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By Alton Parrish (Reporter)
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Man Escapes Alien Abduction, Has Pictures To Prove It

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Texas Oilfield Worker Escapes Alien Abduction Captures Photo Of Alien And Alien Crafts.

Crude Oil Transport Driver Ronny Dawson Of Ranger,Texas Has A Close Encounter With Alien visitors and explains the details of the encounter in rural Coleman County ,Tx.

He captures alien image looking from a port opening of a alien craft.He also captures passover of huge mothership and the images of surface structures,piping,storage tanks,flares,and antennas on a 1/2 mile craft.

This huge craft was spotted 60 miles from Dyess Airforce Base.Our airspace is no longer ours alone…

There is no shortage of sightings in Texas.

This object was spotted in Wells Branch to Leander, TX, on March 26.  The witness says this is the third time the object has been spotted..

Here is another photo taken by the same witness.

These pulsating orbs were seen in Georgetown, Texas .  The witness says the pulsating orbs that changed altitude and direction separate from each other. There were 8 of them in 2 lines when the top line of 4 went out there remained 4 and then disappeared.


These photos of the orbs were submitted to MUFON  photo1.JPGphoto2.JPGphoto3.JPGphoto4.JPGphoto5.JPGphoto6.JPGphoto7.JPG


Octagon shaped bright grayish ship in sky, near Cameron Texas on highway 36. Blinking. Fast. Scary

North Carolina UFO:  I was taking a pic of the full moon last night. took 3pics and the object only appered in the 1st. one
Credit: MUFON 
Doylestown, OH, US
Credit: MUFON


shaped bright grayish ship in sky, near Cameron Texas on highway 36. Blinking. Fast. Scary

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    • Neil Armstrong

      I have a necklace that I made out of the ears of grey aliens that have tried to abduct me over the years.

    • LukeSkywatcher

      Haha walking dead necklace!

    • PaulTarsuss

      Google – “Flying Triangles and the black holes on my fridge”. Contains one of my personal experiences with these craft.

      Youtube – John Walson

      Blessings in Christ

    • Anonymous

      They are Nazis UFO from Antarctica build by the missing in holohoax 6 million Jews!

      • Joerg Klaemt

        If 6 million Jews Died than explain this!

        - World Almanac,1933,pg.419 world Jewish population(15,316,359)
        - World Almanac,1936,pg.748 world Jewish population(15,753,633)
        - World Almanac,1938,pg.510 world Jewish population(15,748,091)
        - World Almanac,1940,pg.129:World Jewish Population(15,319,359)
        - World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289:World Jewish Population 15,713,638

        There were 394,279 MORE Jews in 1949 than in 1940?

        Do your Math People and get your Head out of your Behind,mind you ignorance might be a blessing if they come for you.

        • 7 of 9

          Thank god somebody counted them all…..or we’d be left with those crude photoshop pix of the skeletons that shuffled around the resort areas of Europe as the only evidence…

        • Elq

          Same like Warsaw. Damn Polaks blew up their own town and blamed the Germans. The whole thing was led by a Bilderberg Splinter cell, paid for by the Rothschildts and the royal family of The Netherlands. Auschitz in fact was a luxury Spa available only to extremely rich zionists and from there they had a direct telephone line to Adolf Hitler and could cook little babies stolen from Cairo to make soap. Everybody knows that!

        • angelstouch92

          Jewish is different from Jews… mind your ignorance!
          Also just as killing a large group of people would not stop those who were not killed reproducing, neither did that!

    • watertiger

      some of them are ours some are “theirs” if you are a denying sheep just keep your head in the flock and get ready to be consumed….dont worry you wont feel a thing!!

    • Gabe

      These are US govt craft

    • GrandDaddy

      Grays don’t have ears.

      • Inkling

        Hah!, so how do they wear spectacles, or are they all blessed with 20/ 20 eyesight? gosh, some people will believe anything! (LOL!)

    • Minobsmasivfski

      Here in the UK aliens dont exist you can ask anyone,

    • Duane Howard

      seriously past the photos into the video dont video the photos sheesh. amature.


        speak again…..this time….slowly…and english please


      2nd pic from bottom…….fake foto chop…..thats George Jetson’s car :mrgreen:

    • Ladyjo

      alliesofhumanity dot (org) free book explains their presence. They have an Intervention and a Pacification program ongoing. they mean to seduce humanity with pretenses of aiding us, being enlightened beings, but they are only trying to gain control over our planet and humanitys freedom in a Universe full of life. Learn the truth about them. Resist the E.T.’s.

      Get your Protection from their strong Mental Influence.

      Knowledge your Inner Guidance system, your deeper Intelligence, can not be corrupted, manipulated, controlled or overtaken. It is the source of your strength and certainty. You have a greater power within. Learn how to access this power and this protection.

      stepstoknowledge dot (com) another free book..Get Protected

      • Anonymous

        Whenever someone is pushing a product or site what they post should be ignored as shilling, they are trying to make money or get attention for themselves.

        Notice this man says this and that, all lies, about visiting ETs, not knowing or bothering to mention that most visitors are service and only a much smaller percentage are service to self ETs.

        Visitation with these visitors is 100% up to the human being. But you get the kind of ET you call for, and that cannot be faked either. What is in your heart at the time of sending the Call determines what kind of contact, IF desired by the human, will arise as a result.

        Conclusion: This guy does not know what he is talking about or is a paid shill himself for pushing a lie of the Establishment that contact with ETs is a bad idea.

        Suggestion: Go shill somewhere else Let the truth seekers search in peace.

        • anonymoustache

          There are MANY people that just want the experiences to stop and resent the intrusions.

    • Anonymous

      This is oldish news, not before it’s news, but it is new to me, and I pay attention to possible good evidence of what many can no longer deny: We are not alone and never have been.

      This video has such a ring of truth, in part because when living in an isolated area of North Texas I saw many UFOs and odd goings on too (never harmed of course, I would only have contact with the Good Guys among the visiting ETs).

      Also, this man has a genuine Texas accent which cannot be faked.

      I think he sent the Call for personal contact with what must be service to other ETs in the photographic evidence he provides. The service to self ETs would not be allowed to have such clear evidence of them in our skies.

      So this guy was voluntarily inviting contact and mind reading ETs would know he would be likely to gather evidence as best he could and share it with the public.

      Going to call this a highly likely not hoaxed or faked experience.

      So watch the paid shills pop out of seemingly nowhere suggesting I take my meds, where is y tin foil hat and other stock phrases of the paid shills in response to genuine comments by an actual person. And the Establishment covering up the presence of visiting ETs cannot abide by real people who honestly share what they know to be true.

    • Anonymous

      Pleaidians contact a woman in Columbia, is a total farce. Their statement that Jesus has already come but is invisible is totally Unbiblical. Jesus himself said many times, that when he comes, every eye will see him. The Angels at the ascention even said to the Apostles, Do you not know that Jesus will come back, just as you see him now? Jesus even said, they will say, I am in the desert, or I am here, go and see, DONT believe them, but I will return, and you will see me. All this talk about Pleiadians is the greatest Lie, Hoax that man has resorted to because He doesnt believe what the Bible Teaches, The creation or Life as we know, was created by God himself. Reincarnation is a false teaching by eastern Mystic philosophy, adopted by the west to nulify the truth of Almighty God. You cannot have Creationalism and reincarnation, they are total opposites and is not the truth of God.

      • Joerg Klaemt
      • Authentica

        Actually – Reincarnation WAS fully accepted as Truth & taught by early Christians for the first 500 years of Christianity – before it was scrubbed/removed by the controller-preists in order to disempower the sheep & to have more fearful control of their minions. The reason people don’t ‘believe’ what the Bible ‘teaches’ is because it’s been manipulated so much over the years by corrupt men. You don’t need a book or a man to mediate between You & Creator.

      • Lilith

        I really honestly don’t understand how people can still believe in a totally invisible and impotent man in the sky but deny what is actually in front of their eyes.

    • Numpty

      What biengs, where? MUFON, say no more! Bunch of timewasting idiots. Wern’t intrested in my BT sighting. Richard Hall of Richplanet got back to me though! Cant believe no one else saw or filmed it – too busy watching soaps LOL.


      Those long craft with illumination at each end – in the Hidden Texts, Nostradamus calls them “Roman Candles” – along with the word BEWARE.

      These seem to be the “Rod” with which that cranky god “will strike us”

      This pdf forum ROMAN CANDLES was on the former web site over three years a go.
      If you want a copy just write to [email protected] and title your email ROMAN CANDLES

    • AxisOfEvil

      What did he take those pictures with? A potato?

    • greyface


    • Jester


      Photos 2&3 look like a light shot with a long exposure time. The colorfull streaks would be due to camera shake/movement during the long exposure

      Photos 3, 4, & 5 could be anything as they are too far out of focus to pull any detail out of them. Shoot -ANY- light on a dark background and out of focus and they will look like those photos. Doesn’t mean its not a UFO, just means we can’t trust it as proof as we weren’t there. And judging by the last two, I wouldn’t trust these.

      Which brings me to the last two photos which are CLEARLY photoshopped. (And I say this as a film industry professional that frequently uses photoshop). They arn’t even photoshopped well…

    • RB

      were you gang probe by the aliens? did you enjoy it?

    • nutaraha

      If you think Dawn`s story is incredible…, 2 weaks-ago my mum’s boy friend basically also earned $4137 workin seventeen hours a week from their apartment and their roomate’s step-mother`s neighbour has done this for 7-months and brought in more than $4137 part time at There laptop. apply the guidelines available here…

    • Don't be hating!

      Whatever…crap..If true then they are coming back for him. Something about him that attracts them. Aliens pick/seek certain poeple. He probably been abducted before and he dosen’t even know it.

    • hotconflict
    • Pandora

      Thanks for the video Ronny, I really liked it!

      Joy S. Gilberts website gives a much more expanded view of what this whole phenomenon is about. Please check it out if you really want to know.

    • xMaNrEbOrN

      Why is every footage of UFOs blurry? I believe there’s a chance that we are not alone in the universe but why is there never a good clear picture? You would think that some one would have been able to get a good shot by now…

      • Chronos

        I’ve always wondered the same thing. I know that life exists on other worlds, so I’m not a debunker, but it would seem that by now, someone would’ve presented irrefutable evidence of some type. It has been theorized that atmospheric distortion caused the propulsion systems causes photos to be blurry. Can’t dispute that, but seems someone should be able to catch one on the ground. Some photos are probably authentic, but no one believes it. Damn technology and photoshopping are a two-edged sword.

    • Thane36425

      The headline said he escaped an abduction and had proof, I was expecting more than images of blurry lights. I was thinking he got pictures of the aliens coming in his house or something from inside the craft that would actually show something.

    • Anonymous


      • Fish

        Your comment is funny as hell

    • Anonymous

      How many years do we need to evolve before we can grow a horn like that?

    • Arte Vespule

      Oh yeah. That proves it, for sure….

    • Gil Carlson

      What happened to the author of the “Blue Planet Project Book”?
      Blue Planet Project is allegedly the notebook of a scientist who worked on a top secret United States government program involving alien research. This scientist visited various UFO crash sites, Blue Planet Project Book Contains these notes and drawings of aliens and UFOs at crash sites released before he disappeared.
      Many of the answers to today’s questions can be found in The Blue Planet Project Book. This hard to find book was selling for up to $500 on Amazon. It is still (last time I checked) available from publisher:

    • Pumpkin

      Aliens are demons. Yeah, it sounds a bit simple minded and simplistic, but IMO, this is very true. Google alien abductions and the name of Jesus Christ. The Bible plainly tells us they are from the heavenly realms. Also, I nearly was abducted one time. I was warned by a friend to leave the place (he was with me). He had seen these things before. An object covering about 6 acres came overhead, and we left in a hurry. Strangely enough this was in an old grave yard. IMO, aliens don’t travel light years to hang out in grave yards. But demons might once some type of ceremony takes place there.

    • Accurately

      I hate to break it to you “alien abduction” folks but if you’re getting abducted by these demons it’s because you’re a member of the rebellion and volunteered for it to help them corrupt humanity. The goal is to make us like animals through genetics. The result is a world full of sociopaths and psychopaths; we’re pretty much there at this point!

    • Chronos

      If I wasn’t an abduction skeptic, I would start an abduction and related incident insurance company. The little grey fellows are more of plant type material rather than flesh, and they should be intelligent enough to know that the two won’t mix. The only other possibility is that those fallen beings are at it again, and are employing the veggies to conduct genetic experiments for a back door assault, as direct deposit went terribly awry, as we all know. As for UFO’s, theres no one answer. Some are ET’s, some are ours, and some are demonic manifestations. You can thank the ET’s for DVD players, fiber optics, flat screen TV’s, and cell phones. :?:

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