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Preparations for War - Continuity of Government - CERN Dismantled - CIA Headquarters Under CERN - Bitcoin Collapsing - Maxwell Trial - 2,809 Dead Babies From Vaccine - Clones

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 6 Dec. 2021

Compiled Mon. 6 Dec. 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“The Plan to Save the World” …Q+

Judy Note: According to Whiplash347 the US Indo-Pacific Command was at Defcon 1 for a Fire and Fury False Flag ready to go live. Mr. Pool: “The EBS Comes At Any Moment.”

No one really knew when liquidity in the Global Currency Reset would occur as it was a Military decision dependent upon certain events and no one was talking.

A. News Headlines for Sun. 5 Dec. 2021:

-The White Hats have dismantled CERN.

-New World Order advocates completed the Capitol of Kazakhstan in 2019 as Astana – the Illuminatti headquarters for harvesting children.

-CIA Headquarters, which funded the Illuminatti out of US taxpayer dollars, was located beneath Lake Geneva Switzerland and was only accessible via underground trains and submarines which travelled through a 275 kilometer (170 mile) subterranean tunnel beginning in Genova, Italy and ending in Lake Geneva.

-Under orders from the Illuminatti Epstein worked for many governments, including the Israeli Mossad. Epstein’s Island was a blackmail headquarters controlled by special services. The Cabal benefited from the Satan worshipping island of pedophiles because they could control and manipulate politicians, celebrities and the elite after videotaping them in illegal acts with children.

-The Q Course is a 12 man Soldier Team Special Forces that rescues children from Deep Underground Military Bases – all under Operation Continuity of Governments (COG).

-The Crypto Market has officially collapsed.

-The Deep State completed the blood-clotting killer Vax in 2015.

-Biophysicist Andreas Kalker has developed a 100% effective cure for Covid-19 and all its varieties, but his information was being blocked from the Internet.

-SHOCKING: 2,809 dead babies in VAERS Report on vaccinated pregnant women.

-Ten US healthcare organizations have suspended mandatory vaccinations policies following a court ruling, while a locked down Australia enforces CV Concentration Camps similar to Nazi Germany.

-Vitamin C Cures Disease but Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Want You to Know This.

B. On Being Red Pilled, Pepe Lives Matter, Praying Medic

When the Israelites stood on the shore of the Red Sea, there were only two futures for them. They would either die at the hands of Pharaoh’s Army or find a way across the Red Sea. They were not going back to Egypt. We are in a similar situation. Trump’s first term in office burned the bridge that we might take to return to the way things used to be. This country and indeed the world will never go back to the way things used to be. The future that lies before us is either a dark and miserable prison or a bright and glorious awakening. The one we experience will be determined by us.

Remember: Hillary Clinton was the red line. America was on the verge of being destroyed in 2016 and here we stand again in 2021 seemingly back where we started. Yet we aren’t.  The amount of progress we’ve made in the Great Awakening is far more significant than people think. We’ve never seen anything like this and here’s the kicker: We’re just getting started.

You aren’t alone. The red pill fields are ripe for harvesting. It’s never been easier to show someone the truth about the world than it is now. Babylon is exposed for world to see and you can’t put this Awakening back in a box. Apocalypse literally means unveiling. The world is red pilled and there’s no going back.

I can affirm that there are many more awake than people think. Some have been quietly watching the red pill Fiesta that is 2020/21, soaking it all in, and going about their business with new eyes. I talked to a man the other day and he didn’t know who I was on the internet. He told me that this entire thing with the infinite booster shots was insane. He told me how can I not be red oilled when this is all just staring at me right in my face.

And that’s the point. It’s becoming too difficult to ignore Babylon and the red pill. All for a reason frens. Take heart. The Great Awakening is moving deeply into society. Many more victories to come. Believe!

C. The Truth About The United Nations:

D. Wars and Rumors of Wars:

Putin prepares for imminent invasion on EU’s border – UK and NATO planning for war:

NEW U.S. INDO-PACIFIC COMMAND DEFCON 1 (4-10-20)*D5 Atlas Launch 12/5: Fire and Fury False Flag ready to go live. Non Nuclear Owl. The Masses tend to panic in such situations. No war. No civil unrest. Clean and swift. Good will always defeat evil.

The Indo-Pacific is ‘witnessing a dramatic military build-up,’ Peter Dutton:

E. Continuity of Government:

The Truth About the United States’ “Continuity of Government” Plans & The Coronavirus Perfect Storm:

F. Sun. 5 Dec. Situation Update: Defcon 3 Alert: Nuremberg Trials 2.0 Start; Pedo Sex Rings Busted; Military in Charge since Nov.3; Trump sworn in as President of Republic on Sat. 27 Nov; Alliance of 17 Elite Global Forces; EBS – GCR go together; Russia, NATO, Ukraine, Iran Missle, Syria; Crypto Markets Crash, Epstein Black Book: Military is the only way. Q

G. 12-1-21 Juan O Savin: “The players involved in this fraud & the fact that it existed was in play. Years before Trump took office the Deep State was working on the Vax and had it completed in 2015. So when Trump was going warp speed he was forcing them to roll out what they already had ahead of THEIR schedule which was designed to come out during Hillary Clinton. This was an attack on multiple fronts against America & the world to seal the deal where we would never get free in our lifetime. These things are coming unraveled.”

H. Protests on Sun. 5 Dec. took place in Washington DC, Luxemburg, Hamburg Germany, Serbia Belgrade, Copenhagen Denmark, Brussels, Barcelona Spain, Belgium, Cyprus and New York.

I. Charlie & Colleen Freak: “The movie BORAT was a psyop designed by the Phoenicians to make you think Kazakhstan was just goat farmers, nothing there. Why? Because the brand new Capitol of Kazakhstan completed in ’19 was ASTANA / anagram for SATAN – a wonderful name for a place that’s harvesting children. This was to be the headquarters of the NWO. Their plan: C-19, vax, 5G, America to fall, → NWO Astana.”

J. CERN Switzerland, Zurich CIA Headquarters:

Because CERN is the largest and most advanced nuclear and particle physics laboratory in the world, security at the top-secret facility is the most stringent on Earth. Consequently, it’s the perfect place to hide the entrance to the one and only Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As originally depicted in the March 31, 2015, report entitled “10 Reasons Why Switzerland is Home to the CIA”, hard evidence now confirms that Switzerland is in fact harboring the CIA. However, exactly where CIA Headquarters is located within Switzerland has remained a mystery—until now. In short, CERN serves as the secret entrance to CIA Headquarters which is located in the underwater Alpine canyons of Lake Geneva, a lake so deep it had to be explored by Mir 1 and Mir 2, Russian submarines which are known for their ability to dive up to 6,000 meters (19,685 feet).

The notion that CERN is the secret entrance to CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva is corroborated by the fact that as of 2013, CERN had 2,513 staff members and 12,313 fellows, associates and apprentices, a majority of which are likely CIA personal. Considering that approximately 15,000 people commute to CERN and/or CIA Headquarters on a daily basis, they must do so via secret underground trains as there are no major parking lots at CERN as seen in the aerial view of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Consequently, CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva is only accessible via underground trains from CERN, and via submarines which travel through a 275 kilometer (170 mile) subterranean tunnel which evidently begins in Genova, Italy, and ends in Lake Geneva.

K. Global Financial Crisis:

Evergrande Moves Toward Restructuring as Monday Deadline Looms:

Bitcoin’s richest trader loses $2.5 BILLION in one day as Crypto market collapses:

More than 200 Chinese companies may be kicked off US exchanges:

L. Maxwell Trial:

“Epstein worked for many governments, including the Israeli (Mossad). The same FBI that pursued Trump covered up an elite pedophile and his island. Remember that Epstein’s Island was a “honey point” (blackmail), which was controlled by special services. Our own government benefited from the island of pedophiles because they could control and manipulate politicians, celebrities and the elite after videotaping them. Cameras were installed inside the island (as Rachel Chandler boasted on her Instagram page).

David Rockefeller was in Epstein’s black book. Epstein served on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation. Rockefeller and Epstein both served on the Trilateral Commission.

Prince Andrew took at least FOUR flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane.

M. Covid/Vax Hoax:

SHOCKING: 2,809 Dead Babies in Latest Trending VAERS Report:

UK: Hospitalized Children Suffer Myocarditis Because Of C-19 Vaccines!!!

Biophysicist Andreas Kalker has developed a 100% effective cure for Covid-19 and all its varieties. He has been researching a substance called chlorine dioxide for more than 13 years. NASA called this substance a “universal antidote” in 1987. His treatment method was first used to combat Covid-19 by military, police and politicians in Bolivia, who recovered in four days. Then a law was passed that made this tool nationwide. As a result, the death rate of 100 people per day has dropped to almost zero. Then clinical trials confirmed the effectiveness of this treatment method against Covid-19. Now more than 5,000 doctors in 25 countries use chlorine dioxide (or CDS for short) to save lives. However, Andreas Kalker came across an amazing thing: as soon as it became known that his method of treatment cures people from the Chinese Coronavirus, he was subjected to mass censorship. All his social media pages have been deleted, his scientific account on has also been deleted, and the book on Amazon has been blocked. Obviously, this medicine must be hidden at all costs.

This is why they don’t want you to know about Ivermectin:

Omicron May Provide Natural Immunity:

The Truth About CLONES! This Is WHY They Push The SHOTS! – The True Defender:

Pandemic of Manufactured Fear:

Australian CV Concentration Camps: Para Kas-Vetter: What on Earth is Going on at Binjari, Australia?

Following a court ruling, 10 US healthcare organizations have suspended mandatory vaccinations policies.

N. Where do all the illegals go? If this is true, and it seems to be, the illegal aliens are above the law under the Biden administration. We have been seeing Illegals crossing the border—unscathed. There are buses waiting for them—who arranged for that? Where do the buses go? Now we know…

The Government is making arrangements with Homewood Suites for one, paying them to fill hotels up with illegals. The government is contracting with bus companies and moving them to red states and sanctuary cities. The Government is contracting to feed them. The hotels are closed for normal business.

On Monday night, TGP’s Jordan Conradson investigated the Homewood Suites in Scottsdale, Arizona after receiving a tip that it was an illegal immigrant safe house. The hotel is located at 9880 N Scottsdale Rd. When Conradson arrived at the hotel, every entrance was barricaded, and he had to park down the street. He walked up to the hotel and greeted some officers. This is incredible.There’s a safe house for illegal immigrants being secretly maintained without our knowledge – until now, Conradson did some digging…

Conradson: What’s going on here?
LES Officer: You actually need to leave the property, it’s actually a closed hotel.
Conradson: Oh, so what’s going on?
LES Officer: This is a private property man.
Conradson: But what’s going on?
LES Officer: If you want to get information for that you need to go to
Conradson: I heard that they were harboring illegal immigrants here. Is that true?
LES Officer: You can go to the website and they’ll give you as much information as they can.
Conradson: Who do you work for?
LES Officer: I’m contracted with LES, it’s a law enforcement contract service company.
Conradson: Why aren’t people allowed on the premises?
LES Officer: You can go to to get information for that other than that this is closed, this is private property from the company that’s here.

Guess what the story behind Endeavors is…ENDEAVORS.ORG is the website for Family Endeavors, a San Antonio nonprofit tied to the Biden administration. They received an $87 million no-bid contract in March to clothe and shelter illegal immigrants. They then received ANOTHER contract for $530 MILLION shortly after.

It’s all been masterminded by the Biden Administration right under the noses of Americans living in Scottsdale. But there’s more.

A Selrico Services food van pulled out of the parking lot. Selrico is a food service company that is also based in San Antonio. They must be contracted to provide food for those in this country illegally. So not only are these illegal aliens being housed at taxpayer expense, they’re being fed at our expense too! They get all this free and then we’re sent the bill through taxation. Conradson wanted to find out who specifically was organizing all this. Conradson called the local police station since he could not get any answers from the representatives at the hotel

Conradson: I would like to know what is going on at the Homewood Suites on Scottsdale Rd. and Mountainview. Do you have any information about what’s going on there?
Dispatcher: Nothing outside of the fact that it’s being monitored by ICE and that we have police presence there from other agencies 24/7.
Conradson: Who is managing the hotel?
Dispatcher: I don’t have that information exactly.
Conradson: But ICE is in there 24/7?
Dispatcher: Yeah, it’s being monitored by them and outside agencies.
Conradson: Do you know what the outside agencies are?
Dispatcher: I think it’s just a mix of all Arizona state agencies.
Conradson: Are they communicating with you on how many people they’re bringing into Scottsdale, into the hotel?
Dispatcher: I don’t have any specifics on it.
Conradson: Where do I find more information?
Dispatcher: You could try to look up any of the ICE numbers online and see if they give any further.
Conradson: Do you have any information on exactly what’s going on? I mean obviously, they’re harboring illegal immigrants, but do you know anything else?
Dispatcher: No we don’t have any further.

The Deep State inside Arizona is a part of this, and so is ICE and the police. It’s all one unified effort to keep this a secret from the American people. Here’s exactly what is at stake. This is atrocious. Over 600 MILLION DOLLARS are funding this operation to flood red counties with illegal residents and brand new Democrat voters, and it’s costing the American taxpayers money and it’s putting the American people in DANGER.

Instead of protecting American citizens, officers are being paid by our tax dollars to protect non-citizens who are invading our communities. The globalist elites who govern this country are attempting to change the population so that it votes in the way that they prefer. They don’t care about any of the Americans currently living here. They just want to replace them with people from other countries. And they’re doing their best to keep it under wraps.

So share this article far and wide to raise awareness about what they’re doing, and let’s hope we can put a stop to this! Google “homewood suites immigrants” if you doubt this account. For more info on Endeavors: EXCLUSIVE: ICE gave $87M no-bid contract.

O. The Real News for Sun. 5 Dec. 2021:

Declassified CIA reports show that agency employees committed sexual crimes against children and were not brought to justice. BuzzFeed News: Over the past 14 years, the Central Intelligence Agency has secretly gathered convincing evidence that at least 10 of its employees and contractors have committed sexual crimes involving children.

Inspector General Reports Horrifying Crimes by CIA Agents, READ HERE:! This is the link:

Chief Justice Roberts on Roe vs. Wade:

Escape from Covid camp


Dr. Says 25% increase in heart attacks

SPIRITUAL RESET by KomorusanQ714

The sons of God lost control of Creation due to the worthless concepts of spirituality that the hybrid human serpent seed bloodlines created for us. We are born in our Father’s Love genetically encoded with His Righteousness we have a moral compass and know right from wrong.

Trump was born to complete the task that Jesus started. He knew the time would come to answer his calling to stand up and step in at this time in human history. Trump is not bound to any religious indoctrination and therefore he’s totally receptive to what has to be done so that our Heavenly Father’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It’s the cleansing and rebirth of our Earth. It’s the “Second Coming” where all original creation will be restored. Unless we understand how we surrendered our discernment to the doctrines of vipers, we will fall again. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

The Nephilim Used Religion To Divide And Conquer The Sons Of God

The Pagan Gospel Of The Church Replaced The Gospel Of Jesus The Irrefutible history behind Roman Emperor Constentine’s ability to implement his pagan practices into the bible canons that begun at the Council of Nicaea in 325ad and ended at the Council Of Carthage in 397ad when the official bible rolled out. Revelation’s Doom And Gloom Is Part Of The Programing The irrefutable history behind the book of Revelation.

The Globalist Globe To Be Exposed Next: The greatest challenge we will ever face is the ability to deprogram ourselves to the truth about our earth.

It’s about ending what has plagued our earth for thousands of years. The nephilim hybrid human demonic race feed on our children and through the abduction scenario, took our children to D.U.M.B’s to experiment, torture, extract adrenochome, traffic and genetically modified themselves to look like us. The nephilim are no longer the giants of old with two rows of teeth with six fingers and toes. They’re the new men of renown who control all governments on earth which allows them to do their evil degenerate activities, genetic experiments and satanic rituals underground. This video shows how for many generations parents have been abducted and used to be manipulated genetically themselves and their children. They can’t survive without our DNA. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years.

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    • buffaloman

      reading this bullshit is atleast cheaper than buying the grocery store tabloids :lol:

    • LonePatriot3

      MSM is trying to make fun of people wanting to protect themselves with cheap and proven drugs. Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. It also beats Pfizer’s new wonder drug hands down, and costs next to nothing. Ivermectin doesn’t make tons of money. So they know the Covid shot is on its final gasp, so they take it add something different to it, rebrand under another name and charge 20 times what they would for ivermectin. I cannot wrap my head around this nonsense. When I explain this to my relatives they label me as crazy and ask me if I know better than science. I don’t make up these information out of my ass. All this information is true and proven. For some people it is near impossible for them to wake up. They are comfortable in their clown world life. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

    • Busta Myth

      Trust the sQam ….snzzzz…why does Donny Drumpfstein do the Commie fist salute all the time if the kiddy sniffer is “China Joe” ? …wasn’t it Trump that went to the Forbidden City in CHINA and also went to Commie North Korea where he saluted some Commie Officer with a foo kin big Hat…oh and wasn’t it Trump that said he got lovely letters from Rocketboy ?…eerrr, YES…these people a raving foo kin lunatics the lot of them….”WARP SPEED” ….”SPUTNIK V” …..”MOONSHOT”…bbbb…..but nobody is “Colluding” with Russia…snzzzz

      • Anonymous

        They are ALL agents of Rothschild.
        Cattle goyim are like lowing cows, led wherever the latest MSM narrative or Deep State fake “alt” media spies take them- whether its Jaco Jackal, Simon Parkes married to an ET or Charles Ward who got girls for BBC staff… yet look how these fools follow like a swine herd.

    • No time

      The data suggests that we may currently be witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world. The severity of this situation compels us to ask this critical question: will we rise to the defense of billions of innocent people? Or will we permit personal profit over justice, and be complicit? Networks of lawyers all over the world are preparing class-action lawsuits to prosecute all who are serving this criminal agenda. To all who have been complicit so far, we say: There is still time to turn and choose the side of truth. Please make the right choice.

    • Trueblue2k2

      Trump’s already in play military solution provided for fast-track National Defense against hoards of domestic traitors and terrorists. Some of them are billionaire “philanthropist” types who launder obscene amounts of black money and use it to destroy America. Military tribunals under present US Military Rule can seize assets under a much broader scope to bring such 5th column players down quickly and decisively. That process is ongoing, unbeknownst to some of the treasonous leftist fools who will soon have no funds and no future.

    • Justin Case

      The CIA headquarters is under CERN? In Switzerland? Are you retarded???

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