mushbraine

          Yes, Gil. Go peddle your garbage elsewhere.

          • HitleryforPrison

            “Dingle-berry”-David…why are you soooo GAY?

      • simpel

        The Reality Of The Extraterrestrial Life Visiting Our World,

        “Races from the Greater Community are already here, interfering in human affairs, seeking to establish themselves as centers of power and influence here, operating secretly behind the scenes, influencing people in positions of power, taking citizens against their will, functioning in ways that are highly dangerous and hazardous for the human family. Yet people go about life as if nothing is happening, consumed with their own needs, consumed with human conflict and corruption, consumed with the difficulties of life here in this one world, unaware and unconcerned about the presence of an Intervention here. And those few people who are aware of this presence are being persuaded to perceive it as beneficial, as benign and, in some cases, even representing salvation for the human family.” – Marshall Vian Summers, Humanity’s Emergence into the Greater Community, July 19, 2008

        Extraterrestrial Intruders: The Reality Of The Extraterrestrial Life Visiting Our World

      • Sean

        Here is one docked at the Space Station

      • Anonymous

        Alien Message to Mankind: “Do You Wish That We Show Up?”

        • DISPENSER

          Follow up message. “All your base, are belong to us.”

    • Anonymous

      they have under water bases??
      cool :grin:

      • Doggoneit!


      • Big dog.../small fish...

        They can dive in and fly out as they please without making waves or generating wakes.

      • bella

        Several underwater bases. They are all over the planet.

    • Quantum Kev

      I think I saw this movie on SyFy last week, right? Where the alien reptile overlords emerge from their secret underground bases and battle the humans for control of the planet. Or wait – was that Starship Troopers…? No, that was with bugs. But same kind of movie – good stuff! But, a MOVIE nonetheless.

      Some of this stuff is REALLY reaching a bit, doncha’ think? I try to keep a very open mind and certainly believe that there are ETs. But articles like this make anyone who does believe look just silly. Not helpful, in my opinion.

      • The Druid

        My mind was so open, my brains fell out.

    • Anonymous

      I have lived in Lubbock Texas my entire life and I can assure you there is no alien base in or around Lubbock , I live about 3 miles from the old Reese Air force Base and I attend church there as well and in my entire 45 years of living in Lubbock I have never seen anything out of this world except for some really ugly out of town women….lol … but they were not from another world probably just from Odessa Texas…

      • Thunderchild

        Good one

      • Dustdevil

        Yeah, I’m not far from you Anonymous, and I see that ‘Russian Intelligence Map’ of alien bases, all I can say is that yep, we have a lot of aliens here – most came from Mexico, some from Honduras or Guatamala, a few from Nicaragua too. I wouldn’t call where they are located ‘bases’, though – more like temporary BP-ICE stations, at least until they can get their BO-Fed Govt airplane tickets for Phoenix, anyhow.

        Seriously people, I’ve rode horses along a lot of that border, and rode ATV’s across from Langtry TX (Judge Roy Bean’s old place) all the way to John Slaughter’s old homestead in Arizona. There is NOTHING on that border that came from space. Just a lot of rattlers, scorpions, tarantulas, coyotes (2 and 4 legged), and a WHOLE LOT OF ILLEGALS TRASH that makes the Pacific Gyre look like a single milkshake cup floating down a stream. (Seriously, the ONLY cause of global warming in the world, is all that plastic trash that illegals leave laying all over the international boundary as they INVADE our nation illegally).

        Yes, I get mad about illegal aliens – and not because they can’t fly space-ships, either.

      • Jiliane

        I can assure you, you are asleep

        • simpel

          Quote from “Entering the Greater Community”

          Humanity does not know it is at a great threshold, a great turning point, a turning point that will create a future unlike the past. Living in a declining world, a world of declining resources and shrinking opportunities, you do not see your great vulnerability to space. Your borders are unguarded. Your people are unaware. Your governments are subsumed in their internal difficulties and problems with one another.

          People are shocked by these things, not because they are untrue or even that they seem sensational, but because they have never been thinking about it, and they do not even want to think about it, it is so big and complex and challenging.

          More to read at As revealed to God’s Messenger Marshall Vian Summers

      • AnonymousLubbock

        I’ve lived in Lubbock for 4 years and I Urban Explore.
        There is a massive expanse of tunnels directly underneath downtown Lubbock. I’ve been down there 5 times and I still have no clue how expansive or deep they go. To give you an idea of how connected they are. While we were down there we had access to the vaults under the Wells Fargo building as well as the entirety of the Wells Fargo building so long as you don’t exit the stairwell on the first floor of the bank. It was also connected to Lubbock High School, and the Green building. And those were just the buildings we came up in and recognized. And this was at 1am with full access to every building in downtown lubbock. We never got to the end of the tunnels so I have no idea how wide or deep they go. We were able to go as far down as ~5 stories below ground, but we didn’t go much further as we weren’t trying to get lost.

        The only entrance that I feel safe pointing people to who are curious is a small out-building at the corner of Ave K and 14th street. It’s about the size of a studio apartment and just a non-descript one story building. It’s pretty obvious as the other buildings at that corner are a parking garage and 2 large offices/storefronts. The small out building is a door that’s usually unlocked and inside all there is a staircase going down directly into the tunnels. The only reason I tell people about that entrance is because it can be unlocked from the inside so there’s no risk of getting locked in all night… that and there’s no alarms and it’s not a business of any sort so the risk of legal trouble is low… unless you’re an idiot. But the tunnels are there, and there is a lot of interesting stuff down there, several fully functioning bomb shelters, quite a few high security vaults, a burned-out mail room, what looked like an actual fall-out shelter, a couple offices, a decent bit of construction, and lots more.

        Dunno if there’s any alien involvement or anything like that, but there’s definitely a LOT of underground tunnels in Lubbock if you’re willing to search.

      • The Watcher


    • Anonymous

      Looks pretty bogus.

    • Jack Heart

      Great job Alton as a reward i’m going to give you one of my links from my private stock. Read it very carefully. It takes a while to come on its old.

    • Joerg Klaemt

      Well if they exist and they are more advanced than us,they must be aware that we are at the brink of extinction,and making a waist land of this planet.
      Do you think that they would just sit back and let it happen?
      Even if they were immune to radiation the remainder of this planet is not.

    • StavoV

      Looks like there is one of those alien bases, at or under gw bushes house, down there in Texas. Hmmmmm

    • AUSSIEwill

      the suppressed brains are still saying human own this earth plzz cummon,,do your history,,,,,youtube putin and aliens,,,,russias already telling you the truth its just not broadcasted on the news

      • Joerg Klaemt


        >>>>>>>>>>>human own this earth plzz cummo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
        Always thought you Aussies had some sense!
        God created the earth for man,besides if the Aliens were to own it,why and what for are they waiting?
        For us to blow up the planet together with them? >>>>>>the suppressed brains>>>>>>>>

        • Augendieallessehen

          Your anonymity only emphasizes your lack of wisdom.

          • Anonymous

            And what does your name emphasize, dipshit? :cool:

    • claud3

      This clearly lies and i can not believe this at all


      • Doggoneit!

        For those of us who have seen – these ‘people’ are saucering around and they’re at home here.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never seen anyone go to so much trouble to tell people lies as Alton Parrish has. Yes there are undergound bases and some are secret, some aren’t. Is there a supersonic undergound shuttle system to some of these places, possibly. Are there undergound trains, probably. I do know at Pope Air Force Base there is an undergound tunnel entrance in on of the hangars that leads to the Delta Force Compound at Fort Bragg approximately 1 mile away. This tunnel is big enough for trucks, men and equipment to be shuttled back an forth in secret to the transport planes for missions.

    • bigtoe1111

      some areas in the US experiencing a lot of disappearances over the years.

      seems a few of the areas are somewhat close to what is on this articles map.

    • Volcano

      Every year people recycle the same old news over and over,This Site is loosing it 💣

    • Anonymous

      I hope there’s nobody dumb enough to believe that crap.

    • John

      looks like a plastic or paper bag caught in the wind and nothing more

    • Anonymous

      mmm, one of them is in Puerto Rico.

    • Godzilla

      What do you think HELL is all about? What do you think sci-fi movies are all about? What do you think religion is based on? Haha, you guys are stupid as hell, as you cannot connect the dots yet.

      Hell is closer than you think morons. Its only a water well down, or at most an oil well deep. Why do you think they dont give license to drill anywhere? Why do you think indians were given land in america?

      Much to learn. Start flushing your brain from all the nonsense, and start putting good information inside. You know that nuclear tunnel boring machines were patented at los alamos national laboratory and kept secret afterwards? They only use this machine on government sponsored projects. Machine that melts earth and then they install mag-lev train systems that travel at mach 2. Thats why there is no muck to clean up, and noise is low, although people do report hearing strange humming sounds sometimes. Research the taos hum for example.

      Natural cavern systems were created when earth formed into a planet, so the government simply expands them and interconnects them with tunnels for trains and sometimes trucks. Its not far fetched at all. Where do you think water, gas and oil pockets are stored in? In cavern systems.

    • ben ryan

      These days are all about aliens first, did behind the hype. For what purpose? Transfer the line of sight of you? Missing MH370, federal land management?

    • endogro

      An alien hoax is coming, only way to destroy religion so that a “world” government can be created –

      • Sean

        You can bet they are Real..people have seen them for 1000′s of years..the Draco ( Reptilians) are Not our Friends.

        Wonder what they Eat ?

    • Sean

      Very Good article Alton, have you ever Watch this..Some of it BS as far as what they are saying and some suppose to be Photoshopped..but some ?

    • Anonymous

      There is an entrance to the tunnels in New York City “in the vicinity of Midtown Manhattan that can be reached through an abandoned elevator shaft that only very few know about.

      We know that.
      It’s the entrance to “Control” Seen Maxwell smart sneaking there one day! :wink: :wink:

    • timincal

      Many years ago I was on the site Above Top Secret. A LOT of idiots on there then and now.Someone had posted a screen grab from Goggle Earth of a windsock somewhere in the desert of area 51 in Nevada.Everybody was debating what the windsock could be used for.I am not kidding.In the mean time where obvious in the pic was a entrance to something underground.It looked like it had been dug with a boring was completely round and went in at an angle.Nobody the whole time I followed that post ever mentioned the hole. :eek:

    • Jiliane

      Yes people it’s time to wake up.
      The intervention has been here for over 50 years now.
      They want our resources. We have nearly destroyed our
      Beautiful planet through greed, corrupton and war. Our
      Planet is a great prize in this part of the galaxy and they believe
      We are not worthy of such a gift so they intend upon having
      It for their own. But they cannot, live on the surface. They need
      Human cooperation. They need us pacified and weak ie: spiritual
      Enlightenment. They need us fearful and chaotic ie: religious.
      They need us to be dependent upon little trinkets from space ie: technology.
      The elite, those in power of commerce and trade have been promised great
      Wealth and power in exchange for biological resources and our healthcare
      System to create hybrids within humanity to control the #1 resource US.
      Humans are but a resource. They use every part, like we use cattle.
      We must unite and expose the Intervention to the greater community and kick them off
      Our planet or we, are doomed into generations of slavery and humanity will be lost forever.

      • David Mushbraine

        And you know this complete nonsense how?

    • Viking

      Why don’t we send in the Jewish lawyer who likes to pretend he is WWII Pilot aka Bill Birnes to investigate.

    • jay67

      actually, I think these maps were stolen from Martha Stewart’s website.

    • BStallard

      Ok I have read a lot of articles on these creatures. Some people say they are harmless and hear to help an others say dead bodies are found in their ships/bases. So someone is lying.

    • The Wall by Bob

      :idea: :arrow:

      Steps once all the rats in the world go underground and they try to round out us left on the surface. Remember once they are underground, try and plug up the air shafts if you can.

      The only 100% Guaranteed Top Secret way(s) to stop the Police State / Martial Law in each and every single small town U S A. Please make this VIRAL FOR ALL FREE PATRIOT CITIZENS to keep our freedoms.

      One example – Know your #1 enemy; who is surprisingly your very own local neighbor Police Officer. When your very own community starts to mass together for any reason, your local Law authorities will be doing the same, in order to counter and gain control over their community. But if each single town can peacefully keep each of your neighborhood police officer(s) in their very home and away from gathering together, they will not be able to gather into a major government gang of thugs to stop you; like we all seen in Ferguson, Missouri.

      Find out more here:

      Top Secret reason why the gov gave military grade war weapons? Fact

      Top Secret way to dismantle any Police State or Military Law force? Fact

      Pt 1 of 4 of a 4 part series gives all you need to know tactically.

      These put many facts down for each of to use and think about, and how each one of us can really play a role in stopping the insane direction our country is heading. These are from a unknown patriot friend of yours; who is dedicated to help save you and your loved ones; not just another Patriot friendly story line, that only passed along someone elses stories; that have no honest impact, nor helps save or protect you. These are a completely different aproach and gives you real knowledge that can save you, your loved ones, and your entire community.

      Love the Share. Share the Love. The Wall by Bob

    • crossboy56

      The Fallen Angels aka Fallen GODS was aka god and goddess / male and female ! The Sons of God had sex with the daughters of men. and The daughters of God had sex with the sons of men ! The children of these sex orgy are returning to earth to try to enslave their relatives on earth ! UFO !Humans must demand to be a part of the universal Space government ! :cool: :evil: :razz: :idea: :arrow: :mad:

    • Man

      so from which tv show did you rip off the very inaccurate map?

    • Maggie

      WOW! First of all I’d like to thank Phil Schneider for his bravery in taking his chances of being phisically eliminated because of
      this “SECRET” information being held from the Americans . I can see clearer now. The Government’s method of “DISINFORMATION” is well established. His discription of our Government’s defination of the majority of the citizenry is right on. Especially when you see the POOR education they force on our students.


      If Washington DC isn’t populated with aliens, there is no rational explanation for the freaks that live there.

    • El_Jefe

      Hutchinson Kansas, does NOT have an air force base, they have the salt mine that they keep important films and documents in for safe keeping the AFB is 60 miles south east in Wichita KS.
      Good Try though. :evil:

    • AJ

      Military bases not aliens knuckleheads; Oh boy.

    • truck driver

      Why isn’t the coast to coast am radio show talking about this

    • Anonymous

      This became stupider with age! WOW.


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