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Coronavirus End Game

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Posted February 1st, 2020

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Here in the US with corporate controlled propaganda news, it is difficult to judge for certain whether the virus is being exaggerated to scare the public, or not being reported on to avoid panic and keep everyone shopping.

Regardless, we can be certain they will never let a good disaster go to waste; we have to consider potential political uses for a deadly virus:

1. To use as an excuse to take down the house of cards fiat currency central banking system, blaming economic collapse on the virus and not the Federal Reserve System for example.

2. To use as an excuse to end paper currency and usher in the cashless society of crypto-currencies, claiming the virus can be spread through cash exchanging hands.

3. To suddenly announce a miracle vaccine, and then to make the vaccine mandatory. When in fact the vaccine is the real population reduction (Georgia Guidestones) mechanism. It has been rumored for many years, Walmart Stores are really forced vaccination stations, disguised as retail stores. In 2009 Walmart met with Homeland Security to distribute the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine; but the big money is made when the vaccines become mandatory, and for many Americans this will be the line in the sand.

4. To usher in the Biblical Mark of the Beast, this is one reason much of the public is against mandatory vaccines, the technology now exists to include within the vaccine a microchip, to track each citizen.

5. To suspend the 2020 election, the timing of the release of this virus seems to have occurred when efforts to remove Trump from office are dwindling. We would have to check what happens when there is no new election, does Trump continue as president, maybe not.

6. To stop Q The Great Awakening, what is often referred to as the mass arrest and take down of the global pedophile and human trafficking network.

7. To stop further erosion of the European Union and/or the Royal Family, the timing of the virus may have more to do with what is happening in the UK.

8. To destroy China as the emerging global world economic power, and end the replacement of the US dollar with the Chinese Yuan or an emerging new BRIC currency. 

9. A big distraction to an even bigger destructive event, what we would suggest is a major nuclear attack, thus blamed on Iran to start World War III, a documented goal of the elite, to achieve Order-out-of-Chaos, the New World Order rises like the Phoenix from world wide nuclear destruction.

It is possible the global elite will attempt to achieve one or more of these tasks, so we must understand and consider these possibilities before they materialize. This virus could also be only a test, to see how the world reacts.

We are told this virus originated in Wuhan China, a city that just happens to be the location of a major bio-weapons lab; was  this planned specificaly to be blamed on China?  

In addition the Coronavirus seems to have been artificially weaponized with inserted HIV components.  The connection of Coronavirus to HIV is extremely important when you consider the following:

Between 1966 and 1977, over 100 million Africans and 14,000 Haitians were injected with a small pox vaccine by a World Health Organization program; followed by an outbreak of HIV in these twu same countries; it was claimed that the WHO small pox vaccine was actually a race specific HIV bioweapon against people of color. 

Then to combat the problem of HIV, pharmaceutical companies Merck and Abbot Labs announced the solution and injected an experimental HIV vaccine in 1000 gay men, of which 64% developed AIDS and died. Many experts suggested that this was actually targeted population reduction by a designed test against the homosexual demographic.

Development of the HIV bioweapon leads directly to US Fort Detrick who employed the notorious war criminal Dr. Shiro Ishil and the nearby Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland with Dr. Robert Gallo who rather conveniently becomes the pioneer in the battle against AIDS. We are now told that the Coronavirus started in China, but the HIV components may lead us back to Fort Detrick.

More Data is still coming in contact us at
[email protected]
Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our post. 


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    Total 8 comments
    • ElPolacko

      I am happy that the “WALL” is being completed on the Southern Border BUT perhaps it is time we began to think about closing our Northern border with Canada as well.I see the “Corona Virus” as a stealth biological attack by China and the Globalists against the United States and the people of the world . While we are trying so hard to stop the flow of drugs and human trafficing across our southern borders, the Trudeau Government has been allowing Chinese to come into Canada and from there to infiltrate into the United States.Stopping all air traffic in and out of China is a good start but if this is indeed a stealth biological attack, a socialist regime with an open borders policy in Canada could cost the American people dearly.I have nothing against the Chinese, even though their toys have lead paint and their canned pork has been found to have the Swine Flu Virus and now, a flu that probably “escaped” from one of the biological warfare labs in Wuhan….seems more than a little suspicious.All I am really saying is if it starts in China , let it stay in China and if the Canadians want to allow unvetted people in, let them stay in Canada.We must get control of all of our borders if we are to survive as a nation!!!

      • Newsploy Staff

        You raise an excellent point about Canada, we must consider that.

    • beezlbub

      First, if there is Martial Law declared, no elections occur and Trump stays President for UP TO 10 years. Second, the Chinese currency is called the Renimbi, or Yuan. You confuse it with the Japanese Yen.
      If you don’t even know basic facts such as these, you shouldn’t be publishing stories.

      • Newsploy Staff

        Thank you, minor issue Yen versus Yuan. Will look into your 10 year but sounds only if ML is declared, thanks for your excellent input.

    • Rockledge

      We all can rest assured all this fear nonsense is bullshit, diseases, “tourism” as bush called terrorism, and any other threat is just social engineering and brainwashing. We can be assured of the fact it is another big nothing until the day the government locks our borders down and runs all the disease carrying third world welfare sucking dependents back to their shitholes.

      That is the true litmus test to whether it is real or not.

      It is just more social engineering bullshit, another advertising campaign to try to convince the herd to let big brother shoot them up with God only knows what with God only knows what kind of side effects , another advertising campaign for selling highly overpriced dope while having another smear campaign against China.

      Our borders our open and mexico sends us all kinds of potentially dangerous illnesses all the time , along with vermin like bedbugs, and the government could care less who all of it sickens or kills.
      If they did our troops would be here guarding our borders and hunting down the invaders to imprison them for their crimes before sending them back to the shitholes they came from.

      There is nothing to fear until the day the government starts enforcing our borders against invaders again, until that time, all the fear porn is nothing more than bullshit.

    • Slimey

      Comment: IF the Chinese found out WE DID it this would be declared an ACT OF WAR! They will not take that too kindly. We would have a lot of ‘splain to do*.

      *Weasel our way OUT of a TURD world war or maybe into one. :wink:

    • Anonymous

      Point number 3 above: To suddenly announce a miracle vaccine, and then to make the vaccine mandatory.

      Not going to happen with a virus that has only a 2% kill rate, affects mostly Chinese people (and only elderly ones at that) and isn’t out of control in the US.

      P.S. 371 deaths out of 1.5 billion people = 0.0000247% of the Chinese population. Actual influenza numbers will kill about 0.00053%. You know what that leaves? 1.5 billion Chinese people.

      • Rockledge

        Perhaps not this time, but all these insane “end of the world” illnesses are just more social engineering, frog in the hot water pot style.

        This virus scare isn’t the point, all the scares combined are. Keeping the flu in the mind of the herd constantly with this flu and that flu is a slow methodical form of brainwashing, and lets face it, brainwashing works.

        40 years ago people in this country cringed at perverts marching in the streets reveling in their sin. Since that time the herd has been lulled and primed into thinking being a freak is perfectly normal. Which is to say it took less than a generation to go from being a society that revered morality and had a moral point of view based on something other than “just because”.
        Gradually TV shows started being more and more base, very gradually, so that the herd gradually was convinced to accept such evil as normal.

        Everything works that way. The republican party has gradually, since Eisenhower, gone so far left that it now is more like the democrat party was in the 70s.

        The same thing applies to all social issues as well as issues of morality. We have gradually but steadily and methodically been preened and coddled by media to accept the unthinkable as acceptable and normal, and perfectly rational adults who were intelligent and posessed good logic have been manipulated to accept not merely an hedonist society, they have been taught to take part in it.

        It all works the same. Social engineering is nothing new. The true test was women walking the streets of new york smoking cigarettes in a society where women knew their social roles and did not abuse drugs in public, it was a test in social engineering that proved societies can be manipulated to accept just about anything.
        Following that they had another test in which women, on Sunday mornings , would walk the streets without a hat on, which again, was socially unacceptable at the time.

        And now look at where we are, a gender confused freak show. A mere 70 years after the social engineering experiments started. Only now the science and technology have advanced so far that the average herd member is helpless to stand against it and realize it for what it is, and as a result are easy victims.

        Turning us into a drug driven society has been no different.

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