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By Julie Mitchell
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We’ve all seen them, those images of the stereotypical American Indian portrayed in television and glorified as some sort of “noble”, peace loving, earth respecting “savage”, the implication being that the so called “native Americans” – who in reality were not native to America at all, and are merely the remnants of the non-White destroyers of the previous highly evolved, cultivated, and cultured White civilization that graced every continent in this hemisphere before their initial “immigration” – were not “savages”, and have only been portrayed as such by the European people who settled and founded this formerly great White nation in an effort to justify their (the White’s)  genocide of the supposedly simple, humble, and primarily peaceful red skinned people they are said to have found occupying virtually every inch of this continent upon their arrival.  Never mind the FACT that the red negroes were indeed savages, as even the Iroquois were known to practice cannibalism, and their population upon this continent was sparse at best, because being the intellectually, spiritually, and morally inferior species of hominid that they are, they lived a Stone Age existence, and the colder climate that characterizes much of the continental United States for large parts of the year is not conducive to the survival of a large population of red negroes too cognitively limited and just plain stupid to provide adequate shelter and heating for their people when they were lucky enough to live to 40 without dying from something as simple as a tooth infection, and that is just the cold hard truth.   

Be that as it may, as a consequence of the falsification of history in reference to the true nature of the so called “native Americans”, the mind of the average White American of European descent does not conjure up the image of a virtually naked savage clothed only  in the skin of an animal he has killed, raping the child of a different tribe as his hands still drip with the blood of her family members at the mention of them, as it damn well should, because that is precisely the extent of “native American” civilization in this hemisphere, and no liar and falsifier of history found walking the halls of any American university can ever change that fact.  In fact, it is safe, in my opinion, to presume that the American Indians committed incest and raped their own children almost to a man, because, as police statistics indicate today, they are the only population in the United States that molest more children than the black negroes, and all indications are that few negroid females make it through adolescence and puberty without being raped by a male negroid simian beast. 1

Yes, White America, these are what you have been programmed to consider your “equals”, as the Jewish owned mass media puts enormous focus upon the occasional White child molester, creating the illusion that Whites are the people who tend toward child molestation, a blatant lie, as they constitute the fewest in proportion to their own race, ignoring completely the reality that FEW black and red negroes, left to their own devices, are not child rapists, and ignoring as well the fact that many of these so called “White” child molesters are Jews, just as is the case with all the Jewish serial killers, from Bundy to the Son of Sam.  THIS is why the real child molesters, the black and red negroes, spend so much time calling Whites such things as “baby fuckers” in online forums, projecting their own degenerate behavior upon the indigenous White, civilized, and morally upright people of European descent who founded and built this formerly great White nation.  The intent is to historically categorize the White racial species as a brutal, conquering, immoral, and sexually perverted people against whom the innocent shit colored demons prevailed, and ultimately eliminated, all of it based on pure fantasy.  The skill with which history is re-written right before our very eyes is astonishing, and reality is essentially the opposite of what is portrayed in the Jewish owned and controlled media.  For example, in North Carolina alone recently there were 251 cases of illegal immigrant mestizos molesting children in one month, and those are only the ones that were REPORTED.  So, it would seem that, by nature, the red negro of America has not advanced since the day the White man returned to reclaim this land, and no amount of electricity, indoor plumbing, and bottled milk provided by the White man, and without whom the red negro would never have had the pleasure of experiencing, as his people slowly but inexorably progressed toward ultimate extinction due to their own savagery and inferiority,  will ever change his nature, as it is GENETIC and NOT environmental.  

The White people who built this country have been utterly demonized for confining these beings prone to such a brutal and merciless kind of savagery as were the red negroes to “reservations”.  The truth of the matter is they (Whites) were too kind, and this species of red savages warranted ultimate destruction as much as the black and Jewish ones do for the crimes, violence, and utter savagery they have visited upon the White racial species on this continent.  We see the consequences of the generosity of our European ancestors unfolding before us today, as the descendants of those red negroes stream across our southern border from the southern half of this hemisphere, where their population was much larger when the Spaniards arrived due to the warmer climate, as they come to parasitize off of the Jewish instituted welfare system that supports hordes of non-whites on the backs of hard working White America, hastening before our very eyes the downfall of our civilization in the VERY near future if the current trend continues.  

As a group in America, Whites, as they are more and more outnumbered and overwhelmed by the red negroes and black negroes, seem resigned to their fate, and almost to a MAN will respond with the nonsense that “Well, we did take it from the Indians in the first place” when it is mentioned that this is a WHITE nation founded BY and FOR White people.”  THIS is what they see when they see the hordes of screaming mestizos in the Southwest yelling for “White Europeans” to “go home”, and to “go back to Europe”.  And all because of a fictional image they have been programmed to conjure up by the anti-White educational system, and brainwashed to believe by the Jewish owned mass media; an image of an Indian in full “Indian” regalia, adorned with feather headress and beads and metal bells, wearing flowing robes of woven cotten, as it stands and gazes out over the earth it inhabits, with a look of hatred that is mistaken for the stoicism and austerity that have been attributed to these red savages, when the image that should come to mind for them at the mention of the American Indians is that of a half naked darkie with skin that has a red hue and the smell of the inside of an anus, with his blood soaked hands around their blonde daughter’s neck as he rapes and strangles her, or rapes her and then scalps her before he slaughters her, because that was a far more likely scenario in terms of “Indian relations” as civilized Whites settled this country.  This time, as your civilization collapses around the ears of your children and grand children, it will be the mestizo, a somewhat lighter skinned version of the red darkie as a consequence of the Spaniard blood he was fortunate enough to receive (as his overwhelming numbers virtually bred the European Spaniard gene out of existence overnight in historical terms in the southern half of the hemisphere), and he will be wearing the blue jeans, T-shirt, and cowboy boots or tennis shoes that he is fortunate enough to have for the sole reason that the White man returned, as he rapes and slaughters your daughters and sons, if he is “lucky” enough to get to them before the black negroes do, that is, on whom the red negro has got NOTHING in terms of barbarism and savagery, and the red negro is bad enough.   

The image of the American Indian complete in all of his “Indian” regalia, as he is portrayed by so called “educators” and in the Jewish owned mass media, is fictional, and is not by the remotest stretch of the wildest imagination what the White European settlers of America encountered when they arrived here.  The beads and flowing robes of cotton they wear in the photographs of them taken hundreds of years after the Europeans first encountered them upon returning were beyond the Indians’ concept and capability to produce, and they only possessed them because of their contact with White Europeans, as the Indian species never even invented the wheel, and was still dragging it’s belongings behind it on animal skins stretched between branches of wood when the White man returned.  And as if it is not testament enough to their inferiority that they were living this Stone Age existence upon the return of the White race to the western hemisphere, it is even more damning in terms of the true extent of their inferiority in comparison to the White race when one realizes that a civilization as advanced as the White civilization that left the massive ruins all over this hemisphere could not have done so without having achieved a technological capability that was in all likelihood superior to the one the White race has achieved today, and that is the very civilization that was destroyed by the red negroes, as they celebrate in their folklore and “artwork”.  Undoubtedly the red negro was familiar with the high technology of the White man in the not so distant past, including the wheel.  And this he could not maintain, or even remember.  At least the Asians are not quite so forgetful.  

There are no truly ancient skeletons of red negroes that have been discovered on this continent, but Caucasoid skeletons many, many thousands of years old have been discovered from North America to Mexico City to Peru and Chile, and Pizarro himself recorded in his diary that, in the high mountains of Peru, he encountered a small number of beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed people who looked enough like Europeans to have been native to that continent, and that those beautiful White Caucasian people were referred to by the red negro savages as the “Children of the Gods”.  Is it really any wonder that the red negroes would have come to regard the final remnants of the original White civilization as children of gods, as they descended into barbarism, tribalism, and cannibalism upon destroying said civilization?  Surely to this cognitively limited and inferior species the memory of what had existed here before they arrived and ultimately utterly destroyed it would have seemed as if it could only have been a product of godly intervention.  THIS is why the red negroes encountered by Cortes and his men when they landed on the shores of present day Mexico were awaiting the return of the White, bearded God they called Quetzalcoatal, the god they worshiped in their human sacrificial ceremonies.   Is anyone truly gullible enough to believe anymore that a population of virtually naked red savages was capable of having been the builders of the massive stone ruins Montezuma was standing upon as he ripped the hearts out of living sacrificial victims for consumption?  Incidentally, victims of red negro sacrificial slaughter had included the very Whites whose civilization they ultimately destroyed, and the crude drawings of such events the red negroes left behind are proof enough of this.  Nonetheless, the image of a red negro creating the “Mayan Calendar” persists, even though the only skeletons found that have proven to be ancient enough to have been responsible for it have all been Caucasian, and an intellect capable of developing a sophisticated astronomy and performing complex astronomical calculations is unjustly and ignorantly attributed to a species of savages that never progressed beyond cannibalistic sacrificial rituals when left to its own devices.

So here we are, just a little over 500 years since White Caucasian people again encountered the red negroes of the Americas, and already the image of the true Indian has been forgotten by the majority of the White, indigenous population.  How much more so will these facts of history be lost to future White historians (if our race even survives the next 100 years, as it is not predicted or expected to do, much to the joy of the negroes, Jews, and other non-whites salivating online at the anticipated extinction of the White race) as they study the past in an effort to ensure we do not make the same mistakes in the future?   If it is left up to the red negroes they will be lost forever, as they continue their confiscation and likely destruction of the ancient Caucasian skeletons that continue to be discovered on the North American continent, doing so under the tutelage of the traitorous U.S. government and military, both of which are tighly controlled by the Jewish falsifiers of history, the very people (Jews) who are responsible for the few Indians who were “genocided”, and the very people responsible for identifying and taking advantage of the red negro weakness for alcohol and poisoning their (the red negroes’) wells.  The tragedy that history is being falsified by the subterranean Jews is only compounded by the fact that they are doing so with the assistance of Anglo-Saxon and Germanic lackeys referred to as “the intelligentsia”/”academics”, who are either too lazy to do real research, and then subsequently not courageous enough to speak the truth if they ever do decide to find it, or who are just participating in the falsification of history because it pays them to do so, and so they willingly aid and abet the Jews in their unwarranted and unjustified demonization of the White race as both the historical and present manifestation of evil, all of it based on pure fiction.  

The carefully selected images of the red negroes, in which they appear as normal human beings wearing clothing and jewelry provided by the White man, and taken only after the species had been in close contact with the White race the second time for hundreds of years, are an integral part of the foundation for the falsification of history that is ongoing in reference to this red species of savage bipedal hominids, and only a moron would not wonder why history is being falsified in this manner, WHO is responsible for it, and WHY.  The more “human” and “civilized” the Indian appears, the more likely it is that the lie will take hold permanently, never to be rooted out.  These photographs do not reveal the underlying truth, and that is that the White race that settled the Americas had been bestowing the gift of the benefits of White civilization upon the American Indians for literally HUNDREDS of years by the time those photographs were taken, at least when the Indians weren’t in a raiding and killing mode and they were able to do so.  Had the White man not arrived and put an end to it, those same Indians in those photographic images, wearing clothing made of woven, manufactured textiles, with beads around their necks and sandals on their feet, who are presented as representative of the American Indians, would have still been then and would still to this day be raiding neighboring tribes with their fellow tribesmen, slaughtering all the men and old women, taking the children and young women as slaves to be worked and raped, as was the fate of the Arikara Indians along the banks of the Missouri River.  Bet on it.  Incidently, the remains White people exterminated by the red negroes are sometimes found wearing well preserved hand woven clothing, woven baskets that look like those you could buy in any department store in America, and even duck calls.  The red negro, by the time the White man returned to reclaim this land from the cannibalistic savages, possessed none of these things, which is even further proof of his inferiority, as maintenance of the civilization he inherited via destruction of an entire people, he could not maintain.

This pattern of forcibly ending the hostility between neighboring tribes and bestowing the benefits of White civilization upon a species of savages not mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, tempermantally, or cognitively fit or equipped to live according to such civilized rules of behavior is the same pattern the Whites who settled Rhodesia and South Africa followed in reference to the negroids, although the White man in fact settled the country referred to as “South Africa” prior to the negroes’ arrival, and the White settlers of S. Africa are the very people who ultimately stopped the negroid simian beasts from slaughtering each other upon their (the simians) descent from the jungles to the north of South Africa.  Would that the White man would realize that it is not his job to keep in existence a thing that is bound for extinction due to its own inferiority and savagery, and simply confine the black and red negroes in a place where they are given all the freedom they desire to slaughter themselves out of existence.  To attempt to civilize and integrate into White civilization savages that have throughout history demonstrated that they are incapable of rising above tribalism and cannibalism when left to their own devices will always come back to haunt the White race, and ultimately to destroy them as a people, just as a cancer left untreated will devour the human body, except cancer is slow, whereas the black negroes of America, for example, have destroyed such formerly great, White American cities as Detroit with unprecedented speed.  If you do not expect them to bring their cultures of violence, rape, and murder with them into your stable, wholesome, White civilization, how dumb are you? 

At this point the only question that remains to be answered is whether or not the few and vastly outnumbered Whites left on the planet will be written into the historical record as a brutal and oppressive race of invading and conquering perverts who ultimately “mixed” their genes almost into extinction by breeding with the non-White savages before being ultimately slaughtered out of existence.  Or will they awaken, take a closer look at themselves and their people, and realize that what they see is not even a reasonable facsimile to what they have been programmed and brainwashed to believe they are, and then summon the intestinal fortitude that will be necessary to preserve their race and maintain their civilization, without which the rest of the world would still be living in the Stone Age, or, as in the case of the negroes, the Mud and Stick Age.  

So which way will it be this time, White man of Northern Europe?  And for the brain dead that includes the White men of America and all other former English colonies.  The Teutonic bloodline of Northern Europe, the distincly Nordic branch of the White race, is almost solely responsible for all that has been invented upon this green earth since the day the Almighty god created it, and is the very wellspring of civilization itself.  ”If we judge by the results of racial efforts – and no other standard is satisfactory, the White race, if not the sole custodian of creative genius, is certainly its highest expression.  No other race is second.  The gap between the Caucasian and the Mongolian is not filled.  The White man is the sun that lights the world; [any luster other races have, and I have yet to see it,] is but reflected glory.  The White man is in fact what the negrophilist is in theory – the voice of the Almighty upon this earth.”  

But it is not about inventions.  I must admit that is an appeal to the pride of you as a people-a pride that is well earned.  It is about those White children who look at you across the dinner table at night, or up at you asking questions as you drive them to their Little League games, and who await the Tooth Fairy with breathless anticipation.  It is that innocence and that innate goodness that shines out of those eyes for which you must fight, for which you are MORALLY OBLIGATED to fight.  Otherwise you are leaving them to same fate as that which befell Chris Newsom and Channon Christian and hundreds of thousands of other Whites in America alone – Video at bottom – and the same fate that is currently befalling the 3 million or so White South Africans, who are in the midst of being slaughtered out of existence by the surrounding 42 million negroid simian beasts v(ideos and photos attached at bottom).  To those of you with children and grandchildren who openly proclaim that you “are glad you won’t be here when it happens”, abdicating without qualm your very DUTY as a parent and grandparent – when you die, I plan to still be here, making sure your children know you were warned and chose not to do anything about the fate that awaited them, even though the power is in your hands to do so, although not for much longer if you do not awaken and act.  Your children will understand perfectly why children never want to grow up to be like their parents.  I mean, our parents and grand parents are the criminal World War II generation.  Do you want to be like your parents?  I don’t.  And when my family calls me “crazy” when I try to show them the truth, “I hate them with a perfect hatred” of the same sort I have reserved for the Jew, negroid, and mestizo destroyers.  They are co-conspirators with the destroyers themselves, laying the foundation for the future falsification of history that demonizes both them and their children as the manifestation of evil upon this earth.  



1.Myth: Whites Are More Likely to be Pedophiles and Child Molesters:

The myth of the White Child Molester(60% of Black Women Raped as children by Black Men)
Black Male Top Pedophiles Crimes Per Capita in the USA.
Long list of Jewish Child Molestor Rabbis gets no media coverage and Jewish homosexual pedophiles are undisturbed.
Jewish Serial Killers: 


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    • desertspeaks

      biggest bunch of ridiculous twaddle I’ve read in a long time

    • CrowPie

      Well, it’s Julie. What else do you expect?

    • truthlovingsoul

      dude, all due respect, i don’t know you, but your message might be better received without the hating on other races. there is nothing wrong with preserving white heritage, traditions and values and i agree the white race is suffering a great genocide right now, but we need to stick together to rid ourselves of these pesky parasites. the more the merrier.
      division is not the answer, unification is, imo.

      • Julie Mitchell

        Is it possible for somebody who is aware of the ongoing genocide of the White race and still not be cognizant of the fact that the dark races have a hatred of them that is innate? Odd.

        You cannot work with species of inferior savages. You fools need to figure out that a “coalition of Americans”, for example, does not want to “work with” Whites, but wants to dominate and abuse them, as they are ALREADY DOING. Hitler proved the White race can do it without the rest of the world. Only problem was the Anglomorons betrayed him and his wonderful Germans.

        • Kel Ra Magnon

          Wow I guess you really were brainwashed into the “Whites are superior just because of skin color thinking” Typical dumb Aryan to write out of history what they don’t want to hear. Yes, the tribes of Native Americans were mean and brutal to the whites, with good reason. THEY WERE TAUGHT TO KILL!!! They were placed here to protect the homeland of another race, one that the Aryans have tried to wipe from what you call “Earth”. They were the only race to stand up and tell the pale-skins they were not “Gods” or even special, which ticked your ancestors off to no end.

        • Piggy Christian

          You are so right, Julie!
          White-skinned monsters are disappearing!
          Hey, how many kids do you have, anyway???

          Now, let me tell you about THE END of the Race of euro-Caucasians that are still EVIL, VIOLENT, HOARDING, NEVER-ENDING WARRING “White men”!

          The Problem, dear BIN reader, is that with no other races or groups left for the white man to “consume”, now, they will consume each other! And, are doing so now through the use of chemicals like the Poison herbicides Glufosinate and Glyphosate, contained in the very genome of the base grain plants (soy, corn, sugar beet, potatoes, canola oil, etc.) that are in almost every food stuff and drink!

          And, the DEVIOUS ameriiiSCUM industry “heads”, almost exclusively comprised of white-skinned Caucasian MALE euro ameriiiSCUM (who also “worship”, as god of the whole universe, the image of a white-skinned mangod) did the “Genetically Modified Organism” (GMO) change over silently with NO public notification to you from your “favorite” brands at all!

          Your own kind is “Sterilizing” your white-skinned males so they cannot fertilize women’s eggs!

          And, the strategy is working well, as reported by the last US Census.

          If it was not for “Latino’s” (technically classified as “Caucasians” ), the euro-Caucasians of N. America showed, for the first time in US history a significant DROP in net population from the previous Census, conducted just ten years before.

          BOY, IS THE WHITE MAN “Devious” as a Race of people or what???

          A Race that is and was consistently Devious to the max over, oh, 5,000 years or so.

          Pay attention to stanza 3 of the following historical RAP.

          I bet many BIN readers would probably all be interested to see the way that history is written in 300 years about the demise of “The West” and the type of “judeo-christianity” that was found in the United States of America!!!!!

          I propose that the cadence and usage of the English language will change, and everything communicated using language will be done “in rhyme”, to a beat (easier to remember).

          Keeping that change in mind, the History of the united Fraudulent Fascist states of TORTURE and MILITARY TERROR will go something like this:

          TITLE: White Scam Man

          White man
          A no longer present Race of Caucasian WAR CRIMINALS, OH YEA!
          White man
          Spread Depleted Uranium Munitions ALL OVER Arab Land
          White Man
          They thought that “no RETRIBUTION” WAS GOING TO STRIKE “MY” LAND??
          White man white man white man white man

          White man
          The Caucasian male was the ultimate SCAM MAN
          White man
          These ULTRA-VIOLENT maniacs worshiped the image of a white-skinned man!
          White man
          For over 500 years, They Killed to Hoard, and would KILL to HOARD MORE, OH, YEA!
          White man white man white man white man

          White man
          He ATE the GMO Foods
          White man
          He also Slurped down the GMO Budweiser, too
          White man
          No one now wonders how the white man “sterilized” his race, and was so “mentally ill”
          White man White man White man White man

          White man
          So, we “saved” them
          White man
          From the clutches of their FOUL “re—lig—on”
          White man
          Their ‘culture” just expired on it’s own
          White man
          And, after that, PEACE to ALL on Earth did FLOW!
          White man white man white man white man

          And, that, I’m afraid, is how the “History of the West” and the END of the Caucasian Race will be written!!!!!!!!

          And, it makes me feel good to see the sudden downfall of this VILE, ULTRA-violent, HOARDING, sexually perverted “White SCAM Man” culture, here, in the united Fraudulent Fascist states of TORTURE and MILITARY TERROR!!!!! :mrgreen:

        • Red Mann

          We are FAR from being done with you and your kind, white-skinned biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach!
          And, thanks for gambling at all of our casinos so now, we have plenty of money for weapons………………………ALL KINDS OF weapons (love THE BIO-WEAPONS the best)!
          And we will buy these weapons from Russia and China, but NOT YOU!
          We will get back ALL of our land from you WHITE-SKINNED monsters!
          shock: :shock:
          Bye, Bye united Fraudulent Fascist states of TORTURE and MILITARY TERROR1

        • Lord Humungus

          Piggy Christopher (and his Red mann ID) seem to think your work is a little sloppy Jules.

          Tighten it up and you might get a paypal treet!

        • RedPillTribune

          Hey there, Julie. I just by chance came across your article. It was 3+ years ago, but better late than never. I skimmed thru many of your articles, and you are spot on. The Joos pretty much control the world – money and media. And they are hellbent on geocoding the White race. No other race has built incredible civilizations, such as the White race. They see us as a threat and want to snuff us out. I discovered this years ago, but wasn’t that vocal until now.

          Simply put, these non-Whites have achieved next to nothing compared to our race …that’s why the hate us so much. And I am so sick and tired of this “Ancient Aliens” crap. Should be called “Ancient ARYANS!” But this is another way that the Joos cover up the truth.

          Please get in touch with me. I have some ideas with regard to getting the word out. I hope that you still check these messages and/or get notifications when someone sends you a message.

          -The Oracle

    • Bill Lyle

      Wow. That was the most racist thing I’ve read, since Ernst Zundel’s garbage. Congratulations.

      • Lord Humungus

        That’s the best review a Julie Mitchell article has ever received.

    • wiseoldlady

      There is quite a lot of accuracy in your article. If anyone of these commenters would actually do some real research they would also discover some hard core facts about the genetics of mankind.
      Piggy Christian obviously does not realize it is not the white man enacting wars against others but the JEW. The jEW has created every war….hidden history…lied about natural healing…feeds us GMOs….been popes…rulers of the planet…1% cabal…presidents…created mass murders…steal resources….child traffickers…pedophiles…drug dealers…etc…the JEW….NOT the white man. The JEW.
      This writer should have included data about the Persian…ottoman…muslim and the Asian man.
      BTW it is written in the Book of Adam and Eve that when Cain was born Eve stated he is the color of the stars….white. Period.

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