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By Edmond Dantes
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II. Citizen Covert De-engineering of Ultimate Psy-Ops: Take Away The Pawns - Check Mate The NWO Elite

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From an obscure post stating Learn to be a “Real Chess” Master – A Mastermind.

Remember in the game of Chess, the King is useless without his Army of Pawns… thus this is what is going to cause the smarter men and those that do not know that they are being used as Pawns do some serious self searching, intense learning, and finally quickly waking up leading to the checking out of military and police men by the thousands overnight rendering the NWO powerless.


The is Part II of a 4 Part Series of the latest circulations. (Please try to read the other sections in my serious series)

        The issues presented below, although discovered just over seven years ago in the United States, are one of the three greatest lies perpetuated against whole populations with newborns and those up to early adulthood initially have to endure the brunt of this monumental evil. This one is the greatest of the lies as it has the most daily impact on the average individual but all three lies are very closely related and their magnitude will go down in history as among greatest ever orchestrated against humanity either individually or as a group. The other two lies are the reasonings for the global war on communism and the acclaimed filmmaker Stanley Kubrick helping NASA’s craft/fake the Apollo Moon Landing hoax ; however, after repenting he too tried to expose his lie and the people involved when he followed this up with a hidden veiled confession through a remake of Stephen King’s movie “The Shinning” and his mingling with esoteric secret societies in “Eyes Wide Shut.”

If the issues below would have gone the way of every other government or military injustice it would not have gone to the “Supreme Court” to be judge as immoral, illegal, or unconstitutional, etc. If people do not believe that something like this is possible, all they need to remember is two of Kissinger’s famous comments- “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer” and “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Consequently, any such case would have immediately gone through a closed door with very limited personnel military tribunal or some other kind of court-martial. There extensive inquiries would have been made to find out exactly how this information was obtain, exposed, or brought out into the public. Afterward a hypocrisy of justice being served would have been promoted by the media while the person accusing members of the “authorities” would have been given or rewarded with a small hush-up-payment and anything learned during the inquiries would have been used as a case -in-learning to better hide their tactics, improve their schemes, or to avoid similar issues in the future. Finally the person that discovered the conspiracy would have mysteriously disappeared, die in tragic and horrible accident, or commit an unexplainable suicide.

Instead this issue is brought neither to a group of arrogant self-serving power-hungry uniformed sociopaths nor to old decrepit dress-wearing elitist has-beens but to the real “Supreme Court” which is every individual of every nation where this scheme has taken roots. Let collective moral and judgment prevail!

I.  Historical Background and the Actual Theoretical Concepts Used to Create The Psychological Scheme

The highly compartmentalized Psy-Ops scheme reling heavily on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Ivan Pavlov’s classical psychology experiment in conditioning to produce behavior modification and more precisely the accidental discovery of psychological trauma inflicted on the dogs during a flood! The scheme incorporates and is re-enforced by Josef Mengele (Auschwitz’s Angel of Death) unethical torture experiments as further proof that by psychological trauma/terror, emotionally weak people (in this case women) will more effectively and expediently accept whatever behavior modifications these type of sociopaths want to condition their victims to! As such this scheme is how the military has been able to do intense brainwashing including the forcing of millions of divorces since before 1960 until the present! Sigmund Freud’s Frustration Aggression drive theory is the foundation and it is actually used twice in two different ways in the scheme. First level is that to be able to implement the Forced Divorce on soldiers, the people that developed it had to have high enough psychological as well as spiritual understanding of fear induce false propaganda to then create actual events that the propaganda warns against. It is a psychological scheme designed much like a type of a self-fulling prophecy.

The latest modification of this evil scheme was implemented around 1992 when the NATO governments decided to use the military to orchestrate its global New World Order agenda. Sociopaths realized that they would be fighting too many conflicts so decided it was time to use their latest psychological wonder weapon. Many of the concepts employed by the scheme were discovered or created by pioneers in the field of psychology. The military has spent billions of dollars to coupled these concepts together into one huge evil brainwashing scheme and has even modified it many times to improve or conceal it better. Since they have also had it reviewed by thousands of their greatest minds while being used for the last 50 years, the military did think that there would anybody alive who would be able to see and understand, much less verbalize or document it well enough to expose it. The information has been secretly passed among many Godly people waiting for the right time for when people themselves would be able to believe it and help unleash and spread it as this was not the case over seven years ago. Godspeed!

In depth it is a circular self-feeding biofeedback psychological scheme. During the second go around in the cycle, the second level of the Frustration Aggression drive theory is actually misrepresented in all Domestic Violence propaganda which makes sense to most people reading it at face value. Millions of women at military JAG offices and other social service or women studies centers are “vaguely taught” the “violent male” half-lie; however, they are not taught how their own emotions work. This exactly the goal as the scheme initially relies primarily on women’s fear based emotional instability. It is this collective fear that is creating and propagating the chain reaction epidemic. On the surface, at face value, Domestic Violence propaganda, to any highly emotional non-logical individual (mostly the female gender) it is somewhat logical enough. Basically, the propaganda is attributing or showing only the male half of “It Takes Two to Tango.” In Pavlov’s style conditioning, men have been anchored to violence through the widespread propaganda/ hysteria and with the CIA NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coined catchphrase “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE” that within itself suggests that violence is within or start in the home. If a husband & wife are the ones who live within the home and if vicious propaganda says men are the culprits, women (especially the weaker minded) will naturally and extremely easily believe this too! In the female mind the active neurons are set up as a few densely pack clusters which makes them very sensitive to information immediately this is call emotion processing while in the male brain the active neurons are set up in an array of many but much smaller neuron clusters spread out over the entire brain. This make the male thought process less sensitive but he has better sequential or predictive abilities, this is call logic. You can see how the brain works for each of the genders from their reading of this information. Men will absorb it slow and then eventually understand most of it while women will be shocked initially as their brain will not be able to handle or predictive massive sequential/logical input initially until after the emotions subside.

           Just as the catholic church in power orchestrated the inquisition and the witch hunts in the 1200s, modern government powers have essentially created a reverse male witch-hunt to achieve global objectives. Furthermore, the subliminal propaganda is now so widespread that it has been subconsciously ingrained into the majority of females’ minds. The way it works is when they get into a minor verbal confrontation with their boyfriend/husband certain residue subconscious memory-based triggers go off and the wheels are set in motion. These triggers are how the Frustration-Aggression theory is coupled with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The minor verbal confrontations triggers 2nd level needs of “Safety and security” that overwhelm their third level needs of companionship/“belonging” and fourth level needs of family unity. Basically if you stack things up and then you remove the bottom one, it creates a cascading effect where all the higher objects collapse as well. The evil scheme is designed to basically displace the institute of marriage with a women’s concern for her safety and security. The media is further adding to the propaganda/hysteria by broadcasting only the extreme cases. As more people get affected, the whole scheme gains momentum and grows from a small vortex like process into a huge hurricane-like evil monster destroying anyone in it’s pass that what you get is a rampant divorce epidemic.

In short Domestic violence is a perverted psychological half-truth to induce some type of mental manipulation that in some books would be referred to as mind control or mind rape. Mind rape would be more appropriate because this scheme is nothing more than mental manipulation through emotional exploitation of the weaker vessel. Basically this evil plot is using the same old biblical tools of the devil that is responsible for original sin– exploiting the females’ physiological weakness, her emotions. However, the main difference is that it more specifically producing psychological trauma/terror through primordial fear (Maslow’s 2ndlevel needs of safety and security) to displace family and marriage (i.e. 3rdlevel needs of love and belongingness). This is done by anchoring and associating the fear/trauma through extensive grey/black NLP propaganda (CIA terms) against the husbands/all men. Grey propaganda or diversion the term by which the CIA deceives their victims into believing that information (usually lies) are coming from a different source other than from the real one! This is the reason why most husbands and wives see the other spouse as the cause to their problems and then this adds to the frustrations between them which helps generate the statistics that then fuel the DV LIE.

Few men and women have already started to see past this Big DV Grey Lie but they have not been able to pinpoint the actual source. As a result many have started to blame (backlash) against the feminists. However, these are not all true feminist but just clueless recruits with chips on the shoulders to do the studies/research with CIA style loose statistics to produce stern supporters which then compel other women to work harder/faster to produce the wanted results. Still a smaller percentage of people have seen beyond this and have started to blame lawyers, judges, even psychologists that is why many people in these occupations have been killed, lashed out, or threaten. This is also partially true, but an even lesser minority has pinpointed the culprit to the highest level of government. It had to be legislated and passed as a law by old and decrepit Congressmen and then adjudicated to be constitutional by the Not-So-Supreme Court before it could be enforced by federal, military, and civilian police under the Executive branch. However even before that, it was created by international collaboration of satanist at undisclosed think-tanks to be used by Pentagon and every NATO member nation. Even the UN has been pushing for universal passage of these unethical laws globally under the pretense that it is trying to protect women or give then more rights.

The phrase Domestic Violence is itself an NLP psychological catch phrase to associate the worst kind of fear with the home. This propaganda is then further reinforced through pamphlets and mass media. Based on Freudian and statistics only a tiny percentage of the population/couples would not have the proper coping skills. As couple live together, the grow and mature gradually so over time they would be able to deal with most problems that come up. It is a simple part of live that maturity and intelligence come with age so under normal conditions without any external interference the longer the couple stay married the less likely the possibility that minors problems could escalate and result in some form of violent confrontation between them. However, the media has exploiting the small number of incidents and showing them repeatedly to produce in more hysteria/fear. Unscrupulous media have willing cooperated to feed this chain reaction resulting in a rampant epidemic- the millions of deaths plus the complete destruction of whole families!


II.  The Application Of How The Theory Is Actually Implemented In The Military By Different Agencies.

The military-Pentagon’s development of their unconstitutional and unethical psychologically designed Forced Divorce scheme is a continuation and modification of several programs dating back before 1961. The most common back then was the hundred of thousands of “Dear John letters” during the Vietnam war. This is their latest phase and it the most incomprehensible of evils that could have only be pushed out by twisted satanic sociopaths. Portions of DV scheme are ruthlessly implemented prior to ETS dates or War deployments as part of their force retention program. According to pentagon sociopaths, single men make better soldiers or at least less expensive liabilities during wartimes thus the common phrase if “Uncle Sam wanted you to have a wife, he would have issue GI Joe one.”

There are many paths from the outer parts of the city to the downtown center. Similarly not every divorce case will be identical but all have many similarities. Any major survey of families that went through a divorce while one spouse was part of the military, will reveal and confirm at the very minimal, all the shocking truths described below.

Initially it involves persistently anchoring/adding Negative Emotional Stimulus as soon as any woman become part of the military system as either soldiers or military spouses. This eventually produce some sort of depression or bipolar manifestation that transform itself into psychological trauma for both female soldiers and wives. It does not matter if female soldiers are not married as many will get married while in service and the ones that do not still become unknowing agents that can spread propaganda. The military’s goal is to produce escalating frustrations within the family and specifically by turning spouses against each other (mainly females against their husbands). By keeping a history or by fabricating lies through their deceptive Family Advocate Programs such as the Social Services, Federal/Military Police, Company and battalion commanders, and even the chaplain’s office through video taping, they then proceed to blackmail, scam, threaten, or do anything possible to harass either one or both husband and wives. Neither spouse knows what the other is going through as the first step of the process in the separation through Machiavellian restraining orders, moving the military member into the barracks and threaten the non-military spouse not to back back on base.

Most military families are in the service because of some difficulty prior to joining the military. One of the most common is financial issues so many young mostly enlisted families are struggling to support the families financial needs. When frustrations arise, stay at home wives will always go to the commander which is basically one of the ways the whole divorce scheme is initially put into play. Many wives don’t know what they have done but military husbands are slap with letters that hurt them for promotions etc.

Over 40% of problems between military spouses are due to financial issues. If couple is already separated, the battalion or company commander or even a member of JAG will instruct the soldier to not providing any financial assistance to the spouse until after a certain day such as the 5th or 6th after the month. This is how that military member gets in trouble for he is told that he should be aware of all military regulations and that UCMJ states that the military service member is responsible for covering any financial issues regarding his family as soon as he is paid. The military will immediate file criminal Family Financial Irresponsibly charges against him because the wive has been directed to go to JAG to file a complaint letter. Special sensitivity and military legal class at JAG indoctrinate wives as soon as they are part of the military system on how to create problems for themselves and the whole family. However they do not understand what they get themselves into until it too late. If during these initial events both spouses remain clueless but blame the other for all the problems and issues mount, even if no other agency or police are involved, JAG lawyers are there to draft and expedite any divorce proceeding that are them pushed out to civilian lawyers to complete the process.

The first part of the military divorce scheme, especially if the wife is the military service member and the husband a civilian, will be an Administrative Error by federal or military police from the Provost Marshal which will always result in some false criminal allegations. Normal it is federal police that deal with the civilian spouse. Once the administrator error lie is in place as a police document, a special CRC (case review committee) will give the go ahead for every other agency involved to release any documentation concerning the two spouse, regardless of any confidentiality agreements, as there is evidence of criminal actions which takes precedence over all other issues. When this happens, most civil lawyers can not do anything to help you until criminal issues have been resolved. This is a military employed time draining tactic against the spouse as most divorces can be finalized by corrupt Judges in many states within 60 days even if contested. Most husbands would not be able to see all the scheming, all the lies, and understand what is going on to find two lawyers one to resolve a criminal case and another to deal with the civil divorce case.

Military ID are issued to spouses through an act of congress and thus only a congressmen can actually take away that privilege however the lowest enlisted military police (MPs) are used as scapegoats to tell non-military spouses not to come back on base.

A Zero Tolerance policy is designed to quickly put the scheme into action while the “leave your problems at home” verbal policy is done to silence the multitude of victims to avoid others from hearing and learning what is going on. This is in case they know of other similar victims, their friends going through similar problems, or that eventually they themselves will go through it. The more people this happens to and they start to talk, the sooner many will know what has being going on, how drastic and widespread it is, who is involved, and for how long it has all been happening. Secrecy in the military is vital to avoid exposing all the evil that the institution along with the government does to it own citizens.

While this is going, difference agencies pretend to take each of the spouse’s side to extract information to further incriminate one or both if they manage to find out what is actually going on. After a divorce is finalized, part of the force retention program is for the military to informed him that because of his legal/criminal issues he will probably not be able to get a decent job out in the civilian sector. Depending on how much information each individual does find out, some will go AWOL, some will commit suicide and still a few will commit some atrocities against fellow military members especially those he knew were part of the scheme to destroy him and his family. A few those that did not find out the truth will see no sweeter option but remain in the current hell hole that he initially signed up for.

All of these mentioned agencies plus the company & battalion commanders contribute by also alienating both spouses from each other through Military Protection Orders, etc to keep them from finding out the truth. They unethically even use the Chaplains office to set up a machine to hypnotize victims into subconsciously bringing out any family issues which are also video taped as counseling sessions that will eventually be acquired by the police (as a result many Chaplains resigned). Furthermore they then manipulate the wife into believing that her husband is crazy/ unstable due to military stress. Finally the Divorce Assembly line ensures the Army’s ultimate goal of them not being legally responsible to provide any lifelong compensation (DIC) to the divorced spouse/wife to which she would have been entitled if she remained married and her husband died in war or while on duty or decrease any compensation to one half to now single soldier if he became incapacitated!


Just Think about this – What military men would want to work for any system that will eventually and systematically destroy him and his family? Learn basic Chess learn how to Win!

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