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Trump Issues Sealed Indictment on Dr. Anthony Fauci -- Breaking

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Trump Issues Sealed Indictment against Dr. Anthony Fauci

The United States Justice Department, on behalf of President Donald J. Trump, has finalized a sealed indictment naming Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and member of the coronavirus taskforce, a traitor to America, according to a Washington sources familiar with the issue.

The indictment, which currently sits on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, charges Fauci with numerous high crimes and misdemeanors, many of which could see Fauci stripped of his medical license and deported to GITMO for the rest of his natural life. Those charges reportedly include treason, conspiring with the enemy, and fraud. Article 2 of Section 4 of the United States Constitution states: “The president, vice president and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

While Fauci is neither a politician nor a government official, he is a career civil servant and therefore can be charged with criminal malfeasance as is outlined in Article 2, Section 4.

Sources close to the Fauci probe said Trump became suspicious of Fauci’s intentions after reading Tweets linking the doctor to a “Deep State” coup designed to cripple his reelection campaign. These Tweets alleged Fauci and none other than Barack Hussein Obama had orchestrated a “hoax” to tank the economy, spelling doom for a president whose main presidential achievement was fostering an economic resurgence. The Tweets surmise the Coronavirus is a pretext for stripping Americans of the rights and freedoms they hold dear, and that Fauci wants to usher in a New World Order that would abolish the Constitution and replace U.S. leaders with United Nations personnel.

Fauci’s fishy behavior at coronavirus press briefings further fueled Trump’s suspicion. On March 20, Trump called the State Department the “Deep State Department.” Standing behind him, Fauci made a dismissive hand gesture, dropped his head, and rubbed his forehead.

“Trump took it as a personal slight. Trump doesn’t forgive or forget. He had his eye on Fauci, and Fauci’s actions helped confirm the president’s suspicions,” our source said.

Moreover, Fauci has been a frequent guest of CNN and MSNBC, networks that often criticize Trump’s pandemic response endeavors. He has used his status as one of America’s most notable physicians to directly contradict Trump’s messages.

The Tweets, combined with Fauci’s radical conduct, prompted Trump to direct the Justice Department to investigate the Fauci-Obama connection. Investigators learned—and apparently leaked—data proving that in 2015 Obama instructed Fauci to authorize a $3.5 million “donation” to a Wuhan virology lab. Fox News and the Washington Post have run articles questioning whether Covid-19 originated at the Wuhan facility. Additionally, a wiretap on Fauci’s phone and electronic devices revealed the good doctor and the disgraced former president have kept a close friendship; intercepted phone calls and emails showed that Obama and Fauci had conspired to undermine Trump’s authority by having Fauci give the president unsound medical advice in matters involving the pandemic. First, Fauci told Trump the virus was “nothing to worry about.” Then he reversed course and warned Trump Covid-19 would utterly ravage the country unless martial law-like steps were at once taken to curb the spread. Fauci misrepresented facts and figures, and he artificially inflated the case fatality rate (CFR) by instructing the CDC to label all respiratory distress related deaths as Covid-19 fatalities, even if the person never received a Covid-19 test.

Some examples transcend absurdity. For example: In Queens, NY, a 23-year old black male had been walking home from a convenience store when a car pulled up alongside him and its driver emptied a pistol magazine in his chest. Two rounds struck his chest, collapsing both lungs. Because he had breathing difficulty and was put on a ventilator prior to death two hours later, hospital staff said the coronavirus killed him. They did not perform a Covid-19 test.

n Brooklyn, a 96-year old diabetic woman with high blood pressure dropped dead when her heart stopped beating. The New York City medical examiner’s office listed the cause of death—coronavirus.

The next day New York added over 3,000 “presumptive positives” to the state’s growing sum of Covid-19 fatalities. Trump’s investigative team unearthed a trove of evidence that proves Dr. Fauci compelled the state to blame all inexact deaths since January on the coronavirus.

“In doing so, they’ve amplified the death count. The more coronavirus deaths, the worse Trump looks. And the tighter restrictions get as more states adopt martial law. Trump had enough, and decided he’d put the screws to Fauci,” our source said.

If all information is correct, Trump’s special prosecutor secretly indicted Fauci, charging the “Deep State” doctor with crimes under the Patriot Act and the 1917 Espionage Act.

Nevertheless, Trump has yet to fire the popular doctor whose face is synonymous with words like “Trustworthiness,” “Honesty,” and “Integrity.” As the pandemic spread, so too did Fauci’s popularity, and his importance at daily press briefings eclipsed that of front men Trump and Pence. Sources said Trump will not prematurely fire Fauci, because doing so might backfire in his face and cost him the 2020 election.

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    • Болеслава

      Can he indict the Australian chief medical officers as well? :mad: :lol: Just wondering! :evil: :roll:

      • MyTwoCents

        Presidents don’t issue indictments. Grand juries do.

        • ElOregonian

          Anyway, how can we know the contents if it is a sealed indictment????

      • 2QIK4U

        Oh Please ! Also the Prime Ministers of Aus and New Zealand.. we are being Terrorised here Seriously ! I’m in Victoria and we are currently under Military Curfew from 8pm to 5am for the last month now. They’re scaring our youth into obeying everything !

      • 2QIK4U


        • Fake News = The False Prophet


          Who do you imagine that is then?

          BTW it’s not the military or police. They are there to serve the state.

          • MyTwoCents

            Freedom’s not for cowards.

          • 2QIK4U

            No I’m meaning our government who keep saying they have everything under control only to screw us further :/ suddenly we’ve turned into a Dictator ship overnight

            • Anonymous

              Americans have 100s of millions of guns to fight off this tyranny. Yet its dumb cucks do nothing and will submit to NWO without a peep. The few that do resist will be abandoned, not helped, by their fellows and those few will are too stupid to fight their REAL enemy- instead launching gang warfare on each other.
              Dox Gates, Fauci, Soros, Fed Reserve VIPS and visit THEIR homes and streets.
              Otherwise, its all for naught.

          • Zeropointenergy

            There is a plan to depopulate search :arrow: :arrow: watch now before it gets deleted COVID-19 vaccines :arrow: David knight show
            What is in your vaccines when you see it and you say what I say :arrow: arrest Bill Gates!

    • DangerWillRoberson

      trump issues sealed indictment on a space asteroid, we have intelligence that this space rock headed at washington dc at a speed of 50,000 miles per second has the intent to destroy the district of criminals and set off a 1000 year rain of fortune and glory the world has never seen! :idea:

    • rmstock

      Fauci ‘Seriously Doubts’ Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine Is Safe and Effective
      « on: August 13, 2020, 09:10:03 AM »

      • sarah

        rmstock: Of course any vaccine Fauci don’t make money on is ineffective. Imagine that!

        • MyTwoCents

          Because he knows NO vaccine will be safe or effective.

    • Mica Molecule

      I will only believe this when I see Fauci behind bars.

      • larry4765

        iT WON’T HAPPEN

      • Einstein

        I want to see Fauci and Birx swinging from nooses or taking express guillotine rides to hell. Either one will do as they don’t deserve to breathe our air and eat our food.

    • Arse

      Oh, how I despised that dr Fucki from day one I looked at that rat face traitor and also that scarf woman by his side.

    • CyberPsychosis

      I really believe him and Bill Gates truly are sinister in their casual efforts to convince everyone that vaccines are safe. Now after the coronavirus has created such uncertainty in our everyday lives, they will most likely succeed in doing so. However, since a bad batch of polio vaccines was practically knowingly let into rotation (not long before the JFK assassination), pandoras box was let open, and cancer rates began to skyrocket. Google mother mary’s monkey, and if you dig deep enough, you might even find that there is a connection with it, and the JFK assassination as well. Then, the Fukushima disaster hits. Radiation from nuclear testing was and still is contributing to the above normal radiation levels in the world, but couple that with the weakening of Earth’s magnetosphere, on top of the previous things I’ve mentioned… How could we expect, to go on with life without a hitch by this point? Covid-19 is just the tip of the iceberg, and my sources say it has little, if nothing at all to do with sars-cov-2. Contrary to what the media would have you believe. Do your research people. Find sound minds to take advice from. Seek knowledge from within first, but if you try hard enough, you will find others out there who are informed on the truth. It may not set you free, but knowledge is power. Don’t get caught up too much in the savage money hunger like most everyone else is out there. Because when Jesus Christ returns, a bank account and it’s wealth of holdings will mean absolutely nothing.

      • 2QIK4U

        Notice they all Start to look the same….

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        The more I look, the less I believe in any virus’s. I think they have probably made this stuff up from day 1. Biggest crime ever.

    • Zeropointenergy

      Cool :arrow: its about Time is :arrow: Gates right behind him and his :arrow: manchick wife!

    • MyTwoCents

      Where’s the source link for this article? Where’s the proof?

      • MyTwoCents

        Just found it.

        Kilo Charlie, you need to include the source links to the articles you copy here; otherwise, it looks like plagerism. Just FYI.

      • 2QIK4U

        It’s pretty well known.. Maybe because Australia is a day ahead we get media first technically on the news cycle

      • Global Agenda

        Good point. I was looking for the references as well. Another Hogwash.

        • simono

          This article if from April. this is as fake as don’s tan.

    • counselor john

      This story is idiotic. I think the author just made this “plot” up as his own possible explanation for Fauci’s stance and behavior. He is a crook, no doubt and I believe he is corrupt to the bone but to then conclude that there should be or might be an indictment on Trump’s desk is stupid and the other guy here commenting is correct he can’t issues anything like that. It’s like a 5th grader comes to his own conclusion on a topic and then tells his buddies a story as if true.

    • 2QIK4U

      So how do we get the Australian and New Zealand Prime ministers into GITMO ? WE ARE BEING TERRORISED SERIOUSLY !

    • Mclupo

      This must be of part of the Globalists on going psyop surely.

    • Einstein

      This better be true! I want to see Fauci, Birx and “Obama” all hang for high treason!

    • Dnutz

      “The plan” was fake all along, just like your journalism buddy. Nobody in the government, or that you could possibly elect, give a single F about you or taking care of government crime.

    • Str8str

      Everyone needs to watch this tommorow it will answer your questions. From trusted sources

      • JesusSlushies

        Thank you! I just signed up! ❤️

    • 3RD BORN


    • Mclupo

      Trump has given billions in taxpayer’s money to big pharma, he said he had at least 6 vaccines candidates “great companies, they had great success in the past… our military is ready logistically …to get it out to everybody as soon as we have it” “hes said
      “You know it’s a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year, we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”
      To me it looks more likely that Fauci could get rid of Trump, ranter than the opposite.

      • MyTwoCents

        Trump did say he’d take the first one too.

        • Mclupo

          Yeh!!! so we’ll have to take your word, and his for it then, shall we?

        • Mclupo

          If you, or others have not woken up yet, you must watch the following, “Ritchie from Boston: Trump 2020 #Maga #Trump2020″

    • Tim Brown

      Bwahahahahaha! It’s a sealed indictment, meaning you know squat about what’s in it! STop with the hope porn and produce some real evidence. “Sources say,” sounds like WaPo. C’mon! This is utter garbage. Grand juries issue indictments, not presidents.

    • Anonymous

      PuQe-anon cultists are making a claim, that can never be falsified –
      “sealed” indictments.

      Sealed watermelons are said to be blue, inside.

      Not that I believe these are real doctors.

      CNN said, “There’s also a psychology term called rationalism, which people often confuse with denial. It’s a defense mechanism where people try to justify unacceptable behavior.”

      :cool: (ie, questioning false authority.)

      Zeisloft said, “Stanford’s School of Medicine will not require students to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), the standardized test for medical degree candidates.”

      :cool: (So talk like Apu and JarJar, probably moonlighting on the clickfarm, where these stories are curated.)

      I entered the same teaching hospital, in Zone IX, with negative airpressure, where some early CV-19 cases have been quarantined. The idea is that air leaks suck the germs backwards, into the building. Through airvents, in every room, like those above airplane seats, comes a smell like scented nail polish remover, Lysol spray, or embalming fluids.

      An immune-compromised patient and repeat visitor was telling the diversity hires how to apply for their welfare benefits and use simple medical devices, with the instructions plainly printed on them.

      My description of these primates was understated, not fanciful. They do not want any self starters to apply for the position of apparatchik. I cannot make it any more clear.

    • Kenny Wickman


    • st

      proof show it

    • Old man

      Nothing will happen nothing does happen politicians obviously Act like spoiled 2 year olds lie cheat steal willing to throw themselves on the sword Lou’s total credibility who do they work for seems everyone loves Trump even more they’re not so stupid as to not know that now trumps made a middle east peace deal but at least it’s calling him a savior Third Temple ready to go up everything’s prefabbed all offerings are being set up Juno beer destruction over there in the Middle East biblically America doesn’t come did Israel’s Aid even though we always have in the past what happens to America this is not just about destroying our constitution this is about a population reduction around the whole planet Satan has been let loose Christians will leave the church in droves because they haven’t been raptured when his students came to him and asked what shall be the sign of your coming he didn’t say don’t worry about it I’m going to fly you out of here he laid it all out so just hang in there I don’t come yet but that’s not what the man at the pulpits been teaching so Christians will blame Jesus for the misgivings a man people please please have some common sense someone says how come you’re not wearing a mask I don’t want to get sick ask them or say if your mask works what are you worried about and if it doesn’t work why are you wearing it if when Trump comes to force the inoculation on you using his military why would they force it on you if it works why why are they worried about getting sick it doesn’t work why take it you can’t have a vaccination or mutating virus so what is in this but they want so badly for everyone to take people wake up

    • The Watcher


    • Apollo is the A/C

      “which currently sits on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office” – That is the one that got me….Ha! Ha! Ha! OMG – the “Resolute Desk”??? Now that is F’kn hilarious!!!! KILO – why don’t you get a taxi to the County Resolute Insane Asylum???? Ha! Ha! Ha!

      I lov this site. I do. But sometimes you have to know when to just laugh at those who have MENTAL issues who post sh*t here. :lol:

      • JesusSlushies

        So true! Best comment! :lol:

    • Hsaive

      This is Fake News….This story is not reported anywhere else on alt media

      • 2QIK4U

        I heard a rumour and mentioned this in chat last week basically seeing if I was told I’m wrong or right… Now this.. me thinks Someone saw an opportunity from my statement… I hope it’s True .. Google says it’s false info but come on.. it’s Google

    • HTLIII

      Publicly fry this dude after a suitably swift trial. Look at the damage he caused after taking a bribe of $100 million from Bill Gates to make it public policy. Only Talmud banging long term cocaine addicts and their stooges could invent this type of racist moral degeneracy. Look at the vaccines being prepared, and the differences in who gets what.

    • Zeropointenergy

      Prime Minister Puts Citizens On Notice: All Will Likely Undergo Mandatory #COVID19 Vaccinations

      “I would expect it to be as mandatory as you could possibly make it,” PM Scott Morrison said, already going on the offensive against resisters
      Search it !

      • 2QIK4U

        He should be in Prison that fkng Dog. Who voted him in ? No citizens did that’s for sure and Daniel Andrews looks so shifty like he’s hiding in some bushes waiting to jump rape Someone… Especially with that stupid Feedbag on his face… Got myself a Trump 2020 hat just for the Australian Police lol

    • JesusSlushies

      The CDC isbthe 4th branch of the US Govt

    • simono

      This is a poorly written garbage article of insanity. They only people that have been arrested recently are Trump cult members and cronies. You Qnontards are mezmerizingly stupid to be sure. Every few weeks one of you whack jobs posts “somthing big is gonna happen on this day and so and so will be excicuted in a treehouse or whatever” and nothing happens. sad. pathetic. jokes. can’t wait until the Russian controlled Qanon accounts tell you all to jump off a bridge.

    • JesusSlushies

      I looked this story up. Fauci was not indicted and nothing happened.. This story is billshit..

    • 2QIK4U

      Ask Google if this is True… They’re so Corrupt.. Next they’ll say there’s never been any Vowels in the Alphabet

    • Razor

      This LIAR is NOT going anywhere. So why LIE? This SCUM of the EARTH owns your ASS! The NEW JEW WORLD is taking over. The UN will be your new POLICE once the defunding is over, BLM= ZIONIST TAKE OVER! The USA will soon be another USSR or COMMUNIST CHINA. All planned! I wonder how much CASH this clown was paid? BLOOD MONEY that is!

    • Tedx

      according to a Washington sources familiar with the issue. — That attribution doesn’t get it. I’m calling this post FAKE NEWS.

    • Black Humor

      This article is full of crap. Presidents don’t issue sealed indictments and medical establishments corruption is based in largest single lobby in Washington(Yes, larger than MIC). That envelope with it’s seal would be ”lost in mail” even if Trump would actually try to meddle in affairs of medical establishment. :mad:

    • DK

      Just fire the corrupt clown

    • Anonymous

      Fkkk the QIAduh bullcrap.
      Dump hired Fauci and soon all Americans receive his MARK of the BEAST vaccine.
      Dump is the AntiChrist’s best friend and slave.

    • Jackson

      I just read today on Before Its news that an Italian Doctor has come out and stated in great detail that cov 19 is a MASS EXTERMINATION PLAN by the world elites. Hey state they plan to murder 80 % of Earth’s population because they are blaming us fro global warming.

      I believe him 100 %

    • Jackson

      Fauci and Gates are two of the greatest threats and terrorist in the world !
      These two midgets are Not men but cowards and must be arrested and placed in prion or executed if found guilty in a court of law.
      Sadly, We Americans are finding out that many Judges and lawyers in the US are involved with this conspiracy to mass exterminate 80 % and help carry out the world elites plans.

    • Aboutface

      Liars! Stringing us along. What are they waiting for? Nothing? These are just leaked rumors to pacify the Trumpers and to scare his enemies. Where are the indictments, why aren’t they being served, how come nobody is in Jail. We all know its all B.S. and so the liars just keep upping the numbers, 10k indictments, 20 k indictments, now we are up to 50 k indictments… what Morons believe that a court or jury issues an indictment that never, ever gets processed. what are they waiting for…? oh… martial law, suspended elections and global take over of America and when it happens, you will be here spewing 70k indictments!!!! yes you will.

    • jimsmith214adsfsas


    • Justin Case


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