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By Julie Mitchell
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White People, The Children of the Light.

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NASA should have stayed home with their fancy little cameras.  Much obliged that they didn’t. 


Most people would consider a dog to be something other than a wild animal. They are not. Right across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, which is itself one of the most dangerous cities in America to enter as a consequence of the the fact that it is occupied by feral negroid simian beasts, there is another majority black city, although somewhat minor in terms of size, that has gone the way of Detroit, called East St. Louis.  And there in East St. Louis the negroes have allowed such a feral dog problem to develop that it is no longer safe to walk the streets of much of the city. That is the true nature of the dog.


However, even given the instinctive nature of the dog, it is nonetheless a rare occasion that one of our domesticated dogs we keep as house pets viciously attacks a human being, and then it is most often one of a few very particular breeds that some fool has not raised and trained properly, and in most instances has in fact been trained to be viscous.  When it happens it is not done out of malice and forethought with the absolute intent to kill on the part of the dog, as it almost always is when a negro slaughters a white person, which they are doing at epidemic levels in a full on genocide in all of our white countries, a genocide that is being deliberately concealed from the general population of whites by the Jews who own and control the world’s media. The dog simply does it based upon a genetically engineered instinct that arises from the MATTER it is made of, as the impulse (instinct) is genetically wired into it and essentially input into its brain from an outside source, and does not come from the heart. Dogs, it would appear, are more fit for life in white civilization when they are CIVILIZED, i.e. domesticated, than are negroes. For that matter so are ferrets, for Christ’s sake.


Think about that. UNDERSTAND what kind of a menace the negro truly poses for you and your children within your society. Is that even remotely acceptable?


And it is all justified by the constant and never ending cry that “we are all equal” in conjunction with the absolutely ridiculous idea that “we are all one.” One cannot believe in the concept of good and evil and believe that we are all one.


Evil exists because a very particular part of the Treasury of Light that our people knew about at least as far back as the Gnostics (and if the truth were known all the way back to the time of Thoth the Atlantean), chose to act independently from the Treasury of Light that exists as One, and this part of the Light, an apparently feminine part, as is discussed in the Pistus Sophia texts, acted without the masculine part of the light that makes it whole, and it created something that decided of its own accord to in turn create a sort of of “harmonic resonance.”  That “harmonic resonance” in turn creates the substance we refer to as “matter,” which is a complete separation from the Light and thus not part of it at all, even though the “creator” of the harmonic resonance is itself connected to the Treasury of light. Our great WHITE mathematician Pythagorus proved that the “universe” is brought into existence by “harmonic resonance” thousands of years ago, and they have hidden this discovery from us, getting us to ponder ridiculous notions of how this “universe” came into existence, such as the “Big Bang Theory.” The new agers are the ones the the Cagemakers of the Universe are using to reveal this secret of the “creation” by harmonic resonance to us, as they are the ones who are propagating the idea that in this “universe,” before you have Light, you have “sound,” i.e. harmonic resonance.  And they are right.  But there is far more to the story than they or their “alien” handlers will ever tell you. To put it simply, we are trapped in a world in which evil can be created, and in the negroes, we can clearly see that it has.


In antiquity the Aryans/Israelites, known today as the Caucasians, i.e. the white race, were referred to as the “Children of the Light.”  We have a part of the treasury of light within us, centered in our heart. I don’t know if we were trapped here when the harmonic resonance ate through the Treasury of light and created all of this “matter,” or if we were part of the light that was sent in to try and rescue what is referred to as Pistus Sophia in the Gnostic texts in the language of this matrix, but I expect that there was a time when exactly how we came to be here could be discerned from the “biblical” texts, and maybe even in other stories of ”creation” as well, and that if we had access to what was written thousands of years ago we would know the answer to that question, which is why our ancient texts have been corrupted almost to the point of being destroyed. The story of “Creation” is actually a million times more vague than the racial laws for the Children of the Light written into the biblical texts, and it is difficult enough to get the white sheep to understand that the texts themselves are also a set of racial laws established for them.  Indeed, in most instances is nigh to impossible, and the white sheep cling to the ridiculous stories the serpentine (reptilian) Jews have constructed around their evil and parasitic race, so comprehending the reality of how we came to be where we are is going to be one hell of a stretch for most Aryan people.


However, our science even knows this place exists within us, they just do not understand what it actually is.  It is from this part of the matter that we are made of in this matrix (the human body) that they (scientists) measure our magnetic energy field.  It is found in the region that we refer to as “the heart, and it is being referred to as our “Human Assemblage Point” in this matrix.  Our bodies are a sort of “cage” for a light, so that essentially they have US parasitizing off the real US. 


The negro cage has been darkened and designed to absorb the negative electromagnetic energy of the matrix itself (this is what melanin does) and is literally “programmable” by the evil that creates it. It can function without a connection to the Treasury of Light because it is not directly connected to it, and is merely a creation of this matrix, of the darkness itself.  And in the vast majority of the negroes the negro “cage” does exactly that, and functions as nothing more than a dark droid designed for nothing but evil.  As it stands now we exist in a world of human droids programmed to rob, rape, torture, slaughter, and at the very least just parasitize off the closest thing it can find to the real light. The negroes exist as sort of an anology to this so called “universe” (matrix) itself, which scientists claim will eventually just go kaput and destroy itself, as the Higgs Bosson particle proved it will ultimately do. It will feed off the light until the light is gone, and then it will explode.


In the Pistus Sophia texts, and they are the words of Christ, it is abundantly clear that the Treasury of Light that functions as One knows full well this is the case, and it also knows that it will ultimately have to cut Pistus Sophia off completely and allow the dark side to have her to save itself. And it will do that if it has to, as is also clear in the texts. This matrix can only be destroyed from this level, the physical one. That explains perfectly the “born again” stuff in the biblical texts, especially when one understands that they are tricking us with the false light at death and farming us in and out of here on their terms in an endless cycle of reincarnation.  It is what we do at death that we have got to change, and we have got to hang out out there in other parts of their little “electromagnetic spectrum” that we cannot see in this physical form until enough of us show up to have a “gathering” on the other side and start working this thing out.  We have got to learn to function in all parts of this matrix as the intelligent beings of light that we are.   But we have also got to make sure that the “Children of the Light” continue to exist on this planet in this physical form, because our task is huge, and if we were indeed TRAPPED here as part of this light, if we don’t fix it, hell and ultimately destruction awaits, as they play games with our psyche in various forms of existence such as the one we are currently in with the chemtrails being sprayed over our heads and even the one in the wildly popular movie “The Matrix, which I think is the ultimate goal, because the human body is indeed a “Coppertop,” but the battery is part of the heaven we are, or at least came from and existed in. Hell, we are already living “The Truman Show.”


I don’t want to be farmed back in here as a negro, in the middle of all these negroid simian beasts that are nothing but droids of evil energy designed to make my life here a living hell.  That will make our chances of getting out of here terribly slim, as light beings trapped in dark cages in the middle of negroid Simian beasts would stand very little chance of ever being able to put it together, and in most instances would die of some terrible disease or cannibalism or starvation in the middle of packs of simians, living utterly brutalized and tortured lives every time they farmed us in and out of this place.  I want the negroes destroyed and I want the matrix destroyed, and if we can take out the electromagnetic cage around the Light in the sky that we refer to as the “sun,” I think it would have an effect that would be “universal” in nature. That is the day that is spoken of in the book of Isaiah, when the Light will be 7 times brighter. 


To the few light beings already farmed in here as negroid Simian beasts, I am sorry for your lot, but I foresee no other alternative than to isolate and quarantine all negroes on the dark continent of Africa, until such time as we can come together as the Aryan/Israelite children of the light and take our world back to being the Treasury of Light that Christ spoke of, and that is awaiting us just beyond our reach.  


“God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”  The Book of John


“When they ask you where you came from tell them you came from the light, in the place where the light came into being of its own accord.”
“Some may think that I came to bring peace, but I came to bring fire, sword, war.”
“Behold, I have cast fire upon the world, and I am guarding it until it blazes.”
~ Jesus Christ, in the Gnostic gospel of Thomas


Colors of this matrix such as “black” and “brown” do not exist in the Treasury of Light.  I know.  I have seen it with my own eyes, and it is simply not possible that they exist in that world.  These are the colors of darkness, and that is historically the reason that “black” has been associated with evil.  I would never contend that evil is not occasinally found among whites, but that is something that is directly related to this matrix as well, and most likely directly related to the Rh factor of the blood, with the Rh+ white humans having a direct genetic link to the primates just as the non-whites do.  If the Jews did not control everything, then we would have no difficulty in determining that they are directly genetically related to the reptiles, as it is written in the Biblical texts that their racial father is the “Serpent.”  Be that as it may, I know what is really here, and the history is not difficult to put together once one knows what is really going on in this matrix.


This is what I know and how I know it…


Your Light/”sun” is trapped behind/within an electromagnetic cage. Somehow they found a way to intertwine the electrical with the magnetic and changed everything. Behind that web they have around the sun is another version of 3D, and it is made of light. I know because I have seen it. The Light is PHYSICAL. It has dimension, and looks as though you could hold it in your hands in all of its glistening, glowing, slowly “pulsing” brilliance while looking upon it with your own two eyes, and it would still be lighting up the whole world without harming you. That is the world of Light we are supposed to be in. This is not ours. This is a construct of hell, and everything in it is dying, a matrix of filth and decay, and if it was not dying to begin with, the archons set out to kill it.  All the new agers out here are always try to tell us this is our own personal hologram; that if things are not right it is because things are not right with us on a spiritual level.  Bullshit.  This is theirs.  A creation of evil itself.  What they made of the organic matrix when they smothered the light.


This light COMMUNICATED with me. I did not have a “vision,” which I am being accused of claiming to have had.  I looked at it for the better part of 20 minutes sitting on my neighbors front porch while she was having a drink, and talking to her the entire time I was looking at it, and I did so on a spur of the moment basis, as it just struck me to do so one evening and see if I could find out what all the meditating “sungazers” were going on about.  Her husband was even there for a few minutes.  I tried to get them to look and see if they saw what I was seeing. They refused, and told me I was going to “blind myself” just like the sheep always do.  


I have not seen it like that since when I have sungazed.  It is almost as if it was saying, “Hey, that’s not me you are looking at there in that blinding “light.”   And as I gazed upon that little brilliant and glistening ball of light in that cage, the brilliantly pink “river” of liquid, silken,  light at the bottom under the two pink rivers of eyes shaped like tears in the gently pulsing ball of pure white light turned downward, in exactly the same manner we would draw what we call a “sad face.”  It knows that it is caged and smothered.  But there is simply no harm in the light.  The only reason we are capable of mustering the violence it will take to set this thing right is because of the cage we are trapped in, and we want to be able to come back here into another “Aryan” cage.  White is right.  White is closest to the Light. 


All of the New Age people are lying to you.  They all leave you with the notion that if one doesn’t “ascend” in this time cycle, we will be dragged off into some 4th dimensional realm to be an energy source. That is already accomplished.  The stargates have been engineered to capture the souls (not “lights”) who might wake up to reality enough to start looking for a ride out of here, and that organic technology of this matrix is just waiting there for the unsuspecting sheep in search of “heaven” to figure out how to use it.  The rest of the sheep they will just continue to harvest through the false light they show them at death.


For those who are awake enough to realize, you already are that food source. They stand between us and God/Source, or what the Gnostics referred to as the “Treasury of Light,” and what the Christ and others like Thoth referred to simply as the Light. We are not getting back to our place of origin even through death. We are trapped here, and all their bullshit meditation and use of symbols is to program your DNA to go where they want to take you if you start to figure any of this out, and trick you into believing that you have somehow “ascended” to a higher realm in this matrix of darkness, filth, and decay.


Currently you have two choices, and that is succumb to a physical death in this crappy matrix they have constructed around you and be able to recognize the genuine light of source among the choices you will see, or choose wrong and be re-cycled/harvested and reinserted back into their inorganic matrix again on their terms, or let them re-program your DNA with all their New Age meditation and use of symbols and get a sort of “promotion” to a different physical place in this matrix of darkness, while they convince you your change was somehow dimensional.


See ya later. I would rather die one more time and make the right choice this time, if that choice is even available among those we are given.  If it isn’t, we have got to learn to come together in all the parts of this electromagnetic spectrum and figure this thing out, because if we don’t we are doomed.  I don’t believe the light of the “Source” realm will be offered by the archons of this matrix of darkness upon a physical death in this matrix, because the Light is smothered and parasitized off of in every part of the electromagnetic spectrum (matrix).  


Nobody chooses to come here, no matter how often they try to convince you that you do so out of some warped sense of obligation, and you either look at all the stuff that has been left for you and figure out how to free your Light, which you refer to as a “sun,” as well as the one inside you, which is what Christ was referring to when he said to figure out how to “bring forth that which is within you,” or you die and ultimately find a way back in here to do what can only be done on this physical level.  Because the only thing that will bring your matrix back to where it is organically supposed to be is the true Light of the sun they have trapped in an electromagnetic web.


One thing certain, if you die here, DON’T go toward the light they will present to you, the one you hear people who’ve had near death experience speak about.  They have people programmed to go toward a false light at death the light by way of the neuro linguistic programming of this matrix and their version of 3D (not the real one).  They even portray it in movies such as the highly popular and extremely sentimental “Ghost.” The light that invites you to walk into it and disappear…that blinding light.  Stay the hell out of that one.  


If you do not see the kind of Light described below, just take your chances and succumb to the darkness if that is possible, because the darkness will either have to be destroyed or passed through to return to the Light. Right now that blinding light they are tricking the sheep with at death is our only ticket “out” of here, and it is a combine.  People who talk about near death experiences talk about having seen a light that seemed like it beckoned them to walk into it, and all of them recall a feeling of unimaginable peace with no fear associated with that false light they present at death.  And given some of the ancient teachings, I think there may be more than one in terms of color, so that if you don’t choose one version of the light you may want another.


You have all seen that kind of light portrayed in the movies of this matrix, and you are all familiar with it.  That is simply another version of the inorganic/false light of this matrix you are already trapped in, another version of the false light they make of your sun with the cage around it.  You see this kind of false light all around you on a constant basis, in everything from the light of the sun to the light from your light bulbs.  The LIGHT inside would defy any of the laws of science in this matrix.


So if something should happen to any of us before we see each other again, remember this: When you die, the light of source, if it is there among the choices, will be the one you think is fake. just a ball of very gently “pulsing” and glistening brilliant white light that appears to be liquid or molten in some way, but not hot. There is no such thing as heat or cool in this light. It just is. The other choices will be the diffused looking artificial lights of this matrix….that you can walk into if you want. Some might be blinding, some might not. but you will still recognize it as the sort of light you have always seen here.


Look for the liquid light, the solid, silken Light, if it is there.  Inside the cage the light you call the sun looks like a beautiful little “disco ball” of pure and brilliant white and pink light, with the pink parts being tear shaped rivers down the sides, like eyes, and a smaller one at the bottom…that one will smile at you…you will think it looks like a toy, a brilliant one, but a toy….and it will be mesmerizing… But your eyes will not be trapped or drawn in by it. It will simply be there, and you can easily walk away. It is not controlling. At all. And there is no fear associated with looking at it. It is soothing to the soul. It literally looks like something you could hold in your hands and it would still be lighting up the world around you, because it is.  


If you will gaze at the sun in the first 30-45 minutes after it rises and within 30-45 minutes before it sets, which absolutely will not harm your eyes, you will see a brilliant but “blinding” white disc in the sky, and spinning around the perimeter of it you will see a very faint pink color.  That is a very diffused and watered down vesion of the solid, silken pink light that punctuates the brilliant ball of white silken light hanging suspended of its own accord in the cage in the sky; the cage the Cagemakers of this Universe have it trapped inside.  



“All through the ages, the light has been hidden.  Awake, O man, and be wise.  Know, O man, that Light is thine heritage.  Know that darkness is only a veil.  When darkness is banished and all Veils are rended, out there shall flash from the darkness, the LIGHT.  Mysteries there are in the Cosmos that unveiled fill the world with their light.

~The Emerald Tablets of Thoth




Their manipulation of the sun has been monitored for a long time. The only trouble is, nobody except Eric Dollard seems to be able to figure out that it has a shell around it, and since I don’t know anybody else who has seen the inside, nobody else seems to understand that shell is actually a CAGE for out light.

From the article: “All of this waveform duplication is beyond chance and probability. In the past, nothing like this has been observed before with this degree of complexity by this author. I have been continuously been examining these and other solar charts since the early 1990′s. Why would someone do this to the Sun?”


Dollard thinks it is simply hollow and dark inside.  It isn’t.  He just cannot see it with the equipment he has to view it because that equipment is made of the electromagnetic energy of this matrix, and it is designed to separate us from and hide the Light.  It is a very small ball  of brilliant, silken, solid light of two different colors, and it is entrapped in a much larger electromagnetic cage!!!   Other than that, he’s got it pretty much figured out, except I doubt that he realizes just how CLOSE it really is.


You can see the minions of evil causing the CMEs. They are flying in and out of that web they have around the light and creating them themselves.  It is as plain as the nose on your face, and there are videos all over the place out there that demonstrate this truth.  They put the light in a cage.  It is not a “star.”  None of them are. To call something a star carries with it the connotation that something is “burning,” or that there is fusion inside.  And Eric Dollard’s work has proven otherwise.  I have seen otherwise.  It is simply the light.  They caged the light.  You can literally see the matrix.  They are constantly, with their rudimentary equipment, trying to maintain the web. It is all right in front of your eyes, people. Open them. We are not blind. The matrix is right in front of your eyes. They literally show it to you and expect you not to see it. Whatever it takes to destroy that web around the sun is here somewhere, and it is hidden in all the ancient stuff. That is your ascension. If you don’t free it, and the earth, you are going nowhere. 

The games they play with us –>


Human Assemblage Point:


The biblical “Beasts of the field.”    



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      just say it, your just a racist! without all that mumbo-jumbo, i see your going downhill fast!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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        Hey BooBoo, just say it, you’re just a dumbed down gutless sheep that probably has a zebra baby in your family which you are proud of. lol. There used to be a word in the dictionary that is no longer there, “racialist”. You are beyond hope BooBoo.

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          what hope are you referring to?

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          Z-Boy is not a real person. “he” is a sock puppet of this “julia” thing.

          There is no hope that Z-Boy can explain anything. I think the Zebra thing was just another racist term shared by Julia.

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          z-boy, there is a book called a Dictionary that has words in it, i know you dont know where to look, so i got it for you, here ya go:

          ra·cial·ism (rā′shə-lĭz′əm)

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          2. Chiefly British Variant of racism.

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          there’s more hate on here than what Shambot generates!! why is that? im begininng to think this is NOT a christian type, whatever it is, im off to Zeta Reticuli to go live with Soli Lapsi !!! (EBENS)

          What kind of stories won’t you publish at Before It’s News?

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          Quote: “there’s more hate on here than what Shambot generates!! why is that?”

          Now you are getting somewhere Brother BooBoo,

          Follow it to the source.

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          What’s wrong with hate?

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            Amo_5:15  Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the LORD God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph.

            Ecc_3:8  A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

            Isa_61:8  For I the LORD love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offering; and I will direct their work in truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them.

            LGBT LOVE ???

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            Rev_22:15  For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

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          @ BooBoo

          With a handle like that you must be very infantile in your thinking.

          If we then note your use of the term ‘racism’ we find confirmation (can you manage that word?) that you are very infantile, very stupid and very ignorant.

          Let me explain a fundamental: If you’re not a racist, you will lose YOUR race.

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          @ BooBoo with his or her diapers on. :grin: :grin: :grin:

          I should have said I don’t allow children making comments on my blog without their parents accompanying them. :lol: :lol: :lol:

          If you start your education now you should be ready to comment on my blog in about five years time. What I would recommend is that you get de-programmed first, before you start your education.

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        Here’s a grab off Jake Kettle’s Wiki page I found interesting. Kettle, the Marxist-Machiavellian editor/owner of BIN.

        Kettle’s written works include political articles on both his website and news website Before It’s News. He self identifies as a social democrat, advocating for a combination of direct democracy and socialism, which Kettle mentions regularly in his podcasts and interviews.[3] He also claims to be open minded, and has professed an admiration for both the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, as well as more modern philosophers such as Karl Marx and Niccolò Machiavelli among others.

        • Anonymous

          That explains volume about his disinfo site, which leans toward supporting the zionists agenda. their agends is to try and get a religious war going between Muslims and Christians and if that doesn’t work, then a race war between blacks and whites. That is what the false flag Ferguson was all about. Glad to know who the owner of this site really is. Thanks for that information.

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        yes2truth Charles Crosby aka TheTruthNotDoctrine

        However, what I have noticed, now that the stats are building and developing, is that many of you view this home page and go no further, so perhaps you would like to leave a comment expressing your reasons for doing so. Please don’t be rude or abusive as it will only result in a delete, just a contribution with your considered views is all that’s necessary, thank you.

        uh huh

        With a handle like that you must be very infantile in your thinking.

        If we then note your use of the term ‘racism’ we find confirmation (can you manage that word?) that you are very infantile, very stupid and very ignorant.

        Let me explain a fundamental: If you’re not a racist, you will lose YOUR race.

        uh huh

        so calling me names and putting me down here on B4IN is ok, so long as your web page of followers dont find out your true “Hate” interesting!

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          Where have I been abusive? I have only spoken The Truth, not cussed or called you rude names, just pointed out some of the realities of your perverted brainwashed self-hating thinking – or are you so righteous in your Canaanite Jew PC thinking that you’re above criticism?

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          PS thanks for the plug – all publicity is good publicity.


        There are no such things as racist. Racism itself no longer exists, because the word was so overused it ceased to mean anything. Too bad, so sad. Nazi is now on the endangered word list.

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      What are you taking about, this is an editiors pick? the new age is not helping you at all. Try God, you will need Him if you keep saying this racist crap. The only Light is the son of God, He was most likely a man of some color, certainly not white. I am white and I detest what you said, you better stay inside for a while, not smart.

      • Julie Mitchell

        “When they ask you where you came from tell them you came from the light, in the place where the light came into being of its own accord.”

        “Some may think that I came to bring peace, but I came to bring fire, sword, war.”

        “Behold, I have cast fire upon the world, and I am guarding it until it blazes.”

        ~ Jesus Christ, in the Gnostic gospel of Thomas

        • Sean

          Oh, Julie your so very Sad.

          The Israelites are the “Palestinians” it was Proven through DNA, those White Jews pretending to be Jews who Are Not, are Part of the Synagogue of Satan and their DNA is from the Ashkenazi’s from former USSR Georgia.

          Revelation 2.9
          I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.

          The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, talks about Christs Twin Brother Judas.

          Which is part of the Hag Hammadi that talks about the Archons who walk among Us.

          The Connection to everything Nazi and Luciferian comes from the Ashke NAZI.. again Revelation 2.9

          The Symbol for Christians, Islam, Buddhists and real Jews is the Swastika , not the way Hitler used it by Inverting it, who happened to be a Rothschilds, same Family who created IsraHell, who were named Bauers before they took the Name Rothschilds and before that maybe named Lucifer, they are All Luciferians and Satan worshippers

          Blue and Hazel eyed Humans only showed up 30,000 years ago, a Creation not a Mutation as people are led to believe, because that is when RH Negative Blood types started to show up also.

          You can also track the Start of Human Sacrifices to 30,000 years ago, when most Likely Whites started to Show up on this Planet, because there weren’t any before that !

          RH Negative Blood Types have no Link to the Rheus Monkey, but are Linked to Reptilians !

        • LichKing

          “Some may think that I came to bring peace, but I came to bring fire, sword, war.”

          “Behold, I have cast fire upon the world, and I am guarding it until it blazes.”

          There will be plenty of fire and flames where you are going if you dont change your ways.

        • Civic Grief

          great quotes from the gospel of thomas :cool: hmm… i like what i’ve read from some gnostic gospels and theoretical physics and such… this is somewhat interesting. after the bit about dogs, its mostly all news to me. i’ve been reading some about this ‘assemblage point’ you speak of… somewhat interesting, i guess…. pythagoras… cosmogony, metaphysics and stuff, all interesting… white people > blacks: fairly obvious…. but well, my concern is what part do cats play in this scheme of things? you hooked me on the dog hating, and the servile obnoxious nature of negroes, etc… now reel me in with some explanation of moral and spiritual superiority of felines! in all seriousness, they aren’t your typical animal…. far superior to dogs by any measure, but imo also more valuable than many humanoids…. they have been given special treatment by many religious/spiritual traditions from the beginning of history…. i’m sure you saw the recent video of the glorious silver tabby defending the small white child from the brutish and filthy mutt that went viral on the internets… and etc sometimes i have the feeling that my cat is hiding some inside information from me. well, not particularly hiding, because he would tell me whatever he could. but because of the language barrier, its as if there is more to the world that he is waiting patiently to discuss with me later…. :-P also, sometimes he licks my scalp and i find that to be very comforting.

        • BooBoo

          no julie i tell everyone where i come from, and that is from my mom, thats pretty simple you think.

        • yes2truth

          @ Sean

          You said:

          “The Israelites are the “Palestinians” it was Proven through DNA, those White Jews pretending to be Jews who Are Not, are Part of the Synagogue of Satan and their DNA is from the Ashkenazi’s from former USSR Georgia.”

          Proven through DNA???? :lol: :lol: :lol: Mickey mouse un-proven science just like carbon 14 dating.

          Try languages instead. The British Gaelic and Old English tongues are Hebrew in origin.

          Israel is primarily the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples plus the Dutch, Swiss, Belgians, Northern French and Scandinavians of North Western Europe.

          British is from the Hebrew Berith-ish. Berith = Covenant; ish = man. British = Covenant Man.

          Ireland was once known as Ebernia named after Abraham’s forefather Eber from whence comes Hebrew.

          The ancient Irish people were known as Tuatha de Danaan or The Israelite Tribe of Dan.

          Saxon is from the ancient Saacsons or the Saacae = Isaacs Sons = Saxons.

          The Scythians were the ancient Scots.

          Re Hitler it is not proven that he was a Rothschild.

          Try being as suspicious of jewtube as you would the LED or pans and fires come quickly to mind.

      • Mangod

        See this inbred, mentally retarded white-skinned subhuman “creature”?
        Who worships a white-skinned male “god” with a dick (we know what this girl wants to be when she is in “heaven” for all of eternity, the “receptacle” of the Holy GOO! That is why she is SO GOOD AT kneeling down! JJust the right height to be the receptacle for the holy goo, eh, “Julie”?????
        Christians, like Julie here, believe in “DICK tators”!
        They are supporters of spiritual TERRORISM, an eternity of rule by a white-skinned human male with a DICK, just like the communists they REALLY ARE!!
        They LOVE to scare little children (for christ, of course)!
        Screw chris 0 CREEPS and their “Freedom of religion”!
        IT IS TIME TO OUTLAW christianity!
        Let’s make this the “Final” generation of judeo-chrisscumdumb mind-controlled SLAVES to be witnessed by us!
        THE DEATH, THE END, OF THE VILE “Euro-Caucasian Colonial Mind Control religion” called “judeo-christianity”!
        IT IS TIME for judeo-chris SCUMDUMB of the united Fascist states of MILITARY TERROR that they, themselves, have fashioned over time, to “cease to exist”!
        WHEN judeo-christianity IS OUTLAWED WORLDWIDE,
        WAR WILL END!
        Aahhhhhhhh……….. THE HORROR OF LYING, CHEATING and very VIOLENT chrisOCREEPS and their jew handlers……………. THE HORROR OF LYING, CHEATING and very VIOLENT chrisOCREEPS and their jew handlers..!

        • NM

          Mangod Quote: “See this inbred, mentally retarded white-skinned subhuman “creature”?”

          Yes we do see you Mangod. You are no longer “hidden”

          We see you for the inbred, mentally retarded white-skinned subhuman you are.


        • Mangod

          NM stands for Neanderthal Man, eh, “Dear”???
          You are a white-skinned male TURD!
          Go away, NSA Boy! AND, get back to work for the NSA!
          You will have more time to Suck Off the boss, so you can get the overtime, YOU WORTHLESS, crap spewing SHILL for the united Fascist states of MILITARY TERROR!
          I hope to meet YOU in person, soon, NM-BOY, the government arse licker!

        • NM

          You are a small fry Mangod.

          Hardly gum on my CIA shoes.

          Would you like another impromptu visit?

          Get the boys to go through your things again?

        • Julie Mitchell

          Aaaw, you mad, bro? Are you one of those red negroes in your profile pic? You’re no better than the black negroes. And fyi, I’m not a Christian, you moron.

          Guess what, red negro, if that is what you are? The myth of the noble savage is going to be destroyed in this jew controlled matrix as well.

          White Europeans were the original indigenous inhabitants of America. Archaeology has more than proven that one, as does the folklore of the red negroes themselves. You can find information about it in my article entitled “Know Your Heritage” in this collection. Just like the black negroes and the red negroes “immigrating” from south of the border will do once their numbers in america become great enough, your red negro immigrant people slaughtered us out of existence when you arrived the first time, not from Asia, but from UNDERGROUND, if we are to believe the folklore of the Sioux. Yes, that’s right, you red negroes were created in the bowels of hell of some sort to destroy all that was white. And you’ve already done it once before we returned to reclaim what was ours, at least the North American part of it. All you savages did was begin calling yourselves “Mayans” and “Aztecs” and start ripping the hearts out of live victims and eating them in huge tribal ceremonies, you idiot fk.

          But, as the non-white savages have done time and time again throughout history when they slaughter us out of existence, you eventually came to worship us as white “Gods” because your memory was at least long enough to recall the white Utopia you destroyed. You muds with your false histories and your theft and destruction of white civilization truly are a disgusting lot.

        • NM

          Hi Julie,

          Mangod is not Native to this continent ( nor is he any of those nasty things you said )

          He is a watered down white bread “fawn” of little distinction.

          A Liar and a thief. Nothing more

          Back to you

          “White Europeans were the original indigenous inhabitants of America”

          You are mistaken on so many levels there is nowhere to go from here.

          There is MORE evidence that the Jews where in America before the Europeans
          ( Under the guise of the Phoenicians )

          The locals where brown and tan.

          I suspect you are an agent provocateur trying ( weakly ) to incite race hatred.

        • CrowPie

          Hey Julie,

          See my picture? I am 1/4 Cherokee. I also had a German, Irish and a Swede for Grandparents. My hair may look like spun gold and my eyes like clear blue skies…….but I never burn, I TAN.

          SO, be veery careful judging folks by their cover. You never know what they are REALLY made of. :twisted:

      • Anonymous

        Christ was not a man of color. A letter found in the Hapsburg museum from Pontius Pilot to Tiberius described Jesus as a Nazarene and he had blonde hair and blue eyes. Further the shroud of turin identifies his blood as AB negative, and negative blood is found no where in nature except in humans. So, Jesus was not of the Jewish faith, he was of the Nazarene faith which addressed God as “father”, while the Jews worshipped what they called a “Dimerge” angry, vengeful and an eye for an eye God. Christ preached Love as the two greatest commandments, Love God with your whole heart and your neighbor as yourself. .

    • Grinandbearit

      OMG! Why is this allowed to be on here?

      • CrowPie

        She has a right to spread her venom, just like everyone else.

        • Julie Mitchell

          Aaaaw. Don’t be mad. Just go eat some of that Crow Pie. :lol:

        • CrowPie

          You seem to be so informed about the First Nations folklore.

          I’m not surprised your feeble mind didn’t realize “Crow” is ‘part” of my Family name.

        • CrowPie

          Yes…….that’s me getting right up in your bigoted face.

        • yes2truth

          “Bigot: One who is obstinately and zealously attached to an opinion that you do not entertain.” – Ambrose Bierce

          “Bigot – A person who wins an argument with a liberal” – Rush Limbaugh

      • Onyxenergy

        Why is it allowed to be on here? Hmm lets see, 1st amendment! if most of you can spout off your holier than thou Christian crap, and you can keep telling everyone they MUST find “God” then this guy/gal has every right to bring out their opinion, just like you. THAT is why its allowed to be on here! I don’t agree with what it says, but seeing y’all jump at them makes me wonder… do you TRULY believe in freedom of speech? or just freedom to speak what YOU want to say? :cool:

    • aneunayme

      is this a joke? it can’t possibly be anything else besides some twisted sense of humor?

    • Well Pat

      Yid ain’t white.

    • Julie Mitchell

      Lol. I know I’ve hit the jackpot when the trolls come from every direction.

      • nooh

        actually your looking for peoples attention, so obvioulsy you get trolls, if that makes me a troll so be .


        As if color defines your goodness, in that sence hitler must have been an angel.

        • NM

          I suspect self hatred is the real motivator for this article.

          Look closely at the authors photo.

          = African Albino

          Self hater… wishes to be cracker white.


          tell me this resemblance is a coincidence

      • OzzieEd

        Hey Julie, don’t know how you came to the Negro hating thing? It’s a shame because some of your information is interesting. I love my dogs and that is what makes the difference. I’m sure most coloured skinned peope love their children too. Actually, it would have to be acknowledged by you that MOST of the attrocities of mass genocide on this planet have been orchestrated through white-skinned people like Kissinger, various Popes, Various presidents, etc. Ok so Obummer is playing catch up but he is still only doing what white people like his handler, Brezinski, tell him to do. Also, I have found some of my black skinned friends to be incredibly creative and generous souls and I am proud to be able to count them among my friends. You need to get out more….I think?

        • Julie Mitchell

          Negroes kill their children with relative frequency, and their own siblings and grandmother and mothers, in addition to raping and slaughtering our white grand mothers and even our great grandmothers, not to mention the 10s of thousands of other white women they rape.

          I believe most animals to have the light inside. And no, I will not acknowledge that whites have genocided any people out of existence unless you include wars between brother nations arranged by jews. Most of the world’s genocides have been arranged by the jews. Do some research. Btw, the 2 you mention here by name, Kissinger and Brezinski, are jews.

        • NM

          Hi Julia,

          In between pulling statistics out of your behind about other people that you could NEVER substantiate, can you take a moment to explain in small details what a “white” is?

          Like I mentioned before you appear to have African Ancestry in your supplied photo and look just like the Wayan’s brothers in “white Chicks”

          Are you punking everyone with this none-sense ?

        • CrowPie

          The best part about Jewlia writing this article. Is that now the Tea Party and republicans (everyone knows this is a conservative site) Have officially endorsed racism and bigotry.

          Easy to trace…..everyone knows ‘who’ is listening…

          So,….this connection alone should make a huge dent in the conservative agenda. Hate groups are “fringe” groups for a reason.

          The Majority hates them.

    • WarAngel77711

      I guess some people cannot handle their complexity being defeated by simplicity. Yes, I wasted my time here….

      • Anonymous

        Yeah me too, but it was entertaining.

    • JoeBloe

      Luke 11:39

    • Wildfire

      The racist ignorance of this article is sickening… I couldnt force myself through the entire article. Stop depending on what your told to believe !!!!!! Hate breeds in ignorance….as all can clearly see! Just another article to cause one color to turn on the other….. Learn not judge !!!! Love to ALL

      • nooh

        what if her grat great grandfather is black. COuld be quite funny that.

        Like albert pike who hated blacks but if you see his statue its black. How ironic.

    • Болеслава

      Is the authors hair blonde or mulatto?

      • lrhook

        She really looks like an evil witch…with a tortured expression from hell.

    • Elva Thompson

      Hate has a harmonic resonance….children of darkness.

    • FalseFlight

      What the…….I’m so glad I’m an racially tolerant Atheist. Also I’m still not clear on the intentions of the monstrosity of psychobabble, holier than thou article.

      I once got chased down the street by a clan of white guys with shaved heads and baseball bats and I’m white…Not proud of it after reading this…

      Whatever happened to the whole love thy neighbor…


      • SonOfJohn777

        If youre not proud of your ancestors or forefathers and their accomplishments through the grace of GOD because of a BIN article, you are more than a coward you are also a fool. Would you rather have been chased by a group of blacks? gays? jews? It happens everyday, more so than others… Check out the FBI crime stats, its very disproportionate, even though it lists whites with latinos to offset the black majority of violent crime.
        Move to Detroit and see how long they love you as neighbor. If that doesn’t sound tempting, how about educating yourself with more than just the usual spineless uninformed nonsense?

        • CrowPie


          That has the distinct smell of KKK.

        • NM

          “That has the distinct smell of KKK.”


          11+11+11 = 33

          Nice masonic match for the 777 John uses ;)

    • alicia

      sooo sad, please go some help, this cant be very healthy for you.

    • SonOfJohn777

      Excellent article brother. PRAISE THE GOD AND FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST! “Thine is the power, glory, honor and dominion forever and ever, amen!”

      • SonOfJohn777

        Or should I say, sister.. lol.

        • Julie Mitchell

          :D You know you’ve hit the jackpot when the trolls come out of the wood works.

        • nooh

          you know when authors like this call otehrs troll she was actually the troll MAGNET

          LAME peice of HUMAN BEING>

        • FalseFlight

          Never ever ever eat fast food or commercially produced food ever again..STARVE to death because your children of Darkness are keeping you alive!!!

          Bigoted racist delusional souls…
          the lake of fire is waiting for you. :lol:

      • Julie Mitchell

        They keep spamming your comment. The 2 names the jews in control fear the most are “jesus” and “hitler,” both men who they have done nothing but lie about, and both men who had the same goal, and that was to save the white race from extinction via the jew multikult crap.

    • Unicorn

      Israelites of old were white people, the name Caucasian come from coming across the caucuses mountains. True Israel are as the sands of the see and the stars of heaven in numbers and a multitude of nations as foretold in Gen 48 and 49.
      Lamentations 4:7
      7 Her Nazarites were purer than snow, they were whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire:

      Song of Solomon 5:9-10
      9 What is thy beloved more than another beloved, O thou fairest among women? what is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us?
      10 My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

      Judges 13:6-7
      6 Then the woman came and told her husband, saying, A man of God came unto me, and his countenance was like the countenance of an angel of God, very terrible: but I asked him not whence he was, neither told he me his name:
      7 But he said unto me, Behold, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and now drink no wine nor strong drink, neither eat any unclean thing: for the child shall be a Nazarite to God from the womb to the day of his death.


      Numbers 6:2
      2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When either man or woman shall separate themselves to vow a vow of a Nazarite, to separate themselves unto the Lord :


      Samson was a Nazarite
      Refer amos 2:11-12
      1 Samuel 17:42
      Song 5:9-10

    • lrhook

      The author is evil….hateful…and a wolf….delusional…..and needs help from Jesus.

    • BooBoo

      there is no light in the Gnostics

      Julie Mitchell, your peers are writing against you, why is that?

      • Z-Boy

        “Julie Mitchell, your peers are writing against you, why is that?” Because they are dumbed down gutless sheep that that can’t accept the truth and have a zebra baby in their family?

        • NM


          Sock puppet. Your mom was a donkey and your father a zebra

    • WeBeDoomed

      So much racist hate :mad: . I can’t believe that such bile is allowed to be published on this site and is then an editor’s pick :eek: How do I complain to the people who run this site?

      • Doggoneit!

        I too. When it’s not ‘end of the world – tomorrow’ news, it’s hate. Hate against blacks, yellows, reds or against your government… Amazing.

      • CrowPie

        These ARE the people who run this site………

      • WideAwake

        If free speech allows foolish people to identify themselves, so be it. Truth will always win through open and honest discourse.

        • Julie Mitchell

          Are you implying that my identifying myself is dangerous to me in some way? Is that what makes it “foolish.” Btw, this is an open and honest discourse. I see nothing coming from you but ad hominems and pejoratives.

        • WideAwake

          What makes you a fool are the delusional beliefs you hold and freely express. Jesus Christ is the truth, and you know him not.

      • Julie Mitchell

        I guess you will just have to put your little typing fingers to work and figure it out, won’t you?

    • AshleyW

      Our light was trapped here but is bound to honor certain ethics and laws of the One. Creator. We must get creative in our development of certain weaponry to combat this darkness, as it simply is not understood by those of the Light.

    • Wildfire

      You speak from a bitter heart , full of fear! There are many who are grasping at straws through all that is happening, are lashing out of frustration…look around and you will see…all are steadily changing and we must all be ready for change. Smile to all with love in your heart and in time you will notice. Their smiling too! Too many hide within themselves. Afraid to show who they truly are..

    • GBCIR

      Bob Marley. “white” Father, “black” Mother.

      With RESPECT.

      • NM

        I miss Bob. :(

        Any notice that children of MIXED parentage often appear healthier and better looking than children of same race parents?

        Could be simple genetics.

        • Julie Mitchell

          Actually a simple internet search will demonstrate that they are not healthier. In fact, if they get leukemia there is essentially no chance of a bone marrow transplant for them because they are genetic abominations and anomalies. The white mother has more in common genetically with a random white person walking down the street than she does with her own child, as does the negro parent with any random negro walking down the street.

          I’ve done my homework, plus I have divine inspiration on my side. You trolls really should have just stayed away from your keyboards lololol. :lol:

        • NM

          Again you prove your lack of understanding and stupidity Julia.

          You have not done your homework, you are just pretending again.

          Closed communities that have little genetic diversity are PROVEN to have more genetic anomalies some of them existing SOLELY in those same closed communities.

          Look at Finland for one example.

          “plus I have divine inspiration on my side”

          That is a Lie Julie. There is nothing Divine about your inspiration. You are clearly of your “earthy father” and king of this world.

          You are stuck in a terrible place of “Flesh” and “Fear”

    • Dustdevil

      Wow Julie, a black man really did you wrong at some point, didn’t he? You sound like you still long for that black love of your life. Why you gotta go tying religion all into it, just to shout that mutha down?

      It’s not all that OR a bag of chips Julie. Just be cool, and walk away. Chill, home girl. It’s gonna be alright. They sez your food stampz be ready in the mornin’, alright? You just can’t bring all them kids and that coon dog all up in the office to pick them up, ok?

      Julie, you really define WHITE TRASH, and I somewhat expect your picture to be in the dictionary under the title. Heads up, you will NOT find love, peace or god with that much hate in your heart, I promise you that.

      • Saber

        She has “Divine Inspiration”… straight from the pits of Hades.

        If anyone wants to see her in action… just google “Julie Mitchel does BBC”

        and thats not British Broadcasting Company

    • flashcraft

      Well, that was refreshing. Calling a spade, a spade, that’s for sure. Julie, aside from some semi-religious gobbledegook you had some good points there but I think people would be missing the boat to label all Blacks as feral negro beasts. Just ‘taint so’. Anyway, a good article. Please keep them coming.

    • nooh

      pure racism and HIS -Story in the making.

      Rubbish pythagoras bought resonce

      ALgebra and algorithm had more chance doingt hat than pythagoras.


      FYI – Jesus was not european. SO NOT WHITE

      • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

        “Jesus was not european. SO NOT WHITE” nooh

        “The Jewish Encyclopaedia insists that Nazareth was Jesus’s native town, and indeed, general agreement exists that he was a Galilean, whatever the chance of his actual birthplace. Galilee, where nearly all his life was spent, was politically entirely separate from Judea, under its own Roman tetrarch, and stood to Judea in the relationship of “a foreign country” (Graetz). Marriage between a Judean and a Galilean was forbidden and even before Jesus’s birth all Judeans living in Galilee had been forced by Simon Tharsi, one of the Maccabean princes, to migrate to Judah.
        Thus, the Galileans were racially and politically distinct from the Judeans.”

        “It is difficult to see what responsible public men can mean when they use the phrase. There was in the time of Jesus no “Jewish” (or even Judahite or Judaist or Judean) religion. There was Jehovahism, and there were the various sects, Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes, which disputed violently between themselves and contended, around the temple, for power over the people. They were not only sects, but also political parties, and the most powerful of them were the Pharisees with their “oral traditions” of what God had said to Moses.
        If today the Zionists are “the Jews” (and this is the claim accepted by all great Western nations), then the party which in Judea in the time of Jesus corresponded to the Zionists was that of the Pharisees. Jesus brought the whole weight of his attack to bear on these Pharisees. He also rebuked the Sadducees and the scribes, but the Gospels show that he held the Pharisees to be the foe of God and man and that he used an especial scarifying scorn towards them. The things which he singled out for attack, in them and in their creed,
        are the very things which today’s Zionists claim to be the identifying features of Jews, Jewishness and Judaism.
        Religiously, Jesus seems beyond doubt to have been the opposite and adversary of all that which would make a literal Jew today or would have made a literal Pharisee then.”

        D. REED :: The Controversy of Zion; page 51-52.

        Therefore Jesus was at the very least ethically white.

        • Julie Mitchell

 is the only link really required to demonstrate that Jesus and the Israelites were Caucasians who were white as snow. There are others, such as Anglo-Saxon Israel and Willie Martin’s “Israel Elect.”

        • NM

          “Jesus and the Israelites were Caucasians who were white as snow.”
          :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
          Sorry I just spit coffee all over the wall.

          You have surpassed the King of Shambala with your flights of fancy.

      • Julie Mitchell

        Your comments reveal you to be the Lightless negroid simian beast that you are.

    • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

      just say it, your just a racist! without all that mumbo-jumbo, i see your going downhill fast!! BooBoo

      The exact contrary of what is generally believed is often the truth ~ Jean de La Bruyere 1645 to 1696


      What are you taking about, this is an editiors pick? Nancy636

      BIN views multiplied by controversy equals advertising revenue ^


      Oh, Julie your so very Sad. sean

      To be wiser than other men is to be more honest than they, and strength of mind is only courage to see and speak the truth. ~ William Haslett 1839.


      OMG! Why is this allowed to be on here? Grinandbearit

      “Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty.”
      “La recherche de la vérité est la plus noble des occupations, et sa publication un devoir.” – Anne Louise Germaine de Staël (1766 – 1817)


      is this a joke? it can’t possibly be anything else besides some twisted sense of humor? aneunayme

      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860


      The racist ignorance of this article is sickening… I couldnt force myself through the entire article. Wildfire

      All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. – Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)


      Hate has a harmonic resonance….children of darkness Elva Thompson

      The greatest jihad is to speak the word of truth to a tyrant.” ‘Prophet’ Mohammad


      What the…….I’m so glad I’m an racially tolerant Atheist. FalseFlight

      “He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.” – St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)


      The author is evil….hateful…and a wolf….delusional…..and needs help from Jesus. lrhook

      “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” – H.L. Mencken.


      there is no light in the Gnostics Julie Mitchell, your peers are writing against you, why is that? BooBoo

      “The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly it is toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are intellectual prostitutes!” John Swinton (NY Times chief of staff) 1953 National Press Club luncheon


      So much racist hate . I can’t believe that such bile is allowed to be published on this site and is then an editor’s pick How do I complain to the people who run this site? WeBeDoomed

      “It is error which needs the support of government, truth can stand on it’s own.” -Thomas Jefferson


      You speak from a bitter heart , full of fear! Wildfire

      The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.” – Aldous Huxley Brave New World


      Julie, you really define WHITE TRASH, Dustdevil

      “Love truth, but pardon error.” ~ Voltaire


      • lrhook

        There is the “truth” of Love, which is Jesus Christ….and….there is “truth” of hate, which is from Satan….and this author exhibits no “truth” of Love through Jesus Christ. So in that aspect, I was right about this author.

        “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible” – Voltaire

        I refuse to let hateful people like you on my mountain, to cause and create hateful chaos, bringing others down to hell with you.

        • Julie Mitchell

          You’re already in hell, moron, and it is only going to get worse if you don’t wake up. Unless you are one of the dark hordes, then the possibility of you waking up are slim to none, even if you are an Aryan light already farmed into a dark cage.

          • Wity

            In the beginning ~ Satan was cast out of Heaven…
            And given dominion over the Earth and everything in it…

            FOR A TIME….

    • truthzilla

      Interesting perspective. There are valid points to it. But no race has the lock on being a douchebag or a criminal.
      I live in philly, in a bad neighborhood, I hear gunshots, and have had people killed at both ends of my driveway… Most of the crime is done by blacks but, that is just demographics and geography.

      We whites are no friggin prizes either, all the blacks in the history of murder and theft in the world COMBINED don’t hold a candle to any of these guys; Hitler, the Crown corp, Mao, Nixon, Kissinger, Rotheschild, etc etc etc….We’re all douchebags generally…Some of us are trying to be better but…This is a criminal planet, ran and controlled by criminals. There are only three types of people…Marks, Criminals and the Tweeners ( people who operate on both sides of the paradigm, which is most everyone on the earth.)

      Screw Thoth!

      • Julie Mitchell

        First of all, your holohoax deprogramming course is in my list of articles, and the course is quite extensive. Secondly, two of those people you named up there are jews, and they are the ones responsible for all wars and genocides.

    • TombRaider

      The question that begs to me asked is; if the title of this thread were changed to “Black People, The Children of the Light” would the same saber rattling result?

      • CrowPie

        Not long ago a Man stood on a busy metropolitan area side walk and held a sign that read, ” F*@k the Poor!”

        Many individuals stopped to express their disgust and opposition.

        The next day, the same man held a sign and a bucket. The sign read, “Feed the poor.”

        No one noticed him.

        • Julie Mitchell

          Guess what? In America, white people are forced into taxation slavery to feed the “poor.” And that is because the “poor” negroes and mestizos are too lazy to work, and are damn sure incapable of feeding themselves left to their own devices.

        • NM

          “Guess what? In America, white people are forced into taxation slavery to feed the “poor.”

          ^ it’s called socialism and you can bet your flat white bum that the entire world will be tasting it before long

          ( Move fast Julia and you can blame the socialism on the jews.. Hurry! Don’t delay! Your Zionist handlers need you to muck things up fast! )

        • CrowPie

          Wrong, Julia. In America, everyone is forced into taxation slavery.

        • Julie Mitchell

          For every $1 negroid Simian beasts contribute to the GDP, they collect $4.40 in welfare benefits, and most of the $1 the contribute is from negroes living on SSI. As I said, I’ve done my homework. Go big or go home and eat some of that Crow Pie. BTW, 75% of the red negroes (mestizos) are on welfare of some kind as well. Most of the other 25% make their living in the drug trade.

      • Julie Mitchell

        Absolutely not. Negroes, red negroes, etc all spend an inordinate amount of time trying to prove they are the true Israelites with absolutely no historical foundation. That doesn’t seem to be a problem with anybody.

    • Anonymous

      This is called “skin disease”. You are not looking deeper than the skin.

      You will find out what Jesus thinks about you soon enough.

      • Julie Mitchell

        Negroid Simian beasts are color coded for a reason.

    • beemackdown

      What a retard. Wow. SMH.

    • Endtime

      This is obviously demonic inspiration by Satanic dark angels.
      If you call yourself a Christian, you will be one that real Christians have to be ashamed of.
      Jesus taught us that we are all brothers and Christians, irrespective of the appearance of the body, since the soul has no race… no color…

      Jesus spoke strongly against racism in the parable about the Samaritan (Luke 10:33 and on, and other verses).

      Since you seem to know Pistis Sophia, you should also know that it mentions reincarnation and karma, as do other Gnostic texts.
      See .
      One rule of karma is, as also tells the Bible: “What you do to others will be done unto you.” If not in this life time, then in a later incarnation. Another rule is: “You become what you hate.” Therefore, I strongly suspect that you will be born in a black bode next time, so that you in your soul will experience that we are all equally valid and realize what you have done wrong.

      You call Jews white and they call us goyim. They seem to not like being called white. As has been indicated here, there is a difference between Judaism and Zionism. The true Jews are such as Sephardim, Hassidim etc. and many of them are anti-Zionists. Zionism is a secular movement originating from Khazars that converted to Judaism ( and became the Ashkenazim. They married into other Jewish groups and mixed there DNA into them. The Ashkenazim infiltrated Judaism and took control over it. It appears that they were the ones who really wanted Hitler to carry out the Holocaust as an ethnic cleansing to eliminate true Jews as much as possible and strengthen the power of these fake Jews. The plan of the Ashkenazi Zionism is: “If god does not give us our land, we will take it ourselves.”

      • Endtime

        Corrections of mistypings:
        … we are all brothers and sisters, irrespective …
        … you will be born in a black body next time …

      • Julie Mitchell

        1. I’m not a “Christian” because “Christianity” stands opposed to everything Christ and the biblical texts actually teach, and 2. Jesus taught the various tribes of the Caucasian Israelites that they were all brothers.

        • Endtime

          1. You mix up “Churchianity” with true Christianity. The latter is a fake Christianity.
          2. Jesus did not exclude ANY tribe or “race”!
          Are you an Ashkenazi Zionist, Allisa? Could be, according to your real name…

        • Endtime

          Sorry about mistyping again.
          The former is a fake Christiamni9ty.
          I.e. “Churchianity”, of course.

        • Endtime

          It is a PIA stress trying to get the message out with a bad keyboard where you easily touch two keys at once and then the telephone keeps ringing all the time…

    • Saber

      Julie Mitchell is a sad excuse for a human being. What a waste of fresh air.
      Maybe she should take a walk through downtown Detroit some night.. alone… around 2am.
      I think she actually has a secret fetish for large black men.

      • Julie Mitchell

        And I think your comment reveals that you know full well what a threat the negro Simian beasts pose for white people.

        • CrowPie

          Nobody wants you, hag. You’d have to pay a deaf, dumb and blind hermaphrodite to get laid.

        • CatHunter

          I would like you to be the mother of our children. God bless you.

        • CrowPie

          “Well, look what the cat dragged in……….”

    • Pix

      This article says everything about the author one needs to know… damaged goods.

    • carsonking

      Well at least it wasn’t casual racism, you went right out there. How can this be an editors pick, is this place run by the nazis?

      • Julie Mitchell

        “Nazi” is a pejorative/racist comment invented by Jews. You will find your Holohoax deprogramming course in my list of articles. It is extensive. Take yourself to school, if you have the balls to face the truth.

        • carsonking

          And when I say I agree with something, I agree we are not all the same, I think that’s great, who wants the world to be all the same, why go on holiday.

    • am123

      “White People, The Children of the Light.”

      Yes, there are white children of the light…as well as black children of the light, and red children of the light, and yellow children of the light. Jesus came to save people from every race, from every nation, tribe, and tongue:

      “And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation”
      —Revelation 5:9

      All are made in the image of God.

      Jesus spoke of love, but the author speaks of hate. It is no wonder she quotes the Gnostic writings, for they are writings of the Devil, and she is just quoting her father.

      There are pits in hell reserved for those that teach others to hate.

      • SonOfJohn777

        “But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Matt 15:24

        So are you saying that He has changed His mind? God forbid.

        Finding these truths are the purpose for which we are born. He has endowed us with minds to interpret and comprehend, which is not given to all as you’d imply, and not of any mans works, lest any should boast.

        • am123

          I am saying that Jesus came to save all mankind:

          15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

          16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

          17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

          —John 3:15-17

        • Julie Mitchell

          And one of the points to be made is that the negro cage, even on the occasion when it is inhabited by one of the beings of light that were here when the evil ate through it and swallowed us up in this wormhole, is very dark. And we certainly do not want to extinguish the children of the light from the planet, because to be trapped in that dark cage of low IQ and violence puts us even further from the light than we already are. Even if every negro cage had a light in it, which it NEVER WILL, that is why they are overbreeding simians, so that they bear plenty of lightless human droids to make our suffering greater, the idea that we would be able to ascertain the truth of where and what we are from inside those dark, electromagnetically charged cages of evil is ridiculous on its face. I mean they nor any other species ever even developed a written language or invented the wheel. Negroes in Africa to this day still cannot figure out how to do plumbing and provide themselves with water, and science has demonstrated that BEAVERS construct more livable structures out of stick and mud, which is the best the negro can do left to its own Simian devices.

        • am123

          So do you claim black people cannot be saved by believing on Jesus Christ?

      • Julie Mitchell

        I guess you missed the part where Christ said he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

        • Julie Mitchell

          “Salvation” through Christ is something so far beyond your level of comprehension I suspect you will never get it. “Salvation” through Christ means learning to understand what he was saying and what he was about. To learn what you need to know from him to complete your task. And no, negroes in general are not capable of that. The vast majority of them are simply lightless beings. What is there to save? You can see it in the mug shots of the negroes.

        • am123

          “What is there to save?”

          You show yourself to be against God’s will, for it is God’s will for all men to be saved:

          “Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.”
          —1 Timothy 2:4

        • Julie Mitchell

          If you ever do enough research to know that only Caucasian Adamites are men, then you might get it. But if you don’t want to do the research, I don’t really care. I have no problem with just ignoring ignorant sheep and leaving them behind.

        • am123

          “only Caucasian Adamites are men”

          Got Scripture for that :eek: :?:

        • Julie Mitchell

          I’ve already provided you with one source that used the entire biblical texts. Anglo-Saxon Israel is another. Do your own research. I’m not your babysitter.

        • NM

          am123′s point is that you make everything up based on the loose change rattling around in your empty head.

          If you are going to speak on behalf of Jesus you better be able to point to some “references” that aren’t just “Jewbashingwebsites”

          am123 has done his homework. You have not “Julia”

        • am123

          I have shown you from the Word of God that is it God’s will for all men to be saved. Your response to that is only Caucasians are men. And when prodded to support your position that only Caucasians are men, your defense is that Jesus was not a Jew? Tell me then, on Judgment Day, will your words endear yourself to Jesus, the Savior of all men (see John 4:42, 1 Timothy 4:10) and the lion of the tribe of Judah (see REV 5:5), or will He reject you and say:

          “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”
          —Matthew 7:23

          You do not have a Scriptural leg to stand upon.

          “Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.”
          —Daniel 5:27

        • CrowPie

          Well, I’ve read enough to know that Julie is just another run of the mill, racist cult leader.

          I’ve sullied myself by being in her presence long enough.

          I leave this particular page with on verse in mind:

          “If thine ear offend thee, cut it off. If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out.”

          And starve “this” beast.

      • Julie Mitchell

        Actually the sheep in trouble are the white ones who ignored the racial laws and tried to save uncivilizable beings with no light in side as those very same beings slaughtered their own kind in an epidemic.

    • Civic Grief

      :cool: hmm… i like what i’ve read from some gnostic gospels and theoretical physics and such… this is somewhat interesting. after the bit about dogs, its mostly all news to me. i’ve been reading some about this ‘assemblage point’ you speak of… somewhat interesting, i guess…. pythagoras… cosmogony, metaphysics and stuff, all interesting… white people > blacks: fairly obvious…. but well, my concern is what part do cats play in this scheme of things? you hooked me on the dog hating, and the servile obnoxious nature of negroes, etc… now reel me in with some explanation of moral and spiritual superiority of felines! in all seriousness, they aren’t your typical animal…. far superior to dogs by any measure, but imo also more valuable than many humanoids…. they have been given special treatment by many religious/spiritual traditions from the beginning of history…. i’m sure you saw the recent video of the glorious silver tabby defending the small white child from the brutish and filthy mutt that went viral on the internets… and etc sometimes i have the feeling that my cat is hiding some inside information from me. well, not particularly hiding, because he would tell me whatever he could. but because of the language barrier, its as if there is more to the world that he is waiting patiently to discuss with me later…. :-P also, sometimes he licks my scalp and i find that to be very comforting.

      • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

        “but well, my concern is what part do cats play in this scheme of things?” Civic Grief

        “Researchers, acting as “genetic paleontologists,” recently discovered that the X and Y chromosomes of cats and humans are remarkably alike […]
        The order of these genes on the sex chromosomes of cats more closely resembles that of humans than of any other mammal studied so far”

        • Julie Mitchell

          The eyes of the Caucasians (other than the brown eyes) and the domestic cats with light colored eyes are the closest thing to the colors of the Treasury of Light that I have seen in this matrix. Remember the old adage that the eyes are “the windows to the soul, which would be more accurately characterized as Light, because the “soul” is simply the etheric part of you that they have to exist in other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Look at the mug shots of negroes. The eyes are full of evil. Dead. Lightless. Blank. There is no light inside them. Only darkness.

        • NM

          The colour of your own eyes demonstrate your own lineage is quite mixed.

          You’re eyes are Brown/Hazel and your hair died other than it natural dark brown.

          = not white.

    • bigmaxx

      Spot on my Brother …………….. Well said and God / Light be with you ………………Maxx

      • Julie Mitchell

        The evil trolls are everywhere, misrepresenting everything that Christ said and that his Gnostic followers said. Jews actually infiltrated Gnosticism, too, with their decadence and homosexual crap, just like they did the Christian church. When the heretical Galileo first made his ridiculous claim that the sun revolves around the earth the Church set upon him for it. They knew better. But they were infiltrated, and truth and science and history were replaced with “religion.”

        • FalseFlight

          The Mirror…..look in it.

        • FalseFlight

          ahaha – me. The Mirror awaits you all

      • Julie Mitchell

        Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      I am White! I am a South African who has had to live through this demonic madness called Apartheid!
      I have many Black friends, and I’d rather live in this country ruled by Blacks than in your “Utopia”, the United States of America!

      • Julie Mitchell

        Guess what? Negroes in South Africa are engaged in a full on genocide of the 3 million whites there since the end of the apartheid system meant to protect the civilized whites from the negro Simian beasts. they’ve killed over 80,000 of those white people in SA. And guess what else? Negro Simian Beasts in America kill more whites here than they do even in SA. Oh yeah. That is one hell of a white utopia we’ve got going on here.

    • Bringer of the Light

      This post is unique. Except for the demographic data on St. Louis and East St. Louis, all of it is new to me. It is forsooth quite imaginative. Mine internal BS detector screamed so loudly and continuously that I now have a headache.

      The Politically Correct Inquisition is going to be completely and massively gobsmacked by this material; dismayed down to its foundations. I can easily see some of those vipers going catatonic. For my part, I shall just regard it as a barrel-full of the vast ocean of hogwash that all of us are wallowing in today.

      I just recently learned from a New Age source that the Negro race is descended from the planet of Maldek in our solar system. The story was that the planet as being destroyed by war. Our and their star family rescued as many as could be taken from there and re-established them with love in Africa. Maldek forms the “asteroid belt” since its destruction. I have learned from a psychic that I had a life as a Nubian woman on the Nile back before Egypt was a great civilization.

      • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

        “from a New Age source that the Negro race is descended from the planet of Maldek in our solar system” Bringer of the Light

        Back in the ‘70’s there was some apparently informed talk of Negroes coming from Mars.
        The evidence was supposed to be the fact that the caesium found in the Negro-cell is identical to caesium isotopes found on Mars and NOT identical to the caesium isotope found on Earth within the cells of any other races.

        The input function of caesium isotopes can be estimated as a function of time – which may account for why the negro typically presents a regressive impression and is apt to live entirely ‘in a space and time of their own’ – as it were.

        I have no idea if this is verifiable as true; the stranglehold of political correctness seems to have erased any obvious reference to it on Jewgle

        • Bringer of the Light

          I do not know how any human being would know what was or was not on Mars during the 1970′s unless the knowledge came from an other-worldly source. There is so much stuff out there from so many sources. It is hard to know what is true. I like to read things that will be proven one way or another by events.

          People ask me who I think it was who bumped off President Kennedy. All I know to tell them for sure is that it wasn’t me. I have an alibi as I was somewhere else at the time, but now, 50 1/2 years after the fact, I would have a hard time proving it to someone else. Hell, how would I know. I didn’t see anyone do it.

        • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

          My source would reveal no further information when I pressed him, other to say it was his business to know these things – the Mars probes that NASA have officially admitted include Viking 1 August 20, 1975 – August 7, 1980 and Viking 2 September 9, 1975 – July 25, 1978
          I believe that NASA destroyed the Mars face with a remote controlled nuclear device in 1974.

          BTW – I was one year one week and one day old when Kennedy was assassinated – I watched the newsflash strapped into my high-chair and I can clearly remember the Israeli ambassadors assistants hate-filled crowing about the Jew’s ruling over the Goyim when he was interviewed on the BBC immediately afterwards – I saw it but also would have a hard job proving anything to a skeptic as the BBC have predictably lost that tape from that day

    • Audball

      All of my what.

      Please don’t bother to argue with this woman. Her mental handicap is CLEARLY quite severe.
      No rational human being thinks this way. You have to be very deluded to contrive a mindset/belief system such as this, so please just ignore this nonsense and allow this woman to wallow in her hate and ignorance alone. You can’t change this type of person.

    • sysbuster

      Aside from the parts about dark skinned people.. I have been anticipating something like this.. You seem to be a few steps ahead of me here tho..
      I like this part :)

      “So if something should happen to any of us before we see each other again, remember this: When you die, the light of source, if it is there among the choices, will be the one you think is fake. just a ball of very gently “pulsing” and glistening brilliant white light that appears to be liquid or molten in some way, but not hot. There is no such thing as heat or cool in this light. It just is. The other choices will be the diffused looking artificial lights of this matrix….that you can walk into if you want. Some might be blinding, some might not. but you will still recognize it as the sort of light you have always seen here.”

      • Julie Mitchell

        I don’t care if it your momma herself that shows up to take you into the false light or somebody they have masquerading as Jesus himself, stay out of the false light. Just hang out and wait. Others will be along to join you. You can become a “sheepherder” of sorts. We’ve got to figure this thing out. Don’t run to the light the offer when you die. If you can keep your wits about you you might be able to do us some good down here. Who knows?

    • Donovan

      Caucasian lineage stems from Japheth and not Shem. The Japhethites were still barbarians during the time of Christ; therefore they are not from the lineage of Israel. The Jew and Caucasian are from the same white race, parasitic posers taking on another lineage and culture. The former claims to be Judah an and the latter claims to be Israelite, how ironic.

      • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

        “Caucasian lineage stems from Japheth and not Shem.” Donovan

        This may be more true than not. Though Japhethites may still be related while yet not being strictly ‘from the Israelite lineage’

        “The Japhethites were still barbarians during the time of Christ; therefore they are not from the lineage of Israel.” Donovan

        “Barbarian” originally was a Jewish term for the uncircumcised ‘disbeliever’.
        Where the results of this obscene blood sacrifice tends to produce a sexually brutal, cruel, belligerent, insensitive person, in the typical style of organised evil – that is negative psychological projection coupled with an inversion of the established truth that genital mutilation is proven to aggravate negative sexual issues – these traits were then attributed to the whole, intact and uncircumcised person in the manner of psychological warfare in order to compel submission to circumcision.

        Recall that the Israelite’s rejected these rites of Judah just as Jesus later rejected the ritual slaughter of the Jew
        It was Jehovah alone who promised territory, treasure, blood and power over others in return for a ritual of sacrifice; not Israel

        • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

          “The Jew and Caucasian are from the same white race, parasitic posers taking on another lineage and culture. The former claims to be Judah and the latter claims to be Israelite, how ironic.” Donovan

          The already existing white race was infiltrated long ago by organised evil in the shape of the treacherous Khazar-Jew; a mixed-race produced from the dregs of all the various races surrounding the whole Caucasian mountain-region.

          Having now buried themselves tick-like deep within the power structures of the white race, including controlling what we now call ‘education, they enabled ALL whites wrongly to be termed as “Caucasian”

        • Julie Mitchell

          Actually genetics is demonstrating that the Jews are the descendants of the Neanderthals and the Caucasians are the descendants of Cro-Magnon, 2 distinctly different species. In fact, the DNA of Cro-Magnon man is essentially identical to that of the Caucasian of today, they just had bigger brains than we do. There is no such thing as “evolution,” and as it goes along we are in fact doing the opposite and simply devolving, as is evident from the how high our past civilizations were and the apparent superiority of Cro-Magnon man in terms of brain size. There is a new article out entitled “neanderthals and semites” written by a jew. Although the jews are not “semites” and have simply stolen the historical identity of the Caucasians.

        • NM

          “Actually genetics is demonstrating that the Jews are the descendants of the Neanderthals and the Caucasians are the descendants of Cro-Magnon”

          ^ that is another patently false statement.

        • NM

          You are full of it Julia.

          No evidence of your general musings and most of what you are babbling is a backwards mirror view into reality.

          You on the Crack girl?

          How do you ramble from “jews being Neanderthals” to “blacks sneaking around Europe raping German women” to explain race mixing.

          You can’t be genuine. CAN’T BE anything more of a mockery of yourself.

          These sound like your deep seated fears ( and fantasy’s ) none of which are remotely true.

        • NM

          Nice to see your own comments are being edited out.


      • Julie Mitchell, Anglo-Saxon Israel, and Israel Elect by Willie Martin will blow anything you have right out of the water.

      • Donovan

        Anglo Saxon Israel is a scam just like you, a foolish twisted delusion originating from a mentally disturbed individual. You were doing fine Japheth until you started changing the wording in God’s Holy Bible. Now the exploitation will end and you will take your place as the neanderthal you represent. The time of the Gentiles is at hand
        The deception will be over and the veil will be lifted then the world will see you for what you are. Japheth from the root Pathah: allure (1), became…enticed (1),DECEIVE (2), DECEIVED (5), entice (9), enticed (1), entices (1), persuaded (1), prevailed
        (2), seduces (1), silly (1), simple (1)
        Caucasian is a racist word comparing white people to Mongolians claiming that “white people are prettier” whatever. The incompetent fool who wrote this was categorizing Armenian and Georgian as the most beautiful whites. In the Holy Word these people originated from Togarmah a Japhethic lineage, so they are not Shemitic Isreaelites.
        The only way to be an Israelite is by receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and you will be grafted into the olive tree, then you have to let foolish gibberish like this be gone. You have to accept the Oriental Mongolians are the true Israelite Shemites and you are only grafted into the tribe.
        THUMBS DOWN LOSERS : quit playing with yourselves it’s clouding your mind. I can see by the way you give thumbs up to this disinfo troll author you are on the same par. Don’t cast
        your pearls before swine!

    • Wildfire

      I see racism from time to time nothing like it used to be. And its not only blacks , to put it all on blacks is irrisponsible .mankind as a whole is growing in heart and its those who cant let go of the Past … Bringing it Into or future! Remove the ego and colors fade…be you Not what your taught to be..

    • slider

      This is actually one of the best posts BIN has had in a long time. I am so glad it was not another Lynn piece of crap “All Gates of Hell Have opened ” Story”.

      Oddly the King of Sham has not commented yet. Of course that would be the typical “How all Americans should die” comments.

      This read itself wad hilarious and it really brought out the inner commentators ( meaning comment) hatred and real racism.

      But you know, I once posted a comment at the King of Sham and it was deleted. Yet he posts all the time about how Americans should all Die and BIN staff is cool with it..
      so to the person who asked why this post was picked featured by the editor(s)… of course they will feature this type of post.

      It was a good laugh for me actually.. so much hatred on BIN.

    • tomtomz

      This article really bothers me… it may or may not be true, at the tower of Babel many things happened, I wasn’t there and the remaining historical records are not complete enough. It is true that there is a lot of black on white attacks at this time, but on the face of this article and not seeing the evidence you used to make these conclusions, I have to lean towards a view that this article is most inappropriate to be aired in this forum.

      • Betsy.B.Scott

        You people are amazing, who’s been at war with everyone on this planet? Who’s responsible for the genocide of untold tens of millions for the past 400 years? Who’s industries are literally destroying this planet? Hint, they’re not so called black people. Denial have so many people blind to logic and truth they can’t (won’t) see who’s really doing what they just rely on stereotyping.

        • Julie Mitchell

          Uh, if you are capable of researching the TRUE history, the answers to all of your questions would be Jews, Jews, and more Jews. Except for the part about the negroes. Nobody has ever really genocided any negroes but other negroes. That’s not really genocide. That is just negro Simian beasts doing what comes naturally to them, as millions of white humans they have been forced upon have learned the hard way.

      • Julie Mitchell

        I’m sure you are welcome to get your information from a Jew World Order approved source. Have at it.

    • CrowPie

      I knew MSG was a WOMAN! ( Why do I suddenly feel so ashamed and disgusted?)

    • Top Cat

      Blacks in fact are murdering whites constantly every day. The main stream media will not cover the stories of brutality, rapes, robbery, and attacking innocent people on the street for no reason.

      A shark sighting can close an entire beach while people run in terror. You see signs warning of rip currents as well as seasonal jellyfish migrations.

      You never see warning signs about feral monsters in our midst. God didn’t tell us to be stupid. He gave us an intellect to solve this. We have chosen to take a child’s path and ignore the problem.

      To our peril…..

      • Julie Mitchell

        It’s an epidemic, and it is going on in all WHITE countries crapped up with the negroid Simian beasts. 865,000 white Americans slaughtered by feral negroes since 1900.

        “The War in Iraq should have been the War Against American Blacks. The first benefit is that we wouldn’t have lost 2,000 soldiers in Iraq. The second benefit is that an effective war against blacks would have immediately prevented the 5,000 Whites who’re currently murdered by blacks EVERY YEAR from being murdered. The third benefit is that it would have been far cheaper to separate the races as God’s Plan requires than it was to attack 12 year old Iraqi girls with cluster bombs.

        In just four decades, (1965-2004) American blacks killed almost as many Whites as were killed in WWII, four times as many Whites as were killed in Vietnam, and 60 times as many Whites as were killed in 911 or Iraq.”
        The Unspoken American Genocide. The negroes have got to go.

    • komotion

      Gonna have to stop coming to this site. Starting to see more of this kind of BS. This site to provide real alternative news-and I do mean REAL news-but now it has devolved into something worse than “yellow” journalism.

      • Julie Mitchell

        That’s ok. I’m pretty sure your kind prefers “red” journalism.

    • Z-Boy

      I don’t know what happens at death and neither does Julie, but she does make some good points. In truth the negroes of Africa have never invented a thing, not a sail or even the wheel and the FBI crime statistics speak for themselves. The jews carry the negroid gene and i.m.o. that is why they hate true whites and negroes, i.e., they won’t or do not want to recognize this fact. The jews did bring blacks here from Africa you know, I wonder why. :) Google; “The Biological Jew” and read it, the jews are indeed the same as blacks.

      • NM

        You are an idiot Z-Boy. I hope you never have kids

    • Ventura66

      I am proud to be a Caucasian American………………

      • Julie Mitchell

        You should be. And so am I. In fact, every white person on this planet should love the color of their skin and their genetic heritage. We are magnificent, and utterly important in the greater scheme of things.

        • NM

          You should be proud of your African and Middle Eastern Heritage Julia.

          Railing against yourself ( no matter how small that piece ) is unhealthy even if it’s for ulterior motives.

          “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”
          Mark 3:25

    • FalseFlight

      I keep coming back to this little essay of bigotry and self righteousness of yours The delusional and obvious misinterpretations used to fit your own agenda coupled with blatant racialism continue to turn my stomach, however I had to try to finish it but then I realized I was looking in the wrong place. I noticed the photo of you Ms Mitchell..

      You appear to hide behind your hair which indicates there must be some self-image or self esteem problem. The blank ghostly expression on your face does not indicate you are a happy soul. For one who has posted such a provocative e article claiming you know the path to seem sad, ashamed and withdrawn.

      Perhaps it is you who must address the darkness inside you.

      Spread the light by action, reach out in your community, be tolerant and lead by example to enact change and help people.

      Spouting rambling such as these only perpetuates walls that will doom us to failure.

      I’m not going to get into evolution which ties us all back to Africa that would be silly you would tell us the “negors’”come from planet Bibidibibidi boo and such so I’m not going to waste my breath.

      I don’t want to insult you and I’m trying not to but this is ludicrous and you are sitting back waiting for people to attack you because you get off on it, I read your previous like it.

      So in short. I encourage you to reflect upon yourself and open your mind…for believing in this “matrix” of yours, you appear to be confined to a box.

      • FalseFlight

        Sure rate this comment negative, I’m encouraging self reflection, compassion and tolerance to promote a brighter future..Who would want that..

        Racism, Hate and a dozen other hypocrisies in this piece… This is the way to light…One race devised by $. Fight wars till the end and kill, pollute and destroy.

        Delusional hate monger leaders, are just what we need!

        I’m not even religious I look at the Bible as a history book and I still think this is jacked up.

        My family was mortally effected directly by the Third Reich in person and to the death and i am not nor do I descend from the Jewish faith. and I will debate the cost of hate and disillusion at all costs without restraint!

        • FalseFlight

          This is so freaking hilarious everyone is hitting – without posing an argument hahahaha

        • Julie Mitchell

          So am I. Self reflection for the Aryans in order for them to understand what libtard “tolerance” does to them as a people and to their civilization as a whole. It’s not like I have to prove it. I just have to get them past the neuro linguistically programmed word that they pay trolls like you to come out here and throw down as obstacles in their way and make them feel like their is something somehow evil about them desiring to live separately from the dark hordes of the earth that desire to kill and/or subjugate and abuse them simply because they are white, and the darkness, which they clearly are, hates the light. Whites are intelligent, at least the vast majority of them are, and you people treating them like the low IQed negroes is just not going to work for you when the have somebody who can explain them in logical terms that they can understand.

          But like I said, I don’t really have to prove to the Aryan people that the dark hordes are utterly destructive to not only their civilization, but ultimately to their existence as a people. They can see it with their own eyes in my article “The Ruins of Detroit,” and they can google any number of majority black cities and see the same thing. In addition, they have the historical record to demonstrate to them exactly what negroes do to great white civilizations. Just look at Egypt, for Christ’s sake.
          As for the deadly nature of the negro, the crime statistics speak for themselves. The Unspoken American Genocide by fathersmanifesto is a great one on that.

          So called “white” crime rates are literally so low that if a violent criminal is not full on negro the criminal is being categorized as “white” these days, so a chocolate colored Arab or a red negro mestizo who commits a violent crime against a negro or a white is categorized as a “white” person. However, if on the rare occasion a white person commits a crime against a mestizo, for example, then that mestizo is categorized as “hispanic.” And he isn’t even that. He’s a mestizo because “hispanics” are white people in or from Spain. The point is that that is how desperate they are to inflate the white crime rates.

          The goodness of white people is evident in everything they do, especially their generosity to other than their own kind, as it has been the ever dwindling white race that has been forced into taxation slavery to clothe, feed, and medicate virtually every negro on the planet to the point that there are now almost 2 billion of the robbing, raping, torturing, and slaughtering simians on the planet at this point. They’ve already flooded Europe with 10s and 10s of millions of them, and they are now starting to move African negro Simian beasts into America to contribute the the ever growing violence of the negro Simian beasts we are already hamstrung with.

          By the way, I have your Holohoax Deprogramming Course in my list. it is VERY extensive. I don’t argue with trolls or sheep about the holohoax. I consider that to be such an easily provable lie in this age of information that anybody who still believes it or claims to is just a troll or comfortable with the status quo and really doesn’t care.

      • FalseFlight

        -8 and counting with no argument!

      • Julie Mitchell

        Sorry, troll, but the personal insults have no effect here.

        And obviously you are unaware that the more of the genome that is mapped of the various species, the closer the negroes get to the primates and the farther whites get from them (primates). As a matter of fact, the latest genetic studies demonstrate that the genome of the Bonobo monkey and that of the negro is almost identical, and that the negroes in fact have very little genetic overlap with whites. How much would you like to bet that the small amount of genetic overlap is the part the nefarious ones were so desperate to achieve is the part that makes sexual reproduction possible between two otherwise completely separate species? You can find that study here, at

        In addition, the claim that whites “evolved” from negroes, for which there was never a SHRED of evidence to prove, has long since been thoroughly debunked. :

        And here:

        There is much more on the disproving of this claim out there, but it is not really needed, because anybody with even a modicum of ability for critical thought will figure out very quickly that if the negroes had been the original species on the planet and all else “evolved” from them, the “human race” (cough,cough) would not exist because they would have slaughtered themselves out of existence, right down to one of the last two negro males killing the other one over the last negro female.

        • FalseFlight

          They were not insults they were observations and your lack of understanding and continued delusional ramblings only support my feelings.

          I’m a troll, I’m a troll ahahaha and your a psycho racist!

        • FalseFlight

          Excuse me, I have a spelling correction “You’re a psycho racist” not (your) . I must maintain my literacy and my sanity as I post here..

          I will give you this, you should have been an author. Your spelling and verbiage is impeccable.

          To bad you use your talent to spread this nonsense.


        • Julie Mitchell

          Didn’t you notice? I am an author. Ba-da-bing! You idiots are just too easy.

    • Decleated

      Ok you are definitely going on the NBAs “NO OWN” list. Blacks or “negroes” do not have a monopoly of evil no matter how you try and spin it. However, your views are actually shared by many blacks throughout the world towards whites and they see us as the evil in this matrix of creation. Divide and conquer at its best here,

      • Julie Mitchell

        Of course they do. It is evident in such thing as the fact that negroes rape white women at a rate as high as 37,000 a year in racially motivated rape, and that there are ZERO instances of white on black rape.

        The idea that a cabal of negroes , mestizos, and sheep whites that comprise the “military” and fight wars for jews they are indoctrinated to believe in for various reasons proves that whites have a monopoly on evil is ridiculous, especially when it is made simply because that military now composed of negroes, , mestizos, and sheep whites was originally that of an all WHITE nation.

        Those are group activities based on an ideal, and are far removed from the violence that exists on the personal level in the fully programmed negro.

        • NM

          Very little of anything you say is even remotely accurate “Julie”

          You just make facts up as you go. For shame.

          “To ignore the concept of intentional deception is to engage in the act of selective reasoning, and whether it is done subconsciously or not it leads inexorably to the same end, which is the complete loss of personal and societal freedom.”

          Your intentional Deception is pure filth Julia ( or whatever your real name is )
          Your selective “isolationist” reasoning is frightening.

          Who you work for?

    • Anonymous

      Israel is the only country that doesn’t have to be multicultural yet the Jewish controlled American congress and big business demands it of America – meanwhile our country is quickly starting to look very third world. Its time to stop this now – AIPAC owns the American congress. I’m speaking as a non-muslim American here. America needs a third viable political party that is going to represent the rights of middle class Americans. AIPAC secures 3 billion dollars of American taxpayers money to fund Israel’s war of genocide against the Palestinians. Christian American youth are dying in the middle east for Israel and don’t even know what they are fighting for – they think its for a terrorist threat to America. What idiots we are – wake up America and take your country back from both AIPAC and the government that has been bought by them. Israel is a tick on our back…lets take back our country.
      In 2003, the Israeli Knesset passed the Nationality and Entry into Israel Law, which bars Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza who are married to Palestinian citizens of Israel from living in Israel.

      • Julie Mitchell

        I once read a tweet that said “Put a match to tick Israel. Burn its parasitic little head off.”

        We’re trying to take it back, but we have no outlet because the jews control everything and constantly disable our facebook pages, our youtube accounts, our google accounts, etc, etc. We have as an answer to youtube’s censorship, but the kike controlled is trying to shut it down.

        And it is our WHITE country we are taking back, not the parasitic and violent negro and mestizo infested one. People need to learn what “posterity” meant. Because the founders left it to their “POSTERITY” and would never have allowed such a thing to become of this great white nation.

        • NM


          “I once read a tweet that said “Put a match to tick Israel”

          ^ See this is how everyone can tell you are plant, a SHILL, a phoney.

          You seem to miss the whole point that Isreal is a WHITE state in the middle of the brown east. Walls to keep the brown people out. 2 tiers of society. Racism not just accepted but encouraged. This should be your PERFECT cup of tea.

    • marca mason

      how is it that Europeans are the children of light when you don’t have the ability to absorb light you burn in the sun think about what you post before you put such nonsense on the internet

      • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

        Infra-red and Ultra-violet are at opposite ends of the light spectrum.

        Black skin reacts mostly to the infra-red portion of the light spectrum and white skin reacts mostly to the ultra-violet portion of the light spectrum – it is black skin that most readily transforms infra-red light directly into heat, not white skin – this is simple science, not ‘racism’ whatever that word means.

        If one wishes to really play semantics then it must be accepted that neither black nor white strictly represent “colour” at all.

        “Black” and “blank” – as in the root of “white” – are at opposite ends of the visible spectrum and all the actual colours exist only in between these polarities.

      • Julie Mitchell

        If you welfare consuming negroes weren’t too lazy to work and would get out in the sun and clean up the mess you make of our white country you might learn that your black asses “sunburn” as well. Oh wait, I forgot. You already do know. That’s why most of you avoid the sun like the plague, because you don’t want to turn blacker.

    • Radiance

      Hey Julie,
      Yours is a thought provoking article. You’ve done a bunch of research and I’ve done some also. I’d like to make a few comments and ask a few questions.
      First, I suppose I should state upfront that I’m not ready to condemn nearly 1 billion people simply because of the darker color of their skin. Also, I’d like to point out that brown is color of the ground and organic-rich ground can be nearly black, so I don’t see how either color can be bad (or not of the light). Anyway, let me start with my questions.
      Your position on black people is quite obvious, claiming as an aside that they never created anything. And yet as revealed by Michael Tellinger, there are thousands of very ancient stone circles in southern Africa. He believes that these stone circles had to do with power generation. In my opinion the stone circles and related structures in Africa resemble those in England and Ireland. So either the stone circles in Africa were built by blacks or all the stone circles in the world were built by whites and the blacks weren’t on the planet then. Your thoughts on this?
      I’d like to know how you think the Asian (yellow) race fits into the equation. Are they white, are they black or are they completely different? Do they have light or not? I also wonder if you might provide answers to those questions with regard to the American Indian. Also, is the blue-skinned race simply a myth or do you think they really existed?
      There are magnificent huge ancient structures all over the planet – China, Peru, Egypt, Bosnia, Mexico, Easter Island, India, Ecuador Thailand, Russia, etc. Is it your opinion that all these very ancient structures were built by white people? That seems incompatible with white people being trapped in this matrix, but I’d like to know your opinion.
      My opinion is Thoth is a part of the control matrix and was sent to confuse and obfuscate. I hold Thoth with the same disdain as I do Ashtar and Archangel Michael, along with many others.
      I agree with you about the typical near-death light experience, although your opinions about the different lights were new to me. I’d like to add that in my opinion the caretakers somehow capture our experiences via a life review and use it to energize or feed themselves. I was going to refuse the life review and if they started it up anyway, I was going to clean house. But maybe it would be more fruitful to simply look around and check out my “light” options.

      • CrowPie

        July 9,1893- Dr. Daniel Hale Williams–a founder of Provident Hospital performed the FIRST successful heart surgery.

        Just one of many examples on your ignorance. You see, Dr. Williams was black.

        • Julie Mitchell

          We don’t really concern ourselves with the occasional rare negro. The rare negro damn well knows it is an exception. If you ever run into one of the many mobs of negroid Simian beasts committing mob violence against whites I don’t really think they will stop to ask you if you are the libtard you are, either.

      • Julie Mitchell

        White women of child bearing age or younger are less than 2% of the global population. Why don’t you concern yourself with that for a change, as opposed to massively under calculating the number of negroes on the planet? Not trying to be rude, it’s just a thought.

        In spite of the afrocentric lies they are teaching in our schools and Universities, Africa wasn’t even negroid until historic times, several thousand years ago. They invent every lie imaginable about the negroid simian beasts as “the first man,” and they do this without a SHRED of evidence to prove it. The reality is that “science” actually has NO IDEA where those negroid simian beasts came from when they made their sudden appearance on the scene.

        In addition, it has been demonstrated that the original high civilizations of Africa were white. Why would you assume that the same people did NOT build such similar structures as those in Africa as built those elsewhere on the planet, especially when all the evidence and archaeology proves without a doubt that it was white people who were responsible for all the massive ancient structures all over the planet?

        All of the ancient mummies associated with the pyramids of China are CAUCASIAN, a fact the Chinese have been intentionally concealing because they don’t want the world to know that white people are responsible for all “Chinese” ancient knowledge and technology. All of the ancient mummies associated with the pyramids of Egypt are CAUCASIAN. All of the ancient Peruvian mummies have been CAUCASIAN, and even Pizarro wrote of a handful of beautiful white people he encountered in the mountains of Peru that the red negroes referred to as the “Children of the Gods.” The oldest and most ancient skeletons all over the Americas are all CAUCASIAN. Why do you think the red negroes were worshiping WHITES as their “gods” when we returned with Cortes and others? These were the same red negroes who slaughtered the original white European indigenous people of the America’s out of existence the FIRST time. The archaeology and the red negroes OWN FOLKLORE proves it.

        As for the ancient civilizations of India, they were as white as all of the others you mentioned are proving to be. They were ARYAN, blonde and blue eyed. They said so. There are still a few hundred of those Aryans in norther India, but we don’t see anybody trying to save them, now do we? In fact, the myths of the “Aryan invasion” there and in all other places is quickly being fully debunked, and it is being proven that the opposite is true, and ever time throughout history the muds invade (“immigrate”) and destroy us and our civilizations. But you won’t hear any of this in school or college. In addition, there is still a small white tribe of Aryans living in the Chinese Himalayas. That is another secret. In terms of ACTUAL archaeological archaeological evidence, the dog is a more ancient species than the non-whites, and that includes the asians who are bleaching their skin in a frenzy to look white just like negroes are doing all over the world.

        Asian superiority is another myth they have used to brainwash white children with. real scholars know that those gooks only advance when they come into contact with the white race, and that the gunpowder and paper they are credited with they got from whites. The Chines are merely another artificial race created by the archons, their minion “Satan,” and his minions. And all to destroy the Children of the Light. Even on the Great Silk Road there are no mongoloid (asian) graves until around the time of Christ. The Tall Caucasian Mummies of China. /blogging-citizen-journalism/2013/07/the-tall-caucasian-mummies-of-china-2448466.html

        Know your heritage: /blogging-citizen-journalism/2013/07/know-your-heritage-2448446.html

        As for your Ashtars and Archangel Michaels and their ilk, they are all frauds. None of these people are here to help you. If they were they would have immediately told you that your light IS IN A CAGE IN THE SKY! As for Thoth, the likes of the fraud Ashayana Dean and her “guardians” have demonized him at the same time they tell massive lies about the “sun,” so whatever they have to say is suspect. Thoth is like Christ. Gone. And we failed to do what both of them tried to tell us and teach us. The writings of Thoth make it clear to me he knew about the light.

        The planets are hollow, and there is a light at the center of the earth just like there is one in the cage in the sky. I have an image that I got from a NASA video showing the light at Jupiter’s core shining out of its north pole. I think the blue skinned race is real, and there are still even some reports of sightings of them to this day, and it is generally agreed they live underground.

        • NM

          Can’t follow your logic Julia.

          You remind me of a friend when her pole is flipped and she is in a manic state.

          First you say Jews are black, then they are where white… then you say we didn’t come out of Africa, then you say we came out of Africa but original Africans where white…

          Now according to you the Oriental folks are “artificial” and there are BLUE PEOPLE living in the hollow earth.

          ( This shows me you’ve spent too much time following Hitler and his Theosophical forefathers, Blavatsky and Bailey. Theosophy is home-made too.. Phoney )

          “ARYAN” is a homemade term made up by white people looking for a common history.

          Make-Believe just like your persona and the info you are disseminating here.

          You need to speak to someone you trust and have them take you to the doc for an adjustment in your meds.

        • Donovan

          You are warped as they come “damaged goods” and then some. There were no white people in the Americas before the vikings/columbus. What are you shyte for brains? Where are you getting your twisted disinfo? Asian Orientals are from the lineage of Shem from the sons of Eber and it’s all backed by BIBLICAL REFERENCE. Try reading a real history book.

          Where does it say in the Holy Word that Caucasians migrated to the far east. It doesn’t! So stop with the nonsense, you are making the white race look like a bunch of bafoons.

    • angel

      jews are responsible for the way dogs act?

      this article is stupid

    • Saber

      OK Alissa Greenberg Blumberg… stop dying your hair and wearing colored contacts. You’ll never be white… a child of the light. You’re clearly Jewish by birth… and then marriage.
      Embrace your heritage… even though you are sure to burn in hell because you are clearly NOT white.

      • Julie Mitchell

        Aaaaw. Are you another one of Chiaweenie’s fake profiles or just another one of the morons they have helping him run his dirty game?

      • Julie Mitchell

        By the way, if you remember correctly, Chiarini claims the Greenbergs and those other families are NOT jews, but Germans who escaped and came over here to continue their “evil ways.” So which is it? You punks can’t have it both ways.

        Chiaweenie is no different than any of the other cointel, and his sole purpose is to help the jews continue to hide the fact that they have falsified the entire historical record, and to hide that fact that the honorable, great, and mighty Adolf Hitler wrote the blueprint on how to smash the jew world order into a million pieces.

    • IMC

      This is what happens when you stop taking your medication.

    • Endtime


      A tale

      He was lying gasping in his bed and felt his force fade. He thought about his dear image of Jesus, which he carried inside him and a feeling of confidence came up in him. In spite of his disease, the image gave him a joy that helped him to face what was to come.
      It became dark around him and he sank into unconsciousness. When he gained consciousness again, he didn’t know how long it had been like that. But this time all was strangely different. He felt so light and it was bright around him. To his astonishment he discovered that he was floating in the room, his body lying dead in the bed under him.
      He felt full of piece and joy as he glided though the roof of the house and floated up to the sky. Up there, he after a while saw a shining appearance approach him. It looked like the dear Jesus image ha had carried inside himself almost a life long.
      «Welcome, dear brother» said the appearance. He was so full of feelings that he for a moment couldn’t answer. After a while, it seemed an eternity to him, he could finally say something: «Dear Jesus! Now I can finally meet you! I carried your image inside me all my life!»
      «Yes, you did. Look inside you. There it is!» He looked inside him and saw the image shining.
      «Lift the image out!» the appearance in front of him said. – «Why? It is so beautiful! I like to have it there.»
      «I want you to see what is under it!» Suddenly he didn’t feel well and a trembling wanted to come over him. – «What is under it? There is nothing…» – «Yes, there is. Lift the image out!»
      He hesitatingly lifted an edge of it. Pus came out! Full of unpleasant feelings he let the edge fall back.
      «Take it out completely!» He caught courage, took the image out and put it in front of him.
      «Now look inside you! Look what was hidden under it!» He needed much effort to look inside him, but at the end he had to do it.
      Oh what disgusting stuff welled forth! It looked like pus and blood, and bad-smelling worms were crawling in it. The shining appearance took out one of the worms and threw dropped it. It transformed into a human being and he recognized a woman who many years ago had come to him, asking for help. He hadn’t really wanted to listen to her. He felt much pain and darkness, as she wanted to tell about her suffering and her big fear. And then she had an unpleasant smell. So he only gave her a picture of Jesus and said: «Pray to Him! He will help you!» The woman went away and the dark feelings let him loose. He never saw her again.
      «Why didn’t you help this woman?» – «But I helped her with your picture!»
      Suddenly he saw the woman in water and a double of himself standing on the shore. The woman was going to drown. His double called to her: «Pray to Jesus, then you will come out!» The woman sank in the depths in front of his eyes. He understood it as a symbolic image of the situation as it then was.
      The shining appearance looked at him seriously. «Why didn’t you jump in the water to save her?» – «I couldn’t. It was so cold and dark in it, but your power can help much more than I can…» – «And so she sank. Only if you had jumped in the water and pulled her ashore could she have listened to your words. She wasn’t able to do it in the water! How could she, in the midst of drowning?» – «The feelings in the water were so terrible! I was afraid to sink myself.» – «So your faith was that weak? Didn’t you yourself have the trust you wanted to give to her? You would never have drowned! I was with you!»
      The man looked down in shame. The shining appearance continued: «Every worm crawling in there is a human being from whose problems you fled to me. A person you have neglected for my sake. A human being you pushed over to me instead of accepting him. Each of them would need your help first so that they could have experienced you as an example and through that open themselves for me. Do you know which words in my Gospel are the most important?» – «Probably the ten commandments.» – «Mechanical rules for those who still have closed hearts! Much more important is: ‹Whatever you do unto even the least of my brothers and sisters you do unto me!› I was in all these persons, because I am in everyone. There is no human being on Earth in whom I am not, not even the most miserable and the most stinking tramp… The true service to me and my Gospel is to turn towards your fellow men and women, because in them I am nearest to you! To turn to a wishful image of me and turn away from them is an escape. Do you know that I need your help, too? I need your help to awaken in these persons!»
      «I have revered you so much!» – «You revered a wishful image of me, as you wanted to see me and as you liked it better, in your inner temple that you made to have a refuge away from the unpleasant reality. That is nice, but it isn’t yet good, because I was much closer to you in all those who you left outside in the reality, an you didn’t see that!»
      «What shall I do now?» – «You will now begin a new life. The image of me that you have inside must become alive. Until now it was only an image. You will now seek it in your brothers and sisters in the first place, instead of carrying it as a wishful image in yourself, and then you will recognize it in them. Therefore the image inside you will become hidden and you will have to sink in the depths, in cold and darkness, to be there with your fellow men and women. You have carried this force in you a life long but not used it properly. Now matters will become serious. Now you will have to make it work, from below, and not for yourself, because that you have already done. This time you will let it work for others.»
      He fell in the water in fear. It was cold and dark as he sank in it. He saw a light inside himself that slowly became hidden in him.
      Soon a child was born. It was thin and cried in hunger as the wasted mother put it at her breast in a squalid hut. Both felt deep despair.
      The boy grew up under loathsome circumstances. As a grown-up man, he selflessly and indefatigably stood up for all those who suffered there and whose suffering he knew so well from own experience. There was a force in him, which he didn’t understand, but it made him do it. He had to suffer much with the people, share much pain and despair with them, but this inner force always helped him. Thus he out of these feelings fought in a non-violent manner for their right and life. He organized self-help and taught them passive resistance. He couldn’t do anything else. He loved them in their poverty, misery, dirt and fear – in their rage and helplessness that he knew so well but didn’t feel so strongly himself, since in him the power of love was stronger. It was as if his love lit up a light in them and their eyes started to shine.
      The suppressors of his people hated him, but they couldn’t catch him for many years. Yet at the end he was caught. The court of the rulers condemned him to death for insurgence. As the bullets were fired, that strange inner force became visible to him. This time it was alive – a living light and not a stiff and almost shoddy image. This force had become a part of him. The shining appearance came to him again: «Now I am finally awake in you. I am no more a wishful image, no refuge from a severe reality and no excuse to not jump in the water. You have done it. Come with me!»
      The man went full of joy and happiness in a paradise, together with that light being. He could recover long and well there, before he again had to begin another life on Earth. This time he came as a wise and enlightened person who consciously set an example of a divine message.

    • dido2

      Julia, your hate of black people is beneath your true nature. YOUR problem, not theirs. also, for your information, the New Testament was written by the Roman historians, for Titus Flavius. find a copy of “Caesar’s Messiah,” by Joseph Atwill.


    • Endtime

      The text above is taken from a book I wrote. The missing part is below, translated from another version by me, written another language (here a bit abbreviated):

      Someone asked him “Are you a believer” – “I believe … in Christ” the man said hesitantly and uncertain. “You will now meet him! Bow your head and wait!”
      He soon saw the edge of a white and radiating robe. He could not see the feet, since they were under it.
      “Look up!” He slowly raised his eyes. The hands could also not be seen, stuck into the sleeves. Then his eyes saw the face… He had never been so scared before, the face was BLACK! The most beautiful and loving eyes looked at him from a black face, with a black skin and curly black hair.
      “That cannot be Christ” he called out. “I am” said the one in front of him. “Can you tell me what is most important in my Gospel?” – “Eh … to love you!” – “And therewith my father. But HOW would you love me?” – “Eh … with my heart …” – “I will tell you. Through loving my brothers and sisters. Did you forget these words: ‘Whatever you do unto the least of my brethren, you do unto me!’”?
      “Well … I have tried …“ he managed to say”, feeling very uneasy. – “With whom did you try? With your black brothers and sisters, too? – “Well … that is . they do not belong to us …” he said, trying to swallow down a feeling of guilt that arose in him.” – “ There is not one human being who is not my brother or sister! To you I am therefore black. To others I may be yellow, brown, red or white. You therefore now see me as one of the brothers you really treated as the least. Now go back and reap what you have sown.”
      The appearance in front of him faded slowly ad he was brought back. A few years later, a little black child was born …

    • BooBoo

      have you noticed any post about y’shua, or any thing good is voted down down down, why is that?

      there is no scriptures this woeman accepts, as she has said herself she’s not a christian, so posts about scriptures will only get you a DOWN vote, by her royal priestess of the dark herself and her flying monkeys (from the wizard of oz) thats funny and hilarious :grin: :grin: :grin:

    • Jessup

      After reading this bunk, I’m almost certain the great White race is due for extinction. I mean how much fantasy, suppositions, and logical fallacies can you argue and think you are sane?

      If this is what we argue over with any belief whatsoever, we are done! An old world monkey has more reasoning skills I would argue.

    • DRAUGR

      America’s dirty little secret. The world’s great big huge problem. For everywhere they inhabit they leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake. The create nothing, they invent nothing, they ultimately achieve nothing. Like a virus their only purpose is to replicate and eventually wear down their host until it dies. The truth is at the end of your fingertips. All you have to do is ask the computer for the truth and you will find it. Statistics do not lie.

    • Jango

      You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Just a bunch of words with no meaning. And you even say Christ supports this. Shame on you to blaspheme God this way. God loves everyone and Christ died for Everyone. Find out more at

    • Lucifer

      I hate liars . This is all lies. If you do your own research you will find you are from Africa. Black and White don’t exist. You’re brainwashed and passing misguide info to the weak minded. You’ll pay in the end. :cry:

    • Pix

      Most people would consider a dog to be something other than a wild animal. They are not.

      Dog’s have had the ‘wild’ bred out of them. Or they would be wolves, not dogs. Domesticated dogs have been bred for specific purposes over thousands of years, eg lap dogs, house dogs, guard dogs, fighting dogs, various working dogs eg sheep herding, fighting, war dogs, tracking dogs, ratting pest control, retrievers, etc. They are no more wild than domesticated humans, humans being the most prone to acts of mindless brutality, exactly like you with your bigoted racist bs. Dogs usually have a reason.


      • Julie Mitchell

        Dogs left to their own devices will go as feral as any wolf.

        • NM

          Quote: ” Julie Mitchell

          Dogs left to their own devices will go as feral as any wolf.”

          Very True Julie.

          In your case your fat owner forgot to put your cone back on and you’ve chewed yourself up something awful.

          It’s a sin really.

    • KGB

      Julie you are sick, you need to have your head examined. I would not like to be left alone with you for one minute in case you were to do a Jeffery Dalmer on me. You remind me of that woman in the film Misery, deranged and dangerous. The sad thing about it is you seem to have your fair share of supporters. When I think of what happend to the Aborigine in Austraila, the Native American Indians, the Black people of Africa and other nations of color I can see how you can call yourself a person of light. Not gods light though, the light of the light bearer Lucifer. I guess you have a right to spout your vitriol but I would’ve expected BIN to bin this article as it’s plain to see that the intent was to cause insult, pain and anguish. You should be in either a straight jacket or in prison.

    • KGB

      Julie, you are insane. I would not like to be left alone with you for one minute in case you were to go psycho on me. BIN should not have published this article because of its highly racist content intended to cause insult, pain and anguish. You should either be in a mental institution or in jail. You are deranged and dangerous, seek help.

    • Man

      well… this isn’t about white supremacy….

    • Philo

      Concerning the author and her interpretation of the term Children of the Light
      If you are someone who truly and honestly wants to educate himself send me your email and I will send you a document that explains the true meaning of the term.
      But please do stop spreading b.ll sh.t like the above article you are damaging your own and othewr peoples souls!!!

    • DK

      I was led to believe the people of the light were Africans and Aborigines, with 100% exposure to harmful solar radiation altering their body chemistry to produce protective melamine in their skin, whilst White people were nocturnal and or Polar Dwellers and their bodies stopped producing it unless they decided to have sunburn. Darwin was wrong after all. Dratt :roll:

      • The Real Deal

        So is the sun responsible for their afro too? Does that help block the UV rays? lol idiot.

    • All2late

      Love your work Julie. I agree with all you have said ,live in Australia same shit here.
      Jew rule ,dumb monkeys, and limited knowledge.

    • raburgeson

      I say look at it and can you see the artwork. Ya, there are good people and bad people in all the races. Think I’ll save this picture and show off the pedophilia on it. I can highlight it so all can see that refuse to look.

    • Buck

      All of this salvation by race for the last 2000 years, is New Age.
      Black, white?

    • YellowRoseTx51

      Well, I see you raised quite a few comments. I guess I’ll leave mine as well, although not as harrassment. But as commentary on the subject.
      I say, you haven’t taken the premise far enough. You were being led on the path, but got waylaid.
      Its said it was Thoth that F*cked our thoughts.

      This is the Truth.
      There is only ONE RACE, native to ‘Earth.’ Its called “The Human Race.”
      There was an invasion. The strategy is divide and conquer.
      This enemy is telepathic as well as parasitic. It also literally ‘feeds’ off the negative energy created by anger, fear, etc.
      Yes, its a matrix they had control of…They learned to use anger and fear to actually power weapons; powers it like a battery. There were more than 250 species.
      You haven’t looked far enough at the trick..”light”/”Light Bearer Lucifer”. You want their ‘christ’ and their ‘master/massiah’. Pharaoh.
      We want to end the Matrix by starving the entities off. We’re winning. You’re creating problems by feeding anger. Instead of anger, use love around you. Don’t let them push you into anger. Ignore it.

      By dismissing all of nasa, you missed key points.
      Its ending. Mankind has won the war.
      They are in fact shutting down the Creation. Then the Sun, that Devil, Solomons sun…he nova’s.

    • YellowRoseTx51

      Well, I see you raised quite a few comments. I guess I’ll leave mine as well, although not as harrassment. But as commentary on the subject.
      I say, you haven’t taken the premise far enough. You were being led on the path, but got waylaid.
      Its said it was Thoth that F*cked our thoughts.

      This is the Truth.
      There is only ONE RACE, native to ‘Earth.’ Its called “The Human Race.”
      There was an invasion. The strategy is divide and conquer. Black/White/Yellow/Red, these are not ‘races.’
      This enemy is telepathic as well as parasitic. It literally ‘feeds’ off the negative energy created by anger, fear, etc.
      Yes, its a matrix they had control of…They learned to use anger and fear to actually power weapons; powers it like a battery. There were more than 250 species.
      You haven’t looked far enough at the trick..”light”/”Light Bearer Lucifer”. You want their ‘christ’ and their ‘master/massiah’. Pharaoh.
      We want to end the Matrix by starving the entities off. We’re winning. You’re creating problems by feeding anger. This can create a Thought Form we call ‘anger monsters’. If its a subject ‘plaguing your mind’ and you cant get your mind off it, thats it. Instead of anger, use love around you. Don’t let them push you into anger. Ignore it. It starves them off the Human.

      By dismissing all of nasa, you missed key points.
      Its ending. Mankind has won the war. All that is left, is skirmishes & setting up the skits that were moving West with the Underworlders. Mankind goes East. We are about to Exit, and everyone is moving back to our original locations.
      Then the Sun, that Devil, Solomons sun…he nova’s. They are in fact shutting down the Creation.

    • ButtPincher

      Scientific DNA study actually proves blacks are closest to monkeys genetically ..

    • ButtPincher

      Scientific DNA study actually proves blacks are closest to monkeys genetically ….

    • D J Dog

      Wow way to piss off the n words girl :lol:

    • SonOfJohn777

      If you have not learned from the things you can see, how could you ever understand the things not seen? As far as calling the poster of the article racist or like whoever Mr. Rodgers is, why don’t you try to exercise some of that “tolerance” your kind are always wailing about?

    • nooh

      the light and the dark refelct 2 angels in particular, light being Gabriel and dark being Israel .

      Many a reasons . But read a post from christopher put up on the 14th of may in prophecy and it had line from different scriptures and it was regarding the isrealites taking preference over a certain angel over the next. Gabriel the holy spirit vs Israel the angel of death.

    • nooh

      she shouldnt even touch the scripture the way she is taking things out of context. Children of light are referered to as angels . We are children of man.

      To associate ourselves with the children of light would be blashpehmous first and secondly reading the book out of context.

    • NM

      “how could you ever understand the things not seen”

      When you stick around long enough you can smell the things “not seen”

      Those that speak of tolerance like your kind 7-7-7, are the first to abuse it.

      The author of this article may just be an idiot but she is sure pretending to be a racist.

    • Julie Mitchell

      You wouldn’t know how to read the book in context if the Cagemakers of the Universe literally input it into your brain, the part they have connected to their darkness.

    • NM

      You’ve been hanging around the wrong men all this time if they’ve been trying to poop on you.

      See this is why you are so messed up Julia.
      You over 50, lonely and the bloom is off your flower.

      You will never find the love you are looking for by behaving this way.

    • NM

      Alright “Julia”

      I know you keep ignoring my “trollish questions” but how about this one?

      ^ says your real name is (Allisa Greenberg-Blumberg)

      Cough… Cough… Cough.

      You’ve been busted you Shill

    • NM

      So why you slagging the Jewish people while hiding your own Jewish ethnicity and name Allisa?

      FOR SHAME!

    • CrowPie

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Mangod

      Hey, NM (New MORON)!
      You are JUST NOT THAT SMART!
      Here, it IS about time YOU ACTUALLY LEARN ABOUT jews!

      READ, MORON (instead of running your mouth)!

      The Talmud
      THE “holy book” that, if not designated as “religious”, would get jews thrown in prison for promoting pedophilia!

      “Jews may use lies (‘subterfuges’) to circumvent a Gentile” (that’s YOU, NM (New MORON!)
      (Baba Kamma 113a).

      “All gentile children are animals”
      (Yebamoth 98a).
      “A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old”
      (Sanhedrin 54b).
      “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing”
      (Kethuboth 11b).
      “Jesus is in hell, being boiled in “hot excrement”
      (Gittin 57a).
      “Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a whore and played the harlot with carpenters”
      (Sanhedrin, 106a, 106b
      “[Christ] practised sorcery and enticed Israel to apostacy”
      (Sanhedrin, 43a).
      “Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament”
      (Shabbath 116a).
      “A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old”
      (Sanhedrin 54b).
      “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing”
      (Kethuboth 11b).
      “A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest”
      (Yebamoth 59b).
      “When a Jew murders a gentile (‘Cuthean’), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep” (Sanhedrin 57a).

    • Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)

      Well played, NM, well played.. :lol:

    • Julie Mitchell

      LOL. Everybody say hello to Ed Chiarini and one of his many fake personas. The MOSSAD still paying you well, Chiarini?

    • NM

      Hi Buddy. On here to protect another one of your soul-less girls?

      Bring it Bro.

      Gave you my address and phone number. Waiting to see your white fat cross-eyed face at my door so we can discuss your misappropriation of that image of MetalRavens.

      Why don’t we talk about your belief system?

    • Mangod

      Remember SPAM SUPREME (Beef Supreme)? He was a very flaky non-christian “christian scripture “expert”! Oh, the chris0CREEPS (like am123) would be fawning all over him, telling him over and over again, how he “Nailed it”!
      NM is another judeo-chris0CREEP “defender of the Fable”!
      If you do NOT “Defend the male Fable god, then this MORON thinks “you are not a good person”!
      NM (New MORON) suffers from “pompous arsine” “diarrhea of the mouth” and has to have “the last word”, just like his white-skinned male odd “god”!
      NM is just like a bad case of herpes! He (it) will just keep “coming back”!
      HEY, NM (New MORON), GO STRAIGHT TO “YOUR” HELL, o.k.?????
      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • NM

      Why do you keep bringing up a Beef Sandwich? You hungry Chubby?

      You clearly aren’t calorie deficient.

      Something very ironic in all this….

      Your real “CHRISTIAN” given name actually means “Christ Bearer”

      Truth is stranger that fiction no?

    • Mangod

      Jed, you are clearly a Talmud reading jew!
      And, a RABID one!
      You know NOTHING, FAT, WHITE, GMO FED believing boy!
      How is your wife, Gail, and your son, who “participate” in the ‘family business’ with you?

      Shall I write out your whole name, address, real phone number (business and personal) and point out your house on a nice goggle type map?????
      Eh, tough guy?
      You are a legend in your own, very demented mind, JED!
      And screw your “metalraven”!

    • NM

      I’m not a jew Whitey but your whole “game” is exactly like the one being played by the fugly
      albino mongoloid who wrote this article.

      You both work for the same people.

      Now you will take my friend metalravens mask off or I will take the veil off and expose you.

      If I have to make a video and send it to RT I will.

    • Mangod

      Hey, Proud fbi PIG!
      You can count on meeting me real soon!
      How about you pussy-boy?
      :idea: You gonna make it when your “lifestyle’ changes dramatically?
      I think not PIG!
      Your family will be whining when it “runs out of toilet paper”! :grin: :grin: :grin:
      YOU PIECE OF CRAP PIG, New Moron (NM)!
      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • NM

      Morning Boss Hogg

      Quote: “You can count on meeting me real soon!”

      Is that so Christ Bearer? You sure you man enough for such a thing?

      I would welcome the chance.

      Enough with all the foreplay.

      Why don’t you share one of your throw away emails here and we can arrange it?

    • NM

      You look ( and act ) more like a pig that I do.

      Oink Oink

    • NM

      Thanks for taking metalravens mask off. Good Dog.

      Was kind of presumptuous of you to think it was ok to pretend to be another race angry at the whites don’t you think?

      verb ˌmi-sə-ˈprō-prē-ˌāt

      : to take (something, such as money or another’s image) dishonestly for your own use : to appropriate (something) wrongly

      Besides, you look better with your own “universal sign” mask on.

      You know what else is a universal sign? The Swastika. I’ve grown to pay attention to ANY group holding that power symbol.

    • Wity

      Mmmmm… Wow Julie Mitchel ! Quite the read Young lady….

      Stirred up quite the hornets nest you have hehehehe !

      Quid pro quo ~ Id refer all the nay-sayers here to take a good look at Southern Africa…

      And the decimation of the white races there by order of the Satanic NWO & Elders of Zion etc,etc…

      Now happening in the Northern Hemisphere……

      For the New Reduced Coloured Race To Be Ruled Over By The Satanic New World Order….

      I do so love my 3 dogs ~ A Husky a Malamute and a Real Wolverean

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