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By Julie Mitchell
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The Rule of Law

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How many times in the course of our lifetimes of brainwashing by the Jew owned and controlled media and government have we heard the term “the rule of law”?   And how many of us for one second have had any concept of what is truly meant when that phrase is uttered, in all honesty?  Admit it, in your brainwashed and fluoride soaked brains you believe that it means our civilization, White, “western” civilization, is RULED by the laws (lower case because it is not the actual LAW) the government has written/established.  That, my little world of Neos, is not what it means AT ALL.  

What it means in simplest terms is that there are RULES that underlie the LAW and according to which the LAW functions, and misleading the people to believe it means that they are RULED by the laws written by agents of the government, elected or not, is just another in a long line of neuro linguistic programming tricks they play on the White sheep to keep them in taxation slavery supporting their own destruction, and to keep them in fear of their (the government’s) “authority”, “authority” which by the RULES OF LAW they simply do not possess, and is essentially non-existent in terms of its application to the average citizen.  For the average citizen, the government’s “law” is not as important as the RULES according to which the LAW functions, and to speak of the RULE of LAW is to speak of these RULES according to which White, “western” LAW functions. 


How a Civil Suit works: 

An attorney for a particular plaintiff files an affidavit with a court somewhere in the English speaking world (America, Canada, Australia, Britain…).   Contained within the affidavit are various accusations and challenges directed at the party being sued (the defendant) and a demand for compensation for whatever wrongs the defendant is accused of committing against the plaintiff.   

BUT – and this is the most important point to remember – the affidavit will give the defendant 21 DAYS to respond.  If the defendant does NOT respond within the 21 days alloted, the points (accusations, challenges, and demands) of the affidavit become FACT by LEGAL DEFAULT.  That is the RULE that underlies the LAW.  Are you starting to understand better what exactly is meant by the phrase “a rule of law”?


All law is the same, be it civil , trust, or CRIMINAL.  It all functions according to the same RULES.  Law is no different from a chess game in terms of the fact that it has RULES, and when you challenge the government by using the RULE of LAW that you and ONLY you are the DIRECTOR and BENEFICIARY of your corporation/legal person and give them 21 days to respond and they DO NOT respond within those 21 days, the points (accusations, challenges, and demands) of the affidavit you file against them BECOME FACT BY LEGAL DEFAULT.  End of story.  

When an entity or an individual does not respond to a legal affidavit filed against them, what they have done, according to a RULE of LAW, is agree with the accuser/challenger in terms of the accusations, challenges, and demands that have been made against them as the “defendant”.  Simply put, when they do not respond, it means YOU ARE RIGHT, and by failing to respond they have AGREED that you are right.  

According to the RULE of LAW, a corporation and a legal person are the SAME THING.  Now, check yourself on that knee jerk reaction you are having to this particular RULE, because I know many of you have encountered the cointel all over the place out here who’s job it is to convince you that the fact that the RULE of LAW (not the government) considers/categorizes a legal person and a corporation as the same thing is a very bad thing.  They are liars.  It’s their job to lie to you and mislead you to do what is harmful to you in the long run, because the goal is the destruction of the White Race and its LAW and CIVILIZATION and RELIGION.  Remember, once you understand that the goal is White genocide, everything makes sense.  Be that as it may, our law, the law the White, Western, European people devised for OUR people, functions around the rights of a legal person/corporation, and everything else is secondary to those rights, as they are God-given. 

When an agent of the government pulls you over as you are traveling down the road in your personal or business vehicle and “writes you a ticket”, or when agents of the goverenment break into your home and take your marijuana plants, or when agents of the government decide to confiscate your home because you have not paid them what they refer to as “property taxes”, or when agents of the government do ANY of the other unlawful things they are prone to do, and you subsequently file an affidavit as DIRECTORY AND BENEFICIARY of your legal person/corporation against the court and challenge them to present proof of claim as to their authority to do so FROM THEIR POSITION AS TRUSTEES/PUBLIC SERVANTS/EMPLOYEES WITHIN 21 DAYS and they do NOT respond, the points of your affidavit become FACT BY LEGAL DEFAULT.  End of story.  That is the RULE that underlies the LAW, and that is what I mean when I say that their “law” is not as important as the RULES according to which the true LAW functions. 

The reason they do NOT respond when you assign them to their status as trustees/public servants/employees (those 3 words are interchangeable here) is because according to the RULE OF LAW they do NOT have the authority to do so as public servants, and they simply cannot respond with proof of claim because they DO NOT HAVE IT.  It really is that simple.  Where is your proof of claim that you are the Director and Beneficiary of your legal person/corporation, and all of the sovereign authority that such entails?  Why, it’s that little thing called your “birth certificate”, silly sheep.  And now you know why the attack on your “birth certificate” that always accompanies the attack on the idea that the RULE OF LAW considers/categorizes a “legal person” as a “corporation”. 

The reason they are able to do the things they do to you is because you are LETTING them.  You know NOTHING about the RULES that underlie and are the foundation of the LAW, and you are literally AGREEING with them when they come at you by your lack of legal response and your failure to assert your status as Director and Beneficiary of your corporation/legal person.  

If you have old court documents lying around somewhere, get them out and take a look at them.  Take note of the fact that at the top, in the area where it identifies the govenment as the plaintiff and you as the defendant, it is all written in CAPITAL LETTERS.  There is a reason for that, and it is a RULE of LAW.  The physical position of those words on the document (top, left) where they are written in capital letters means that a “hearing” has been scheduled in reference to a legal person/corporation that goes by the title of your name, and so the RULE demands that those words be written in capital letters.  Remember, the RULE of LAW functions around the sovereign rights of legal persons/corporations, and so the government is limited in terms of what entity it can schedule a “hearing” for.  The government CANNOT schedule a meeting/hearing in reference to you as an individual, with your name written in lower case and only the first letters capitalized because the government has no power over you as an individual.  THAT IS THE RULE OF LAW.  Neither can it lawfully schedule an unauthorized “hearing” in reference to your legal person/corporation, especially once you have established in writing your status as Director and Beneficiary.  Remember previously when I told you that your Birth Certificate is your proof of claim that YOU are the Director and Beneficiary of YOUR corporation/legal person?  Now you know why the “name” on it is written in CAPITAL LETTERS.  Your birth certificate is your legal documentation that you are a sovereign citizen and Director and Beneficiary (sole shareholder) of your legal person/corporation, and the “name” on it is merely the TITLE of your legal person/corporation.

Next, take note of the FACT that in the actual “body” of court documents, in the area where the accusations, challenges, and demands are made (the “points”) by the government, your name appears in LOWER CASE with only the first letters capitalized.  That, my friend, is a complete change in terms of identity within that document, and it is your Jew owned and controlled government committing FRAUD against you in black and white in every court document they file, and your subsequent loss of property, fines, and/or incarceration is just you agreeing to go along with it out of sheer ignorance, and because of your failure to say “Wait a minute, public servants, let’s see where you think it is you get the right to do this, show me the RULE of LAW”.  Every time the government does this, the government is committing a crime against you, according to THE RULE OF LAW.  And the government has invented lots of names under which to categorize the crimes they commit.  Names like “kidnapping” and “felony assault” etc.  

According too the RULE OF LAW, the only individuals the government can write “laws” for are its own agents/employees, and so according to the RULE OF LAW the only people the laws written by the government actually apply to are the people who WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT.  Guess what?  The dirty bastards consider a “driver’s license” to be a thing that renders a sovereign citizen to be an agent of the government.  And if you don’t understand the RULES OF LAW and refute that nonsense in the documents you file as well as in open court if necessary, they simply assume that you have agreed to it.  And so they win by LEGAL DEFAULT, right under you very nose, but only after they have committed FRAUD to do it, so either way, anything they do against you is unlawful and in violation of the RULE of LAW.  

Every time you walk into a courtroom, whether you are summoned or dragged out of a jail cell to appear, and whether it be civil, trust, or criminal court, you are appearing at a “hearing” that has been scheduled for a LEGAL PERSON/CORPORATION.  The “hearing” has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you as an individual. NOTHING.  It is a simple matter of agents of the government assuming the directorship and beneficiary status of YOUR legal person/corporation and assigning you to the role of trustee/public servant/employee, which means they have assumed ALL POWER over you as an individual, and that they have assumed the power of Director and Beneficiary of your legal person/corporation.  Essentially, they are now your “boss”.  And they are able to do this as a direct result of your own ignorance of the RULE of LAW, and by your failure to  assert your status as Director and Beneficiary of your corporation/legal person.  In essence, you AGREE with them.  Dirty, sneaky bastards, aren’t they? 

Isn’t it funny how the term “the rule of law” that we so detest at times is actually beneficial to us?  Wake up, White sheep, before you lose EVERYTHING.  This crap is on YOU.  

They have the people referring to these CRIMINALS wearing silly black robes as “Your Honor” and other such lofty euphemisms when what we should be doing is descending upon the court houses of every town and city in America and hanging the people referred to as “judges” on the town square.  I am not kidding.  And if the day ever comes when you figure this out and become the warrior from the Light you were meant to be here in this world and act with the violence it will require to right these wrongs, remember that the FIRST thing you will have to do is kill all the fat, disgusting COPS (bailiffs are deputy sheriffs as well, and they carry guns) to clear a path to the judges.  Those people will kill you to protect this evil system they profit from and live off of.  I know.  In the last year I have spent 5 months in their hands, once by making a stupid mistake of strategy and once by literally letting them call my bluff and submitting to their “authority” in the process of enforcing my rights and trust.  The last time they bounced me off of floors and walls, choked me, had me assaulted by violent inmates that they took off of “lockdown” as they stood and watched to make sure I didn’t retaliate, and bent such joints as my wrist and thumb and pushed up my nose to inflict pain, and that is not even to mention the many times they literally threw me into a restraint chair and put a hood over my head so that I looked like Hannibal Lector as they tried to force me to let them take my fingerprints (the weak bastards weren’t able to unclench my fists), and all this was only after they made me strip naked in front of 3 of them while they pointed a can of pepper spray at me to force me to do it, and that is, without question, the crime of sexual assault.  Those are the kinds of White people we refer to as “cops” or “law enforcement.”  It would help if the moronic sheep actually knew and understood the law, although for many of them I don’t think it would matter because they really are pure evil.  But in the end I win.  EVERY TIME.  Because of the RULES of LAW.  And you can, too, if you will just learn something and grow a set.  Why are you paying property taxes and income taxes and all other taxes when they are VOLUNTARY, you morons? 

NOTE: Subsequent to failing to respond to an affidavit you file against them (the government) one of the tricks they (the government) will try to use to circumvent this RULE of LAW referred to as LEGAL DEFAULT is to simply summon you back to court under threat of arrest.  The reason they do this is because once you have put them in their place as trustees/public servants/employees and they have not responded because they simply cannot, in order to regain control over you they have to get you to walk back into a court room so they can trick you into submitting to their non-existent “authority”, either by agreeing with them out of either your own inexperience or ignorance, or out of fear, as they will use this opportunity to intimidate you with the threat of jail.  And if you back down and let them intimidate you, you can BET YOUR ASS you are going to jail.  To avoid being arrested and dragged back into court if you “fail to appear” at future “hearings” all you have to do is state in your original affidavit that if the government arrests you for “failing to appear” at any future unlawful and unauthorized “hearings” it schedules for YOUR legal person/corporation without providing proof of claim as to it’s authority to do so, your presence at those unauthorized “hearings” as Director and Beneficiary of YOUR legal person/corporation will come at the price of $100,000 per meeting/hearing, or a million dollars, and the price for every hour of your time that is wasted due to an unlawful arrest will be $20,000 per hour.  Just pick a number.  YOU as DIRECTOR are the only person who sets policy for your legal person/corporation, just as Rupert Murdoch and his board of directors are the only people who set policy for their corporation, and if that is what your time costs and they don’t want to pay it, they don’t need to buy your time.  When they fail to respond, they have agreed to pay your price.  LEGAL DEFAULT.  Its a rule of law. 

ALSO NOTE that if you file an affidavit such as a “Writ of Mandamus” with a higher court instructing them to get their subordinates harassing you from a lower court under control and they (the higher court) respond within the 21 days with an affidavit that addresses something like “filing fees” it simply means that this is all they have, and they are trying to trick you into believing they have actually responded to the points of your affidavit, which they have not.  To avoid this, just include in your original affidavit the statement that you will not be paying the government to do the job for which it is already paid if filing fees are “required”, and that proof of claim that they can demand money from you in the form of “filing fees” from their position as public servants is something that you require proof of claim for as well.  You have to cover all the bases with the evil ones.  They have many tricks of the game that they play on us.  I ordered the appellate court of the Corporation of the State of Missouri to get its subordinate under control in the Circuit Court in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, and the “filing fee” nonsense was all they could come up to respond with in the 21 days I gave them.  So I filed another affidavit and told them how sorry they are and that I was on to their little trick.  

The “Constitution” doesn’t matter. 

The 1st Amerndment doesn’t matter.

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t matter.

None of them do.

What matters is the RULE of LAW, and that was established by the Magna Carta, the original charter of rights and freedoms; the foundation of the RULES of our LAW.  And the RULE of LAW says that we are free to do whatever we choose to do both in our personal lives and in our business dealings as long as we don’t harm another person (except in self-defense, another GOD-GIVEN RIGHT under the RULE of LAW).  The government has authority over the GOVERNMENT and its own agents (employees) and NOTHING else.  And the government’s authority over itself and its own agents are the ONLY things that function under “constitutional law.”  

The following is a copy of the final document I filed in the Circuit Court of the Corporation of the State of Missouri in Cape Girardeau County.  They did not respond.  The document will give you a working knowledge of how you should go about this. 

JULIA ANNETTE MITCHELL                                                         October 14, 2013

According to the Birth Certificate I have it is my understanding that I am the sole shareholder of JULIA ANNETTE MITCHELL. 

All of you people associated with or working for the government in any and all capacities are trustees.  Correct me if I am wrong. 

If you are claiming otherwise, let me know.  You have 21 days from this date, October 18, 2013, to do so. 

As sole shareholder of JULIA ANNETTE MITCHELL, I have appointed Julia Annette Mitchell to protect my legal investment.  If you are claiming I do not have the right to protect my legal investment, you have 21 days from this date, October 18, 2013, to provide proof of claim in writing as to why I cannot.  

If you are claiming I am an employee who is obligated to obey the charter of the Corporation of the City of Jackson, or that I am an employee that is obligated to obey the charter of the Corporation of the Country of Cape Girardeau, or that I am an employee that is obligated to obey the charter of the Corporation of the State of Missouri, or even that I am an employee that is obligated to obey the charter of the Corporation of the United States of America, let me know.  You have 21 days to respond in writing. 

It is my intention to do anything and everything I choose to do with the plant commonly referred to as “marijuana”.  If I want to smoke it, I am going to smoke it.  If I want to buy it, I am going to buy it.  If I want to sell it, I am going to sell it.  If I want to grow it, I am going to grow it, and if I want to wipe my ass with it, I am going to wipe my ass with it.  You have 21 days from this date, October 18, 2012, to provide proof of claim in writing from your position as trustees/public servants/employees that you have the legal or lawful authority to prevent me from doing any of the aforementioned things with this particular plant or any other. 


NOTE: The following paragraph should have been included, but I did not deem it necessary to do so because I had included this information in all other documents I had previously filed, and those documents stand as LEGAL FACT.  You ALWAYS want to set your price so high that they will not risk it.  For example, in the documents I am filing in the State of Arkansas, the price I have set for every hour of my time is $500,000 per hour.  At any rate, it is wise to include something similar to the following in ALL documents you file:

“If the state fails to provide proof of claim in writing as to its authority over me in this matter or any other matter and nonetheless unlawfully arrests me or enters my home, the cost for every hour of my time that is wasted will be $10,000 dollars per hour, and the cost for each individual item I own that is removed (illegally and unlawfully “confiscated”) will be $100,000 per item. You have 21 days to respond in writing.”  

Upon the failure of the state/government to respond to the documents you file establishing your status and putting them in their place, you should immediately file a Notice of Default on them, because that is what they have done.  LEGAL DEFAULT.  It’s a rule of law.  In addition, always have them to stamp YOUR COPY of the documents you file, or at least have them notarized.  All documents I have filed in court have been stamped by the courts I filed them in, so there is no way they can deny that they have them. Just for shits and grins, the following is the Notice of Default I filed against the Circuit Court in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, after they failed to respond to my initial document and subsequently tried the trick of summoning me back to court to “show cause” as to why my “probation” should not be revoked.  This was my first court appearance after filing my initial document, and the last statement I made to the fool in the silly black robe was “I’ll just wait for you to show cause.”  Then I walked out and left his dumb ass talking to himself, in front of courtroom full of dumbfounded people and a couple of dumbfounded bailiffs.  This particular document will be of particular interest to White Nationalists: 


Is it the court’s intention to simply ignore the FACT that an affidavit was filed on July 22, 2013 requiring proof of claim within 21 days that it (the court) has any standing in this matter or any legal right to persecute me in the way that it has done for the last two years, and that since the court simply cannot, as trustees, produce any such evidence, it failed to do so and is now in default on this matter? And just in case you “misplaced” the affidavit I do have a copy, stamped “filed” by your own court clerk. 

Do not think that you are dealing with one of those people who is simply going to walk into that courtroom and declare “I’m a freeman and you have no right to do this!!”  What you have on your hands now is someone who has done the research and knows the dirty game you are playing.  When I appear in OUR (not YOUR) courtroom I will be appearing as who I am, and who I am is President, Director, CEO, Administrator, Beneficiary, and sole shareholder of JULIA ANNETTE MITCHELL. You are merely a trustee; a public servant.  Those will be the first rules of the game that will be established. Bet on it. You will not intimidate me. If you choose to incarcerate me at that time, know that it will cost you $5,000 dollars per hour of every hour of my time that you waste, another FACT that was in the affidavit the court failed to address.  I expect you to abide by the rule of law, and the rule of law says you have no right or legal standing to do what you are doing.  If I have to I will put a lien on your law license and everything you own.  

In addition, if you choose to unlawfully imprison me, I will represent every single person I am incarcerated within this in the very same way I am representing myself at this point and create a bigger headache for you than you can possibly imagine.  I am absolutely NOT going to take any more of your shit.

On July 22, 2013 this court was served with an affidavit requiring proof of claim that the breaking, entering, destruction, and theft of my personal property, in addition to my incarceration for 33 days in the Cape Girardeau County jail, acts ordered by a public servant in the position of trustee and committed by the SEMO Drug Task Force (trustees), was a lawful act against JULIA ANNETTE MITCHELL in her position as Director, CEO, Administrator, Beneficiary, and sole shareholder of JULIA ANNETTE MITCHELL. The affidavit stipulated that a response was required within 21 days.

As of August 12, 2013 the court has failed to provide proof of claim within 21 days, and is hereby in default according to the rule of law.  The court is ordered to return my personal property to me and ordered to make restitution for the destroyed front and bedroom doors on my property within 21 days of this date, September 5, 2013.  As per returning the property that was taken from my home by armed thugs; if that stolen property has been discarded or sold for profit, as so often happens, the cost of said property is approximately $400.00, and if the court is no longer in possession of what it ordered stolen from my home it is hereby ordered that restitution be made for that theft as well.  

In addition, the trustees of this court should remove any records they have on file claiming that I have committed any crimes in this matter, as I did not.  You have 21 days from this date, August 27, 2013, to do so.

I would remind you that breaking and entering is a serious offence, especially when it is done at gunpoint, which constitutes armed criminal action.  And since all laws and statutes written since the original charter apply only to government agents, the SEMO Drug Task Force is GUILTY of armed criminal action, and I am highly inclined to prosecute them as such. If I am unlawfully arrested again in this manner, the cost of every hour of my time that is wasted will be $5,000 per hour, as stipulated in the previous affidavit.   

At this point it is all over for you, and you damn well know it, so it would behoove you to find some way to gracefully extricate yourself from the situation you currently find yourself in.

Where, exactly, do you people get the idea that it is acceptable or lawful in ANY way for you to simply smash in the doors of the homes of citizens for whom you WORK and the sweat of whose brow provides your paycheck, especially given the FACT that even before you do it you are fully cognizant that you are committing a crime against another human being? You know full well how this works, and who is really in charge here, and yet you nonetheless take advantage of the average citizen’s ignorance of the official rules of the system you play like a game on a regular basis, not only to their detriment but also to your own benefit.  That is criminal behavior.

The court is further advised that it might serve the community better if the people serving as public servants would take notice of the current change in demographics that is occurring within the city of Jackson.  The Obama administration is using the census, as was announced by HUD secretary recently, to find areas of the country that are still relatively Negro free, and our nice little White towns and communities are being flooded with the worst elements of the Negro race that they are inflicting upon us via HUD and Section 8, as we feed the Negroes and fund our own destruction.  The Negroes are being removed from cities like Detroit, Newark, and many others they (the Negroes currently flooding our communities) have already destroyed and left as veritable wastelands.  

Our community is being flooded with an element of people responsible for virtually ALL of the robbery, rape, murder, and every other violent and non-violent crime one can imagine that occurs in the continental United States, and the majority of that crime is racially motivated and inflicted on innocent whites.  Your answer to that has been simply to hire more cops in a town where only a couple of years ago there was only one or two cops on duty at all times, and send them to my house to further commit crimes upon  my property.  You are engaged in a clear pattern of persecution of good and legitimate citizens in a way that criminalizes them UNLAWFULLY and simultaneously uses them to inflate illegitimate white “crime rates,” and you are doing that as you line your pockets with the government funds that will likely accompany an increase in Negro occupation and HUD housing, as all federal government programs come with strings attached, none of them legitimate. The city of Jackson, Missouri is rapidly degenerating into a much less safe and much less pleasant place to live as a result of the REAL reason for the increase in police. 

As if all of that were not enough, 75% of the people in the WORLD with AIDS are NEGROES.  So it is violence and disease you are both inflicting on us as an institution of government and by way of our demographic displacement here in small town America, a demographic displacement that is already complete in many urban and utterly destroyed areas of the country already. 

So, instead of breaking down the front doors of productive, socially functioning citizens, why don’t you see if you can use your positions of influence to help us do something about THAT?? Because I guarantee you that you do not deserve and should not keep your positions of influence over your fellow public servants (since we both know that statutes apply only to agents of the government) if you people are going to commit crimes such as breaking and entering upon my property, STEALING from me, and subsequently imprisoning me for 33 days  while the world outside my door goes to shit to the extent that I am no longer able to walk around town like I do on a regular and daily basis, an act which, by the way, I was harassed by a cop while doing that the other night. Straighten your asses up and act like white men. 

Thank you, 
Julia Mitchell

Let’s see if you indoctrinated sheep can wrap your heads around this one:  While you are busy assisting the jews (yes, it can be proven they are the ones behind it) in their efforts to remove “God” from the classrooms and courtrooms of America keep this in mind – what you are actually doing is undermining the very foundation of the freedom that our white ancestors forged for us upon the foundation of western law.  

In the courtroom, “God’s” law is supreme.   Feel free to refer to it as “natural” law if you wish, in your ongoing participation of the erosion and destruction of this latest and LEAST great of white civilizations.  Be that as it may, in the courtroom, God’s law is supreme, and it is understood by all judges and lawyers in every courtroom in America that such is the case.  It does not even have to be spoken.  It is simply understood. 

Who in the courtroom does NOT know this one very essential fact in terms of functioning within the confines of western law?  You or any moron they “summon” for some kind of “hearing.”   Nor do the criminals and bullies and murderers they hire as “cops” know this one essential fact.  

In the courtroom, according to a RULE of LAW, there are 3 roles and only 3 roles being played at all times, and those roles can be defined as such:

Beneficiary/Sole Shareholder
Trustee/public servant/employee.                                                                                                                                                                                            

It’s like a chess game, and it has rules.  The people, being unaware of how the law actually functions, are tricked into surrendering their God-given, natural rights every time they enter any courtroom in the UK, the United States of America, or any other former British colony.  

Under western law a “legal person” is a “corporation.”   Your life is a trust, and your Birth Certificate represents that trust.  You are the DIRECTOR and BENEFICIARY of your life, of your legal person/corporation.   The only role any individual “summoned” to appear in court should EVER play or assume is the role of DIRECTOR and BENEFICIARY of their corporation/legal person.  

For example, when I appear in court I refuse to appear with a lawyer and I refuse to act as my own attorney.  To do either one renders one an AGENT OF THE GOVERNMENT and gives a crooked public servant (“judge”) power over one that the “judge” simply does not legally have.  I never appear in court as anything other than DIRECTOR and BENEFICIARY of my corporation/legal person JULIA ANNETTE MITCHELL.  The fact that your birth certificate represents this entity is why the “name” is written in capital letters on your birth certificate. 

When you establish your status as Director and Beneficiary of your legal person/corporation, the only role left for the “judge” to play is the role of trustee, or PUBLIC SERVANT, which is what the son of a bitch is, for Christ’s sake.   This is all a citizen of any former British colony has to do to completely remove the state’s power in ANY courtroom.  Once you have established your status, it is over for them, and they know it.  And they don’t like it, but it is proving to be a constant in my experience that the ONLY place these subterranean and evil individuals will follow the letter of the law to the proverbial “T” is in the courtroom if you know how to use it to your advantage, as it is supposed to be used.  

It really is that simple.  And currently the jew occupied government is running massive psychological operations on the unknowing masses out here involved in the online “truth movement” right under your very noses and you don’t even know it.  The pseudo revolutionaries out here are being indoctrinated with the lie that it is the fact that the government considers a “legal person” to be a “corporation” that makes you taxable, among a host of other things, when the TRUTH is that it is the opposite.  And since all western law is the same, be it trust law, corporate law, UCC law, criminal law, etc, it is actually this fact that renders one sovereign and UNTAXABLE by the government, at least if one knows how to establish ones status and enforce one’s God-given rights.

For you “intellectual” sheep the mechanisms to remove our freedoms are included in such things as your “election reform acts,” when they placate you idiots with the charade that “election reform” will solve the jewish problem that is plaguing our civilization right into its grave with its black and brown weapons of mass destruction, from Australia to Europe to Canada to the U.S.   That is how they will remove your God-given rights.   You fools will literally AGREE to it.  

By the way, up until you become an “adult” your parents retain “Director” status of your legal person/corporation while you retain the status of “Beneficiary.”   Does that put the term “age of consent” into enough light to illuminate the fluoride fog you sheep have between your ears with your calcified pineal glands?  On a side note, fluoride in our drinking water is one of the biggest  conspiracies of all time, and it is jewish in origin as well.  And no, the great and mighty Adolf Hitler did NOT fluoridate the drinking water in the camps, either.  Just another jew lie.

When you walk into a lawyer’s office and pay them the exorbitant prices they demand, all that lawyer has to do is look you in the eye and tell you what I have just told you.  They all know it, and if they don’t know it, they simply are not “good” or knowledgeable lawyers.  I GUARANTEE you that all “prosecutors” and “judges” know it.   The fact is that as long as we don’t harm another person or their property except in self-defense, we are free under western law to do whatever we choose to do.  There is no such thing as a “good lawyer,” and there is definitely no such thing as an “honest judge.”   They know full well they do not have the authority to do the things they do, and they do them anyway.   In the courtroom, the “constitution” simply DOES NOT matter.  It is NOT the foundation of White,western law.  Now run to your lawyer friends and ask them about it and let them lie to you and tell you I am wrong.  

It is from this foundation of law that we derive our rights as sovereign beings. That’s why they want to remove the Ten Commandments from the courtrooms and the idea of God from the public schools. Once they achieve that goal, they have eroded the very foundation of our freedom. 

It is the acknowledgement of a higher power of some sort that removes their power, even though it does not even have to be brought into play in the courtroom. It just is, and the acknowledgement of that higher power resides in our status as the Director and beneficiary of WHO WE ARE. 

YOU are the only person in God’s eyes with the right to be the Director and beneficiary of YOU, of the totality of your life. One simply has to state it as such on the record. And the only entity with the power to remove that right is the Light/God itself/himseslf, the same place from which it derives.

In the courtrooms of America and all other former English colonies they are running the biggest scam on the people that one can possibly imagine. They know who you are when you walk in. You are the Director and Beneficiary of your corporation/legal person, of YOU. They also know that you don’t know that, and so they presume (law operates on presumptions) that you have relinquished your Director and Beneficiary status to them, the “judge.” But they don’t bother to tell you that. They just do it. It is hidden in the form of the documents they file, in plain sight. So essentially they PRESUME that you agree to it, knowing damn well when they do it that you certainly would not if you truly understood what was happening, and then they can claim that they have the documents to prove that you agreed to it. It really is that simple. 

When we disavow the idea of a higher power, be it referred to as “natural law” or “God’s law,” we give mortal men the right to claim that they are the higher power. That will always breed conflict. Your life is a trust, created in an agreement between your parents and the government via your birth certificate. The government is merely a trustee, an employee/public servant. They take orders from the Director and Beneficiary of your life; from YOU.  Public servants do not GIVE orders, they TAKE orders.

My experience with this has taught me one thing, and that is that in the courtroom, if you will enforce your right and status as Director and Beneficiary of your corporation/legal person, and if you will STAND YOUR GROUND and not be intimidated by threatening bailiffs on either side of you and a “judge” screaming at you, they will follow the law to the proverbial “T,” and you can walk out laughing at and back talking virtually any judge in the country.  Trust me, I have done it.  And there is not a damn thing they can do about it.  But the instant you allow them to intimidate you and you back down, they PRESUME you have submitted to their “authority”, and you are going straight to jail. You will not pass go, and it will cost you a lot more than $200 to get out. Know your rights, your trust, and how to enforce them.


 The foundation of western law is the original charter of rights and freedoms, and the foundation of the Magna Carta is GOD’S LAW, which simply means that as a human being you are endowed by your creator with the right to do ANYTHING you please as long as you do not harm another person or their property unless in self-defense, which is also a natural, God-given right. It is not even necessary to bring up “God’s law” in the courtroom because it is UNDERSTOOD that this is the foundation that is built upon. All of these movements to take “god” out of your classrooms and government are designed to remove your NATURAL GOD GIVEN RIGHTS IN THE COURTROOM, WHICH ARE STILL INTACT IF YOU KNOW HOW TO ENFORCE THEM AND ESTABLISH YOUR STATUS AS DIRECTOR AND BENEFICIARY OF YOUR OWN CORPORATION/LEGAL PERSON. WAKE THE HELL UP, for Christ’s sake.

“The individual is confronted with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
 ~ J. Edgar Hoover. 

Note: it is best to acquire the assistance of somebody who knows how to do this in court or listen to what they have had to say about it and do EXACTLY as they say, because if you make an error in judgement, they will RUSH through the window of opportunity you leave open for them, put you in handcuffs, and drag your White ass off to jail.  Pronto.  I just spent 84 more days in jail because I made my 2nd error in judgement in doing this, but in the end I won, and the charges were dismissed, and the case was declared “nolle prosequi,” which means “unwilling to pursue further.”   When I don’t err in my judgement, though, it works like a charm, as I have done it repeatedly.  It is the most empowering and euphoric feeling you will ever experience, especially the first time you do it.  

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