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Squatter-Man - ⚡THEY SAW IT IN THE SKY⚡(Perceiving Atlantis) The Birth of Indra ⚡Squatter-Man⚡ (Hymn 18, Mandala IV - Rig Veda)

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Imagine if such a place existed that was modelled after the Axis Mundi, The Assembly of the Gods, the concentric circles once seen in the sky as detailed everywhere we look on our World,

The Azores must be the remains of sunken Atlantis, If you read Ignatius Donnelly’s works on the subject he gives amazing accounts of land masses rising and falling throughout human history. One problem with Plato’s story that no one ever mentions: If the story came from an Egyptian priest, he would have never used the word ‘Zeus’

The ancients suffered severe effects of a catastrophic demise of a presence in the Sky that made this Earth plentyful, they tried in vain, almost relentlessly to recreate a World lost in the Cataclysmic demise of the Ancient Golden ERA, THE AGE THAT IS NOW FORGOTTEN TO US, WAS remembered in Antiquity, All Pyramid structures, Temples, structures like the Kailasa temple, All these places are efforts to recreate the Cosmic Mountain, the Age of Kronos.

All across Siberia the squatter-man is found, All through out the most Ancient cultures, the Squatter-Man is found, this is an influence that assimilates until the meaning becomes lost, Symbolic in every religion, yet it seems no priest or cardinal today even knows the truth about our god-like perceptions, the light of the World.

The Sumerians prayed to the Squatter-Man, from the library of our great collaborator Kronos, one such prayer reads that,

‘rising flood storm approaches mankind, people bring their prayers to you like anxious birds rising, Imbued with awesomness, no one is almightier than you, YOU, of terrifying appearance, endowed with fearsome splendour, you are inbued with great awesomness. You are a Hurricane that approaches mankind, a great storm that sweeps men down, In the Mountains you measure the fields like a miracle emitted from Heaven, You who brings daylight to the mountains and flashes like lightning

You are the lord of the Plantations and Gardens and green reed beds, of the quadrupeds of the wide high desert, of the animals, all living creatures of the plains, An, King of the gods has put them in your hands, he has put them in your hands and you are their lord, Hero of all, they cannot escape your clutches

August wisdom fills the land like the Abzu, of his pure house, he tends to this carefully, he calls the house of Cedar, he pours light over the fields. The Lord of the Holy Mouth, standing on the high mountains, the light keeping guard over every living thing, present constantly every month in the great shrine, Uta-ulu, lord of the gods, Great hero of An’s, GREAT lord of Enlils, Ninurta, August Son of E-Kur, Lordly Son of his own father, your praise is sweet’

The e-kur is the assembly of the gods, Enlil is the personification of the cosmic mountain that the squatte-rman emerges from, Ninurta is a name for the Squatter-Man and if you change the end of this prayer to match these words as suggested by Kronos then it would read “ The Lord of the Holy Mouth, Standing on the High Mountains, the light keeping guard over every living thing, present constantly every month in the great shine, Lord of the Gods, Great Hero of An’s, Great Lord of the Cosmic mountain, Squatter-Man, August son of the Assembly of the Gods, Lordly son of his own father, your praise is sweet

The very word E-Kur translates to the assembly of the gods, it is a Sumerian term meaning “mountain house”. It is the assembly of the gods in the Garden of the gods, parallel in Greek mythology to Mount Olympus and was the most revered and sacred building of ancient Sumer

There is a clear association of Ziggurats with mountain houses. Mountain houses play a certain role in Mesopotamian mythology and Assyro-Babylonian religion, associated with deities such as Anu, Enlil, Enki and Ninhursag. In the Hymn to Enlil, the E-kur is closely linked to Enlil whilst in Enlil and Ninlil it is the abode of the Annanuki, from where Enlil is banished. The fall of E-kur is described in the Lament for Ur. In mythology, the Ekur was the centre of the earth and location where heaven and earth were united, so when the prayer says “Son of E-Kur” the are praying to The Son of the assembly of the Gods, The Squatter-Man.

“Mountain house” is a poor translation. A better one is “the dwelling place of the gods upon the mountain”.

But the mountain is of course ‘cosmic’ In the texts sometimes they differentiate the cosmic e-kur with the “brick built e-kur” This is the same concept REGARDING Atlantis emulating the assembly of the gods in the sky

If you use the poor translation for “son of the e-kur” to mean son of the mountain house… it makes no sense But if you say “son of the assembly of the gods upon the mountain”, it makes perfect sense thru the lense of our understanding of the THE squatter-man under the assembly.

Here’s the thing though, according to scholars “ninurta” is the equivalent of “Saturn” So “Saturn “ was originally also a name for the squatter-man

This assembly… they were the anuna gods. The Anunnaki refers to gods that came down from heaven. That doesn’t mean aliens that landed in spaceships. It means the planet gods and their moons no longer occupying their heavenly positions they once held.

Zecharia sitchin muddied the waters badly with this understanding. In many minds, Anunnaki automatically means ‘aliens’ ,

The words are derivatives of the god ANU

In the epic of Gilgamesh, ishtar (squatter-man) is enraged when Gilgamesh refuses to marry her. So she rushes up to heaven to ask ANU if she can wield the bull of heaven to attack Gilgamesh.

ANU doesn’t want to allow this. Ishtar threatens to unleash a zombie apocalypse upon the earth so he relents and gives her the bull of heaven. Gilgamesh and Enkidu ultimately slay the bull of heaven. And ishtar goes to the underworld – It’s the personification of real events relating to the catastrophic demise of the assembly of the gods and the squatter-man that was ‘lording’ over the earth

In the lament for Urim, passages 179 through to 207 it reads,

Enlil brought Gibil as his aid. He called the great storm of heaven — the people groan. The great storm howls above — the people groan. The storm that annihilates the Land roars below — the people groan. The evil wind, like a rushing torrent, cannot be restrained. The weapons in the city smash heads and consume indiscriminately. The storm whirled gloom around the base of the horizon — the people groan. In front of the storm, heat blazes — the people groan. A fiery glow burns with the raging storm.

After the haze had lifted at noon, he made fires blaze. He locked up the day and the rising of the bright sun together with the good storm. In the Land he did not let the bright sun rise; it shone like the evening star. In the delightful night, the time when coolness sets in, he redoubled the south wind.

The scorching potsherds made the dust glow, the people groan. He swept the winds over the black-headed people — the people groan. Sumer was overturned by a snare — the people groan. It attacked the Land and devoured it completely. Tears cannot influence the bitter storm — the people groan.

The reaping storm dragged across the Land. Like a flood storm it completely destroyed the city. The storm that annihilates the Land silenced the city. The storm that will make anything vanish came doing evil. The storm blazing like fire performed its task upon the people. The storm ordered by Enlil in hate, the storm which wears away the Land, covered Urim like a garment and was spread out over it like linen.

The storm, like a lion, has attacked unceasingly — the people groan.

Then the storm was removed from the city, that city reduced to ruin mounds

It then describes how Corpses are piled and rotting all around the City as the survivors turned their heads, they couldn’t bare what had happened and left as refugees,

With bright insights from Kronos, we can see thru the confusion in the literature and gain insight into the events and into the mindsets of the people that experienced this

There is much talk of “the squatter-man” destroying the rebel lands. The lucky survivors would of course see it that way from their perspective and write about their god helping them. This is Indra destroying with his thunderbolt. It was so destructive that the survivors describe scenes similar to nuclear war. And this is why you see people claim the ancients had a nuclear weapon war. They didn’t. They experienced all of this from events taking place in the sky, THEY Saw it all IN THE SKY!

Hymn 18, Mandala 4 IV Reg Veda BIRTH of the Squatter-man


The Squatter-Man left the Earth in 3102 Years BC, This is the day Kali Yuga began, Specifically, on the 18th of February at midnight in 3102 years BC, This is the departure date of Vishnu, Krishna, the Squatter-Man, the end of the connection, the beginning of this current wave of existence,

In Genesis, it begins to explain that ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”

Perhaps it refers to the beginning of an event rather than the beginning of Human existence, perhaps it refers to a time when a great darkness consumed the Earth when Solar system movements of the Planets became jolted, When Saturn began to expel supernova powers, demolishing the asteroid belt, creating Earths Moon, the cataclysmic upheivel between this time and the Golden age is bordered by a severe cataclysm that was only survived in the Cave systems of the Earth, this could be why places like Derinkuyu exist

Ancient texts in other cultures speak of this as a birth, a time when all was lost and the Ancient God sent a Son, When Saturn exchanged Plasma with other Planets, Generating a torus field, the survivors seen this as a miracle, a god-like figure, indiscriminate, the Son of Saturn’s cosmic demise,

The Hindus remember the Birth of Indra, a God whom came into being and Immedietly conquered the Darkness and dominated the Heavens and the Earth and brought fourth the flood, as Kronos says, the Flood as strange as this might seem, the waters came down from above, it’s as if the Water came as a vapour in the form of Hydrogen and Oxygen Vapour effected by gravitational forces that brought the great flood,

This is immortalised in Hymn 18, Mandala 4 of the Reg Veda, as provided by the reg veda analysis blog with thanks, it reads:

What strange act shall he do, he whom his Mother bore for a thousand months and many autumns?
No peer hath he among those born already, nor among those who shall be born hereafter.
Deeming him a reproach, his mother hid him, Indra, endowed with all heroic valour.
Then up he sprang himself, assumed his vesture, and filled, as soon as he was born, the entire earth and heaven.

The greatest god of the ancient world is about to be born. A god, without peer among those born already or among those who shall be born hereafter, this is the birth of the squatter-man

Vrtra, the dragon, had imprisioned all the waters in the world. None of the gods, could free the waters and had given up this task as a lost cause. Only a cataclysmic event could achieve what even the gods could not. It needed the arrival of a god more powerful than any that existed or would come later, the Torus field, the birth of Indra

I cast thee from me, mine,-thy youthful mother: thee, mine own offspring, Kusava hath swallowed.
To him, mine infant, were the waters gracious. Indra, my Son, rose up in conquering vigour.

The goddess Earth, who bore him for a thousand months and many autumns, hid him, deeming him a reproach . She passed his embryo, and it was swallowed by Kushava, in whose womb it developed favorably, since “the waters were gracious to the child”.

Hereby could one be born though waxen mighty. Let him not, otherwise, destroy his Mother.
Not this way go I forth: hard is the passage. Forth from the side obliquely will I issue.
Much that is yet undone must I accomplish; one must I combat and the other question.

Indra defied the ancient and accepted way by which all gods have come into existence. “Not this way go I forth, hard is the passage. Forth from the side obliquely will I issue”, he proclaimed, even as he lay in the womb of his mother. His time had come, and ominously he declared, “Much that is yet undone must I accomplish; one must I combat and the other question.” the immediate task to be accomplished was the slaying of the dragon Vrtra, bringing light to the world and releasing the waters held by him,

Thou art mine own, O Mag havan, whom Vyamsa struck to the ground and smote thy jaws in pieces.
But, smitten through, the mastery thou wonnest, and with thy bolt the Dasa’s head thou crushedst.
He bent his eye upon the dying Mother: My word I now withdraw. That way I follow.
In Tvastar’s dwelling India drank the Soma, a hundred worth of juice pressed from the mortar.
The Heifer hath brought forth the Strong, the Mighty, the unconquerable Bull, the furious Indra.
The Mother left her unlicked Calf to wander, seeking himself, the path that he would follow.
Then to her mighty Child the Mother turned her, saying, My son, these Deities forsake thee.
Then Indra said, about to slaughter Vrtra, O my friend Vrtra, stride full boldly forward.

Indra, of his own volition, insisted on being delivered the unusual way, eventually resulting in the death of Kusava. Kusava, so incapacitated, was unable to care for the newborn. Allegorically, Vamadeva the composer of this hymn, says, “The Heifer hath brought forth the Strong, the Mighty, the unconquerable Bull, the furious Indra. The Mother left her unlicked Calf to wander, seeking himself, the path that he would follow.”

Are they addressing him with words of welcome? Will the floods take on them the shame of Indra?
With his great thunderbolt my Son hath slaughtered Vrtra, and set these rivers free to wander.
With lively motion onward flow these waters, the Holy Ones, shouting, as ’twere, together.
Ask them to. tell thee what the floods are saying, what girdling rock the waters burst asunder.

Worse still, Kusava’s husband, Vyamsa, did everything he could to ensure the newborn was put to death. Vyamsa struck to the ground and smote Indra jaws in pieces. Undeterred, Indra seized a bolt and crushed Vyamsa’s head. After all, even at birth, Indra was endowed with all heroic valour. As soon as he was born, he sprang himself, assumed his vesture, and filled the earth and heaven.

Having widowed Kusava, Indra took one last look at her, even as she lay their dying and hurried towards Tvastar’s dwelling and drank an enormous amount of Soma. What was ordained had to be fulfilled and even a dying mother could not bind the god. The orphanded god, forsaken by the other gods, now turned to his only friend Visnu, “O my friend Visnu, stride full boldly forward”. Thus saying, Indra slew Vrtra, liberating the waters, which burst forth from the COSMIC mountain stronghold where they had been imprisoned.

With great pride, the goddess Earth exults, “With his great thunderbolt my Son hath slaughtered Vrtra, and set these rivers free to wander”. And given the single handed accomplishment of her son, then mocks the other gods, “Are they (the gods) addressing him with words of welcome? Ask them (the gods) to tell thee what the floods are saying, what girdling rock the waters burst asunder”.

This extraordinary account of events must be a record of an ancient epochal milestone in the history of humankind, it’s the Birth of the Squatter-Man,

The imprisionment of waters in the world, the capture of the sun god, and long lasting nights – a recurring theme in the Rig Veda, related to the Vrtra legend, point to a period in the history of humankind similar to conditions that would have existing during an ice age, a time when the Earth had a diminished Sun, before the prevailing light we see today came into being

Only a cataclysmic event would have reversered conditions. What we do know is around 13,000 years or so ago, a global meltdown resulted in the birth of several rivers and rise in sea levels the world over,

The composers of the Rig Veda, linked an ancient human memory with the birth of their great god Indra. While this particular hymn, gives no clues to what the exact cause of the meltdown might have been, the association is apparent. From this hymn, we may infer that the cause is earth bound – for his mother “bore him for a thousand months and many autumns”. We are told of the gargantuan scale of the event because at its occurence it was “endowed with all heroic valour”. “Then up he sprang himself, assumed his vesture, and filled, as soon as he was born, the entire earth and heaven.”

The result of this event is the demise of Vrtra, the demon, that no other gods were able to put an end to and the release of waters the world over, out of the darkness, life again would prevail


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