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DELTAs for Thurs. 30 Sept & Fri. 1 Oct. Hunters Become the Hunted Suicide Weekend Operators Standing By

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 30 Sept. 2021
Compiled Thurs. 30 Sept. 2021 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

We are at War fighting for Life, fighting for Good. Not everything would be clean cut – a  Scare Event was necessary. Do you trust the Military? Have Faith. You were chosen for a Reason. You were being provided the highest of Intel to ever be dropped publicly in the history of the World. Use it to protect and comfort those around you.

Where We Go One, We Go All. …Q

Trust the Plan
DELTAs for Thurs. 30 Sept & Fri. 1 Oct.
Red October
Stay Tuned & Watch
Marathon END
Suicide Weekend
Operators Standing By
Hunters Become the Hunted

Some of those Events revolved around removal of Joe Biden as US President – an election he didn’t win anyway – while another important Event was the upcoming collapse of the Global Monetary System including shutdown of the US Inc. Corporation government.

Without the US Senate agreeing to up the US National Debt Ceiling on Thurs. 30 Sept, the US government would be officially broke and shut down, while millions of Smart Devices were set to stop working on that same Thurs. 30 Sept.

Does the world have some crises brewing? What would save the Global Economy?: A Global Currency Reset.

The IMF asked that the Kingpin of the GCR – the Iraqi Dinar’s – International Rate would go public on Sat. 2 Oct, while Iraq had already given their word that their Dinar International Rate Release would happen this week.

Red October: The Bank Panic of 1907 occurred in October. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 occurred in October. Black Monday in 1987 occurred in October. President Trump asked for 21 days of Prayer from Sat. 11 Sep. to Sat. 2 Oct. 2021.

The US Inc. Government would be officially broke and shut down on Fri. 1 Oct. The next 48 hours were critical.

Trump + Q The Great Awakening: Red October Started Already! It’s harvest time. McAffee is declassifying everything. It’s massive b0mbs. First arrest Biden, Clinton, Obama, Gates? This weekend will be remembered in human history. Watch and stay calm! You will love how this movie ends. Enjoy the show.

In 2017 the 13 Illuminati Families were bombed in their Venice Bunker. The three pillars, aka City of London, Rome/Vatican and Washington DC, were all bankrupt under Chapter 11. Since then you have been watching a movie – the Systematic Destruction of the Old Guard.

One of those false scenarios might be an announcement of the death of President of a bankrupt US Inc, Joe Biden, by way of the actor’s recent vaccination shot done on a Hollywood set of the White House, See #9: Speculation Grows as Biden Cancels Trip to Chicago Just One Day After Taking Booster Shot. Anyone Who Would Take The Jab After Seeing This Is Not Worth Saving! – The True Reporter

“We are winning on all fronts. We have Congress jammed up, Biden’s “domestic agenda” is failing, his international standing is in tatters and his poll numbers are worse than any other President in US History. The only thing Biden had at all was a positive sentiment from the public regarding COVID. Now, he’s lost that. Keep up the pressure, so-called Deplorables.”…Kayleigh McEnany, former Press Secretary to President Trump

“There are two types of people in this world – those who think Biden will be a good President – and those who think.” …Denzel Washington

Sign recently seen posted on a billboard: “Can we just admit that we may have taken this ‘Anyone can grow up to be president’ thing just a bit too far?”

1. BOOM!!! World War III CRISIS: You are inside a Near Death Civilization Event, inside the Storm. Pain Coming. Dark Winter: Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted on June 22–23, 2001.

China was preparing for WAR. INSIDE sources say China knows the IMMINENT moment is coming when the U.S. MILITARY will respond against the COVID-19 BIOWEAPON ATTACK (inside the PENTAGON Top GENERALS are waiting for the perfect moment to STRIKE. Arrest Treasonous [DS] SPIES in their Military ranks) and government. China is currently positioning Through the WORLD their MILITARY Warships in over 60 countries and plan to take Taiwan soon.

Biden’s effort to weaken the Military soldiers by enforcing the vaccines, knowingly well soldiers and military will be divided and a perfect time for China to STRIKE and cause chaos through a shipping stoppage, energy crises, shortage of essential supplies.

All MILITARY is on High ALERT. DEEP STATE CABAL In every country is Working hard together to stop the 32 NATION ALLIANCE MILITARY from stepping in and stopping the Depopulation agenda that is connected to resetting the financial system (every time the Deep State money goes into major debt they create wars. Their financial institutions cannot sustain growing societies. That’s why WAR is created every time their financial system starts to crash. They are starting to with hold energy resources. This will bring the collapse, or crash.

THE DEEP STATE plan is crumbling at many LEVELS and[EXPOSURE] is leaking and time is ticking. There is only one chance for all MILITARY ALLIANCE to STRIKE together on their own deep state governments and [DS] MILITARY. CCP CHINA KNOWS THIS MOMENT IS COMING. WITHIN CHINA IS A SILENT COUP HAPPENING ALSO.


Many of you are very unaware that 1.4 Billion humans will die from the vaccines (Bioweapon attack) and the death counts chaos has already started. These important Chess moves happening had to happen. White HATS took a step back as the enemy used up their final moves and energy. Then the STRIKE HAPPENS. THE NEWS IS FAKE. THE WAR IS REAL. When I say Fake War I mean the DEEP STATE is planning these WARS across the world for confusion. To have the sheep look away from the Truth of exposure of the Plandemic, the Bioweapon vaccines. This fake war is never the less a WAR. The WHITE HATS MILITARY will step in before MAJOR Nuclear conflict erupts into a holocaust. It’s always important to have your 30 to 60 days of food, water and supplies ready.

2. BOOM!!! CRISIS Worldwide Cyber Attacks:

Q: C19 narrative kill date: Election Day +1 Prepare for zero-day massive CYBER-power attacks attempts on 11.4. 11.4 is not a date. I repeat, 11.4 is not a date. Q

The CIA evacuated an intelligence officer serving in Serbia in recent weeks who suffered serious injuries consistent with the neurological attacks known as Havana Syndrome according to current and former U.S. officials. In July, NBC News wrote that up to 200 Americans have reported possible directed energy attack symptoms.

3. BOOOM!!! US Financial CRISIS

Clock ticking for U.S. Congress as Fri. 1 Oct. government shutdown looms:

Wall Street Update: Dow slumps 350 pts, Nasdaq plunges 2% amid surging bond yields.

JPMorgan plans for “POTENTIALLY CATASTROPHIC” US Debt Limit Event (Reuters) The US’ largest lender, JPMorgan, has begun preparations for what its CEO Jamie Dimon says could become another economic recession if the country reaches its debt limit, as fears of default gather pace.

4. BOOM!!! Global Financial CRISIS: Evergrande plunge wipes $250m off US largest investors Black Rock, Vanguard holdings

5. BOOM!!! CRISIS International Child Sex Trafficking Blackmail Network, Whiplash347, EWillHelpYou: I will expose a highly sophisticated global child trafficking operation born out of Southeast Asia with deep-seated political connections to both the Open Society Foundation, the DNC and a host of Globalist Liberal think-tanks and NGO’s that are funding it and using it as a blackmail network against foreign politicians, business leaders and domestic entities. It has been an investigation that spanned several months, several countries and required cooperation of multiple officers in multiple agencies worldwide. In the days ahead, we will tear into them like never before, and along the way; we will expose the hands that made the evil possible. In doing so we will shut them down permanently.

Organ Harvesting Victims, Charlie Ward, Mitchell Gerber:

6. BOOOM!!! CRISIS Global Supply Chain:

A backlog of 500,000 containers are sitting on cargo ships off the Southern California coast, frustrating Truck Drivers who can’t deliver the cargo to stores. Around 500,000 containers are sitting on cargo ships just floating off California’s southern coast, as chaos takes hold at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, according to local media. Outdated infrastructure, importers with nowhere to store containers and help on the docks are reportedly behind the delays – which have lasted for weeks already. Some 65 ships are still stuck outside the port, as trade problems bottleneck:

China Power Crunch threatens global supply chain (Bloomberg): Over half of China’s provinces are already limiting power usage, with manufacturers warning electricity usage cuts will SLASH the output in the country’s major powerhouse provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, which account for almost a THIRD of China’s GDP, according to Bloomberg. This comes as producers and suppliers rush to meet the demand ahead of the end of the year shopping season.

Stricter environmental targets, dramatic rise of the energy prices and coal shortages have all concocted a perfect storm that looks set to hit major companies such as Apple or Tesla, with a number of key suppliers saying they are forced to halt production.

China is shutting down Aluminum, Textile and many more industries. Nothing to do with power and everything to do with assets blocked and seized Trading blocked due to exec order 13848.

Power Shortages across China have caused numerous factories to halt production. A China affairs analyst explains the reasons behind the blackouts.

7. BOOM!!! Oil Shortage CRISIS: UK Petrol pump chaos sparks demand for electric cars. Interest in vehicles that can be charged at home soars as fuel crisis continues and more drivers vow to avoid ever going to a petrol station.

8. BOOM!!! Food, Goods Shortages CRISES:

New York: Farming cooperative shut down by ransomware. Two farms have been hit by a cyberattack within one week:

Iceland: Iceland worker says stores are chaos with shelves ‘running low on everything’. One Iceland employee told The Mirror stores are struggling to keep up with demand and customers are ‘frustrated.’

UK: Britain was in a race against time to fight off multiple ‘Black Swan’ events. There were UK disruptions, not just of gas and CO2, but of labor and fuel for supermarkets and factories.

Three more energy firms go bust amid gas price rise – BBC News. Enstroga, Igloo Energy and Symbio Energy are the latest to go under:

9. BOOOM!!! Deaths via Covid Vaccination CRISIS:

There are far more people dying from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” than the authorities are admitting. A new scientific report explains that there are now millions of people all around the world who have either died or become seriously and permanently injured or disabled from the jabs – with no end in sight. As of Aug. 28, 2021, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) had logged more than 16,000 deaths and more than 450,000 adverse events caused by Fauci Flu shots. A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fraud expert says the true figures for each of these categories is at least five times higher. This means that well over 80,000 people may have died and more than 2,250,000 people have suffered an injury due to getting jabbed for Chinese Germs – but wait, there is more! It is said that about 150,000 reports of injuries and deaths have been scrubbed from the VAERS system in recent days. Add that to the tally and we quickly approach 2.5 million adverse events, including death, caused by Wuhan Flu injections. Another factor to consider is that if a vaccinated person dies within two weeks of injection, that death is not logged into the system as a vaccine-related death. Only those deaths that occur after 14 days are categorized as vaccine deaths. We also know that the true number of incidents involving anaphylaxis (allergic reaction) from the shots is up to 120 times higher than the CDC claims. This adds even more numbers to the tally.

Australia: 6 out of 7 or 86% of people who “died from COVID-19” yesterday in New South Wales, Australia, were fully or partially vaccinated.

Nanochips were found in the bodies of those who died from vaccination – a conference of German pathologists from the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen (Germany) on 09/20/2021. On Monday, 09/20/2021, a conference of pathologists was held where the results of autopsies of eight deceased after vaccination against COVID19 were presented.

CBK: Let me be as clear as I can be. If the vaccine protects the person who is vaccinated from serious illness, but they can still get COVID and they can still transmit COVID. Then the ONLY point of a Vaccine Freedom Passport is control.

Undeclared components of the COVID-19 vaccines (2021-09-20) A Panel of German doctors find contaminates in the vax. You can see the distress in their faces during a video of the conference. This is easily the most in depth look at the contents of the shots. A panel of medical experts in Germany did an emergency broadcast to alert the public about what they have found. 52:45 – Autoimmune Reactions. 1:19:00 – Blood samples of vaccinated (Important), 1:27:00 – Microscopic images of vaccine samples (Very Important)

YouTube will ban any video that claims “vaccines are ineffective or dangerous” from now on and has suspended the accounts of prominent vaccination opponents, including Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (WSJ)

mRNA Vaccines Pose a Threat to Society, Stella Solaris ONG Foundation, Serdar Duzgoren, “We are contacting you on behalf of our NGO in connection with the 8-month study we conducted. In the course of this research, we have come across valuable information and considerations that, in our opinion, require immediate attention. We also contacted people from different fields of practice: medical scientists, researchers and human rights activists.

So we came across a Hungarian biochemist Katalin Kariko, who has been a developer of mRNA therapy since the 1990s, and has also been working at BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals for the last 8 years. During an e-mail exchange, she confirmed to us that from a scientific point of view it is possible that “1 (one) spike protein can give immunization against more than one version of the virus” (K. Kariko’s response).

There is another reason why mRNA vaccines pose an even greater potential threat. An mRNA vaccine can be used as a tool for a biological attack on humanity by simply entering the genetic code of a protein from another, but much more deadly disease. This slightly different protein can give a broader spectrum of immunization that works against more than one disease.

For example: the spike protein of the Delta variant gives immunity against a much simpler version of the Alpha virus. Immunizing people secretly against another, but much more deadly version of the disease (already developed, but not yet released), can be used as a biological attack: when this version is released in the future, it will lead to the planned number of people remaining alive in each country.

This technology could be used on people even selectively if somehow, all over the world, old, sick, disabled people could be separated from young and healthy people and vaccinated at different times. Thus, one vaccine could be deliberately kept away and not given to undesirable people.

According to this logic: Priority groups of the World Health Organization (the elderly, the sick, the disabled and the authorities of all countries) could actually be created to divide the world’s population by age, medical groups, so that a “double-effect vaccine” could be delivered to countries during vaccination of a healthier, younger part of their population. This plan (for “priority” and early vaccination of the old, sick, disabled with any other vaccines, but not this “double-effect vaccine”) has been prepared specifically for non-EU countries, where the majority of the world’s population lives – 7 billion people.

The reason why mRNA technology began to be widely used during this pandemic may be that it is the only way to secretly give people another immunization against a non-circulating (not yet released) virus. This would be impossible using the classical method of vaccine production (with the classical method of vaccine production, the vaccines had to contain components of a non-circulating, future virus that is easy for scientists to detect)…”

“Whether the virus exists or not, at any time when the world’s population is divided and different brands of vaccines are administered to people of different ages and health conditions (through early vaccination periods), it can be used for selective depopulation, as it is briefly explained: right now millions of people can be immunized against this future deadly pathogen of one of the coronavirus mRNA vaccines. Soon after, the target number of people will be immunized, and when this pathogen is released, the result will be as follows.

▪️Elimination of all those who have not been vaccinated with the “double effect vaccine”

▪️Elimination of the majority of elderly people, people with chronic diseases, people with disabilities and the homeless. (bEcause in all countries except the USA, Canada and Switzerland, these people were vaccinated with other brands before the “double-effect vaccine” began to be used, due to the priority risk groups of the WHO Covid19 vaccination program)

▪️The world population will be reduced to approximately the desired number of people (equal to the approximate number of vaccinated with a “double-acting vaccine”), and the survivors will only be from countries where these vaccines are sold and used.

▪️The elimination of most of the world’s authorities (because everyone received priorities and had already been vaccinated before the “double effect vaccine” appeared) and the reboot of all political, judicial, financial and medical systems, the erasure of all governments.

We found this information very disturbing and collected equally disturbing details in our study: Moderna did not publish its mRNA code and continues to keep it secret; using various methods (described in detail in a separate document), Moderna vaccines were delivered specifically to each non-EU country after the country had already vaccinated most of the old, sick people with other brands, and after they began vaccinating the population under the age of 60; and as AstraZeneca, which causes blood clots in young people, is used by almost all countries to inject old people, so most of the Moderna vaccines get to young people (this side effect is accepted and even encouraged by the system that led to old people being injected with this drug).

This is not a risk worth taking, thinking that a private company associated with eugenics is injecting millions of people with unpublished genetic code. Therefore, it is scientifically possible that selective depopulation can be achieved with the help of mRNA vaccines, by immunizing some people also against another pathogen and releasing this deadly pathogen in the future so that only those immunized with a “double-effect vaccine” remain. The mRNA code that is introduced must be transport, it must be publicly confirmed that the genetic code is identical to the sars-cov2 spike protein.

The genetic code kept secret should be used as a reason in a lawsuit to stop vaccination. This new approach should reach lawyers around the world involved in trying to stop the introduction of an unknown genetic code in the name of Covid19 mRNA vaccination.”

10. BOOOM!!! CRISIS 131 Federal Court Judges Knowingly and Deliberately Broke the Law For Monetary Gain: 131 Federal Judges Broke the Law by Hearing Cases Where They Had a Financial Interest. The judges failed to recue themselves from 685 lawsuits from 2010 to 2018 involving companies in which they or their family had ties.

11. BOOOM!!! 2020 Election Fraud CRISIS.

Your votes have been stolen with algorithms and computers since 2000.

Sidney Powell was on Brannon Howse Live tonight and discussed the government patents that she recently discovered, which allow the government to rig and manipulate our elections via algorithms in the voting machines. We’ve suspected this since they stole the 2020 election, but she found PATENTS that were filed in 2006.

John Durham: “Did I mention that 51 members of Congress and their spouses own up to $5.8 million worth of defense contractor stocks – stocks that see massive returns when we engage in endless, unwinnable wars. Does that seem like a problem to anyone else?”

The Event, it is Worldwide and Biblical: WW3 Scare Event. Nuke Sirens. There is going to be a BIG biblical scenario where they make out it’s WW3 but really they are activating Militaries then bombing all of these Satanic Luceriferian landmarks. Enacting GESARA funds and We The People rebuild.

For more go to

Revelation’s Doom And Gloom Is Part Of The Programing

The Nephilim Used Religion To Divide And Conquer The Sons Of God

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      LINCOLN WOOD 136

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    • HawkBowler

      “You were chosen for a Reason. You were being provided the highest of Intel to ever be dropped publicly in the history of the World. Use it to protect and comfort those around you.”

      Thank you, and I shall take that advice…

      Be comforted people that nothing in the Judy bullshit report is true.
      None of the bad shit is coming for normal people. EVIL BITCHES? That’s another story.

      All of the Satanists are glued to their names and their place in the Luceferic web. All traceable. All will be found and known.


      The #1 line of bullshit on the conspiracy channels?


      laughable Hans Gruber

      Next in line…


      uh… no EVIL BITCHES, that’s not true at all. Again, check with ole man Bush.

      We don’t need the military. We don’t need the bullshit media either.

      The STOCK MARKET CRASH is the Chinese Esther’s futures market.
      Investments are being called and cards are going on the table.


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      Operation controlled opposition, project trust , red October is 100% bullshit and a giant nothingburger with extra cheese.

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