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Psychics About MH 370

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By doing research about psychic readings on mysterious disappearance of MH 370, the story becomes even more mysterious. These readings are contradictory, but so are the official and conspiracy theories too. Psychic Focus has done months of readings with amazing details and her readings commonly are somewhat realistic, but let’s see this one, shortly.

A clear day turns into darkness and like static electricity coming off the plane. Oxygen masks start to fall, people grabbing them. Lot of turbulence and loud thundering sound, passengers holding their ears. Then the plane is floating into a different dimension, timeline, or ETs cloaking the plane?

Separate readings on both pilots shows them to struggle to maintain the plane controls in complete astonishment, fear, confusion. They didn’t land the plane, it landed itself, as if something took the plane over.

It landed almost intact on an island with a large snow-capped mountain, around the Andaman Islands? The plane got some damage and the passengers some injuries. On jungle part of the island, there is a stream with clean water. Totems, with huge lips, carved from stone. Sand dollars and trees with bark texture of a pine cones. Chinese Gooseberries? Brown furry fruits. Some sort of crafts fly above in “Z” pattern, trying to track the plane, unsuccessfully.

The Media will find fabricated debris to “tie up” the story, but nothing that creates a closure or proof beyond a doubt. Malaysian government didn’t cause it, have no way to explain it, is covering up with other powerful governments. Few leading people in Diego Garcia know. ETs brought the plane to island and used cloaking technology to cover the plane. The higher ups want this cloaking technology.

The tribal people “trust” passengers enough to come to their aid and later on the passengers also start to help the tribals. The tribals have silky black hair, leather looking short skirts with face paints, (Suku Mentawai, Shompen or Suku Kayak race?) Huts are built from trees/leather/thatch, but they also use caves. The temperature is warm to hot, slightly humid.

A business man is morphed into a leader. Woman guarding something in her purse. Group chewing betel leaves. Many ask how to get back. Paul Weeks with leather briefcase angry, burned some of his papers. Paul carries a picture of his family folded in his sock, strange not in his wallet. Paul talks ab make shift sundial made of rocks, number 3 or 30? Pointing to Orion’s belt in the sky. (Comment: one of the planes searching for MH 370 is Orion P3!)

They can’t make sense of why planes are heard and not seen. Paul tells when they were “taken” during the flight, it felt dark. They were as if sleep walking and time moved slower “like nothing he has ever seen”? He knew in advance that something with this flight was not right – but didn’t listen to himself. He feels so angry about that and that he abandoned his family.

Mr Weeks was due to start a new job in Mongolia. His wife tells that he left his watch and wedding ring for his children if he is unable to return: Husband left wedding ring and watch.

PF still, Phillip Wood is unable to figure out how to get a signal to phone. There is a huge pile of phones, tablets, etc gathered up. A group is guarding the plane to keep it functional. May 9, the beach is rocky with corals, difficult to approach by boat. They can see a volcano island. They are probably in Great Coco Island. 29.5, passengers are guarded now by military. People are hopeless, don’t know what is the plan for them. 15.6. Helicopters are flying above and dropping food for them.

July 13, PF; The plane is still guarded and mechanics are working on it. The military have forced natives retreat from the beach area and the passengers are moved to some kind of factory, remote in the desert.

July 19 and Sept, PF; May be no ET involvement, but just advanced defence weapon technology, and a private group of technicians on board. MH 370 was high jacked by Chinese with the help of Malaysia. Cloaking intel was extracted from some key passengers, and the plane was painted as MH 17. Then as MH 17, it was flown remote controlled over Ukraine war zone to test the cloaking, which failed and so US/Ukraine shot it down. MH370 and MH17

PF: The old MH370 (disguised as MH17) was being taken over by another party on ground, controlling it remotely. The pilots were not aware that they were flown over a war zone (the instrument panel was malfunctioning). Black box will never be publicly furnished. Ukraine shot it down with the US support in order to keep cloaking intel out of the Chinese hands.

PF: The real MH17 is in a hanger in Great Coco, and the Chinese are trying to frantically replicate this new cloaking technology. I get the error at “MH 17” cloaking was, you can hide it from above, but not from flat plane. Many passengers on the MH370 passed away in a room where oxygen was cut off!!!. The bodies were downed in Ukraine with “MH17”. Some useful passengers are still being held at this secret base in Great Coco. Much much more details from Psychic Focus and also other matters,


Mars 15, 2014: News Hour India claims: The missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner has been reportedly spotted at the Coco Islands in the Indian Ocean. The Islands are part of Burma. The Great Coco Island has plane runaway. Many newspapers report about plane flown to Andaman islands, Intellihub, the aircraft is under communist control in the Coco Islands.

Nov 17, 2015 in news; China has developed new aircraft cloaking material. Researchers at Huazhong University have published details on a stealth material that can absorb radar signals at different frequencies. The AFSS material can coat the exterior of stealth aircraft, so that they’re rendered invisible to specific detection techniques. (I don’t see now the article here, but suppose to be,…dar-151116.htm)

Farsight Institute remote viewing, 29 June 2018, Princess hears many explosions. In an aeroplane the pilot is alone, confused, very anxious and angry, due to personal, money matters, and professional reasons. Two minutes before the explosion pilot and passengers are is fighting their groggy feeling. Twenty minutes after pilot is feeling life in danger.

Melena sees first passengers are awake and pilot calm. Then a lot of shakiness of the plane, the pilot gets worried. Then 20 minutes after pilot is dozing. The plane is heading extremely fast downward. People are shaking, gaping air, terrified. The pieces are flying, plane crashed to the ground. (Princess mentions pilot has light skin, and Melena brownish hair and muscular face.)

Other remote Viewers; The plane is in the middle of some kind of forest with some tall trees. And Vince Oliveri, Rough drawings;

George Coiner; I remote viewed four random individuals on board… most of the passengers are still alive being held captive. There was fighting by one martial artist, one injured, one in cage. The overall message from the group was to “Keep searching”. Image shown of plane resting in long grassed flat plateau. I am getting names like Lnagikush, Hindi kush or X ush.’ (link missing).

CBS Detroit; It was planned for over a year, location set up to land, mountain region jungle near a small island. There are hidden ‘underground’ areas. I saw tables with phones, open wallets, passports. It was hot and humid and there is crystal clear water/ocean nearby. Several governments have a good idea where this plane is and are keeping the public busy with speculations”.

Dream: Family member had a dream his brother lost in MH 370 came back to their house to find them not living there (anymore). The Buddhas Way; According a Chinese psychic, they went to better place than earth. Peng Loke; MH370 last known descent to Indian Ocean, have many underwater pyramids,

Anonymous; I see a plane flying upwards, as if it’s “jammed”. There’s a small tear in the metal. It’s as if everyone just falls asleep. No oxygen masks, no screaming, no suffering. The pilot realizes that the plane is stuck on an upward path, and he has no electronics with which to do anything about it. He seems to be thinking calmly, and lies against the controls, to be sure that the plane goes in a particular direction as he loses consciousness.

Abducted by aliens; people died; Ovilus knows. Psychic Twins Jamisons; Political plot, high jacking, the pilot and some passengers involved. Plane is in south Indian Ocean, Heaven whisperer, Russians, North-Korea and money involved. US made it fall to ocean,

Psychic medium Keith Watson: Chinese voices, dark room, night, electro magnetic pulses, which disabled electrics. Air pressure down in cabin, ha nausea, pilots off and on unconscious. They had idea where to land, but missed the point and went to ocean near island. They are somewhere near St. Bradons Rock, Mauritius. I can’t say if everyone has died, there is few miles to sustain life. People covered the plane? And

Astrolger Hassan Jaffer analyses the horoscope charts of Captain and First Officer; something happened to pilot and co-pilot, couldn’t handle the plane, went to ocean, Arnold Berger: The Chart has a number of indications of failure, losses, separations, and the unknown. Time of departure was as bad as it could be. Airplanes should ask astrologers before departing!

Rockn Roll Prophetess; Beach island, man with gun, Asian dark hair 40 years, some people but not 200. Jungle vegetation, may be mountain. Curve metallic thing…plane under it? Grown above/over by green, or intentionally covered. Not everyone alive. Rockn Roll coverup And,

Onemillionmoney; The plane on land is covered, landed on an old run way and all are alive! (Link no more). Great Roland, tarot reader: hijacked, large organization behind, some died. Something will come out in next 3 weeks;

Bulgarian Varna; a strong electrical field, shutdown of three circuits of the plane. A passenger-American making connection with the earth. Then the intelligence interfere. The motive new technology, special fuel experiment used in the plane, staikova blog. More,; Executor is from Malaysia, Mohd Hasrim Mohamed Hasnan. The one survivor soon will travel to Paris;

Angel psychic: The attackers were afraid the traders/business people were going to meet with their rivals. This would make the rivals know what sort of instruments the attackers have. The attackers planned to land the plane on artificial island. The love beings saved the flight into branched reality. The attackers are equally puzzled. The passengers saw the profound higher being, so they don’t see reason to come back,

Anonymous psychic; I had a kind of a supernatural strange dream just before the news came out in TV. I felt scared because of the danger of falling into the water then we crash landed in a jungle. I looked Andaman Islands photo and I am shocked to see exactly that as I saw in the dream (link lost). Uri Geller “remote viewing”; pilots were overcome by a fire. He is asking psychics to help to find the plane.

Anonymous; world renowned psychic, the plane landed safely at Diego Garcia, a US Navy Base. Zaharie Shah, the pilot, was involved in a long con manipulation play by CIA. Passengers were gassed. Plane was then remote flown into S-Indian Ocean, (link no more). Ellie Crystal, governments experiment caused space time anomaly, in other reality. Crashed on land, some survived, people will not be found, plane perhaps,

Persian Medium predicted the location and flight path for the Malaysian Airliner MH370 accurately over two years ago, has been confirmed by the debris found on the southeastern African continent and nearby Islands.….

Paul LaViolette; It was U.S. advanced propulsion space program attack to show superior technology. Possibility that the craft off in right field of radar was an alien vehicle,

Channelling Eric; All passengers are dead in ocean off India, will be found. There was some electromagnetic interference that fried computer chips. Pilots tried to fix things, but it didn’t work. Pilots didn’t respond correctly to the situation, Update.

Cassiopaean ETs, about phones of passengers ringing 3 days after, because they are locked in different time/space. Flight 370 was sign to the PTB not to start third world war due to Crimea, but the PTB revenged by bombing down MH 17 to demonize Putin. Change in MH 17 course was instructed by Kiev, and MOSSAD. Expect more jets exiting and entering again on 3D on radar,,34301.msg481380.html#msg481380. The plane is in well of space/time lock.,34301.0.html

Jennifer Hoffman; There are people on the plane that they need, but cannot bring it back without making the world aware ab their new technology which can move things between dimensions. By increasing the spaces between the particles of matter they can move it beyond 3D density. The usual fake stories will be broadcast (link no more).

Denise Le Fay, new higher frequency Energies getting closer to Earth, and the “taken” airliner is related to Ascension Process. The passengers are not in this timeline. It is time for disclosure” of ETs, Sierra’s radio show, the plane was attacked by the Cabal and then rescued by the Galactics; the passengers are in a different dimension.

Tara and Rama, March 11; The passengers and crew are in another dimension. Sheldan Nidle; passengers and crew are in Inner Earth Higher Dimension. Cobra; here and here; MH 370 involves Chinese-US conflict over advanced technologies, no ET involvement.

Gale Stein, medium July 6 th, 2016 channeling the dead people of MH 370 flight. Three young men took over the plane. Gale had a meeting with all the participants in the drama on astral; the captain, crew, passengers and the three terrorists (after their death). (Sounds fake who will get all participants together in spirit, DA),

Psychic rainbowphoenix; The Russian Topol missile was tested before the 370. The U.S. Navy had to show that they have something to make the Topol missile obsolete. Electromagnetic pulse and laser weapon was used; electrical system, transponders and black boxes of 370 cancelled out, but same time an ET craft opened a portal and drew the plane into another dimension. Passengers are still alive there.

Remote viewing; the plane was intercepted in flight by triangular crafts. The people in the plane show disbelief, panic, fear. Helicopter was overseeing it and the plane was brought to an American military base, underground. The passengers were gassed there,

Remote viewing. He is waiting for his co-pilot to become impaired and requests not to be disturbed by the crew. I see him tampering with the electronics and disabling the auto pilot. Then he manually turned the plane towards the Indian ocean.”

ET Bashar; ‘it involved political defection, didn’t go according plan, Message from Gaia~ MH 370 moving through portal to different time line, Spirits answer; Tarot knows;

Related news stories and conspiracies still

(Nowadays the news can’t be trusted, may be also the psychics and conspiracy theorists don’t know, but at least their intention seems to be better, and despite of their own life in danger they still publish their findings. Many links are missing already, DA).

Pilot was in wrong state of mind – could have taken the Boeing for a “last joyride” before crashing into the Indian Ocean, a fellow pilot says, but pilot’s brother contradicts claim. Also son of MH 370 pilot dismisses suggestions that his dad was involved in jet’s disappearance. Illuminati card came predicted it (link no more). Contact plane operators heard a bit mumbling, lightning and turbulence;

From Jimstone Freelance; Identical plane as Malaysia flight 370 was parked at Tel Aviv, since 21-10-2013. It was to be scrapped for parts, but mysteriously ended up in Tel Aviv. WHY the photo of this clone plane was pulled off from the forum? Sister plane in Israel; Gorgepucas.

Jimstone Floridan clone plane 777 to Hague flew undetected by the U.S and EU radars without transponder. It was turned away by really smart flying Dutchmen from the Dutch Air Force, before the plane crashed the ongoing nuclear conference in Holland. Flight UC1503 towards Hague, while Spanish report it as LCO 1503. New rote Amsterdam;…/. Why don’t the routes match up?

Jimstone about net message claimed to be from 370. IBM engineer Philip was blindfolded by bag over his head. This left his hands free to pull his Iphone 5 (confirmed by the Exif data), and use the voice command ability to post his message. This explains why he sent a dark photo. Its coordinates are for Diego Garcia, Philip Wood’s girlfriend denies the so called message from Philip is real, She believes ETs abducted 370.

Fulford; The same group that predicted in advance the events in the Ukraine and US military move against China, told the WDS earlier that the next moves will be false flag incidents in Malaysia and Indonesia,

Freescale’s, Ultra-small Microcontoller, used by the U.S. Military; drones smaller than a fly, wafers and circuits for navigation, electronic targeting, self-guided missiles etc. Freescale Malaysia workers flew on MH 370 to test Kinesis in Beijing. Freescale Board member, Maguire, is executive in the Lockheed Martin Space Division. Mike Harris, professional on semiconductors;

DAHBOO77 believes that there is a connection between flight MH370, closing of all Israeli embassies, and identical 370 in Tel Aviv? One Jew was warned not to get on flight 370. (Dahboo77 has deleted radar images and many links related to MH 370, seems).

Strange radar description of 370; UFO in missing plane radar. While MH370 was just 250 km out, UFO appeared on the radar map and sped off about five times the speed of the other jets; and at the edge of the radar map sits there motionless. MH 370 after traveling just 20 km more, begins to jerk to the left and right and then when the plane drops zero altitude it shoots” 20 km forward, then vanishes! And Strange Plane Flight Activity On Radar.

The appointed representative to ET s, the UN Outer Space Ambassador is currently Mazlan Othman, Malaysian, since from 2007, (link no more). Wilcock about aeroplanes disappearing, hyperdimensional grid; Oil rig worker saw plane burst in flames near Vietnam,

CNN, Quest interviewed MH370 co-pilot month before, speculations. In BBC, pilot Brookes commented: Malaysian military radar tracked MH370, but no action was taken by Malaysia. Pilot Fariq was due soon to marry another pilot; And something here; https://scontent-a-sea. photos

10.4-14; Alfred L Webre, Leuren Monet claims MH 370 was taken down above Singapore area. Vietnam and Thai military air traffic controllers lost contact with it near by Singapore air space. Dutchsinse thinks also it landed near Singapore, Missing planes from Malaysia 3 times in 6 months? More speculations,

Joint military exercises drill – was underway in Thailand. Drills have been used often as cover for “their agenda”. US has not offered any satellite info to Malaysia. Two days before on March 6, US NAVY tested new pulsed energy weapon in Diego Garcia, (link no more).

Anwar Ibrhamin is British agent, Malesian opposition politician, jailed just before the jet disappeared. Captain Zaharie Shah was his supporter; zerohedge, what-happened-flight-370. US DARPA’s Excalibur laser defense system powerful enough to use as weapon.

Alex Jones, Infowars; Boeing 777 being turned into a “nuclear, chemical or biological weapon”. Infamous “black Box” cloaking devices (ET tech) have been used on CIA drug trafficking flights (link no more). A lot of people would have been notified about this MH 370 plan in advance,

Yoichi Shimatsu in Rense, Israel’s embassies suddenly shut down to prevent questioning Israel. The theft of Semiconductor’s microchip will ensure Israel military supremacy. Duplicate Malaysian Boeing 777 jets were delivered trough company tied to Soros. 2008 Soros was slammed down by Malaysia’s PM, because Soros attempted to wreck the currencies of S-E Asia.

Malaysia’s New Straits Times; co-pilot Fariq Hamid tried to make a mid-flight phone call. Military officials afraid to expose, Reuters; MH370 Military Officials Gagged, Fear Job Loss. Two Malaysia officials separately admitted that MH370 was hijacked; One pointed to the Pentagon.

AirAsia Flight QZ8501; Peter Eyre (Ex Senior Operations Executive) a lot of strange things. Field McConnell; I wrote on 30 March, 2014, that if Malaysia did not expose the BHUAP they should expect a second explosive event. So MH17 occurred. Gene Chip Tatum about MH 17, Radar imagines are faked;,

Fake mystery story12.10-15: Plane full of skeletons ‘found in the Philippines by young guys?…MueJi6O, but deputy police director of Tawi-Tawi, AFP; ‘I sent people to the site the results were negative.’ There are also claims, suddenly the whole island shook, the hills were shaking violently. Malaysia army used to train Mindanao soldiers in Tawi-Tawi.


Indian spiritual leader Shrii Shrii Anandamurti said that be careful what you speak now, because in the future the highly elevated human beings are able to “listen” what we speak at present. So may be truth of MH 370 will also come out one day.

In the future most people will be somewhat spiritually developed and have some psychic abilities. Everyone will be more aware of others thinking which would make lying and hiding more difficult. In this ‘Golden Age’, people would do everything with the spirit of sharing rather than grabbing for themselves, and would rather inspire than suppress others.

Didi Annapurna, you may post half of my article and link it here

A bit about MH -17

And German wings

Farsight Remote Viewing 9/11 – Could it Be True Even …

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