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Mass Arrests - Putin Arrests His Own FSB Intelligence - Mexico Arrests "El Huevo" Drug Lord - Celebrities Expose Pedophile Rings - Evergreen 2

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Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Wed. 16 March 2022
Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two
Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.

All Truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

The Q Team’s Takedown Of The Cabal From A TO Z

Judy Note:

* On Sat. 12 March banks worldwide were switched from the old Cabal-owned SWIFT
Global Financial System to the new Quantum Financial System.

* Now at least Russia, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Iran,
Japan, Iraq and Venezuela were believed to be functioning on the gold, asset-backed
currency standard.

* After the GCR was fully implemented on Saturday The People had complete control
over their own financial system and Mass Arrests of Cabal Global Elites went into full
force – freezing their financial assets along the way.

* A US trucker in Florida observed two different convoys of prison vans, police cars and
black sedans go into a Florida Airport in the early morning hours. The Elite on their way

* In Mexico the White Hat Alliance was taking down the Cartels and Drug Lords.

* Russia’s Putin sanctioned Biden, Clinton and at least twelve other US Inc. Cabal
leaders, resulting in their bank accounts and monies being frozen – forever.

* Judy Note: Russia, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Iran,
Japan, Iraq and Venezuela were suspected to have switched over to their own gold/ assetbacked currencies last Sat.12 March when the SWIFT system was taken down and the
new Quantum Financial System began– it just hasn’t been announced yet. Because their
currencies were backed by gold and other assets those countries were making agreements
to trade with each other and no longer use the US fiat dollar.

* MarkZ: The article, “Ripple Partner and Wells Fargo Collaborating on SWIFT
replacement.” – this would make the SWIFT unnecessary for cross country international
transfers and end the Federal Reserve lock on banking . This is absolutely huge!!!

   Trust the Plan

* Why did Putin arrest his own FSB intelligence branch? (MSM was not telling the truth,
nor was Alex Jones who had millions invested in Russia).

* Putin also arrested several other Generals, Bankers, Corporation Executives and
Government Officials in a large two week operation.

* The arrests and current sanctions on the Deep State are connected.

* That’s the reason Russia hit Biden, Blicken, Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic
presidential nominee, as well as Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Deputy Treasury
Secretary Wally Adeyemo and national security adviser Jake Sullivan. (Though not
shared, the list was longer and included several US corporations, industries and CEOs).

* When Putin did Mass Arrests in Russia (current) and sanctioned top Deep State US
officials, he closed their banking accounts connected to subsidiary investors/ bankers/ and
money laundering ops.

* Putin seized all bank accounts connected to Deep State Biden’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s and
Soros’ subsidiary companies and ghost investment holdings through Russia. (The FSB
and many Russian organizations were still being paid by the Deep State). Now Putin had
full control of their assets/money in Russia and markets connected to Ukraine and the
Middle East.

* Putin now holds trillions of Dollars and Euros connected to Europe Alfa Billionair’s
Banks, including Germany’s Deutche Bank that also connected to Switzerland Banks.
These banks were funneling money through Russian Markets and companies for the
Biden-HRC-Obama-UN-Davos Groups.

* Saudi Arabia (Bin Salman), China (XI), Russia (Putin), India (Modi) all have broken off
from the Cabal’s Central Banking System owned by US Inc., Queen Elizabeth and the

* The White Hats in China’s next move will also be to put sanctions on US Inc. officials,
corporations, companies and CEOs in order to sieze their monies and assets.

* This Event will come after the Taiwan Event.

* This is why US Inc., the UN and Europe were pushing hard for funding for Ukraine.
They were stealing money from their citizens and the money wasn’t reaching Ukraine.

* You have more than you know. Trust the Plan

   Russian Ministry of Defense on the special operation in Ukraine.

* The RF Armed Forces disabled communication, reconnaissance, relaying and switching
centers in Vinnitsa with a long-range high-precision weapon strike;

* The SBU, with the support of Western countries, is preparing a provocation in Ukraine
using toxic substances to blame Russia;

* There are no chemical munitions in the units of the RF Armed Forces involved in a
special military operation;

* Russian aviation and air defense shot down one Mi-24 helicopter of the Armed Forces of
Ukraine and six drones during the day;

* The Russian Federation, unlike the United States, has fulfilled its international
obligations by completely destroying all stockpiles of chemical weapons;

* Operational-tactical, army and unmanned aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces
destroyed 34 military facilities of Ukraine in a day;

* Video footage of civilians who died in Chernihiv, who were allegedly shot by Russian
servicemen, is another production by the SBU;

* The RF Armed Forces have captured a detailed map of the territory of Ukraine with
facilities where poisonous substances are stored.

   Donald Garrett – one Patriot’s opinion on the Ukraine Bio Labs:

* I’m a military guy. Ask Franz, I told him the day Russian troops “invaded” Ukraine, that
the Op had already been Completed: White Hat Russian, US, European and Ukrainian
Special Forces did “The Deed” while the troops were still massing at the border. The first
thing Russia did at the beginning of the “invasion” was to blow up all the Bio-Weapon

* No waves of Anthrax or Ebola etc outbreaks? No photos of actual bodies piled up–so
desperate for dead bodies they stage endless “newscasts” featuring comedy like
“wounded” actress “mothers” with rubber tummies and rows of “body bags” who were all
wiggling, sneezing, scratching their noses and pulling the bags back up over their heads.

* The labs were all sanitized and evacuated before being bombed. BIG job, difficult,
dangerous, requiring extremely well-trained technicians. Nobody in their right mind
blows up a Bio-Weapon Lab without securing all the pathogens first. Logic, (un)
Common Sense and Sun Tzu.

* Why the “invasion?” To protect the peeps from the freaks of course, and to mop up the
freaks and their weaponry, defuse bombs and land mines, finish gathering evidence,
freeing thousands of children from “labs,” bringing everyone food and stuff..

* Are people dying? Yup. By far, mostly freaks, you have ample proof of this also:
Reporters breathlessly amping out the Holocaust News, with mildly curious Ukrainian
pedestrians cruising past in the background going about their business. How many vids,
the city buses are still running.

* Hint: Russia gets on the bullhorns, telling the local people to stay inside whenever they
make a move: How many cellphone vids have you seen of things blowing up in the
distance, filmed through unbroken windows. You are watching theater, writ large.

* Whatever Happens Next, it’s time for us to push back from our screens, get even better at
reading between the lines, go through the talking points in our heads so we are ready for
all the breathless questions all the idiot Normies in our families and circles of influence
will have for us, like, “I just had my third heart attack, what do I do my doctor just sent
me home to die!”

* …and ten thousand other questions you tried to tell them the answers to years or decades

* If you were paying attention, the prayer has been for years – ever since way back when
Covid fizzled, failing to fill the hospitals–the freaks were in a white-hot panic to roll
another bioweapon…and instead, we got Omicron. The White Hats inoculated the entire
planet against Covid by rolling Omicron. Hats off to the White Hats guys, or we would
have been up to our infected eyeballs in bubonic plague if the freaks had anything to say
about it.

* Still praying that prayer, that the Russkies and all the other White Hats stay real frosty
keeping on top of this, with over 300 biolabs (that we know of) frothing in a panic to
avoid their Nuremberg Debut, working to concoct a pathogen to kill us all. Instead we’re
seeing a huge Pfizer campus entirely emptied, without a word in the media. How, Who,
could put that many locals out of jobs, empty the buildings etc, without a vid, a whisper
of it happening?

* Inhale. Exhale. Breathe: Thou Shalt Not Let Your Own Team Play You. Enjoy the Show!

* For the “pacifists” of Russia, who do not notice fascism in Ukraine, Fakhrudin Sharafmal
is a host on Ukrainian TV. Directly on the air, he called for the slaughter of Russian
children, and the destruction of the Russian people, while quoting the Nazi SS
Obersturmbann führer Eichmann. He says that the Ukraine army cannot violate the
international rules of war. and their hands are tied. But ordinary people do not have such
problems, and they can go and kill minors. He himself is ready to be the first to do this.
As soon as he sees any Russian, he will start.

   The Real News for Wed. 16 March 2022:

* Steve Bannon and his attorneys respond to reporters outside the courthouse, saying his
case “has nothing to do with Jan 6th”. It is about “taking down the Biden regime and the
Chinese Communist Party.”

* North Korea, Iran and China forming ‘axis’ of horror as nuclear missile to launch
today. This comes as the United States remains “distracted” by the war in Ukraine. Harry
Kazianis, an analyst at the Centre for National Interest and an expert on U.S. foreign
policy and national security challenges, told on Monday that North Korea
( is “more than likely” going to test a more
advanced Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) “in the next two days”.

   Mass Arrests:

* Mexico El Huevo: Alleged drug lord’s arrest causes violent clashes in Mexico. The
arrest of alleged drug lord “The Egg” sparked a violent gun battle on the US-Mexico

* Russia: When Putin did Mass Arrests in Russia (current) and sanctioned top Deep State
US Officials he closed their bank accounts connected to subsidiary investors/ bankers/
money laundering ops ( payments of which the FSB was taking from the U.S. and World
Deep State). BBC News:

   International Child Sex Trafficking:

* Evergreen 2:

* Evergreen 1:

* Evergreen Shipping was jointly owned by the Clintons and Walmart. Last year over
a thousand children were found dead and rescued from an Evergreen ship blocking the
Suez Canal, which also contained weapons of Mass Destruction headed for the Middle
East. Trafficked Children, Bodies, Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez
Canal | Politics | Before It’s News

* Surrogate-born babies stranded in Kyiv basement. Nurses in Kyiv are looking after
21 newborn babies in a makeshift basement clinic because the fighting has made it
impossible for their parents to reach them. Judy Note: Give me a break. These babies
were likely born into the Cabal International Child Sex /Organ Transplant/
Adrenochrome production Ring:

* Celebrities Exposing Shocking Elite Pedophile Rings (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s
News (

   Freedom Convoys and Protests:

* Israel Freedom Convo. On Feb. 14th, 20K vehicles from 40 points drove to Jerusalem
& camped at the Knesset. The “Freedom Camp” was violently dismantled by the police
after 5 days. We cannot be stopped! They cannot break us! We carry on!

* In France, there are rallies against the increase in fuel prices. Drivers, farmers and
citizens block the Clésud logistics platform in Miramas near Marseille, supplying many
supermarkets in the south of France. The blockade of the oil depot in Brest and Lorient
was organized by truckers, farmers, fishermen and builders.

   Underground Tunnels and DUMBS:

* Secret Tunnels Part 1, Gene Decode:

* Secret Tunnels Part 2 Gene Decode:

* Secret Tunnels Part 3, China Lake, 5 Fingers Lake, Gene Decode:

   Global Financial Crisis:

* In blow to Biden, Saudi Arabia considers helping China unseat US dollar as world’s
reserve currency:

* In blow to Biden, Saudi Arabia considers helping China unseat US dollar as world’s
reserve currency.

* U.Today Ripple Partner and Wells Fargo Collaborating on SWIFT Replacement:

   Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

* Prices will continue to rise, not only for fuel, but also for food. Obviously, the degree
of tension in many countries will only increase. Actually, one of the goals of increasing
the cost of gasoline and food is to sow panic, fear, and create chaos in different countries
of the world. Prices are rising artificially. The supply chain is blocked by decision, Cyber
Attacks are coordinated. Everything is planned in advance.

* Germany: “This is the current situation on the wholesale food markets in Europe (picture
of a store with empty shelves). In the photo was a wholesale hypermarket in Frankfurt.
It’s starting to look like something that could happen very soon in many countries around
the world.”

   Covid/Vax Hoax:

* US Government, Pfizer Reach Agreement on Vaccinating Young Children:

* NY Governor Andrew Cuomo concealed 4,100 Elderly Deaths in State Nursing Homes
– Comptroller says administration misled the public through “Distortion and Suppression
of the facts.”

* The CEO of one of Germany’s largest health insurance companies was abruptly fired
last month after he published data showing that German health authorities significantly
underestimate data on injuries from the Covid-19 vaccine.

   Deep State owned and run Bio-Weapon Labs:

* The US planned to use migratory birds for a biological attack on Russia

* “The aim of the UP-4 project was to study the spread of particularly dangerous
infections through migratory birds, including highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza, from
which human mortality reaches 50%, and Newcastle disease.

* With a high degree of probability, we can say that one of the tasks of the United States
and its allies is to create bioagents capable of selectively infecting various ethnic groups
of the population.

* Due to the fact that Ukraine has a unique geographical location where transcontinental
migration routes intersect, 145 biological species were studied within the framework of
this project. At the same time, at least two species of migratory birds have been
identified, whose routes pass mainly through the territory of Russia. Information on
migration routes passing through the countries of Eastern Europe was also summarized.

* Of all the methods developed in the United States to destabilize the epidemiological
situation, this is one of the most reckless and irresponsible, since it does not allow you to
control the further development of the situation.
* This is confirmed by the course of the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, the
occurrence and features of which raise many questions.

* In addition, the R-781 project is interesting, where bats are considered as carriers of
potential biological weapons agents. Among the identified priorities is the study of
bacterial and viral pathogens that can be transmitted from bats to humans: pathogens of
plague, leptospirosis, brucellosis, as well as coronaviruses and filoviruses.

* The research was carried out in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Russia – in
the areas of the Black Sea coast and the Caucasus. The project is being implemented with
the involvement of not only Ukrainian laboratories, but also Georgian laboratories
controlled by the Pentagon, in cooperation with the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the
US Geopolitical Service.

* The analyzed materials on the UP-8 project, aimed at studying the Congo-Crimean
hemorrhagic fever virus and hantaviruses in Ukraine, unequivocally refute the US public
statement that only Ukrainian scientists work in the Pentagon biolabs in Ukraine without
the intervention of American biologists.

* One of the documents confirms that all serious high-risk studies are conducted under
the direct supervision of specialists from the United States.

* In the payroll for the work performed by Ukrainian performers, the scheme of their
financing is clearly visible.

* The fact of payment by the US Department of Defense of funds for participation in
research directly, without the involvement of intermediaries, is confirmed. Attention is
drawn to the extremely modest, by American standards, wages. This indicates a low
assessment of the professionalism of Ukrainian specialists and a disdainful attitude
towards them on the part of American colleagues.

* In addition, the materials studied contain proposals to expand the US military
biological program on the territory of Ukraine. Thus, there are data on the continuation
of completed biological projects UP-2, UP-9, UP-10, aimed at studying the pathogens of
anthrax and African swine fever.

* The Pentagon is also interested in insect vectors capable of spreading dangerous
infectious diseases. The analysis of the obtained materials confirms the fact that more
than 140 containers with ectoparasites of bats, fleas and ticks were transferred abroad
from the biolab in Kharkiv. It is characteristic that similar studies were conducted in the
40s of the last century when creating components of biological weapons by the Japanese
detachment 731, whose members subsequently fled to the United States from prosecution
for war crimes.”


SPIRITUAL RESET by KomorusanQ714

The sons of God lost control of Creation due to the worthless concepts of spirituality that the hybrid human serpent seed bloodlines created for us. We are born in our Father’s Love genetically encoded with His Righteousness we have a moral compass and know right from wrong.

Trump was born to complete the task that Jesus started. He knew the time would come to answer his calling to stand up and step in at this time in human history. Trump is not bound to any religious indoctrination and therefore he’s totally receptive to what has to be done so that our Heavenly Father’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It’s the cleansing and rebirth of our Earth. It’s the “Second Coming” where all original creation will be restored. Unless we understand how we surrendered our discernment to the doctrines of vipers, we will fall again. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

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The Nephilim Used Religion To Divide And Conquer The Sons Of God

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