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Irrefutable Evidence Shows Why it is Impossible to Live on a Spinning Globe

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If you go to court you have to Prove your case with Evidence if you want to win.  The judge will not accept opinions or stories, he wants Evidence.  The same happens when you want to Prove something like is the earth a spinning globe or is it a flat stationary plane.  So, I will present the Evidence and you can be the judge. 


There are two explanations for the origin of life and the universe.  One is the Biblical explanation and the other is the scientific explanation.  They are very different.  Therefore, one thing is obvious.  They can’t both be right.  There are many ways to Prove which earth we live on. Today I will only look at one of those ways.  There are about 12 more on my website (link at end of article) and hundreds more that you can research which all come to the same conclusion.  


I will use scientific data to present my case.  This is data that NASA and Scientists use to tell us about the spinning globe that they say we live on.  They tell us that the earth rotates at a speed of 1040 mph at the equator and slightly less as we go north or south from there.  For this presentation I will use 1000 mph for simplicity.  The reason some people believe this is because they haven’t considered how fast 1000 mph really is.  So let’s break it down to more relatable numbers.  One thousand mph is also 1500 feet per second or 500 yards per second, or 500 meters per second.  Even these numbers are meaningless unless we can visualize how far that is.  If you play golf it’s much easier because almost all golf courses have at least one hole that is about 500 yards long.  If you stand on the tee box and look down the fairway at the green in the distance consider that scientists tell us that we move that far (500 yards) in One Second.  In the time it takes you to say One Second you have moved through the air at 1000 mph from the tee box to the green.  And they tell us that we do this continually, 24/7, 365 days a year.  So let’s stop and think for a minute and ask ourselves if this is really possible.  Most everyone has at one time or another stuck their hand out of a car window going down the freeway or highway at 60 mph and felt the air pushing against our hand.  Or we have seen a dog stick his head out and watched his lips flapping in the wind as he struggles to keep his eyes open.  The amazing thing is this.  On a calm day when there is almost no wind, we can get in the car and drive down the freeway at 60 mph, stick our hand out the window and feel the air pushing against our hand as if there was a strong wind outside.  But if we pull over and stop it’s a perfectly calm day again with almost no wind. You can also experience this on a motorcycle or even a bicycle.  This shows us what it’s like to travel through the atmosphere.  This is called air  resistance which every person or vehicles of all types experience.  This is why the fastest recorded land speed is only 763 mph.  They have tried for years to get to 1000 mph but have not been able to due to the balance between speed, fuel, weight, resistance, drag, and power.  So if we are moving at 1000 mph through the atmosphere just think of this.  How can we when even a super drag racer cannot.  Let me put it another way.  The drag racer with all it’s speed and power cannot break through the air resistance beyond 763 mph.  Yet we can travel through the air at 1000 mph?  Nonsense. 


If you still believe that you can move 1500 feet or 500 yards per Second through the air, think of this.  The playing area of a football field is 100 yards so 5 football fields would be 500 yards.  This is still hard to visualize so how about this.  If you say the word “One” you would have moved the length of two football fields and if you say “Second” you would move another 3 football fields.  So in one second you would move the length of 5 football fields.  Let me show you how Impossible this is. 


On You Tube look up Jim Cantore vs Category 5 wind.  He is a weather reporter who wondered how much air resistance he could handle. So he did it in a wind tunnel.  Notice that he is wearing eye protection and a harness, but watch his skin ripple and listen to him tell us that he could barely breathe at 158 mph which is when they stopped the wind and took him out.  Can you imagine what would happen to someone trying to travel through the air at 1000 mph.  Here are some of the things I have gathered from various sources.  Our heart would stop beating, our blood vessels would burst, the skin on our face, eyes, mouth, neck and ears would be ripped off our bodies.  We would not be able to see or breathe.  In other words we would be dead in a couple seconds. But none of this happens to us, and yet science tells us that we actually move through the air at that speed.  Pure Nonsense and Totally Impossible that we could move through the air at 6 times the speed of a category 5 hurricane.  I have never been in one, but I have watched many YouTube videos of hurricanes and a category 5 will overturn cars, blow out windows, blow roofs off, blow down buildings, rip up trees and all sorts of devastation and yet somehow in a tee shirt and shorts we move through the air at 1000 mph which is 6 times faster with no problem.  Are they really serious?  This is beyond insanity.  Air pressure is real.  Air resistance is real.  Air has substance and mass.  Everything that moves through the air experiences this.  All of this can be measured and documented.  So for scientists to say that the earth spins at 1000 mph and that we move at that speed through the air as we are propelled by the spinning earth and this has no effect on us is ridiculous. No one could live on an earth like that. 


The reason that so many people believe that we live on a spinning globe (so did I at one time) is because this is what was and still is taught in school.  And it is reinforced through the media, movies, music, and pretty much everywhere  else.  Even though the Big Bang and everything that came from it is Theory, it is taught as if it is Fact and that there is no alternate explanation.  Once it is repeatedly drilled into our head over many years what else could we believe?  This is the Biggest Crime Against Humanity.  To teach theory as fact only misleads and deceives humanity.  The very least they could do is teach the Biblical and the Scientific explanations and let us decide which is true.  Instead they only teach One explanation as if it was the only “truth”.  There are also many other ways to prove that we simply could Not live on a spinning globe such as doing experiments with centrifugal force, speed of sound vs speed of earth, gravity vs density, and many more that you can research.   


I will now deal with the atmosphere which science tells us moves at the same speed as the earth rotates which is 1000 mph.  This is totally false and impossible.  All across the earth and sea there are thousands of sensors and weather monitoring stations which record temperature, air pressure, wind speed and direction, and everything else related to weather.  This is fed into a central computer and updated several times every hour.  Weather reporting agencies prepare weather forecasts from this information.  Look up to see one of these maps.  Zoom out until you see the whole earth and click on Wind Speed.  This will show you all the winds blowing across the earth and if you hover your mouse over any area it will tell you the speed and you can see the direction.  See if you can find the 1000 mph wind that is supposed to be blowing constantly from west to east anywhere.  It’s not there.  All the other wind speeds are recorded but Not this one.  Also you can see that the wind blows in All Directions across the entire earth.  This would be impossible if there was a 1000 mph wind blowing continuously from west to east.  That would be the only wind shown if it was true but it’s not.  


Then go to your favorite weather reporting site.  It will tell you the wind speed for that day and the direction it’s coming from.  It could say something like wind from the NW at 16 mph.  Notice that there is only One speed and direction given.  This can change throughout the day, but Never will it show more than one.  Why?  Because it is impossible for wind to blow in 2 or more directions at the same time in the same place.  You cannot have a N wind and a S wind blowing at the same time in the same place.  So again, if there really was a 1000 mph wind blowing west to east how could we also have a wind blowing from the NW at 16 mph?  Impossible.  The 1000 mph wind would overpower all other winds.  But the map shows us that this is not true.  There is no 1000 mph wind. 


When I see the wind speed and direction on my weather page every morning, I can look out my window and I will see the effects of the wind.  Tree branches and leaves will sway and move about in the wind.  Tall plants and grasses will move around and so on.  We can See the effects of the wind.  Can you also See the effects of the 1000 mph wind that is supposed to be constantly blowing from west to east?  No you cannot.  Could you see the devastation produced by a category 5 hurricane.  Definitely.  Think about that for awhile.  You can see the devastation produced by a 200 mph wind but Not from a 1000 mph wind.  Oh sure, I’ve heard people say “well that’s because it’s moving the same speed as the earth so it’s like it’s not moving at all”.   Really?  What happens when we walk into the wind?  Nothing?  Nonsense.  Try walking into a category 5 hurricane and see what happens before saying that.  Go out in your yard and face the NW.  You will Feel the wind blowing in your face.  If you turn your back to the wind you won’t feel it as much but as soon as you face the wind you will.  Did you ever Feel the 1000 mph wind?  Never because you wouldn’t live to tell anyone about it if you did.  Then go on Google and look up Highest recorded wind speed.  The record since 1934 was 231 mph recorded at Mount Washington Observatory.  Then a wind gust on Barrow Island was recorded at 254 mph in 1996 which is the current record.  Why isn’t the highest recorded wind speed 1000 mph?  Are they not able to record it?  Or is it because it simply Does Not Exist?  



So here is what we have.  Science says there is a 1000 mph wind blowing from west to east, the same direction and speed as the earth spins.  However this wind cannot be recorded, it cannot be felt, it’s effects cannot be seen, and it doesn’t appear on any weather map.  Conclusion:  IT DOES NOT EXIST.  This is the verdict that any court would issue.  There is No Evidence that the atmosphere travels at 1000 mph.  There is also No Evidence that the earth spins at 1000 mph either.  If the earth does not spin, neither does the atmosphere and if the atmosphere does not move then neither does the earth.  Either they both move or Neither moves.  We have proven that neither of them move except for normal winds that regularly blow across the earth. 


From the above we can see that the earth does Not Spin at 1000 mph and neither does the atmosphere move at 1000 mph either.  It’s all a lie.  Math does not lie, it tells us the truth and This is the Truth.  HUMANS CANNOT MOVE THROUGH THE ATMOSPHERE AT 1000 MPH.  And another Truth is that THE ATMOSPHERE DOES NOT MOVE AT 1000 MPH AND NEITHER DOES THE EARTH.  Because this is Not True what is the Truth?  This is it.  We live on a relatively flat stationary earth with mountains and valleys, lakes and oceans.  The sun, moon and stars rotate above the surface of the earth giving us night and day, seasons, and years.  The air moves in many directions and in many different speeds all over the earth.  We can feel the air, measure it, and see it’s effects and when we move through it we encounter resistance which feels like a wind blowing toward us.  That is the earth that we live on.  That is the earth that God created as described in the Bible.  There are over 140 scriptures that tell us about the earth that God created.  And the math confirms it.  Math is the only pure science.  It never changes.  Two plus two is always four.  So if you use math to prove something you know you have irrefutable proof.  That is what we have done here.  


The number one reason that we have been lied to is to keep us from believing in God.  And to keep us from getting to know Him and choosing to spend eternity with Him.  That is why they lied to us, their “boss” Satan wants us to spend eternity with him in the Lake of Fire instead of with God, that’s why.  I pray that you would see the Truth and Choose God.  Almost daily I thank Him for the absolutely beautiful earth that He made for us to live on.  And I also thank Him for sending his Son Jesus to die for our sins so that we could be forgiven and live with Him in Heaven.  I pray you would see the Truth and choose God as well.  You can find much more information on the earth that we live on by Clicking Here.

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    • kinganu

      The Earth is actually a giant spinning turd that is tapered on the ends so the butt hole of creation won’t slam shut.

    • Will

      Who gives a shit. Not much about space is understood . The little we Know is fabricated into tools to give humans the illusion of self importance . Which is also our suspected demise.

    • HTLIII

      Kick back. Light one up. Watch the ships disappear over the horizon. You then have two choices. Either continue with this Chicken Little bullshidt, or go, “MY GOODNESS!” Everybody else on earth is same and I was wrong.” I never have been so wrong about anything, so I could not possibly eat crow by the dozens like you are going to have to.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        There are now many examples of so called ‘ships over the horizon’ being brought back into view using telescopic lens. There are some examples in this video:


        You can find many more by searching for them. This is something anyone can do and many have. The appeal to ‘everybody’ else is pathetic. The masses are always wrong, and in this case +1.

    • Anonymous

      the only thing spinning is your bullshit and the turds in your empty skull–go down to where the homeless hang with dementia and have an argument with your equal you flat brain sock sucker–your a waste of human flesh–freaking useless bullshit from retards(sorry retards)–f off ass wipe nit wit loser

    • HypothesisFree

      My assumption is that if you were driving/flying in outer space at 60 mph and stuck your hand out the window you would feel no wind, because outer space is massless. However, when a meteorite enters our atmosphere, we can see that is is moving with extremely fast speed across the sky, in support of the hypothesis that earth is moving through outer space at a very high speed.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        LOL. The meteroite isn’t moving is that what you are saying? DOH.

        • HypothesisFree

          OK, so how do flat earthers explain meteorites and asteroids, and crators on both the moon and earth?

          Aslo, if the earth was flat, gravity would would only pull straight down in the center, and so the water would also be pulled towards the center of the flat surface. further from the center, trees would grow diagonally away from the center.

    • PJBloggs

      We live on a 🌎 🌍 🌏 it spins which aligns with the seasons, day/night 24hr cycle, how the horizon moves with you when you travel & is further away when you’re observing from higher altitudes. The weather patterns with cyclones and anticyclones swirling patterns that go in opposite directions South & North hemispheres – it all adds up, as does fact other planets, Moon, Sun, stars are all globes.

      This Flat Earth nonsense came out of nowhere around 2015 and according to this well researched article & video (link below) was tarted up from an old Medieval world view by DARPA & the CIA to fracture, discredit the truth community.

      You’ve just got some friends or relatives opening their mind about building 7 or JFK and the grassy knoll when you throw in “By the way, the Earth is flat!” Lost them and you look stupid. Last time they’ll listen to you.

      So don’t fall for it. And if you think it is true, please have a rethink. See this:

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        “seasons, day/night 24hr cycle” The FE model describes a perfectly valid method to explain this.
        The south and north spinning thing is an urban myth.

        Just another know nothing about the subject idiot commentator.

        I just wish you guys would get clued up and then comment on the off-chance you’ve actually got something valid to offer. But it’s just ignorance ad nauseum.

    • Fake News = The False Prophet
    • Justin Case

      If the Earth were really rotating at 1040mph. The atmosphere would be rotating at the same speed. You would not be “moving through the atmosphere” at all….

    • Gordon

      Lets say you are right; now what? It really is an empty pursuit that offers no substance or purpose.

      • Jango

        Didn’t you read the last paragraph?

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