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Q-Signs Indicate Trump WINS Election

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Updated Odds =>  50% Biden, 50% Trump.

Maybe Trump is a great actor; but he did not seem happy on the Jan 3rd leaked call to Georgia Secretary of State Listen at This Link.  Then on Jan 4th the very next day, hundreds of Troops deployed to Georgia, only a coiencidence? 

Trump is traveling to Geogia to try and save the Senate from turning over to the DNC-CCP.  It seems we are down to Pence or a Military Solution (Martial Law); or the country has been taken by soft CCP strategy and our so called elected leaders will begin implementing CCP policies.  That includes gun confiscation to disarm this country and vaccines to kill off a good percentage– then comes the real invasion by China or UN Peacekeepers.

The Media is SPINNING Hard that Trump did something illegal on the phone call and should be impeached, arrested etc.  But keep in mind, if the DHS or the Military implemented a hidden mark on REAL Ballots; in the end the media may be arrested along with all the other conspirators. In this article the DHS talks about ballots two years before the election.

What have we seen witnessed?   State Courts, State Legislatures, Federal Courts, Supreme Court.  Absent a few rulings to allow access and inspection of E-Voting Machines, not a single court in America will allow evidence to be presented to a Jury.  They know that if this was done, the Jury would rule in favor of Complete Election Fraud being carried out against America.  When our courts blatantly ignore the constitution it is very disenfranchising and it is designed to demoralize American Patriots.

This was being reported but also noted that Mark Meadows refuses to provide Sydney a pass or security clearance needed to get started and she was blocked from seeing President Trump.  Why would Trump make such as a statement and then not follow it up and get Sydney set up in the Whitehouse to begin prosecutions. Whose side is Trump Really On?

We are being told that Pence will not recognize the disputed Swing State Electoral Votes; but Pence seems to be a Deep State Puppet (Remember that Pence Received a White Envelope at the Bush Funeral).  Does President Trump really have control over Pence, we find this highly doubtful.  In addition anyone who thinks the House or Senate will do anything bold may be in for a big disappointment.  We see the only viable option remaining is a Military Option to hold a new election, but how much of the military are loyal to America?   Many of these generals appear to be paid deep state agents, even if the troops are loyal.

When the FBI is investigating a crime seldom can we believe them.  The FBI is claiming it was the lone nut who was upset about 5G isn’t it amazing how fast the FBI solves false flag attacks, a suspect patsy before the investigation is even getting started.   Others claim the E-Voting Machine Audit was suppose to be carried out by AT&T and the NSA; the exact building hit in Nashville.  They are still trying to figure out if it was an RV Bomb or an Aerial Bomb, the FAA did suspend flights after the attack.  We are still looking to confirm this as reports surfaced that FBI agents were seen removing E-Voting machines from the damaged building.  We have witnessed what the FBI does with Hillary’s Emails and Biden’s Laptop– they bury the evidence.  The FBI no longer has any credibility, so when they are called in to investigate seems like a scam.

12-21:  Sidney Powell, General Flynn, and Patrick Byrne had to force their way into the Whitehouse for a ten minute meeting with Trump which turned into five hours.  Powell, Flynn, and Byrne are pointing the finger at Deep State Operatives trying to get Trump to concede the election– Michael Cohen, Mike Pompeo, Mark Meadows, Pat Cipollone, and even Rudi Giuliani.

This may be a tactic to insure Biden comes into office, War in Iran would distract from Trump’s growing efforts to contest the election.  There are reports of a False Flag attack on Americans or Military in Iraq and blame it on Iran to push Trump into warIsrael is announcing a Third-Lockdown starting 12-27, which many believe is more to prepare for Iran War than COVID related.

The Legislaure is issuing Subpoenas to inspect the Dominion Voting Machines; well they have had 44 Days to wipe clean the machines, so we are skeptical  given that the Michigan audit confirmed that Digital Logs were manually wiped out making any recount impossible.  All of this really does not matter that much if the courts won’t allow the evidence to reach a jury.

Many Generals including Flynn are now publicly calling for Trump to invoke limited martial law and hold a new election.  Seems like a simple solution that the majority of Americans would support to resolve the election fraud.  But time is running out on Trump to act, and if he fails to act it finally reveals that Trump is a Fake Patriot aka a Traitor if he hands over the presidency to an obvious criminal family, the Bidens.

12-17: The Solar Winds Hack is now the greatest breach in American History as it was announced intrusions into America’s Nuclear Weapons Network.

Dominion Voting Machines used software called “Solar Winds” the government is investigating a massive hack with a directive issued by CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency).  The mainstream media is already attempting to SPIN this into Russian Hackers, whereas CISA is investigating the source which may well turn out to be China.

The SPIN to Russia is a continuation of the Trump Russia Collusion Scam.  Lets see– Trump was colluding with Russian Hackers to lose the election to Biden?  It is not going to work but it is all the DNC-CCP has left.

Especially Social Media and Email, an attempt to force people to get their information from the Mainstream News.  Trump has implemented the emergency broadcast system (Cellular) to counter this. Q-Predicted 10-Days of Darkness, we may be in the final phase of THE Q-PLAN. 

12-14: Google just had a massive outage (a test?) and 12-08 talk of a Major Solar Storm emerges (an excuse to take the Net Down).  All of this will be an attempt to blame the Solar Winds Hack on Russia and not China.  Trump issues an order to give Government Workers the day off Dec 24th, keep that date in mind.

The Rothschild Corp Owned AP is quick to say ITS OFFICIAL, when it really decides nothing until Jan 6th.  However read below how the DNI Report due by Dec 18th, may throw out the election completely.  Fake News is spoon fed Fake Narratives by two Rothschild Owned News Wire Services called the AP and Reuters, in case you don’t realize that.  This is why you turn to all the television channels and they run the same AP/Reuters crap.

During this busy election, John Durham added more prosecutors, and the number of sealed indictments is now at 222,450 potential arrests.

Is pretty damming, 68% Error Rate when state target is 0.0008%.  The Electronic Voting Machines are a COMPLETE FRAUD, read REPORT.  Definitely sets grounds for a New Election with signature verification; these voting machines were used throughout Michigan and twenty-nine or so other states.  The forensic audit also discvoered that security logs were manually deleted which means the election can not be certified.  

Michigan Govenor Gretchen Whitmer is lobbying to be at the front of the chow line at GITMO as she moved to block “alternate electors”; her efforts won’t work and more states are sending “alternate electors” that may give the election to Trump at the Jan 6th meeting.

First the Hunter Biden Email reveals Joe Biden was sharing an office with a China CCP Agent; and then 12-13:  Leaked Server Data Lists 1.95 million CCP agents inside corporations and government agencies around the world.  This also allows the world to recall the Joe Biden Lie when he claimed Hunter Biden China stories were all debunked.

Remember, if the DNI Report finds “Foreign Interference in the Election” we may be looking at an entire New Election (under Martial Law); in other words soldiers may be checking ballot signatures and counting the votes.

With minimum effort, the so called Supreme Court throws out the Texas constitutional lawsuit against the states of WI, MI, PA, and GA.  What a waste of time and why are we paying Supreme Court Judges who don’t want to take on perhaps the Greatest Lawsuit in American History; regardless who wins.  They walk away from the case of the century?  Either the entire court is entirely owned by the Globalists or the Supreme Court knows that something else is coming.  12-13:  Trump team claims the TEXAS quick rejection by the Supreme Court, actually provided hints on how to file a new case.

ELECTION FRAUD IS OBVIOUS and many citizens have come out with their testimony in good faith. State and Federal Courts have refused to even consider the evidence and will not allow citizens to testify before a jury; the courts have silenced the voices not of Donald Trump, but rather of well meaning citizens with real election concerns.

GOP DEFINATELY TREASONOUS as many US States with election fraud in addition to those in the Texas lawsuit; could re-appoint their Electors but little hope they will do so.  These states have GOP Governors and Legislations; the constitution gives these states the power to control their Electors; regardless of any election.  The fact that this has been drawn out so long after November 3rd, might suggest that it is all a stall to allow the public some time to choke down a Biden Presidency. 

IF TRUMP LEAVES OFFICE with no arrests and no insurrection act, we have all been played by Donald Trump.  Instead of signing an Insurrection Act Executive Order, Trump signs an Executive Order to provide COVID Vaccines to Americans and their Children first.

If American citizens and children start dying from these experimental RNA Vaccines it all falls on Donald Trump.  Trump signs the executive order before leaving office, to enable Biden to declare Mandatory Vaccines for All Americans; perhaps a nice hand-off.  We have witnessed GOP-to-DNC collusion before in the Bush-Clinton NAFTA hand-off.  The vaccine won’t terminate you right away but likely inclues nanotechnology to communicate via 5G to kill targeted groups of people later; recall the mass death FEMA Coffins and the Deagal Report reveals massive depopulation by 2025.  The Elites want this Vaccine too badly, because the sheeple worldwide are waking up.

PROCEED WITH CAUTION because not only is the Election Fraud Extreme and Obvious the GOP Doing Nothing is Extreme and Obvious.  This could indicate that the end game is not to get Biden into office at all, but rather to push America into an all out Civil War due to blatant In-Justice thrown into the face of American Patriots.  If this does occur, both parties must be removed from power not just the DNC but also the GOP fake opposition. A civil war and the miltiary deployed; is also great cover for Mandatory Vaccines.  Trump who should be working on wining the election is instead working on Vaccines; the entire sequence of events is starting to stink. Especially when Trump distanced his team from perhaps a real patriot Sidney Powell.

NONE OF THE JUDGES seeem capable of seeing any corruption, or they are choosing not to acknowledge hundreds of witnesses and sworn affvidavidts.  Hard to believe this many Judges are that corrupt; but starting to think the Exposure of JudicialCorruption is THE PLAN and this all ends with the mass arrests predicted by Q and military tribunals for treason, READ THIS STORY.

The T (treason) Word has been appearing more and more on both television and independent news.   Has America and the world reached a point, where a mass round up of Marxist-Communist agents within the USA; is an acceptable action?  Will these arrests occur globally and simultaneously?  Trump does not seem all that worried about what the courts do or don’t do; are they just writing down names of the communist enablers as cases crawl through the courts?

The TECH GIANTS of Google, YouTube, Facebook and others are now stooping to Censorship of anyone who questions the election results.  The CEO’s and officers of these companies along with the mainstream media must be on the list. We sense an air of desperation in these polices that seems to indicate they may all be heading to GITMO if Trump remains in power.

TEXAS sues the four swing states, sounds promising, but really– will the Supreme Court even hear the case?  They rejected emergency action to intervene in PA.  Would you bet on the Supreme Court?

Perhaps Trump being the big white hat that saves America is a false hope? The good news is within a few weeks we should know if Trump is for real, or was just controlled opposition.

BOOM on December 7th the DNI Announces Election Fraud must be Resolved in Court, before a Winner of the Election is Declared.  Major Blow to Biden, this is essentially the US Military stepping in.  When the DNI John Radcliffe declares election fraud evidence must be reviewed in court before there is a winner.  This essentially means TRUMP is not leaving office for months if not years before the courts can sort it all out.

The DNI Report (Due by Dec 18th) may over rule the courts to the extent that the Election can not be decided (by the courts or the states) if there is Foreign Interference in the Election.  With all the connections between Dominion Voting Machine Servers in Germany, States OUTSOURCED vote counting to Scytl in Spain, and Smartmatic Software from Venezuela… THERE IS OBVIOUS FOREIGN INTERFERENCE and the DNI Report may make the entire election null and void, a new election date would need to be established; all the while Trump remains in office.


Last week we wrote about the Dec 18th key date for the DNI report.  Will it reveal all the foreign countries involved in this obvious fraud.  Was the 2020 election one big sting operation to catch traitors to America?

Radcliffe is becoming more aggressive, same day 12-07 Radcliffe urges John Durham to release an “interim” report regarding the Obama Administration investigation of the Trump Campaign.  We note there were reports leaked just days ago of Obama’s arrest, of which our reporters are trying to confirm; and we also see Biden in a boot cast?  We are starting to lean toward Biden IS UNDER ARREST as both him and Kamala have been pretty darn quiet lately.   Is the FIRST ARREST going to be-  Biden or Obama???? WOW

Consider that the Last Post by Q-Anon was Post 4952 on November 13th (note the 13th a message to the Luceriferan cabal?) the post says one word–  “DURHAM” is this the last Q-Post and the final step of THE PLAN? 

We may as well roll into the Q-Prediction “10-Days of darkness” if Trump is Re-Elected there will be mass riots and Net and/or Power may go down for ten days during mass arrests.  We think the vast majority of the Americans will be on-board if 224,450 or so sealed indictments on communist subversive agents are arrested.  Seems like the plan was to expose the deep level of communist funded coruption inside our nation and the public had to see this before mass arrests and military tribunals could begin.

Still think it is all a conspiracy theory, on November 27th just before the election, the Trump Administration DOJ took the time to authorize death by Firing Squad.  Maybe we are connecting all the Dots.  Did the Trump Administration give State Govenors, Judges, and Election Officials rope to hang themselves with their obvious roles in election fraud?

On one hand, it gives us hope that the republic can be saved from the communist take-over; on the other we wonder if this election volleyball game back-and-forth is only a distraction from Mandatory Vaccines, on that subject you should listen to this video about RNA vaccines.

This is the date where the DNI must publish a report on the election, was their foreign interference in the election.  If YES, then Trump could implement the Insurrection Act of 1807, and conduct mass arrests. Is this the Q end game and where is Q lately, the last Q-Post was November 13th, oddly quiet.

At least on the surface, they appear to be patriotic lawyers however the Bar Association links back to England who is also the major owners of Dominion Voting Systems; so we will see how far these lawsuits progress in exposing the painful details of voter fraud which the Deep State probably is trying to surpress.   On 12-02 a  rally was held in GA and Lin Wood called out the GOP Rhino’s who are no supporting Stop the Steal.

Hearings were pretty heated, Giuliani (who helped cover up 911) actually provided a good summary of why Election Integrity is so important.  Listen to this long MI hearing video especially the testimony of the former COLNEL Phil Waldron an expert on Dominion Voting Machines; the number of votes added to the system in flipping from Biden to Trump in a few hours IS IMPOSSIBLE by feeding ballots into machines.  Reminds us of the impossible Building 7 on 911.

The Dominion Servers raided in Germany with a gun battle, the National Guard Deployed to many states, the DHS implementing a block chain watermark only on official ballots as a sting operation, and George Soros arrested or offices raided. These could all be disinformation as there is no official confirmation, and until there is we would not get too excited.   We must proceed with caution and stick to the facts placed before a court.

Definitely a Pre-Thanksgiving Desert was served.  Sidney Powell is certain Trump will Win Re-Election as she prepares to blow-up Georgia and promises more states to follow.  It was noted that Sidney Powell can also bring Treason charges in a military tribunal, isn’t that interesting.  Sidney has outlined approximately Thirty types of election fraud just in the state of Georgia alone, she is planning to file in Michigan next.  So much for the mainstream media narrative- There is No Evidence.

Listen to How Confident Juan remains for a Trump Victory.  For background information on who is Juan, click here.  Is Juan a “white hat” insider or is Juan some type of psy-op? Will have to see how the election plays out.

Led by slime ball Senator Robert Menendez, read the letter sent to YouTube trying to shut down free speech.  Claiming that any video talking about election fraud without proof should be removed.  There is no law against Opinion and Speculation; maybe the four senators who signed this letter should move to China?  Maybe the DNC is getting worried?  How about Mr. Menendez focus on getting Stimulus Funds released; not censoring free speech that does not fit the mainstream media narrative.  The public has every right to question this election given what has been uncovered so far.

There has been talk of Biden being a clone or replacement, Biden did receive a “white envelope” at the Bush Funeral.  Will we see Biden come out and concede that the election is up in the air, due to all the fraud investigations?  If so then maybe they always had control over Biden and the entire election is staged theatre. 

Is Biden under arrest, see the New Walking Boot he will be wearing.  During the Trump presidency we have seen Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and many others wearing these boots.  Hiding prisoner GPS ankle bracelets or just a rash of clumsy injuries?

Expanding upon Biden, maybe the Election was an operation to trap Foreign Powers that were interfering in US elections?  Was Biden forced to play along.  Dominion Servers are being linked to Iran and China, in court papers filed by Sidney Powell.

This step is mostly procedural and ultimately the decision to audit, throw out the results, or adjust Electoral Votes may be decided by:

- State Legislature (most under GOP Control).
- State Criminal or Appeals Court
- Federal Supreme Court
- No clear winner, then Each State gets 1 vote in a Congressional Delegation

Trump remains in decent shape to pull out a shocking victory, because many of the above options actually favor Trump.  Understand that no one has yet gotten their hands physically on a Dominion Electronic Voting Machine.  If the courts order this, there could be major revelations.

Good article here on the connection between Soros funded Tides Organization and Dominion sharing a building; the article notes that the FBI has confirmed a raid on Soros home and offices in Toronto Canada; along with the potential arrest of Soros in Philadelphia, we are trying to confirm this.  What if Dominion or Smartmatic Executives were arrested; would this make Trump’s Re-Election even more certain?

On Wednesday Nov. 25th, Sidney Powell plans to file a very shocking complaint in the state of Georgia, everyone is waiting to read the court filing.  It is expected to reveal significant corruption of election officials, including Dominion kick-back payments to the families of these officials.

On Sunday Nov 29th, ANTIFA has threatened to set up road blocks in neighborhoods that voted for Trump; if Trump does not concede to Biden.  Also on this date, TRUCKERS have indicated a work stoppage if the Election Theft is still going.  This means grocery stores may not get re-supplied.

Supreme court Judge Alito already told PA to separate ballots received after Nov 3rd; which would invalidate any PA certification since PA failed to follow Alito’s order.  A similar uncertainty is developing in PA Montgomery County with a 90,000 major ballot dump in the middle of the night.  Data is showing “day of vote Trump voters’ may have been replaced by these voting dumps for Biden; in other words 90,000 ballots were dumped but total voters only increased by 9,000; 81,000 were replacements perhaps.

In Michigan Wayne County, the vote can not be certified when Republican Eectors refused to certify and may be filing charges against those who threatened them for not certifying the election.  Trump did meet with MI GOP legislators recently; without Wayne County Biden loses MI.

Although the Trump Administration has distanced themselves with Sidney Powell; she has indicated Dominion Election Machine paid illegal kick-backs for families of Election officials in certain states.  If true this could blow up and invalidate the entire election.

Powell can file a lawsuit without official Trump backing; as Lin L. Wood did in GA.  Mr. Wood an excellent attorney, is the PLAINTIFF he recently filed a 200 page lawsuit in the state of Georgia.

Big difference between an “audit” versus a “recount” which simply recounts the fraudulent votes; with no signature or voter identification.  It appears the state of Georgia attempted to pull off this sham (and a waste of labor) with a hand recount; trying to appease the public, doubtful it will work.  Geogia appears to be the first target of Sidney Powell regarding Dominion kick-backs.

Under this scenario Trump is playing his role for the Deep State and FOR THIS PURPOSE.  We say this because Trump is displaying minimal signs of actually going after anyone in regards to:  Epstein-Maxwell, Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Scamdemic.   Not only has the DOJ done nothing, Trump has not fired William Barr.  Are they just stalling out Trump’s time in office, to stamp out all hope of American Patriots?  Is Trump a Traitor Trojan Horse, or will the PLAN (mass arrests) take place before he leaves office?  There remains over 216,000 sealed indictments in the system.

As court papers are filed we are learning lots more.   A company Smartmatic has surfaced as makers of the vote counting software that switches votes according to court affidavits filed by Sidney Powell. 

This is not a company it is a criminal operation to even build a vote switching product. WE CALL ON ALL EMPLOYEES OF SMARTMATIC TO RESIGN.

Can you believe that Biden has the nerve to list the Smartmatic Chairman of the Board Peter Neffenger on his transition team. If you do anything today, send off a sweet email to Smartmatic, oops they took down there contact web page, but you can find their Twitter, FB, Instragram, and Youtube links at bottom of this page, make sure they hear from you. 

Get ready for lots of Riots, PA is about to call for a new election.

Well this is the claim.  Apparently the USA has been controlled by voter fraud, perhaps for as long as we have had electronic voting, nice of our traitorous elected officials to outsource USA vote counting to foreign nations.  Not to mention the another twenty or so paper ballot scams.  It appears like a Communist Shotgun Approach and we need American Patriots inside our government to stand up.

Trump issued an Executive Order on Sept 12, 2018 regarding sanctions for anyone connected to election fraud.  Section 1 of the order says that within 45-Days of the election the DNI shall decide if Foreign Interference occurred in the election, the DNI is John Ratcliffe.  However the order does not talk about arrests, only confiscating the property of those involved in Election Fraud.  What if the Federal Reserve or the UN was involved, would the USA confiscate all their assets?

Looks promising but we must consider the 2005 $160 Million dollar loan from Soros to Trump Inc.  With no arrest of George Soros or other big names and wimpy efforts by Trump and the GOP, its beginning to look like Trump is just playing a role in the destruction of the USA (and many other countries).   They could send a SWAT team to arrest Roger Stone, but nothing from William Barr and the DOJ is very disappointing.

We will see if Trump makes a single significant arrest in four years.  History will judge Trump for being a Patriot or just another deep state shill puppet president and fake opposition.

FIRST the idea that the Federal Reserve and the global economy is in trouble. Biden as a tool of the Deep State Federal Reserve  and the mainstream media are now pushing a narrative that the COVID virus is worsening.   Biden keeps saying prepare for a Dark Winter (a total lockdown).  We are seeing this same thing happening in many countries. 

This could be all about the GLOBAL RESET, the entire banking and stock market system will go down; we suggest stocking up on supplies, and keep some cash on hand.   PLEASE POST THIS STORY EVERYWHERE TO WARN OTHERS.  Recall how they did the 2008 Global Financial Crisis as the Bush and Obama transition was happening.

However, if Trump wins the Election, the Federal Reserve (private control of our nation’s currency) is DEAD and the GLOBAL RESET will hit other countries but America will be saved as not going along with the reset. Without the markets of America the GLOBAL RESET will Fail and the entire world may see freedom.

What the Global Reset does is create a world banking system (Still Owned by Private Bankers of course) but backed by Carbon Credits, in other words it ties in completely to the Global Warming Hoax and Environmental Scam.  To make it sound good they will call it the “Environmental or Wilderness” Global Bank. The currencies of the world or one single currency will be issued and controlled by the same Globalist Deep State.

However, if Trump wins the Election America’s currency will be issued by America and backed by Gold, with nothing to do with Climate Change.  This is the real reason they are fighting so hard to stop Trump.  The Election and Virus are important but the real war is over the Federal Reserve Privately Owned Globalist Banking System that holds the entire world in perpetual slavery.

SECOND, development is what Q Post 4952 which simply says “DURHAM” and today is Friday the 13th, known for when the Knights Templar (First Global Bankers) were arrested.  Will we see the John Durham Report, as was predicted by Lindsey Graham who said the report is Shocking.  Although nothing happened on the 13th, will the Q post prove out?

The same Banking Families want their GLOBAL ECONOMIC RESET and these families are descendants of the Knights Templar (Medieval Global Bankers).  What the Durham Report may accomplish is to remove more of their agents from inside our government.

PENNSYLVANIA NEW RULING.   Court Rules for Trump Campaign.

PA Law Nov 3rd Postmark
PA DNC Court moved to 6th Postmark, plus 6-Day Cure Time to 12th.
US Constitution says only PA Legislature can change election date.
Cure Time is time to verfy signature to make sure the vote is valid.

Today’s ruling moved the Cure Time Back from 12th to Nov 9th, tossing around 10,000 votes.  Biden won by 54,000 votes or so; but it is a start and a big crack in the DNC narrative.

For PA, The courts still must still rule on Nov 3rd to 6th postmark, this ruling would likely flip PA to Trump.  In addition, the PA Legislature has called for a manual recount before the vote is certified.

Expect PA to end up at Supreme Court.

Just when you think we have a handle on the twenty or so forms of corruption, it sinks further into the abyss.  Today it was revealed that the SWING STATES had their votes counted in SPAIN… WTF.

States are so corrupt they can’t employ American’s to count our own election votes?  Citizens must start writing their representatives, what other functions have been out-sourced to other countries?  Even more shocking, one company got all the contracts SCYTL, points to total corruption and collusion between states.  We are investigating this company and state contracting, so check back.  

Hard to believe that the GOP has not mentioned SCYTL and wonder how many years have these contracts been in place, how many politicians are investors in this company.  Using SPAIN as a buffer, may greatly complicate the ability to use the courts or obtain accurate recounts. SCYTL was filing for backruptcy and moved to Germany.

During the Bush years street cameras were deployed under Federal Terrorism Grants on many street corners; there were claims at that Americans are watched by hired help in other countries.  We find this TOTALLY DISGUSTING.  We must demand an End to Globalism and Out-Sourcing of Government Contracts to other countries.

Concerning developments regarding– Election Fight, COVID, and Canada,  we suggest you check this link on a regular basis

Many of us have wondered how radicals like– Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, AOC, Schiff, GOP Rinos are getting re-elected and the answer is rather obvious, no one is voting for them!   Most Americans are moderates not extremists.

The Flip-Flop Election switich from Trump to Biden, was clearly predicted on this Stream Recorded Sept 8th, 2020; many were expecting this operation, just not so botched by the Deep State when they halted vote counting for many hours on Election Night making the scam all too obvious.

One Bombshell is a declaration by the Federal Election Commissioner Trey Tainor who has declared– the election illegitimate. We very well could see an entirely new election take place in America. Another option is for Trump to just Flip one state, to show to the public that it is possible to stop this election theft by the deep state. Keep in mind, experts have estimated that the US population may have voted for Trump over Biden at 80% to 20%; making election theft almost impossible without exposing major election corruption.

Are The Tides Shifting?
Nov-10th Trump Wins North Carolina 16 E-Votes
Nov-11th Trump Wins Alaska 3 E-Votes

Nov-11th Geogia announces a Manual Recount expected to be completed by November 20th (Election is not Over by Any Means).  There has been talk of Election Safe Harbor Day December 8th being very important; and it is pointed out that Gore-Bush took 37 days to determine a winner.

We will be posting a link to all the different election frauds that have taken place a complete list, so check for our next update. Our position is that Electronic Voting is responsible for the big fraud numbers, corporate officers of these Election Machine Companies should be arrested.

A good video regarding Diebold Electronic Voting machines and how the Electronic Ballot Images are destroyed by State Govenors to prevent a recount;  Dr. Shiva a Senate Candidate in Massachusetts, explains the scam.

We are starting to hear about C.I.A. programs named “The Hammer” and “Scorecard” developed to alter vote counts in other nations, being used on America. As the electronic voting machines upload their counts, these systems change the counts in real time micro-seconds, essentially undetectable.  The Whistle Blower Dennis Montgomery who designed “The Hammer” is explained at this link.  Trump’s attorneys are also beginning to call out these systems; will the CIA director be fired soon?  This could be a a major signal.

The Trump and Q Movements have highlighted Human Trafficking and now Election Corruption. The issue is now much larger than Trump. How many local and state candidates have lost from election fraud? This election may take down the DNC, Mainstream News, and Electronic Voting.

Still unconfirmed are reports of the National Guard being deployed to many states; early reports were that the Guard would be doing the recounts.  Regardless security of paper ballots is very important, will BLM or ANTIFA make an attempt to burn these ballots? That certainly would be a sign of desperation by the deep state.

The firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper opens the door for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, deploying the military domestically to arrest BLM and ANTIFA for example; not to mention Pedo arrests as predicted by Q.  With Esper gone, this remains a strong possibility.  The Q “Ten Days of Darkness” (No Net or Television) may also play right into this scenario.

MAINSTREAM NEWS ANNOUNCES A BIDEN WIN… or maybe not.  It is important to note that the AP Associated Press is the news organization calling states for Biden.  Why is the AP so important, it is owned by the Rothschild Corporation, and George Soros works for Rothschild; the deep state becomes very obvious when you see the Mainstream News relying on the AP.

Our original Nov. 4th article (posted below) describes a Fraudulent Voting System out of which Trump would eventually be declared the winner after many weeks or even a Supreme Court decision for maximum drama. Today this remains plausible and Monday should be an important day when we should see fraud specifics in court filings.

The KEY to election fraud now emerging is the so called “computer glitch” detected in Michigan.  The glitches involved software used on Dominion Voting Machines (formerly known as Diebold).  Dominion has funding ties to George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, The Clintons, and Diane Feinstein (we will post a chart here shortly).

These same machines were also sold to many of the states that suddenly flipped votes from Trump to Biden overnight.  Are electronic voting machines designed to accomodate hacking by foreign actors (China), to provide a layer of deniability to insider clowns?

Diebold in particular has a long sordid history of voting corruption and the fact that the Trump Administration or the GOP does NOT call for an investigation of these voting machine companies leads us to suspect the GOP and the DNC are working for the same people.  The entire “electronic voting process” is highly suspect and has been for many years.  Remember the statement that Presidents are selected not elected. 

Is Trump just playing a role of fake outrage or will he take real action? We will see if his court filings include issues related to voting machines; if this subject is not part of his court filings then Trump is not serious about exposing election fraud.  Other issues regarding handling and acceptance of ballots and observation of counts; are minor compared with electronic manipulation of vote counts.

Now “the real plan” could still be to flip from Biden to Trump at the last moment to ignite a civil war in the USA. Imagine the reaction from BLM and ANTIFA if it flips back to Trump. Look at the use of the term– “Battleground” States. This is probably a repeat of the same 2000 tactic of Gore flipping to Bush and hanging chads to ignite a civil war. The Leftist Youth, have been radicalized by our education system waiting for an event to set them off; angry against the system and their parents.

For those new to this subject, the Globalists need a CIVIL WAR in America to justify bringing in Foreign Invasion Troops aka United Nation Peace Keepers.  They will use these foreign troops in an attempt to Disarm American Patriots; with the false claim that they are trying to stop a civil war.  Incidentally BLM and ANTIFA also tried to set up landing (autonomous zones) for these UN troops.  The UN was caught running advertisements for English Speaking Disarmament Agents, the plan is clear.   Trump has blocked the use of UN Troops in America, but Biden will likely invite them into America.  Biden is also a long term member of the Council on Foreign Relations (whereas Trump is not).

EVERYTHING and we mean EVERYTHING screams Biden Win… well why aren’t they announcing it? The longer it takes to officially certify the State counts; the more it seems this FLIP CIVIL WAR INGNITION OPERATION is the plan. It has to portray BIDEN as the OBVIOUS winner, so when it flips it will short circuit the leftist mindset with maximum stress.

Original 11-04-2020 Posted Story We Were One of the Few that Predicted TRUMP would eventually WIN the election.

Just when things appeared dark and we question what our eyes were seeing as the mainstream news claims Biden Wins the Popular Vote? LMAO.  This after he was attracting twenty rally attendees, compared to Trumps thousands? WTF

Did the Q-Team set a trap for the DNC? Q has posted “watch the water.”  Q-Researchers suggest that rather than H2O . . Q was referring to a special water-mark.

Could Voting Ballots have been encoded with a security code or block chain technology.  A digital tracker that can scan and separate Valid ballots from Fraudulent Ballots? The public knows the DNC could only win by cheating, so has the DNC been caught with a rather ingenious trap, maybe even a STING operation?

This is unconfirmed, but there are reports of the National Guard in twelve US states counting ballots– Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Washington, Virginia, Delaware, Illinois, and Kentucky. If you know someone in the guard and are able to confirm any of these states, please let us know at [email protected]

What are Some Signs Trump has won election:

  1. The Mainstream Media Won’t announce Biden as the winner and Biden won’t declare himself a winner. They both know this crosses the line into criminal fraud.
  2. None of the State Counts are OFFICIAL, all Fake News. After Fake Polls should anyone be surrised?
  3. The Chinese Currency is FALLING against the US Dollar, if CCP Agent Biden is going to win, why is the Yaun falling?
  4. Probable Deep State asset Defense Secretary Mark Esper is already drafting his resignation letter.  Why would this slime-ball who spends more time erasing America’s Confederate History more than protecting America do such a thing. You’d think Biden would love him, or does he know Trump won?

A Trump Landslide was emerging on Election Night, the deep state had to put the brakes on the entire election, delay the counting, and find (manufacture) more Biden votes… especially in PA.

They need to flip PA from Trump (50%) to Biden (48%) in order to announce Biden as the winner because other states will be flipping back to Trump, can you say ARIZONA or WISCONSIN.

We note that it was a treasonous Fox News Network who called AZ early for Biden; hopefully someone at Fox is fired or goes to prison.

Four other states should be called for Trump, why are they not doing that—SPIN to make the public believe that Trump has no shot at reaching 270.  Why are they saying NC results won’t be available until November 12th, could the National Guard be re-counting?

This fraud against America is not going to work. As they say in poker the DNC has over-played their hand, with voter fraud just too obvious given Biden’s lack of popularity and level of corruption.

The plan connects the DNC to the CCP, starting with the release of the COVID Virus by China to provide the excuse to flood the voting system with “mail in ballots.”  Some researchers believe that counterfeit ballots were manufactured in China.  We may see big names in prison when this Election-Gate is exposed.

Just a matter of time before they report the REAL Numbers or go to Jail.  Here is an article on HAMMER technology for manipulating votes and this technology leads us right back to the same three Russian Collusion criminals- Brennan, Clapper, and Comey and the Hammer.

Things are moving fast, November 5th the DOJ announces armed agents will be visiting State Voting Centers… how many State Election Commissioners will be resigning in the next thirty days, maybe twenty or so? 

Trump has already filed three lawsuits and one demand for a recount… regardless it is all a big stall game. It took many weeks to resolve Bush vs Gore and this one looks like weeks to get investigated and resolved.  Is Trump really going to fight this Election Fraud, it is hard to believe unless he starts naming names– Diebold or Dominion voting machines.

Insider Trading gives away the election results.

Big Money Investors and their owned media already know TRUMP has won the election; they are dumping their Chinese investments before the small investors catch on to what is happening.

To a large extent, this delay in announcing a winner, is simply to provide time for big money investors to dump their China investments before the Yuan crashes completely.

Is this Checkmate against the Deep State?  The mainstream news is lying, lets see how long they can hold out before flipping back to the Real Vote Counts, a Trump Victory, and ignite the Riots?

Or does the Deep State decide to stick with Biden.  Is there a behind the scenes negotiation taking place with the Deep State.  Who is making promises to deliver a Mandatory Vaccination to the NWO?  Which major party the DNC or RNC will sellout America?

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      Situation is being misread. If Trump really did shut down electronic cheating, then the whole covid scam was about paper ballots. They needed to get tons of paper ballots in circulation to write “biden” on. Trump vote was higher than their stupid polls predicted, so they still didnt have enough prepared Biden ballots. So they shut down the count and are delaying until more biden ballots arrive–physical, paper ballots. Absolutely fraud but what will be proven in court? And what will the court do about it?

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