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It's All Going Down! - Financial Collapse - Media - Big Tech - Governments - Pedophiles - Hollywood - The World Is About to Change

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 9 March 2022
Compiled Wed. 9 March 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret,
Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her
twenty two multiple personalities.


It‟s Time
Trust the Plan
Zero Day Incoming
Everything is About to Change
Blackout Necessary
Prepare Backups. Archive Everything.
Have on hand 2-3 weeks worth of food, fuel, cash and essential items

Stolen History Lifting the Veil of Deception

  Judy Note: The following has been verified by various respected Intel sources:

Sat. 5 March was the launch of Global Currency Reset throughout the world, marking a
start of the redemption program.

On Sun. 6 March the world moved to a Quantum Financial System. From now on all
nations’ financial, communication, media and voting systems would be handled through a
Quantum Computer that broadcast by way of hundreds of Star Link Satellites presently in
place and encircling the globe.

On Mon. 7 March all banks throughout the world made the switch from the old Cabalrun SWIFT System to the Quantum Financial System. This Quantum System was well
tested and had been running simultaneously with the SWIFT System since 22 Feb. 2022.

Abbot Downing and Wells Fargo have been informed that at some point soon there
would be an 800# release authorization for Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group), to set
redemption/ exchange appointments at some 7,000 Redemption Center off-site locations
across the globe.

 Judy Note: If you wish to receive the special and higher currency exchange rates and/or
redeem Zim, you must make an appointment to do so at Redemption Centers that have
been set up for that purpose. If you go into a bank to exchange they will give you the
lower international rates and cannot redeem Zim.

 Wells Fargo would be sending out emails worldwide to currency and Zim holders that
contained a link to a Secured Website. That Secured Website would also be published in
this update and on several Dinar websites. You go into that Secured Website to obtain
instructions on how to set your exchange appointment.

According to MarkZ, as of Mon. morning 7 March Bond Holders and Groups were in
a 36 hour window to go.

According to Bruce, as of Tues. 8 March the IRS would no longer be garnishing wages.

According to Bruce, notification for full access to funds was set to go out to Bond
Holders at 8:45 pm EST Tues. 8 March.

According to Bruce, notification to set appointments for Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group)
would be right after, or sometime Wed. 9 March.

The Department of Defense has mandated that the Tier 4B security codes be completed
by Thurs. 10 March.

Russian President Putin has announced that the Russian Ruble would be gold-backed as
of Thurs. 10 March.

According to Bruce, the fiat US Dollar and old SWIFT Financial System becomes
officially defunct Thurs. morning 10 March at 1:01 am EST.

According to Bruce, also on Thurs. morning 10 March at 1:01 am EST both the
Restored Republic and new US Treasury Notes become effective.

Once began, Foreign Currency Exchanges/ Zim Bond Redemption would last at
least six days, maybe longer, so book your timeslots ASAP.

The US Senate has passed an emergency bill funding the US Inc. government until Fri.
11 March, thus averting a government shutdown that would occur on Sat. 12 March.

Tues. 15 March was the Ides of March when traditionally, all debt was to be paid.  It was expected that the General Public could exchange foreign currencies at the new gold/ asset-backed currency rates beginning Tues. 15 Ides of March.

  Judy Note: So, which headline should I pick for today?

That yesterday Russian Intelligence in the Ukraine uncovered that the Cabal had long
planned a major False Flag Event for Tues. 8 March? Was that imminent Event really
not a False Flag, but the release of biological warfare-infected fleas on the planet from
one of the 30 bio-weapons labs in Ukraine funded by the CIA and Pentagon? – that were
recently destroyed by the Nazi Ukraine authorities because the Russian Military was
headed their way?

Should the headline read “US Government invested over a billion dollars in promoting
a vaccine narrative – a vaccine that contained nine pages of adverse reactions including
death for every 17th person vaccinated.” Though, even more concerning was the 5G and
Graphene Oxide in the vaccine believed inserted as an antenna for Mind Control. Or,
even more scary than that was that the Pfizer vaccine was known to change the DNA in
liver cells.

Or, do we have a different False Flag incoming? – and could the reason for that False
Flag by the Cabal have a purpose to stop the Internet being removed on Thurs. 10
March (as Putin announced yesterday) because then not only would the Cabal’s last
source of income – Bitcoin Blockchain – stop synchronizing in the event of an Internet
shutdown, but all their False News outlets and Social Media including Google that drives
the Cabal Agenda, would be destroyed?

Or, perhaps I could talk about the perks Russia would be getting for destroying close
to 30 Cabal-CIA funded bio-weapon labs in the Ukraine that were about to unlease
multiple viruses on the general public and rescuing children, arresting perps, from a
Biden-owned Nazi Ukraine Human and Sex Trafficking ring. Sanctions on Russia by
New World Order countries for “invading” the Nazi run Ukraine would soon result in
loss of the Petro Dollar and be a final nail in the coffin for a crash of the World Markets,
not to mention the perk of closures of 830 Illuminati-owned Russian McDonalds which,
like McDonalds across the globe, were serving hamburgers made of the meat of children,
plus the great perk of Russia being the first nation to go on the gold standard of the
Global Currency Reset.

Or, should today‟s headline read that in a couple of days on Thurs. 10 March we get
Quantum Starlink Internet, along with the regulation of 209 nation’s gold/ asset-backed
currencies trading on a one to one with each other?

Or, should the headline be that Pfizer vaccine documents court-ordered released on
1 March proved that the US federal government paid media outlets to push the Covid-19
Jab even though there was no medical evidence to support the vaccine mandates?

– mandates on vaccines that Pfizer‟s own documentation showed nine pages of
serious adverse health side effects including the deaths of every 17th person jabbed
in Pfizer’s own research done prior to CDC approval that they paid millions to get?

– mandates that were being so fought by Patriots across the nation that they were
supporting 70+ miles of the Trucker Freedom Convoy encircling the Washington DC
Beltway today?

 – a Washington DC that has been deserted with a ten foot high barbed wire fence
guarded on the inside around an empty White House since a comatose Biden played his
part in his fake inauguration partially filmed on a Hollywood stage?

Or, should I emphasize that it was rumored that with shutdown of the Internet, all
phones would be cut off? Think Satellites and Internet Cables being cut – because we
were getting new Quantum Phones. Think Tesla.

Or, would it be more important that the general public know that the Alliance was
advising to download Signal App as “you would need it during the Storm.”

Wow. It‟s hard to choose.

   Whiplash347 Three Day Event, Ten Days of Darkness:

A worldwide Blackout was part of the US Space Force Trump Card.

 It should be a quick change over to Tesla Free Energy. See Texas Tower & Tesla
Battery Installations – needed power for the Emergency Broadcast System.

Ten Days of Disclosure: 3 x 8hr Movie – 24/7 for 10 days in many languages.

No Texts or Phone Calls.

No Internet while Operation Mockingbird being wiped, (rebooted) and Project Odin
Starlink Internet coming Online.

Just Signal App – Highly Encrypted Mil App connected to the Military Satellite –
download in Play Store. Signal was no longer controlled by the CIA, but by the White
Hat Military Intelligence, NSA.

The Turksat Rocket was a Military Satellite for Military Comms to TVs and Radios for
Europe, Africa, the Mid East and Asia.

Get all of your photos off Facebook, Twitter, Insta etc. as they were going away and
never returning.

The new platforms were controlled by Trump/White Hats/Space Force etc.

Before phones were disabled all phones worldwide would receive seven messages from
President Trump.

Market crash, then a transfer of wealth.

   Whiplash347: Project Odin and the Quantum Financial System

They will announce the Queen‟s death. For three days plus ten days of mourning
everything stops in a “Bay of Pigs” Scenario.

To do the QFS transfer, all Banks and Stock Markets across the world will close. They
have 3 to 5 days to do the transfer:

 You will need some cash out as ATM’s/EFTPOS machines will go down.

They will kill the Internet (Putin announced that would happen Thurs. 10 March), then
announce the Queen’s death, followed by a Bay Of Pigs-like three day weekend war
during Ten Days of Darkness and Emergency Broadcast System release, Global Currency
Reset and bombings of 34 Satanic buildings globally.

Whiplash347, JFK Jr.: Taking out naZi – Zionist. One in the same and they just don’t
know. Operation Z. Israel is last. Zion is last. Zion Wuhan/ Big Pharma/ 3GD. Rods
Incoming. Paris shooting arrow into Achilles.

Zero Day was Fri. 11 March when Russia disconnected from the SWIFT system and
the Petro Dollar went down – unable to recover from events of this past week. By
Saturday-Sunday 12, 13 March the associated worldwide economic problems with oil
were bound to appear and shatter the Markets for a potential Mon. 14 March crash –
just in time for the Ides of March 15 when traditionally debts were to be settled:

   International Child Sex Trafficking:

Pedophile convicted of rape and sexual activity of a child:

Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein Documentary „Prince and the Pedophile‟ Sold to
Italy by Beyond Rights:

Taiwan housed a major human trafficking network that sat in the middle of the South
China Sea, Philippine Sea, North China Sea and Indonesia trading route down to
Australia. Taiwan has been the hub of human trafficking and sex trade into China for
hundreds of years and more recently, housed Organ harvesting networks. The
Rothschilds and Rockefellers banking systems created a larger network of investments
into Taiwan in the past 60 years and created a power house of electronic chipping
supplies and money laundering networks in all countries through the computer, digital
industries worldwide and shipping ports that moves their human trafficking networks.

On the Cabal‟s Evergreen Ship that blocked the Suez Canal (co-owned by Walmart
and the Clinton Foundation, with ties to Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Fauci, Gates,
Rothchilds, Rockerfellers, Klaus Schwab, Merkel, CIA, Kazarian Mafia and Mossad ):
1,200 children were rescued; 1,350 children were found dead; 30 years of climate change
weapons were seized worth $40 Billion; six stories of weapons, guns, bombs and missiles
were found; two million vials of deadly vaccines were confiscated; a nuke warhead
heading to Romania was seized; the ship was rigged with explosives and the $120 Billion
Evergreen cargo was seized. Trafficked Children, Bodies, Weapons Found on Evergreen
Ship Blocking Suez Canal | Politics | Before It’s News

   Global Financial Crisis:

There will be more disruptions in the financial system as backend changes are
implemented with QFS. The most recent is the Mastercard situation in the UK.
Mastercards were not working across the UK, creating chaos for credit and debit card

 Credit Suisse’s Pozsar says commodities crisis could weaken Eurodollar, boost Yuan:

 Russian banks are switching to the Chinese Union Pay payment system. Alfa Bank,
Tinkoff and Sberbank announced that they will issue Union Pay cards (cooperates with
180 countries of the world) together with the Russian payment system MIR. Earlier it
was known that Visa and Mastercard are ceasing their activities in the Russian
Federation. Cards issued in Russia will not work outside the country, but will work inside

 Crude prices surge as US expected to ban Russian oil. Price of a barrel reached $129.92
at 1430 GMT.

 The price of gas in Europe is already more than $4,000 per thousand cubic meters.

 Scholz: “The EU’s energy needs cannot be met without Russian imports, so we do not
plan to suspend it.”

 Johnson: “It’s impossible to just stop using oil and gas overnight, even from Russia.”

 Hungary is against the embargo. The country is already shouting that they have become
a victim of sanctions.

 US: For the first time since 2008, the average price of gasoline in the United States
reached $4 per gallon and $5 per gasoline.

 Italy: A liter of gasoline in Italy now costs 2.24 euros.

 France: Residents of France have already been warned that they should try to reduce
energy costs, said French Economy Minister Bruno Le Mer.

 US Climate Representative and member of the Cabal John Kerry: “Due to antiRussian sanctions, we will have to live with higher energy costs for some time”

 China: Shares of Rusal in Hong Kong soared by 34% amid rising aluminum prices. The
growth of the Russian company’s securities occurred precisely against the background of
the renewal of the historical maximum by aluminum. The price of non-ferrous metal has
risen above $4,000 per ton.

 Germany: “Boycotting Russian oil and gas, we will get double-digit inflation”: A
German economist described how sanctions against Russia will turn out for Europe, there
are two options – bad and absolutely bad.

 Russia: Putin is the first largest major country to pull away from the Society for
Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) – a CIA-RithschildRockefellers Deep State controlled banking system headquartered in Switzerland.

 Russia went back to Gold backed System that JFK and now Trump planned to create to
bring the down Deep State Central World Banking System.

 Collapse of the world markets was happening faster than MSM could report or coverup. That’s why you see in every country organizations backed by Elites asking for money
for Nazi and Deep State controlled Ukraine donations.

 Inflation is happening at an immense rapid speed and picking up pace. Millions of top
investors from around the world have sold off their stock and pulled money.

 China’s collapse in the world market was purposely done to help collapse the Deep
State system.

 China: An internal coup is silently taking place in the Chinese Communist Party.

 China is also headed to a full gold-backed standard.

 Middle East: Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is uniting the Middle East and
preparing them for a gold-backed precious metals banking system.

 Each of these countries mentioned and almost every nation, was in the middle of
cleaning up their Deep State Cabal controlled country.

  Covid/Vax Hoax:

 Australia: Victorian man dies from Japanese encephalitis as authorities warn people to
avoid mosquitos. Health authorities warn of serious risks of mosquito-borne disease as
NSW and Queensland also report cases:

 Florida: The Surgeon General of Florida, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, announces that Florida will become the first state to officially recommend AGAINST the COVID-19 vaccines for
healthy children.

 Pharmaceuticals stopped their vaccine testing because animals were dying.

  Demonstrations and Freedom Convoy Rallies:

 Greece in Thessaloniki, demonstrators burn the NATO flag during an anti-war rally.

 70 miles of the People’s Convoy for Freedom from vaccine mandates were staying in
Hagerstown, Maryland. The convoy gathered so many vehicles that parts of the convoy
were forced to stay in neighboring towns at a distance of up to 30 miles. The convoy
makes regular trips into the Washington DC Beltway.

 US People’s Convoy Update: Convoy organizers are meeting with Senator Cruz and
Ron Johnson today. “You can talk all day you want and have dog and pony shows with
all these different politicians, that doesn’t get you anywhere. Action on the senate, action
on the floor, action at the state levels, action by the administration.”… “They want their
freedom back.”… “They want government to leave them the hell alone. They want the
mandates ended and the emergency ended.”

 US People‟s Convoy Truckers are eager to bring their grievances to the US Capital and
willing to risk everything in order to achieve their goals of pressuring the government to
drop COVID mandates and the Federal Emergency Act.

  Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

 Many foods & sugar drinks will not be returning to shelves. For example, Heinz sauces
(said to be infused with Adrenochrome).

 Global crop collapse now a certainty… widespread famine irreversible. A
convergence of horrifying events have set into a motion an irreversible collapse of food
production and crop harvests that will lead to global famine all the way through 2024.
These events cannot be stopped for the simple reason that plants take time to grow.
Fertilizer prices have tripled and will likely go higher, especially as Russia has halted
fertilizer exports and shut down natural gas pipelines to Western Europe. As a result, the
fertilizer supply is growing scarce. About 5 billion people on the planet depend on fossil
fuel-created fertilizer for their primary source of food. Food shelves are going to look
downright frightening in 2022, and for the shelves that actually have food, it’s going to
cost perhaps twice as much. Some items might see prices triple. … Brighteon

  The Real News for Tues. 8 March 2022:

 BREAKING: Truth Social – the censor free replacement for Facebook – will have its
own preferred user groups. All of you that will join our Telegram notification channel
and share this post will be automatically marked as a preferred user after confirmation.
Be part of the Team Trump- Truth Social is taking over!!!

 A Mind Control with Sound Waves Economic Forum was held three years ago. This
was probably why 5G and Graphene oxide were inserted in vaccines – so that humans
become a powerful antenna.

 The U.S. Government Invested Over a Billion Dollars in Promoting Pro-COVID
Vaccine Narratives. Dr. Malone: “It’s not mere circumstance that we’ve been constantly
bombarded by what is essentially surreptitious advertising promoting vaccines across all
age cohorts.”

 Putin: “The Ukrainian government is a part of the Deep State. We have to siphon off the
swamp in Kyiv because in our opinion, Child Trafficking, Adrenochrome production and
economic corruption are against human rights.”
 Trump: Just confirmed that most of Europe won’t go along with the United States in
boycotting Russian oil and gas. As usual the United States will be left out there alone,
being taken advantage of by Europe, as we defend them, while we read in the Fake News
how everyone has come together under Biden to fight Russia.

 Trump: The Fake News Media refuses to report that I was the one who very early and
strongly gave the anti-tank busters (Javelins) to Ukraine, while Obama/Biden was giving
blankets, to great and open complaints. Then Biden came in, and canceled the remaining
military equipment that was packed, loaded, and ready to be shipped. Now the Fake
News Media is trying to say that Trump gave Ukraine nothing and it was Biden who is
their great friend and gave them weaponry. The dishonesty is so unbelievable. All I can
do is report it!

 Ukraine: “Documentation was received from employees of Ukrainian biological
laboratories on the emergency destruction of especially dangerous pathogens of plague,
anthrax, tularemia, cholera and other deadly diseases on 24 February. The emergency
destruction of especially dangerous pathogens on 24 February was required to prevent the
disclosure of facts of violations by Ukraine and the United States of Article I of the
Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention” – Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement.

 China just demanded that NATO declassify the details of the Biological Weapons
Laboratories operating in Ukraine. The Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the United
States to explain the presence of such facilities in Ukraine and publicly release
intelligence on the viruses that were developed there.

 Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis. Persian
Gulf monarchies have signaled they won’t help ease surging oil prices unless
Washington supports them in Yemen, elsewhere:

 The US Senate has passed a bill to fund the government through March 11, averting a
partial government shutdown that would otherwise occur after midnight Saturday. The
bill now goes to President Biden’s desk for his signature.

 FBI: Ragnar Locker Ransomware Hacker group has breached the networks of at least
52 organizations from multiple US critical infrastructure sectors:

 In 1994, as part of the New World Order Agenda, 160 Nations agreed to reduce the
world population to 800 million by 2030.

 Federal Government Paid Media Outlets to Push COVID-19 Jab Propaganda;
Including Fox News & Newsmax:

 The CIA in Frankfurt, Germany was raided by Q teams Seals & Delta and confiscated
servers containing Intel proving 2020 Election Interference. General Flynn confirmed this
as have others.

 The CIA has seven huge, super-secret, global intelligence computer databases deep
inside Central Intelligence Agency headquarters that were named after the seven
dwarfs in their Operation Snow White. The CIA funded Hollywood’s Walt Disney and
Hugh Hefner, among many other paid/controlled operations like Mockingbird, Honey
Traps (Marilyn Monroe had Military clearance to California Military base). The CIA’s
Courtney Love also was placed as a low level CIA agent who ran drugs through the
England punk scene and trafficked girls between Elites. The CIA super computers were
hacked by U.S. Military Intelligence Battalions, who found files in the Snow White
computers which connected to worldwide Child Trafficking and Elite rings, and
connections between Epstein, Hollywood, Britney Spears, Hillary Clinton, Obama, world
Elites, Facebook, Twitter and Google. …Whiplash347

 Australian Sen. Alex Antic finds via FOIA requests there was no medical evidence
to support mandates:

 A Large Scale False Flag Cyber-Attack Now Imminent? A false flag attack on the US
or Europe (or both) is now imminent, and what I mean by “false flag” is that the attack
will be designed to benefit the globalists:

 Evidence of US-financed biological program in Ukraine revealed by Russian defense

 On Thurs. 11 March the Internet was being removed according to Putin in an address he
gave on Mon. 7 March.

 When the Internet goes down all Mainstream and Social Media would go as well as
Google etc. – and we get Quantum Starlink Internet with only “regulated” Precious Metal

 The Bitcoin Blockchain would stop synchronizing in the event of an Internet shutdown.

 All phones would be cut off. Think Satellites and Internet Cables being cut. We are
getting new Q Phones, or Quantum Phones Think Tesla P.I.

 Download Signal App as you will need it during the Storm. It is a highly encrypted
Military App taken over by the White Hats. We would lose phone service during the
Event + 10 Days of Disclosure and Whiplash347 felt it was pretty sure that the Military
Satellite would keep Signal App going.

 The International Court of Justice will hold hearings on March 7 and 8 on the Ukraine

 HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a geophysical
weapon so powerful that it is considered a weapon of mass destruction using Weather
modification & manipulation. H.A.A.R.P. is only one among many such installations
across the globe’s “Super DARN Highway,” an array of High Frequency (HF) radars now
covering most of the northern and southern hemispheres.

  Vladimir Putin didn‟t just invade Ukraine on 24/02/2022, he officially ended the
petrodollar system. Phil Seymour

 “How? Remember, Russians don’t do anything without a plan. They & China have been
prepping for this moment for years & are now ready: Russia has stated NATO expansion
into Ukraine was a red line. They knew their invasion of Ukraine would be inevitable and
would have strategized that the US/West’s response would be SWIFT $ system

 It is reasonable to expect that Russia’s next step would have been to shut off oil/gas
pipelines to Europe, as Russia has built up huge Yuan, gold & commodity reserves. This
will cause massive price and supply disruptions (war level) to the western markets &
monetary system.

 For years Russia & China have looked for ways to re-monetize gold & exit abuses of
SWIFT system as a geopolitical tool against them, but how to do it, how to exit, without
West declaring it an act of aggression or war against the West? This Ukraine invasion
just accomplished that end for them. And the West is doing it themselves.

 Now, freed to declare themselves SWIFT system outcasts by the western govt hands,
Russia can now say “we will turn oil pipelines back on, but not for dollars.” Russia then
declares that Europe or anyone that wants Russian oil (as of 3rd largest global producer)
or Russian/Ukrainian wheat (1/4 of the world’s production) must pay in gold, or use the
ruble-yuan gold-backed payment system.

 Their leverage as an oil producer (who cuts off supply) will cause almost immediate price
shocks to the western world. A good part of the population could immediately be unable
to heat their homes. Almost equal to the oil shock they’d cause is their ability to cause
food shortages and price spikes through the disruption of wheat production.

 Unmentioned in all this is China. Who has been silent & not condemned Russia? That
means silent approval & cooperation. China will act to soak up Russian production of oil
and wheat to soften the blow to their “strategic partner.” This will again be through the
Yuan-Ruble facility and at some point overtly-stated gold backing of that system by
Russia and China.

 The West will of course declare those last two bullets as acts of global aggression and
direct threats to the “world monetary system.” At this point that there will be a clear
fracture of the world’s monetary system into two competing East/West structures,
circling back to the initial point that the 50-year global petrodollar system has just
officially been ended by Putin.

 If the above analysis is indeed correct, then the threat to the petro- $ is no different to the
time of Charles De Gaulle or Gaddafi, but on a larger scale. They can’t remove Putin as
easy as they did with previous leaders who challenged their fraudulent petrodollar
monetary system.”

  Tues. 8 March 2022 The Big Call, Bruce: 667-770-1866 pin123456#

 Notification for full access to funds was set to go out to Bond Holders at 8:45 pm EST
Tues. 8 March.

 Notification to set appointments for Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) would be right
after, or sometime Wed. 9 March.

 The fiat US Dollar and old SWIFT Financial System becomes officially defunct Thurs.
morning 10 March at 1:01 am EST.

 Also on Thurs. morning 10 March at 1:01 am EST the Restored Republic and new US
Treasury Note becomes effective.

 As of Tues. 8 March the IRS would no longer be garnishing wages.

SPIRITUAL RESET by KomorusanQ714

The sons of God lost control of Creation due to the worthless concepts of spirituality that the hybrid human serpent seed bloodlines created for us. We are born in our Father’s Love genetically encoded with His Righteousness we have a moral compass and know right from wrong.

Trump was born to complete the task that Jesus started. He knew the time would come to answer his calling to stand up and step in at this time in human history. Trump is not bound to any religious indoctrination and therefore he’s totally receptive to what has to be done so that our Heavenly Father’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It’s the cleansing and rebirth of our Earth. It’s the “Second Coming” where all original creation will be restored. Unless we understand how we surrendered our discernment to the doctrines of vipers, we will fall again. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

The Pagan Gospel Of The Church Replaced The Gospel Of Jesus The Irrefutible history behind Roman Emperor Constentine’s ability to implement his pagan practices into the bible canons that begun at the Council of Nicaea in 325ad and ended at the Council Of Carthage in 397ad when the official bible rolled out. 

The Book Of Revelation Is Part Of The Programing. The irrefutable history behind the book of Revelation.

The Nephilim Used Religion To Divide And Conquer The Sons Of God

The Globalist Globe To Be Exposed Next Watch The Water: The greatest challenge we will ever face is the ability to deprogram ourselves to the truth about our earth.

It’s about ending what has plagued our earth for thousands of years. The nephilim hybrid human demonic race feed on our children and through the abduction scenario, took our children to D.U.M.B’s to experiment, torture, extract adrenochome, traffic and genetically modified themselves to look like us. The nephilim are no longer the giants of old with two rows of teeth with six fingers and toes. They’re the new men of renown who control all governments on earth which allows them to do their evil degenerate activities, genetic experiments and satanic rituals underground. This video shows how for many generations parents have been abducted and used to be manipulated genetically themselves and their children. They can’t survive without our DNA. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years.

Before It’s News® is a community of individuals who report on what’s going on around them, from all around the world.

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      fuck you and fuck any and all get the 2020 election corrected or fuck you all

    • No Body

      Dayidicke what happened to the reptilians and greys
      did he get harassed and ya jumped on my bandwagon
      seeder of ideas
      nice threads
      history is written by kings in Akings matrix

    • No Body

      trump is gonna be the trumpet and turn out to be pure evil and was always in on this scam

    • thatdogwillbite

      Hey nobody! Can you post anything that doesn’t sound like rambling idiotic nonsense? Stick to the subject of the article or you just come of as a ranting lunatic. Unless that’s was your trying to sound like I which case you nailed it.

      • No Body

        did you watch the 1st video?
        or the 2nd? talk about retarded
        L> :twisted: <L

        • No Body

          L> :twisted: <L
          Learn to pronounce
          noun: bandwagon; plural noun: bandwagons

          used in reference to an activity, cause, etc. that is currently fashionable or popular and attracting increasing support.
          "the environmental bandwagon is feeling mighty crowded"
          (especially formerly) a wagon used for carrying a band in a parade or procession.
          "the colourful bandwagon was later purchased for use in circus parades"

          jump on the bandwagon — join others in doing or supporting something fashionable or likely to be successful.
          "scientists and doctors alike have jumped on the bandwagon"
          mid 19th century (originally US, in bandwagon (sense 2)): from band2 + wagon.

          • No Body

            prop a gander up

            • No Body


            • No Body

              ya goose

    • thatdogwillbite

      Off not of sorry typo

      • No Body

        youre retarded thats why ya timings out of whack go see a mechanic
        L> :twisted: <L

    • Robinson

      They are trying to jab as many people as possible so that their great reset aka depopulation plan work. If I get sick I will take my Ivermectin that I stashed just in case and leave rest to God. When i searched where I can get ivm on google I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Every search query was censored. If I can save 1 person that will use this product instead of going to icu and plugged into ventilators that will burst her/his lungs. that is enough for me. I feel good when I put a spoke in big pharma’s wheel. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

    • truthseeker4809

      Magnificence of the human civilization has disappeared after the pursuits of personal petty transgression were glorified by the evil Sabbatean Frankists, Free Masons, Illuminati, Jesuits, who copied the evil pagan religion of ISIS and the one eyed Horus of the ancient Egyptian garbage hocus pocus. You can’t stitch dead body pieces to make the adulterer alive and have sex with it and then give birth to a boy who later became the hero by his one eye taken out by Seth.

      There is no moral superiority of the actions of ISIS, OSIRIS or HORUS. There is nothing to admire nor worth copying!!!!

      And the present world society still admires these criminals as heroes by putting one eye and the pyramid in the dollar bill.

      No wonder the world is going down the hill so fast.

      Lies can’t never last.

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