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By Julie Mitchell
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Do You Know Who You Are?

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Do You Know Who You Are?

    I am not a “white” woman.  Not really.  And it does show in my features somewhat, as I have been reminded of relentlessly by the shit colored demons I encounter online.  My lips are too full, and the parts of my skin that have seen daily contact with the sun for the last 50 years have finally attained a permanently “olive” hue that is in reality quite a lot darker than the other parts of my body.  Kind of like a tattoo, except made by the sun.  Imagine that.  After decades of conforming to the brainwashing meant to instill the idea that dark skin is more attractive than White, and just when I encounter the truth and realize that the “tanning” phenomenon that has gripped White America for so long is just another in the long line of tools to be used against us in the arsenal of weapons reserved for our ultimate genocide, my skin becomes permanently “tanned” at just that age when it is too late to do anything about it, like staying out of the sun in the heat of the day in the summertime every day for decades.  People are like teeth, the whiter the better.   

As recessive and delicate as White genes are, any mingling of blood with one of the darker species, such as the red negroes (American Indians), which entered the bloodline of my family on both sides several generations back, destroys for all time the genetic ancestry and history of a White person of pure blood.  And don’t let the “anti-racist” and “race doesn’t exist” crowd installed by the Jewish power system lie to you; the pure White, European bloodline is still very much alive on this planet, although it  stands precariously on the brink of extinction at this particular point in time, and intentionally so.  Be that as it may, I do not refer to myself as “white” based on a purity of genetic heritage, although it is almost the totality of my genetic heritage, and the infection by an inferior bloodline only occured in the last couple of hundred years.  I refer to myself as “white” because that is the people I perceive of as my people, they are the only people among whom I have ever lived, and they are the only people I identify with racially, culturally, and visually.  

I will not deny that my tainted genetic heritage bothers me now that I know the truth and am no longer blindly fumbling around trying to figure out exactly WHO it is behind the mess our world is in and what their true agenda is, or that I questioned why such a thing would be allowed to happen to me in this go around in the matrix of the Archons, the masters of Satan.  Why me???  Is there such a thing as an “accident of birth?”  Or are some of us here as part of a bigger plan, strategically placed where we will be most needed?

There are a lot of people out here assuming roles of quasi “leadership” in this pro-White “movement,” a “movement” that cannot legitimately even be referred to as a “movement” at this point.  I will not deny that I may by perceived of as one of them, although I perceive of myself as just being me at my best in this effort.  Truth brings out the best in me.  Nor will I deny that I would shirk the responsibility of “leadership” that might be bestowed upon me by others in this “movement.”  To that end I have come to perceive of my destroyed genetic heritage as a distinct advantage in this fight for the very survival of the White Racial species, and it’s affect when confronted with anti-Whites spewing the typical hate filled rhetoric (based upon historical lies) that the “White man” has nothing that he has not stolen from the dark hordes of the planet, and consequently the White Racial Species has nothing that we deserve or is ours to keep, is essentially validating my previously untested opinion that this fact as it pertains to my genetic heritage is advantageous to me in this fight for what is right.  

One thing is certain, and that is that the so called “White Guilt” instilled in the White European descendants of the founders of this country in regard to the American Indians is a force more powerful than the “White guilt” instilled within them in reference to the Jewish and negroid business of slavery from that same era, and the idea that their (the descendants of White Europeans) ancestors set upon this continent and began intentionally and brutally slaughtering a peace loving, earth respecting, humble and simple people with a huge population and thriving civilization that was already here and well established, as opposed to the truth that our ancestors set upon this continent and encountered sparse and scattered nomadic tribes of outright cannibals on a fast track to extinction that would as soon scalp you as look at you just for being White, has damaged the psyche of White America to the extent that it is willing to just lie down for the destruction of it’s own civilization.  As they have been brainwashed to see it, the Indians were here first (and it can be quickly proven that they were NOT), and the White race simply moved in, took what belonged to the “Indians,” and screwed everything up.  The stereotypical Indian is viewed as some sort of “noble ideal”, and the true facts in reference to this species of cruel, sadistic, and ENVIRONMENTALLY DESTRUCTIVE savages are simply never taken into account in this age of historical falsification and lies when considering history and the red negroes’ place in it .   

NOWHERE is the lie that the White man has only that which he has stolen more firmly entrenched than within the collective psyche of the White, European people of America, where they are constantly innundated via the Jew owned media and Jew controlled “educational” system that they are the aggressors when it comes to the people who inhabit this country, as were their ancestors, and that their ancestors LITERALLY maliciously, violently, and sadistically either killed or enslaved the other 2 primary species of bipedal hominids that inhabit this hemisphere in their efforts to build and attain the formerly great White nation (America) that existed here when NOTHING could be further from the truth.  Indeed, the truth is the opposite, and our ancestors of White, European descent who migrated to this continent and proceeded to build for the SECOND TIME a highly evolved, highly cultured, and highly cultivated White civilization in this hemisphere in fact did so surrounded by parasitic, violent, raping, murdeous savages with both black and red skin, and in their efforts to do so while simultaneously protecting their families from rape, torture, or death at the hands of said savages instituted such systems as the “reservation” system for the red negroes and “segregation” for the black negroes.  And that is just the simple truth.  

Just as no red or black negroes are being tortured, raped, or slaughtered by Whites in America today, neither did they experience such things at the hands of our people in the past, the lies they are teaching our White people in public schools notwithstanding.  Human nature (and human “nature” is RACIAL and GENETIC) is one of the few things in life that is a constant, rarely changing, and White, European people of today are no different than White, European people of the past, unless one knows the true history and recognizes the process of de-evolution occurring, and understands that at this point in time in terms of our civilization, technology, spirituality, etc. we are truly at our worst, and even at our worst we still are not slaughtering the violent, parasitic, and murderous red and black negroes, even though at this point the black negroes are running wild in our streets like the animals they are, leaving death and destruction behind them everywhere they go, raping, torturing, and slaughtering Whites with seeming impunity, as the red negroes streaming across the border progressively step up their violence against Whites as well, especially in the Southwest, just as the Indians were wont to do until the White man for once in his life found a backbone and dealt with their savagery and violence in the only way it can be dealt with, and that is with greater violence.   

Even a cursory glance at the true history of White Europe and Britain’s settling of America exonerates the White race of the vast, vast majority of the crimes of which it has been accused, and throws into a VERY bad light the darker bipedal species of hominids we have encountered in our efforts to live as free and CIVILIZED White, European people.  And yet that cursory look is never taken, and the White, European sheep of America apathetically amble along the road of life, never knowing the truth about the glory and the splendor and the sheer valor of the people they descended from, and how they carved out of the wilderness an extension of the greatest civilization on earth today, White, western civilization, just as all of their ancestors have done in the past, the civilization that today provides them with the comfort they enjoy, and the civilization that all others mimic.  And by their failure to even take a cursory look at the evidence from the past they continue unabated in the present down the same “multicultural” road that destroyed them and their entire civilization and RACE in the past from China to Egypt to the Americas and everywhere in between, with the exception of the Israelite people, who today are referred to as the White, western, European people, among whom today are found the only pure blooded White people on the planet, and who remain in existence on this earth only because of strictly enforced racial laws they followed according to the commandments to do so in the biblical texts.  

To remain silent in reference to these truths is to act as an accomplice in the destruction of your own people and civilization, and I for one will not stand for it.  This “part Indian” woman will fight every last one of you to the last breath to ensure that my blue eyed grand children have a future that is safe from the savages surrounding us today, and from whom they have every right to live free.  On a side note, the Jewish brainwashing of White America has been such that it has become somewhat “fashionable” for White Americans to say such things as “I’ve got some Indian blood in me”, whether it is true or not.  That was part of the brainwashing trick they used against you to make you more accepting of the “multikult” meant to destroy you.  Studies have shown that even though many White Americans of European descent will make this claim, it simply is not true, and in reality few White Americans are tainted with inferior “indian blood”.  The vast majority of our White, European ancestors were not foolish enough to throw away their genetic heritage of veritable savages.  The same is true in reference to negroid blood.  I, however, am not so lucky, and my genetic history is definitely tainted with the blood of the inferior red savages, and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.  You need to spend some time in conversation with White people living in close proximity to the descendants of the American Indians, and the darker the skin of those coming across the southern border, the more Indian and negro blood they have in them.  Any Whites familiar with them will tell you in no uncertain terms that they are simply “red niggers” and nothing more.  

So what do they do with me, a woman who is at LEAST 1/16 red negro by my own calculations (although they could be incorrect, because I’m just really not sure) and who stands solidly and eternally with the White people of this nation, a nation established and built BY White people FOR White people?  What do they do with me, a woman who is DISGUSTED with the fact that in her genetic heritage are the chromosomes of the red negro cannibals of the Americas, and with the fact that in her veins runs the blood of those red negroes?  What do they do with me, a woman who is UNWILLING TO LIE AND/OR MANUFACTURE a false history in reference to that side of my genetic heritage for nothing more than my own emotional and intellectual comfort, as if it would serve me in some way to simply deny that my red nigger ancestors liked to eat other people?  What do they do with me, a woman who knows the true history of this continent, and knows that the archaeological record has long since proven that a very highly evolved, highly civilized, and highly cultured White Civilization graced every continent in this hemisphere prior to the “immigration” (should be referred to as repeated invasions) of the tribalistic, cannibalistic red negroes?  WHAT DO THEY DO WITH ME, a woman who sat through literally YEARS of indoctrination from the liars upon whom they bestow Ph.D.s in reference to such things as the Jewish holohoax, negroid slavery, American Indian “nobility” (cough, cough), and a host of past wars, earning a BA with a double major and graduating with honors, having spent years secure in the knowledge that I had earned as well the respect of those who were “teaching” me, and that my mere presence and appearance in the midst of pop culturally inclined sheep was something of a comfort to them?  What do they do with me, a woman upon whom they bestowed enough praise and respect that it often flattered me, and whom I have no doubt most of them considered their “equal”?  What do they do with me, now that I know the truth? 

What do they do with a woman who bought all the liberal lies in reference to her own people, as well as the lies in reference to the red and black negroes, Asians, etc., to the extent that she wrote papers that were scathing in reference to her own people and civilization, and who now, upon doing REAL research from HONEST and/or original sources away from such a tightly controlled environment, recognizes the deception for what it truly was, and is so DISGUSTED by her own behavior as a libtard that it is literally an embarrassment?  What do they do with me, a former negroid defender who, having known nothing but a few decent negroes who are/were anomalous to their species in her lifetime, made the uninformed mistake of accepting without question the falsehood that “we are all equal”, and who now marvels at her own gullibility and ability to deny what she sees with her own eyes?  WHAT DO THEY DO WITH ME, a woman who is angry enough to want to see very last one of them HANGED if they continue to refuse to acknowledge the truth and assist the Jews in the destruction of our species/race and civilization?  What do they do with me, a NOT QUITE WHITE woman who disavows all of the historical lies in reference to the non-white side of her heritage, and who would simply cut off the red negroes (and that includes the ones coming across the border) from the White tax dollar even if it meant that part of my genetic heritage disappeared?  What do they do with me, a NOT QUITE WHITE woman who stands by such principles as racial purity to the extent that she believes only Rh- Whites should procreate with other Rh- Whites, and that it is vitally important that we recognize that distiction and the utter importance of the Rh- bloodline, even though it means that my own Rh+ bloodline takes a lesser place in terms of importance, and in a perfect world would ultimately disappear?  These are some of the important reasons and questions behind KNOWING WHO YOU ARE.  I know who I am.  

Who I am is a not quite completely white woman who fell hook line and sinker for the liberal bullshit in reference to such obviously untenable concepts as “egalitarianism” I encountered upon escaping the clutches of fundamentalist, Jew worshiping, Pentecostalism, which had in turn taught me throughout my childhood and adolescent life that “God loves everybody equally”, and it doesn’t matter who they are.  Lo and behold at the age of 48 I encounter more genuine interpretations of the Bible and I discover that “God” is himself a “White supremacist”, and chose my people above all others, commanding them to remain separate from the multicult.  Be that as it may, stepping out of one paradigm and into another already set and waiting to entrap me, as has happened to so many other people, I never had a chance.  

For many White Americans of my era, mmediately upon breaking free of the malicious and designed to do serious harm religious conservatism (at least for the few who do break away) begins the malicious and designed to do equally serious harm assault of “liberalism.”  It galls me to recall the day that I looked upon my “liberalism” with pride.  We are being played for utter FOOLS, and there is NOTHING on this planet that inspires my wrath more.  NOTHING.  

Who I am is a not quite White woman who is angry that my ancestors were not taught the absolute value of our White, Scottish, unmixed, Israelite gene pool, and consequently squandered our genetic heritage by breeding with the red negros.  If the so called “educators” thought they made me conscious of the tone of my skin when they taught me the biased and favorable lies they are teaching in reference to my savage red ancestors, they would shudder in fear of just how conscious I am of my skin color now that I know the truth.  It’s not White enough, and I see the betrayal of my heritage every time I look at myself in the mirror. I feel betrayed by every single aspect of my life that came before I stumbled luckily upon the Light of truth, and every person who participated in deceiving me, wittingly or unwittingly, from my horrible parents to my public and private school teachers and every “preacher” I was subjected to throughout my “growing up life,” to the local news media personalities in northeast Arkansan, southeast Missouri, and west Tennessee, as well as the national JEW owned media that teaches the same lies they teach in the public school system of this once great White nation, and I feel betrayed by my nation itself, the White part of it, as a collective. 

Like so many of the unawakened, and even some of the awakened who didn’t go too far over the edge and managed to make it back home to their people before they commited racial suicide, and even some who DID commit to our genocide who’ve woken up, I carry a tremendous amount of guilt in terms of the harm that I did to my own people before someone hit me over the head with the facts.  We have a lot to make up for, and our efforts should be 100 times the efforts of other Whites, because we not only want to participate in the change and renewal and revitalization of our people and civilization, but we literally have our own mistakes to rectify, and their possible affect on the thought processes of other Whites.  Grappling with one’s own past proves the metal of a person.  I’ve done it, and found my way back virtually OVERNIGHT once I was presented with true facts and discovered true history.  I know who I am.  DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?     

Most people will have a knee jerk reaction to the question “Do you know who you are?”  They might respond with “Well I’m ‘so-and-so’s’ daughter,” or “I’m just Julie from Kennett,” as in my case.  But the question, as we all know, implies a far deeper and more extensive answer than that.  Most people seem to concur that fundamentally they “are what they are” on some sort of “spiritual” level, but the reality is that what makes a person WHO THEY ARE is fundamentally GENETIC, and genes imply RACE.  Race, in turn, implies culture, or, as in the case of the non-Whites, the lack of culture.  For White people of European descent, however, cultural heritage encompasses all of life within our highly cultured and cultivated civilization, and is so extensive, vast, and pervasive that we fail to recognize how truly special it really is, and how utterly blessed we are to have been born into it.  For us, it is just a way of life.  But it is a way of life that is founded upon GENETICS, and how our genes shape our world in term of our ability, intellect, spirituality, ethics, morality, etc., and that GENETIC HERITAGE is responsible for WHO WE ARE fundamentally as a people, or what is generally referred to as a SPECIES/RACE.  

All that we do is what we are genetically and culturally predisposed to do, and the same can be said of the black and red negroes, whose inability to build or maintain any kind of a civilization that progresses beyond tribalism and cannibalism, much less invent the wheel or develop a written language, is well and endlessly documented in the historical record.  And don’t give me that crap about it being “history according to what the “White man writes”.  There is a REASON history is written by people of White, European descent and why history has ALWAYS been written by White, Caucasian people, and that is because we are the only people GENETICALLY and CULTURALLY predisposed to study the historical record, and we always have been, in addition to the FACT that our people have occupied this earth longer than any other, and it is our history that is the history of ancient civilization on every continent on this planet.  Be that as it may, WHO YOU ARE is decided by your GENETIC make up and your CULTURAL HERITAGE, and BOTH are a product of RACE ALONE.  And when it comes to civilization itself, it is the product of the genetic ability and predispositions of one racial species and one racial species ALONE, and that is the White race. 

Consider this: In a cave in Nevada archaeologists have discovered what appears to be the skeleton of a negro that is more than 10,000 years old.  Scientists in China discovered something similar when they discovered dozens of negro skeletons in the Tarim Basin, all elaborately dressed and wearing fine, woven garments, as well as being buried with many artifacts.  In Peru, the negro Cloud People of the past have been joined by 7,000 year old negroid mummies recently discovered by a group of “at risk” kids on an outing in Chile, and it has long been known that the skeleton referred to as “Kennewick Man” is that of a negro, as well as the almost 11,000 year old skeleton of a female negroid discovered in the vicinity of Mexico City.  In addition, at least 50% of negroid males are the direct descendents of King Tut, and the builders of the ancient civilization in India described themselves as black skinned, stupid, and ugly, with broad, flat, bridgeless noses, fat lips, and wooly, kinky hair.  And as if that were not astounding enough, skeletons and remains of negroids have been found that scientists believe to be 30,000 years old.  


None of what is written in the previous paragraph is actually true in reference to the negroid simian beasts.  In the few thousand years they have existed on this planet, they have achieved and advanced so little that they have left virtually no racial “footprint” in the historical record, save that in which it is acknowledged by the few genuine scholars left on earth that every time the negroid simian beasts have come into contact with civilization, civilization has been destroyed by their presence.  The negroes, like the Jews, are nothing more than the destroyers of civilization, although some jews admit this about themselves, while the arrogant, stupid, parasitic, violent negroids deny even those evils which their own species is pepetrating to this very day.  However, the point to be made is that if it WERE true that such negroid skeletons and mummies had been discovered occupying every continent on the entire planet, as is the case with Caucasoid mummies and skeletons, the Jewish owned and controlled media would be coming apart at the seams in reference to the “amazing new discoveries that would rewrite history completely”, and negroid simian beasts from Chicago to Sydney would be proclaiming that all of the earth was theirs, while White people world wide would have already begun dying at their hands in even greater numbers than they already are, and the current statistics (suppressed, of course) are disturbing enough, because statistics have proven that it takes very little impetus among the negroids to create the conditions in which negroid on white violence INCREASES, and it is already at epidemic levels.  

And it would indeed be astounding and earth shattering in terms of history if such archaeological finds had been made in reference to the negroid.  It is no less utterly astounding and earth shattering in terms of history when one understands that all that was written in the above paragraph is true in reference to White humans on this planet, the pure Caucasian, and this knowledge is maliciously suppressed to the detriment of White people in all of their own nations.  In fact, not only is it maliciously suppressed, the White people of the world are taught exactly the OPPOSITE as children in the public “education” systems in all of their own countries, while the black and brown historical perpetrators of crimes against the White race sit among them, falsely identified as the victims of the White race by so called “educators.”  It is a crime of MASSIVE proportions, and the people who profit off of the system via jobs deserve to hang right alongside the Jews who falsified the historical record, because even when the truth is put in front of them they persist in the lies and deny the evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are teaching lies to our White children, lies that are intentionally intended to result in the destruction and extinction of the Race itself.   

In the public school systems of the entire world the White Race/Species is portrayed as the “cancer of human history,” as Jew Susan Sondheim referred to us, and that includes the public schools that our White children attend in all of our White nations.  An “education” in a public school in a White nation is nothing more than an exercise in learning the art of self-hatred for White children, as their people and ancestors are endlessly and relentlessly portrayed as the manifestation of pure evil, and historical lies that have been maliciously written into the historical record are pounded into their young and impressionable heads.  What they should be taught to fear, they are taught should live in fear of them, and what they need to fear they are taught has historically lived in fear of them and their people in this WHITE nation.  There has never been a time in the United States of America when the negroid simian beasts, for example, had more to fear from White, European America than vice versa.  Indeed, if one is aware of the true history of slavery, and of the fact that it was a Jewish and free negroid business almost exclusively, one knows that there has never been a time in the history of this nation when the negroid simian beasts had ANYTHING to fear from White America.  That is a problem that we need very quickly to rectify, because the only thing the negroids as a collective understand is swift and immediate violence, whether they are on the giving or receiving end.    

What should be referred to as adventurous ingenuity and cultural generosity has been rewritten as “imperialism” and “colonialism,” and what should be referred to as savagery (tribalism, cannibalism, violence, rape, murder) has been recognized as “culture”.  This is what is being taught to your White children, the idea that the less evolved and more violent a “culture” is somehow renders it (the culture of violence) more “human”, and so the human classification of “culture” within the public school system more closely aligns with the violent and parasitic beings among us, who are in turn portrayed as peaceful people who for some reason behave in the ways that they do simply because the White man exists on this planet, while no explanation is ever offered as to why all the darkies of the planet were already full speed ahead down their fast track to extinction in their “cultures” of violence, tribalism, and cannibalism before the arrival of the White man in the last several hundred years.  

How much sense does it make to continue to allow them to force your White children to labor under something as ridiculous as “Black History Month” for a species that, if it has any history at all, can be explained away in 4 words: parasitism, violence, tribalism, and cannibalism?  Unless, of course, you want to take the time to give them the readily available and very gory details.  How much sense does it make to continue to allow them to portray us and our White ancestors as evil racists when we have had to live in fear of rape and/or murder at the hands of the negroid simian beasts since their arrival via the Jews to the shores of this continent, as well as from the red negroes who were already here, however few in number they were in north America?  It is your job to make the world SAFER for your children, not leave it far more dangerous that it was even for many of us, as all indications are we are rapidly descending into multicultural hell.  I know for a FACT that I am ready to fight back.  I believe in offensive action, and the FACT is that the White people of America have the RIGHT to hunt down and hang the negroes killing and raping our people in an ever accelerating epidemic of negroid on White violence, EASILY enforced in court.

With all of these lies being taught to our children by external forces of evil it is not only wise but NECESSARY that we teach them the truth in reference to the history of the White race/species as a people, and that we try to do so well enough that our children can refute publicly what they are being taught to the very liars who are teaching it to them.  In a perfect world all White people would pull their children out of the “public education system” in America as quickly as possible.  Barring that, you should at least be teaching your children the truth and attending school board and PTA meetings armed with true historical facts and raising nine kinds of hell about the lies being taught to your innocent White children.  Our children should be as pro-active in terms of our cause as we are.  It is vitally important that they know WHO WE ARE as a people.  It will help them immensely in terms of better understanding WHO THEY ARE.  As it stands now our children are mentally, spiritually, culturally, and sexually confused by the pervasive jewish lies and jewish perversion in the mass Jewish owned media.  The ONLY voice of reason in that world of darkness at this time comes from you as a parent, and hopefully your friends if you can find like minded people to befriend in this life.  It also helps to know WHO YOU ARE as an adult of White, European descent, because only by knowing yourself and your own people can you teach your children how lucky they are to be White, and how lucky the non-whites of the world are that we as a people exist on this planet.  DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? 

 The so called “educators” of the world will try to tell you that the only reason such a thing as “race” exists today is as a consequence of the simple fact that the “races” have been separated throughout most of history, and that simply is not true.  The simple fact is that the White race exists on this planet today for one reason and one reason only, and that is because in antiquity, when the rest of the world-wide White civilization around them, from China to America and everywhere in between, was succumbing to the phenomena of “race mixing” and “multiculturalism”, one group of White people, who became known as the Israelites, and who today are referred to as the White, western European people, fought to the DEATH to maintain the purity of their blood, and viewed as the ultimate good the continued existence of their RACE, as was dictated to them by the historical and racial texts today referred to collectively as “the Bible”.  THAT is WHO YOU ARE, the result of thousands of years of racial purity as a result of the vision of only a few, and the result of endless bloodshed to maintain the existence of your people upon this earth.  To dishonor those sacrifices by remaining ignorant of the historical struggle of your people to survive and even FACILITATING the destruction of your own people by promoting via acceptance into the fabric of our great White civilization such phenomena as “race mixing” and “multiculturalism” is a criminal act, and throwing one’s genetic heritage down the toilet by procreating with a negroid simian beast or some other darkie is the ultimate in disrespect, not only for one’s self, but for one’s entire people.  Ostracism is too good for those who refuse to see the light in these terms.  THIS is what should be taught to our children from the moment they are born into this world.  Nothing is more important than their own people, their racial FAMILY. 

More than anything else, history represents the cultural heritage of a people/race/species.  The following is a brilliant short synopsis on how our view of history affects our perception of WHO WE ARE: 

 ”Our view of human history colors the perception of who we are in a fundamental way.  It creates the infrastructure of ideas according to which we interpret the world.  Like the limitations of our senses we seldom question the limitations of our historical view, which we take as a given fact, even though it changes with every generation.” (Frawley) 

And if what we were taught as “history” was even a  reasonable facsimile to the truth, our view of history’s affect upon us would not be such a bad thing, as anyone familiar with the non-falsified version of history is well aware that it reflects favorably upon ONLY the White Race/Species among all of the people on the earth today and in the past.  It is not true history and events, however, that are disseminated as historical truth and written down as the “historical record,” and it is this FACT that makes the reality that “we seldom question the limitations of our historical view” so disturbing, and even inimical to our very survival as a people.  Because when the history is being rewritten with the goal of instilling a hatred of the majority (non-whites) for the already persecuted minority (Whites) that is so virulent that it is the non-white’s dream as a collective to exterminate the White victims, what we need more than anything is to question the limitations of our historical view. 

For many thousands of years White people have populated this earth, nurtured their children, carved civilizations out of wilderness, and attempted to reach the peak of their human potential, and every time Whites have done this what they built has ultimately been destroyed by negroids and other darker species of bipedal hominids, such as the American Indians.  And the end is violent and bloody, as overwhelming numbers of darkies slaughter all but a few White women and children, whom they keep as slaves, with the White gene quickly being bred out of existence by the raping darkies.  THIS is why the American indian carries European genes.  He has already destroyed one great White civilization in the past, butchering its inhabitants out of existence, and then leaving behind artwork and folklore that celebrates this event.  The White race has yet to defend itself against certain extinction at the hands of the dark hordes of the earth, with the exception of the Israelites, who today are referred to as the White, Western, European people.  It does, however, appear that we are finally about to sucumb to the same destruction at the hands of the multikult of darkies that all other White civilizations have been destroyed by in the past, and behind it we see once again the eternal hand of the Jew, just as in Babylon, Rome, Egypt, etc, and the number of White people who find nothing disturbing about the fact that their people are in danger of extinction upon this planet is astonishing, while the number of White people who cannot find their way out of the fluoride fog between their ears well enough to be anything other than apathetic is horrifying, especially in terms of the near future for their children and grand children.  These facts alone are proof enough that, in general, White, European Americans have no idea WHO THEY ARE, because who they are is proving in my estimation to be the best kept secret in the world.  

How can this beautiful and noble race/species of people not recognize its own worth, and instead encourage and even promote “black pride” in a species of hominid that suppressed genetic testing has rendered genetically closer to the great apes than to Whites, and which was on a fast track to extinction, still EATING each other, before the Jews imposed them on the western hemisphere and then sicced them on stable, wholesome, White America via Jewish demanded, funded, and enforced “civil rights,” which did nothing but fool White America into thinking the federal and/or state government(s) could lawfully strip them of every right that they are endowed with under White, western law?  The only difference between White America and the negroids of pre “civil rights” America was that the negroids, true to form, were not intellectually equipped and were too mentally and and physically lazy to build their own societies/communities, and so, as always, they were dependent upon the White man to provide them with all the mechanisms and amenities that make life comfortable in White, western civilizaion.  

You DO realize, don’t you, that if a negroid of that time were capable of establishing and maintaining any sort of business, the negroid had the right as well to put up a sign that said, “No Whites”, or “coloreds only”??  As a matter of fact, the darkies taking over America are STILL allowed to do this very thing, as there are BROWNIE TROOPS, a White institution, which admit NO White girls.  The very THOUGHT that any White person would not object strenuously and vocally to this and in turn DEMAND at the very LEAST their right to do the same in this nation established and built BY White people FOR White people is horrifying, and yet that is exactly what is happening.  The nation that the Whites of America today are leaving their children is the equivalent of leaving them sleeping in their beds at home, setting the house on fire, and walking out.  Literally.  If you don’t know that, then you know NOTHING about true history or both current and PAST crime statistics in terms of negroid and/or mestizo/American indian on White violence.  NOTHING.  For a crash course and a slap in the face of a wake up call I recommend you listen to Dr. William Pierce’s “The Lesson of Haiti”.  I recommend as well that you do some independent research into the literal GENOCIDE of White Americans at the hands of negroid simian beasts that is ongoing, ever accelerating, and 100% suppressed by the Jewish mass media and Jew controlled government, and this at a time when at the very LEAST the government of the United States of America should be issuing public service announcements warning Whites to be on guard when in the vicinity of the savage negroids, as they rage against us in an undeclared war that will not end until either our people or the negroids no longer exist in this hemisphere, and young white women like 25 year old “Missy” McLaughlin continue to be brutally murdered by the species of savages that has been set loose upon civilized White society, as she was abducted by a carload of black males [and one female ed.] from the front of her home in Charleston, South Carolina. She was then driven to an all-black trailer park where she was tortured, gang-raped, and eventually shot six times and her body was then dumped along U.S. Highway.  There was no “national outcry” for Missy McLaughlin, who died at the hands of niggers in racially motivated violence, as have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of White Americans in an epidemic of racial violence that is founded in an innate hatred for the beings of darkness (they are color coded for a reason) have for beings that are of the Light (and you are color coded for a reason), a genocide the truth of which is suppressed in all of the Jewish owned mass media.  ”God is Light, and in him is no darkness at all”, says the epistle I John, and darkness does not emanate from the Light.  White is right.  It is closest to the Light.     

A careful stufy of both past and current crime statistics and savage behavior of both the black and red negroes should be enough to demonstrate to even the biggest fool that the most HORRIFIC thing you can do to your White children is leave them a nation in which they are rapidly shrinking numerical minority (especially rapid given all the encouraged “race mixing” in the Jewish owned media) amid the black and red negroes, bar none.  In fact, the most honorable and just thing you could do before you left this life is begin an all out fight to cleanse this nation of the negroids and mestizos overrunning it, a fight that includes deadly violence if necessary.  What is precious is worth fighting for, and your White children deserve to know they are that precious to you.  They deserve to live with the full knowledge that the very survival of civilization itself upon this earth depends upon THEIR survival, which renders them the most important things on this planet, which is exactly what they are.  There is no shortage of evidence to prove it.  The evidence, is called “civilization” and all that the word encompasses, and the proof is referred to as history. 

As a people, we are the torchbearers of civilization; the origin of civilization itself.  No other people has ever advanced or evolved sufficiently to even begin to lay the foundation for the building and maintening of a civilization.  There is no “civilized” culture on the face of the earth that functions on a daily and even hourly basis without utilizing what the White race alone has invented and produced, from electricity to a plastic jug to transport drinking water in.  Think about it.  Something as simple as the fact that the White race developed the technology to manufacture plastic jugs can render the negroid’s life in Africa measurably easier.  The negroid species has certainly proven itself incapable of providing itself with plumbing, and the very fact that his life in Africa is rendered markedly easier just because a White man somewhere invented plastic presents such a stark contrast in terms of racial and genetic capability that even the brain dead should recognize the innate inferiority of the negroids and the unquestionable superiority of the humans produced by the White racial species.  This should be taught in “black history month”.  Truth deserves to be heard even if it is unpleasant to the listener, and it deserves to be acknowledged by the superior species free from the accusation of “conceit,” or “cultural bias”.  Facts are not “racist”.  Truth is objective, and no negroid objections to the truth will ever change it.  

Instead of being subjected to an “education” that glorifies species of dark skinned hominids among whom civilization has never arisen, but has only been destroyed, and among whom such a simple tool as the wheel never materialized as a concept among their millions of minds, your White children should be blushing with racial pride at the “ooohs” and “aaaaahs” of the non-whites surrounding them when they (the non-whites) are presented with the history of ethical standards, architectural achievements, literary feats, philosophic musings, space exploration, countless inventions, and every other accomplishment and achievement of the White race.  The utter SUPERIORITY of the White race is demonstrated around the world in literally COUNTLESS ways every second of every day, from every computer that is switched on and every satellite circling the earth off of which the internet signal arrives, to the fact that at we can have strawberries in the wintertime as a result of the fact that our people invented air travel and greenhouse technology.  And that merely scratches the surface in terms of WHO YOU ARE.  

You are a people who alone are responsible for all higher languages on this planet, and perhaps even all languages themselves, as the non-whites have only that which they inherited from the original world-wide White civilization they destroyed, and your people are the only people to ever invent the wheel, or develop your languages into WRITTEN languages.  You as a people are the only bipedal hominids inhabiting the planet to ever invent such things as textiles and textile mills so that you could clothe yourself in warm and/or luxuriant raiments.   Your people left clear evidence from antiquity of the use of aircraft such as those we refer to today as “airplanes” and “helicopters” (Egypt), and wrote of such things in the ancient White, Aryan civilization of India, feats that have been maliciously and deliberately misinterpreted as feats of the “gods”, or a possible “alien” connection to our creation, an event which is Satanic in nature, and is simply the new age version of the creation of Satan’s minions upon this earth in this battle between good and evil.  As a people, you alone have recognized within and among your people a “higher calling”, and a purpose behind your existence, although you are getting further and further from any inkling as to what that purpose actually is the more time you spend here, and you are running out of time.  Your altruism as a collective people and your historical struggle for survival against constant attack by other other species of hominids has been rewritten in such a way as to fraudulently make your people appear as the historical aggressor, when in reality your people have been the eternal victims of aggression from all other supposedly “human” hominids.  You are good people, and you know it.  Don’t let them convince you that the genes that produced you were not equally good, or even more so, I guarantee it.  

As a people, the White, Western European people are the light of the world.  Extinguish them, and all that is left is darkness.  The White man of today is confused, unrooted from his heritage and his people, and floundering to find some solid ground upon which he is not characterized as the eternal demon behind all that plagues the rest of the world, as he is typically portrayed in the media.  He goes to work every day (at least those who can still find a job to support their families) and works hard to feed his family and his people, functioning in taxation slavery, as his wages are raided and seized every week by an out of control government that has long since been co-opted by the Jews (masquerading as Whites) and their banking cartel, the Federal Reserve, and used to fund the breeding of massive hordes of negroids and mestizos that are systematically destroying the future he works hard every day to provide for his children.  And still he carries on, rarely if ever complaining, wondering what else it is he can do to get by and demonstrate to the rest of the world that he means them no harm, never understanding that no matter what he does or what he gives, in this society of mental sickness in which truth has been stood on its head it will never be enough, as he functions in a mental paradox that has been maliciously created within his mind by external forces, a mental paradox that is designed to keep him paralyzed with uncertainty and indecision.

The average White guy is a nice guy, just like your brother or Dad or cousin or friend.  And, as he understands it, as a consequence of the lies that have been taught to him as true “history”, he is the descendant of a conquering race, a warrior race, and a race that has subjected all others to every crueltly imaginable.  White people, he has been taught, especially White men like him, just take what they want, and they give no thought to any other people who might possibly have what they (Whites) want, or even to killing them to get it if necessary.  But, when the average White man wakes up every morning and looks in the mirror, and when he goes to bed at night, not to mention the many thousands of things he does on a daily basis as a husband, father, employer or employee, citizen, etc., he does not see THAT GUY, and he does not feel like THAT GUY, that warrior descended from a conquering people.  No, he sees an ordinary White man with a wife and children he loves, a yard he needs to mow, a dog that needs to be fed, and a job that needs to be done, and he knows that, as a White man, this is his life to live and caring for those he loves is his job to do.  He sees what every peace loving White man in history has seen when he has looked in the mirror, and that is who he REALLY is, and who he is is the driving force that maintains the civilization of his people in every little thing he does at every moment of every day.  This dichotomy between who he really is and what he has been taught to believe he is is a harmful mental and emotional paradox, and at bottom it embodies what is needed MOST among the White race, and that is CHANGE in perception of WHO WE ARE based upon historical truth.  

The history of the Bible is the tale of the present, with one significant difference, and that is that, this time, there is not a world-wide, highly evolved and cultivated White civilization gracing every continent upon this earth that is being inundated and overrun by inferior non-whites that appeared in their (the White’s) midst as if from nowhere.  This time we are the only Caucasoid people left on this originally all-White planet, and this time we have lost sight of the words, commandments, and admonitions of our biblical patriarchs against race mixing and “multiculturalism,” which have been DELIBERATELY mistranslated in the current “Bible”, and we have lost sight of the true meaning behind the words of Christ, many of which have been maliciously suppressed, such as those in the Gnostic Gospels.  This time we have no basis of reference to explain what is happening to us, because as a collective people we have no idea WHO WE ARE and, more importantly, what in the hell we are doing here, because one thing is certain, and that is that the vastness of the difference between us and the dark hordes of bipedal hominids that populate this planet is more than sufficient to demonstrate that either we are out of place, and we were here first, as archaeology and the entire historical record proves, or they are out of place.    

The history of the White race as a “conquering race” is as fictitious as the Jewish holohoax, and the history of the White race is one that can be written as the story of a people who are so generous with their own civilizations and what they have built when it comes to the non-whites that it has ALWAYS, with a single exception, culminated in the total destruction of the White race and the civilization it built, from India to South America and everywhere in between.  The Israelites, who became known as the White, Western, European Caucasian people, are the only acception to this rule of destruction, which is why the current great White civilization, misleadingly referred to as “western” civilization, arose among our people and our people only.  We are the only ones left upon this earth who have ever, can ever, or will ever be wholly capable of building and maintaining “civilization”.  But we did not CONQUER masses of dark skinned people to do it.  Not once.  Indeed, the opposite is true, and we see the evidence to support this fact unfolding before our eyes this very day, as we continue to travel seemingly inexorably down the path of “multicultural” destruction, as “DIEveristy” is forced upon ALL and ONLY White nations, and our people are the only ones expected to open the borders of our nations to all other races/species, creating the conditions for our own inevitable genocide if we continue down the road we are currently traveling.  

It is the falsification of history surrounding the events that occurred during the settling of America by Europeans upon their return to this hemisphere and the Jewish Trans-Atlantic slave trade that function as the two primary weapons in the anti-Whites’ justification of the destruction of the White race.  With regard to the Indians of North America what is being taught is that the Whites who settled here simply genocided in various ways the vast majority of the tremendously exaggerated Indian population of North America, when the fact is that there are more red negroes directly descended from the North American tribes on the North American continent right now living off the white tax dollar than there were when the White man returned and began to resettle the Americas.  There is a very simple explanation for WHY the nations to the south of the U.S. and Canada essentially evolved as nations populated by millions upon millions of the direct descendants of the red negroes of the Americas and the U.S. and Canada evolved as essentially White nations, and it is a direct result of the inferiority of the American Indians as a species, although you will likely never hear it spoken by the liars of history (teachers, professors, academics).  

The American Indians, upon their destruction of the pre-existing, highly evolved, highly cultured, and highly cultivated White civilization and then their ultimate slaughter of the last of the indigenous Whites, almost immediately reverted back to barbarism, just as the negroids have been documented as doing throughout history, and ultimately any semblance of what could legitimately be referred to as “civilization” simply disappeared, as they simply set up shop on top of what the original White population had built and began ripping hearts out of live sacrificial victims and eating them, and various tribes simply began raiding and making horrific and murderous war upon each other with no more Whites available to serve as their victims.  Having destroyed the highly cultivated and evolved White civilization that as a result of their altruistic nature and generosity simply tried to accommodate and CIVILIZE the “immigrating” red negroes, as have done all other White civilizations save one when it comes to the non-whites, an act of altruism and generosity that would ultimately destroy them, the so called “native Americans” were left with NOTHING that had characterized the civilized world here that existed before their arrival, and all that was left for them was an essentially Stone Age existence.  

It was inevitable that the vast majority of the hordes of red negroes would choose to “reside” in the southern, warmer, and much more temperate half of the western hemisphere.  Left to their own devices, the Indians developed no tools for building, construction, or destruction, and all that they had to warm themselves with was the fire that nature provides in this matrix of darkness.  That alone explains the enormous difference in population numbers in terms of the red negroes of North America and the red negroes of the southern half of the western hemisphere.  And White civilization here this time is following the same path of destruction it followed previously upon the arrival of the red negroes from God knows where, except this time it is supplemented with the civilization destroying black negroes, with the Jews in control of it all.  

As for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, a Jewish enterprise almost in its ENTIRETY, that is another lie of history that is used endlessly and relentlessly to demonize the White race, and the FACT is that the “evil white slave owner in America” is essentially nothing more than an historical fiction, as only 1.4% of the wealthiest White American anglo lackeys of the Jews ever owned slaves, while 70% of the “American” slave owners were Jews, and the majority of the remaining 30% of slave owners were free negroids themselves.  As it is recorded in the falsified historical record, evil White men simply raided Africa, took poor, innocent negroid simian beasts as captives, and transported them by the millions to North America to be brutally used by Whites as slaves, when NOTHING could be further from the truth.  The truth is that the negroid simian beasts of Africa had two primary thriving “businesses” on the African continent, and those were cannibalism and slavery, and those negroids transported to the Western hemisphere were duly purchased BY JEWS from OTHER NEGROIDS who sold them to the Jews for essentially NOTHIING.  In addition, less than 5%, or less than 500,000, negroid simian beasts were transported to North America, and the Jews shipped the rest to join the red negroes of the southern half of the hemisphere, which is why a typical “Mexican” is 6% negro in terms of DNA.  And even with that few negroids transported to North America, due to their rampant over breeding their number has multiplied into tens upon tens of MILLIONS of these savages that the indigenous White population is forced to feed, house, and clothe via taxation slavery.  The point is that we are not “conquerors”, and we never have been, if the true history of our people were known.

Even during the so called “Crusades”, if one is cognizant of the truth in reference to the history of that time, the White race, although it did show a bit of a backbone momentarily against Islam, it (the White race) cannot even be referred to as “conquerers,” especially when you compare the small number of Crusades used to fight back against the muslim hordes to the HUNDREDS of muslim invasions of the Mediterranean and Europe.  Only in the deadly battles of the Old Testament, the story of the White Israelites to maintain the purity of their BLOOD, do we find the history of a portion of the White race that fought to the death to remain in existence.  And today we exist as a testament to their success.  To squander that birthright is literally UNHOLY.  THAT is who you are, the builders and givers of civilization, and the focus of evil in Satan’s world of darkness and violence, remaining the Light of the world.  This is truth, and this is how you should perceive of youselves.  Be proud of who you are.  You and your ancestors have earned it.  It is worth preserving, even if that means open war, otherwise all is lost.  The warrior spirit of the ancient Israelites must be rekindled if you care about your children and grand children, otherwise what awaits them is so horrific that you cannot even begin to imagine the savagery they will be confronted with, and with which many of them are already being confronted today in the epidemic of negroid on White violence, as they are forced into a public “education” system with these beasts who beat and assault and rape them on a regular basis, while NOTHING is being done about it.  You were the “chosen” people because you were the only ones who remained pure in your BLOOD/RACE.  Don’t squander what God gave to you on the offspring and creations of Satan.

“When they ask you where you came from, tell them you came from the Light, in the place where the Light came into existence of its own accord.”  ~Jesus Christ in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas.

Like Christ, who stated clearly that he came ONLY for his people, the LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, you are the Light of the world.  White is right.  It’s closest to the Light.  

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