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This Is it Folks! - Mass Arrests - Military Satellites - Dr Ardis Update - Possible Scare Events - White Hat Intel - Internet Going Down - Real News

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 13 April 2022

Compiled Wed. 13 April 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”


This is it Folks!

Scare Events, Massive Cyber Attacks, Catastrophic Financial Event Inbound.

Everything will be taken down. Back up your data. Download Signal App. Seven Presidential Messages will be sent to all phones on Earth, and then the phones will be disabled. Only Signal App. will work as connected to the Military Satellites.
…Whiplash347 Tues. 12 April 2022

Tesla Free Energy, Quantum Phones, Quantum Internet, Med Beds, 6,000 Tesla Cures, Project Odin Free Speech Incoming


Judy Note: It was my personal opinion that Mass Arrests have been going on for some time and continued today; thousands of children were still being rescued by special forces out of DUMB underground tunnels in Ukraine that also contained Bio-weapon labs set to release pathogens on the public and in the near future the panicky Deep State was planning massive Scare Events across the globe.

On the other side of life, the Alliance had already launched the Global Currency Reset with 210 nations internationally trading gold/asset-backed currencies and was ready to release a massive amount of Disclosure, plus was likely announcing NESARA GESARA this Easter Weekend.


On Sun. 8 April the Commander of NATO land forces in Europe General Cloutier was captured by Russian Forces.

On Sat. 9 April Military Special Forces arrested Dr. Anthony Fauci on charges of Treason, Mass Medical Malpractice, Seditious Conspiracy and Criminal Homicide, with evidence that showed ties to Obama.

New York Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin Arrested for Alleged Campaign-Finance Scheme:

On Saturday 9 April 2022 US Special Forces scored a major victory in the war against the Deep State–the arrest of Deep State mastermind and plandemic architect Dr. Anthony Fauci, a JAG source told Real Raw News. The ―White Hat‖ partition of the US military, he said, had for ―a very long time‖ attempted to shadow Fauci but often lost his scent because the Deep State doctor used every trick in the book to delay his inevitable capture. When in public, Fauci was well-protected and often surrounded by at least a dozen armed guards and civilians who would have been caught in the crossfire had the military grabbed him in the open. And when travelling to and from events, Fauci used decoy vehicles to reduce risk of being captured. The decoy vehicles, our source said, often held Fauci lookalikes or even mannequins that someone had built and painted to resemble him. On Saturday afternoon, however, the military caught a break. ―We got very good intel that Fauci on Saturday had minimum protection—two guards—and was leaving his D.C. house for a visit with his wife, who he hadn‘t seen in months. The Deep State kept them separated because they thought we‘d target her to get to Fauci. We‘ve known all along where they hid her, and we were hoping for just such a stroke of luck,‖ our source said.

GITMO, Thursday, 7 April: Three military officers empaneled to weigh JAG’s case against former Attorney General Loretta Lynch found the Obama-acolyte guilty of treason and murder and recommended she be hanged for her crimes. In what was one of the briefest tribunals in the last 16 months, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General‘s Corps spent only 5 minutes on an opening statement before showing the panel a letter Lynch had written to Bill Clinton in April 2021, a month before he was apprehended by the military. The letter, a single sheet of ruled paper, held the words: ―That bastard CS is writing a book. It can never see publication, for all our sakes. I need you to fix this, ASAP. He‘s a danger, and a big one, to all of us. Thanks in advance.‖ Vice Adm. Crandall opined that the letters ―CS‖ referred to Christopher Sign, the ABC 15 Phoenix journalist who broke the story about Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch‘s June 27, 2016, clandestine meeting aboard her private Justice Dept. jet on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. At the time, it was broadly accepted that Sign had information linking the Clintons and Lynch to numerous murders— ―the Clinton body count.‖

In May 2021 Real Raw News reported that Deep State Dr. Deborah Birx was arrested on charges of treason and mass medical malpractice at her multigenerational home in Pennsylvania. We then reported that JAG had set aside time in June for her military tribunal. After that, we received no further updates on the devious Dr. Birx and assumed she‘d either struck a deal or was shipped to a location other than Guantanamo Bay, for the ―White Hat‖ partition of the US military maintains several tribunal grounds at bases across the globe. Real Raw News can now report, belatedly, that the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General‘s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions indeed tried and convicted Birx on June 30, 2021. The proceedings took place at Naval Base Guam.

On Mon. 4 April the hanging of former Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, received nary a whisper. At 9:00 a.m. the criminal who had sworn eternal allegiance to Obama was removed from her Camp Delta cage and under Marine guard escorted to a clearing where the execution detail had readied gallows for her arrival. Rear Adm. Les E. Reardanz, Deputy Commander, Naval Legal Service Command, stood ready to fulfill the role of Grim Reaper. With what can be described as a hint of hesitancy, he instructed Marines to steer the condemned, by force, if necessary, to the platform where a Navy chaplain and the ‗hangman,‘ a soldier whose uniform bore no rank or insignia, waited to administer Last Rites and slip a noose around her neck, respectively.


WARNING: After today’s Tues. 12 April New York Subway murders, suspected caused by a Deep State CIA Mind Controlled Bomber, or at least a False Flag setup of one, more chaos was expected to escalate in multiple scenario’s, in multiple places, including massive Cyber Attacks worldwide. Be prepared.

Fri. April 15: The 110thAnniversary of the sinking of the Titanicon April 15 1912 (a year later J.P. Morgan formed the Federal Reserve and supposedly had killed off his threats by ensuring rival millionaires Jacob Astor, Isidor Straus and Benjamin Guggenheim, who all opposed the forming of a Central Bank, perished aboard Titanic).

Sat. April 16: Trump’s official paper GEORGE was highlighting April 16, the day in 1861 when Abe Lincoln issued a call for troops, initiating the Civil War. It was also the day Biden was expected to fail in his press conference with Japanese Leaders. VK’s Spotify list has the Song Title “APRIL 16″.

Sun. April 17: The 61st Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. On April 17, 1961, some 1,500 CIA-trained Cuban exiles launched the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in an attempt to topple Fidel Castro, whose forces crushed the incursion by the third day.  Could this be the Three Days of Disclosure prior to the Ten Days of Darkness?

Mon. April 18: The 39th Anniversary of the Bombing on the U.S Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon on April 18 1983. The blast killed 63 people, 17 of whom were Americans.

Tues. April 19 Patriots Day was a possible False Flag Event. (Lexington & Concord) Isn’t this also Boston Marathon? Isn’t this where they run near the Boston Shipyards? Wasn’t Mr Pool showing this too? Boston Naval Yards Bunker Hill USS “Constitution”

April 20 – 150th anniversary of the 1871 Act of England – which has been reversed with the Global Currency Reset. The Act of 1871 established the District Of Colombia, which forced US citizens to pay all their taxes to US Inc, a corporation owned by certain International Bankers and aristocracy of Europe & Britain.

     THE REAL NEWS FOR TUES. 12 April 2022:

Tues. morning 12 April: NYC Subway chaos, 8 dead, detonation devices found in shooting at Sunset Park subway station in Brooklyn, New York.

NYC last 24hrs is a preparation. It is going to escalate now. Multiple scenario’s. Multiple places. Scare Event Necessary. Patriots Day. Monday April 18 Boston. …Whiplash347

Ancient Underground Tunnels 2020 Documentary Subterranean Worlds Span The Entire Earth:

Watch the Water Full Movie:


This Plan to Save the World included Trump, eight US Intel agencies, Military Intelligence and battalions connected to a worldwide organization of White Hats.

Trump has admitted that Deep State Biden had to win the 2020 election because it was the only way the world could see the Deep State corruption going on.

Biden was an actor turncoat and actually part of a Military Operation continuity of government devolution connected to Laws of Wars activated on Jan. 21 2022 12:00 am.

Biden was placed by the White Hats to infiltrate the Deep State.

Everything you were watching was a well placed PLAN to catch all the atrocities, government corruptions and Crimes Against Humanity taking place within United States three branch systems of government which in turn connects to other world governments, leaders and Elites.

Q, The Storm Rider: “My understanding is all Biden’s assets were frozen and he was given a choice of Military Tribunal, death and everything taken from his family including his future grandchild’s inheritance, or he could become the world’s most powerful mole placed in the middle of the Deep State sector.”

Everything you see was designed: Pelosi, Biden, Fauci, Hunter’s Laptop that holds the key to the Deep State Plan (and how Hunter had to place it inside the Delaware Shop).

This Propaganda was created so more innocent civilians would join the military, but they were being played and used inside 4th Generation Warfare Tactics to keep a war running and get sympathy from the public (who were also being played).

Putin was playing very important Chess moves.

These Events happening now must happen to connect everything in the world at the end.

Unfortunately many have died from the vaccines, Bioweapons virus release and a century of Deep State controlled companies organizations deliberately poisoning our foods, water, air and land, killing hundreds of millions through Cancer and other well placed products and poisons that we consumed daily.

Even our children crawl on the floor where chemicals disinfectant and cleaners were used but deliberately contaminated with poisons to affect the children.

Be strong Patriots ANONS for the hardest part of the War is coming: Full Censorship. Countries are now finding ways to create laws to stop all disinformation (ideas that goes against their narration).

As full censorship is inserted all major media, social networks and news station will comply with the Deep State or go down in succession. Those breaking the Deep State laws will be fined, imprisoned and Banks accounts blocked seized.

After full censorship the Deep State will push their final Agenda on the MSM to heavily brainwash and encourage civil unrest using left wing military parties and generals to help with the Deep State UN operations.

The Deep State planned the next stage to be full Cyber Attacks and Blackouts. Chaos, mass protests, riots, panic, ATMs going down, grids off for days and Deep State Military Marshal Law.

However, the White Hats will seize the final moments and make Mass Arrests.

Between now and this End Game Cyber Attacks will continue and many countries will have short blackouts, ATM problems, shortages, de-platforming and full on propaganda will increase.

All these Events must happen. The public must see the End Game and experience the pain and Near Death Civilization Events.

Nothing Can Stop What is Coming is not a slogan. We were inside the Storm of the Century. Military is the only way. The End Game won’t be for everyone. Q


Will it be Obama Image shooting a US Airmen?

Will it be HRC/Huma Abedin Frazzledrip?

Or will it be the NSA releasing a whole flood of incriminating evidence on to the internet to bring on the Major Cyber Attacks?

Will a Video be played in Times Square NYC as well?




Covid-19 Vax Linked to Alzheimers:

Dr. Andreas Noack: “Graphene Oxide in the vaccines are creating blood clots, heart attacks and nerve damage amongst other deadly issues. The Graphene Oxide is like razors in the blood cutting up the body and from the inside vein vessels, heart, brain and organs. Graphene Hydroxide was found in all the vaccines studied. Graphene Oxide form structures in the blood stream approximately 50 nm wide and 0.1 nm thick. They are very thin but very strong. They act like little razor blades in the blood stream that can cut the blood vessels. They do not decompose. Once in the bloodstream they will be there forever (short of the person getting a blood transfusion to remove them). Their effect on the blood vessels is cumulative. The longer they stay in the bloodstream, the more damage will be done to the blood vessels over time.” It is when the Graphene Oxide hits the blood vessel wall immediately that causes the death or collapses immediately after getting the vax.”

Dr. Andreas Noack was killed shortly after he blew the whistle on the vaccines findings. His wife blames Direct Energy Weapons which has been proven true in military and CIA operations.

Trump put Fauci center stage to expose the truth. Fauci had covered up HIV being a bio-weapon, the fake HIV treatments that killed people, the real HIV treatments, he covered up Cancer virus that infected vaccine stock piles across the world, Fauci created the Gain of Function in Covid-19 and proceeding strains and created the vaccines.

Exposing Fauci is exposing people behind the scenes – those directly connected to the world elites involved in investing in the pandemics who funded him: NIH, CDC, WHO, Gates, GPMD, CIA, Clintons, Obama, world leaders who covered for Big Pharma.

The staggering effect of compromised leaders behind the Pandemic and Banking systems were tied back to blackmail by Epstein, Mossad and Five Eyes.

SPIRITUAL RESET by KomorusanQ714

The sons of God lost control of Creation due to the worthless concepts of spirituality that the hybrid human serpent seed bloodlines created for us. We are born in our Father’s Love genetically encoded with His Righteousness we have a moral compass and know right from wrong.

Trump was born to complete the task that Jesus started. He knew the time would come to answer his calling to stand up and step in at this time in human history. Trump is not bound to any religious indoctrination and therefore he’s totally receptive to what has to be done so that our Heavenly Father’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It’s the cleansing and rebirth of our Earth. It’s the “Second Coming” where all original creation will be restored. Unless we understand how we surrendered our discernment to the doctrines of vipers, we will fall again. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

The Pagan Gospel Of The Church Replaced The Gospel Of Jesus The Irrefutible history behind Roman Emperor Constentine’s ability to implement his pagan practices into the bible canons that begun at the Council of Nicaea in 325ad and ended at the Council Of Carthage in 397ad when the official bible rolled out. 

The Book Of Revelation Is Part Of The Programing. The irrefutable history behind the book of Revelation.

The Nephilim Used Religion To Divide And Conquer The Sons Of God

The Globalist Globe To Be Exposed Next Watch The Water: The greatest challenge we will ever face is the ability to deprogram ourselves to the truth about our earth.

It’s about ending what has plagued our earth for thousands of years. The nephilim hybrid human demonic race feed on our children and through the abduction scenario, took our children to D.U.M.B’s to experiment, torture, extract adrenochome, traffic and genetically modified themselves to look like us. The nephilim are no longer the giants of old with two rows of teeth with six fingers and toes. They’re the new men of renown who control all governments on earth which allows them to do their evil degenerate activities, genetic experiments and satanic rituals underground. This video shows how for many generations parents have been abducted and used to be manipulated genetically themselves and their children. They can’t survive without our DNA. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years.

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    • Rene

      Judy—thank you for such good due diligence, dedication, and guidance; your efforts are appreciated.

    • thatdogwillbite

      Yes Judy and if you could be right about something every once in a while that would great too. Unfortunately she’s been wrong %100 of the time.

    • Rudolph Hess

      Lies. Fuck you and your click bait propaganda Judy. You obvious psychopath. Therapist? Get a real fucking job you witch. 2 years. Nothing you’ve said has come to ANY fruition. You’re a lying whore just like EVERYONE IN POWER AND EVERYONE POSTING VIDEOS. The great deception Jesus spoke of is this and the other side-one in the same. It’s all a psyop and you’re a good digging slut. I hope you get your views you basic psychotic bitch. You’re all fools for believing this. They’re giving you something to believe in before they kill us. Fools. Tribulation cometh. Soon. Judy will burn. Also whiplash works for deepstate CIA. You’re all idiots. The real Trump is dead. It’s all a show for the real nWo. Everything is so conveniently randomly controlled chaotic isn’t it? You’re all going to the lake of fire. Repent. Stop believing all this anti scriptural new age BULLSHIT. It’s bullshit. I can’t believe I’m the same species as you all. Fuck all. Oh, Charles Ward the bringer of GESARA is a CIA murderer. You’re all so stupid.

    • thatdogwillbite

      No someone who calls himself Rudolph Hess is stupid, obvious psychopath and a moronic idiot. Why don’t you follow what your hero Himmler did at Nuremberg. He like you won’t be missed.

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